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My Chinese teacher in the high school

Chinese name: He Yanmin English name: Yasmina Student Number: 20102810320077 2 / 2010 Adjectives:
苗条的 正直的 slim /slight /slender:(of a person) thin ,in a way that is attractive. upright /just /righteous: morally right and good. impressive / admirable / impressionistic : making you feel


admiration, because they are very large, good, skillful, etc. 令人难忘的 ungorgettable / imposing : unable to be forgotten, because it is so

beautiful, enjoyable, etc. 迷人的 charming / attractive / alluring : very pleasant and attractive. 脾气好的 good-tempered / good-natured : cheerful and not easily made angry. 负责的 responsible / conscientious : having the job or duty of doing sth or taking care of sb / sth, so that you may be blamed if sth goes wrong. 有天赋的 不偏袒的 another. 勇敢的 brave / courageous / stronghearted : willing to do things which are difficult, dangerous or painful; not afraid. 坚强的 tough/ strong / tough-minded: strong enough to deal successfully with difficult conditions or situations. talented / brilliant / capable : having a natural ability to do sth well. unprejudiced / impartial : not supporting one person or group more than

许多的 numerous / plenty / profuse / voluminous : amounting to a large indefinite number. 先进的 advanced / progressive / high-level : surpassing in quality. 全新的 brand-new / fire-new / spick-and-span / span-new : conspicuously new. 杰出的 admired. 激烈的 fierce / stinging / drastic / vehement : marked by extreme and violent remarkable / palmary / prominent / eminent : (of people) famous and

energy; marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently. 焦躁不安的 restless / fretful / uptight / anxious : nervous and unable to relax.

有耐心地 patiently / uncomplainingly / forbearingly : the state of being able to accept annoying behavior or difficulties without becoming angry.

My Chinese Teacher
My Chinese teacher in Shangqiu High School was Miss Zhu, who was really impressive and unforgettable for me .She was of medium height with oval face and short curly hair .She was slim and charming .She had sparkling eyes and a high nose bridge. In my memory, she was always righteous, responsible, and good-tempered .She seldom criticized us and often treated us uncomplainingly. Besides, she was a talented teacher and had a good knowledge of many famous literary works .Miss Zhu was unprejudiced and never looked down on or neglected anyone .She always encouraged

us to face up to the difficulties and never say die whatever the setbacks we might meet in the future. Shangqiu High School is the key high school in Henan province. At first, I’d like to introduce my hometown, Shangqiu, to you. Shangqiu is located in the northeast of Henan province and borders on the west of Anhui province. With a long history, Shangqiu has numerous sites of interest and a brilliant rich culture. As the birthplace of the Chinese civilization, merchants, commodity and business and the cradle of drilling wood to make fire in China, Shangqiu had once been the ancient capital of Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty and so on. Many famous people were from Shangqiu., such as Shang Tang, Sui Ren, Mo Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Hua Mulan. The heroes had really brought glory to the place. The story of Hua Mulan,who went to a military expedition for her father, has been handed down to the present time. There are also many tourist attractions in Shangqiu, such as Cangjie Tomb, Yingtian Academy, Vulcan Station and Baiyun Temple, which attracts millions of tourists at home and abroad. As one of the key high schools in Henan province, Shangqiu High School covers a land area of 323 acres and has been equipped with many modern teaching aids. The school has advanced school idea, brand-new management pattern, good teaching environment and remarkable teachers. Many outstanding students choose to study there and strive for their dreams. When I studied in the high school, I was under great pressure since most of the students were superexcellent and the competition between us was extremely fierce. I

felt restless for my poor Chinese. Miss Zhu learned my circumstances and offered to help me make up my lessons at weekends. She told me many tactics to deal with the college entrance examination and some matters needing attention in addition to some basic theoretical knowledge. She told me how to review what I have learned and improve my learning efficiency, which turned out to be of great help to my examination. She also lent me many foreign masterpieces, such as “Gone with the Wind”, “Les Miserables” and “Notre-Dame de Paris” from which I benefited a lot. I was touched by the leading characters’ personality charm and their brave rebellion against fate, which bestirred me not to surrender to destiny. With the assistance of Miss Zhu, I finally made an apparent progress in Chinese and reading so many books also enhanced my reading and comprehensive ability to a certain degree. Without her help, I couldn’t imagine what I should do to pass the college entrance examination smoothly. I really appreciated Miss Zhu more than I could say. Miss Zhu cared about not only my study but also my living conditions. Once I was in low spirits, she would always inquire me about the reason and provide some help to help me out of the trouble. I’ll never forget that day when she took her pains and patience to encourage me to be tough and brave since I was very depressed at missing a lot of lessons through illness .On the school playground, She told me her life story and her perseverance and strong willpower to achieve her goal, which really changed my attitude toward my life and study. She told me that the sunshine is always after the heavy rain. What she said and what she did had a far-reaching influence on my future.

Although Miss Zhu isn’t teaching me now, her selfless help and love for me will be kept in my heart forever. My appreciation for her is beyond words and will never change over time.

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