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Book6 Module 4 单元测试题(外研版)
Class: Name: Marks: 满分(120) 一、语法和词汇知识(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分) 1. The guests at the party were dancing to _______ music when all of _______ sudden all the lights went off. A. /; / B. a; a C. the; / D. the; a 2. — Is the table by the window _______? — Sorry, sir. It’s been booked already. A. free B. blank C. vacant D. convenient 3. A clean environment needs everyone’s efforts and _______, we should make a contribution to it. A. however B. therefore C. besides D. instead

4. Wuhan is a capital city, located on the Yangtze River, and the same is true _______ Nanjing. A. about B. with C. in D. of 5. — I take regular exercise as well as go on a diet to keep fit. — It’s a good idea to have the two _______. A. connected B. compared C. combined D. involved 6. I _______ him all the morning, but I haven’t made contact with him. A. have been calling C. called 7. — Who called just now? — It hanged up _______ I could pick up the phone. A. while B. before C. until D. once 8. It’s the first time for me to take up such a job, so I have no experience related to _______. A. call on B. live on C. take on D. draw on B. have called D. had called

9. _______ the levels and demands of the students, the language centre has adopted a new approach to English teaching. A. In addition to C. In terms of B. For lack of D. For fear of

10. I used to go to the English Corner every weekend, _______ I made some foreign friends. A. where B. of which C. when D. with whom 11. I’ll prescribe some medicine for you, which can bring you _______ from these symptoms. A. safety B. relief C. shelter D. insurance

12. She felt honored _______ with the gold medal by the chairman of the IOC. A. to present C. being presented B. presenting D. to be presented

13. I have been preparing for my final exams these days, having no time to _______ myself. A. behave B. relax C. adapt D. devote 14. Since you can’t stand _______ waiting, why not make an appointment in advance? A. being kept B. to be kept C. keeping D. to keep 15. — You’d better turn to Tom for help. — _______. He is the last person to offer help. A. Sounds a good idea C. Don’t mention it B. That’s all right D. Oh come on

二、完形填空(共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分) My six-year-old granddaughter, Cindy, and I stopped at a food shop for some bread. 16

we were going out of the door, a young teenage boy was coming in. The boy had a strange hairstyle and there was a 17 on one side of his nose, through which a chain was 18 .

attached to a ring he was wearing in his ear, which I considered quite Cindy, who was walking ahead of me, he had 21 20 19

stopped when she saw the boy. I thought

my granddaughter. I was wrong. My granddaughter backed away from the

and opened it as wide as it would go. Now I came face to face with the young man. I 22 and let him pass. His said very 24 23 , “Thank you very much.”


On our way to the car, I

Cindy for holding open the door for the boy. To my 25 . I thought it was 26

surprise, she didn’t seem to be troubled by the young boy’s

for me to talk with her about the right way of young people’s dressing. But it turned out that the person who 29 27 the talk was me. The only thing Cindy 28 about the boy was the

that his arms were full. “He held a skateboard under one arm and a basketball under the 30 time to open the door,” said Cindy. 31 , the hole on the nose and the chain 32 34 she door.

other. He would have a

I just paid attention to the saw a person 33

something under each arm and heading toward a 35

What my granddaughter said

me that I should change my ways of judging people and

learn from my granddaughter to be open-minded and warm-hearted. 16. A. So 17. A. hole 18. A. familiar 19. A. finally 20. A. knocked 21. A. door 22. A. along 23. A. anxiously 24. A. praised 25. A. behavior B. As B. mark B. useless B. suddenly B. discovered B. wall B. forward B. proudly B. forgave B. appearance C. Until C. spot C. exciting C. generally C. affected C. shop C. aside C. eagerly C. paid C. spirit D. Because D. cut D. unacceptable D. usually D. frightened D. window D. around D. politely D. thanked D. request

26. A. common 27. A. gave 28. A. noticed 29. A. idea 30. A. quiet 31. A. hairstyle 32. A. when 33. A. carrying 34. A. small 35. A. encouraged

B. valuable B. started B. complained B. case B. hard B. skateboard B. since B. lifting B. closed B. requested

C. bad C. needed C. concluded C. problem C. complex C. basketball C. while C. hiding C. heavy C. forced

D. necessary D. made D. realized D. fact D. wrong D. door D. if D. dropping D. high D. reminded

三、阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分) A Facing fear is one of the most important things you can do. Some people have a fear of failure and others a fear of success. It may seem strange but neither one is a good fear. You might think the fear of failure could be a good thing but it’s not, particularly if the fear of failure keeps you from accomplishing anything. For myself, I have a huge fear of failure but I am good at facing that fear and overcoming it. I don’t let my fear of failure cause me to delay (延误)my decision or get me off the track. I use the fear to make sure I’m doing my absolute best at all times because I know if I don’t do my best I will fail. That frightens me. I’m not afraid of trying at all. I started a business when I was married to my first wife. The business became successful and I was getting ready to make some huge money. However, my wife just wanted us to stay small because she was comfortable there. She feared what success might bring and did every little thing she could to make sure we didn’t grow any bigger. I’m sure you can see the problem. I had a fear of failure and she had an even bigger fear of success. Finally I couldn’t stand any more of her fear and we got a divorce. Facing fear and overcoming fear is very important. People even have a fear of fear. I’m sure that it is normal. People fear change more than anything else and fight that change with fear. They fear what they don’t know or understand. They fear anything new to them. But we need to keep in mind that the world is changing all the time and that change is inevitable (不可避免的). You can live a life free of fear by learning to face your fears. 36. From the first paragraph, we can learn that the fear of failure _______. A. is better than the fear of success C. is more common than the fear of success D. may stop us from getting successful 37. The writer’s fear of failure _______. A. frightens him into giving up his decision B. is a good thing to most of us

B. makes him make a wrong decision C. encourages him to work hard D. causes his wife’s fear of success 38. When the writer’s small business became successful, he _______. A. feared to grow bigger B. feared to lose his money

C. often quarreled with his wife D. was as comfortable as his wife 39. What’s the writer’s purpose of telling his own experience with his first wife? A. To explain two kinds of fears. B. To tell his problem in his early career. C. To explain the bad effects of different fears. D. To show the fear of failure is a good thing. 40. People who have a fear of fear _______. A. often fail to understand something new to them B. just want to live an unchangeable life C. believe that change is inevitable D. fear that they can’t change B I met her at some point on my life course. There she was a small woman in plain clothes, waiting to catch the bus at a deserted bus stop on the highway. “Where are you going now?” the woman asked me. “Well, I don’t know. I just want to see what it will be like at the terminal (终点站).” “The terminal?” “I lost it all. We were going to get married after four years’ ups and downs. And he came one day, with nothing to say, just to show me a ring on his finger.” The woman gave a sigh of sympathy. She seemed to well understand the pain inside my bleeding heart. “Now, do you want to hear my life story while we’re waiting for the bus?” the woman asked me in a low voice. I gave her a blank look and nodded my head. “Exactly thirty-five years ago, my husband took me and my three children to America. The moment we arrived, he left us behind with a wish for good luck, to pursue his own happiness. Yet how could I shelter my three children in a strange land, with no money, no relatives and a torn heart? Then I took the kids to the beach one afternoon. However, the kids were scared (惊恐的) and they cried wildly. Their desperation (绝望) suddenly woke me up from a long nightmare. How cowardly (怯懦的) and selfish I was!” She continued, “I took them ashore. Looking into their faces, I felt a sudden strength inside me. Then, I did all the things that brought me even a penny. Days in, days out, we leaned on each other (相依为命) to gather enough encouragement to go ahead. My kids grew up into good, responsible citizens. At the most unexpected moment in my life, I found a man with the same pain I had undergone. I feel life has paid me off.”

The woman stopped for a while. She looked into my eyes and whispered in my ears, “Now stand up, little girl. Don’t go to the terminal because there’s nothing to see. Why don’t you get cheered up and enjoy the sights on the way?” 41. Why was the author going to the terminal? A. Because she wanted to see the beach. B. Because she got lost on her life course. C. Because she liked the sights on the way. D. Because she was looking for her boyfriend. 42. Why did the woman seem to understand the author’s pain inside? A. Because the woman had a similar experience. B. Because the woman was sympathetic to the author. C. Because the author underwent the unexpected pain. D. Because the author shared her sad experience with the woman. 43. When did the woman wake up from her terrible nightmare? A. After she realized she was cowardly and selfish. B. After she found a man with the same pain as her. C. The moment her kids were scared and let out wild cries. D. The moment her husband left them to pursue his own happiness. 44. It can be inferred that when the author is in trouble again, she will be A. happy B. indifferent C. positive D. desperate . .

45. The text is intended to advise readers to A. believe in love C. cheer up when facing hardships D. accept the truth and go to the terminal C

B. choose to give up if necessary

A flood occurs when water overflows. This can happen in many ways. The most common is when rivers or streams overflow their banks. Excessive rain, a ruptured (破裂的) dam, rapid ice melting in the mountains can overwhelm a river and send it spreading over the near land, called a floodplain (洪泛平原). Coastal flooding occurs when a large storm or tsunami causes the sea to move inland. Most floods take hours or even days to develop, giving residents enough time to prepare or leave. Others occur quickly, with little warning. These flash floods can be extremely dangerous, instantly turning a small stream into a thundering wall of water and sweeping everything in its path. Disaster experts classify floods according to their likelihood of occurring in a given time period. A hundred-year flood, for example, is an extremely large, destructive event that would theoretically be expected to happen only once every century. But this is a theoretical number. In

reality, this classification means there is a one-percent chance that such a flood could happen in any given year. Over recent decades, possibly due to global climate change, hundred-year floods have been occurring worldwide with frightening regularity. Moving water has destructive power. When a river overflows its banks or the sea drives inland, structures poorly equipped to withstand the water’s strength are no match. Bridges, houses, trees, and cars can be picked up and carried off. The erosive force of moving water can drag dirt from under a building’s foundation, causing it to crack and tumble. When floodwaters recede (退去), affected areas are often covered by silt and mud. The water and landscape can be polluted with hazardous materials. Residents of flooded areas can be left without power or clean drinking water. But flooding, particularly in river floodplains, is as natural as rain and has been occurring for millions of years. 46. Para 1 mainly tells us A. what a floodplain is C. how often a flood happens . B. how a flood happens D. why coastal flooding occurs

47. Which of the following is TRUE according to the text? A. All floods do harm to humans. B. Dangerous floods develop slowly. C. A flash flood often comes without signs. D. A flood is more dangerous than an earthquake. 48. We can conclude from the text that A. the classification of floods is the most accurate B. the more often a flood occurs, the more dangerous it is C. A hundred-year flood is sure to occur every hundred years D. global climate change may increase the chance of a hundred-year flood 49. A car’s being picked up by rushing water shows that A. moving water is powerful . .

B. the car must be poorly equipped

C. the erosive force of water is destructive D. the power of moving water has no match 50. What is most likely to be discussed next? A. Disastrous floods in the world. B. The means of preventing floods. C. The connection between rains and floods. D. Famous floodplains like the Mississippi Valley. D What’s your favorite type of music? Most people may prefer rock and roll, pop or jazz. These types are most publicized by television and the radio. Country music now would seem to

mistakenly belong to the category of rock or pop. Publicity of this category started to drop only after the year 2000; however, it did have its peak years just before the decline (衰落). What people may not know is that this type of music inspired (促成) rock and roll especially with one of the most important figures in music history — Elvis Presley — who is known as the “King of Rock and Roll”. Elvis used to be very famous at a radio program which broadcast country music back in the late 1940’s. Country is also influenced by jazz and blues. Rock music too is influenced by jazz and blues but is also heavily influenced by country so that they may even seem similar. Nowadays, country is closely related to pop due to artists’ preference and popular demand. Starting from the 1980’s it slowly divided itself into New and Old Country Music. Legends like Johnny Cash began to slip away because the new perception (理解) of country actually contains pop and his music just doesn’t fit the category. Fortunately, country music is still heavily promoted through websites and reviews. Certain types of music nowadays are linked with different age groups. Classical for the people in the mid 19th century, pop in the 1920’s, and then there’s country. All these types continue to grow and modernize while still appealing to certain age groups. More modern country music tends to become different in their own ways which makes it even harder to identify them as country while, again, remain appealing only to certain age groups. Active promoters of country music videos, however, seem to appeal to a large number of age groups especially those active in Australia. For as long as country isn’t mixed with other types, it will eventually regain (重新获得) its charm as music for all ages. 51. It can be learned from the first paragraph that country music _______. A. is most publicized by television and the radio B. used to be liked by more people compared to jazz C. has become less popular since the year 2000 D. should be included in the category of rock or pop 52. What is the relationship between rock music and country music? A. Both types influenced the formation of rock and roll. B. Presley turned pop music into country music. C. They are both influenced by jazz and blues. D. The use of the same instruments makes them sound similar. 53. Some legends of country music began to slip away because _______. A. their songs totally changed the style of country music B. they began to work on pop music for more profits C. there is no marketing space for country music anymore D. they can’t meet the popular demands on country music 54. What does the underlined word “promoted” in Paragraph 3 probably mean?

A. Criticized. C. Spread.

B. Competed. D. Enjoyed.

55. The writer seems to believe that _______. A. country music should keep its own style to attract more listeners B. it’s necessary for country music to be mixed with other types C. only a certain age group of people will like country music in the future D. common characteristics can be found in all modern music types 四、书面表达(共两节,满分45分) 第一节 阅读表达 (共5小题;每小题3分,满分15分) 阅读下面短文,并按照题目要求用英语回答问题。 A mini object but a great help in our everyday life, Velcro is used in many ways to fasten (系 牢) two surfaces. It has always been an integral part of our life! Have you thought how cumbersome (笨重的) your favorite pair of Adidas shoes and other footwear would be without a tiny piece of Velcro? What about those fashionable skirts that use Velcro for fastening at the waist? Strange as it may seem, there are many times when one does not really think about small objects that are of great importance to us! Have you ever wondered who invented Velcro? Well, read on to know about the invention and history of Velcro. George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, was the inventor of Velcro. It consists of two layers (层) and when both these sides are pressed together, they help fasten two surfaces. The invention of Velcro happened when George de Mestral came home from a hunting trip with his dog. This hunting trip was in the beautiful Alps. When he came home, he realized there was something stuck to his clothes. This was also seen on the fur of his dog. His natural curiosity for things led to the examination of these objects under the microscope. The objects were the seeds of a kind of plant and the seeds had tiny “hooks (钩子)”. This was what made them “stick” to things. This gave rise to the thought of how the substance can be used to bind two surfaces together. So he wanted to find ways to fasten two surfaces together with them. George de Mestral was laughed at in the beginning for the idea like this. He tried various methods. When he almost gave up, George suddenly had an idea that helped him to mechanize the process of making the hooks. This took 8 years. He then got the patent (专利) for the invention in 1955. 56. What does the underlined word “integral” mean? (No more than 2 words) 57. What inspired (赋予灵感) George de Mestral to invent Velcro? (No more than 10 words) 58. What’s the function of the invention — Velcro? (No more than 5 words) 59. What does Paragraph 3 mainly tell us? (No more than 15 words) 60. What do you think of George de Mestral? Give your reasons. (No more than 30 words) 第二节 写作 (满分30分) 假定你是李华,最近某英语论坛对“中学生最喜爱的音乐类型”进行了一次问卷调查,共


注意: 1. 词数120-150; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


56. Necessary. 57. The seeds with tiny hooks of a kind of plant. 58. To fasten two surfaces. 59. How George de Mestral came up with the idea of inventing Velcro. 60. He is a creative person with strong will. Although others laughed at him at first for his idea, he never gave up until he succeeded. One possible version: Recently a survey was done to find out students’ favorite type of music. A total of 100 students took part in this survey; most of them were between the ages of 15 and 17. The largest number of students said they were rock fans. They showed great interest in rock stars and enjoyed listening to their music. 22 percent went for rap music instead of other types of music. Jazz was the preference of another 16 percent, which was followed by country music. However, a limited number of participants chose classical music as their favorite. According to this survey, we can have a general understanding of students’ musical interests. Any sounds good to ears can be their choice, among which rock music is the most popular.

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