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2014 高考英语阅读理解精英定时训练题(6)及答案
【甘肃省武威三中 2013 模拟(5)】B Animals seem to have the sense to eat when they are hungry and they do not eat more than their bodies need.It has been demonstrated(证明)th

at rats will, when given a choice over a period of time, prefer water with vitamins to water without vitamins even though there is no difference in taste or smell between the two water bottles.When a fragrant(香的)flavor(作料)was added to the vitamin-enriched water, the rats did seem to prefer it and kept drinking it ,even after the vitamins were switched to the clear water.In time, however, they broke the habit and went back to where the necessary vitamins were. In a classic experiment, babies of 6 to 12 months old were placed in a cafeteria (自助) feeding arrangement, with a wide selection of baby food before them.They were given whatever food they pointed to or appeared interested in.We are told that at first they showed some unusual eating patterns, but that over a period of time they managed to select well-balanced diet. So, in selecting food, rats and babies do seem to know and act on what's best for them. Apparently, there is a kind of “body wisdom”, which humans soon lose. Most of us do not eat as wisely as we could.Many of our food preferences are culturally determined and influenced by long-established habits.Some people eat fox, dog and blackbirds, while we eat cows and pigs.So what people eat and how much they eat seems to be greatly influenced by what is going on around them. 60.In the experiment on rats, a fragrant flavor was added to the rats’ drinking water to _____________ .

A. encourage rats to drink vitamins-enriched water B. find out rats’ preference in flavor C. test whether rats know which drink is good for them D. demonstrate the vitamins are tasteless 61.According to the passage ,adults eating habits differ from those of babies because_________.

A.adults know better than babies what kind of food are good for their health B.adults usually cannot resist the temptation of various delicious foods C.adults' eating habits are closely related to the social and cultural customs D.adults have more choices of food than babies in eating patterns 62.The author implied in the passage that most of us_________. A.eat a balanced diet B.choose the food that is of nutrition C.have the habits influenced by the surroundings D.like to eat the food with a fragrant flavor. 63.As far as their eating habits are concerned, babies and rats are similar in that_________. A.both have the wisdom to choose a balanced diet B.both prefer flavored food and drink C.both have the same eating patterns D.both develop a taste for the same kinds of flavors 【答案】61-64 CCCA 【解析】 试题分析: 60. 综合推理题。 第一段“Animals seem to ?bodies need. ”和“In time , however, they broke the habit and went back to where the necessary vitamins were. ”可知 C 正确。 61. 综合推理题。 最后一段“?there is a kind of ‘body wisdom ’ , which humans soon

lose . Most of us do not eat as wisely as we could . Many of our food preferences are culturally determined and influenced by long established habits.” 故选 C。 62,作者观点题。读完短文结合文章最后一段的最后一句“So what people eat and how much they eat seems to be greatly influenced by what is going on around them .” 可知答案是 C。 63,. 细节理解题。 根据第二段“?they manag ed to choose a well-balanced diet.”

阅读理解 There is one type of illness in the world that affects more people than anything else and is very deadly. If untreated this illness could affect everything you do. What is this illness? Depression. Serious depression requires professional treatment. Self-induced depression is something each of us can change. Everyone's circumstances are different, but the causes of self-induced depression are common: low self-esteem, hurtful thinking and a bad attitude. So how can we change the way we think, feel, and cultivate a cheerful attitude? First we must look at ourselves, truly and honestly examining our motives for what we wish to achieve. If you are dissatisfied because you feel you haven't or can't do anything, then one step is needed - to set goals. Always start your goals relatively small and easy to attain. Think of them as sand; one grain may be insignificant but as a group they form the beach. Once you have set and attained small goals for yourself, move on to slightly larger, more challenging goals. It takes more than just setting goals to be happy. It takes positive thinking. How can we attain this? There are a number of factors that can make us think negatively and one of those is diet. In my opinion, a person who eats a lot of take out and fast food is feeding their body junk. Start by eating better foods which give the body much NEEDED minerals. If your physical body is happy, it's much easier for your mental body or "thinking ability" to be happy. Next, exercise. A half-hour a day is recommended for positive well being. Then think about good memories you had, or generally think of things that make you smile. Remember, everything you wear costs money but to wear a smile is free. A smile can be the difference between an average day and a great day. If you follow these steps, positive change is inevitable. 1. Which of the statements about depression is TRUE? A. Depression is a kind of illness that can’t be cured like some cancer.

B. C. D.

Depression can all be cured successfully by patients themselves. Those who suffer from depression feel dissatisfied with themselves. Those who suffer from depression live in similar circumstances.

1. According to the passage we can learn that ____________. A. a practical goal can help people to achieve a sense of success B. we shouldn’t be satisfied with small goals that are insignificant C. we should avoid challenging goals that may lead to failure D. people can enjoy happiness only if they set reasonable goals 2. In order to achieve positive thinking a person should do these things EXCEPT____________. A. set challenging goals C. exercise half an hour a day B. eat healthier foods D. always wear a smile

4. What can we infer from the reading passage? A. Those who can achieve small goals can surely achieve big ones. B. Take out and fast food cannot provide peop le with enough minerals. C. You can only exercise half an hour if you want to get rid of depression. D. Smile is the cheapest thing compared to other possessions you have. 5. What’s the passage mainly about? A. To prove the argument that depression can be changed. B. To analyze the danger depression can bring to people. C. To introduce to readers how to keep positive thinking. D. To recommend some ways to deal with depression.


1---5 C A A B D

【甘肃省武威三中 2013 模拟(5) 】C When your pet meets your infant(婴儿),it might not be love at first sniff. When Jennifer brought her baby home from the hospital, her cherished dogs had very different

reactions. Her Boxer, Sonya, was immediately gentle and prot ective. But Tiger, the Pomeranian, was less welcoming. “If any diapers(尿布)or toys were on the floor, he peed on them,” says the Greenbrier, mom. In the eyes of a pet, there’s a new star in home who’s stealing his spotlight. Even the gentlest animal will probably act up if he doesn’t get his usual attention. These simple steps will help your pet adjust and keep your baby safe. Introduce Them with Care Your newborn and per’s first encounter can set the tone for their relationship. To make it as smooth as possible, try this trick from Caryn Ruiz:“Before we left the hospital, my husband took blankets home to our dog, Daisy, so she’d know our newborn Devon’s smell.” When you get home, have your husband carry the baby so you can greet your pet without worrying about her jumping on you. A cat will likely walk away at first, while a dog probably wants to investigate right away. To introduce your baby, get down on your pet’s level and let her have a hello sniff. Don’t panic and pull your baby away unless your pet is barking or hissing, because it’ll send the message that the baby is a threat. Learn the Safety Basics No matter how smoothly the introduction goes, there are certain safety rules you should follow. Never leave your baby alone with the pet. Even the gentlest animal can react unpredictably. Your baby’s crying could frighten your cat, or your dog could suddenly become territorial. Consider setting up baby gates to limit your pet’s access. To keep your cat from jumping into the bassinet(有篷盖的摇篮), try putting mosquito netting over the top. Cats hate sticky paws, so keep the crib(有栏杆的 婴 儿床)and changing table o ff-limits by lining the edges with sticky strips made for furniture. You can also train your dog to sleep in a crate(大木箱). 64. At the beginning of the passage, the author uses the stories to_____. A.illustrate possible reactions when pets meet a newborn baby B.show that pets don’t like a newborn baby C.prove how friendly a pet is when it meets a newborn baby D.introduce how terrible the pets are when a mother gets a b aby home

65. Who is Sonya mentioned in the 1 st paragraph? A.Jennifer’s dog. C.Jennifer’s husband. 66. What can we infer from the passage? A.Cats are more welcoming than dogs when they meet a newborn baby. B.You must show your baby to your pet dog when it is barking. C.You should never keep a baby together with your pet. D.The fi rst introduction of your newborn baby to your pet is important. 67.According to the passage, to keep your baby safe, you should do the following things EXCEPT_____. A.introducing your baby to your pet with care B.leaving your baby alone with your pet at the first day when they meet C.setting up baby gates to limit your baby D.keeping your pet away from your baby 【答案】63-67 AADB 【解析】 试题分析: 64. 由第一段的内容可知,文章开头讲述的故事是举例说明宠物对家中新成员的到来的 反应。

B.Jennifer’s baby. D.A pet expert.

65. 由该段的内容可推测出 Sonya 是 Jennife r 的宠物狗。 66. 由 Introduce Them with Care 部分可知,你的新生婴儿与宠物的第一次见面很重 要。 67. 根据全文可知是 B。


to himself and his own dream–world; he seems to have a wall between him and life in general. 1. According to this passage, intelligence is the ability _________. A. to behave immediately B. to do well in school C. to deal with life D. to know what to do 2. In a new situation, an intelligent person_________. A. knows more about what might happen to him B. is sure of the result he will get D. cares more about himself 3. According to the passage the biggest difference between “bright” children and “not bright” children lies in _______ . A. the amount of intelligence B. the different situations they face C. the different attitudes to life D. the background of life 4. What’s the main idea of the passage? C. concentrates on the situation

A. What’s real meaning of intelligence? B. What’s the “bright” children’s behavior? C. What’s a special outlook on life? D. How to live and behave in a new situation? 5. In the next part of the passage, the author might continue to talk about ________. A. how to determine what intelligence is B. how education should be changed C. how to judge whether a person is intelligent D. how an unintelligent person should be taught

When children see parents make a grocery list, they want to use a pencil and paper to make their own list. To encourage these beginning writing activities, have pencils, markers, crayons(粉笔画) and scrap paper within your children' s reach.

⑤The more children get connected with talking, listening, reading and writing, the easier it is for them to become active readers. While you as a parent have a big influence on these early behaviors, it is important to remember that opportunities for literacy experiences happen when you and your child share in the basic routines of everyday life.

1. To help children enlarge their vocabulary, parents should________. A. read newspapers or magazines every day B. talk with them as much as possible C. help them look up useful information D. take them out as often as possible 2. The third paragraph tells us that parents can talk with their children_______. A. during daily routines C. in their spare time B. only in quiet places D. when they are eager to talk

3. During the process of learning to read, children may A. copy the actions of the adults B. prefer to talk with those of their own age C. keep their interest in reading all the time D. waste a lot of paper and other materials 4.When do children want to learn to write? A. When their parents ask them to do so. B. When they believe they can write well. C. When they remember what their parents taught them. D. When they can connect letters with familiar words. 5. T he passage is written to A. talk about parents' influence on their children' s behavior B. encourage parents to set a good example to their children C. advise parents to make reading a part of their children' s daily life D. make parents believe in the importance of early reading

4. A。主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了什么才是真正的聪明这一话题。故答案为 A。B、C、D 项 过于片面。 5. D。推理判断题。文章已经探讨了聪明的含义以及什么样的人是聪明的,故排除 A 项、C 项; 文章的中心思想并未涉及教育问题,故排除 B 项;故 D 项(如何教导不聪明的人)很可能是 作者接下来要讨论的话题。 B 篇: 1. B。 理解推断题。 根据第二段的 As children have conversations with caring adults, they hear both new and familiar words and their vocabulary grows. 可知家长多和孩 子谈话可以帮助他们扩大词汇量。 2. A。理解推断题。根据第三段中所举的例子可以判断作者认为和孩子交谈的机会就在平时 的日常生活中。
[来源:学_科_网 Z_X_X_K]

3. A。理解推断题。 根据第一段和第五段的 When children see parents make a grocery list, they want to use a pencil and paper to make their own list. 可知孩子在读和写的过 程中总是模仿大人们的行为。 4. D。细节理解题。根据第四段的 He begins to connect them to familiar words, especially the letters that make up his name. A natural next step for him to take is to write the letters. 可知当孩子看到字母,并且把它们和熟悉的词汇联系起来的时候,他们就会想 动手去 写字了。 5. C。作者意图题。根据文章末句可知文章的目的是告诉家长要培养孩子成为好的读者,应 该把读书的行为贯穿在日常生活中,使之成为孩子们每天例行要做的事情。

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