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必修一 Unit 1 Friendship (Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.Children today spend more and more time inside the house instead of playing outdoors (在户外). 2.Sarah sounded upset (伤心的) when I said you wouldn’t go shopping with her. 3.I made a suggestion but they chose to ignore (忽视) it. 4.I am very grateful (感激的) to all those who took the trouble to write to me. 5.In face of danger, it’s very important to keep calm (镇静的). 6.When it rains, why do we see the lightning first; then hear the thunder (雷)? 7.There is a curtain (窗帘) hanging before his window in the bedroom. 8.If you can guess correctly, I would like you to be my language exchange partner (伙伴;搭档). (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.It is hard to imagine the pain and suffering (suffer) they went through in the war. 2.The doctors had given her up but she made an excellent recovery (recover). 3.Try not to say anything about the idea until you have understood it entirely (entire). 4.It is beyond my power (powerful) to finish the task in two hours. 5.To be honest, I know exactly (exact) how she felt. (Ⅲ)语境填词(用所给词的适当形式填空) 1. Our parents are concerned about our health and future.As far as I’ m concerned,_we should talk with our parents and tell them our concerns.(concern) 2.A few people agreed while most people disagreed,_so no agreement was made.(agree)

1.My father often works deep into the night so we are_concerned_about_his_health (担心他的健康). 2.I set_down (记下) all the folk stories in the local area as they were told to me. Would you like to have a look? 3.Since you get/are_tired_of (厌烦) going to the office every day, why not look for another job? 4.After a threemonth investigation, the police decided that the fire was started on_purpose (故意地). 5.His business expenses add_up_to_around_$4,000 (加起来大约是 4 000 美元) a year. 6.Since we all live under one room, we should learn how_to_get_along_well_with (如何相处好) one another. 7.That was the last time that he had_talked_with_his_father_face_to_face (与父亲面对面地交谈). 8.We were surprised by what_the_little_girl_went_through (小女孩的经历) when she was cheated and sold to the mountain village. 9.Will you join_me_in (和我一起) looking for a present for my best friend? 10.Please pack_everything_up (整理好一切东西) before you leave. 11.This autumn the BBC will be showing a_series_of_French_films (一系列法国电影). 12.You’re too excited. We will discuss the problem when_you_calm_down (当你冷静时).

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.upset adj.心烦意乱的;不安的;不适的 vt.使不安;使心烦;打翻 [高考佳句]Upsetting people with unsigned message is cruel and disgusting.(2013· 安徽高考阅读 D) 用匿名信息骚扰他人是令人痛苦的,也是令人厌恶的。 (1) be upset about/over/at sth. be upset that ... (2)upset oneself about sth. It upsets sb. to do sth./that ... 为某事心烦 ??让人不安/心烦 为某事而烦恼 让某人心烦的是??

①In my opinion, there is no point being upset about it. 依我看,为此事难过没有意义。 ②Don’t upset_yourself_about it — no harm has been done. 不要为那件事烦恼——没有造成损失。 2.add vt. & vi.增加;添加;补充说 [教材原句] Add up your score and see how many points you get. 把你的分数加起来看看能得多少分。 (1)add up 把??加起来 add sth.to sth. 把??加到/进??里 add up to 加起来共计/达(不用于被动语态) add to 增加;增添 add that ... 补充说??

(2)addition n. 加;(数)加法;增加 in addition 另外 in addition to 除??之外 3.calm vt. & vi.(使)平静;(使)镇定 adj.平静的;镇静的;沉着的 [教材原句] You will ignore the bell and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down. 你不理会上课铃,而是去安静的地方安慰你的朋友。 calm (sb.) down (使某人)平静下来;镇静下来 stay/keep/be calm 保持镇静 ①In this state, the baby is difficult to calm down and sleep is impossible. 在这种状态下,婴儿很难安静下来,睡觉也不可能安稳。 ②He kept_calm in face of great danger, which surprised us all. 面对巨大危险,他还是保持镇静,这使我们都非常吃惊。 4.concern vt.(使)担忧;涉及;关系到 n.关心;关注;(利害)关系 [教材原句] You will tell your friend that you are concerned about him/her and you will meet after class and talk then. 告诉你的朋友你关心他/她,下课后你们就见面谈谈。 (1)show/express concern about/for (2)be concerned about/over/for be concerned with/in as/so far as ... be concerned (3)concerning prep. 对??表示关心 关心;挂念 牵扯进/参与?? 就??而言 关于;有关

①They follow the rules, help out, and are concerned about the people they work with. 他们遵守规则,帮助别人克服困难,关心他们的同事。 ②And as_far_as_your_body_is_concerned,_it’s “use it, or lose it”!(2013· 浙江高考阅读 B) 就你的身体而言,就是“用进废退”。 ③All the people concerned with the case will be questioned by the police. 所有参与这个案件的人警察都要审问。 ④He asked several questions concerning the future of the company. 他问了几个有关公司前途的问题。 5.suffer vt.& vi.遭受;忍受;经历 [教材原句] She suffered from loneliness, but she had to learn to like it there. 她感到孤独,但她得学会喜欢住在那里。 (1)suffer vt.遭受;蒙受,其后常接 pain, loss, defeat, hunger, damage 等名词作宾语 (2)suffer vi.后常接 from,表示“受??折磨;受??之苦;患某种疾病” (3)suffering n.[U]痛苦;苦难[pl.]痛苦;苦恼 ①Having suffered defeat after defeat, he began to lose faith in himself. 遭受了一次又一次的失败,他开始对自己失去信心。 ②Not only can the environment of a country suffer_from the sudden growth of tourism. The people as well rapidly feel its effects. (2013· 江西高考阅读 D) 不仅仅这个国家的环境遭受旅游业激增的困扰,而且这里的人们也很快感受到它的影响。 ③The old man went through all kinds of sufferings during the war. 这位老人在战争期间经历了各种痛苦。 [熟词生义] 读句子猜含义 The police is reported to have recovered the stolen jewellery. 找回 ——————————————————————————————————— 主题串记……………………………………………………(记的更多、更快、更长久!) 请根据提示写出除 disagree 以外其他以 dis为前缀的高频单词 1.dislike vt. 不喜欢;厌恶 2.disappear vi. 不见;消失 3.disappoint vt. 使失望 4.discourage vt. 使气馁;使沮丧 5.discover vt. 发现 ——————————————————————————————————— 1.go through 经历;通过;仔细检查;完成 [教材原句] Or are you afraid that your friend would laugh at you, or would not understand what you are going

through? 或者害怕你的朋友嘲笑你,或者不理解你正经历的事情? [一词多义] 写出下列句中 go through 的含义 ①The plan went through, which made us all happy. 通过 ②This year we have gone through too many natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and mudslides. 经历 ③I had just gone through my homework when the telephone rang. 完成 ④I always start the day by going through my mail. 查阅 go against 违背;违反 go by 逝去;过去 go on 继续;进行;发生 go out 出去;熄灭 go over 复习;仔细检查 go up 上涨;上升;攀登 ⑤If you go against nature, it will punish you. 如果你违背了自然,它就会惩罚你。 ⑥To get a better grade, you should go_over the notes again before the test. 为了取得更好的成绩,你应该在考试前再复习一下笔记。 2.get along/on with 与某人相处;某事进展(如何) [教材原句] I’m getting along well with a boy in my class. 我跟我们班的一个男生相处得很好。 (1)get along/on (well/nicely) with sb. 与某人相处得(好) get along/on (well/nicely/smoothly) with sth. 某事进展得(好/顺利) (2)get across 讲清楚;(使)被领会 get about/around (消息)传开 get through (电话)接通;用完;通过 get over 克服 ①He is easygoing, so it is pleasant to get along with him. 他很随和,因此和他相处很愉快。 ②—How are you getting on with your English lesson? —Very well. ——你的英语课程学得怎么样? ——很好。 ③Your papers wouldn’t get across if you used too many technical terms in it. 如果你用了过多的专业术语,你的论文就不会被人理解。 [链接高考] (2013· 江苏高考)Team leaders must ensure that all members ________ their natural desire to avoid the embarrassment associated with making mistakes. A.get over B.look over C.take over D.come over 解析:选 A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:团队领导必须确保所有的成员克服他们的本能欲望以避免因犯错而带来 的尴尬。get over“克服”,符合句意。look over“检查”;take over“接管”;come over“顺便来访”。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空 on purpose, get along with, set down, a series of, get tired of, go through, at dusk, fall in love with 1.He was asked to set_down the facts just as he remembered them. 2.The police went_through the whole building but didn’t find anything valuable. 3.Having got_tired_of staying indoors for days, we are longing to go out and relax ourselves. 4.Usually it’s very hard to get_along_with the man who has a bad temper. 5.The government has taken a_series_of measures to stop house prices from rising sharply. 6.—How can you say that? —Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you on_purpose. 7.As soon as I came to the old town, I fell_in_love_with it immediately. 8.The summer sky was always beautiful at_dusk in the countryside.

直接引语和间接引语(Ⅰ) 1.Our teacher told us that the earth ________ around the sun yesterday. A.go B.went C.to go D.goes 解析:选 D 直接引语变间接引语时,若直接引语表示的是客观真理,则间接引语时态不变(一般现在时)。 2.An English teacher asked his students, “Are you interested in my lessons?” →An English teacher asked his students if ________ were interested in ________ lessons. A.you; B.you; his C.they; my D.they; his 解析:选 D 直接引语变间接引语时,若直接引语主语为第二人称,则间接引语(宾语从句)的主语与主句的宾语在 人称上保持一致,即 you 变为 they;由句意可知句中的 my 应改为 his。 3.Having seen the film, he said what a wonderful film he ________. A.saw B.has seen C.had seen D.would see 解析:选 C 考查时态。句意:看完电影后,他说他看了一部多棒的电影啊。主句动词用了过去时态(said),间接 引语也要用过去某种时态;而他说这句话是在看完电影后,故“看电影”应用过去完成时。 4.He told us that there ________ a football match at 19 o ’clock. A.were going to have B.is going to be C.will be D.was going to be 解析: 选 D 考查间接引语中的时态。 主句为一般过去时, 在间接引语中, 要用过去将来时态。 而且 a football match 为单数,因此用 was going to be。A 项中的另外一个错误在于 there be 句式变形中不能使用“have”。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 齐鲁名校高三联合测试)—Help! Help! Police ... —________, madam. What’s the trouble? A.Be quiet B.Calm downC.Shut your mouth D.So rude 解析:选 B 考查情景对话。句意:“救命!救命!警察??”“冷静点,夫人。出了什么事?”calm down“(使) 平静下来;(使)镇定”,符合题意。其他选项均不符合语境。 2.(2014· 武汉市武昌区高三联考)What I want to ________ to teenagers is that being addicted to the Internet will to some degree do harm to both mental and physical health. A.get off B.get through C.get across D.get down 解析:选 C 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我想给青少年们讲清楚的是沉迷于网络在一定程度上对身心健康有害。 get across“把??讲清楚”,符合句意。get off“动身;出发”;get through“顺利通过(考试等)”;get down“写下; 记下”。 3.(2014· 万州区一诊)—Did you receive the letter the next day? —No.Somehow, it was three weeks ________ I received it. A.since B.when C.that D.before 解析:选 D 考查连词辨析。句意:“你第二天收到这封信了吗”“没有,三个星期之后我才收到。”It was+时 间段+before 意为“过了多长时间才??”,主句用一般过去时,从句也应为一般过去时。 4.(2014· 成都第三次诊断)When first ________ down in Chengdu, Maria found herself unable to get used to the spicy food. A.settling B.settled C.settles D.to settle 解析:选 A 考查非谓语动词。句意:刚在成都定居时,Maria 发现自己很不适应这里的辛辣食物。分析句子结构 可知,此处应填非谓语动词,settle 与其逻辑主语 Maria 之间构成主动关系,而且动作已经发生,故选 A,现在分词作 时间状语。 5.(2014· 马鞍山高三模拟)Schools in China are required to ________ at least one “Sports Day” per academic year. A.set aside B.set down C.set out D.set off 解析:选 A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:中国的学校被要求每学年留出至少一个“运动日”。set aside“留出;拨 出”;set down“写下;记下”;set out“动身;出发”;set off“出发;爆炸”。 6.(2014· 兰州一中考前冲刺)It is the third time so far that such a festival ________ in my hometown. A.is held B.has been held C.will be held D.had been held 解析:选 B It is the first/second ...time that ...结构中的从句常用现在完成时,故选 B 项。 7.(2014· 天津十二区县联考)This football player was accused of taking money for not scoring goals ________. A.by chance B.on end C.in turn D.on purpose 解析:选 D 句意:这名足球运动员被指控拿了钱故意不进球。on purpose“故意地”,符合题意。by chance“偶 然地”;on end“连续地”;in turn“依次;反过来”。 8.How can Linda ________ from her illness in this room when it’s so dirty and cold? It will only make her worse.

A.escape B.recover C.separate D.graduate 解析:选 B 在本句中,四个动词均可以与介词 from 搭配,但构成的短语意义各不相同,escape from“从??中 逃跑、 逃脱”; recover from“从??恢复、 康复”; separate from“(使)从??中分离”; graduate from“毕业于??”。 根据语境可知选 B 项。 9. (2014· 三峡名校联盟联考)After ________ series of unsuccessful attempts, he has finally passed ________ driving test. A./; the B.a; the C.the; a D./; a 解析:选 B 句意:经过连续几次的失败,他最终通过了驾驶考试。a series of 是固定短语,意为“一系列;一连 串”,所以第一个空用不定冠词 a;第二个空用定冠词 the,特指驾驶考试。 10.(2014· 德州模拟)—Where did you find the professor who made the speech yesterday? —It was in the hall ________ the students often have a meeting. A.where B.which C.that D.when 解析: 选 A 完整的答句为强调句式, 强调地点状语 in the hall, 后面省略了 that I found the professor。 “________ the students often have a meeting”为定语从句,where 引导定语从句,指代先行词 the hall. 11.I am tired ________ the partner I have been working with; he is too hard a person ________. A.with; to get along with B.from; to be got along with C.of; to get along with D.of; getting along with 解析:选 C 句意:我很烦一起工作的搭档,他是个很难相处的人。be tired of“厌倦”;get along with ...“与?? 相处”。 12.(2014· 杭州学军中学高三质检)—I said hello to you in the street yesterday, but you ________ me completely. —I’m sorry. Maybe I didn’t notice you. A.cheated B.hid C.ignored D.recognized 解析:选 C 考查动词词义辨析。由问句中的“我和你打招呼”及答句中的“或许我没有注意到你”可知 C 项 ignore“忽视;不理睬”,符合语境。cheat“欺骗”;hide“躲藏”;recognize “认出”。 13.(2014· 南京金陵中学模拟)I failed again, but my parents encouraged me and told me that failure ________ the mother of success. A.was B.is C.be D.has been 解析:选 B 表示“真理、事实”的直接引语变为间接引语时,时态不变,仍用一般现在时。 14.(2014· 宜宾五校第二次调研考试)Teachers’ Day is a time to be ________ to all teachers who deserve special recognition. A.available B.grateful C.generous D.ridiculous 解析:选 B 考查形容词辨析。句意:教师节是向所有老师表示感谢的时候,他们理应受到这样的特殊认可。 grateful“感激的;表示感谢的”,符合句意。available“可获得的”;generous“大方的;慷慨的”;ridiculous“荒唐 的”。 15.—Must I do well in all the subjects, Mum? —Sure, baby! As an old saying goes, knowledge is ________. A.command B.effort C.power D.energy 解析:选 C 句意:“妈妈,我一定要各科成绩优异吗?”“当然了。俗话说得好,知识就是力量。”power“力 量”,符合句意。

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.Let me get this straight (直接地) — Tom sold the house and gave you the money? 2.The businessman speaks with a heavy Scottish accent (口音). 3.Man’s dream of making a space voyage (航行) finally came true. 4.Has the company officially (正式地) confirmed the appointment? 5.Some medical experts will study the case at the request (要求) of the hospital. 6.She studied eight languages but is fluent (流利的) in only four of them. 7.This latter (后面的) point was of great importance. 8.His apartment is three blocks (街区) away from the police station. (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.My computer has a program which can correct my spelling(s) (spell) automatically. 2.Please set off earlier because the buses run less frequently (frequent) on Sundays.

3.Good books can enrich (rich) man’s inner life. 4.Nearly one hundred countries recognize English as their official (office) language. 5.This tree looks tall and strong but actually (actual) its trunk is hollow. 6.Gradually (gradual) the farmland turned into a desert. (Ⅲ)语境填词(用所给词的适当形式填空) 1.I can hardly express how grateful I feel. I will give him a present as an expression of gratitude.(express) 2.He had changed so much that you couldn’t recognize him. As a matter of fact, illness and age changed him beyond recognition. (recognize)

1.Scientists are developing new ways to make_good_(full)_use_of (充分利用) the solar energy more effectively. 2.He was very angry because_of (因为) what you said. 3.Don’t hesitate to call me whenever anything comes_up (出现;发生). 4.Because of the flood, the_number_of (??的数量) homeless people has increased rapidly. 5.The Chinese government plays_an_important_part_in (在??方面起着重要的作用) international affairs. 6.Believe_it_or_not (信不信由你), I didn’t get into trouble for being late for the grammar class today. 7.The local economy is still dependent on traditional industries such_as (例如) farming and mining. 8.I’m afraid he has been away on business at_present (现在;目前). 一、常考词汇细点拨 1.base vt.以??为根据 n.基部;基地;基础 [教材原句] It was based more on German than the English we speak at present. 当时的英语更多是以德语为基础,而我们今天所说的英语不是。 (1)base ... on/upon ... 把??建立于??基础之上 be based on/upon 以??为基础;依据?? (2)at the base of 以??为基点;在??的底部 (3)basic adj. 基本的;基础的 basis n. 基础;基本原则 ①We should base the theory on careful research. 我们应该把理论建立在仔细研究的基础上。 ②The film based_on the novel by Mo Yan is well worth seeing. 根据莫言的小说改编的电影非常值得观看。 ③The government provides them with not only food and shelter, but also the_basic_skills for their living. 政府不仅为他们提供食物和住处,还为他们提供基本的谋生技能。 [链接高考] (2012· 江苏高考)________ an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret it sooner or later. A.Based B.Basing C.Base D.To base 解析:选 B 考查非谓语动词。句意:把一个重要的决定更多地建立在情感基础上,而不是以理性思考为基础, 你迟早会后悔的。此处动词 base 与其逻辑主语 you 之间构成主动关系,所以用现在分词作状语,故选 B 项。 2.command n.[C]命令;指令;[U]掌握 vt.命令;指挥;支配;博得;赢得 [经典例句] Applicants will be expected to have a good command of English.(牛津 P390) 申请人必须精通英语。 (1)at sb.’s command 听某人支配 under one’s command = under the command of sb. 由某人指挥 be in command of 掌握;控制 take command of 控制 have a good command of 掌握;精通(尤指语言) (2)command sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事 command that ... (should) do ... 命令?? ①I’m at your command — what would you like me to do? 我听从你的吩咐——你要我做什么? ②Only when you have_a_good_command_of vocabulary, will reading no longer be your obstacle. 只有掌握充足的词汇,阅读才不会成为你的拦路虎。 ③He commanded that we_should_finish the work in an hour. =He commanded us_to_finish the work in an hour. 他命令我们一个小时内完成这项工作。

3.request n.& vt.请求;要求 [经典例句] All members of the club are requested to attend the annual meeting. (朗文 P1281) 请俱乐部的全体会员务必参加年会。 (1)request sb. to do sth. request that ... (should) do sth. It is requested that ... (should) do sth. (2)make (a) request for ... at sb.’s request = at the request of sb. 请求某人做某事 请求?? 据要求?? 请求;要求?? 应某人之要求

①My parents requested that I should learn a second foreign language. = My parents requested me to learn a second foreign language. 我父母要求我再学一门外语。 ②It_is_requested_that all the articles should be related to the students’ life. 要求所有的文章与学生的生活有关。 ③The kidnappers were merciless and Getty’s son made repeated requests for help from his father. (2013· 山东高考阅读表达) 绑架者毫无慈悲之心,Getty 的儿子不断向他的父亲求助。 [名师指津] 后跟虚拟语气的动词: 一坚持:insist; 二命令:order, command; 三建议:suggest, advise, recommend; 四要求:demand, request, require, desire; 再加一个敦促:urge。 4.recognize vt.辨认出;承认;公认 [高考佳句] Number sense is not the ability to count. It is the ability to recognize a change in number. (2013· 广东高考完形填空) 数字感并不只是数数的能力,它是识别数字变化的能力。 (1)recognize sb./one’s voice 认出某人/听出某人的声音 be recognized to be/as ... 被认作……/被认为是?? recognize that ... 承认?? It is recognized that ... 人们公认?? (2)recognition n. 认出;认识 beyond (all) recognition 认不出来 ①I recognized his voice the moment he opened his mouth. 他一张嘴说话,我就听出了他的声音。 ②We had to recognize that they had many advantages over us in some aspects. 我们不得不承认,他们在某些方面要比我们更有优势。 ③It_is_recognized_that environment pollution has become one of the most serious problems that people face. 人们一致认为环境污染已经成为人们面临的最严重的问题之一。 ④The city has been built up so fast that it’s changed beyond_recognition. 这城市建设得真快,已看不出它原来的面貌了。 二、间考词汇自识记 1.native adj.本国的;本地的 n.本地人;本国人 be native to ... 产于?? It is wellknown that the panda is native to China. 众所周知,大熊猫产于中国。 2.latter adj.较后的;后半的;(两者中的)后者 the former ...the latter ...前者??后者?? Mary and Jane are both my friends. The former is a clerk in a bank and the latter teaches English in a middle school. 玛丽和简都是我的朋友,前者是银行的职员,后者在中学教英语。 3.block n.街区;块;木块;石块 [熟词生义] 读句子猜含义 Seeing the road blocked with snow, we had to spend the holiday at home, watching TV. 阻挡 ——————————————————————————————————— 1.come up 走近;上来;发芽;发生;被提出;(太阳、月亮等)升起 [经典例句] I’m afraid something urgent has come up. (牛津 P388) 恐怕有紧急事情发生了。

[一词多义] 写出下列句中 come up 的含义 ①An old lady came up to me and asked for directions. ②As soon as the project came up at the meeting, it attracted many people’s attention. ③When the moon came up, the young people began their celebration. 升起 ④I’ll let him know if anything comes up. come up with 想出;提出 come about 发生 come across 穿过(路、桥);(偶然)遇见;发现 come along 跟随 come to 苏醒;总计;达到;谈到 When it comes to ... 当谈到??

走近 被提出 发生

⑤The designer says he came up with the idea after watching people get wet on streets in Russia. (2013· 山东高考阅读 C) 这位设计师说他是在看到俄罗斯街头有人被淋湿后提出这个点子的。 ⑥I can use the computer. When_it_comes_to repairing it, I know nothing. 我能使用电脑,但谈到修电脑,我一无所知。 [链接高考] (2013· 新课标全国卷Ⅱ)Would you like to ________ with us to the film tonight? A.come along B.come off C.come across D.come through 解析:选 A 考查动词短语辨析。根据句意“你今晚愿意和我们一起去看电影吗?”可知,此处意为“跟随”。 come along“跟着来; 跟随”, 符合句意。 come off“举行; 发生; 成功”; come across“偶然遇见”; come through“(重 病后)康复”。 2.make use of 利用;使用 [高考佳句] My experience tells me that it is not what you are given but how you make use of it that determines who you are. (2012· 湖北高考短文写作) 我的经历告诉我不是你拥有什么而是你怎样利用你所拥有的决定了你的未来。 (1)make full/good use of 充分利用 make the best/most of 充分利用 take (full) advantage of (充分)利用 (2)come into use 开始被使用 be of great use 很有用 It is no use doing sth. 做??是没用的 ①In my opinion, every minute should be made full use of to learn well. 依我看来,我们应充分利用分分秒秒把学习搞好。 ②We should consider what use can be_made_of such a material. 我们应该考虑这样的材料如何运用。 ③Last but not least, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make the most of water. 最后但同等重要的是,充分利用水资源是每个人的责任。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空 more than, believe it or not, because of, come up, at present, make use of, play a part ?in?, base ...on 1.—I’m more_than happy to take you there in my car. —You are so nice. Thank you. 2.There is no way at_present of predicting what the longterm effects of the accident will be. 3.I believe Mary as she always bases her ideas on scientific experiments. 4.At the meeting many questions came_up about the quality of the new bridge. 5.Because_of the thick fog, the return flight of the aircraft had to be put off. 6.They tried their best to make_good_use_of the chance that their school offered to study hard. 7.Believe_it_or_not,_they will not carry out their promise. 8.Friends play_an_important_part_in our lives, although we may take friendship for granted. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 万州二中高三一模)Today, ________ rapid development of transportation and communication, the whole world seems to be smaller. A.regardless of B.in spite of C.instead of D.because of 解析: 选 D 考查短语意义辨析。 句意: 当今, 由于交通和通信的迅速发展, 整个世界看起来更小了。 regardless of“不

论;不管”;in spite of“尽管”;instead of“代替”;because of“因为;由于”。 2.(2014· 宁波市高三摸底考试)My grandmother said that the best use should be ________ the empty land in front of our house and we could plant some trees there. A.made of B.taken as C.looked after D.dealt with 解析:选 A 句意:我的祖母说,应该充分利用门前的空地,可以在那儿栽一些树。make use of 意为“利用”。 3.(2014· 山东省实验中学高三质检)This is not the first time that passengers’ concerns over the service on planes have ________. A.turned out B.picked up C.come up D.brought up 解析:选 C 考查动词短语辨析。句意:旅客担心飞机上的服务,这并不是第一次被提出了。come up“被提出; 被讨论”。若选 D 项,应使用被动语态。 直接引语和间接引语(Ⅱ) 把下列句子改成间接引语 1.The monitor said to me, “Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave.” →The monitor asked_me_not_to forget to turn off the lights when I left. 2.Mr Brown said to Mary, “Will you write Tom a letter in English or send him an email ?” →Mr Brown asked Mary whether_she_would write Tom a letter in English or send him an email. 3.He asked, “Haven’t you finished your English homework?” →He asked whether_I_had_finished my English homework or not. 4.Mum said to me, “How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers ?” →Mum asked me how_I_dealt with the disagreement between the company and the customers.

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 安徽合肥四校高三联考)—Where shall we go during this holiday, the Great Wall or the West Lake? —________ It’s all the same to me. A.Enjoy yourself. B.It’s a deal.C.Don’t mention it. D.It’s up to you. 解析: 选 D 考查交际用语。 由空后的“去哪儿对我来说都一样”可知, 答话人是让对方做决定。 Enjoy yourself“玩 得痛快”;It’s a deal“一言为定;成交”;Don’t mention it“不客气”。故 It’s up to you“由你决定”符合题意。 2.(2014· 江西红色六校高三联考)—Shall I come another day to get further information about your bookstore? —Sure. My secretary and librarian will be at your ________. A.help B.companion C.service D.request 解析:选 C 考查名词词义辨析。句意:“我能改天再来了解关于你书店的详细信息吗?”“当然可以,我的秘 书和图书管理员都将为你效劳。”be at sb.’s service“为某人效劳”,符合语境。at sb.’s request“应某人的要求”; help“帮助”;companion“同伴”。 3.(2014· 安徽省芜湖三校一模)A recent study has ________ an unexpected conclusion that the African elephant should be divided into two different species. A.kept up with B.made up with C.caught up with D.come up with 解析:选 D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:最近的一项研究得出一个意外结论,非洲象应被分成两个不同种类。keep up with“跟上”;make up with“和好”;catch up with“追上”;come up with“提出”。D 项符合句意。 4.(2014· 齐鲁名校高三联合测试) ________ among the crowd by Mike, her net friend, she was wearing a bright blue skirt in particular. A.Recognized B.To be recognized C.To recognize D.Having been recognized 解析:选 B 考查非谓语动词。 句意:为了在人群中被她的网友 Mike 认出来,她特意穿了一条鲜艳的蓝裙子。 不定式在句中作目的状语。动词 recognize 和 she 之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系,故不定式应用被动语态形式,故 B 项正 确。 5.Women are playing ________ more and more important part in ________ society — they hold up half the sky. A./; the B.a; / C.a; the D./; / 解析:选 B play a part in 是固定搭配,意思是“在??中扮演角色或起作用”;society 为抽象名词,前面常不用 冠词。 6.(2014· 重庆南开中学月考)—According to my grandma, it is a good idea to drink chicken soup when you have a cold. —________, scientists agree with her. A.Sooner or later B.Once in a while C.To be exact D.Believe it or not 解析:选 D 句意:“根据我奶奶的说法,感冒时喝鸡汤是个好主意。”“信不信由你,科学家们与她的看法相 同。”sooner or later“迟早”;once in a while“时不时地”;to be exact“确切地说”;believe it or not“信不信由你”。 根据上下文可知,believe it or not 符合语境。

7.(2014· 台州高三检测)Linda’s health is improving ________ day by day, and the doctor has advised her to stay home for a couple of weeks. A.frequently B.gradually C.fluently D.actually 解析:选 B 根据 improving 和 day by day 可知,琳达的身体在一天天“逐渐地(gradually)”康复。frequently“频 繁地”;fluently“流利地”;actually“实际上”,均不符合语境。 8.There is ________ as a free dinner in this world. As the saying goes, “No pains, no gains.” A.no such a good thing B.such no good thing C.no such good thing D.not so a good thing 解析:选 C 当 such 与 some, other, these/those, no 等代词连用时,such 臵于这些代词之后;no 修饰名词时,相当 于 not a 或者 not any,故其后不再使用冠词。 9.(2014· 吉林一中高三质检)The museum is ________ in a park surrounded by a number of impressive buildings. A.blocked B.based C.occupied D.located 解析: 选 D 考查动词词义辨析。 block“阻塞”; base“建立在??基础上”, 后跟介词 on; occupy“占据; 占领”; locate 用其系表结构 be located in,意思是“位于”。 10.(2013· 苏南四校 3 月联考)You’ll have to understand that this is how we do things ________ your mother does it differently. A.so that B.as well as C.even if D.no matter what 解析:选 C 考查状语从句。句意:你必须明白,虽然你母亲会采用不同的做法,但是这是我们做事的方式。 so that“以便;以至于”;as well as“也;还”;even if“即使;虽然”;no matter what“无论什么”。 11.Happy people don’t necessarily have the best things; they ________ everything that comes their way. A.get the hang of B.think little of C.make the most of D.take possession of 解析:选 C 考查动词词组辨析。句意:快乐的人未必拥有最好的东西,他们只是充分利用了自己所遇到的一切。 get the hang of“掌握??的要领”; think little of“不把??当一回事”; make the most of“充分利用”; take possession of“取得”。根据句意可知,C 项当选。 12.(2014· 济南一中模拟)As everybody knows, kangaroos are native ________ Australia and are often regarded as one of Australia’s national treasures. A.in B.to C.from D.with 解析:选 B 句意:众所周知,袋鼠是澳大利亚所特有的,并且经常被看作澳大利亚的国宝之一。sth. is native to ... 表示“某物原产于某地;某物是??所特有的”。 13.—Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the supermarket? —OK. Go ________ along the street, turn left and you ’ll see a tall building. That is the supermarket. A.mostly B.normally C.straight D.aimlessly 解析:选 C 句意:“打扰了,你能告诉我如何去超市吗?”“当然。沿街直走,左拐,你就会看到一座高大的 建筑。那就是超市。” straight “直接”为副词,符合句意。mostly “主要地;通常”; normally “通常;正常地”; aimlessly “毫无目的地”。 14.(2010· 福建高考)Drunk driving, which was once a ________ occurrence, is now under control. A.general B.frequent C.normal D.particular 解析:选 B 考查形容词词义辨析。general“一般的;大体上的”;frequent“常见的;频繁的”;normal“正常 的”;particular“特别的;特殊的”。根据句意“酒驾,曾经很频繁发生的事,现在被控制了”,可知 B 正确。 15.It took ________ building supplies to construct these energysaving houses. It took brains, too. A.other than B.more than C.rather than D.less than 解析:选 B 句意:建造这些节能住宅不仅仅需要供给建筑材料,还需要才智。more than“不仅仅”,符合句意。 other than 常用于否定句,相当于 but; rather than“而不是”;less than“少于”。 Unit 3 Travel journal

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.As you get older you will change your attitude (态度) towards it. 2.One major disadvantage (不利因素) of the area is the lack of public transport. 3.I bent (弯腰) and picked up the coins lying on the ground. 4.It is difficult for the old to keep up with the rapid pace (步伐) of change. 5.In my view (观点), children shouldn’t play games on the Internet. 6.He succeeded in persuading (说服) the strange man not to make noises. 7.Nowadays farmers usually transport (运输) their wheat from the farm to the market with tractors. 8.Which one do you prefer (较喜欢), the blue jacket or the red one?

(Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.It is three years since he graduated (graduation) from Harvard University. 2.The meeting is scheduled (schedule) on Tuesday morning. 3.They talked about it for hours. Finally (final), they decided not to go. 4.A teacher should not show preference (prefer) for any one of his pupils. 5.My teacher’s talk woke me up, and I was determined (determine) to study harder. 6.They insisted on organizing (organization) an English Speech Contest. (Ⅲ)语境填词(用所给词的适当形式填空) 1.Li Hua is a young man with great determination.He determined to go to Tibet after graduation.Determined never to come back before he could make a big fortune, he left home without saying a word.(determine) 2.John is very reliable — if he promises to do something he will do it, so you can rely on him to help you when you are in trouble.(rely)

1.Have you made_up_your_mind (下定决心) whether to take part in the sports meeting to be held next week? 2.We came to the UK in 1974 and have lived here ever_since (自从). 3.I don’t care_about_the_price (关心价格), so long as the car is in good condition. 4.Before it got dark, the campers put_up (搭建) their tents in a valley. 5.Once she is determined to do something, no one can change_her_mind (改变她的主意). 6.Never giving_in (屈服) is his personality, so you need not worry about him. 7.John is_fond_of_playing_the_piano (喜欢弹钢琴) while his sister enjoys playing football. 8.As_usual (像往常一样), David was late for school again, but to his surprise, the teacher didn’t punish him this time. 一、常考词汇细点拨 1.prefer vt.更喜欢;选择某事物(而不选择其他事物) [高考佳句] Some people prefer to do almost everything over the Internet. (2013· 安徽高考阅读 D) 有些人更喜欢在网络上完成几乎所有的事情。 (1)prefer sth. to sth. prefer doing to doing (2)prefer (sb.) to do sth. prefer sb./sth.(should) do sth. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. ?3???would do sth. rather than do sth. 喜欢??而不喜欢?? 宁愿做??而不愿做?? 更喜欢(某人)做?? 更喜欢某人/某物做??

? ? ?宁愿做??而不愿做?? ? ?would rather do sth. than do sth.?

①I prefer to read while my wife prefers singing to reading. 我喜欢读书,而我妻子喜欢唱歌不喜欢读书。 ②I prefer to live simply rather_than waste the limited resources. 我宁愿过简单的生活也不愿去浪费有限的资源。 ③I prefer my English classes to be taught in English only. =I prefer that my English classes should_be_taught in English only. 我愿意我的英语课仅用英语来教授。 2.persuade vt.说服;劝说 [教材原句] Two years ago she bought an expensive mountain bike and then she persuaded me to buy one. 两年前,她买了一辆昂贵的山地车,然后说服我也买了一辆。


? ? ?

into doing sth. ? ? ?说服?+sb.+??to do sth.??out of doing sth. ??not to do sth.? ?

?of sth. ?使相信?+sb.+? ?that ...

(2)try to persuade sb.to do sth.= advise sb.to do sth.尽力劝说某人做某事(但未必说服) ①Don’t let yourself be persuaded into buying things you don’t really want. 不要被说服买你并不需要的东西。 ②We finally persuaded Ben of the wisdom of this decision.

我们最终使本相信这个决定是明智的。 ③I tried to persuade him to give up drinking, but he wouldn’t listen to me. 我试图说服他戒酒,但他不听。 [链接高考] (2012· 新课标全国卷)If she doesn’t want to go, nothing you can say will ________ her. A.persuade B.promise C.invite D.support 解析:选 A 考查动词词义辨析。句意:如果她不想去,你说什么也无法说服她。persuade“说服”;promise“许 诺”;invite“邀请”;support“支持”。结合句意选 A。 3.determine vt.& vi.决定;确定;(使)下定决心 [教材原句] She gave me a determined look — the kind that said she would not change her mind. 她给了我一个坚定的眼神——这种眼神表明她是不会改变主意的。 (1)determine on/upon 决定 determine to do sth. 决定做某事(表示动作) determine sb.to do sth. 使某人决定做某事 determine+从句 决定?? (2)determined adj. 坚决的;有决心的 be determined to do sth. 决心做某事(表示状态) (3)determination n. 决心 ①Just as the state of water is determined by the temperature, the state of one person’s life is determined by temperature of his heart. 水的状态是由温度决定的,人生的状态是由自己心灵的温度决定的。 ②Her encouragement determined me to carry on with the work. 她的鼓励使我决心把这项工作继续下去。 ③Determined_to_do this on my own, I spent several weeks going doortodoor for a job, but found little response. (2011· 安徽高考完形填空) 决定靠自己找一份工作后,我花费了几个星期的时间挨家挨户地找,但是没有得到什么回应。 4.view n.风景;视野;观点;见解 vt.观看;注视;考虑 [教材原句] To climb the mountains was hard work but as we looked around us, we were surprised by the view. 上山很艰难,但是当我们环顾四周时,我们对周围的景色感到惊讶。 [一词多义] 写出下列句中 view 的含义 ①You may want to write a letter to yourself from your offender’s point of view. (2013· 辽宁高考任务型阅读)观点;见解 ②He climbed up to the top of the church tower to get a better view of the entire city. 景色;风景 ③When the old man opened the window, a stranger with a high hat came into view. 视野 ④I got an opportunity to view the movie before it was released. 观看 ⑤We can view the problem in many ways. 考虑 come into view 进入视野;看得见 in view of 鉴于;考虑到 in one’s view/opinion 在某人看来;依某人的看法 ⑥In view of the practical need of society, there are more and more people interested in learning English. 鉴于社会的实际需要,愈来愈多的人对学英语有兴趣。 ⑦In my view/opinion, Guangzhou Evergrande’s winning the 2013 Asian Champions League title is a big step for Chinese football. 我认为,广州恒大赢得 2013 年亚冠联赛冠军对于中国足球来说是一大步。 [链接高考] (2013· 江苏高考)I am always delighted when I receive an email from you.________ the party on July 1st I shall be pleased to attend. A.On account of B.In response to C.In view of D.With regard to 解析:选 D 考查介词短语辨析。句意:收到你的电子邮件,我总是很开心。至于七月一日的聚会,我很乐意参 加。根据句意可知,with regard to“关于;至于”正确。on account of“由于;因为”;in response to“响应;对??有 反应”;in view of“鉴于;考虑到”。 1.care about 关心;忧虑;惦念;在乎 [高考佳句] They have taught me to care about other people more than about myself 他们教会了我关心别人要胜过关心自己。

care for 喜欢;照料 take care 当心 take care of 照料;处理 with care 小心;慎重 ①What I care about is not what he can learn at school but whether he can build up his confidence in the new environment. 我所关心的不是他在学校可以学到什么,而是在新的环境中他是否能树立自信心。 ②I made the choice to withdraw from college to care_for her. (2011· 天津高考阅读 B) 我选择从大学退学来照料她。 ③He handled the instrument with_care for fear it should be damaged. 他小心地摆弄那架仪器,生怕把它弄坏。 2.make up one’s mind 下定决心;决定 [高考佳句] Thanks to your encouragement, I made continuous progress in math, and finally made up my mind to study it in the university. (2012· 广东高考写作) 由于您的鼓励,我在数学上取得了不断的进步,最终下决心在大学里学习它。 change one’s mind 改变主意 bear/keep ... in mind ? ? 记住?? bear/keep in mind that ...? call/bring ... to mind 回忆起?? fix one’s mind on/upon 将注意力集中于?? read one’s mind 看出某人的心思 ①When I first met Bryan I didn’t like him, but I have changed my mind. 我第一次见到布莱恩时,我不喜欢他,但现在我已改变了主意。 ②With so much noise around, the boy could not fix his mind on what he was doing at all. 周围那么多的噪音,男孩根本不能将注意力放在他正在做的事情上去。 ③You must constantly keep_in_mind_that haste makes waste. 你必须时刻牢记:欲速则不达。 3.give in 屈服;投降;让步;上交 [教材原句] Finally, I had to give in. 最后,我只能让步了。 give away 分发;赠送;泄露 give back 归还 give off 发出(光、热、声音、气味等) give out 分发;用完;耗尽 give up 放弃;停止 give way to 给??让路;对??让步 ①The children were required to give in their examination papers immediately. 孩子们被要求马上交上试卷。 ②You must give back the books to the library before Friday. 星期五之前你必须把书归还图书馆。 ③The doctor advised him to give_up smoking because of his bad health. 由于他的身体不好,医生劝他戒烟。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空 care about, give in, as usual, be fond of, put up, in detail 1.We discussed the plan in_detail before deciding to carry it out. 2.My grandfather is/was_fond_of giving advice to all my friends. 3.The workers refused to give_in to the manager’s demands for working on weekends. 4.What he cares_about is whether he can buy the train ticket as soon as possible. 5.Many tents have_been/were_put_up to provide temporary housing for the people in the disasterhit area. 6.There were twice as many visitors as_usual last weekend. Ⅱ.单项填空 1. (2014· 福州市高中毕业班质量检查)John said he wasn’ t disappointed at the result of the basketball game, but the look on his face ________ him ________. A.turned; down B.took; in C.made; out D.gave; away 解析:选 D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:John 说他对篮球比赛的结果不失望,但是他脸上的表情使他露馅了。turn

down“拒绝”;take in“留宿;吸入;包含”;make out“应付;弄懂”;give away“泄露;暴露”。根据句意可知, 应选 D 项。 2.(2014· 哈尔滨四校高三统一检测)In fact fuels we burn and plant food we eat ________ their chemical energy in the form of heat. A.give in B.give off C.give away D.give up 解析:选 B 考查动词短语辨析。句意:事实上我们烧的燃料和食用的植物性食物都是以热量的形式放出它们所 含有的化学能。根据句意可知应选 give off,表示“放出;发出”。 3.(2014· 马鞍山一模)I sincerely suggest that you try your best to finish this project, unless you don ’t ________ the complaints from all directions. A.care about B.set about C.bring about D.go about 解析:选 A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我真心地建议你尽你最大的努力完成这个项目,除非你不在意来自各方 的抱怨。care about“关心;在乎”,符合句意。set about “开始;着手”;bring about “导致;引起”;go about (doing) sth.“着手(做)某事;继续(做)某事;忙于(做)某事”。 4.—I’m afraid that she won’t come to help me as she promised. —Don’t worry. Nothing will ________ her mind if she has ________ up her mind. A.change; made B.turn; done C.grow; given D.make; changed 解析:选 A change one’s mind “改变主意”; make up one’s mind “下定决心”。

现在进行时 1.(2014· 淮北二模)The police have put up posters around the city with photos of the man they ________ in connection with the killing of a customer outside a bank. A.seek B.are seeking C.have sought D.have been seeking 解析:选 B 考查动词时态。句意:警方在全城张贴了他们正在搜寻的那个男人的照片,他与一起在银行外发生 的顾客谋杀案有关。根据句意可知,seek 这个动作正在进行,所以用现在进行时。 2.(2014· 黑龙江省四校联考)My headache ________ me. It seems that the medicine I have taken doesn ’t work at all. A.kills B.is killing C.has killed D.killed 解析:选 B 考查动词时态。句意:我的头疼得要命。看来我吃的药一点儿作用也没有。根据句意可知,现阶段 kill 这一动作一直在进行,所以用现在进行时。 3.(2014· 重庆一中模拟)—I guess you left the office hurriedly. You ________ the working uniform. —Oh, I forgot to change it. A.wear B.wore C.are wearing D.were wearing 解析:选 C 考查动词的时态。句意:“我猜你是匆忙地离开办公室的。你现在还穿着制服呢。”“哦,我忘记 换了。”根据两个人的对话可知,离开办公室这个动作是发生在过去,但现在对话时答语者还穿着制服,所以用现在 进行时。故应选 C 项。 4.(2014· 济宁市高三二模)See? The strange man I saw yesterday ________ around my house again. Should I call the police? A.walk B.walked C.has walked D.is walking 解析:选 D 考查动词时态。句意:看,昨天我看到的那个奇怪的人又一次在我家周围到处走,我应该报警吗? 此处表示现在正在进行的动作,用现在进行时。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 陕西西北六校考前模拟)—I forgot to bring my pen for the lecture. —________. I have got a spare one. A.Go ahead B.You’re welcome C.Not to worry D.Don’t mention it 解析:选 C 考查交际用语。由答语中的“I have got a spare one.”可知,答话人应是让对方不要担心。故 C 项 Not to worry“没关系(用于指某事不重要)”符合语境。 2.(2013· 湖北十堰高三联考)________ your present bad mood, you’d better put off the work till next week, when you may be in higher spirits. A.In spite of B.In terms of C.In view of D.In place of 解析:选 C 考查介词短语辨析。句意:考虑到你现在的情绪不好,你最好把工作推迟到下周,到时你可能会情 绪高点。in view of“考虑到; 鉴于”,符合句意。in spite of“尽管;不管”;in terms of“就??而言”;in place of“代 替;顶替”。 3.(2014· 济宁模拟)—The car crashed into a big tree and was badly damaged. —I suppose the driver ________ at a very high speed.

A.drove B.had driven C.has driven D.was driving 解析: 选 D 考查动词时态。 句意: “那辆小汽车撞到了大树上, 损伤很严重。 ”“我想司机当时开得速度很快。 ” 根据语境可知,此处指在小汽车撞到大树时,司机开车的速度很快,故应用过去进行时。故答案选 D。 4.(2014· 重庆一中月考)I’m afraid we’ll have to work extra hours, for some problems are hard ________. A.to settle B.settled C.to be settled D.settle 解析:选 A 考查动词不定式。某些形容词(pleasant, nice, comfortable, difficult, hard, easy 等)后接动词不定式时, 常用主动形式表示被动意义。 5.(2014· 淮南高三一模) Maria ________ the interviewers with her knowledge and experience, and as a result she was offered the job. A.provided B.inspired C.persuaded D.impressed 解析:选 D 考查动词辨析。句意:玛丽亚用知识和经验给面试官们留下了深刻的印象,因此她得到了这份工作。 impress sb. with sth.“用某物给某人留下深刻的印象”, 符合题意。 provide“提供”; inspire“鼓励; 激励”; persuade“说 服”。 6.(2014· 青岛质量检测)Online shopping has become popular in China, which is the result of the fast ________ of our modern life. A.action B.style C.pace D.manner 解析:选 C 考查名词辨析。 句意: 网上购物已经在中国流行起来, 这是我们现代生活快节奏的结果。pace“步伐; 速度”,符合句意。 7.The situation put us at a serious ________, which made us very worried. A.advantage B.disadvantage C.condition D.situation 解析:选 B put sb. at a disadvantage“使某人处于不利地位”。 8.(2014· 潍坊市高三二模)We should always bear in mind ________ many traffic accidents arise from drunk driving. A.what B.that C.which D.whether 解析:选 B 句意:我们应该牢记,很多事故都是由酒后驾驶造成的。此处由 that 引导 bear 的宾语从句,that 在 从句中不作成分。 9.As most of their houses were badly damaged after the earthquake, many people had to be ________ in a stadium. A.put away B.put out C.put up D.put off 解析: 选 C 句意: 由于地震后大部分房屋严重被毁, 许多人不得不住在体育馆。 put up 可以表示“供给??住宿”, 符合句意。put away“把??收好”;put out“扑灭”;put off“拖延;推迟”。 10.It’s time you changed your attitude ________ women now, Tom; they hold up half the sky, you know. A.towards B.from C.with D.in 解析:选 A attitude 常与介词 to 或 towards 连用,意思是“对??的态度”。 11.(2014· 湖北重点中学联考)In order to protect the environment, people are greatly encouraged to travel by public ________. A.transport B.service C.means D.transfer 解析:选 A 句意:为了保护环境,人们被鼓励乘公交车。transport“交通;运输”,public transport“公共交通”, 固定搭配。service“服务”;means“方法;方式”;transfer“转移;调动”。 12.(2013· 南昌三模)________, as long as I’m with nature, I don’t care. A.However tough the journey is B.Whatever tough the journey is C.However the journey is tough D.Whatever the journey is tough 解析:选 A 考查状语从句。句意:只要我能身处自然,我就不在乎旅途有多么艰辛。空格处为让步状语成分, how 和 what 修饰名词结构为:what+(形容词)+名词+主语+谓语,相当于 how+形容词(副词)+主语+谓语,由此可 知答案选 A。 13.(2014· 万州区诊断)Yu Fang insisted that she ________ tired and was willing to stay the night but I insisted that she ________ at once. A.should be; go B.was; must go C.was; went D.was; go 解析:选 D 考查 insist 引导的宾语从句表示虚拟与陈述语气的用法。句意:于芳坚持说累了并愿意留下住一夜, 而我建议她马上走。当 insist 表示“坚持说”时,后接的宾语从句用陈述语气,表示“坚持要求”时,后接的宾语从句 用虚拟语气。第一个 insist 表示“坚持说”,故其后的宾语从句用陈述语气,而第二个 insist 则表示“坚持要求”,故 谓语动词用(should+)go。 14.(2013· 安徽示范高中二次联考)Many millionaires have promised to ________ their wealth after death to help other people in need. A.give away B.give upC.give out D.give off 解析:选 A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:很多百万富翁已经承诺死后捐赠出他们的财产帮助其他需要帮助的人。 give away 表示“捐赠;赠送”,符合句意。后三项分别表示“放弃”“用尽;分发”“发出(气味、光等)”。 15.To write a good article, you must first ________ your ideas very carefully. A.organize B.settle C.report D.speak 解析:选 A 考查动词词义辨析。句意:要想写出好文章,首先得认真组织一下自己的想法。organize“组织”;

settle“解决;定居”;report“报告”;speak“说出”。由句意知应选 A 项。 Unit 4 Earthquakes (Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.Don’t forget to praise them sincerely (真诚地) when someone does something good. 2.The children followed the tracks (踪迹), which looked like a rabbit’s, into the woods nearby. 3.In general, a headline (大字标题) on the front page of a newspaper is to draw attention to the full story inside. 4.The rose is a kind of delicate plant which is unfit for extreme (极端的) climate. 5.More shelters (避身处) for the homeless should be built in some big cities. 6.A huge earthquake (地震) killed 3,000 people and destroyed nearly all its buildings. 7.When he went in, he found the table covered with dust (灰尘). 8.It is reported that about 200 workers were trapped in the mine (矿井). (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Within a few days she had become seriously ill, suffering (suffer) great pain and discomfort. 2.Jack left the job after ten years because he was beginning to feel trapped (trap). 3.Judging (judge) from her last letter, they are having a wonderful time. 4.San Francisco lay in ruins (ruin) even though rescuers managed to dig out a great number of survivors. 5.I feel greatly honoured (honour) to have been invited to give a lecture at the meeting. 6.I can’t express (expression) myself how grateful I am to you. (Ⅲ)语境填词(用所给词的适当形式填空) 1.In the crash he was seriously injured. He suffered severe injuries to the head and arms.(injure) 2.On seeing the frightening scene, the little girl was so frightened that she burst out crying.(frighten) 3.The headmaster wrote a letter to congratulate her on her good performance and the exciting congratulations encouraged her greatly.(congratulate)

1.—We need an immediate reply. —I see. I’ll send the paper to you right_away (立刻). 2.The whole city lay in_ruins (破败不堪) after the earthquake. 3.I was_trapped_in (被困在) the heavy rain on the way to school yesterday. 4.When I came in, he was_buried_in_playing_computer_games (专心玩电脑游戏) in his study. 5.—A_large_number_of_books (大量的书) have been stolen from the library, haven’t they? —Yes. The number of them is 26,000. 6.Lucy rose to show that the conversation was at_an_end (结束). 7.I didn’t persuade them to do the experiment in that way, you know, they thought_little_of (不把??当回事) my suggestion. 8.Judging_from_his_look (根据他的表情判断), he doesn’t think much of our plan

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.burst vi. (burst, burst)爆裂;爆发 n.突然破裂;爆发 [教材原句] In the city, the water pipes in some buildings cracked and burst. 在市内,有些建筑物的水管爆裂开来。 (1)burst in/into 闯入;突然破门而入 burst out 突然迸发;爆发 ?2?? burst out crying/laughing?burst into tears/laughter} 突然哭起来/笑起来 burst with anger/joy 勃然大怒/乐不可支 (3)a burst of 一阵?? ①Some basketball fans burst into tears/burst out crying the instant they heard Iverson retired from NBA. 一听到艾弗森从 NBA 退役的消息,许多球迷都哭了。 ②He burst_into_the_room without knocking at the door, which made me very angry. 他没敲门就闯进房间,这使我非常生气。 ③There was a burst of laughter in the next room. 隔壁房间里突然爆发出一阵笑声。

2.ruin n.[U]毁灭;毁坏;崩溃;[常用复数]废墟;遗迹 vt.(使)毁坏;毁灭;成为废墟;使破产

[教材原句] In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 在可怕的 15 秒内,一座大城市就成为一片废墟。 (1)lie/be in ruins 成为废墟 come/go/fall to ruin 毁灭;灭亡;崩溃 bring ...to ruin 使??毁灭;使??没落;使??破产 (2)ruin oneself 毁掉自己;自取灭亡 ruin one’s health/fame/future/pleasure 毁坏某人的健康/声誉/前途/好心情 ②The global economy downturn has brought many small companies to ruin. 全球性的经济不景气已经使许多小公司纷纷破产。 ③Drunk driving not only ruined_himself but also killed several passersby. 醉驾不仅毁掉了他自己还导致几名路人死亡。 3.injure vt.损害;伤害 [ 教 材 原 句 ] Twothirds of them died or were injured during the earthquake. 他们中有 2/3 在地震中伤亡。 (1)injured adj. 受伤的 the injured 伤员 (2)injury n. 伤;伤口;伤害 do sb.an injury/do an injury to sb. 伤害某人 ①This could seriously injure the company’s reputation. 这会严重损害公司的声誉。 ②Brown was seriously injured in the traffic accident, so he was in hospital. 布朗因为在交通事故中受了重伤,所以住院了。 ③The moment the terrible accident happened, ambulances rushed the_injured to the hospital. 可怕的事故一发生,救护车把受伤的人火速送到医院。 [辨析比较] injure, wound, hurt 试一试 选择上述单词填空 ④He retired from the army because of being wounded in a fight.Soon after, he met with an accident, where he was not injured luckily but was hurt to some degree. 他因在战斗中受伤退伍了。不久他遭遇一次车祸,幸运的是他身体没有受伤,但在一定程度上心灵受了创伤。 辨一辨 多指意外事故造成的伤害,也可指对名誉、地位的损害 injure 指人在战斗、攻击中受伤,身体上出现明显的伤口,多指枪 wound 伤、刀伤、刺伤等皮肉之伤 多指精神上受到伤害,也可指身体上的疼痛 hurt 4.bury vt.掩埋;埋葬;使专心;使沉浸;隐藏 [高考佳句] After finishing my homework, I wandered into the dining room where you were buried under piles of law books. (2011· 天津高考完形填空) 做完作业后,我溜达进了餐厅。你正在那里忙着看你那一堆堆的法律书。 (1)be buried in = bury oneself in 埋头于;专心于 be buried in thought 沉思 (2)bury oneself in study 埋头研究;专心学习 bury one’s face in one’s hands 双手掩面 ①Ever since he moved there, he has buried himself in/has been buried in his research work. 自从搬到那里以后,他一直专注于研究工作。 ②Buried_in his study, he didn’t know that all the others had left. 他埋头学习,不知道其他人都早已离开了。 [联想归纳] 表示“专心于;致力于”的短语除了 be buried in 外,还有哪些?试完成下列短语。 ①be addicted to ②be absorbed in ③be devoted to ④be lost in ⑤focus on ⑥concentrate on 5.judge v.断定;判断;判决 n.裁判员;法官;评判员

[教材原句] Your speech was heard by a group of five judges, all of whom agreed that it was the best one this year. 五个裁判听了你的演讲,他们都同意这是今年最好的。 (1)judge ...from/by ... 从??来判断 judge between right and wrong 判断是非 as far as I can judge 据我判断;我认为 (2)judging by/from 从??上看;根据??判断 ①You should never judge a person by their looks. 你绝不能以貌取人。 ②As_far_as_I_can_judge,_ it is more likely that you will get the job. 据我判断,你更有可能获得那个工作。 [名师指津] judging from/by 用在句首时,为一个独立成分,不受句子主语和时态影响,只用现在分词作状语而不 采用过去分词的形式。 ③Judging_from what you say in your letter, you don’t feel well. 根据你信中所说的判断,你感觉不太好。 定语从句(Ⅰ) 1.(2014· 安庆高三质量检测)I want to thank my friend John, without ________ help, I wouldn ’t have been saved. A.his B.whose C.whom D.which 解析:选 B 考查非限制性定语从句。句意:我想感谢我的朋友约翰,没有他的帮助,我就不会得救。分析句子 结构可知,本句为非限制性定语从句,John 为先行词,从句中缺少定语,故用 whose 引导,答案为 B。 2.(2014· 福建六校二模)His best movie, ________ won several awards, was about the life of Gandhi. A.it B.that C.where D.which 解析:选 D 考查定语从句。句意:他最好的(那部)电影,获得了好几个奖,内容是关于甘地的生活的。分析句子 结构可知,空处应为非限制性定语从句的引导词,从句缺少主语,且先行词为物,故用 which。 3.(2014· 兰州名校阶段检测)Sarah Brightman, ________ will fly to space in 2015, is the first woman to fly there in the field of music. A.who B.that C.which D.whose 解析:选 A 考查定语从句。句意:莎拉· 布莱曼将于 2015 年飞往太空,她将是音乐界第一个飞往太空的女士。 句中的先行词为 Sarah Brightman 且在非限制性定语从句中作主语,所以用 who 引导。 4.(2014· 重庆五大名校模拟)In spite of all ________ has been said, quite a lot of people are still uncertain about the prices of housing in China. A.what B./ C.which D.that 解析:选 D 考查定语从句。先行词为不定代词 all,且在定语从句中作主语,所以用 that 引导定语从句,且不能 省略。 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 安徽皖西四校二模)—Hi, Mum. I got promoted for my wonderful performance in my work. —________ A.Congratulations! B.Best wishes.C.Good luck. D.Don’t mention it. 解析:选 A 考查交际用语。孩子因在工作中表现得好而得到提升,妈妈应该表示“祝贺”,所以选 A。 2. (2014· 重庆渝东名校联盟联考)The spacesuits can be adjusted so that the team can reproduce different levels of gravity as if they ________ in space. A.are B.has been C.were D.had been 解析:选 C 考查虚拟语气及 as if 的用法。句意:这些太空服可以调节以便队员们能模仿不同级别的引力,好像 他们在太空似的。根据句中的 can be adjusted,知这些队员现在还没在太空,是一个与现在事实相反的虚拟语气,故用 were。 3.(2014· 宿州一模)The greenbelt, ________ finished, will be of great importance to the environment of this area. A.while B.unless C.even if D.once 解析: 选 D 考查连词。 句意: 这条绿化带一旦完成, 将对这一地区的环境产生重大的作用。 while“当??时候”; unless“除非”;even if“即使”;once“一旦”。 4. Mr. Yang stressed in his report that it was the waste water from the chemical factory ________ polluted the underground water in this area. A.who B.that C.which D.where 解析:选 B 考查强调句。句意:杨先生在他的报告里强调正是来自这家化工厂的废水污染了这一地区的地下水。 本句强调的是主语 the waste water,是物,用 that 构成强调句。 5.(2014· 潍坊一模)The air in Beijing those days was difficult for people ________. As a result, lots of people had to stay at home, especially the old. A.breathing B.being breathed C.to breathe D.to be breathed

解析:选 C 考查非谓语动词。句意:那些天北京的空气很难呼吸。结果,很多人不得不待在家里,尤其是那些 老人。the air 与 breathe 构成逻辑上的被动关系,需用被动语态,但因句中有形容词 difficult,不定式在作状语时,用其 主动形式表达被动含义,故答案为 C。 6.(2014· 海南洋浦中学模拟)—Mary’s always ________ in reading and studying. —No wonder she always got the first place in any examination. A.buried B.scheduled C.burst D.shocked 解析:选 A 句意:“玛丽整天埋头于学习和读书中。”“难怪她每次考试都得第一名。” be buried in “埋头于; 专心于”。 7.(2014· 辽宁盘锦模拟)________ his happy look on the face, he must have passed the exam this time. A.Judging from B.To judge from C.Judged from D.Judge by 解析:选 A judging from 为插入语结构,不受句子主语和语态限制,故正确答案只能选 A。 8.(2013· 湖北十堰高三联考)Accidental deaths have decreased obviously since the police launched a ________ to reduce road accidents. A.event B.battle C.fight D.campaign 解析: 选 D 考查名词词义辨析。 句意: 自从警察开展减少道路交通事故的运动以来, 意外死亡已经明显降低。 launch a campaign“开展一场运动”, 符合句意。 event“(尤指重要、 有意思或不寻常的)事件”; battle“战役”; fight“战斗”。 9.(2013· 齐鲁名校高三调研)Jewish Americans are ________ successful in the fields of business, entertainment and science.Twentyfive percent of the 400 wealthiest Americans are Jewish Americans. A.completely B.extremely C.eventually D.unconditionally 解析:选 B 考查副词词义辨析。句意:犹太裔美国人在商业、娱乐和科学领域极其成功,在 400 个最富有的美 国人中,有 25%是犹太裔美国人。extremely“极其;极度”,符合句意。completely“完全地”;eventually“终于;最 终”;unconditionally“无条件地”。 10.(2014· 厦门模拟)You will ________ your chances of getting a pay rise if you don ’t work harder than others. A.injure B.wound C.harm D.ruin 解析:选 D 考查动词词义辨析。ruin 可用其引申含义, 意为“毁坏”, 此时其宾语通常是 health, fame, chance 等。 injure 侧重身体上的伤害;wound 侧重战场上的刀伤、枪伤等;harm 指“对??有害”。所以选 D。 11.(2014· 邯郸模拟)Flowers displayed at the fair are appreciated and ________ by the tourists. A.think well of B.thought well C.thinking well of D.well thought of 解析:选 D 句意:在展览会上展出的鲜花得到游客们的欣赏和高度评价。从句意看,flowers 与 think well of 是 被动关系,故用被动语态;think well of“对??评价高”,其被动语态常把 well 放在系动词之后。 12.(2014· 重庆育才中学月考)The Great Wall is the place ________ almost all tourists would like to visit when they come to Beijing. A.why B.which C.when D.where 解析:选 B 分析句子结构可知,“________almost all tourists would like to visit”为定语从句,修饰先行词 the place, 关系代词在从句中充当 visit 的宾语,因此选 B。 13.(2014· 杭州高三质检)It is reported that ________ of this week the price will have risen by about 10%. A.by the end B.at the end C.in the end D.at an end 解析:选 A 考查短语的用法。“by the end of+将来时间”时,谓语动词用将来完成时。 14.(2014· 南阳高三质检)With the help of the new teacher, ________ number of the students in my class who have made ________ great progress in English up to now is far larger. A.the; the B.a; a C.the; / D.a; / 解析:选 C 考查冠词。句意:在新的英语老师的帮助下,我们班中在英语方面取得进步的学生数量相当大。the number of“??的数量”;make great progress in“在??取得进步”。 15.(2013· 南昌二模)Thanks to the great efforts by netizens and the journalists’ determination to ________ the truth, anticorruption has been accelerating. A.take out B.check out C.pick out D.dig out 解析:选 D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:由于网民的努力和记者挖掘真相的决心,反腐工作加快了。dig out“找 出;发掘”,符合句意。take out“获得”;check out“核实;检查(是否一切正常)”;pick out“精心挑选”。 Unit 5 Nelson Mandel—modern

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.Students should be encouraged to take a(n) active (积极的) part in discussions in class. 2.Tsinghua University, founded (建立) in 1911, is one of the best universities in China.

3.Our company is more concerned with quality (质量) than quantity. 4.The store caught fire. Fortunately, all the people there escaped (逃跑) from it. 5.The old lady stood by the road, begging (乞讨) the passersby for money. 6.The man was sentenced (判刑) to 10 years in prison for robbing the bank. 7.It is unfair that he gets very little reward (报酬) for his hard work. 8.We reached the stage (阶段) where we’d given up any hope of curing her cat. (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Your bad behavior shows that you are a selfish (self) guy. 2.Under our teacher’s careful guidance (guide), we finished our homework in advance. 3.People who are well educated (educate) will be respected by everyone. 4.Maggie thought it was unfair (fair) that women were not allowed to receive education. 5.If you are willing (will) to help me with the cleaning, I will accompany you to the cinema. (Ⅲ)语境填词(用所给词的适当形式填空) 1.The old teacher devoted all his life to educating his devoted students and he was admired for his devotion to his education cause.(devote; educate) 2.All men are born equal,_so everyone hopes to be treated equally because equality is the basic demand.(equal)

1.Don’t lose_heart (失去信心)! Try again and you will get what you want. 2.Elias was arrested by the police because he blew_up_the_government_buildings (炸毁了政府大楼). 3.Putin came_to_power (上台执政) in 2012 and became President of Russia a second time. 4.It was so dark in the street that he didn’t know whom_to_turn_to (向谁求助). 5.He tried his best to help_someone_in_trouble (帮助陷入困境的人) with great pleasure. 6.It’s reported that the man was_sentenced_to_death (被判死刑) for killing three people. 7.Jim has_been_out_of_work (已经失业) since the company closed down. 8.Many university students dream of setting_up_their_own_companies (建立自己的公司) after graduating.

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.devote vt.献身;专心于 [高考佳句] He has devoted his whole life to world peace. (2011· 陕西高考单词拼写) 他把一生都致力于世界和平。 (1)devote oneself to sth./doing sth. 献身于??;致力于?? devote one’s life/time/money/energy to sth./doing sth. 把某人的一生/时间/金钱/精力奉献于?? (2)devoted adj. 忠实的;深爱的 be devoted to sth./doing sth. 专心于;奉献于?? (3)devotion n. 关爱;关照;奉献;忠诚 ①He has devoted most of his time and energy to finding a cure for the disease. 他把大部分时间和精力都花在寻找这种疾病的治疗方法上了。 ②Devoted_to_the_study_of_science,_she had little time to take care of her children. 她献身于科学研究,几乎没有时间照看自己的孩子。 ③From my first job at the restaurant, I learned teamwork and devotion.(2012· 湖南 Writing Section B) 从我在餐馆的第一份工作中,我学会了合作与奉献。 [联想归纳] 根据提示写出下面带介词 to 的动词短语 ①pay_attention_to 注意 ②get_used/accustomed_to 习惯于 ③stick_to 坚持 ④get_down_to 开始着手(做某事) ⑤object_to 反对 ⑥adapt_(oneself)_to 适应 2.equal adj.相等的;平等的;胜任的 vt.等于;抵得上 n.同等的人;相等物 [高考佳句] So we chase it and equal it with wealth and success, without noticing that the people who have those things aren’t necessarily happier. (2013· 天津高考阅读 D) 因此我们追逐它并把它等同于财富和成功,而没有注意到那些拥有这些东西的人未必就更幸福。 (1)be equal to sth./doing sth. 等于/胜任做某事

of equal importance 同等重要的 (2)A equals B in ... A 在??方面比得上 B/与 B 相匹敌 (3)without equal 无与伦比 (4)equality n. 平等 equally adv. 相等地;同等地;均等地;同样地 ①Any man will be equal to the task, so long as he is careful. You should give it a try. 只要细心,任何一个人都胜任这份工作,你应该尝试一下。 ②None of us can equal her, either in beauty or as a dancer. 不管是容貌还是在舞艺上我们都比不上她。 ③This position is equally suitable for a school leaver or for somebody who has office experience. 这个职位同样适合于学校毕业生或某个拥有办公室工作经验的人。 [链接高考] (2012· 福建高考)Anyone, whether he is an official or a bus driver, should be ________ respected. A.especially B.equally C.naturally D.normally 解析: 选 B 考查副词词义辨析。句意:任何一个人,不管是政府官员还是汽车司机都应该同样受到尊敬。 especially“尤其;特别”;equally“相等地”;naturally“天然地;自然地”;normally“通常;正常地”。 3.escape v.& n.逃脱;逃生;泄露;被遗忘 [高考佳句] His heart beat wildly, and without thinking he started to run and luckily escaped the cat’s paws (爪子). (2013· 湖北高考完形填空) 他(老鼠)的心怦怦乱跳,赶紧逃窜,幸运地躲过了那只猫的抓捕。 (1)escape (doing) sth. 逃避(做)某事 escape from 从??逃脱;逃避 escape one’s attention/notice 逃过某人的注意 (2)sth.escape(s) sb. 某物被某人遗忘;未被注意 (3)fire escape 太平梯;安全梯;安全出口 a narrow escape 九死一生 ①Whoever breaks the law won’t escape being punished/punishment! 无论是谁违犯法律都将避免不了惩罚。 ②If he thought he could escape attention by sitting at the back, he was wrong. 如果他认为坐在后面就能避开别人的注意,那他就错了。 ③Last year I had a_narrow_escape,_ and I don’t want to risk my life a second time. 去年我死里逃生,因此我不想再去冒生命危险了。 [熟词生义] 选择句中 escape 的含义 ④For some reason which escapes me, we quarreled with each other. A.逃避 B.漏出 C.被遗忘 答案:C 4.reward n.& vt.报酬;奖赏;酬劳;奖金 [教材原句] They said that the job and the pay from the new South African government were my reward after working all my life for equal rights for the Blacks. 他们说来自新南非政府的那份工作和薪水是对我一生为黑人的平等权利而奋斗的回报。 (1)as a reward for 作为(对某事的)报酬/奖赏 give/offer a reward to sb.for sth. 为某事而给某人报酬 in reward for 为酬谢??;作为奖励 (2)reward sb. with sth. for sth. 为某事而用??酬谢某人 (3)rewarding adj. 值得做的;有益的 ①As a reward for passing the exams, she got a new bike from her parents. 因为她通过了考试,父母给她买了一辆新自行车作为奖励。 ②I’d like to do something in_reward_for her kindness. 我想做点什么报答她的好意。 ③She started singing to the baby and was rewarded with a smile. 她开始给孩子唱歌,孩子则报以微笑。 ④When asked for his views about his teaching job, Philip said he found it very interesting and rewarding. (2012· 安徽高考单项填空) 当被问到他对他的教书工作的看法时,菲利普说他觉得它非常有趣和值得做。 [辨析比较] reward, award

试一试 选择上述单词填空 ⑤Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2012, which made the Chinese people very proud. ⑥We will offer a reward of ten thousand dollars for information about the case. ⑦They rewarded the boy with £5 for bringing back the lost dog. 辨一辨 名词 动词 多指因对方的工作、服务、帮助而给 报酬、奖金或一些非金 予的报酬或奖赏,常用搭配:reward reward 钱类的报酬 sb. for (doing) sth. 奖品;奖金,与 prize 意为 “ 授予;颁发 ” ,常用搭配: award 用法相似 award sb. sth.=award sth. to sb. 1.in trouble 有麻烦;处于困难中 [教材原句] Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in trouble. 伊莱亚斯在有麻烦时去见纳尔逊· 曼德拉。 get into trouble 陷入困境;惹麻烦 get sb. into/out of trouble 使某人陷入/摆脱困境 have trouble in doing sth./with sth. 做某事有困难 ask/look for trouble 自找麻烦;自讨苦吃 take the trouble to do sth. 不怕费事或困难尽力做某事 ①Please turn to the police for help when you get into trouble. 当你遇到困难时请向警察求助。 ②Please don’t hesitate to turn to us for help whenever you have_trouble_with your study. 不论什么时候学习遇到困难,请马上找我们帮忙。 ③You can’t imagine the trouble/difficulty I had persuading him to change his mind. 你无法想象我说服他改变主意有多么困难。 ④Thanks for the_trouble you have taken_to_help us. 谢谢你不辞劳苦地帮助我们。 2.turn to 求助于;翻到(书的某页);开始从事(学习工作);查阅;转向 [教材原句] Why did Nelson Mandela turn to violence to make black and white people equal? 为什么纳尔逊· 曼德拉使用暴力以使黑人和白人平等呢? [一词多义] 写出下列句中 turn to 的含义 ①Follow the main road until it branches and then turn to the left. 转向 ②While in trouble, you can turn to her for help. 求助于 ③If you turn to page 40, you will find it. 翻到 ④After he left university he became a teacher, but later turned to journalism. 开始从事 turn down 关小;拒绝 turn ...into ... 把??变成?? turn up 出现,露面;调大 turn out 证明是,结果是;外出 turn over 打翻;翻身;移交 ⑤He turned_down my suggestion and turned_over the business to his daughter. 他拒绝了我的建议,把生意移交给了他的女儿。 ⑥It turned out he was the General Manager of the company. (2013· 山东高考阅读 A) 结果他是这家公司的总经理。 [链接高考] (2012· 湖北高考)I’m so glad you’ve come here to ________ this matter in person. A.lead to B.see to C.turn to D.refer to 解析:选 B 考查动词短语辨析。句意:很高兴你能来亲自负责这起事件。see to“负责”,符合句意。lead to“导 致”;turn to“向??求助”;refer to“参考”。 3.set up 设立;建立 [经典例句] They want to set up their own importexport business.(朗文 P2093) 他们想要成立自己的进出口公司。 set aside 把??放在一边;省出;留出 set down 写下;记下

set off 出发;动身;使爆炸 set out 出发;动身;开始;着手 set about doing sth.?= set out to do sth.} 开始做某事;着手做某事 ①The Voice of China has set up a stage where some people can achieve their dreams. 《中国好声音》搭建了一个舞台,在这里一些人可以实现梦想。 ②I should set_down what happened regularly day by day. 我应按部就班地一天天接着写下去。 ③He set about helping homeless women and children to places of safety. 他着手帮助把无家可归的妇女和儿童送到安全的地区。 [链接高考] (2013· 湖北高考)In much of the animal world, night is the time ________ for sleep — pure and simple. A.set aside B.set down C.set off D.set up 解析:选 A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:在很多动物世界里,夜晚完全是用来睡觉的时间。pure and simple“完全 是; 不折不扣是”。 set aside“留出; 拨出(时间等)”, 符合句意。 set down“写下”; set off“出发; 引起”; set up“建 立”。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.句型转换 1.Bob had a word with the saleswoman to see if she was ready to reduce the price. →Bob had a word with the saleswoman to see if she was willing to reduce the price. 2.Adam hasn’t found a job since the factory closed 3 years ago. →Adam has been out of work since the factory closed 3 years ago. 3.I knew we were in a difficult situation when the elevator stopped. →I knew we were in trouble when the elevator stopped. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 全国卷Ⅱ)We ________ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day. A.set about B.set up C.set out D.set down 解析: 选 C 考查动词短语辨析。 句意: 我们开始着手刷整座房子, 但是那天只刷完了前面的部分。 set out to do sth. 表示“着手做某事”,符合句意。 2.(2014· 江苏省苏中三市调研)I haven’t got a job at the moment, but I’m sure that something will ________. A turn in B. turn over C.turn up D.turn down 解析:选 C 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我现在还没有工作,但我确信会有机会找到的。turn up 表示“(机会或情 况)突然出现; 不期而至”, 符合句意。turn in “上交; 交还”; turn over “翻转; 移交”; turn down “关小; 拒绝”。 3.(2014· 渝中区一模)It’s important to learn to take a positive attitude ________ life when you are ________ trouble. A.to; under B.of; in C.to; in D.with; in 解析: 选 C 句意: 当你处于困境中时, 学会对生活保持乐观的态度是很重要的。 名词 attitude 后用介词 to 或 towards; in trouble “处于困境中”。 [辨析比较] the first time, for the first time 试一试 选择上述词语填空 ⑤He became interested in the young teacher’s lesson the_first_time he attended his class. He was so excited in class for_the_first_time. 他第一次上这位年轻老师的课时就很感兴趣。他第一次上课这么兴奋。 辨一辨 用作连词,引导时间状语从句,意为“第一次??” the first time 是介词短语,只能用作状语,意为“第一次” for thefirst time [句型对点集训] Ⅰ.句型转换 1.It was only when I left my parents for Italy that I realized how much I loved them. →Only when I left my parents for Italy did I realize how much I loved them. 2.As soon as we arrived at the work site, we informed our boss of our arrival. →Immediately/Directly/Instantly we arrived at the work site, we informed our boss of our arrival.

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