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专题限时检测(十二) 完形填空合练(一)

专题限时检测(十二) 完形填空合练(一)

(共 2 组,每组限时 20 分钟) Test 1 (2014· 重庆市南开中学高三二诊) A A very wealthy man was standing thoughtfully on a bridge. Despite all his riches, he could feel none of happiness but __1__and emptiness in his heart. He__2__to commit suicide by jumping into the fastflowing water. When he was about to do it, an old beggar __3__him.“Sir, please give me some money to buy some food. I will pray for your health and long life.” Hearing this, he__4__his wallet from his pocket and gave all the money inside to the beggar. “Take all of this,”he said. “All of this?”the beggar__5__.He could not believe his good luck. “Yes, take it all. I am going to a place where I won't need it anymore,”said the man. He looked back at the river__6__. The beggar became suspicious of the man's__7__. Looking at the money, and holding it for a while, he__8__ returned it and said,“No, thank you. I won't take it! I may be a beggar but I'm not a coward (懦夫)!Bring that money with you to the river, sir!” Hearing his response, the man was__9__.The satisfaction and happiness of him__10__his money to the beggar disappeared immediately. He was not even able to make the beggar receive his sincere soontobeuseless money. At that moment, he suddenly__11__the feeling that he felt just now, that good feeling and satisfaction from giving others happiness, had indeed__12__become his own true happiness. By this he was encouraged, and had found what would make his life worth living. Happiness is only real when__13__. 1.A.eagerness C.sorrow 2.A.struggled C.managed 3.A.approached C.persuaded 4.A.picked up C.reached for 5.A.recalled B.poverty D.success B.wondered D.intended B.interrupted D.shouted B.took out D.handed in B.refused

C.repeated 6.A.away C.aside 7.A.attitude C.attention 8.A.delightedly C.hopelessly 9.A.shocked C.worried 10.A.sending C.supplying 11.A.realized C.enjoyed 12.A.by nature C.in turn 13.A.bought C.sacrificed

D.retold B.forward D.below B.order D.politeness B.hurriedly D.generously B.terrified D.encouraged B.giving D.contributing B.hated D.struck B.by design D.in circles B.appreciated D.shared B

In your life, nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck. Everything__14__to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved,__15__, flat road to nowhere. Safe and comfortable but dull and pointless. If someone__16__you or breaks your heart, forgive them for they have helped you__17__trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart to. If someone loves you, love them back__18__, not only because they love you, but because they are teaching you to love and opening your heart and__19__to things you would have never felt or seen without them. Make every day count. Appreciate every__20__and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you will never be able to experience it again. 14.A.takes C.shows 15.A.busy C.straight 16.A.wins C.influences 17.A.look through B.occurs D.breaks B.muddy D.enjoyable B.interests D.hurts B.learn about

C.watch out 18.A.unconditionally C.intentionally 19.A.arms C.brain 20.A.success C.moment

D.adjust to B.desperately D.instantly B.mouth D.eyes B.failure D.challenge Test 2

(2014· 重庆市高三第二次调研抽测) A I've spent over a year in India, and in those 365 plus days, I've learned a lot about getting around Indian cities. My biggest__1__have been learned through being cheated, particularly by taxi and rickshaw (人力车) drivers, but that doesn't __2__those are bad ways to travel, as long as you know what you're doing. Below are the__3__ways to get around the city of Delhi, India, and tips for how to keep from being the__4__of scams (欺骗). If you arrive in Delhi by plane, as soon as you__5__it through customs, you'll be swarmed by Indian taxi drivers. At the Delhi airport,__6__to arrange for a taxi to your hotel at one of the two Delhi Traffic Police Taxi Booths. One is inside the airport, and one is outside. The __7__is to make sure to go to a booth run by the police,__8__by independent taxi drivers. Rickshaws are one of my favorite ways to get around Indian cities, __9__because it's how the local people often travel. Autorickshaws are more__10__, but bicycle rickshaws are still used in Old Delhi. If you really want to travel around Delhi like the __11__, take a public bus, crowded but cheap. The train is a great way because fares are__12__and all departure announcements are in both Hindi and English. 1.A.lessons C.challenges 2.A.know C.mean 3.A.most C.formal 4.A.person C.thief 5.A.take C.make B.problems D.discoveries B.advice D.persuade B.best D.favorite B.customer D.victim B.throw D.break

6.A.be sure C.have a good time 7.A.lock C.door 8.A.what else C.first of all 9.A.gradually C.hardly 10.A.natural C.common 11.A.locals C.drivers 12.A.admirable C.comfortable

B.hold on D.make a promise B.key D.window B.rather than D.on the other hand B.friendly D.partly B.important D.unique B.friends D.customers B.available D.reasonable B

Some people believe that international sport creates goodwill between the nations and that if countries play games together they will learn to live together. Others say that the__13__is true: international contests encourage false national pride and lead to __14__and hatred(恨). There is probably some truth in both__15__, but in recent years the Olympics have done little to support the__16__that sport encourages international brotherhood. Not only was there the tragic incident involving the murder of athletes, but the Games were also__17__by lesser incidents caused principally by minor national contests. Once some country received its secondplace__18__with visible indignation (愤怒) after the hockey final. There had been noisy scenes at the__19__of the hockey match, the losers objecting to the final decisions. Then they were__20__that one of their goals should not have been disallowed (不承认) and that their opponents' (对手) victory was unfair. Creating goodwill or hatred? 13.A.opening C.operation 14.A.feeling C.outstanding 15.A.conclusions C.arguments 16.A.view C.procedure B.opposite D.opinion B.surrounding D.misunderstanding B.complains D.decisions B.sign D.signal

17.A.spared C.encouraged 18.A.model C.motto 19.A.least C.end 20.A.convinced C.inspected

B.ruined D.improved B.metal D.medal B.sight D.edge B.conducted D.influenced

Test 1 A 语篇解读: 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。 文章描写了一个想要自杀的富人在和一个乞丐对话后意 识到了快乐和幸福的真谛,即要与人分享,并且放弃了自杀的想法。 1.选 C 根据上文中的“he could feel none of happiness”可知,此处应选择在意思上和 “emptiness”相近,同时又和“happiness”相对的词。故答案选 C,意为“悲伤”。 2.选 D intend to do sth.为固定搭配,意为“打算做某事”,符合语境。句意为:他打

算跳入湍急的河水中自杀。故选 D。 3.选 A 句意为:正当他准备这么做时,一个乞丐走向了他。A 项意为“接近”,故 选 A。 4.选 B 根据下文可知,他把手伸进口袋拿出了钱包。B 项意为“拿出”,符合语境。 故选 B。 5.选 C 两个人的话中都提到了“All of this”,所以乞丐应该是在“重复”富人的话。 故选 C。 6.选 D 根据第一段的“A very wealthy man was standing thoughtfully on a bridge.”可知, 这个男子站在桥上,所以河应该在他“下面”。故选 D。 7.选 A 根据上文可知,富人的表情和说话的态度让人感觉到他的奇怪,所以乞丐应 该是对富人的态度感到“怀疑”。故选 A。 8.选 B 根据下文“No,thank you.I won't take it! I may be a beggar but I'm not a coward (懦夫)!Bring that money with you to the river,sir!”可知,乞丐对这个富人的态度很失望, 所以“急忙”把钱还给了他。故选 B。 9.选 A 根据上文可知,富人把身上的钱都给了乞丐,本来以为乞丐会满怀感激,没 想到乞丐会说出那样的话,所以他感到很“震惊”。故选 A。 10.选 B 根据上文可知,这个富人是给乞丐钱,所以此处用 giving。故选 B。

11.选 A 句意为:这时富人意识到他刚才的那种感受??realize 意为“意识到”,符 合语境。故选 A。 12.选 C 根据语境可知,他那种美好的感觉和给予别人快乐的满足感反过来成为他自 己真正的快乐。四个选项中只有 C 项符合语境。故选 C。 13.选 D 根据上文的“that good feeling and satisfaction from giving others happiness, had indeed ______become his own true happiness”可知, 分享和给予能给人带来快乐。 故选 D。 B 语篇解读:本文是一篇议论文。人生没有什么事情是偶然或因为运气好坏而发生的,我们要 正确对待生命中发生的一切,认真对待生活,让每一天都过得有意义。 14.选 B 句意为:所有发生的事情都是为了测试你灵魂的极限。分析句子可知,此处

应与上句中的“happens”同义,意为“发生”。故选 B。 15. 选 C 根据“smoothly”和“flat”可知, 此处指的是平坦的道路, straight 意为“直的”, 符合语境。故选 C。 16.选 D 根据下文的“forgive them for”可知,应该是别人伤害了你或伤了你的心。故 选 D。 17.选 B 句意为:??要原谅他们,因为他们让你认识了信任,知道了谨慎地向别人 敞开心扉的重要性。四个选项中,只有 learn about 符合语境。故选 B。 18.选 A 由下文的“not only because they love you,but because they are teaching you to love and opening your heart”可知,你爱别人不仅是因为他们爱你,还因为他们教给你去 爱??,所以应该是“无条件地”爱别人。故选 A。 19.选 D 分析句子可知,本句中“heart”与“felt”相对应,空格处与 seen 相对应。故选 D。 20.选 C 根据上文的“Make every day count.”可知,此处是指珍惜每一刻。故选 C。 Test 2 A 语篇解读: 本文是一篇说明文。 作者针对在印度德里旅行时的交通方面及如何防骗方面提出 了几点建议。 1.选 A 根据本句中的“being cheated”可知,此处是指“我”学到的教训。lesson 意为 “教训”,符合语境。故选 A 项。 2.选 C 句意为:??但这并不意味着那些是不好的旅行方式??mean 意为“意味

着”,符合语境。故选 C 项。 3.选 B 句意为:下面是在印度德里旅行的最好的方式。best 意为“最好的”,符合 语境。故选 B 项。 4.选 D 根据上文作者通过被欺骗得到了教训及空格后“of scams(欺骗)”可知,此处

是受害者提供避免成为欺骗的建议。victim 意为“受害者”,符合语境。故选 D 项。 5.选 C 固定短语 make it 意为“做到,成功”,符合语境。此处是指“当你成功地 通过海关之后”。故选 C 项。 6.选 A 此处是指在德里机场,一定要通过两个出租车亭来叫出租车到你的宾馆。be sure 意为“一定”,符合语境。故选 A 项。 7.选 B 句意为:关键是确保在警察管理的摊位搭乘出租车。key 意为“关键”,符 合语境。故选 B 项。 8.选 B 此处提供的建议是在警察管理的摊位搭乘出租车而不是由个人出租车司机经 营的。rather than 意为“而不是”,符合语境。故选 B 项。 9.选 D 句意为:人力车是我游览印度城市最喜爱的方式之一,部分原因是这是当地 人常见的旅行方式。partly 意为“部分地”,符合语境。故选 D 项。 10. 选 C 句意为: 电动人力车更常见, 但是自行车人力车仍然在古老的德里市里使用。 common 意为“常见的”,符合语境。故选 C 项。 11.选 A 乘坐公共交通工具应该是本地人的做法。local 意为“本地人”,符合语境。 故选 A 项。 12.选 D 根据主句中的“坐火车是极好的方式”可知,车费是合理的。reasonable 意 为“合理的”,符合语境。故选 D 项。 B 语篇解读:本文是一篇议论文。作者提出国际体育竞赛并不能建立国家间的友谊。体育比赛 中如果各国偏激的爱国情绪太严重,就会藐视体育规则。 13.选 B 此处叙述的是两种相反的观点:有些人认为,国际体育运动能够增进国家间 的友好关系;也有人说正好相反:国际比赛鼓励了虚假的民族自豪感,并导致误解和仇恨。 opposite 意为“相反”,符合语境。故选 B 项。 14. 选 D 根据本句中的“and hatred”可知, misunderstanding 符合语境, 意为“误解”。 故选 D 项。 15 . 选 C 上文提出了两种相反的观点,因此此处是说争论双方都有正确的一面。

argument 意为“争论”,符合语境。故选 C 项。 16.选 A 根据空格后的内容“体育运动增进(鼓励)国际友谊”可知,近年来奥运会在 支持这个观点方面做得很少。view 意为“观点”,符合题意。故选 A 项。 17.选 B 句意为:在奥林匹克运动会上,不仅曾经有涉及谋杀运动员的悲惨事件,而 且比赛也会因较小的国家竞争所引起的轻微摩擦而遭到破坏。 ruin 意为“破坏”, 符合语境。 故选 B 项。 18.选 D 此处是指曾经有某个国家因为在曲棍球决赛后拿到了第二名的奖牌而很愤

怒。medal 意为“奖牌”,符合语境。故选 D 项。

19. 选 C 句意为: 在曲棍球比赛结束时场面嘈杂, 输方反对最后的裁决。 end 意为“结 束”,符合语境。故选 C 项。 20.选 A 句意为:他们深信他们有一个射门不应该无效,对手的胜利是不公平的。

convince 意为“确信”,符合题意。故选 A 项。

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