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2014年高考英语总复习(选修6)课时作业27:Unit 2 Poems

课时作业 27

Unit 2


1.—We should adopt ____________ methods to deal with some incidents. You know,anything could occur in that situation. —I got it. Thank you for reminding me. A.flexible C.positive B.typical D.concrete

解析:考查形容词辨析。flexible 灵活的。句意: “我们应该采取灵活的方法 处理一些事件。你知道,在那样的情况下,任何事都可能发生的。“我知道了。 ” 谢谢您的提醒。 typical 典型的, ” 有代表性的; positive 积极的, 肯定的; concrete 具体的。 答案:A 2. There has been an increase in the technical cooperation and cultural ________ between China and other countries in the past ten years. A.change C.bargain B.trade D.exchange

解析:考查名词辨析。exchange 交流。句意:近十年来中国与其他国家之 间的技术合作和文化交流已增加。change 变化,更换,零钱;trade 贸易,买卖, 商业,交易;bargain 便宜货,协议,交易。 答案:D 3.As the income is increasing, the ________ of family life has been changing over recent years. A.model C.process B.character D.pattern

解析: 句意: 随着收入的增加, 这些年, 家庭的生活方式一直在改变。 pattern 模式,式样。model 模型,模范,典范;character 性格,特征;process 过程。 答案:D 4.Don't________any detail in your account even if a word.

A.let out C.make sure

B.take care D.make out

解析:let out 发出;泄露;take care 当心,小心;make sure 确信,确保; make out 把??弄清楚。 答案:A 5.I remember one of them________,who speaks with strong Beijing accent. A.in short C.in public B.in particular D.in need

解析:句意:我尤其记得其中一位,他讲话带有浓重的北京口音。in short 总之,简言之;in particular 特别,尤其;in public 在公众场合;in need 需要。 答案:B 6.My budge is very ________ at present, so I have to make the best of every coin. A.tight C.flexible B.rough D.regular

解析:句意:我现在预算紧张,因此我不得不充分利用每个硬币。tight 紧 密的,密集的;rough 粗糙的;regular 有规律的;flexible 灵活的。 答案:A 7.To their delight,they________got what they had been looking forward to. A.normally C.particularly B.eventually D.originally

解析:由“to their delight”可知, “他们终于得到了他们一直想要的东西” 。 eventually 终于,最后;normally 正常地,通常地;particularly 特别地;originally 最初,原先。 答案:B 8.Believe it or not,water can________a desert into a garden. A.design C.put B.transform D.make

解析:题干中使用的是 transform...into 这一搭配,表示“把??变成??” ; put...into 把??放入,翻译;make...into 把??制成??。

答案:B 9.________the new medicine for a year and we'll see how well it works. A.Try out C.Give out B.Make out D.Pick out

解析:句意:试验这种新药一年,我们看看效果如何。try out 测试,试验。 答案:A 10.Also,when drinking in________amounts,alcohol can be beneficial to the health. A.approximate C.appropriate B.fit D.suited

解析:approximate 大约,大致;fit 某人或某物在用途上适合,多作表语; suit 适合某种情况。此处指“适当的” ,因此用 appropriate。 答案:C 11 . That was________time when girl's education was always

placed________second to boy's. A.a;a C./;/ B.a;/ D.the;the

解析:a time 一段时间;second to 次于??。 答案:B 12.The reason________she didn't get the job was________her English was not very good. A.which;that C.why;because B.why;that D.that;because

解析:第一空为定语从句,从句中缺少状语,故用 why 或 that;第二空为表 语从句,用 that,该句为 The reason why...is/was that...句型。 答案:B 13. (2013· 安徽名校联考)During the conference the speaker tried to________his feelings concerning the urgency of a favorable decision. A.give C.imply B.pass D.convey

解析:句意:在会上,这个发言者试图表达他关于作出赞成决定的迫切性的 看法。convey one's feelings 传达感情,符合题意。 答案:D 14.(2013· 四川南充月考)—When did you call the police? —________ I found the old man knocked over by a car. A.Before C.The moment B.Until D.As long as

解析:the moment 引导时间状语从句,意为“一??就??” 。 答案:C 15. (2013· 河南师大附中期末)It was you rather than your sister ________ to run the shop after your parents retired. A.that was C.who was B.who were D.whom were

解析:It was...that/who...强调句型,句子的主语是 you,故谓语动词用复数 形式,故 B 项正确。 答案:B Ⅱ.完形填空 I first went to hear a live rock concert when I was eight years old. My brother and his friends were all __1__ of a heavy metal group called Black Wednesday. When they __2__ that Black Wednesday were going to perform at our local theatre, they all bought __3__ for the performance. However, at the last minute, one of the friends couldn't go, so my brother __4__ me the ticket. I was really __5__! I remember the buzz (嘈杂声) of excitement inside the theatre as we all found our __6__. After a few minutes, the lights went down and everybody became __7__. I could barely make out the stage in the __8__. We waited. Then there was a roar from the crowd, like an explosion, as the first members of the band __9__ the stage. My brother leaned over and shouted something in my ear, but I couldn't __10__ what he was saying. The first song was already starting and the music was as __11__ as a jet engine. I could __12__ the drum beats and the bass notes in my stomach. I can't recall any of the songs that the band played. I just __13__ that I really enjoyed the show and didn't want it to __14__. But in the end, after three encores (加

演), the show finished. We left the __15__ and walked unsteadily out onto the pavement. I felt a little dizzy, as if I had just __16__ from a long sleep. My ears were still __17__ with the beat of the last song. After the __18__, I became a Black Wednesday fan too for a few years before getting into other kinds of music. Once in a while, __19__, I listen to one of their songs and __20__ I'm back at that first show. 1.A.members C.fans 2.A.guessed C.thought 3.A.flowers C.clothes 4.A.booked C.returned 5.A.relaxed C.excited 6.A.seats C.spots 7.A.comfortable C.serious 8.A.silence C.darkness 9.A.fell upon C.broke into 10.A.forget C.repeat 11.A.loud C.sweet 12.A.feel C.enjoy B.friends D.volunteers B.discovered D.predicted B.drinks D.tickets B.offered D.found B.embarrassed D.encouraged B.entrance D.space B.quiet D.nervous B.noise D.smoke B.got through D.stepped onto B.hear D.bear B.hard D.fast B.touch D.digest

13.A.realize C.believe 14.A.continue C.finish 15.A.party C.opera 16.A.escaped C.benefited 17.A.aching C.ringing 18.A.competition C.interview 19.A.though C.instead 20.A.decide C.conclude

B.understand D.remember B.delay D.change B.theatre D.stage B.traveled D.woken B.burning D.rolling B.performance D.celebration B.otherwise D.besides B.regret D.imagine 答案与解析



音乐会,自此“我”就开始喜欢上了摇滚乐并且成了“黑色星期三”的粉丝。至 今作者还能记得当时的情景。现在偶尔听上一首“黑色星期三”的歌曲,就能想 象到自己第一次看演出时的情景。 1.C 由文章最后一段可知, “我”也成了一位歌迷,故此处表示“我”哥

哥和他的朋友是这个乐队的歌迷。 故用 fan。 member 成员; friend 朋友; volunteer 志愿者,不符合上下文语境。 2.B 根据上文,他们是歌迷,得知偶像要来演出自然会很兴奋,guess 猜 想,think 认为,predict 预言,都是内心的想法,不是事实,也就不会引出下文 买票前往大剧院观看这一实际行动。故此处用 discover(发现)。 3.D 根据下文 so my brother__4__me the ticket 可知,此处表示他们都去买 了票。故用 ticket。 4.B book 预定;offer 主动提供;return 归还;find 找到,发现。根据上文:

然而,到了最后,他们的一个朋友不能去了,所以哥哥就把票给了“我” 。故用 offer。 5.C 6.A 根据上文, “我”意外得了一张票自然是兴奋。故用 excited。 此处表示我们进入剧院,找到自己的座位,因此用 seats。entrance

入口;spots 地点,场所;space 空间,地方。均不合语境。 7.B 过了一会儿,灯光熄灭,每个人都变得安静了。与上文 buzz of

excitement 形成对比。表现出每个人都静候演出的开始。comfortable 舒服的; serious 严肃的,严重的;nervous 紧张的。 8. C 根据上文 the lights went down 可知, 此处表示在黑影中几乎辨别不出

舞台。故用 darkness。 9.D “我们”静静地等待着,突然人群一阵骚动,炸开了锅,乐队的第

一批成员登上了舞台。故用 step onto。 10.B 哥哥斜过身子趴在“我”耳边喊,但“我”根本听不见他说的什么。 由下句 as__11__as a jet engine 可知此处突出表现剧场里的吵闹声,故用 hear。 forget 忘记;repeat 重复;bear 容忍,忍受。 11.A 由上文哥哥大声喊, “我”都听不见,以此来突出现场的声音之大。 此处意为“音乐的声音大得就像是喷气式飞机的发动机” 。故用 loud。 12.A 音乐声震耳欲聋, “我”都能感觉出肚子里有那些鼓点和贝斯的音

符。feel 感觉;touch 触摸;enjoy 享受;digest 消化,领会。 13.D 根据上文 I can't recall...我记不清??,可知此处表示“我”仅仅能 记得“我”的确喜欢这个表演。故用 remember,与前面形成对比。 14.C 承接上文, “我”喜欢这个表演,自然不希望它结束。finish 结束,

终结;continue 继续;delay 耽搁;change 改变。 15.B 由第一段可知,演出场所在 our local theatre,故此处用 theatre。 16.D 演出最终结束,但“我”感觉有些眩晕,好像睡了一大觉刚刚醒过 来似的。wake 醒来;escape 逃脱;travel 旅行;benefit 受益。 17.C “我”感觉头晕目眩,耳边还在回响着最后的一首歌曲的节奏。ring 打电话,回响,鸣响,按铃;ache 疼痛;burn 燃烧;roll 摇摆,滚,绕,转动。 18.B 表演结束后, “我”也成了 Black Wednesday 乐队的粉丝。故用


19.A “我”当了好几年的粉丝然后又喜欢上了其他种类的音乐。然而, 即使如此, “我”偶尔还是会去听他们的歌。though 尽管如此,然而;otherwise 否则,要不然;instead 相反;besides 此外,而且。 20.D “我”听他们唱歌也会想象当年第一次看他们演出的景象。故用

imagine。此处首尾呼应。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 (2012· 重庆高考) There is no better way to enjoy Scottish traditions than going fishing and tasting a little bit of whisky(威士忌)at a quiet place like the Inverlochy Castle. When Queen Victoria visited the castle in 1873 she wrote in her diary, “I never saw a lovelier spot.” And she didn't even go fishing. Scotland is not easily defined. In certain moments, this quiet land of lakes and grasses and mountains changes before your very eyes. When evening gently sweeps the hillside into orange light, the rivers, teeming with fish, can turn into streams of gold. As you settle down with just a fishing pole and a basket on the bank of River Orchy, near the Inverlochy Castle, any frustration (烦恼) will float away as gently as the circling water. It's just you and purple, pink, white flowers, seeking a perfect harmony. If you are a new comer to fishing, learning the basics from a fishing guide may leave you with a lifetime's fun. For many, fishing is more than a sport; it is an art. Scotland offers interesting places where you can rest after a long day's fishing. Set against a wild mountain and hidden behind woodland, the beautiful Inverlochy Castle Hotel below the Nevis is a perfect place to see the beauty of Scotland's mountains. Ben Nevis is the highest of all British mountains, and reaching its 1,343- metre top is a challenge. But it's not just what goes up that matters ; what comes down is unique. More than 900 metres high, on the mountain's north face, lies an all- important source of pure water. Its name comes from the Gaelic language “usquebaugh” or “water of life” ; and it is the single most important ingredient(原料) in Scotland's best known drink: whisky. 1. The story of Queen Victoria is to show that ________. A.the Queen is rich in tour experience B.the Castle is a good place to go in Scotland C.tasting whisky is better than going fishing

D.1873 is a special year for the Queen 2. How is Paragraph 2 mainly developed? A.By giving descriptions. B.By following time order. C.By analyzing causes. D.By making comparisons. 3. What is Ben Nevis special for? A.The Inverlochy Castle Hotel. B.The beauty of its surroundings. C.The water from the mountain. D.The challenge up to its top. 4. What is the main purpose of the passage? A.To introduce Scottish traditions to tourists. B.To show the attractions of Scotland to readers. C.To explore geographical characteristics of Scotland. D.To describe the pleasures of life in Scotland. 答案与解析 1.B 推理判断题。第一段第一句点出了欣赏苏格兰风情莫过于钓鱼和在

像“the Inverlochy Castle”一样安静的地方品尝威士忌,后面马上以维多利亚女皇 的事例来说明“the Castle”是个很好的去处。 2.A 细节理解题。整个第二段都在描述一种美丽、令人陶醉其中的景色。 故 A 项正确。 3.C 细节理解题。根据第三段第四、五、六句可知,本尼维斯山上的水

令其有独特之处。 4.B 主旨大意题。本文为总分结构,第一段点出并且以女王的事例说明

苏格兰有吸引人的地方, 第二段和第三段详细为我们介绍了几处美景, 引人入胜, 故 B 项正确。

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