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2014 高考英语信息匹配及任务型阅读练习(35)及答案

第二节 信息匹配(共 5 题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡上将对应题号的相应选 项字母涂黑。 请阅读下列应用文和相关信息。 46. Fat Albert is an operator. He works in the same hotel

as Mark and offers help for all kind of callers. He can always tell you what to do and how to do it if you have difficulty in making a phone call in the hotel. Just go and ask him. 47. Jerome James is a bellboy. He works in Hilly Grant Hotel. He is a considerate and nice guy. Whenever you need his help, he is always there for you. The manager and the guests like him very much. He is very good at writing, too. 48. Martin Stephens is a customs officer. He is very strict with all the people. He always Check the travelers' form carefully and remind them what to do or something that they should pay attention to. 49. Tony H Betty is a weatherman. He works in a television company and you can always see his sunny smile on the TV. When you are traveling, don't remember to turn on the TV in the hotel and pay attention to his weather report. 50. Nancy is a receptionist. She works in Mayflower hotel for 3 years and she works from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. It's a bit long. But since she could not find another good job, such as her favorite one in a hotel clinic, she has to take this one for a while.

请阅读以下面相关信息,然后匹配与之相关的人员: A. Welcome here. You will find all the information about the hotel on the information card in your room. The bellboy will show it to you. If you have any questions, just dial "5" on your phone. That is our manager. He is at your service 24 hours a day. B. I've written out a proscription for you to take to the hotel clinic. Better still,


I'll take it myself and have someone from the clinic bring the medicine to you. Have a good rest in your room. So far as I can see, you're very tired, overworked. Just relax and the hotel will offer you the best service. C. Good. Your forms seem to be in order. I'll keep your health declaration and return your customs declarations. Please keep them with you and be prepared to surrender them when you leave Britain. D. Terribly sorry, but we have to interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you the latest information from the Britain Weather Bureau. A severe weather change is now on the way for all of southern London and Liverpool. A violent storm front is moving in a north-northeasterly direction. Please stay in your home. E. This hotel has very good telephone services. There are three different types. First there's international direct dial service. It offers you a direct telephone service to more than 100 cities in the world. If you just want to make the national call, just press 7 at the beginning and then dial your number. F. Here we are, Madam, your Room 405. It gets lots of sun in the morning from that balcony. Now, the switch for the bedside lamp is over hero. The panel at the head of the bed has a radio and a wake-up alarm. Enjoy your stay here. 【参考答案】第二节:信息匹配 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 46-50 EFCDA **********************************************************结束

第二节 信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡上将对应题号的相应选 项字母涂黑。

Name: Life is beautiful Brief introduction: an Italian movie. During World War II in Italy, Guido was a good and kind, cheerful


首先请阅读下列一些电影 简介。 A.

and humorous person. He met and fell in love with Dora, a school teacher; and they got married. It is a very beautiful and sad story. It is a heartrending movie that shows us we should never forget what happened and stand up against war.

B. Name: Central Station Brief introduction: a Brazilian movie. A poor and retired teacher writes letters in the Rio de Janeiro train station. Illiterate people pay Dora to write and mail the letters. Ana, one of Dora's clients, died in front of the station, and Dora took Josué, to her house. First, Dora had bad intentions, but then she decided to help the boy look for his father. This film shows how both poverty and hope play a role in the lives of Brazilian people.



Name: Gattaca Brief introduction: a science fiction thriller. It shows the use of genetic engineering in the future to create an almost perfect human. The director of this movie creates a world of the future based on genetic testing and research nowadays. This movie is shocking to society because it creates a believable world of the future based on genetic engineering.

D. Name: The Net Brief introduction: a Canadian movie. It introduces us to the main character, a computer programmer totally addicted to the Internet. She spends hours and hours in front of the screen working, ordering pizza, reserving a flight seat, and chatting with online friends. Then comes the sinister aspect of identity theft. The movie is close to our daily life, and those troubles might happen to us.

Name: Harry Potter Brief introduction: a science fiction movie. The movie concerns Harry’s struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort who killed Harry’s parents and many other innocent people. Harry Potter is the leading role of the whole story. He is a talented, powerful and kind boy with a strong


mind. Harry Potter learns more than magic at Hogwarts. He makes new friends and learns to be brave and to do things he used to be afraid of. He also learns about the power of love.

F. Name: The Truman Show Brief introduction: one of the Hollywood’s famous movies. It shows us a story of a person who struggles for freedom and fight against fate bravely. The whole movie is full of philosophy. In order to convey the philosophic main idea, this movie based on a very unique setup. Through a show of a real person – his process of discovery, his attempts to escape his situation to provoke us into think.

以下是一些人看完电影后所说出的感受,请将他们的感受和所看的电影匹配起来。 46. “I am pleased to find the movie so faithful to the book. The story is really fantastic, but after seeing the movie, I would like to learn magic to fight against the evil in the world, as brave and powerful as the boy in this movie. ”

47. “I feel this Italian movie is a very special one. It is a very beautiful, but very miserable love story. She tells us the basic story of this heartrending movie, which shows us we should never forget what happens during wars.”

48. “I find this movie interesting and shocking because it examines the consequences

of genetic engineering of humans in the future. It shows the struggles of Victor, a man conceived naturally and with imperfections, to succeed in a world of genetically-designed, perfect humans.”

49. “The movie is like a prize for Brazilians because the world is recognizing their art and their artists. After watching this movie, I finally understand the reason why Fernanda Montenegro could win the Oscar. I'm proud of our artists, and I believe that Brazil can become a better country because they are full of hope.”

50. “The movie is so close to our life that I am very shocked after watching it. The troubles happening in the movie might happen in our daily life. As a result, we have been reminded to be cautious when online. ”

【参考答案】46-50 EACBD

请阅读下列应用文和相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。 请仔细阅读下面有关信息。 A. A scarf, a good present for fair ladies. In winter, in addition to keeping you warm, a scarf around your neck can help draw other’s attention. B. Guitar Beginners. Do you like music? Do you want to play the guitar well in a short time? This new book, written by guitarist Frank Jones, helps even the most basic beginner read his way to being a competent guitar player in just 20 days. C. The Adventure of Tom Sawyer is a short novel written by Mark Twain, an American famous writer. It is very interesting and adventurous. D. The Milk Calcium, produced for the senior. More and more people have realized that to be healthy is really the most important. The milk Calcium is especially

good for the ones lack of calcium(钙). E. The Classic Explorer’s Compass, a precious instrument, will help you know wherever you are. Each comes with its own waterproof leather case. F. Super Shoes, the sports shoes liked by all the young. Wearing Super Shoes can be attractive. It is said that Super Shoes can help you to be the winner in every sports game. 你打算为你的朋友 Mike, Mary, Robert, Lily 和 Tom 选购新年礼物。请阅读有关对他 们的描述,匹配信息选出最适合他们的礼品。 1. Mike likes sports and travel. He would like something that he can take with him on his journeys, especially when he is camping or hiking, because sometimes it is hard to find the direction. 2. Mary likes parties and discos. She likes to look smart, and she is very fond of music. She says that she likes books, but she never reads any. Now, she wants to learn how to play a musical instrument. 3. Robert is an eighty-year-old man. He likes doing exercise in the morning. But one week ago, the doctor told him that he suffered from osteoporosis(骨质疏 松) in a common health examination. 4. Lily is a beautiful girl. She sings well and is going to perform at the New Year’s party. She’d like to wear something that is attractive at the party. 5. Tom is a junior student. He likes playing basketball and reading. He would like to read something about taking a risk. [全解全析] 1. E 关键词:find the direction 与 Compass。 2. B 关键词:to play a musical instrument 与 guitar。 3. D 关键词:suffered from osteoporosis 与 calcium(钙)。 4. A 关键词:attractive at the party 与 draw other’s attention。 5. C 关键词:read something about taking a risk 与 adventurous。


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