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漫画作文主题词 一 、 人 生 哲 理 1 、 合 作 cooperation/collaboration/teamwork cooperate with others/be in cooperation with others/be in collaboration with others/work together team spirit/group spirit/community spirit 团队精神 active/effective/mutual/close cooperation sense of teamwork 团队意识 ask for/call for/demand/seek cooperation 寻求合作 take an active part in cooperation/cooperate actively 积极合作 end cooperation 中止合作 make concerted/joint efforts/pool one’s efforts together 齐心协力 solidarity and friendship 团结友爱 essentially/mutually complementary win-win/all win/win for all 共赢 2 、 乐 观、 悲观 optimism/optimistic/optimist/optimistic mind/optimistic attitude pessimism/pessimistic/pessimist show/display/demonstrate optimism adopt/possess a(n) optimistic (positive) attitude (view, outlook) towards life(the problems confronting us) blind optimism excessively/overly/wildly optimistic 过于乐观 3 、 信 心 boost/enhance/improve/increase/lift/raise confidence gain/acquire confidence 获得自信 rebuild/restore/regain/revive confidence 重获信心 damage/weaken/undermine confidence the lack of confidence/lack confidence exaggerate/overestimate/overrate difficulties underestimate one’s abilities 4 、 进 取 精 神 / 坚 持 : an enterprising spirit 进取精神 non-stop efforts open up new ways forward 开拓前进 make progress constantly move forward constantly make constant efforts never stop making progress never give up keep making progress keep on striving 5 、 尚 未 考 到 的: diligence/hard work Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

the spirit of self-improvement 自强不息 58 pursuit of one’s dream/ambition/aspiration/a great aim (goal) innovation/creative thinking/the spirit of exploration a down-to-earth working style 踏实、实干 friendship/love/mutual affection among different people/individuals showing consideration for people around 善待身边的人 indifference to other people self-depreciation 自卑 modesty 谦虚 /avoid conceit and impetuosity 戒骄戒躁 the mutual understanding between people (parents and their children) keep pace with the times/advance with times 与时俱进 rise to the occasion 迎难而上 二、 社 会 热 点 1 、社会 公 德 public morality 社会公德 awaken/wake up moral consciousness 道德意识 advocate traditional virtue/traditional moral values 弘扬传统美德 traditions) duty/responsibility/obligation 责任 sense of responsibility shou$L太Vx趎LE$L太Vx趎痵 duty/responsibility 承担责任 fulfill/discharge/perform one’s duty/responsibility 履行责任 avoid/evade/shirk/shun one’s duty/responsibility 逃避责任 devote/dedicate, devotion/dedication selfish devotion 无私奉献 the crisis of trust 信任危机 decline in moral standards the corruption of public morality 公德堕落 the lack of moral sense 道德缺失 put more attention on self-interest talk less about the sprit of sacrifice, contribution, mutual aid selfish soul 自私的灵魂 immoral behaviors/conduct 不道德的行为 spit everywhere 随地吐痰 make noise, talk loudly 大声喧哗 to respect the old and care for the young 尊老爱幼 Project Hope 希望工程 China Red Cross Foundation 中国红十字会 charities 慈善机构 donate/donation poor rural areas/poverty-stricken areas/impoverished areas start schooling 入学 drop out of school 辍学


attend school>go to school 上学 finish school/finish one’s studies 完成学业 wealth-flaunters/flaunt wealth 炫富 achievement-flaunter 2 、 职 业 道德 lack of occupational self-discipline empty promise in the market promotion 空洞的承诺 false promise in the market promotion 虚假承诺 honesty 诚信 sales of counterfeit/fake goods/commodities to consumers( 反义 genuine commodity) dishonest/fraudulent behaviors 欺诈行为 (put on civilized outer clothing to please or deceive the public.) 59 misleading/distorted information reliable/dependable/trustworthy information academic corruption 学术腐败 plagiarism 剽窃 food safety 食品安全 construction quality 工程质量 drainage oil 地沟油 poisonous milk powder 毒奶粉 unaffordable prices of medicines 药价虚高 illegal adds 非法广告 unfair competitions 不公平竞争 administration departments 管理部门 supervision departments 监管部门 authorities/departments concerned 有关当局、部门 merchant 商人、商家 manufacturer 厂家 enterprise operator 企业经营者 disregard laws 漠视法律 shift the blame onto sb 推卸责任 disregard of laws and lack of any sense of social responsibility infringement on consumers’ rights and interests overwhelming desire for profits profits weigh much more than public benefits/public good be in the vulnerable position (一般指消费者处于弱势的地位) perform/fulfill one’s duty fairly and effectively 公正有效地履行职责 3 、 两 代 关 系 1 、 赡养父母 the old/the elderly/elderly people/the senior/senior citizens/the aged/aged people aging society 老龄化社会 aging of population 人口老龄化 filial piety 孝道

fulfill filial duty/show filial piety to parents/practice filial piety 尽孝 support (take care of, sustain) aged parents (the old and infirm parents/the old/the aged/the elderly/the senior/senior citizens) 赡养老年人 show solicitude for parents 关心父母 mistreat/ill-treat/maltreat parents neglect sb/show no care (concern) for sb/lack concern for sb/treat sb thoughtlessly take (shoulder, assume) the responsibility for sth shirk (avoid, shift, abdicate) the responsibility for sth duty/obligation of the young traditional virtue of our nation the wellbeing of the seniors/the heath and happiness of seniors make painstaking efforts/expend all one’s energies 费劲心血 one’s later years/one’s remaining years 晚年 Charity begins at home. 百善孝为先 2 、溺爱孩子 raise/breed/foster/nurture/bring up 抚养 spoil children/dote on children doting care/parental overprotection 溺爱 A child under the complete protection of parents/parental overprotection/be over loved (over protected) by parents/excessive love from their parents/over-dependence on parents/be carefully protected from hardship fragile young people 60 children born in the 1980s, majority of them being the only child in their family(family-planning policy) encourage him or her to think and act independently help children towards independence/self-reliance suffer hardships/stand sufferings/bear tribulation create optimum conditions for children’s growth the pillar of the state 3 、代沟: generation gap widen/expand generation gap (widen/expand the gap between the child and parents) narrow/bridge generation gap (narrow/bridge the gap between the child and parents) exchange ideas mutual understating/make allowance for each other 相互理解、相互体谅 misunderstanding reinforce family bonds/ties get estranged from one’s family members 4 、啃老族 boomerang kids/children (the NEET group) 啃老族 NEET 的全称是( Not currently engaged in

Employment, Education or Training ) reap without sowing 不劳而获 4 、 诚信 危 机 the crisis of trust A host of dishonest behaviors manufacture or sell fake and inferior goods at the cost of consumer’s interest bogus/fake/pirate products bogus/fake certificates peddle the sensational stories twist/distort the news return to sincerity and faith 返璞归真 keep promise 信守承诺 tell right from wrong 辨别是非 5 、 爱心 warm-hearted people 热心人 offer assistance/provide help 提供帮助 stretch out a helping hand to people in need help-givers 提供帮助的人 receive aid 接受帮助 assistance recipients 受助者 6 、 健 康 physical health (fitness, well-being) mental/psychological health (fitness, well-being) improve/enhance physical/psychological health hurt/damage physical/psychological health be in good/poor health state of health 健康状况 fitness levels 健康水平 a health problem 健康问题 sub-health 亚健康 state of mind 心态 physical exercise 体育锻炼 well-balanced diet 均衡饮食 junk food 垃圾食品 go on a diet 节食、减肥 sacrifice health 牺牲健康 61 damage/endanger one’s health improve one’s health infectious disease/illness chronic disease/illness provide medical services public health 公共卫生 7 、 交 通

traffic jam/congestion, heavy traffic 交通堵塞 morning and evening peak 早晚高峰 rush hour 交通高峰期 bus lane 公交专用车道 odd-and-even license plate rule 单双号限行 traffic restrictions based on the last digit of license plate numbers 尾号限行 traffic control 交通管制 car-free day 无车日 private cars 私家车 develop public transport 发展公共交通 green commuting 绿色出行 green commuter Let's green our commute drunk driving 醉驾 drive after drinking /drive under the influence of alcohol 酒驾 drive when tired 疲劳驾驶 traffic accidents 交通事故 8 、 经 济 economic crisis/financial crisis 经济、金融危机 the fallout of economic crisis/financial crisis 经济、金融危机的影响 fierce/intense/furious/cut-throat competition spur/stimulate economic development hinder/impede economic development job market 就业市场 look for/hunt for/seek a job job seeker a tough job market 严峻的就业形势 unrealistic salary expectations/pursue a high-paid job in the pursuit of short-term returns lack the qualities and skills required for the jobs they seek without/lack of practical experience/hands-on experience/practical abilities/vocational skills/career skills generate/create/afford job opportunities/employment opportunities career guidance 就业指导 start one’s own business 创业 allocate money to… reduce the funding for… lift/elevate people’s standard of living lower citizens’ standard of living eliminate poverty expand the gap between the wealthy and the needy slow down the pace of life speed up/accelerate/quicken the pace of life increase/expand domestic demand

stimulate/spur/reduce consumption practice economy 实行节约 62 三、 文 化 和 教 育 类 1 、 文化交 流、 融合 cultural exchanges/interaction/interchange 文 化 交 流 (frequent/constant/common cultural exchanges between different countries) The cultural blending/the cultural integration/the cultural fusion 文化融合 The integration/blending/combination/fusion/collision of worldwide (global) cultures fusion of East and West/integration of Chinese and Western cultures traditional Chinese culture/national culture (Each national culture is a component of international culture) alien/foreign culture cultural identity 文化特性 cultural diversity 文化多样性 multiculturalism 多元文化 the co-existence of multi-cultures 2 、 中 国 传 统文化 traditional Chinese culture as priceless spiritual treasure a long and colorful/splendid Chinese culture splendid and glorious cultural heritage/legacy/relics 辉煌灿烂的文化遗产 oriental glamour(charm)/the glamour (charm) of our culture invaluable/priceless spiritual treasure/wealth of all human beings Chinese cultural symbols 中国文化的符号 the unique characteristics/feature of each culture (possess unique characteristics/feature) the inheritance and development of culture from one generation to another show respect for/show honor to our own culture advocate/carry forward traditional culture gain deeper insight into/have a deeper understanding of/get a clear perspective of our own culture preserve and cherish traditions ignore/disregard traditions undermine traditions strengthen the cultural identity of a nation rather than erode the cultural identity of a nation Interpretation of classics can promote cultural development positively. Soft power Kung Fu 功夫 Peking/Beijing opera 京剧 (outdated) Tang Suit 唐装 traditional Chinese medicine (not scientific) folk art 民间艺术 paper-cut 剪纸 traditional Chinese philosophy Buddhism 佛

Confucianism 儒 /Confucius 孔子 /Confucius Institute 孔子学院 Humanity/Benevolence 仁 Taoism 道 Rite 礼 Butterfly Lovers 梁祝 classical ballet — the Swan Lake 天鹅湖 Enlightenment from the west 启蒙 Chinese craze 中国热 upsurge of Chinese craze 3 、流 行文化 网 络 The Internet/the virtual net/the virtual world/the virtual net world /the cyber space Information superhighway With the advent/dawn of the Internet (era/age) 63 the widespread/extensive use of the Internet a global village loyal/hardcore/frequent Internet users (netizens) web/net/online addiction (net indulgence) click the mouse press keys on the keyboard Internet café use the Internet/go on the Internet/surf the Internet (online)/have access to the Internet/linger online 上网 visit/log in a website download something from the Internet buy something on the Internet online shopping/banking chat/shop/book online make friends online chat online online gossip online games online job application group/integrate buying/purchase 团购 广 告 the pervasive advertisements/advertising/commercials on TV advertiser/advertise a newspaper/magazine/TV/Internet/full-page advertisements Poster/Billboard/Flyer put/place an advertisement in newspaper/website display advertisements 播放广告 implant/insert ads 植入广告 be overwhelmed with advertisements

emerge at the intervals between programs be inserted in programs, separating the whole into short pieces be implanted as a segment of programs the main channel/source of revenue for TV stations misleading/distorted/fraudulent information in TV commercials the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television 广电总局 introduce/impose restrictions on advertisements 偶 像 idol worship/star worship/star chasing/idolatry 偶像崇拜 superstar followers/crazy fans of the stars 追星族 affect one’s studies/schoolwork 影响某人的学业 run wild/become so hard to control 变得不听管教 drop out/leave off one’s studies 辍学 grow up in good health 健康成长 4 、教育 schooling 学校教育 life-long education 终身教育 compulsory education 义务教育 exam/test-oriented (driven) education 应试教育 education for all-round development 素质教育 well-rounded development of a child 全面发展 balanced development of a child 均衡发展 promote the student’s physical, mental(intellectual) and emotional development force-feeding method of teaching 填鸭式教学 force-feed the students Students should not be treated as passive receptacles of predigested ideas 64 learn sth by rote 死记硬背 learn sth through understanding impart knowledge 传授知识 acquire (gain) knowledge/skills instill high moral values academic/theoretical knowledge practical skills equip oneself with academic knowledge and practical skills integrate theory with practice disconnect theory from practice shape/mould one’s character extra-curricular activities 课外活动 the spirit of exploration cultivate (nurture, foster) creative/original thinking think independently and critically stifle/constrain/extinguish creativity follow sth blindly/indiscriminately

dampen the students’ enthusiasm/frustrate the students broaden/expand one’s vision/outlook/horizons 开阔眼界 stimulate one’s interest in sth sap/dampen student’s interest in sth strengthen/weaken students’ willpower tap one’s potential 开发潜能 fulfill one’s potential 发挥潜能 waste one’s potential give students motivation to do sth/motivate(stimulate) students to do sth (re)kindle students’ enthusiasm about… give the students inspiration pursue post-graduate study/take part in the entrance exams for postgraduates 考研 study abroad/go abroad for further education 出国留学 excessive/undue academic pressure 过大的学习压力 the burden of study/learning 学习负担 ease/relieve academic pressure intensify academic pressure affect academic performance 影响学习成绩 academic atmosphere 学习气氛 四 、人 与 自 然 1 、人与 环 境 protect/preserve the environment/the preservation of environment destroy/destruct/ruin/devastate the environment/ the destruction of environment environmental degradation/environmental deterioration/the deteriorating environment reckless exploitation of environment keep the balance of ecosystem/nature (by prohibiting the actions of blind exploitation) keep ecological balance disturb ecological balance/the serious disturbance of ecological balance maintain/disturb harmony between human beings and the environment maintain/disturb harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature arouse/enhance the sense (awareness/consciousness) of environmental preservation/environmental awareness(sense/consciousness) the lack/absence of the sense (awareness/consciousness) of environmental preservation/environmental awareness(sense/consciousness) environment protectors/environmentalist/conservationist 65 environment destroyers save energy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases 节能减排 low-carbon lifestyle/ “ green ” lifestyle develop low-carbon economy 低碳经济 environment-friendly(eco-friendly) products 环保产品 clean and renewable resources 清洁可再生资源( solar and wind energy ) climate change 气候变化

global warming 全球变暖 the greenhouse effect 温室效应 “holes” in the ozone layer /the thinness of the ozone layer reduce exhaust emission from cars/automobiles 减少汽车尾气的排放 low-emission cars 小排量汽车 (small-engine cars/automobiles/vehicles) high-emission cars 大排量汽车 (vehicles with high emission) public transport 公共交通 green commuting 绿色出行 green commuter Let's green our commute air pollution degradation/deterioration of air quality discharge/emit poisonous/toxic gas 排放有毒气体 PM 2.5 ecological disaster/natural disaster reduce water and soil erosion( 水土流失 ) or desertification Deforestation has caused more sandstorms. Deforestation has turned a quarter of territory into desert. acid rain drought sandstorm ( 可数 ) snowstorm ( 可数 ) toxic waste 有毒废物 industrial waste 工业废物 Industrial sewage 工业废水 sewage discharge 废水排放 sewage treatment 污水处理 multipurpose use 综合利用 white pollution limit/ban/prohibit the use of disposable plastic bags/packages use throwaway degradable plastic bags 可降解一次性塑料袋 disposable chopsticks use recyclable and reusable products rather than disposable household garbage 生活垃圾 garbage classification 垃圾分类 throw away/discard/desert/litter waste (rubbish, garbage, trash, litter) snack bags 零食袋 leftovers ( 必须用复数 ) 66 carry out/implement sustainable development strategy 实施可持续发展战略 (put…into effect) promote sustainable development rather than push forward the economy at the expense of the ecosystem create pleasant living environment 创造怡人的生活环境 enhance the cityscape

paste/post illegal ads/hard-to-remove bills hand leaflets out/distribute leaflets 发传单 carve/inscribe characters (like…) on the wall or statues, which causes damage, irremediable in some cases, to the cultural relics and historic sites and takes even more money to repair. make our city untidy and unorganized 2 、 人与 资 源 conserve water/water conservation consume water/water consumption water shortage=shortage (scarcity/dearth) of water conserve (scarce) natural resources consume/deplete natural resources put a strain on the resources/stretch resources to the limit use resources properly rather than use up/exhaust natural resources over-exploit natural resources/over-exploitation of natural resources/abuse of natural resources exploit natural resources unlimitedly and blindly without considering the potential damage that can be done to nature, and more important, to human beings the abuse of natural resources harness natural resources rather than misuse natural resources non-renewable resources are in a state of rapid exhaustion short-term commercial interests the profit-oriented behavior leadership’s obsession with short-term growth devastating effects/destructive effects exploit renewable resources keep the balance of nature by prohibiting the actions of blind/reckless exploitation 3 、人与 动 物 wild species 野生物种 wild animals/wildlife/wild life save/preserve/protect endangered wild animals/wildlife from extinction endanger wild animals destruct wildlife’s habitats/the destruction of wildlife’s habitats create nature reserve 创建自然保护区 create a pleasant living environment for the wildlife die out/go extinction/disappear from the planet prevent the extinction of wild species enrich biodiversity jeopardize biodiversity population explosion/population boom/population growt

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