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SB 4 Module 3

类型:征文活动 话题:学校变化 典例展示 ( 语法填空→ 满分作文) Great Changes I am deeply impressed by the great changes that 1. school over the past three years. 2. 3. May 12,2008,a severe earthquake destroyed almost ev

erything in the school, (leave) badlydamaged buildings.It is now,however,taking on a new look.Tall (take) place in the

buildings have been put up,including classrooms and laboratory buildings,and 4. library.5. is also a newlybuilt standard playground.In the new environment,teachers (happy) and working hard.7. is really amazing that

and students are living 6.

the onceruined place has now been turned into a beautiful school,full of life. 8. (obvious), without the help of the whole society, there would be no new school have brought about the great changes.Many hands we unite as a family,caring for each other

today.It is love and concern 9. make light work.We can work wonders 10. and helping those in need.Unity is strength.

(2011· 福建卷) 佳句变式 范文中的黑体句子可改为如下句式: 1.What impressed me most is the great changes that have taken place in the school over the past three years. 2.As a saying goes,many hands make light work.

1.deal n.协议;交易→deal 2.involve vt.包括→be involved 3.spread vi.张开;展开→spread sth. 4.stare vi.凝视;盯着看→stare 5.panic v.& n.恐慌;惊慌→

处理;涉及→do sth. 卷入;专注于 on/over sth.在??展开 sb./sth.盯着看?? panic 惊慌


6.request n.& v.请求;要求→request sth.


1.live adj.现场的→


adj.精力充沛的 adj.有意识的

2.unconscious adj.无意的;不知不觉的→ 3.agriculture n.农业→ 4.formal adj.正式的→ adj.农业的 adj.非正式的

5.threatening adj.恐吓的;具有威胁的→ 6.judgement n.判断;意见→

v.威胁→ v.判断;n.法官;裁判员


An excellent salesperson is requested to be aggressive and good at communicating with other people in today’s competitive society.Communication , which involves various interactions,helps to improve the relationship.He needs to have good judgement and be used to dealing with all kinds of people whether on formal or informal occasions.Are you in favour of me? 学情自测 A.语境填词 request formal live judge 1. 2.Is it in our 3.Visitors are 4.The club has 5.They agreed to hold an B.用本单元所学词汇替换划线部分 1.The company trades in computer software. 2.I was so absorbed in my book that I didn’t hear your knock. favour

by her last letter,they are having a wonderful time. or against us? not to touch the exhibits. music most nights. meeting.

3.She opened her arms and the child ran towards her. 4.After this,he gave a long and surprised look at her. 5.They were in a state of great fear.

1.on guard 2.communicate be 3.make a deal 4.give give in 5.

(保持)警惕;站岗 sth.防止;提防(某事) sb.(与某人)交流信息;沟通 communication with 与??交流 达成协议 处理;涉及 泄露;暴露(自己的情况) 屈服于 one’s request 应某人的请求 one’s invitation 应某人之邀


偶然 purpose 故意地

7.say hello/goodbye


sb.goodbye 向某人挥手告别 8.be busy as busy as a 学情自测 用框中所给词的适当形式替换划线部分 say hello to give away make a deal be busy with by chance on guard sth.忙于某事 忙得不可开交

1.The Japanese government reached an agreement with Germany during the Second World War.

2.Don’t let out the ending of the story. 3.The soldier who is on duty is my friend. 4.The other day I met her by accident. 5.She went on working after she greeted me. 6.He is occupied with his homework.


unless 1. needed.


so long as

in case

you want to get a job as a professor in a wellknown university,a PHD degree is

2.We’ll have a picnic in the park this Sunday 3.A small car is big enough for a family of three

it rains or it’s very cold. you need more space for baggage.

4.I don’t think Maria will be disappointed at the news,but I’ll see her she is. 5.—Do you have a minute?I’ve got something to tell you. —OK, you make it short.

1.various adj.several different 各种各样的 a variety of=varieties of 种种的;各种各样的 vary from... 注意 ...由??到??不等

(1)a variety of/varieties of 后接可数名词作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式。

(2)the variety of+复数名词,意为“??的品种”,作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。 (1)We have various summer camps for your holidays.You can choose one based on your own interests. 我们有各种各样的暑期夏令营,你可以根据自己的兴趣选择一个。 (2)Teaching methods greatly school school. (2011· 福建,21)

各个学校的教学方法大不相同。 (3)His mood seems according to the weather.

他的情绪似乎随天气的变化而变化。 2.involve v.if a situation,an event or an activity involves sth.,that thing is an important or necessary part or result of it 包含;需要;牵涉;to make sb.take part in sth.使参加 be/get involved in 卷入;专注于 involve...in...使卷入;使专注于?? be/get involved sb.迷上了某人

involve doing...包含做??;需要做?? 注意 involved 作前置定语和后置定语时的意义是不同的:

the problem involved 所涉及的问题

the involved problem 复杂的问题 (1)He in working out a plan.

他在专心致志地制定计划。 (2)By asking my opinion,he me their argument.

他询问我的意见,结果把我卷入了他们的争论。 (3)Much of his work involves dealing with drug and gang problems in the schools of his c ommunity. (2010· 天津,完形填空)

他的大部分工作主要是处理社区学校里的毒品和团伙问题。 3.favour n.a thing that you do to help sb.;approval or support for sb./sth.帮助;好事;恩惠; 赞同 ask a favour of sb.求某人帮一个忙 do a favour for sb.=do sb.a favour 帮某人一个忙 in favour of 赞成,主张 one’s favour 对某人有利 (1)May I ask a favour of you? 请您帮个忙好吗? (2)Was he 他赞成这个计划吗? (3) and turn the radio down while I’m on the phone,will the plan?

you?劳驾,我在打电话时你把收音机的声音调小点好吗? 4. request v. to ask for sth., or ask sb.to do sth.in a polite or formal way 要求; 请求; n.an action of asking for sth.in a polite or formal way 要求;请求 request that...?should? do...?虚拟语气?要求?? request sb. sth.请求某人做某事

request sth.from/of sb.向某人要求/请求某物 be in request 需要 at one’s request=at the request of sb.应某人的要求 (1)When a neighborhood requests a mural,the MAP works with the people there to develop a message. (2011· 大纲全国,阅读 A)

当四邻提出壁画的要求时,MAP 就和那儿的人合作制定出本社区壁画的主题。 (2)He requested that 他要求将她解雇。 (3)This kind of product is in the market. 这种产品在市场上大有需求。 .

1.make a deal 达成协议;做成交易 It’s a deal.成交;一言为定。 deal with 处理,对付;对待;解决;涉及 deal sth.经营;买卖?某一产品??

handle with 处理 (1)More articles, cartoons, advice columns, and radio and television programs have similarly dealt with the subject of private apologies. (2011· 江苏,任务型阅读)

更多的文章、卡通、建议栏、广播和电视节目都类似地涉及私人道歉的话题。 (2)Listen.This is 听着下面是我们达成的协议。 (3)It was a difficult situation,but she 尽管形势很困难,但她仍有效地进行了处理。 2.give away 暴露(自己的情况);赠送;泄露;丧失 give out 用完,用尽;公布,发表;精疲力竭 give off?散?发出?蒸汽?;发散?光线?? give in 屈服,投降,退让?to?? give 归还,送回;报复;交?呈?上 it effectively. we have made.

(1)Would they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game? (2011· 江苏,阅读 D) 他们会让 Shay 用棒击球丧失他们获胜的机会吗? (2) I need to some of these old baby clothes.

我需要把这些旧的婴儿衣服送出去一些。 (3)Her red eyes 她红红的眼睛让人看出她刚刚哭过。 3.Indeed,body positions are part of what we call “body language”.实际上,身体姿势 是我们所称的“身势语”的一部分。 句式提取:...what we call... what 引导名词性从句,在句中作介词 of 的宾语。what 是连接代词,引导的从句 还可作主语、表语等,what 本身在从句中可作主语、宾语、表语、定语等。 (1)Our teachers always tell us to believe in what we do and who we are if we want to succeed. (2011· 四川,10) 我们的老师总是告诉我们如果想成功,我们就要相信我们所做的和我们是谁。 (2)I want to be liked and loved for what I am inside. (2010· 北京,31) that she had cried.

我想让人们因我的内在品质而喜欢我和爱我。 (3)Everyone is confused by 大家对教授说的感到困惑。 写作句组——满分作文之佳句 a. We should be responsible for what we say and what we do so that we can develop a pleasant relationship with others. (2011· 湖南) (2011· 陕西) .

b.What puzzles you is actually a puzzle for many parents in ChinA.

4. But we don’t clap at the end of a television programme or a book, however good they are. 但是,在一个电视节目或一本书结束时,无论它们多么精彩我们都不鼓掌。 句式提取:however+形容词/副词 however=no matter how 引导让步状语从句时起双重作用, 一是引导让步状语从 句;二是修饰某一个形容词或副词,而这个形容词或副词要紧接在它之后。其 语序为:however/no matter how+形容词/副词+主语+谓语??。 其他类似用法的词语还有: (1)wherever=no matter where,whenever=no matter when 引导让步状语从句。 (2)whatever,whichever,who(m)ever 既可引导让步状语从句,又可引导名词性 从句。 no matter what,no matter which,no matter who(m)只引导让步状语从句。 (1)No matter how hard the Internet tries to put you in communication,its best efforts will be defeated by your mind. (2011· 福建,阅读 E)

不管网络费多大的劲试图使你进行交流,它的最大努力将被你的意志所击败。 (2) 不管花多少钱,他也得让人把汽车修好。 (3)Whatever(= 无 论 他 做 出 什 么 决 ) decisions he made,I would support him. 定 , 我 都 会 支 持 他 。 it cost,he had to have the car repaired.

Ⅰ.根据课文内容完成语法填空 Words and sentences are important in communication,1. only spoken and 2. culture to culture. Every culture has developed a formal way to greet strangers to show them they are not aggressive.4. (traditional),Europeans and Americans shake hands,5. means we communicate with not

(write) words,but also body language.Body language varies 3.

they trust each other. Greetings are different around 6. world.Traditionally in China,we put the right they touch their

hand over the left and bow slightly.Muslims give a “salaam”,7. heart,mouth and forehead.Hindus join their hands 8.

bow their heads in respect.

Today,people still use their hands in informal greetings,which also means trust.American youths often great 9. other with the expression,“Give me five!” (much) information than words,so people easily

Body language can convey 10. give themselves away by their gestures. Ⅱ.用约 30 个词概括课文内容

Ⅲ.先用所学词汇翻译下列句子,然后连句成篇 1.女性通常温和且不如男性好斗。(aggressive)

2.我曾无意间在一家正规医院遇到一次威胁行为。(threatening,formal,by accident)




6.她的身势语暴露了她的受贿企图。(give away)

7.要是病人家属给医生 1 000 元贿赂的话,(医患)双方就不会陷入恐慌状态了。(get into a panic,条件状语从句)

8.据说病人正在和那家医院进行交涉。(make a deal)

连句成篇——用 5 个句子将上述内容连成一篇短文

Ⅰ.完形填空 While my father was an officer of the British army in South Africa,we lived in a 1 house.One evening,my father and sister and I were sitting together.He was opposite the window.I suddenly 2 that he was turning very pale.I sat still,for I did not want to 3 my sick

sister.Soon father said in a 4 this evening,and I wish to be

voice, “Kate and Joan, a friend of mine is coming here to see me 5 him.Will you go up to your own room?”We obeyed,went

up to our room and closed the door. Soon I heard a 6 like that of a door burst in,and then a climb of feet.They were hurrying up the narrow stairs.Fearing that there was 7 near,I seized the pistol(手枪)on the table.Then I the door.” I did so.To my horror(恐

heard my father cry out,“For God’s sake,child, 8

怖),I saw,over my father’s shoulder,a gorilla(大猩猩),the worst enemy of the soldier in AfricA.He was 9 my father.I raised the pistol and fired.The animal fell backwards with loud cry.Father took the still the gorillA. It happened that father 13 us upstairs because he thought he would be able to 14 the 11 pistol from my hand,and fired another shot,which 12 10

door—which was twenty feet away—before the animal reached it.However,the gorilla was too 15 for him;and this was the cause of the hurried flight(逃跑)up the stairs. B.two storeyed D.two storeys B.learned D.noticed B.frighten D.trouble B.sad D.pleasant B.alone with D.careful with B.cry D.shout B.some dangerous

1.A.twostoreyed C.twostoreys 2.A.knew C.felt 3.A.hurt C.lose 4.A.loud C.calm 5.A.friendly to C.helpful to 6.A.sound C.voice 7.A.dangerous something

C.something dangerous 8.A.open C.pull 9.A.aiming at C.shooting at 10.A.an exciting C.an angry 11.A.smoked C.smokefully 12.A.hit C.frightened 13.A.had taken C.had driven 14.A.push C.guard 15.A.quick C.heavy Ⅱ.语法填空

D.an accident B.close D.draw B.marching towards D.running after B.a calm D.a natural B.smoke D.smoking B.murdered D.killed B.had sent D.had forced B.lock D.defend B.huge D.stupid

I was born right here in this house and I’ve lived in this city all my life.That seems 1. (usual) these days,doesn’t it?But it’s the way it used to be in the old days.People never used to move away from 2. 3. hometown.They were born in a place,and they lived there

they died.My first wife died 10 years ago.We had 70 wonderful years together.We good conversation.That’s another thing that now young people just

were very much alike.Both of us loved 4.

is changed.People used to talk to each other more in the past.5. watch TV.Yes,I have lived 6. laugh a lot.7.

a hundred years.As for my secret of long life,well,I

(laugh) is very important and also I keep myself busy.I get a lot of (regular)

exercise, too.I’ve always enjoyed sports.I went skiing and horseback riding 8. until I was 85.And I have always liked swimming.9.

a matter of fact,I still swim every

day at the high school pool,and now I’ve married again.I’ve started doing a little 10. (run)! Ⅲ.阅读理解 The Internet has led to a huge increase in creditcard fraud.Your card information could even be for sale in an illegal web site. Web sites offering cheap goods and services should be regarded with care. Online shoppers who enter their creditcard information may never receive the goods they

thought they bought.The thieves then go shopping with your card number—or sell the information over the Internet.Computers hackers(黑客)have broken down security systems,raising questions about the safety of cardholder information.Several months ago,25,000 customers of CD Universe, an online music retailer(零售商), were not lucky.Their names, addresses and creditcard numbers were posted on a web site after the retailer refused to pay US information. Creditcard firms are now fighting against online fraud.Mastercard is working on plans for web—only creditcard,with a lower credit limit.The card could be used only for shopping online.However,there are a few simple steps you can take to keep from being cheated. Ask about your creditcard firm’s online rules Under British law,cardholders have to pay the first US of any spending with a trick. And shop only at secure sites Send your creditcard information only if the web site offers an advanced secure system. If the security is in place,a letter will appear in the bottom righthand corner of your screen.The web site address may also start https://...—the extra “s” stands for secure.If in doubt,give your creditcard information over the telephone. Keep your password safe Most online sites require a user name and password before placing an order.Treat your password with care. 1.What do most people worry about the Internet according to this passage? A.A lot of stolen creditcards were sold on the Internet. B.Fraud on the Internet. C.Many web sites are destroyed. D.Many illegal web sites are on the Internet. 2.What is the meaning of “fraud”? A.Cheating. C.Payment. B.Sale. D.Safety. ,828 to get back the

3.How can the thieves get the information of the creditcard? A.The customers give them the information. B.The thieves steal the information from web sites. C.The customers sell the information to them. D.The thieves buy the information from creditcard firms. 4.How many pieces of advice does the passage give to you? A.Four. C.Five. B.Three. D.Six.

5.You are shopping on the site:http://www.Shopping.com,and you want to buy a TV set,

what does this article suggest you do? A.Order the TV set at once. B.Do not buy the TV set on this site. C.Email the site your creditcard information. D.Tell the site your password and buy the TV set for you.

调查报告类 高考中调查类写作常用“少量文字+表格或图表”的形式来命题。 一、篇章结构 1.开门见山地交待调查的时间、对象、主题等。 2.描述调查结果,一般是描述表格中数据所反映的情况,数据间的主要差异或趋势,或有 的还要求谈谈数据所反映出来的问题,并分析原因。 3.提出个人观点或对解决该问题提出建议。 二、套语背诵 1.交代调查的时间、对象和主题的套语。 首先要交待某人在什么时候在哪些人中就什么问题进行了调查。常用套语有: (1)I have recently made a survey among 30 boys and 30 girls in my class about their purposes of surfing the Internet. 最近我对我班的 30 名男生和 30 名女生进行了调查,看他们上网做什么。 (2)Last week,we did/conducted/carried out a survey among all the students in our school on the time they spent in sleeping every day. 上周,我们就每天的睡眠时间对全校学生进行了调查。 2.描述调查结果的套语。 (1)From the above table,we can conclude (that) over 20% of the teenagers are addicted to smoking. 根据上表,我们可以得出如下结论:超过 20%的青少年吸烟上了瘾。 (2)As is shown in the above table,senior three students spend the least time in sleeping.如上 表所示,高三学生睡眠时间最少。 (3)As can be seen from the table above,more than 70% of the students have formed a very good habit of studying. 从上表可以看出,70%以上的学生已经形成了良好的学习习惯。 3.描述数据所反映的问题的套语。 在描述调查结果所反映出来的问题时, 我们可以用非限制性定语从句或分词短语来表达。

如: (1)30% of the students questioned say they think it better not to have physical exercise,which shows/mirrors/reflects/reveals that these students lack the awareness of keeping healthy. 在被调查的学生中,有 30%的人说,他们认为最好不要进行体育锻炼。这表明,这些学 生缺乏保持健康的意识。 (2)Only seven percent of the students are interested in looking up new words in the dictionary,showing/mirroring/reflecting that owing to their laziness,these students would rather be given everything by their teachers.只有 7%的学生喜欢利用词典查生词,这表明这 些学生由于太懒,宁愿老师包办一切。 4.阐述个人观点或建议的套语。 (1)As far as I am concerned,effective measures should be instantly taken to help students to spend more time on sleep. 在我看来,应该立即采取有效措施来帮助学生获得更多的休息时间。 (2)From my own perspective, we should take action to help students to make good use of their study time. 在我看来,我们应当采取措施帮助学生好好利用学习时间。 三、范文欣赏:调查“谁是你的偶像” Last week,we did a survey among 2,600 students on “Who Is Your Idol”.The survey shows that half of the girls choose film and TV stars as their idols,while 48% of the boys favor sports stars. As the data shows , “parents” ranks second for the girls , but the fourth for the boys.However ,the percentage of the boys choosing “great figure” is the same as that of the girls.As for myself,Thomas Edison is my idol,because his inventions have greatly changed our life. 心得体会 在考题中, 要求考生概括故事内容要点之后, 有时还要求考生谈一谈看完故事后的感受 或从中受到的启示,或者说说故事的寓意。 一、套语背诵 1.After reading the story,I realize that...读完故事后我意识到?? 2.After reading this story,I was lost in thought.I came to realize that...读完故事后我陷入沉思 中。我开始意识到?? 3.Having finished reading the story,I was deeply touched.I am aware of... 读完故事后我深受感动,意识到?? 4.I am so touched/impressed/inspired/encouraged by...我被……感动/鼓舞/鼓励 二、范文欣赏:诚实/勿以善小而不为

After reading the story,I am so touched by Alan’s returning a diamond ring to the owner, whose behavior is well worth praising.There is no doubt that honesty still plays a very important role in people’s life and only those who are honest will be trusted and respected by people.Anyone’s small good deeds sometimes will get big returns or make a great difference! So don’t neglect the smallest actions we behave every day.Cultivate our behavior and be an honest person.


晨背佳作——语法填空 1.have taken 2.On 3.leaving 4.a 5.There 6.happily 7.It 8.Obviously 9.that 10.if 词汇梳理 Ⅰ. A 1.with;with 2.in 3.out 4.at 5.in 6.from/of

B 1.alive;lively 2.conscious 3.agricultural 4.informal 5.threaten;threat 6.judge 学情自测 A 1.Judging 2.favour 3.requested 4.live 5.informal B 1.deals 2.involved 3.spread 4.stared 5.panic 3.deal;with

Ⅱ. 1.guard;against 2.with;in 4.away;to 7.to;wave 学情自测

5.at;at 6.accident/chance;on 8.with;bee

1.made a deal 2.give away 3.on guard

4.by chance

5.said hello to 6.is busy with

Ⅲ.1.If 2.unless 3.unless 4.in case 5.so long as 高频考点 重点单词 1.to;vary;from;to;to vary 2.with;was involved;involved;in 3.in;in favour of;Do me a favour 4.to do;she (should) be dismissed;in great request 短语与句式 1.in;the deal;dealt with 2.back;give away;gave her away 3.what the professor said 4.However(=No matter how) much;No matter what 知识活用 Ⅰ. 1.but 2.written 10.more Ⅱ. We communicate with not only words and sentences,but also body language,which 3.from 4.Traditionally 5.which 6.the 7.where 8.and 9.each

varies from culture to culture.Actually,body language conveys so much information that we can easily know what people mean by their gestures. Ⅲ.1.Usually,women are gentle and not as aggressive as men. 2.I once met a threatening behaviour in a formal hospital by accident. 3.A woman doctor didn’t have a good communication with her patient. 4.The doctor performed an operation on the patient in a wrong place. 5.When asked why that happened,she made a rude gesture. 6.Her gesture gave away her bribery attempt. 7. If the doctor had been offered a 1,000 yuan bribe by the patient’s family member, both sides would not have got into a panic. 8.It’s claimed that the patient is trying to make a deal with the hospital at present. 连句成篇 Usually,women are gentle and not as aggressive as men,but I once met a threatening behaviour in a formal hospital by accident.A woman doctor,who had not a good communication with her patient,performed an operation on the patient in a wrong place.When asked why that happened,she made a very rude gesture,which gave away her bribery attempt.If the doctor had been offered a 1,000 yuan bribe by the patient’s family member,both sides would not got into a panic.It is claimed that the patient is trying to make a deal with the hospital at present. 能力提升 Ⅰ.1.A 13.B 2.D 14.B 3.B 15.A 5. But 6. for 7. Laughing 8. regularly 9. As 4.C 5.B 6 .A 7.C 8.A 9. D 10.C 11.D 12.D

Ⅱ.1.unusual 2. their 3. until/till 4. a 10.running Ⅲ.1.B 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.B

外研版必修四module3知识点_英语_高中教育_教育专区。必修 Module 3 body language and non-verbal communication 知识点总结 重点短语 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. var...
Book 4 Module 3 答案
Book4 Module 3 1. 交流;沟通 v. communicate n. communication (1) Honest...a favor = do a favor for sb. (3)支持,赞同:in favor of (4) The ...
英语必修一Module 3 & 4
英语必修一Module 3 & 4_英语_高中教育_教育专区。外研社必修一module3&4单词...2.feel for sb 同情,怜悯某人 feel as if/though 觉得仿佛 feel one’s ...
必修五module3-4(1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Module 3 一、 重点单词及拓展...穿上盛装,化妆,打扮 dress sb.给??穿衣服 辨析 dress/wear/put on/have ...
必修二 module3、4重点短语句型 后附答案
Module 4 1.be intereted in ? 2. a great nineteenth-century Chinese artist 3.under the name(of) 4 in sb’s name 5 He was considered to be the...
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SB 4 Module 1_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。类型:求职信 话题:应聘英文...(2)a place rich in...一个富产??的地方 (3)a city with much industry...
Module 3 Book1 Ⅰ. 重要词汇拓展 1. ___ n. 距离→___adj.遥远的→__...3.have a date with sb; 4.out of order 5.out of reach ; 6out of ...
必修4 Module 3
必修4 Ⅰ.重点词汇 Module 3 Body Language and Nonverbal Communication A.联想...防止;提防(某事) 2.communicate ___ sb. (与某人)交流信息;沟通 be ___ ...
book4 module3词汇
book4 module3词汇_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Communication /N/ ?/U/交流,沟通...(蠢事): Rude /adj/ 粗鲁的 be rude to sb 对...粗鲁 It is rude to ...
复习1. Module 2 Traffic jam 展览 be on ___ be on ___ be on exhibition 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. permit sb___ sth permit ___ sth pr...
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