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Unit 2 Poems(period 1)
Warming up
Can you recite the Chinese traditional poems according to their English translation? 1.If you would ask me how my sorrow has increased, Just see the over-brimming river flowing east! 2.How long will the bright moon appear? Wine-cup in hand, I ask the sky. I do not know what time of year,It would be tonight in the palace on high. 3.I look for her in vain.When all at once I turn my head, I find her there where lantern light is dimly shed. 4.Till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon, to bring me my shadow and make us three. 5.Wildfire never quite consumes them -- they are tall once more in the spring wind. 6.Looking up, I find the moon bright, bowing, in homesickness I’m drownedhttp://s5w.cn/ 7.Very quietly I take my leave as quietly as I came here; Quietly I wave good-bye to the rosy clouds in the western sky.

Skim the poems in the Reading and tick the correct box(es)for each question. Which poem A B C D E F G H describes a person? tells a story? describes an aspect of a season? is about sport? is about things that don’t make sense? is recited to a baby? describes a river scene? has rhyming words at the end of lines? repeats words or phrases?


Period 2 Reading
Go through the passage quickly and answer the following questions. 1.What is the main topic of the reading passage?

2.How many kinds of poems does the text mention?

What are they?

1.Read Para 2 and find out the characteristics of nursery rhymes. Poem A comprehending Underline the pair of rhyming words. a.What is the baby’s father going to buy if the mirror gets broken?

b.. What is the baby’s father going to do if the goat runs away?

2.Read Para 3 and answer the following question. What are list poems like?

Poem B&C Comprehending underline the pair of rhyming words in Poem B. Poem C : Answer the following questions a. Did his team win the game? b. How many excuses did they make to explain why they didn’t win?

c. Does the speaker really believe his own excuse? 3.Read Para 4 and answer the following question. a.How many lines is the cinquain made up of? b.What is the characteristics of the cinquain? Poem E:Does the speaker like summer? Why? 4.Read Para 5 carefully and find out the similarity and difference between Cinquain and Haiku . Similarity : Differences : Poem H: Could you tell us the woman’s story in your own words?

Q: Choose the words to show the woman’s feelings loneliness joy love trust anger hate sorrow

Period 3(Language points in reading)
1.Important words & expressions
convey concrete contradictory flexible pattern Take it easy Run out of diploma championship Try out salty endless minimum translation branch tease Be made up of sponsor darkness scholarship In particular eventually transform sorrow bare appropriate exchange compass warmth Let out


2. Important language points
(1).convey sth. to sb. 向某人传达/运送某物 convey sth./sb. to someplace 把某物/某人送到某地 convey one’s feelings/thanks to sb. 向某人表达某种感情/谢意 易混辨析 convey/transfer/transport convey基本含义指将物体从一地运送到另一地,或指语言、信 息等的传递。也可表示财产的转让,但该词更强调通过法律手段转 让财产或某种所有权。 transfer主要指工作地点的变换、住所及物体的转移,还可指旅 途中交通工具的变换,如转车、转船等。也可指把财产转让给他人。 transport基本含义是运送。但该词通常局限于用交通工具运输货 物和人。 (2).take it easy 轻松;不紧张;从容 take things easy 别紧张,慢慢来;从容不迫地进行工作 take one’s time 不匆忙;别着急;慢慢来 take sb. Wrong 误解(曲解)某人的意思 take sth. Seriously 认真地对待某事 Take sth for granted 认为......想当然 (3).run out of用完 run out of 意为“用完了”,是及物动词短语,表示主动意义,主语 一般是人。 run out=become used up,意为“……用完了”,是不及物动词短语,其 主语通常为时间、食物、金钱等名词。 We are running out of our money.=Our money is running out. 我们的钱快花光了。 其他有关短语: run short of sth. 缺乏,短缺 run short 不足;短缺 give out(为不及物动词短语)用尽;分发;宣布;发出;精疲力竭 use up (为及物动词短语)用完,消耗尽 (4). make up of 组成……;构成(常用于被动结构) make up 构成,组成;编造;化装 make up for sth. 弥补

be made up of= consist of ... 由……构成,组成 (5). transform v. 变成,彻底改变;转换;转化;改造 常用结构: transform sb./sth. (from sth. ...)(into sth ...) 使……变成…… The company is transformed from a family business into one with 5, 000 labours. 这家公司已从家族企业变成一家拥有5,000名员工的大公司。 (6) in particular 尤其,特别 对。 。 。 。讲究,挑剔 be particular about /over

1.Some rhymes (like B)while others do not(like C). While 用作并列连词表对比, 意为“,而, 然而” 用作从属连词,引导时间状语从句,意为“在...期间,当...时 候”。从句中的谓语动词通常是延续性动词。 用作从属连词,引导让步状语从句,意为“虽然,尽管”,相 当于though。 用作从属连词,引导条件状语从句,意为“只要”,相当于as long as. 易混辨析 while & but while强调二者对比,but强调前后的转折关系。 2. And said though strange they all were true. 尽管有点奇怪,但这些都是真实的。 在时间状语从句和条件状语从句中,如果从句的主语与主句 的主语相一致,且从句含动词be时,从句可用省略主语和动词be 的形式。 在when it is+adj. 结构中,it is也经常省略。 等于if I’m invited to) 如果受到邀请的话, 我就去参加玛丽的生日聚会。 What were you doing while staying at the hotel?(while staying ...等于 while you were staying ...) 待在宾馆的这段时间你在干什么? Whenever (it was) possible, they would stop him and ask him the question. 只要可能,他们就会让他停下问他这个问题。 温馨提示

在条件状语从句、让步状语从句、方式状语从句中,也经常采用这 种省略的形式。 3.With so many different forms of poetry to choose from, students may eventually want to write poems of their own. with 的复合结构。with+宾语+宾补 在句中充当状语,表方式,原 因,条件等。 (1)with+宾语+形容词 (2)with+宾语+副词 down. (3)with+宾语+介词短语 Do you know the women with a child in her arms. (with a book in hand=book in hand,he went in.) (4)with+宾语+不定式 With the old man to lead us,we’ll have no difficulty going through the forest. (5)with+宾语+现在分词 With the old man leading us,we had no no trouble finding his house. (6)with+宾语+过去分词 The old man was brought in with his hands tied behind his back. 训练案 1.The Greens have their garage into a guest house. A. Transformed B. transmitted C. Transported D. Translated 2.—It can’t be too worse. —Just , things will turn out to be better so long as you don’t stop trying. A. be all right B. take your time C. ignore it D. take it easy 3.Can you spare me some paper? Mine . A. has run out B. has used up C. has run out of D. is run out 4.Everyone in our class likes Mary because she is good at telling and jokes. A. turning up B. putting up C. making up D. showing up Tom always sleeps with his eyes open. Tom stood before the teacher with his head


5.When help, one often says “Thank you.” or “It’s kind of you.” A.Offering B. to offer C. to be offered D. Offered 6. The head office of the bank is in Beijing,but it has___all over the country. A. companies B. branches C.organizations D.businesses 7.Their basketball team,mainly___black players,is sure to win the match, A. made of B. made into C. made from D. made up of 8. She__this movement to protect animals. A. hates B. takes C. sponsors D. meets 9. The cloth has a___of red and white squares,which is very beautiful. A. design B. pattern C. model D. sample 10. -Oh,help!The pan is on fire! -___.I can handle it. A. Take it easy B. Stop shouting C. Help yourself D. You bet 11. In only 20 years,the country has been__into an advanced industrial power. A. translated B. become C. looked D. transformed 12. --We__gas.I'm afraid we can't go much farther. --I know there's a gas station ahead.Sure it will last us till get there. A. tun out B. have run out C. are running out of D. have run out of 13.-----I am afraid I can`t return the book to you before Friday. -----________. A. Don`t be afraid B. Be careful C. Not at all D. Take your time 14. American Indians ___about five percent of the U.S population. A. fill up B. bring up C. make up D. set up 15. This magazine is very___with young people, who like its content and style. A.familiar B. popular C.similar D. particular 16.What is it that the author wants to___to his readers through the story? A.meet B.convey C.take D.talk 17.The boss was very angry because he was kept ___about what had happened in one of his departments. A.in dark B.in the dark C.in darkness D.in the darkness

Period 4(Using language)
课文译文 我把夏天省下 罗德· 麦丘恩(Rod Mckuen) 我把夏天省下, 全都交给了你。 当雪花儿初降时, 让冬天的早晨停住。 我把阳光省下, 以供你不时之需。 在那远离黑暗的地方, 你的心灵会得到滋养。 那年你才十九岁, 我就珍藏了你的微笑。 等你长大成人以后, 才知道年轻勇敢的微笑的奥秘。 我不知道有什么办法, 帮你踏上你人生的旅程。 答案也许就在某处, 在白天结束的那个时辰。 但是如果你需要爱, 我会献上我所有的爱。 它也许能帮你踏上旅程, 直到你也找到属于你的爱。

1 appropriate adj适当的,正当的 be appropriate for/to 适合…… It is appropriate for sb. to do sth. 适合某人做某事 It is appropriate (that)... ...是合适的 2.exchange n.&v 交换;交流;互换 in exchange for...作为……的交换;以……换……

exchange A for B 用 A 来交换 B exchange sth. with sb.与某人交换某物 have/make an exchange of ... 交换... 3. darkness n.夜色;暗处;黑夜;黑暗 in (the) darkness,in the dark 两者虽都表示“在黑暗中”,但也有区别。 in (the) darkness 一般指一时的情况。 The room was in complete darkness.室内一团漆黑。 in the dark 一般指经常的情况,且 in the dark 有“全然不知,蒙 在鼓里”之意,而 in (the) darkness 没有这种用法。 Cats can see in the dark. 猫 在 黑 暗 中 能 看 得 见 东 西 。 用 in the darkness,in the dark 填空 (1)I could not see her face in_the_darkness. (2)He doesn’t tell me his plan. So I was completely in_the_dark. (3)The front rooms were all in_the_darkness. 4. load n.负担;负荷物 Slowly the old man carries his load.老人慢慢地挑着担子前行。 (回归课本) take a load off one’s mind 打消某人的顾虑 a load of = loads of sth.大量的…… take up one’s heavy load 承担重任 load vt./vi.使承载,使负荷;把子弹上膛,把胶卷装入相机 load... with...用……装载…… load sth. into/onto...把……装入/到…… 5. inspire v.鼓舞;使产生灵感;在心中激起(某种感情) Before listening, think about what might inspire you to write poetry.在听之前,仔细想一下使你产生写诗的灵感是什么。(回归课 本 inspire sb.鼓舞某人 inspire sb. with +n.? ?激起某人…… inspire+n.+in sb. ? inspire sb. with courage 激起某人勇气 inspire confidence in sb.激起某人的信心 6 be likely to do sth.可能……

likely,possible,probable 三者均为表示“可能的”的形容词。 possible 表示客观上潜在的可 能性;probable 表示有几分根据的猜测,比 possible 所指的可能性 大些。likely 表示有充分根据的预测。possible 和 probable 的主语只 能是物,而 likely 的主语既可以是人,也可以是物。 It’s likely to snow this evening.今晚很可能下雪。 (=It is likely that it is going to snow this evening.) He’s likely to come tomorrow.他明天很可能来。 (=It is likely that he will come tomorrow.) Possible, if not probable. 即使不见得发生,至少是可能的。 That is not only possible, it is probable. 那不仅是可能的,而且是很可能会发生的。 7. hold on继续下去;(在困境或危险中)坚持住,挺住;等待;别挂断 hold on to sth.紧紧抓住;保留(某物) hold back 阻挡;抑制 hold up 举起,抬起;维持良好状态 8. let out发出;放走;泄露 Slowly the blackbird lets_out a cry.黑尾鸟慢慢地发出叫声。 let alone 更不用说,更谈不上 let go 放手,放开,释放 let sb./sth. alone 对某人/某事放任不管,置之不理 let down 把……放下来;使(某人)失望 let in 允许进入;容许,许可 9. try out 测试,试验 try on 试穿;试戴 try to do 努力去...,尽力去... try doing 试着做

Ⅰ .单词拼写 1. _______ (背着) with the necessities, we made it convenient for our travel. 2.Young people should learn to behave ___________ (恰当地), especially on formal occasions. 3.After a few minutes our eyes got used to the _________(黑暗).

4.He bent his face down to the fire, seeking comfort from its ______. 5.She won a __________(奖学金) to study at Oxford University. 6.We still ___________ gifts at Christmas. 7.If you are lost in the wood, it’s very handy to have a _______ with you. 8.They promised to love each other forever. Ⅱ .短语填空

1.At the sight of the snake, the frightened girl _______a cry. 2.Plain simple clothes ________________ school wear. 3.John hopes to _________ his new running shoes this weekend. 4.We haven’t _____ such ____ for years. 5.We will ________another minute, then we’ll have to go. 6. On Monday I heard _________ that Miss Zhang was in Beijing. 7.We had only six members to __________. 8.My uncle _____________ come this Sunday. Ⅲ .单句改错 1.When I was young,I was used to recite poems. 2.My father took 3.We won the match because we trained as many as we could. 4.Lucky, James is good at writing poems. 5.The money has been run out. 7.This makes the poems easy to be learned. Ⅳ .完成句子 1.我和他交换了座位。 I _________my seat _____ his. 2.她挑了一件适合该场合穿的衣服。 She picked up a dress _______________ the occasion. 3.她养这么一大家子人负担真的很重。 Supporting such a large family is really _____________ for her. 4.他无意中透露他和妻子吵架了,一个月没回家了。 He accidentally ___________ he had quarreled with his wife and that he hadn’t been home for a month.

Period 5(虚拟语气练习题)

一、单项选择 1. Li Ming, if I _____ you, I ____ their offer. A. were; accept B. am; will accept C. would be; would accept D. were; would accept 2. If I ____, would you help me? A. ask B. will ask C. were to ask D. would ask 3. What should we do if it _____ tomorrow? A. should snow B. would snow C. snow D. will snow 4. The author ________ his work if he had not died. A. would finish B. may have finished C. should finish D. might have finished 5. If you were careful, everything ______ all right. A. is B. were C. will be D. should be 6. The teacher demanded that the exam _____ before eleven. A. must finish B. would be finished C. be finished D. must be finished 7. She made the demand that the journalists _____ at once ______ Iraq. A. leave; for B. leave; to C. left; to D. to be left; for 8. He is talking so much about America as if he _____ there. A. had been B. has been C. was D. has gone 9. The young man insisted that he _____ nothing wrong and _____ free. A. did; set B. had done; should be set C. should do; be set D. had done; must be set 10. I suggested there ____ be a kind of language all could understand and use ____ . A. can; it B. /; / C. would; it D. may; / 11. The suggestion has been made _____ the basketball game _____ put off. A. for; to B. that; be C. which; should be D. to; being 12. The order came that the medical supplies _____ to Beijing for the SARS soon. A. would be sent B. should send

C. be sent D. must be sent 13. It is important that we _____ wild animals. A. will protect B. should protect C. shall protect D. are protecting 14. Had you listened to the doctor, you _____ all right now. A. are B. were C. would be D. would have been 15. If only I _____ my watch! A. hadn’t lost B. haven’t lost C. didn’t lost D. don’t lose 16. _____ today, he would get there by Friday. A. Would he leave B. Was he leaving C. Were he to leave D. If he leave 17. Should it rain, the crops _____ . A. would be saved B. would have been saved C. will be saved D. had been saved 18. You _____ come earlier. The bus left a minute ago. A. would B. should have C. may D. have 19. He treated me as though/as if _____ his own son. A. I am B. I would be C. I was D. I were 20. I _____ you some money, but I hadn’t any on me then. A. would lend B. would have lent C. could lend D. may have lent 21. But for the Party, he ______ of hunger thirty years ago. A. would have died B. would die C. must have died D. must die 22. We _____ the work on time without your help. A. hadn’t had finished B. couldn’t have finished C. didn’t have finished D. can’t have finished 23. I’m glad I went over all my notes; otherwise _____ . A. I may have failed B. I’d fail C. I’d have failed D. I’ll have failed 24. --- “What will you do during the summer holiday?” --- “I don’t know, but it’s high time _____ something.” A. I’m deciding B. I’ll decide C. I decided D. I decide


25. If it were not for the fact that you _____ ill, I would ask you to do this right now. A. were B. had been C. are D. should be 二、用所给动词的正确形式填空,注意使用合适的情态动词助动词 1. If I _____(see) him yesterday I _____(ask) him about it. 2. What do you think would happen if there _____ (be) no light during the days? 3. But for your help, I couldn’t _____(find) the place. 4. If her lawyer _____ (be) here last Sunday, he _____ (prevent) her from going. 5. If Miss Green _____ (come) late tomorrow, who would take her place? 6. It seems as if it ____ (be) already summer now. 7. I wish I _____ (see) him the day before yesterday. 8. I made the suggestion that they _____ (stick) to the plan they had made. 9. It is suggested that a study plan _____ (make) right now. 10. They required that we _____ (help) them get in the crops. 11.I’d rather Tom _____ (come) tomorrow. 12.It is about time you ____ (take) the medicine, sir. 13.If there _____ (be) no electricity in the future, our life _____ (change) a lot. 14. What would have happened if you 15. I wish I (meet) my uncle yesterday. (not help) her child?

三、完成句子(每空一词): 1.真想不到我们俩会在这里见面. It's strange that we


2.如果没有参加玛丽的生日聚会的话,我们彼此就不会认识了. If we _______ ________ ________ ________ Mary's birthday

party, we _________ _________ _______each other. 3. —这么近的路,我们应该步行到车站来。 — 是啊,根本没必要乘 出租车。 —We to the station, it was so near. —Yes. A taxi wasn't at all necessary. 4.万一明天下雨的话,我们将不得不推迟比赛。 ________ it rain tomorrow, we to put off the match. 5. 假如他来不了, 我们怎么办呢? If he _______ _______ _______ _______, what ________ we say to him. 四、句型转换: 1.It is necessary for college students to master at least one foreign language. =It is necessary college students at least one foreign language. 2.Without sunlight, there would be neither plants nor animals. = sunlight, there would be neither plants nor animals. 3.She insisted on translating the sentence this way. =She insisted that the sentence this way . 4.The students suggested going there on foot. =The students suggested there on foot. 5.She suggested that we should go to his help. = is that we to his help. 6.Lucy didn't come to class today because she didn't feel well. = she well, she to class today. 7.I don't know French, so I can't talk to the French friends. =If I French, I could talk to the French friends. 8.He didn't take his parents' advice and he is not a college student now. =If he his parents' advice, he a college student now.


Period 7(单元基础知识测评)
1.— Do you think he can pass the exam? — He is ________ to fail because he was ill for several days. A.possible B.probable C.likely D.maybe 2 . Giving lessons to 10 students is a fairly light teaching ________. A.weight B.burden C.amount D.load 3 . His casual clothes were not ________ for such a formal occasion. A.ready B.good C.special D.appropriate 4.I had hoped that Mary ________ at least a week with her grandma in the countryside, but she stayed there only for two days. A.spends B.spent C.would spend D.will spend 5.Your advice that ________ a letter to her teacher to express her apology is reasonable. A.she writes B.she write C.write she D.she wrote 6.His sudden look of fear made ________ clear that he had something to do with the matter. A.him B.this C.it D.that 7.These new ideas seem fine but they need ________. A.trying on B.trying out C.to try on D.to try out 8.I offer the information ________ that it may prove useful. A.by any chance B.on a chance C.by chance D.on the off chance 9.His paintings were clearly ________ by Monet’s work. A.caused B.inspired C.created D.done 10.— Did you meet with the famous space hero? — ________ I had come here earlier! A.If only B.If not C.But for D.For fear 11.I like getting up very early in summer.The morning air is so good________.(全国Ⅰ 高考) A.to be breathed B.to breathe C.Breathing D.being breathed 12.—I’m still working on my project. —Oh,you’ll miss the deadline.Time is ________.(江苏高考)

A.running out B.going out C.giving out D.losing out 13.It’s not ________ good idea to drive for four hours without ________ break.(全国Ⅱ 高考) A.a;a B.the;a C.the;the D.a;the 14.You have to ________ a choice. Are you going to leave the job or stay?(四川高考) A.decide B.get C.do D.make 15.—Is Peter there? —________,please.I’ll see if I can find him for you.(江苏高考) A.Hold up B.Hold on C.Hold out D.Hold off II.阅读理解 Arachne was a young peasant girl who was well known for the beautiful tapestries(织锦)she wove.One day at a local fair(集市),she was busy working when a crowd gathered around.“What beautiful designs! ”said the crowd.“Truly her tapestries are better than Athena’s! ” High up in her home on Mt. Olympus,Athena heard the praises of the crowd and,as the goddess of arts and crafts(技艺女神),wanted to know more about this girl.Athena disguised(假扮)herself as an old beggar and appeared before the young girl. With the praise of the onlookers , Arachne became very proud.“Athena would have to work hard to achieve my skill, ”she said, “My tapestries are the best.” “Don’t you know how unwise it is to laugh at the gods? You should beg Athena to forgive you at once,”Athena warned the girl. Arachne paid no attention to the warning and continued,“I don’t need to apologize for my skill.Why,if Athena and I were to have a competition, I am certain I would win.”Hearing this, Athena could stand it no longer and showed her true appearance.She declared,“Let’s start the competition now ! ”Arachne nodded and they both began weaving.Rapidly pictures appeared on their looms(织布机).Athena’s tapestry showed a person being punished for being arrogant( 自大 的)towards the gods while Arachne’s tapestry pictured the gods being silly. In the end,Athena became very angry and said,“Since you are so proud of your weaving,then that is what you shall do forever.”As soon as she gave the command,Arachne’s body and legs turned smaller and smaller until she became a small spider.

Even today,Arachne remains in that form,weaving her webs day and night. 1.Arachne became very proud because________. A.she was more skilled than Athena in weaving B.the onlookers praised her ability C.the onlookers thought she was the goddess D.she drew a crowd to admire her weaving 2.Athena showed her true appearance before Arachne because she________. A.wanted to change Arachne into a spider B.wanted to let Arachne know her identity C.was sure she could win the competition D.was angered by Arachne 3.Athena’s tapestry showed that________. A.she wanted to teach Arachne a lesson B.she wanted to weave something special C.she was tired of warning Arachne D.she could do something better than Arachne 4.Which of the following is the theme of this passage? A.It’s unwise to compete with others in public. B.It’s unwise to challenge powerful gods. C.It’s unwise to disrespect the gods. D.It’s unwise to show too much pride. 5.Where’s this passage most probably taken from? A.An online advertisement. B.A fairy tale book. C.A travel guide. D.A biology magazine.

During the summer vacation I think I should do something meaningfully instead of touring.So I got a job at a fast food restaurant and worked there for a cleaner.I worked 7 hours a day for three weeks.The job was bored and seemed endless,that made me too tired that I nearly stopped it half way.After all,I stuck it

with determination.Every day I started off for work early in the morning and got home late in the evening.Finally,I finished a job before the new school term.Now,I understand that labor means.I was think it is really a successful experience , which is worth remembering forever.

单项选择: 1.Without my glasses, I couldn’t __whether that figure one the blackboard was a three or an eight.. A. make out B. make up C.make for D. make off 2. With all the preparations for the task_____, we’re ready to start.. A. completed B.completing C. had been completed D. have been completed 3. There are ______ these books and _____ pencils on the desk. A. a dozen; scores of B. scores, a dozen of C. scores of, a dozen D. two dozens, a score 4. He suggested that we ____ the plan later, which suggested that he ____ against it. A. discussed; was B. would discuss; should be C. discuss; was D. should discuss; should be 5. Before leaving this country, you must be in _____ of a valid passport. A. provide B. possession C. core D. label 6. The train ____ over three hundred passengers over day. A. transmits B. ships C. conveys D. ferries 7. How I wish every family _____ a large house with a beautiful garden! A. has B. had C. will have D. have 8. I ____the trouble if only I ____my parents. A. would have avoided, listen to B. will have avoided, listened to C. would have avoided, had listened to C. shall have avoided, listen to 9.In only 30 years, the country has been _____ into an advanced industrial power. A. translated B. degraded C. declined D. transformed

10. He is giving her French lessons in ________ for her teaching him English. A. place B. turn C. exchange D. change 11. Making a speech like that is not __________ for him as a teacher. A. suitable B. fit C. appropriate D. correct 12. After many year’s attempts, China ________ managed to send the first man to have a space walk with Shenzhou-7 spacecraft in September 2008. A. awfully B. eventually C. lately D. actually 13. When I get puzzled about some difficult problems, my teacher always encourages me and says , “Take it _________ .” A. for granted B. serious C. simple D. easy 14. I ____________to give you a valuable present for your birthday , but I ________ money . A. would have liked to give ; ran out of B. would like to have given ; ran out of C. would like to give ; was run out of D. would like to give ; ran out 15.Five players ________a basketball team. A.made up of B.making up of C.consists of D.are consisted 16.---How much longer do you think we can ________? ----Ten days, maybe.I’m not sure. A.hold on B.hold up C.hold onto D.hold down 17.I like reading poems, because poems can ___certain ____. A.convey; emotion B.convey; emotions C.express; emotions D.explain; emotions 18.The Iranian government is accused of __ some terror organizations in the Middle East by the United States, who can’t not produce firm evidences to prove it. A.sponsoring B.providing C.offering D.supplying 19.The little girl ___her breath in a long sigh when she learned that none of her friends let out her plan to run away from her family with her boyfriend to her parents A.send out B.make out C.let out D.bring out


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