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2013-14(1)高级英语一复习材料 考试题型: 1. 阅读理解 20% 2. 词汇选择 20% 3. 句型短语(中翻英)20% 4. 句子翻译(英翻中)20% 5. 复合句应用 20%

一、翻译练习: Unit 1 1. Does it feel like you're being torn in all directions? Like you

're getting stressed out? Like every teacher thinks his or her class is the only one you're taking? Like everything is coming down on you all at once, and you're not sure you can, or even want to, withstand the pressure? Do things feel like they are out of control? (para.1) 你是不是感觉正被往四处拉扯?压力重重?感觉每位老师都认为你仅修他这门课?感觉顷 刻之间所有的事情向你压过来, 而你却拿不定你能不能, 甚至想不想承受这种压力?一切似 乎不可驾驭? 2. The useful part of this understanding is that if we determine it, then we can control it. We determine meaning! We are in control!(para.5) 这个认识的有用之处在于:如果我们决定压力,我们就可控制它。是我们确定意义的!我们 处在控制这方! 3. What if you're having trouble at home, then you're having some relationship problems, and maybe some small problems with a roommate and then a couple of exams on top of that?(para.9) 如果你在家里麻烦不断;有一些人际问题,或许是与室友的小问题;除此之外,还有几场考 试等着你,你该怎么办呢? 4. We all have to get old, but how we decide to approach getting old makes all the difference. It's not the destination; it's the ride! (para.15) 我们都会衰老,可决定如何走向衰老却大不相同。衰老不是目的,而是过程。 5. For your own sake, and for the sake of finding renewed motivation, end unpleasant relationships, and don't wallow in feelings of hostility, antagonism, or revenge.(para.22) 为了你自己,也为了找回新的推动力,了断不愉快的人际 关系,不要沉浸在敌意、对抗或 复仇的情绪之中。 6. But in every situation, you have options. That is, you have opportunities to bring to bear your own unique personality. You have ways to be creative. You have room to offer your own

insights.(para.31) 任何时候, 你都有多样选择。 也就是说, 你有机会展示独特的个性, 有各种途径发挥创造力, 也可以提些真知灼见。 7. No matter the controls and regulations, no matter the rules and restrictions, the creative person will find ways to be creative. .(para.31) 有种种约束与规定也罢,种种条规与限制也罢,有创造力的人总能千方百计发挥创造力。 8. Accomplishing, producing, and completing are so important that I continually setting new goals --- but believe me, they are ones that I can accomplish. (para.34) 成事是无比重要的。我不断设定新的目标--相信我,这些都是能够完成的目标。 9. Doing nothing is no substitute for doing what you feel you must.(para.35) 无所事事取代不了你认为该做的事。 10. The real heroes are those who doggedly and joyfully work at becoming more lively and self-actualizing on a daily basis.(para.39) 真正的英雄是那些每一天都能矢志不渝、 乐此不疲地让自己成为充满爱心并发挥自我潜能的 人。 11. The invigoration of the spirit is most likely to occur when we successfully deal with the stresses in our lives. (para.39) 如果我们能够成功处理生活中的压力,我们才最有可能获得自我激励。 12. Your personal advance hinges on efforts --- your willingness to put into practice techniques for activating the spirit. (para.39) 你的个人成长取决于努力--取决于你愿意把振奋和放松精神的方法付诸实践。 Unit 2 1. Excessive cravings do not necessarily involve physical substances. Gambling can become compulsive: drinking can become obsessive. (Para.1)

人类极度渴望的东西不一定都和物质有关。赌博可能变成强迫性的行为;性也会 令人耽溺其中。
2. Even researchers who study TV for a living marvel at the medium's hold on them personally. (Para.1)

3. Less attention has been paid to the basic allure of the small screen --- the medium, as opposed to the message. (para.2)

电视所传播的讯息成为关注焦点,相较之下萤幕本身的吸引力却未受到太多重 视。
4. The term "TV addiction" is imprecise and laden with value judgments, but it captures the

essence of a very real phenomenon. (para.3)

「电视瘾」这个名词既不精确、又牵涉到价值判断,但却充分点出了真实现象的 本质。
5. Psychologists and psychiatrists formally define substance dependence as a disorder characterized by criteria that include spending a great deal of time using the substance;…

心理学家和心理医师已经将「物质依赖」正式定义为一种精神疾病,患者的主要 特徵包括:花很多时间使用该物质;
6. The EEG studies similarly show less mental stimulation during viewing than during reading. (para.7)

以脑电图仪监测看电视的人所产生的脑波,结果同样显示在阅读和看电视时,他 们在心理上受到的刺激比较小。
7. What is more surprising is that the sense of relaxation ends when the set is turned off, but the feelings of passivity and lowered alertness continue. (para.8)

更令人惊讶的是,关掉电视的时候,放松的感觉随之消逝,但是无精打采、警觉 性降低的感觉却依然存在。
8. For some, a twinge of unease or guilt that they aren't doing something more productive may also accompany and depreciate the enjoyment of prolonged viewing. (para.11)

对某些人而言,把时间全花在看电视,其他什麼事也没做,令他们良心不安,因 此减低了长时间看电视的乐趣。
9. By watching how brain waves were affected by formal features, the researchers concluded that these stylistic tricks can indeed trigger involuntary responses and "derive their attention value through the evolutionary significance of detecting movement. (para.13)

研究人员观察人类的脑波如何受这些表现形式所影响,他们的结论是:这些形式 上的花样,确实会触动本能的反应,而且「经由演化中侦测外界变动的重要反应 机制,衍生出集中注意力的功能和价值
10. Increasing the frequency of cuts —changes to a new visual scene —had a similar effect but only up to a point . (para.15)

如果增加画面变换的频率(也就是变换到新的场景) ,也可以达到类似的效果, 但只会到某种地步。
11. Music videos and commercials that use rapid intercutting of unrelated scenes are designed to hold attention more than they are to convey information. (para.16)

电视上的音乐录影带和广告经常快速跳接许多不相干的画面, 以吸引观众的注意 力,达到传达讯息的目的。
12. We and most other researchers argue that the former is generally the case, but it is not a simple case of either/or. (para.22)


13. To some researchers, the most convincing parallel between TV and addictive drugs is that people experience withdrawal symptoms when they cut back on viewing. (para.23)

对某些研究人员而言, 电视和成瘾药物最相似的一点就是,当电视迷想减少看电 视的时间时,就会出现戒断徵状。
14. If a family has been spending the lion's share of its free time watching television, reconfiguring itself around a new set of activities is no easy task. (para.25)

假如一个家庭把大半的休闲时间都花在看电视的话,要安排新的家庭活动,实在 不容易。
15. Even though TV does seem to meet the criteria for substance dependence, not all researchers would go so far as to call TV addictive. (para.26)

即使爱看电视的行为似乎合乎物质依赖的种种构成条件, 但并非所学者都愿意称 之为「电视瘾」 。
16. Although much less research has been done on video games and computer use, the same principles often apply. (para.27)

17. They offer the psychic pleasure that accompanies increased mastery of most any human endeavor. (para.28)

让你在精神上产生莫大的愉悦, 当玩游戏的技巧愈来愈精进时,喜悦的感觉也伴 随而至。
18. Sundar has shown people multiple versions of the same Web page, identical except for the number of links. (para.30)

桑达让实验对象浏览不同版本的网页, 这些网页除了可以连结的网页数目不同之 外,其他内容都一致。
19. Users reported that more links conferred a greater sense of control and engagement. (para.30)

使用者说,可以连结的网页愈多,会令他们觉得自己拥有愈大的掌控权,参与感 也愈深。
20. As with video games, the ability of Web sites to hold the user's attention seems to depend less on formal features than on interactivity. (para.30)

至於线上游戏网站能否抓住使用者注意力,主要关键似乎在於游戏的互动性,而 不在於画面展现的形式。
21. Yet when the habit interferes with the ability to grow, to learn new things, to lead an active life, it does constitute a kind of dependence and should be taken seriously. (para.31)

然而,当看电视的习惯会阻碍我们成长、干扰我们学习新事物、令我们生活消沉 时,看电视就变成一种依赖性的行为,千万不可等闲视之。

Unit 3 1. The subject is not love, but sleep. Shakespeare's Macbeth said it “knits up the raveled sleeve of care” and was the "balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, chief nourisher in life's feast. (para.1) 本主题所谈论的非爱情,而是睡眠。莎士比亚说,那是”织补关照的袖口”和那是”心灵慰藉,自 然的赋予,生命的滋养” 2. Cervantes's Sancho Panza sang its praises as "the food that cures all hunger, the water that quenches all thirst, the fire that warms the cold, the cold that cools the heart... the balancing weight that levels the shepherd with the king, and the simple with the wise. " (para.1) 科文特斯.伯查却赞歌”食足肚饿,水慰口渴,火暧冬寒,寒静热血......这均衡的赐予抚平了牧人 与国王的差别,抚平了愚者与智者的差别.” 3. That response, however, dodges the issue and is the equivalent of saying that you eat to keep from being hungry or breathe to ward off feelings of suffocation. (para.2) 然后,这个答案回避了问题本身,如同说吃饭是为了充饥,呼吸是为了免除窒息一样。 4. All terrestrial mammals have been examined exhibit REM sleep, which alternates with non-REM sleep, also called quiet sleep, in a regular cycle. (para.4) 所有的陆生哺乳动物经检都呈现出快速动眼期睡眠,它与一种叫做静睡眠的非快速动眼期轮 换出现,并有规律地循环. 5. More recently, the field has made its greatest progress in characterizing the nature of sleep at the level of nerve cells (neurons) in the brain. (para.5) 最近更多在大脑神经细胞水平上描述睡眠特性的领域取得了巨大的进展 6. And most brain cells in both the forebrain and brain stem regions are quite active, signaling other nerve cells at rates as high as --- or higher than --- rates seen in the waking state. (para.8) 同时,脑前区和脑干区大部分细胞仍然十分活跃, 发出信号给其它神经细胞在比率上等于或 高于清醒状态 7. The brain's overall consumption of energy during REM sleep is also as high as while awake. (para.8) 在快速动眼期整个大脑的能量消耗也与清醒状态一样 8. Whether the sleep loss itself is fatal or other aspects of the brain damage are to blame is not clear. (para.14) 睡眠缺失本身是否致命的或其他方面的脑损伤是罪魁祸首还不清楚。 9. Closely related species that have genetic, physiological and behavioral similarities might also be expected to have similar sleep habits. (para.14) 近缘种的遗传、生理和行为相似性可能也会有类似的睡眠习惯


10. Yet studies of laboratory, zoo and wild animals have revealed that sleep times are unrelated to the animals' taxonomic classification.(para.14) 然而,实验室\动物园\野外的动物研究揭示了睡眠时间与动物的分类学分类无关 11. REM sleep, however, is the proverbial riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. (para.18) 众所周知,快速动眼期是一个被包裹在神秘秘团之中的秘语 12. But a specific group of brain cells that goes against this trend is of special interest in the search for a purpose of REM sleep. (para.18) .但是,一群与不同于这种趋势的特殊细胞成为研究快速动眼期功能的特别兴趣点. 13. The observation that humans are much more alert when awakened during REM sleep than during non-REM periods supports this idea. (para.21) 人类在快速动眼期清醒比在非快速动眼期清醒更为警惕的发现支持这个观点 14. The best predictor of the amount of REM sleep time for an adult in a given species is how immature the offspring of that species are at birth. (para.25) 一个物种成体快速动眼期的时间量预测的最好预报器是该物种刚出生的后代 15. This evolutionarily earliest of extant mammals surprised us by revealing itself to be the champion REM sleeper: (para.26) 进化上现存最古老的哺乳动物鸭嘴兽让我们惊奇于它是快速动眼期的冠军 16. Sleep researchers are confident that progress in identifying the brain regions that control REM and non-REM sleep will soon lead to a more comprehensive and satisfying understanding of sleep and its functions. (para.28) 睡眠研究者确信,控制快速动眼期和非快速动眼期的大脑区域识别研究进展将很快引来对睡 眠及其功能的全面和满意的认识 17. As we further study the mechanisms and evolution of sleep, we will probably gain insights into exactly what is repaired and rested, why these processes are best done in sleep, and why knitting up Shakespeare's raveled sleeve of care ultimately helps us to stay awake. 当我们深入地研究睡眠的机制和进化时,我们可能会对什么是修复,什么是休息,为什么修复 和休息最好是在睡眠中进行,为什么织补莎士比亚短缺的袖子有一个深刻的理解,最终帮助我 们保持清醒. 当我们更进一步地研究了睡眠的机理和进化, 我们将可能正确地领会什么被修复和休息, 为 什么这些程序在睡眠的时候能很好地起作用, 为什么织补莎士比亚关照的袖口最终能帮助我 们保持清醒。 二、句型、词组练习 Unit 1 1 With the stress reduced, you are far more likely to be reinvigorated or charged up! At least you

can regain some control. (para.3) 减轻压力的同时,你会更有可能重振精神或让自己充足电!至少你能重新控制自己。 2. What you need to know first is that stress is not always negative. What you need to know second is that stress is individually determined.(para.4-5) 首先你要知道压力并非总是消极的。其次你要知道压力是由个人决定的。 3. What we need to do is to decide at various points in our life: are the rewards keeping ahead of the costs? Can we see a light at the end of the tunnel that is still worth pursuing?(para.6) 因此我们需要在人生的各个阶段-思量一下:回报是否会先于代价出现?当我们看得到隧道 尽头的灯光时,这条隧道还值得我们走下去吗? 4. What I want to talk about are some techniques for activating the spirit, but I want you to know that there is an underlying theme to my remarks.(para.8) 我要谈的是一些振奋和放松精神的方法,但我想让你们知道我的谈话有一个主题。 5. For some people it may involve the use of a number of techniques; for others just one may work. Some may have stress under control in ways not mentioned here at all. (para.8) 有些人可能要使用好几种方法,而对另一些人来说,一种就可能奏效。有些人可能使用本文 根本没有谈及的方法控制压力。 6. Don't underestimate the importance of exercise to self-motivation. What happens to students is that many of them forget about exercise. Exercising the body keeps the mind sharp.(para.13) 不要低估运动对自我激励的重要性。而事实上,大部分学生通常都疏于运动。运动能使思维 敏捷! 7. You should know that exercise results in release of endorphins(内啡肽) that have to do with confidence and self-esteem. It can make a major difference in your daily life. (para.14) 要知道, 运动会释放内啡呔, 而内啡呔与信心和自尊有关。 运动会让你每日的生活大大变样。 8. You must learn to accept the possibility of failure without losing your sense of self-worth. Failing will not hurt your health; feeling like a failure will!(para.20) 你必须学会接受这种可能:失败了却并不因此丧失自我价值观。失败不会伤及你的健康,而 感觉像失败却会! 9. Rather than focusing on the givens, accept them. Focus on the options. Find ways to express the real you. Find the places where you have freedom. 不要着重于即定事实, 要接受即定事实并着重你的抉择, 千方百计表达出真我来并找出让你 拥有自由的空间。 Unit 2 1. Some knowledge of how the medium exerts its pull may help heavy viewers gain better control over their lives . (para.4)


2. On average, individuals in the industrialized world devote three hours a day to the pursuit --fully half of their leisure time, and more than on any single activity save work and sleep. (para.5)

工业化国家的人民每天平均花三小时看电视,足足占掉一半的休闲时间,而且除 了工作和睡眠之外,看电视是一般人花掉最多时间的日常活动。
3. Other surveys have consistently shown that roughly 10 percent of adults call themselves TV addicts. (para.5)

其他调查也一致显示,大约有 10%的成年人宣称自己有电视瘾。
4. To track behavior and emotion in the normal course of life, as opposed to the artificial conditions of the lab, we have used the Experience Sampling Method (ESM). (para.6)

为了追踪一般人在日常生活中的行为和情绪, 以便与实验室中的人为情境相互对 照,我们采用了经验取样法(ESM)来做研究。
5. Survey participants commonly reflect that television has somehow absorbed or sucked out their energy, leaving them depleted. (para.8)

6. Because the relaxation occurs quickly, people are conditioned to associate viewing with rest and lack of tension. (para.9)

由於看电视的人很快就会产生放松的感觉,受到制约后,他们总是把看电视和休 息、放松联想到一块儿。
7. The orienting response is overworked. Viewers still attend to the screen, but they feel tired and worn out, with little compensating psychological reward. Our ESM findings show much the same thing. (para.16)

当电视节目过度启动收视者的导向反应时, 尽管收视者仍然专心盯著电视萤 幕,但是他们却会感到筋疲力竭,无法从中得到什麼心理补偿。我们的 ESM 研究 所得到的结果,也是大同小异。
8. Maintaining control over one's media habits is more of a challenge today than it has ever been. (para.31)

9. In its easy provision of relaxation and escape, television can be beneficial in limited doses.

看电视时,我们很快就会感到放松,得到暂时的逃避,因此只要运用得当,电视 对我们不无好处。
Unit 3 1. They discovered that sleep was marked by periods of rapid eye movement, commonly now known as REM sleep. (para.4) 他们发现睡眠是以快速动眼期开始的活动,现在通常称作快速动眼期睡眠 2. These studies showed, as might be expected, that most brain neurons are at or near their maximum levels of activity while the subject is awake. But neuronal doings during sleep are

surprisingly variable. (para.5) 这些研究结果正如我们所预料的那样,当研究对象清醒的时候,其大部分脑神经在或接近最大 的活跃状态.但是当睡眠时神经元的表现却惊人地不同. 3. Despite the similar posture and inattention to the environment that a sleeper shows during both REM and non-REM sleep, the brain behaves completely differently in the two states. (para.5) 尽管睡眠者在快速动眼期和非快速动眼期睡眠的姿势和不注意的条件相同,脑神经在两种睡 眠状态中的活动却完全不同. 4. But based on the currently available evidence, I can put forth what many of us feel are some reasonable hypotheses. (para.12) 但是基于目前可靠的证据,我提出一些大多数人认为是合理的假设。 5. One approach to investigating the function of sleep is to see what physiological and behavioral changes result from a lack of it. (para.13) 一个研究睡眠功能的方法是,看不睡眠的情况下生理和行为有什么变化。 6. The animals die, for reasons yet to be explained, within 10 to 20 days, faster than if they were totally deprived of food but slept normally. (para.13) 在 10-20 天动物会死,比不给食物但可睡眠的情况下死得更快,这死因仍待解释。 7. This finding supports the idea that non-REM sleep wards off metabolic harm. (para.17) 这一发现支持了非快速动眼期是避开代射损害的观点. 8. The cell-repair hypothesis could explain non-REM sleep, but it fails to account for REM sleep. (para.18) 细胞修复假说能对非快速动眼期进行解释 9. Old ideas that REM sleep deprivation led to insanity have been convincingly disproved. (para.23) 老的观点说在快速动眼期被剥夺时会导致神经错乱 10. Some researchers are pursuing the idea that REM sleep might have a role in memory consolidation, but as I examined in detail in a 2001 article in Science, the evidence for that function is weak and contradictory. (para.24) 一些研究者认同这样一种观点:快速动眼期可能有巩固记忆的作用.但是,当我详细地查阅 了 2001 年一篇在《科学》杂志上的文章后发现,提供论证这种功能的证据是微不足的和相矛 盾的. 11. And adult dolphins, as previously noted, do almost no REM sleeping. (para.26) 成体兽,如前所述,几乎没有快速动眼期. 12. From that perspective, it is most likely that animals that still have high REM times must have evolved a use for REM sleep that is not found in precocial animals. But that function remains

to be identified. (para.28) 从这一角度来看,那些还在大量快速动眼期的动物最有可能必须进化到没有快速动眼期作用 的早熟性动物.但这种进化活动仍需有待确定. 三、复合句练习 Unit 1 1. Sometimes it appears as brooding, fuming, shouting, or even in increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. In some it's as severe as ulcers or a heart attack; in others like one of my daughters (who takes after her dad in this) it's fingernail biting.(para.2)
有时会表现为苦思冥想,怒火中烧,大叫大嚷,直至加大酒精、烟草及药物的用量。有些人会出现类似溃 疡或心脏病的严重反应,而另一些人,像我的一个女儿,会咬手指头,这点很像她老爸。

2. When we take on the task at hand, however complex or frightening it might seem as we begin it, planning and then doing the necessary work greatly reduces stress. Not only will it get the work done, but it brings about relief and satisfaction as well. (para.24)
当我们着手进行手头工作之时,不管当初有多复杂,多吓人--列计划,而后做些必要工作会大大减轻压力。 这样不仅让你完成工作,也给你带来松弛感和满足感。

3. Instead of believing that things are out of control and that you're helpless, you have to start by convincing yourself that you are in control and the day belongs to you. When you are in control, you are writing your script, and you are being proactive.(para.26) 4. In other words, accept the givens, focus on your options. Although it makes sense to fight for your highest attainable goal, it does not make sense to waste your limited energy by resisting or fighting the inevitable.(30)
换句话来说,接受即定事实,着重于你的抉择。虽然为可达到的最高目标奋斗是言之有理的,但把有限的 精力浪费在抗拒或抗争不可抗拒之事上,就毫无道理可言了。

Unit 2 1. Among life's more embarrassing moments have been countless occasions when I am engaged in conversation in a room while a TV set is on, and I cannot stop from periodically glancing over to the screen. (Para.1)

不知道有多少次,当我在和其他人谈话时,电视正好也开著,我总是会禁不住要 瞄一瞄电视画面。 而且不单单在谈话内容很无聊时我会有这样的反应,即使谈话 的内容很有趣,我也会忍不住要瞄一下电视。实在是非常尴尬。
2. Scientists have been studying the effects of television for decades, generally focusing on whether watching violence on TV correlates with being violent in real life (see "The Effects of Observing Violence, " by Leonard Berkowitz; SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, February 1964; …... (para.2)

科学家已经花了数十年的时间,研究电视带来的影响,一般而言,他们的研究重 心主要都放在观看电视暴力节目是否和真实生活中的暴力行为相关(参见「延伸 阅读 1, 2」。 )

3. Jerome L. and Dorothy Singer of Yale University, among others, have suggested that more viewing may contribute to a shorter attention span, diminished self-restraint and less patience with the normal delays of daily life. (para.22)

美国耶鲁大学的杰洛米.辛格尔和桃乐西.辛格尔则指出,多看电视可能会缩短 注意力集中的时间, 降低自制力,而且令人对於日常生活中的正常延误更加缺乏 耐心。
4. When you feel necessary to others, when you earned the goodwill and support of others, when you feel personal satisfaction in helping others, they offer a stabilizing effect that keeps us in touch, needed, and normal.(para.38) Unit 3 1. That said, sleep research --- less than a century old as a focused field of scientific inquiry --has generated enough insight for investigators to at least make reasonable proposals about the function of the somnolent state that consumes one third of our lives. (para.2) 也就是说, 人们对睡眠的研究,在不到一个世纪以来将之作为一个重要的研究领域已经进行 了充分的探究,至少对于这一占去人生三分之一的睡眠的功能提出了合理的解释 2. In 1953 sleep research pioneer Nathaniel Kleitman and his student Eugene Aserinsky of the University of Chicago decisively overthrew the commonly held belief that sleep was simply a cessation of most brain activity. (para.4) 睡眠研究的先行者芝加哥大学的纳撒尼尔与他的学生尢金在 1953 年果断地推翻以往认为睡 眠是大部分大脑活动的简单停止的观点. 3. A very small group of brain cells (perhaps totaling just 100,000 in humans) at the base of the forebrain is maximally active only during non-REM sleep. (para.7) 在脑前区的基部有一小撮的脑细胞(大概总量为 100000 个)仅在非快速动眼期表现最活跃. 4. Specialized cells located in the brain stem, called REM sleep on cells, become especially active during REM sleep and, in fact appear to be responsible for generating this state. (para.8) .在这个被称为快速动眼期的时段里,熟悉的抽搐和眼动伴随着最强烈的神经活动发生. 5. Fortunately, most movement during REM sleep is inhibited by two complementary biochemical actions involving neurotransmitters, (para.9) 幸运的是,在快速动眼期很多运动都被两种互补的生化活动抑制住,这生化活动涉及神经传导 物质 6. The brain stops releasing neurotransmitters that would otherwise activate motoneurons, and it dispatches other neurotransmitters that actively shut down those motoneurons. (para.9) 大脑停止释放神经传导物质,否则将激活运动神经元,和分配其它的神经传导物质及时地阻断 那些运动神经元 7. This brief description of sleep at the neuronal levels is both accurate and as unsatisfying as being awakened before the completion of a good night's slumber. (para.11)

以上从神经元的水平对睡眠所进行的简述是精确的,但却是无法令人满意的,不满意之处在 于,它如同没有完全睡够就被叫醒的那种感觉 8. And this restored sensitivity may be crucial during waking for mood regulation, which depends on the efficient collaboration of neurotransmitters and their receptors.(para.20) 恢复敏感性可能对清醒时的正常情绪是很重要的,它需要依靠神经递质及其受体的有效协调. 9. Michel Jouvet, the pioneering sleep researcher who discovered four decades ago that the brain stem generates REM sleep, has a provocative suggestion for the large amounts of REM in immature animals.(para.27) 四十年前发现脑干引发快速动眼期的睡眠研究先行者米切勒.纠威特,他对不成熟幼体动物 花费大量时间于快速动眼期提出了一个大胆的建议 四、词汇考试题型范例

Section A deplete compulsive subtle drain prominence alienate hinge depreciate minutely endurance constriction trigger

1. The USD continued to _________ significantly against most major currencies, motivating investors to flee USD dollar assets. 2. Arrogance and the know-all attitudes among some police offices will only _________ public co-operation with the police. 3. Like alcoholism, _________ shopping represents a case of the ordinary pleasures of living getting out of hand. 4. This article _________ explains the design and realization of Web page layout, data base and application program of our system. 5. Engaging in basketball activities can improve the human body 's power , speed , _________ and flexibility. 6. The debate should not, however, centre on cost, but should _________ on the ultimate benefit to the nation. 7. Bankers and politicians worry that business will _________ away from America's capital markets to financial centres overseas, particularly London and Hong Kong. 8. It is difficult to discriminate the _________ difference between the two qualities. 9. The accident started with a gas leak that let gas pour into the main tunnel and _________ an explosion due to poor ventilation. 10. But if we _________ the resources of the planet, for example, if we cut too many trees to make paper or to burn or to build houses or things like that, then the planet 's climate will change. 1.depreciate 6.hinge 2.alienate 7.drain 3.compulsive 8. subtle

4.minutely 9.trigger

5.endurance 10.deplete

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