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1. roll


The children were rolling a snowball along the street.

A stone rolled down the slop

e. n. 卷状物 a bread roll an egg roll a spring roll

2. folk adj.
民间音乐 民间传说 民间艺术/舞蹈

folk music/ song folk stories/ tales folk art/ dance

n. (people) Some folks are never satisfied. folks家人, 父母 How are your folks ?

3. See if you can guess which music matches which picture. See if… 看看是否… 此处并不表示看到了什么, 而是固定用法. See if you can operate the computer. See if you can remember the usage of the word.

4.match vt. 1). 搭配, 配套. 与…… 相配
These curtains don’t match the carpet. This hat matches your jacket perfectly. You should match your actions with/ to your words.

2). 与…… 相匹敌, 比得上= be equal to
Nobody can match her at chess. His talent does not match hers.

a football match/
a box of matches

little match girl

5. Have you ever dreamed of being in front of thousands of people at a concert?
dream vi 做梦/ 梦见 dream of/ about ( doing ) sth.

All of us dream of a better future.

Vt. 梦见/ 梦想 dream a good/ terrible dream 做了一个 美梦/噩梦 I dreamed that I could fly.

I never dreamed that I would see you.

5. pretend

vt. He pretended that he was innocent(无罪的,清白的) He pretended to be friendly with me. I do not pretend to be a scholar.

6. be honest with sb. 对某人说实话

坦率地对你说, 我不喜欢你. To be honest with you, I don’t like you.

7. But just how do people get to form a band. (1) form vt.形成,养成, 组织 Steam is formed when water boils.
当水沸腾时, 水就变成了水蒸气.

All of you should form the habit of taking notes in class. They formed a trade union to organize all the worker.

(2) n. 形式, 形态, 表格 Ice, snow and steam are different forms
of water. Please fill in the form. in/take the form of:以…的形式 Churches are often built in the form of a cross. The broadcast took the form of an interview.

8. passer- by
1). 合成名词构成复数时, 通常只将主体名词变成复数.

passers-by过路人 lookers –on旁观者 sons-in-law
2). 如果没有主体名词, 就只在最后一个词上加复数. go-betweens中间人 grown-ups成年人 3). 由man 或woman构成的合成名词,变复数时, 两个 名词都变复数.

man-servant woman-doctor



9. earn


He earns a little money every month. 他每个月都赚很少钱。

他的勇气为他赢得了所有人的尊敬。 His courage earned him the respect of all the others.
earn one’s /a living = make one’s / a living 谋生

她靠晚上在夜总会唱歌谋生。 She earned her living by singing in a night club.

17. performance n. 演出/表演 give a performance 演出 There are three performances a day.


They are going to give a performance of Hamlet.
perform 1) vt/vi 表演,演奏 She performed a dance for them.

He will perform at a concert next week.

2) vt履行/执行/尽(责任) You must perform your promise.


one’s duty/task 尽责/执行任务

an operation


10.The musicians of whom the band was formed played jokes on each other as well as played music.
Play jokes / a joke on sb make fun of sb Play a trick / tricks on sb 开某人玩笑 取笑某人 捉弄某人

不要和他开玩笑,他总是很严肃。 is always serious. Don’t play jokes on him. He

It is not polite to make fun of the disabled 嘲笑残疾人是不礼貌的。 people.
Nobody likes being played a trick on. 没有人喜欢被捉弄。

familiar Sb be/get familiar with sb/sth I am familiar with Apple products.

Sth be familiar to sb Apple products are familiar to me.


attractive adj.

吸引人的; 有吸引力的

The hat made her look quite attractive.
This idea is very attractive. These goods were offered at attractive prices. attract vt. 吸引,引起(注意;兴趣等)

The subject attracted his attention. Flowers attract bees. The show has attracted large crowds.

12. Or so



It will take a week or so to finish the work. It costs 10 dollars or so.
改错: I have or so twenty friends here. I have twenty friends or so here.

13. break up


1) 分手; The girl and the boy broke up last month.

2) 击碎,分裂,解体 轮船被岩石撞裂了 The ship was broken up on the rock. break down 出故障,拆毁,失败,精神崩溃 vt/vi

The car broke down on the way.
She broke down when she saw the accident.

Break out Break through Break into

14. hit n. 成功 make a hit 搏得好评/很成功 他的新剧取得了巨大成功。 His new play was a great hit.
绘画在那儿被展出并取得成功。 The painting was shown there and made a hit.

v. 打击,击中

头部一击使他失去了知觉。 The hit on his head knocked him out.

15.sort out 分类,挑选,拣出
她把要扔的纸挑出来。 papers to be thrown away. She sorted out the 按尺寸把袜子分类。 out according to their sizes. Sort these socks

sort n.种类=kind

all sorts of people / things

16.confident adj. 自信的,确信的, 有把握的
be confident about /of/in ~ 对...有信心/把握

be confident that~

He was confident of He was confident in

success. 成功 achieving his purpose. 达到目标

his own abilities.



He was confident that he would be successful.

confidence have confidence


in /of I have confidence in my ability. He has confidence of success. that He had confidence that he could make it.


go wrong 发生故障,不顺利 go link-v.

Everything went wrong in those days. The clock went wrong. go mad变疯/go bad变质/go blind变瞎/go hungry挨饿 The terrible noise almost made her go mad.


The little girl went blind as a result of the accident.
他们那段时间经常饿。 They often went hungry in those days. 19. afterward(s)以后,之后,后来=later They went to the movies first and ate afterwards.

Afterwards we all went to bed.
还可与时间副词连用 soon afterwards /fourteen days afterwards

20.as if /though 好像+句子

其后的从句所要表达的内容与实际不相符时,句子通常用虚拟 语气。如其后的从句所要表达的内容是事实,句子则用陈述语气。
as if/though did 与目前事实不符用一般过去时 would do 与将来情况不符用过去将来时 had done 与过去情况不符用过去完成时 与实际相符用陈述语气

He always talks to others as if he knew everything. He answered the question as if he had been abroad. It looks as if it is going to rain.

stick to坚持‘原则,计划,真理,决定,理论’等 常跟 21. n. insist on 坚持‘意见,主张’ 其后常跟动名词作宾语

We all agreed to stick to our plan. He insisted on leaving that day. He always sticks to his promise. He insisted on checking every item.(项目)

22. above all最重要的是,首先,尤其=above all things Above all, pay attention to your health. He was beloved by all, and above all by the children.

First of all, let’s 首先,让我们读新单词。
我们班一共有62人。 There are 62

read the new words.

students in all in our class.

不用为他担心,毕竟,他不是个孩子了。 Don’t worry about him. After all, he is no

longer a child.

我一点都不喜欢这部电影。 I don’t like the film at all.

23. reputation名誉/名声 a man of good/no reputation 有声望的人/默默无闻的人 have a reputation for live up to one’s reputation lose one’s reputation 以…闻名 名副其实,不负盛名 失去名声/望

make /establish/build up a reputation for oneself 成名

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