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黄冈中学高考 2013 届 英语考纲词汇总结
A 1. 2. 3. abandon v. 放弃,抛弃 能够干


accuse sth 控告某人

v. 控告[(+of)],指责,把...归咎(于) accuse sb of

指责 blame sb for … ; charge sb with sth 因…而 a. 通常的, 习惯的 be accustomed to doing =



be used to doing 习惯于干… 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 在国内外 ache n./ vi. achieve toothache backache n. 完成,成绩 v. 承认 获得,取得 acquire skills/knowledge n. 获得,取得 across the world=all over the world headache ability n. 能力;才能 have the ability to do 有做…的能力 able be able to do = be capable of doing a. 不正常的 vt. 达到,取得 achieve success a. 酸的

achievement acid

unable ability n. disable vt.使残废 disabled adj.残废的 4. 5. abnormal aboard prep. 在(或上)船,飞机,火车等 go aboard 上 v. 废除 be about to do sth.即将做...... be about to do


acquaintance n. 相识;了解,相识的人,熟人 acquire acquisition v.

船 at home and abroad 6. 7. abolish about


sth...when . I was about to leave when the telephone rang 8. 9. 10. 11. above---below abroad abrupt absence over---under 45. ad. 到(在)国外 a. 突然的,不连贯的 n. 不在,缺席 absent a. be absent 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. (be present at 出席…)

come across = meet with = run into 遇到 act v./n. action n. active adj. actively adv. measures) 采取行动 n. 男演员 adj. activity n.活动

act as.. (serve as).扮演;充当 take action ( take steps= take be active in...=take an n. 女演员 active part in...积极参加 act...out 表演出 actor actual acute AD actress

from 缺席… 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

absolute a. 绝对的 absorb abstract absurd abundant abuse v. 吸收 a. & n. 抽象(的) a. 荒谬的 a. 丰富的 a. & n. 学校的,学术的 n. 专科院校 v. 加快 n. 口音,音调 ~ A as B 把 A 当作 B 接受/接纳 cf. receive n. & v. 接近, 进入 the access to sp 进入…通道 (机 have access to sth 有接近/使用。。 。 的机会 You a. 可接近的,可使用的 n. 住宿,调节

actually adv.事实上

a. 敏锐的,严重的 n. 公元 n. 广告 v. 使适应 adapt sb to sth 使…适应 n. 适应

ad (缩) = advertisement adapt


adaptation add v.

academic academy accelerate accent accept access 会)

addition n. additional adj.附加的;额外的 add to = come to.合计为;add up to sth 意味着,意思

sth.增强 add A to B 把 A 加到 B 上去 add...up 把......加起来 add up to 是 in addition to = as well as = besides 除了…还有 in addition = besides = furthermore =moreover=what’s more 此外,而且 54. 55. addicted address a. 上瘾的,有强烈兴趣的 n. 地 址 vt. 发 表 演 讲 ; 写 信 给 adress the

can easily get access to him.你可以轻易见到他。 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. accessible accident accidental adj.偶然的; 偶发的 by ~/chance 偶然地 accommodation

audience on the subject of energy resources 对听众作一有 关能源的演讲 deliver an addres 发表演说 address sth to sb 56. 57. 说明,解释 adequate a. 足够的 把表拨准 Animals adjust n. 整理调整 adjust v. 整理,调整 adjust one’s watch adjust oneself to sth 使自己适应于 themselves to the environment 58. 59. administration 某人 60. adjustment n. 执行,管理

accompany v. 陪伴 accomplish account v. 完成实现 accomplish wonders 创造奇迹 n. 账目;描述 account for take

sth into account = take sth into consideration = consider sth。 on account of = because of = owing to = due to 30. 31. 32. 33. accountant n. 会计师 accumulate accuracy accurate v. 积累 n. 精确 a. 精确 1

admire vt. admiration n. admirer n. ~ sb. for sth 因.....钦佩 in admiration 钦佩地

admit vt.承认;录取 admit doing sth. be admitted into a college 被......录取 admit doing/that = confess doing/that 承认 admit sb into/to sp 使…进入 admitted admitting

61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67.

admission adolescence adolescent adopt adore adult v.

n. n. 青春期 a. 青春期的 采用,接受

86. 87. 88.


n. 代理人 n. 侵略 aggressive a. 侵略的;咄咄逼人的 (一般过去时) ad. 以 前

aggression ago

three years ago

three years before(过去完成时) 89. agree vt. agreement n.协议 agreeable adj.可爱的~ to sth. 同意某事~ on sth(经讨论)达成共识 come to/arrive at/reach an agreement 达 成 协 议 agree to(suggestion, proposal, plan) 同意(计划、建议) agree with 等) ,符合 The milk doesn’t agree with me 90. 91. 登…广告 n 广告 agriculture ahead n. agricultural adj. industry---industrial ad. 在 前 , 向 前 ahead of sb 胜 过 , 超 过 同意(看法

v. 崇拜,景仰 n. 成年人

advance v. advanced adj.先进的;高级的 in ~ = ahead of time = ahead of schedule 提前 n. 优 点 ; 好 处 take advantage of 利 用



have advantage over sb 胜 过 某 人 , 比 某 人 有 优 势 to one's advantage 对…有利的是 69. 70. adventure advertise n. 冒险; 奇遇 vt. 为……做广告 advertise sth

ahead of time 提前 92. 93. 94. aid n. 援助;救护;辅助器具 n. 艾滋病 (aim at doing

advertise for sth 为得到…而登广告 advertisement 71. advice un.


advise vt. give sb. advice on sth. advise sb. follow(take) one's cf. advise 与 persuade

aim n./v. ~ at...瞄准;意思是 aim at 瞄准

to do sth./ advise doing sth. advice 听从...劝告 72. 73. advocate affect v. 支持,提倡

= aim to do 以…目标 )This book aims at giving a brief outline of the history of Ming Dynasty 95. air n. aircraft in the ~在空中 on the ~在播出 by ~乘飞机 n. 飞机 (单复数同) airline n. 航空公司;航空 n. ( 美 ) 飞 机 n. 领空 发警报 n. 航 空 邮 件 airplane

vt. 影响 affection

n. 影响;感染;喜爱 have an show an affection for sb 向…


affection for sb 喜爱… 表达爱意 74. 75. affair n.事物 afford vt. adj.

系 统 airmail

airport n. 航空站,飞机场 airspace family/foreign/love ~s can ~ (to do) sth. 买得起 I’m ~ so/not.恐怕是这样/不是这样。be be afraid of doing 害怕去做 can/could/be able to 97. 98. 99. 相册 酒精 alcoholic a. & n.

alarm n. 警报 give/sound/raise the alarm album n. alcohol n.

afford sth 76. afraid


100. algebra 101. alike

n. 代数 ad. 同样地 catch sb. ~ Cf. live 现场直播的 lively 活泼的

afraid to do sth… 不敢 77.

African. African n./adj. Asia---Asian America---American Europe---European Australia---Australian Austria-后面 conj. -Austrian 奥地利人(的) Canada---Canadian

102. alive adj.(表语形容词) eat sth ~ bury sb. ~ living 活着的



ad. 在后; 后来 prep. 在……之后; 在

在……以后 after-sales service 售后服务 be/run after 追 求、追赶某人 The dog is running after the cat. after all 毕竟 79. 80. 81. afternoon afterwards again be named after 以…命名 n. 下午,午后 ad. 后来 ~ and ~=over and over=time and again 反复地 prep. 对着,反对 lean against 靠着

once ~=once more=~又一次 82. against be in favour of = be for = be on one's side 支持 be against = object to 反对 fight/struggle against 对抗 The mountain 在蓝天反衬下山是灰色的 for ages = for a

103. all by oneself 独立,单独 ;above all 首先,特别是,最重 要的是 after all 到底,毕竟 first of all 首先 in all 总共 most of all 最最 all at once 突然,同时,马上 all of a sudden 突然 all over (the world) 遍及(全世界) all right 好吧, 情况不错 all sorts of 各种各样的 all kinds of 各 行, 种各样的 all (just) the same 尽管如此, (照样) the 仍旧 all year round 一年到头 all the way 从远处; 自始至终 all the while = all the time = always 始终 104. allergic a. 过敏的 105. alley n. 胡同 106. allocate v. 分配 107. allow vt. allowance n.补助金; 补贴~ sb. to do sth. ~ doing sth. 108. almost ~ for...考虑到;酌量 Smoking is not ~ed here. adv.几乎(可接否定词) nearly adv. (不接否定词)

is grey against the blue sky. 83. age

I have seen almost no such book before. 109. alone adj./adv.独自的;单独的 lonely adj.寂寞的;孤独 的 let sb alone 让…单独留下 let alone 更不用说, 何况

n. 年龄; 时代 under age 未到年龄

long time

the old = the aged = the elderly 老 年 人

I'm aged 10.= I'm 10 years old. 84. 85. agency n. 代理 agenda n. 日程表 2

eg: He can't walk, let alone run. 110. along adv./ prep. all ~=all the time 一直 along with = together with get along with 与…相处

111. alongside 112. aloud

ad. ad. 大声地 字母表

148. an annual report 年度报告 149. another pron. one after ~= one by one chairs= three more/ other chairs 150. answer n./v. n. 蚂蚁 a. 南极的 the Antarctic 南极 Antarctica n. another three

ad. 大声地 loud n. ad. 已经

113. alphabet 114. already 115. also

one another = each other in ~ to 响应; 回答~

the ~ to the question

ad. 也

the door/phone/letter ~ for=be responsible for 为......负责 151. ant

116. alternative a. 可选用的两者(或若干)中择一的;非此即彼 的,替代的;供选择的 have no alternative but to do = have no choice but to do 117. although conj.虽然;尽管 though adv.尽管如此(句末) 118. altitude n. 海拔 119. altogether ad. 总共 for ~/ good/ ever 永远 120. aluminium n. 铝 121. always adv. class.(反感) He is ~ talking in though conj. 虽然;尽管

152. Antarctic 南极洲

153. antique n. 古董 154. anxious adj.急切的;焦虑的 迫切要去做...... anxiety n. be ~ to do sth.

be ~ about..=worry about/ be worried

about...担心 He is too ~ to leave the lonely island.(too...to 与 anxious 连用不表示否定) be anxious to do = be eager to do = long to do be anxious for = be eager for = be long for Come to me if He has no ad. 不管怎样 pron. 什么事 no=not any 全否 155. any 常用在否定句、 疑问句、 条件句中 you have any question.

He is ~ asking clever questions.(赞扬)

122. am v. be 的人称形式之一 123. a.m./am,A.M./AMn. 午前,上午 124. amateur 125. amaze n. 业余爱好者 a. 令人惊异的 v. 惊奇,惊叹;震惊 amazing n. 美国;美洲 American 大使 有歧义的

brothers.= He has not any brothers. 156. anybody pron. 任何人,无论谁 anyhow anyone pron. 任何人,无论谁 anything (物);任何事(物) anyway ad. 任何地方 157. apart ad. & a. 分离 tell sth apart 区别开 tear sth apart 撕开 158. apartment apart from 此外,除外 (=besides,except) n. (美)楼中单元房,一套房间;房间 v.道歉 apology n. ~ to sb. for doing

amaze sb (surprise , astonish) be amazed to do/at/that 吃惊 126. America a. 美国的;美国人 的 n. 美国人 127. ambassador 128. ambiguous 129. ambition n. a.

ad. 不管怎样 anywhere

n. 雄心 achieve one's ambitions 达到…志向

159. apologize/apologise a. 明显的

reach a goal 达到…目标 130. ambulance n. 救护车 131. among 132. amount of prep. 在……中间;在(三个以上)之间 n. & v. a. 宽敞的 vt. (使人)快乐,逗乐 amusement v. 分析 analysis n. 祖宗; 祖先 a. 古代的,古老的 n. 分析 n. 娱乐 总计,总数 a large amount of , amounts amount to 共计为 (= add up to = come to)

sth.=make an apology to sb. for doing sth 因…向…道歉 160. apparent 161. appear vi. 出现 appear 出现 (seem, happen) 显得;好像

It appears that he is honest. appearance n.出现,露面;容貌 162. appendix n. 163. applaud v. & n. 鼓掌欢迎 在… 164. apple n. 苹果 165. applicant n. 申请人 n. 申请 have applications in (方面) 应用 apply v. 申请 apply for 请求,申请 apply A


133. ample 134. amuse 135. analyse 136. ancestor

137. anchor v. & n. 锚,抛锚 138. ancient 139. and conj. 和;又;而

to B 把 A 应用到 B 中 We should apply what we have learned to our practice. 166. appoint v. 挑选,委派 appoint sb sth 任命某人做… appoint sb to the position of …任命某人做…(职位) lose one's hungry adj. 167. appointment 个约会 n. 约会 have an appointment with sb 与…有 v. 欣赏; 感激 appreciate doing 感激 I interviewed him by appointment. 通过预约定 I

140. anecdote n. 逸事 141. anger n. be filled with anger 满腔愤怒 temper 发脾气 142. angle 143. animal 144. ankle n. 动物 n. 踝关节 angry adj. hunger n. n. 角,角度

168. appreciate

would appreciate it if you would…如果你…我将万分感激 169. appreciation n. 欣赏,感激 170. approach n. & v. 接近,方法 Spring is approaching. He is make an announcement difficult to approach. 171. appropriate 3 a. 适当的 the approach to 进入…的通道

145. anniversary n. 周年纪念 146. announce vt. announcement n. 147. annoy vt. (使)烦恼

172. approval 173. approve

n. 认可,同意 v. 认 可 , 同 意 approve of 赞成,批准


边......一边 As time goes by, he has come to love

Ningbo as his second hometown. He usually does his homework ~ he listens to music. 202. as conj.虽然;尽管(倒装语序) Clever ~ you are, you

(disapprove of ) 174. approximately ad. 大约 175. apron n. 围裙 176. arbitrary a. 任意的,霸道的 177. arch n. 拱形 n. 建筑师 n. 4 月 a. 阿拉伯的 n. 阿拉伯人 Arabic a. 阿拉伯语的

have to work harder to fulfill your dream. Fast ~ you run, you can’t catch me up.=Run ~ you may, you can’t catch me up.=Fast runner ~ you are, you can’t catch me up.as conj.像 一样 He is ~ busy ~ a bee. He did the job ~ well ~ Bob did. n Wei is ~ funny an actor ~ Zhao Benshan. Peter

178. architect

179. architecture n. 建筑学 180. April 181. Arab

is not ~/ so tall as Bill. as conj.由于 语从句)

As you go to the

bookshop, please get me a Harry Porter VI. as pron.(引导定 I will buy such a pen ~ you are using. I study

n. 阿拉伯语 182. Arctic 183. area 北极的 the Arctic 北极 the Arctic Ocean 北冰洋 n. 面 积 ; 地 域 , 地 方 , 区 域 ; 范 围 , 领 域

in the same school ~ Mary. Here is so big a stone as no one can lift. 203. ash cf. Here is so big a stone that no one can lift it. n. 灰; 灰末 burn sth into ashes 把..烧成灰烬 be ~ of...对感到羞愧 be ashamed to be ashamed of oneself 为自

Our school covers an area of 50 mu 184. argue v.辩论;说服 sth. argument n. ~ with sb. about/over

204. ashamed adj.羞愧的 do 己感到惭愧 205. Asia 206. aside 207. ask v. 问候 B 假 n. 亚洲 Asian ad. 在旁边

cf. debate quarrel vi. 起来,升起;出现 n. 算术

be ashamed of doing

185. arise (arose, arisen) 186. arithmetic ~ in ~

a. 亚洲的,亚洲人的 n. 亚洲人 ~ A after B 向 A ~ to do

187. arm n. arms n.武器; 怀抱 take sb. by the ~拉住某人的胳膊 sth in one’s ~s 抱着...... ~s sale 军火销售 be armed n. 扶手椅 n. 军队 ad. 在周围;在附近 show sb around 带领某人参 to the teeth 武装到牙齿 188. armchair 189. army 190. around

~ sb. for sth.向某人要...... ~ for trouble 自寻烦恼

sb. to do sth.

sth. ~ to be done

~ about...询问;打听 ask for leave 请 ask sb a favour/a favour of sb

ask for a day off

208. asleep adj.

fall ~ =go to sleep 入睡 (动作) be ~= sleep be sound /fast ~睡得香甜 在这

观 prep. 在……周围;大约 191. arouse 引起,激起,唤起,唤醒 arouse my interest 引起我的兴趣 192. arrange v. 安排,布置 arrangement 安排 n. 安排,布置 安排某

睡着(状态) 209. aspect 方面 210. assess

n. 方面, 方向 in this aspect = in this respect v. 评定 assessment n. 评定 布置

arrange to do

arrange for sb to do

211. assign sb sth

分配, 布置 assign sb to do sth 协助

人去做 make arrangements for sb to do 安排某人去做… make preparations for 为…作准备 193. arrest sb 拘捕 194. arrive vi.到达 arrival n. ~ at a conclusion 得出结论 ~ at an agreement 达成协议 195. arrow n. 箭;箭头 196. art n. artist n. artistic adj.艺术的 fine ~s 美术 an ~ of clothing/ furniture artificial adj.人 工的;人造的 ~at/ in sp.cf. reach vt. come vi.

212. assist vt.帮助,援助 assist sb with sth, assist sb to do sth, assist sb in doing sth 213. assistance 教授 214. associate v. 联系,打交道 association n. 联系,社团 把 A 和 B 结合在一起 , 联想到一起 an assistant professor 副

n.. assistant n.助手

associate A with B

The latest surveys show that quite a few children have unpleasant associations with homework.最近的调查显示相 当多的孩子对家庭作业没什么好感 215. assume v. 假设;承担 assumption n. 假定假装,承担 I assume that he was there. assure sb that 使(某人)相信 be astonished assume the cost 承担费用

197. article n.文章;件 198. artificial 199. artist n. 艺术家

a. 人工的,人造的

200. as prep.作为 ~...

work ~...

serve ~...

act ~... be famous

216. assure sb of 217. astonish at

use A ~ B; accept/regard/ treat/consider/ think of/ A ~ B 把 A 当作 B; ~ it is 事实上 mistake A

vt. 使惊讶 be astonished to do

look at/take

be astonished that 惊讶 to one's astonishment = to

~ B 误以为 A 是 B 201. as conj.按照;像 Dance ~ I showed you. as conj.随 4

one’s surprise 218. astronaut n. 宇航员

219. astronomer 220. astronomy 221. at

n. 天文学家 n. 天文学 shoot at 向…射击 now = at present 现在

249. awake (awoke, awoken) sb awake 250. award 使…醒着

v. 唤醒.醒来 a. wake sb up 唤醒 授予

醒着的 keep

prep. at once 立即,马上 at the moment 此刻,目前

n. 奖品, 奖励 award sb sth

award give sb a

aim at 瞄准, 针对 222. athlete n. 运动员 223. Atlantic

sth to sb ; reward sb with sth for doing sth reward of...for. 251. aware

= for the time being = right now

a. 明白的, 意识到的 be aware of = be conscious of

a. 大西洋的 the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋 n. 大气;气氛

知道意识到 252. away ad. 离开; 远离 be away from 离 run away 逃走 put sth away 收起 give away 泄漏 throw away 扔 turn away from 避开,不理睬 253. awesome 254. awful a. 使人敬畏的 a. 不灵活的,难堪的,笨拙的,困难的 a. 可怕的,糟透的

224. atmosphere

225. atom n. 原子,微粒 226. attach luggage 227. attack v./n. v. 联系;连接;附属 attach the label to your

a bedroom with a bathroom attached be under ~遭到攻击 an air ~空袭 a heart

attack 心脏病 a heart disorder, a heart disease 228. attain 229. attempt do sth. v. 获得,达到 n./v.努力;尝试 ~ to do sth.= make an ~ to

255. awkward B 1. 2. 3. baby

n. 婴儿 ad. 回(原处);向后 a. 后面的 n. 背后,后部; n. 背痛 lie on one's back 四脚朝天躺着 back 历史背景

in an ~ to do sth.努力/尝试去做......

bachelor n. 未婚男子,学士 back 背 backache

230. attend v.出席;照顾 attendant n.服务员 ~ to sb./ sth. 照 料;从事;处理 attend the meeting = be present at the meeting 231. attention n. 力(到......) 232. attentively ad. 注意地 233. attitude n. 态度,看法 an attitude to/towards 对…的态度 show one's attitude 表明态度 234. attract vt. 吸 引 attractive adj. 有 吸 引 力 的 ; 迷 人 的 attentive adj.注意力集中的 pay ~ to sth.注 意.. catch/draw /attract/hold sb’s ~ (to sth.)吸引某人的注意

the back number of...过期的…(the current…) and forth 来回 turn one's back on sb 不理睬… 4. background n. 背景 historical background ad. 向后

He is a worker by background 5. 6. 7. 8. backward(s) bacon


n. 咸猪肉;熏猪肉 ? from ~ to worse 每况愈下 go ~

bacterium (复 bacteria)? n. 细菌 bad 变质 adj. (worse/worst) Not ~.还好 (=luggage) n. 面包店

attraction n.吸引(人的人或物)be attractive to sb.吸引某 人 be attracted to sth. 被......吸引 235. audience n. 观众,听众 A radio announcer may have an audience of millions 一个广播员可能拥有数百万名听众; (vocabulary,population , staff) a small(large) audience 236. August 237. Aunt n. 8 月 n. 伯母;舅母;婶;姑;姨 n. 澳洲; 澳大利亚 Australian a. 澳洲的, 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 9. 10. 11. 12.

badly adv. be ~ ill 得了 need sth. ~ 急需 be ~ off 生活较差 baggage u.n.行李 bake v. 烤; 烘(面包) bakery

balance 打破平衡 balcony ball ballet

n. 平衡. keep balance 保持平衡 break balance destroy balance of nature n. 阳台;楼座 n. 球 ball n. 芭蕾舞 n. 舞会

238. Australia

澳大利亚人的 n. 澳大利亚人 239. authentic a. 真正的 240. author n. 作者,作家 241. authority n. 权威,官方 242. automatic a . 自动的 243. autonomous 244. autumn 245. available 246. avenue a. 自主的,自治的 n. 秋天,秋季 a. 可用的 sth be available to sb 可取得的 n. 大道 on (the) ~ 平均(来说)

balloon n.气球 ballpoint = ballpoint pen n. 圆珠笔 bamboo n. 竹 ban n. 禁令 v. 禁止;取缔 Swimming in this river is banned banana n. 香蕉 bandage bang bank n. 绷带 n. (河、 湖的) 堤 海、 岸, n. 银行 bank account n. (酒店的)买 int. 砰

20. 21. 22. 23.

247. average n./adj.平均(的) v. 避免,躲开,逃避

above/below the ~ 在一般平均以上/下 248. avoid 24. 5

n. 银行账户 bar n. 条;(长方)块,棒,横木

酒柜台;酒吧;(卖东西的)柜台 25. 26. 27. barbecue barber bare a. n. 烤肉野餐 裸露的 barely (never, rarely, hardly, scarcely, He barely goes there, does he? 52. 50. n.(为男人理发的)理发师 barbershop n. 理发店 51.

动规矩, 检点 from behind the door 从 门 后 behind the times 落后,陈旧的 come into being = come into existence for the time being 目前 believe vt. belief n.信仰;信念 believe sb believe in sb = 相信某人做过了 ~ over sth. 伏 在 ...... 上 面 trust sb 信任…believe sb to have done 53. bend/bent/bent v. 弄 弯 be bent over......一心想/做 54. vt.以......为基础 be ~d on 以......为基础 55. be beneficial to sb 对…有益 benefit sb 有益于, benefit from 从…中获益 besides prep./adv. 除了(以外) B~ English, we study five other subjects. I don’t like football; ~, the weather is too hot.(=what’s more; in addition ) Your answer is beside the point/ to the point 你的答案不在要点上/在要点上。 56. best do/try one’s ~ =do what one can=do everything (that) one can=spare no efforts=go all out 尽力 all the best(wishes) 开始形成 behind time 迟 到

seldom) 28.

bargain v. 讨价还价 n. 讨价还价; 便宜货 a real ~便宜货 beat a bargain with sb 与…讨价还价 make a bargain with sb 与…成交 pick up a bargain 买到便宜货 bark v. 狗叫 n. 狗叫声 barrier n. 妨碍 base n. 基地;基础(棒球)垒 ~ A on B A 以 B 为基础/依据 n. 棒球 n. 地下室

29. 30. 31.

on the basis of 在…基础上,在…前提下 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. baseball basement basic basin basket bat 之中 39. bear vt.忍受;承受(bore/born-borne) He can’t ~ being

a. 基本的 n. 水盆,脸盆 n. 篮子 basketball n. 篮球 n. 蝙蝠 n. (棒球、板球的)球棒

祝好 best-seller n. 畅销书 do sth to the best of one's ability = do sth in one's power = go all out to do 竭尽全力干 57. better be ~ off 富裕 be worse off 贫困 had ~ =might as well 最好 had better ( not ) do 最好去干… would rather (not ) do 宁可干…would you please ( not ) do might as well ( not ) do 最好去干 He’d ~ come earlier, hadn’t he? Better late than never. know better than 很明白不至于干… You should know better than to believe such a man 58. 59. between prep. 在(两者)之间;在……中间 The beauty of the West Lake I lived in

bath n.洗浴 bathe v. be bathed in the sunshine 沐浴在阳光

looked down upon.He was born in Shanghai. They have borne three children. bear the red cross 标有 40. bear = stand = put up with bear a share of responsibility 承担

beat v. 打 ; 击 败 ( beat/beaten ) beat sb 打 败 … The waves beat the shore.浪打岸 My heart beats fast.心跳

41. 42. 43.

beauty n. beautiful adj. beautifully adv. beautify vt.美化 become/became/become link.v.系动词 She cried because of=on account of=owing to prep. 由于 because of what I had said about her work.

beyond prep.在......以外 is ~ description.

Sorry. This is ~ my power.

that house , but he lived beyond .我住在那所房子里,但他 住得更远。This train goes to London and all the stations beyond.这辆火车到伦敦后,以后每站都停。beyond my knowledge beyond my understanding beyond my power 超出… lived beyond my income.超出我的收入


bed n. go to ~ (college /church /court /hospital/school/)(零冠 词)强调抽象意义 be in ~ (college/church/court/hospital) 强调状态 be able to be bad for be famous for be busy with be good at be covered with 60.


bid v. & n. 出价,投标 61. big a. 大的
62. bill n.帐单 foot the ~ 埋单 pay the bill reject the bill 否决议案 付账单 pass the bill 通过议案 63. 64. billion bingo n. 宾戈 biochemistry n. 生物化学 biography n. 传记 biology n.生物学 biological adj.生物学的 biologist n.生物 学家 68. 69. 6 bird n. 鸟 birdcage n. 鸟笼 at birth 出生时 give birth to

46. 47.

long before 很久以前 before long = soon = presently 不久 beg v.乞讨;哀求 begging begged 助 go begging 乞讨 beg sb to do 乞求 beggar n.乞丐 ~ sb. for sth. go ~ging 去乞讨 beg a favour of sb 向…乞求帮 beginner 初 学 者

num. 十亿,百亿


begin/began/begun v.


65. 66. 67.

Well begun, half done.良好的开端成功的一半。to ~ with 首先=first of all in the beginning with 在…初 49. at the beginning of begin ( end with ) to begin with 首先 at the beginning of from the (very ) beginning 从…一开始

behave yourself 行为规矩些 be on one's good behaviour 举

birth n. birthday birthplace

生…,生育 birthday n. 生日 birthplace n. 出生地;故乡 70. 71. biscuit n. 饼干 Never bite off more than you can 96. 97. 98.

n. 书店 bookstore n. 书店 booking office 售票处 in = check in 登记 boom n. & v. 繁荣,迅速发展 boot n. 长统靴;靴 电话亭 n. 边缘;边境,国界 a. 厌烦的 boring


bite/bit/bit:bitten v.咬 chew.要量力而行

72. 73.

bite (bit, bitten)

v. 咬;叮

booth n. 岗; (为某种用途而设的) 亭或小隔间 telephone booth

bitter a. 有苦味的;痛苦的,难过的;严酷的 a bitter smile 苦笑 a bitter taste 苦味 the bitter winter wind 刺骨寒风 99. black n. 黑色 a. 黑色的 blackboard n. 黑板。 blame vt.责备 be to ~ (for doing sth.)因......而应受责备 ~ sb. for doing sth. 因......而责备 Don’t ~ the child for the broken glass. It was my fault. I wonder who is to ~ for the


74. 75.

100. bored

a. 乏味的,无聊的 be bored ①He was born in/of a ③He was born

with = be tired of 对…感厌烦 101. born a. 出生 be born 出生于…

worker family.他出生于工人家庭。②He was a born poet. 他天生就是诗人。 = He was born a poet. blind. 102. borrow 103. boss 他天生就是瞎子 v. (向别人)借用;借 n. 领班;老板 a. 植物学的

broken glass.=I wonder who to ~ for the broken glass. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. blank blanket bleed bless blind 见 81. block 区 通。 82. n.& a. 空格,空白(处);空的;茫然无表情的 n. 毛毯,毯子 vi. 出血,流血 vt. 保佑,降福 a. 瞎的 be blind in 在…失明 be blind to 视而不 He is blind to his son’s faults. n. 大块;(木、石等)块;街区;路障 vt. 阻 walk two blocks 走过两街 "Blocked!" 此路不通! The street is blocked .此路不 The pipe is blocked.管子被塞住了

104. botanical

105. botany n. 植物; 植物学 106. both 107. bother a. 两;双 pron. 两者;双方 v. 麻烦 bother oneself about n. 瓶子 n. 底部; from the ~ of one’s heart 发自内心; 底 from top to ~从顶到底 B~ up!干杯! a. 被束缚的;被绑的;有义务的 v.& n. 跳跃 为…烦恼 Don’t

塞;阻挡 a block of 一大块

bother yourself about making the dinner for us 108. bottle 109. bottom 衷心地

blood n.血 bloody adj.血腥的 bleed v.流血 a bleeding nose a bloody war blouse n. 宽罩衫(妇女、儿童穿的)短上衣 blow/blew/blown v. 吹 ~ up 爆 炸 ~ sth. up 把 .... 炸 毁 ~ ...away 把吹走 blow down 吹倒 blow out 吹灭, 车胎的 爆裂 blow out the candle The candle went out blue n. 蓝色 a.蓝色的 a. 悲伤的;沮丧的 board n. 木板;布告牌;委员会;(政府的)部 v. 上 (船、火车、飞机)a chess board 棋盘 notice board 布告 栏 the board of the company 这个公司的董事会 There are 50 passengers on board . 在船上有 50 位乘客。 n. 小船,小舟 boat race n. 划船比赛 boating

110. bounce n. 弹跳 111. bound 112. bound

83. 84.

113. boundary n. 界限 114. bow v.& n. 鞠躬,弯腰行礼 115. bowl n. 碗 n. 拳击(运动) 116. bowling n. 保龄球 117. box n. 盒子,箱子 boxing 118. boy 119. boycott n. 男孩 v. 抵制 n. 闸 vi. 刹车

85. 86.



120. brain n.大脑 brains 智力 If only I had your ~s! 121. brake 122. branch n. 树枝;分枝;分公司,分店;支部 123. brand n. 商标 124. brave adj. bravely adv. bravery n. ~ down 出故障;破除 ~ up

n. 划船(游玩),泛舟 88. boast of/ about 吹牛,自夸 Nobody should boast of his learning 89. 90. body n. 身体 body building n. 健美 boil v. boiling water 在沸腾的水 boiled water 沸水 n. 炸弹 v. 轰炸 n. & v. 接合;合同,联系 boiling hot 超热 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. bomb bond

125. break/broke/broken v.

破坏; 解散; 开垦~ the law/rule 违反~ away (of)脱离 break away from 除去;逃脱 turn away from 避开;不理睬 ~ forth/out 爆发 ~ off 折断; 突然中断 ~ open 撬开 ~ with 与......断交 break into pieces 碎成碎片 break a record 打破 记录 break one's promise/word 食言 break the balance of break into/in 破门而入 c.n.休息 take/have a ~ n. 间隙 at break = at the dawn of n. 书签 bookshelf n. 书架 bookshop 7 a ten-minute break 十分钟休息

bone n. bony adj.瘦骨嶙峋的=skinny bonus book n. 奖金 n. 书; 本子 v. 预定 (房间、 车票等) bookcase n.

书橱 bookmark

the day 在黎明 126. breakfast n. 早餐 127. breakthrough n. 突破 128. breast 129. bread n. 胸部 n. 面包 breathe v. bath---bathe breathless adj. lose one’s ~上 hold one’s ~ 屏住呼吸

ground=~ sth down 夷为平地 160. burst vt. 爆发;爆炸

It’s ~ing hot.

~ sth. up =blow sth. up 炸掉

~ into tears/laughter/cheers ~ out crying/laughing/cheering ~ into...闯入 ~ forth= ~ out= break forth= break out 爆发 161. bury vt.埋葬 162. bus burial n.葬礼 ~ sb. alive 活埋 n. 公共汽车 n. 公共汽车站 n. 灌木丛,矮树丛 n. (本分)工作,职业;职责;生意,交易;

130. breath n.

上气不接下气的 气不接下气(动作) catch a ~喘口气 气喘吁吁的

163. bus stop 164. bush

be out of ~上气不接下气(状态) breathe one’s last 死 breathless


165. business

事业 businessman n. 商人(男)男企业家 businesswoman n. 商 人 ( 女 ) 女 企 业 家 be on business , be on ; holiday/vacation/leave 度假 n. 新郎 这不关你的事。 166. busy adj. ~ sb. up 抚养 ~ sth. up 呕吐; business n. Business is business.公事公办 be ~ (in) go to sp. on business 到...... Business before pleasure. 先干正事后娱乐 doing sth.= be busy with sth. 出差 the Great Britain 大不列颠 get (down) to business 开始干正事 the last line but two have no choice , follow a business of 以… 为业 It's none of your business. = Mind your own business.

131. brewery n. 啤酒厂 132. brick 133. bride n. 砖;砖块 n. 新娘 bridegroom a. 简洁的 a. 明亮的;聪明的 bring sth. forward 提出 British adj.

134. bridge n. 桥 135. brief 136. bright 提出

137. bring/brought/brought vt.

138. Britain n.

167. but conj. But me no ~s.不要辩解。

139. broad adj.宽阔的 abroad adv.在国外 aboard adv.在船(飞 机、火车等)上 直播 broaden vt.拓宽 ~ sth. live 现场

倒数第二行 do nothing/anything but do but to do

can't (help) but do 不得不…but for 要不是 not...but... 不是…而是… anything but 一点也不 none

140. broadcast/broadcast/broadcast vt.广播 Cf. cast/cast/cast n. 小册子 a. 弄坏了的 n. 扫帚

+ n. + 虚 拟 从 句 (But for your help, I wouldn't have succeeded.)not only…but also nothing but 只不过, 仅仅 but


141. brochure 142. broken 143. broom

只有 He chose none but the best. go to the ~’s 去肉店 Bread and ~ is always my breakfast.

168. butcher n.屠夫 169. butter n.黄油 170. butterfly 171. button

144. brother n. 兄;弟 brotherhood n. 兄弟般的关系 145. brown 146. brunch 147. brush 148. bucket n. 褐色,棕色 a. 褐色的,棕色的 n. 早午饭(晚早饭) v. 刷;擦 n. 刷子 n. 铲斗;桶 n. 预算 n. 自助餐 building n. ~ ...up 建造 强健体魄

n. 蝴蝶 n. 纽扣; (电铃等的)按钮 v. 扣(纽扣)

172. buy/bought/bought vt. I won’t ~ your story.我才不信呢 173. by prep. 乘 坐 ~ bus/train/plane/ship/air/sea/water/land by a by way of 取 on/in a train ; a plane He is taller than I by a head. in river 在…旁边;by the way 顺便问一句 道 by means of 通过 means 决不 lead sb by the hand 牵住…的手

149. Buddhism n. 佛教 Buddhist n. 佛教徒 150. budget 151. buffet

by all means 尽一切办法, by no pay sb

152. build/built/built vt.建造;建设 develop one's mind 增长智力 153.

~ A into B 把 A 建成 B build up one's body

by the hour 按小时付费;by hand 手工 by far+最高级 make a living by doing ;by turns = in turn = in one's turn C 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. cab n. (美)出租车 n. 卷心菜,洋白菜 n. 自助餐厅 计算 ~ for 请求;要求;需要;呼吁 n. 咖啡馆; 餐馆 n 笼;鸟笼 v. n. 蛋糕,糕点;饼 v./n. ~ at sp.

bump into sb 撞到(bump against) knock sb down 撞倒 n. 束,卷,串

154. bunch

155. bungalow n. 平房 156. burden n.负担 take up/bear the family burden 承担家庭负担 be burdened with 肩负着 relieve the family burden The burden is too heavy for you.对你们来说负担太重。 157. bureaucratic a. 官僚的 ~ sth. up 烧 光 158. burglar n. 窃贼 159. burn/burnt/burnt v. ~ sth. to the 8

cabbage café

cafeteria cage

calculate cake call



~ on sb.访问

~...off 取消 ~ out 大声叫喊 answer the call 回电


sth. in one’s hands 捧着~ sth. in one’s hand 拿着 ~ sth. out 实施;执行~ ...away 带走;冲昏...的头脑 下去~ through 坚持到底 36. 37. 38. cartoon carve cart 倒置 39. case n.情况;案例;病历;箱子 in ~ 万一(可单独使 用也可接句子) in ~ of 万一(接名词、代词、动名词等) Take an umbrella in ~. Take an umbrella in ~ of rain. in this/that case 在那种 n. 动画片,卡通;漫画 vt.刻;雕刻 n.马车 Never put the cart before the horse 不要本末 ~ sth. on 继续

forth...唤起; 鼓起 (勇气等) make a phone call 电话

call (on) sb. to do sth.号召. take call off 取消

a call 谢幕 call sb one's name 叫…名字 call up 打电话给…;应征入伍 9. calm

a. 镇静的; 沉着的 v. 镇静; 沉着 keep calm = calm down 别紧张 n. 骆驼 n. 照相机;摄像机 n.帐篷 go camping 去宿营 modal v. 可能; 能够; 可以 can't help doing 情不自 n. 社会运动

remain calm 保持镇定 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. camel camera

camp v.宿营 campaign can 禁

Take an umbrella in ~ it rain/in ~ it should(万一) rain. As is often the ~, Tom came late again. 情况下 in most cases 在大都数情况下 in no case 绝不 in any case 无论如何 eg: In any case , try to do it. cast a net 撒网 a ~ in the air 空中楼阁 偶然的,不经意的 n. 大灾难 vt.抓住 ~ sb. = ~ up with sb.追上 ~ hold of 突然抓住 ~ (a ) cold ~ sb. be caught in a rain 遭遇风雨等 in the

(could) can’t = can not

不能 can't ( help ) but do 不得不 再…也不过分

can’t help to do sth 不能有助于… can't … too ... eg: You can't thank him too much.你再感 40.

case of my mother.以我母亲为例 cast a vote 投票 skin.蛇褪皮 41. 42. castle n.城堡 casual cat a. Snakes cast their

谢他也不过分 n.(美)罐头;罐子 a can opener n. 开罐器 15. Canada n. 加拿大 Canadian a. 加拿大的;加拿大人的 n. 运河;水道 vt. 取消 cancel the meeting cancel the order 取消定单 n. 癌 n. 蜡烛 n. 糖果 n. 餐厅;食堂 cancel the flight n. 加拿大人 16. 17. canal cancel 取消航班 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. cancer

43. 44. 45.

n. 猫 catalogue n. 目录


catch/caught/caught 得感冒

candidate n. 候选人 candle candy canteen cap

catch sight of 突然看到

~ sb.’s attention/ eye 吸引的注意力

doing sth.抓住某人做

be caught in/between the trees 卡在树中 catch sb by the arm 抓住…手臂 catch sb doing 抓住…正在做… catch what you said. be capable of doing 46. 47. capitalism n. 资 本 主 义 adj. 资本主义的 48. 49. 50. 51. category n. 类别 cater v. 提供餐饮,满足需要 a. 包罗万象的 n. 大教堂(天主教) n. 原因,起因 vt. 促使,引起,使发生. cause = cause sb to do 造 the cause of I didn’t


盖;(钢笔等的)笔套\ 24. a capable man = an able man 能干的 = be able to do 25. capital capitalist 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. n. 资 本 ; 首 都 n. 资本主义者

catholic cathedral cattle cause

capsule n. 胶囊 captain n.(海军)上校;船长,舰长;队长 caption n. 标题,字幕 car carbon card care care n. n. 汽车,小卧车 n. 碳 n.卡片;名片;纸牌 v. card games 纸牌游戏

n. 牛(总称),家畜

lead to = result in = bring about 造成 成…去做… the reason why/for 世界和平事业

the cause of world peace 52. 53. 54. 55. caution n. 谨慎 cautious a. 谨慎的 cave CD n. 洞,穴;地窖

~ for...喜爱;关心;照管~ about...关心;顾虑 take ~ of... = look after 照料;照看 take ~当心;保

重 under the ~ of 在......的照料下 with ~ =carefully 小心 地; 慎重地 be careful in doing 小心的, 仔细的 be careful of sth ;be careful to do; be careful with 33. 34. 35. carpet carrot n.地毯 n.胡萝卜

光盘(compact disk 的缩写)CD ROM


(compact disk read only memory 的缩写) 56. 57. ceiling n.天花板 celebrate v. 庆 祝 celebration n. ~ one’s birthday /Christmas/Easter/New Year’s Day (=mark/observe/keep) 58. 9 cell n.(监狱的)单人牢房;(修道院等的)单人小室;

carry vt. ~ sth. in one’s arms 抱着~ sth. on one’s back 背着~

(蜂巢的)小蜂窝,蜂房;[生物] 细胞 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. cent n. 美分(100 cents = 1 dollar) a. 摄氏的 n. 公分,厘米 central adj.

80. 81. 82. 83. 84.

chapter chart

n. 章 n. 图表;航海图 a ~ buy 便宜货 cheat in the exam 考


chat ?n. & vi.? 聊天,闲谈 cheap adj.便宜的 cheat 试作弊 n. & v. 骗取,哄骗;作弊 cheat oneself 自欺欺人 ~ in 入住宾馆/进入商场等

centimetre (美 centimeter) center/centre century


n.世纪 the twelfth ~ the 85.

ceremoney n. 仪式 the opening ceremony 开幕式 closing ceremony ~ly adv. certainty n. 确定性 某

check n.检查; 控制; 支票(cheque) a money ~汇票 v. 检查; 控制~ one’s tears 控制住眼泪 ~...up 核对;检查 n. 面颊,脸蛋 a.兴高采烈的, 快活的 cheers int. 干




It is ~ that 86. 87.

~ out cheek

he will make it.=He is ~/sure to make it.be ~/sure about...对 确信 a certain = some a Mr.Tom = a certain Mr.Tom = make certain that some Mr.Tom ;be certain to do 确实 for certain = for sure 的确 66. certificate n. 证明,证明书 a birth certificate 出生证

cheer ?n. & vi.? 欢呼; 喝彩 Cheer up! 振作起来!提 起精神! cheerful n. 奶酪 n. 厨师 a. 化学的 n. 化学品 chemist n. 药剂师; 杯,(英口语)谢谢,再见

88. 89. 90.

cheese chef

a marriage/ death certificate 67. 68. chain n.链条锁链 a ~ shop 连锁店 a ~ smoker 连续吸烟者 chair n.椅子 chairman 主席;书记;懂事长 chairperson 69. 70. 71. 72. The ~ is comfortable to sit in. a piece of ~ a.具有挑战性的 chalk u.n. 粉笔 challenge champion chance chairwoman


化学家 chemistry n. 化学 91. cheque (美 check) cash this cheque 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. chess chest n. 棋 n. 箱子;盒子;胸部 n. 小鸡 chicken n. 鸡;鸡肉 n. 支票 pay by cheque 用支票付款 对换支票 a blank cheque 空白支票

n.挑战(性)challenging n. 冠军,优胜者 n.机会

by ~ 偶然 take one’s ~碰运气;冒险

chew vt. 咀嚼 chick

take the chance of doing 利用去做什么的机会 the chance of / (to do) / for doing 机遇 The chances are that…= It is likely that…. will win. 73. change v./n.变化 ~/turn A into B 把 A 变成 B ~ trains/planes/clothes 换 车 、 飞 机 、 衣 服 ~ for the better/worse 边 得 更 好 / 坏 ~ with... 随 着 ...... 而 变 化 ~ oneself=get ~d 换衣服 Great ~s have taken place in China since the reform and opening up in 1979. 74. 75. 76. 77. channel chant n.频道;通道;水渠 v. & n. 圣歌,歌唱 n.(汉) 字体; 字, 品格 He has a strong character. Chances are that he will win=Possibly he

chief adj.主要的;首要的 CEO=chief executive officer in ~ 主要地;尤其 an editor-in-~总编 a commander-in-~总司令 n. 孩子,儿童 childhood n. 幼年时


child (复 children) 代,童年

98. 99.


n.烟囱 a. 中国的;中国人的;中国话

China n. 中国 Chinese

的,汉语的 n. 中国人;中国话,汉语,中文 100. chips n. (pl.)炸土豆条(片) 101. chocolate 102. choir 103. choke 104. choice n. 巧克力 n. & v. 窒息 n.选择 have no ~ but to do sth.=have to do sth 只 a ~ friend 好朋友 a large/wide n. 合唱班

chaos n. 混乱 character 他有很强个性。 man of character 一个有个性的人。 a create many characters 创造很多人物 the leading character 主角 a. 特别的

好;不得不 adj.精选的

choice of 选择 have the first choice 优先选择 105. choose/chose/chosen v.选择= pick out ;choose sth as /to be sth choose from 从中挑选~ to do sth. cannot ~ but do sth.=have no choice but to do sth. 只好;不得不 106. chorus n. 合唱团 107. Christian n. 基督教徒和天主教徒的总称 Christmas n. 圣诞节(12 月 25 日) Christmas card 圣诞卡 Christmas tree 圣诞树 Christmas Eve 圣诞(前)夜 108. church n.教堂 go to ~做礼拜(动作) 礼拜(状态) 10 a ~ goer 信教者 be in ~z 在做

78. 79.


charge v.收费; 控告; 冲锋~ sb. with (doing) sth. He was ~d of sealing books from the newsstand. n.主管; 收费; 控告; 冲锋 in ~ of 主管 in the ~ of 由......主管 free of ~免费的 take charge of ;the man in charge 负责的人 What's the charge for a single?一个人要多少钱? These books are under your charge .这些书你保管。charge sb with sth 指控 free of charge 免费 charge sb money for doing sth 因做… 而向…索价(pay sb money for) He ~d me $10 for the book.

109. cigar n.雪茄

cigarette n.香烟;注:-ette 是表示―小‖

watch keeps the time. The watch gains/loses 2 minutes. Set the clock to the right by the radio.按照收音机把时间拨准 135. clone n.克隆(无性繁殖出来的有机体群) 136. close adj.近的; 亲密的 closely adv. 密切地; 亲密地 be ~ to sth.靠近 be ~ at hand 迫近 take /have a close looked at 仔细看 make a close study of 仔细研究 be close to = be next to 在…附近,将近,几乎 He is close to tears. v.关 闭 ~...down 关 闭 ; 封 闭 close down on 禁 止 , 取 谛 Zhang Fei liked sleeping with his eyes closed. 137. cloth u.n.布料 a piece of ~一块布料 c.n.有特殊用途的 a suit of clothes 布,如桌布、擦脚布等 clothes n.衣服

的后缀,如 case, cassette。 110. cinema n.电影院 111. circle n.圆圈 将……圈起来 n. 圈 v. 循环,流通 n. 环境 in/under no circumstances = on no 决不=in no way=by no means go to the ~/theatre/hotel circle the correct answer 圈出 a business circle 商业圈 in ~s The bees dance in ~s. vt. 圆圈 The

moon circles the earth 围绕 112. circuit 113. circulate

114. circumstance

account = in no case

Under no circumstances should you lend him any money. in reduced circumstances 艰苦环境下 115. circus 116. citizen n. 马戏团 n.市民;国民 citizenship n.国籍 senior ~s 老年人 a. 国内的;平民(非军人)的;民用的 civil duties 公民义务 n. 平民 n. 文明

一套衣服 clothing u.n..衣服的总称 a piece/an article of clothing 一件衣服 sugar-clothed pills 糖衣药片 138. cloud .云 cloudyadj.多云的 Soon the ~s lifted.云很快散去。 139. club n.俱乐部 join the ~ n. 教练;马车;长途车 n. 煤;煤块 n.海岸 an island off the ~ a town on the ~coastline 海 140. clumsy a. 笨拙的 141. coach 142. coal 143. coast 岸线 144. coffee n. 咖 啡 make ~/tea/bed 煮 咖 啡 / 沏 茶 / 铺 床 black/white ~ 145. coin n.硬币 head 正面 146. coincidence n. 巧合 147. coke n. 可口可乐 148. cold n./adj.冷 (的) leave sb. in the ~疏远某人 throw ~ water on...泼冷水不赞成 catch a ~ 得感冒(动作)have a ~感冒 (状态) 149. collar n.衣领 white-~ blue-~ pink-~ n. 同事 vt. 收集, 搜集 collect sth 收集 collect money = golden-~ gray-~ tail 反面 Every coin has two sides.

117. city n. 市,城市,都市 118. civil civil rights 公民权力 119. civilian

120. civilization 121. clap

v. n.拍(手)

122. clarify v. 澄清 123. class n.课;班级;阶级;等级 world-class adj.世界级的 first-class adj.一级的 Class A 最高级的 in /after/before ~ have ~es 听课 124. classic 125. classify classmate n. 同班同学 classroom n. a. 经典的 v. 分类 The books in the library are classified

according to subject. 按科目分类 classical a.传统的古典的 126. claw n. 爪 clay n. 黏土 127. clean adj.干净的; a ~ sweep 完胜;全胜 vt.弄干净 clean...up 扫除;收拾干净 cleaning n.扫除;擦 thorough/spring cleaning 大扫除 128. clear adj.清晰的;明亮的; (头脑)清醒的 be ~ about...对 明了 make it ~ that...弄清楚;使人明白 vt.使干净;清除 ~...off 清除;消散~...up 整顿~ up 放晴 clear the classroom the clear water 清澈河水 clear away 把…清除掉 It is clear that... Make it clear that... Is the road clear ?道路畅通无 clear 阻吗?Please clear the room before their arrival. the snow from the path. 清除 give sp. a

150. colleague 151. collect

raise money 募集 152. collection 有…收藏

make money = earn money

n. 收藏品,收集物 have a large collection of

153. college n.大学 go to ~上大学(动作)be in ~在上大学 154. colour/color n.颜色 colourful/colorful adj.色彩斑斓的 结合

155. comb n.梳子 tomb n.坟墓 bomb n.炸弹 156. combine vt. 使联合;使结合 apply theory to practice 157. come/came/come 遇 vi. 来~ about 发生 ~ across...偶 ~ along 一道来;进步 ~ at...袭击~ back 回来; ~ down 降落; 跌落; 病倒~ for... ~ into being 产生;出现~ into ~ into combine A with B

clear the stones from the

garden. clear one's throat 清嗓子 The clouds have cleared away.云散开 clear up the problem 解决问题 129. clerk n. 书记员;办事员;职员 be ~/quick/good/expert/skilful at...擅长 v. 爬,攀登 v. 点击(计算机用语) n. 气候 climb

130. clever adj.聪明的 131. click 132. climate

恢复 ~ back to life 苏醒 来取(物) ;来接(人)

existence 成立; 出现~ into force 开始生效、 实行

133. clinic n.医务所 134. clock n.钟表 around the ~=24 hours a day 全天地 My 11

office 上任~ into power 上台;掌握政权~ into use 开始得 以使用~ off 脱落~ out 出来;长出;出版;显现~ to 苏醒~

to a conclusion 告一段落;得出结论~ to a stop 停下来~ to light 现露出来~ to oneself 苏醒过来~ to terms with sb.与某 人妥协 ~ to the point 说到要点 ~ true 实现~ up 走近; 上升;流行~ up to sth.到达;符合(标准) ;不辜负(期 望)~ up with...提出~ what may 不管发生什么 接下几年中 How came ? 怎么会这样? 158. comedy n. 喜剧 159. comfort vt./n.安慰 comfort sb 使…舒适;安慰… He ~ from... 来自 They came running.他们跑着来. in the years to come

173. compass 174. compensate

n. 指南针 v. 补偿

175. compete vi. 比赛, 竞赛 competence n. 能力 competition n. 比赛,竞赛 competitor n. 竞赛者,比赛者 176. complete adj.完全的 177. complex 178. component n. 成分 compose vt.写作; 作曲 Your vt.完成 completion n. 完成 a. & n. 复杂的

179. composition n.作文; 作曲 理解

~ is well written except for some spelling mistakes. 180. comprehension 181. compromise 182. compulsory n. v. 妥协,谅解 有义务的 PC=personal ~ a ~-in-arm 战友

lives in comfort .他过得很舒适 comfortable adj. lead a comfortable life. 过着舒适生活。a comfortable climate.舒 适气候 comfortably adv. 160. comma 161. command n. 逗号 n. & v. 命令 command sb to do (order sb to

183. computer n.电脑 184. comrade n.同志

do sth) ;command that + 虚 command my respect 博得尊敬 command my sympathy 博得同情 have a good command of 牢固掌握(have a good understanding / knowledge of) at one's command 听从…吩咐 I gave him all the money at my command .由我支配的 162. comment No comment n. 评 论 无可奉告 make comments on... 评论

185. conceited a. 骄傲自满的 186. concentrate v. 集中,全神贯注 concentrate on= focus concentrate oneself on He has no concept of wrong and 他没是非观念 能源问题与我们都 概念

one's attention/mind on 187. concept n.

right.= He can't tell right from wrong. 188. The Energy problem concerns us all.

有关。as far as I am concerned = as for me 至于我 be concerned for 关 心 be concerned about 为 … 担 心 eg: Be concerned about the growth of the younger generation. 为年轻一代成长而担心。 concerning prep.

163. commercial [k?'m???l] a commercial course 商 科 a commercial theater 以赢利为目的的 a commercial radio 164. commit [k?'m?t] 犯(罪),做(错事等) 使承担义务;使作出 保证;使表态[(+to)] commit murder an unforgivable error criminal 通缉犯 165. commitment 166. committee n. 承诺 n. 委员会 犯凶杀 commit 犯 不 可 原 谅 的 错 误 a wanted

= about = with regard to 189. concert 190. conclude n.音乐会 v. 完成,结束 conclusion n. 结论;结束 a just

draw/reach/form/gain/arrive at/come to a conclusion conclusion 一个公正结论 in conclusion 总之 191. condition n. 条 件 conditional

167. common adj.共同的;常见的 in ~共有的 a~ room 卫生间 a common name ,a common disease , common sense 常 识 have sth in common 有…共 同之 处 get a 对…有大致了解 n. 交际;交往 communicate with sb 通

adj. 有 条 件 的

unconditional adj. 无 条 件 的 be in good/bad/poor condition ; under the present conditions 在当前形势下 the working conditions 工作环境 on condition that = if = provided that on ~ of (接名词和动名词等) on no ~决不 in living/working/studying ~s 生活/工作/学习条件(环境) ~状况良好 192. conduct out of ~状况不好

general idea of

168. communicate v. 交际;交流,传达(感情,信息等) communication 讯 communicate sth to sb 把…传递给…;向…表达… communist capitalism

169. commune n.公社 communism n.共产主义 n./adj. 共产主义者/的 socialism n.社会主义 n.资本主义 feudalism n.封建主义

vt. 引导,带领 conductor n. 管理人;指导者; a. 自 信 的 confidence.n have confidence in a. 机密的 n. (正式的)会议;讨论 a press conference

导体;乘务员; 乐队指挥 193. confident doing 对…有信心 We are confident of our future

170. companion c.n.伴侣;伙伴 171. company n.公司; 伙伴 with sb.和某人在一起 keep sb. ~给某人做伴 keep ~ with sb.与某人交往 in ~

194. confidential 195. conference 记者招待会

172. compare v.比较 comparison n. 比较 comparative adj.比较 的~ A with B 把 A 与 B 比较~ A to B 把 A 比作 B comparison with...与......比较 Compared with Shanghai, Beijing is important politically. 12 in

196. confirm [k?n'f?m]

vt. 1. 证实;确定[+(that)][+wh-] 2. 确认

坚 定 ; 加 强 3. 批 准 , 确 认 confirm the report confirm what he said

197. conflict ['kɑnfl?kt] n. 1. 冲 突 , 抵 触 , 不 一 致 , 分 歧 [(+between)] 2. 斗 争 , 争 执 , 战 斗 [(+between)] the inner conflict 内心矛盾 the armed conflict 武装冲突 the armed robbery 武装抢劫 198. confuse [k?n'fjuz] vt. 1. 把...弄糊涂,使困惑 2. 把...混 同,混淆[(+with)] 3. 搞乱,使混乱 混 confuse A with B 搞 confuse black with white 混淆黑白

极作用。然而,越来越多的城市居民却怀疑这种说法, 他们抱怨民工给城市带来了许多严重的问题 214. consult v. 查阅,咨询 n. 顾问 v. 消耗 consume a lot of fuel 很费汽油 consult one’s lawyer, consult a dictionary 请教律师,查阅词典 215. consultant 216. consume

consume a lot of alcohol 217. contain vt.包含;含有 container n.容器 The bottle 包 含 contain = have sth within itself I’m ~ with my salary. He’s

199. congratualte vt.祝贺 congratulation n. ~ sb. on (doing) sth. 因......而祝贺某人~ oneself on sth.庆幸 200. connect vt.连接 connection n. ~ A with B 把 A 和 B ① 连接 The 连接起来 be ~ed with...与有关;与连着

contains milk.

include = have sth as a part 218. content n./adj.满足(的)

bridge connect the island with the mainland.② 接通 Please connect me with the headmaster. I was connected to a

~ to stay in the present job.vt.使感到满足 目录;内容

As there is no

cream, we have to ~ ourselves with black coffee.n. (复数) 219. continent n. 大 陆 ; 大 洲 continental adj. 大 陆 的 continental climate 大陆性气候 220. continue v. 继 续 continuous adj. 连 续 不 断 的 continual adj. 频频的;时断时续的 ~ to do sth.= ~ doing sth. The story is to be ~d.(未完待续) n.& a. 相反 ; 相反的 What he said is the on the 221. contradict v. 驳斥,相矛盾 contradictory a. 互相矛盾的

wrong person.我接错电话了③交通工具上的相衔接 The early bus connects with the 8:30 train. 201. conquer the fear of height 克服恐高症 202. conscious ['kɑn??s] a. 1. 神志清醒的,有知觉的 2. 意 识到的,觉察到的[(+of)][+that] 3. 故意的 be conscious / aware of 意识到 be conscious / aware that He is still

conscious.他神志清醒 203. consensus [k?n's?ns?s] 204. consequence n. 后果 205. conservation 206. conservative 的 n(自然资源的)保护,管理 a. n. 保守的,守旧的;保守主义的;谨慎 n. 一致 ;合意 ;舆论共同看法

222. contrary

contrary of what he did. 相反 (be contrary to) contrary 正相反 223. contribute v. 贡献 contribution to a charity collection 捐赠

n. 贡献 contribute $10 促成,有


contribute to sth

207. consider vt.认为; 考虑 consideration n.考虑 considerate adj. 体贴人的;体谅人的 ~ A as B 认为 A 为 B 打算 ~ doing sth. take sth. into consideration 考 虑 到 Charles

助 Does smoking contribute to lung cancer?Doing exercise contributes to our health.;the contribution of money 捐款 224. control n./v.控制 controlled lose ~ of 失去对......的控制 control control over / of 管不住 225. controversial a. 引起争论的 convenience n. 方便 at one's It is convenient to sb... 在…方便时 controlling;be in / under ~ of 控制 be in/under the ~ of 被控制 keep/get...under ~控制住 be out of control = beyond have no 无法控制 have control over / of 管的住

Babbage is generally ~ed to have invented the computer.=It is ~ed that Charles Babbage invented the computer. It is considerate of you to have brought so much food. 208. consist v. 包含,组成,构成 be composed of 209. consistent 由…组成 a. 一致的 consist of = be made up of =

226. convenient adj.方便的 convenience

210. constant a. 经 常 的 , 不 断 的 He needs constant (= unbreaking) medical treatment. He drove at a constant ( = fixed = unchanging ) speed. 211. constitution n. 宪法 212. construct v. 构筑;建造,建设 213. construction n. 建造,建设;建筑物 be under construction 在建造中 the construction site 建筑工地 An increasing number of experts believe that migrants will exert positive effects on construction of city. However, this opinion is now being questioned by more and more city residents, who complain that the migrants have brought many serious problems.越来越多的专家相信移民对城市的建设起到积 13

It is convenient for sth... 227. conversation n. 交 谈 conversational English

It is convenient for sb to do... conversational adj. 口 头 的 = spoken English

It is ~ for me to get the milk from the grocery shop.

tell lies 说谎 talk nonsense 胡说 talk business 说正紧事 228. convey v. 运载,表达 229. convince 230. cook cooker 231. cool v. 使确信 n. 厨 师 v. 烹 调 ; 烹 饪 do some cooking n. 炊具(锅、炉灶、烤炉等) cookie n.甜饼 a. 凉的,凉爽的;酷 vt. 抄写;

232. copy n.拷贝;(相同书、 报、 杂志等的)份,本,册

抄袭 233. coral

a ~ cat 只会模仿的人 n. 珊瑚;珊瑚虫 a. 无线的 c.n. 谷粒 at the ~ of ;

dancing 264. cream n. 奶油,乳脂 265. create vt. 创造; 造成 Labour creates the world. 产生很坏的影响 赊账 劳动 创造世界。create many characters 创造许多人物 create a bad impression 266. creature 267. credit n. 生物 n. 信用;信赖;信誉 on credit

234. cordless 235. corn


236. corner c.n.角落

in the ~ of on the ~ of

around the ~(=at hand = near)即将到来 The shop is around the corner. Christmas is around the corner .圣诞将近。 drive sb into a corner = corner sb 使…处于困境 237. corporation 238. correct adj.正确的 vt.改正;纠正;矫正~ the papers 批改试卷 239. correction 240. correspond 241. corrupt 242. cost/cost/cost vt. 花费; 使丧失 价 cost How much/What does

268. crew n. 全体船员 the crew of the ship, the staff of the school 269. crime n. (法律上的)罪,犯罪 criminal n. 罪犯 270. criterion (复数 criteria) n. 标准 271. crop 272. cross n. 庄稼;收成 a. 脾气不好的,易怒的 cross n. 十字路口,人行横道 n. 交叉路口 cross off: 划掉 cross up:欺骗 a. 拥挤的 a n. 人群 vt. 拥挤,群聚 crowded n. 十字形的东西

vt. 越过;穿过 273. crossing 274. crossroads 275. crowd

the book ~? The carelessness ~ us $1,000. n.成本;花消;代 at the ~ of 以为代价 at all ~s 不惜任何代价 at a low 成本 it cost sb time/money to do... 花费 sth cost

sb money 值 The accident cost him his life. 使…为代价 243. cosy a. 舒适的 244. cottage n. (郊外的)小屋,村舍;别墅 n.& vi. 咳嗽 245. cotton n. 棉花 a. 棉花的 246. cough 247. could?modal v.? (can 的过去式)可以……;(表示许 可或请求)可以……,行 248. count vt. 数,点数 count for: 有价值 249. counter n. 柜台,结账处 under the counter: 非法地 250. country n. 国家;农村,乡下 251. countryside n. 乡下,农村 252. couple n. 夫妇,一对 253. courage n. 勇气; 胆略 take up courage: 鼓起勇气 have the courage to do 有勇气去干…lose courage 254. course n. 过程;经过;课程 The course of our life is from our birth to our death. …过程… complete my college course 课程 in / during the course of 在…期间 255. court n. 法庭;法院 n. 庭院,院子 掩盖;报道; 掩 盖 证 据

crowd of 一群人 a crowded bus 276. cruel 277. cry n. 叫喊;哭声 v. 喊叫;哭 278. cube n. 立方体 cubic 279. cuisine n. 烹饪 280. culture n. 文化 281. cup n. 茶杯 in one’s cup: 醉酒 n. 碗柜;橱柜

be croweded with 挤满

a. 残忍的,残酷的;无情的 be cruel to 对…残忍 a. 立方体的,立方形的

282. cupboard 283. cure

n. & vt. 治疗; 医好 take a cure 使…除去…

接受治疗 cure sb of


cure the boy of his bad habit = cure these diseases

break sb of a bad habit 284. curious 285. currency n. 货币;现金 286. curriculum n. 课程 287. curtain n. 窗帘 288. cushion n. 垫子

a. 好奇的;奇异的 be curious about: 对…好奇

289. custom n. 习惯,习俗,风俗习惯 290. customs: 海关 291. customer n. (商店等的)顾客,主顾 v. n. 切, 削, 伤口 he cuts on his hand 剪, 割

256. courtyard

257. cousin n. 堂(表)兄弟,堂(表)姐妹 258. cover n. 盖子;罩 v. 覆盖,遮盖; cover one’s tracks: 走 了 … 路

292. cut (cut, cut)

伤口 a shortcut 捷径 a power cut / failure 停电 cut the students’ burden /relieve the burden of students 减少学生负 担 cut the cost of education 减少教育资费 cut one's hair 剪 发 cut the planned time by two hours 去掉两小时 cut off the branches 砍掉枝条 cut off the supply of water 切断 cut down the tree 293. cycle 294. cyclist D 14 砍倒 vi. 骑自行车 n. 骑自行车的人

from cover to cover: 自始至终 259. cow n.母牛,奶牛 cowboy n.(美国)牛仔;牧场骑士 260. crash v. & n. 猛撞 蜡笔;蜡笔画 261. coworker. n. 合作者;同事 262. crayon n. 263. crazy a. 疯狂的 You are crazy to do such things. 发疯的; 不切实际的 be crazy about/on sth 着迷…He is crazy about

1. 2. 3. 4.



欠…的债 欠款许多 27. 28. 29.

pay off the debt 还清欠款 be in heavy debt be out of debt 没有债务

daily a, ad &n /weekly\yearly\monthly dam n damage n&v 损坏(不可数) damages: 赔偿费(可数) cause damage feeling 毁 坏 do damage to damage sth. do harm to a&n n&v be harmful to hurt one's

December n. 12 月 decade decide n n the first decade of this century decide to do = make up one's mind to do = be

be injured in 30. 31. 32.

determined to do = make a decision to do decision declare decline n declare war: 宣战(on/upon/against…) on the decline 在衰退中, 在减少中 in decline decline to do 拒绝去做…

5. 6. 7.

damp dance

danger n .a danger to 对…的危险; be in danger(of)处于… 危险中; be out of danger 脱离危险

下降; on the increase 在增加 decline one’s invitation.婉 言拒绝;谢绝 turn down My heath is declining / failing. 身体状况每况愈下。 33. decorate vt.装饰,修饰 decoration 装饰 做比说好 n.装饰,修饰 be

8. 9.

dangerous a dare v& modal v dare do ,daren’t do \dare to do, don’t He dares to go there. 敢… He doesn't dare to

dare to do

go there. Dare he go there ? Does he dare to go there ? 10. dark 色的 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. n & a 黑暗;暗处;日暮 a. 黑暗的;暗淡的;深 I'm in the dark .①我在黑暗中 ②我被蒙在鼓里 n 黑暗,阴暗

decorated with 34. 35. decrease deed n v

Deeds are better than words.


darkness dash data

good deeds 做好事 deep a & ad in deep water: 在困境中\deeply two metres deep in sorrow deep into the night 直到深

v & n 快跑,冲刺,短跑 the 100-metre dash 短跑 n 资料,数据 n 资料库,数据库 date the letter 标日期 to n&v up to date: 及时的

deep/in depth

database date

夜 deep in thought 陷入沉思 go deep into the forest 走入 森林深处 I'm deeply moved.我被深深感动 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. deer defeat defence defend degree 度上 42. delay n n v defeat sb , beat sb 击败 (Am .defense) n made a defense: 做防御 v defend our country against enemies 保卫 by degrees:逐渐地 to some degree .在某种程 without delay: 毫不拖延 delay the meeting 推迟

date(=so far, until now) 到目前为止 out of date 过时的;up to date 新式的,时兴的; date back to 可追溯到; date from 从 某时期开始(有) The house dates from 1678 16. 17. 18. daughter dawn day n n at dawn 在黎明

n day in day out: 日复一日 by day during day time:

to a certain degree n&v

日间;白天里 day after day : for many days together: 日复 一日 day and night :all day and all night: 日日夜夜 one day : on a day (pass or future ): (过去或将来) 某一天 day : a few days ago: 前几天 another: 一天天的 daylight n. light of day; 19. dead a dead end: 死胡同 deadly: 致命的 The car is the other

= put off the meeting 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. delete v&n 删去

day by day : one day to

deliberately ad 蓄意地审慎地(not by chance, on purpose ) delicate delicious delight a a n. take( a) delight in: 以…为乐 to one’s delight 令

dead .(= The car broke down.) The engine came to a dead stop. There was dead silence. 一片寂静 a dead language 不再使用的语言 (go wrong, 20. 21. 22. go dead 中断 eg: The line went dead.

某人感到高兴 to one’s regret 遗憾/ sorrow 悲痛 /relief 安 心/distress 苦恼/shame 羞愧;/surprise 惊奇 /astonishment 惊奇;delight in(take great pleasure in doing sth.)喜欢, 取乐 48. 49. delighted a be delighted at / by 看(听)到…使…高兴 deliver v deliver a speech 发表演讲 make free home delivery 免费送货上门 50. demand v.&n. satisfy one’s demands, demand(n) for sth in demand: 有需求 on demand 受到要求时 demand sth. of sb. 向某人要求(非物质的)东西. demand sth. from sb. 向 某人要求(物质的)东西 demand to do sth / that …The workers are demanding better pay.This sort of thing

go bad)

deadline: 最终期限 deaf n be blind / deaf to 看(听)不到 deal n. a good (great )deal of: quite a lot of: 大量;相当多 deal with : behave towards: attend to: 对付; 应付; about: be 涉及 a great deal of 大量的 ( a large amount of )

23. 24. 25. 26.

dear death

a n put …to death: 处死 sentence sb. to death

debate n&v 讨论,辩论 debt n in debt : owing money: 欠债 be in debt to sb. 15

demands great patience.

51. 52. 53. 54.

dentist n department(Dept.) n a department store 百货商店 departure depend 依靠 n 离开,启程 v dependence n. dependent adj. be dependent on depend on 视…而定 The sports depend on the 依靠 = rely 这视

75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81.

dial v 拨(电话号码)dial the wrong number 拨错了号码 dialogue (Am dialog) n diamond diary n dictation dictionary die n n n diamond cut diamond: 强中更有强中手 keep a diary 记日记


depend on sb to do sth /for sth

on sb to do = count on sb to do… It/that all depends.

v die away: 平息 According to a recent survey, four

情况而定 be independent of 不需要的,不依靠,独立的 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. deposit depth n describe v&n beyond one’s depth: 超出…的理解力 v. 描述,描写 describe sth as n 描述,描写 v 应得,值得 He deserves a punishment/ to be 84. 85. 86. 87. n,v&n 设计,策划 图案,图样,样式 have design be intended 渴望得到 88. a 绝望的 desperate 渴望,急需 90. 91. 92. 不管 Despite the heavy rain, he still 不顾一切的, 绝望的 89. vt&n 舍弃; 遗弃;沙漠 描述 82. 83.

million people die each year from diseases linked to smoking.依照最近的一项调查,每年有 4,000,000 人死 于与吸烟有关的疾病 diet n on a diet 吃某种特殊饮食, 节食 differ v differ from (be different from)…in 与…的区别在 于 They differ widely in the taste 在口味上不同. It makes no difference whether/that 无足轻重 difference n make a difference: 有影响

description desert deserve

punished/punishing. 61. design on: 对…别有用心 Be designed for/to do . v&n 要求; 期望 desire sth n

different a. (from) difficult a. difficulty n get into difficulties: 陷 入 困 境 in difficulties…有困难,处境困难 dig(dug,dug) digest digital dignity dilemma v

for/to do. These exercises are designed to strengthen muscles 62. 63. 64. desire desk desire for


v [da?'d??st] vt. 1. 消化(食物) 2. 领悟,融会贯通 a ['d?d??t!] a. 1. 指的;指状的 2. 数字的 n keep one's dignity 保持尊严 n [d?'l?m?] n. 1. 困境,进退两难 2. 【逻】两

be desperate for/to do 65. regardless of+ 名

3. 整理,做...的摘要 4. 忍受(侮辱等

despite prep. =in spite of 不管, 尽管 despite/in spite of /

went out. In spite of the fact that it was raining heavily, he still went out. n 甜点 n 目的地 v 破坏,毁坏 n 侦探 v 决 定 ; 决 心 determination n. 决 心 although/though + 从 Although it was

难推理,两刀论法 93. dimension n [d?'m?n??n] n. 1. (长、宽、厚、高等的)尺 寸 2. 面积,容积;大小,规模[P1] 3. 重要性 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. dinner dinosaur dioxide dip v n a&v Can you direct me to the post office? 指引 n n ['da?n?,s?r] n. 1. 【古生】恐龙 n

raining heavily, he still went out. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. dessert

destination destroy detective determine

determine to do

determine the cause of the accident.确定

diploma direct

事故的原因 The amount of rainfall determines the size of the crop.雨量决定收成的好坏。determine the date of the meeting 确定开会日期 be determined to do = make up one’s mind to do = make a decision to do sth determined boy 一个有决心的男孩 71. develop v(使)发展;(使)发达(使)发育;开发 vt. development n develop a habit of doing develop a film 冲洗胶卷 奉献 冲洗(照片) a

One's thinking directs one's action. 思想决定行为 Which is the most direct way ? 哪条路最近?A direct fight from Shanghai to Sydney ? 从上海去悉尼直飞的航班? 100. direction n. in the direction of in every direction 101. director n 102. directory 103. dirty a n eat dirt: 忍辱 dirty one’s hands: 干不正当的事 方向 in all directions 遵循指示

follow these directions

develop an interest in... 养成

Chicago developed into a big city in the late 1800s 72. devote v devote oneself to: 致力于, n 奉献,奉献精神 n 图表,图样 16 be a devoted friend 一个忠实朋友

104. disability n 105. disabled a n

devoted to 73. 74. devotion diagram

106. disadvantage 107. disagree

v. (with/on/to)

108. disagreement 109. disappear 110. disappoint disappointment 111. disappointed 112. disaster 113. discount 114. discourage 115. discover 116. discovery v n n n v

n 使 失 望 to one's

中 加 强 语 气 I do miss you, Mum. well.Do be on time.

She does sing

So she did come after all.(3) ---Yes, please do.I knew he

v sth disappoint sb 使某人失望的是 a

用来表示前边提到的动作(以免重复)---May I come round in the evening? would help us, and he did.(4) 用于某些倒装句中 Only then did I realize he had been wrong.Never did he know anything about it.B. 做 vt. Can I do anything

sb be disappointed to do/at sth

v discourage sb from doing


for you?We often do our homework together.The glass is broken. who did it?We did some reading last night.She did most of the talking.C.vi.(1) 表示生 活、学习等情况 How do you do?They did very well in English but badly in maths.How did you do in the exam?

117. discrimination 118. discuss v

n 热烈的讨论 be under

119. discussion n. a heated discussion discussion 120. disease 121. disgusting 122. dish n n v n a 在讨论中

How are you doing?(2) 行了、够了、可以 On e piece of bread will do.Talking with your mouth full won’t do.(3) 做、办 Do as you are told to.When in Rome, do as the Romans do.Let her do as she likes.D.习 语 do…with…处理 What have you done with my I can do with the old bike?can do with…将就用

123. disk= disc 124. dislike 125. dismiss

bed.do something about… 对 … 采 取 措 施 do sb. a 下课了 You are favor=do a favor for sb.帮某人个忙 do away with… 废 除 、 破 除 、 去 掉 do sb. good/harm/wrong= do good/harm/wrong to sb. 对某人有益/有害/冤枉某人 do one’s best/ bit/part=do everything/all/what one can 尽力 do …up 包扎、扣(纽扣)do without…没有… 也行、不需要 have something to do with…与…有关 do right/wrong 做得对/做错了 142. doctor n 143. document 144. dog n 用而扔掉 拼命干 145. doll n 146. dollar n 147. donate v donation n. 148. door n from door to door: 挨门挨户 show a person the door: 下逐客令 shut the door to: 拒之不见 n dog eat dog: 互相残杀 give to the dogs: 无 lead a dog’s life:过苦难生活 work like a dog: dismiss the idea of doing 打消

v The class is dismissed.

dismissed. 解雇 126. distance n 在远处 127. distant 128. distinct

a long distance call: 长途电话 in the distance: distant relative 远亲

a. a distant village adj.

(be) distinct from ( = be different from)

与…截然不同 129. distinction n [d?'st??k??n] 1. 区别,分清[(+between)] 2. 差别;对比[(+between)] 3. 不同点;特征,特性 130. distinguish v distinguish between (=make or recognize differences) 辨 别 distinguish…from 把 … 与 … 区 别 开 some distinguished scientists 131. distribute 132. district n v 杰出的

133. disturb v. May I disturb you for a while ? disturb peace 134. disturbing 135. dive 136. diverse 137. divide v v v divide ... into ... be divided into divide the a

149. dormitory(dorm) 150. dot n 151. double a &n


apple in half/into halves 138. division 139. divorce n

8 divided by 2 is/makes 4 以离婚而告终

152. doubt n &v beyond doubt: 毫无疑问 divorce

without doubt: 毫

v end in divorce

无疑问 in doubt(=in a condition of uncertainty)对…表示疑 惑 There is no doubt that/There is some doubt whether I doubt whether... 我怀疑 I don't doubt that he will win. 我对…深信不疑 153. down prep &ad come down on a person: 责备 come down to the ground: 完 down to business: 认真谈论正事 17

rate 离婚率 ( birth rate, death rate ) 140. dizzy a v A. aux. v.(1) 帮助构成一般过去时或 141. do(did,done)

一般现在时的疑问或否定式 They do not believe it. When id they arrive there?(2) 用在肯定句和祈使句


down under: 在世界另一边 hit a man when he’s

租? When is this book due ? (到期的) The train is due in 5 minutes.火车应在 5 分钟内到。 (预期的,该发生的) My success is mainly due to hard work. (是因为)。due to thanks to 因为 , because of , on account of , owing to , 175. dull a n

down: 打落水狗 let a person down: 见死不救 put sth. down: 铲除; 停止 send a person down: 开除某人 person down: 拒绝听某人讲话 154. download 155. downstairs 156. downtown 157. dozen n n n &v ad ad ,n&a shout a

176. dumpling

177. during prep Incorrect: During I was sick, I couldn’t eat well. Correct: While I was sick, I couldn’t eat well.(during 其后不 要接从句) 178. dusk n at dusk n draw a bread on: 攻击 draw off: 撤退 dress down: deposit/save 吸引 引起骚动 180. dustbin n 181. dusty a 182. duty n off duty: 下班 on duty: 值班 do one's duty 尽…职责 It's my duty to do... , off duty 下班 on duty free 免税 在黄昏 179. dust n dust: 灰尘 be in the dust: 受屈辱 make a dust:

158. Dr = doctor 159. draft n &v 160. drag v

161. draw(drew, drawn)

v. drawer

draw a conclusion: 得出结论 draw aside: 拉到一边 draw back: 不信守诺言 drawback money in the bank 存, 近 责备 draw some money from the bank.提取

draw one's attention

draw near =approach= be at hand = be around the corner 将 draw the curtain 拉窗帘 draw a lesson 吸取教训 n &v dream a day 为…穿衣 be 162. dream(dreamt, dreamt 或-ed, -ed) dream 163. dress dream of doing 梦想做… n &v dress up: 打扮 dress sb

duty 值班 What's on duty today ? 183. DVD=digital versatile disk 184. dynamic 185. dynasty E 1. 2. 3. 4. a n n

dressed in , 164. drill n &v

He dressed well. (He is well-dressed)

each ?a.& pron.? 每人,每个,每件 eager eagle ear a. 渴望的热切的be eager for 想得到, 盼望 n. 鹰 n. 耳朵;耳状物;听力,听觉 be all ears: 倾听

165. drink(drank, drunk) v drink deep: 大量饮酒 drink hard: 痛 饮 drink in: 倾听; 欣赏 drink to: 为…干杯 drink up: 喝干 166. drive(drove, driven) home 开车回家 v drive a person into a corner: 逼 使…发疯 drive 入绝境 drive out: 赶出去 drive sb mad = What do you mean ? 你指的是什么? 167. driver 168. drop 滴 169. drug 170. drum 171. drunk 172. dry n n&v drop across: 偶遇 drop in: 顺便拜访 drop in a drop of 一 Prices dropped 价格下降 n be on drugs = take drugs 吸毒 n a v&a dry goods: 干货 dried milk: 奶粉 dry up:

turn a deaf ear to: 对…根本不听 have an ear/eye for: 有 对…的鉴赏能力 5. early a. 早的 ad. 早地the early bird catches the worm: 捷足先登 in one’s early thirties: 30岁出头keep early hours: 早睡早起 6. 7. 8. 9. earn earth vt. 挣得,赚得earn one’s living: 谋生 n. 地球;土,泥;大地on earth: 究竟come back to n. 地震

drive sb to sp . What are you driving at ?

on sb 顺道拜访 drop in at sp 顺道拜访

earth: 重返现实 earthquake east a. 东方的;东部的;朝东的;从东方来的 ad. 在东 方;向东方;从东方 n. 东,东方;东部in the east of (在 里面) 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 18 Easter eastern to the east of n. 复活节 a. 东方的;东部的 ad. 向东 不连接)on the east of (接攘)

干涸 dryer: 烘干机 173. duck 174. due a a duck’s egg: 零分 like a duck to water:如鱼得水. When is the rent due?合适的 Respect is due to


easy a. 容易的,不费力的easier said than done: 说得容 易做得难with ease ( = easily) 容易, 不费力 easy-going eat (ate, eaten) a. 随和的 v. 吃eat one’s words: 食言eat out: 在外

older people.应到的;预期的 When is the steamer due? (这 船预定何时到?)由于;起因 His absence was due to the storm. Incorrect: He fell due to his mistake. Correct: His fall was due to his mistake. Incorrect: Due to the storm, he was late. Correct: Because of the storm, he was late.(due to 一般 不用于句首) When is the rent due ? 应在什么时候付房

吃饭eat up: 吃光 ecology n生态学 edge edition n. 边缘 n. (发行物的)版,版(本)

editor n. 编辑

20. 21. 22.

educate educator

vt. 教育,培养 n. 教育家

束make ends meet:收支相抵put an end to: 结束end in: 以…告终end up with: 结束People seem to fail to take into account the fact that education does not end with graduation. 人们似乎忽视了教育不应该随着毕业而结束这一事实 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. ending n. 结局;结尾,最后 endless energetic a. 无止境的; 没完的 a. 精力旺盛的 enemy n. 敌人;敌军 energy n. 精力,能量 engage in 或be engaged in (doing) 从事于, 忙与干… (be busy in doing) be engaged to sb 与…订婚 The room is engaged.房间预订了 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. a 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. engine n. 发动机,引擎 engineer enjoyable enlarge n. 工程师;技师 a. 愉快的;有趣的 vt. 扩大 You can't be too enjoy vt. 欣赏;享受……之乐趣;喜欢

education n. 教育,培养When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study. 说到教育,大部分人认为其是一个终生的学习


effect n. 效果;作用have an effect on 对…有影响in effect (=in fact, really) 实际上give effect to (=carry out) 实行, 使…生效 to that effect 是那个意思的to the effect that 大 意是…,主要内容是 produce an effect of (doing) sth 产 生…效果come into effect 开始生效 (come into force)bring sth. into effect 实施be of no effect无效side effect 副作用

24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

effective effort egg


n. 努力,艰难的尝试make an effort: 努力spare no n. 蛋;卵teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs: 班门 n. 茄子 n. 埃及Egyptian

effort: 不遗余力 弄斧put all one’s eggs in one basket: 孤注一掷 eggplant Egypt either elder elect electric electrical electronic elegant elephant else esle ; a n. 象 特殊疑问词 +

enough n. 足够;充足 a. 足够的;充分的 ad. 足够地; 充分地can't...enough = can't...too careful/careful enough enquiry n. 询问 enter vt. 进入enter for: 报名参加enter into (=begin) 开 始(谈话, 谈判等) enterprise n entertainment n. 娱乐 enthusiastic a [ ?n,θjuz?'?st?k] 热情的;热烈的;热心的 [(+about/over/at)] entire a. 整个的,全部的 n. 入口;入场;进入的权利;入学许可entrance entrance

eight /eighteen /eighth /eighty a. 两方任一方的;二者之一 conj. 二者之一;要 n. 长者; 前辈the elderly = the aged = the old老年人 vt. (投票)选举 a. 电的 a. 电的;电器的 a. 电子的 么……ad. (用于否定句或短语后)也

electricity n. 电;电流

fee: 入场费 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. entry n. 进入 envelope n. 信封 n.环境 environment equal

ad. 别的, 其他的不定代词 + else or else: 否则;要不然

email/e–mail n. v. 电子邮件 发电子邮件 embarrass v embarrass sb embassy n. 大使馆 emergency n. 紧急情况或状态an emergency ward 急诊 室the emergency measures 紧急措施 in an emergency在紧 急时刻 使为难,难堪 I felt embarrassed. 因缺钱而苦恼 I was embarrassed by lack of money.

envy vt.& n. 忌妒; 羡慕 a. 平等的 vt. 等于,使等于equal to: 等于;能胜 任be /feel equal to (=have enough strength, ability etc.)能胜 任,能应付 on equal terms(=on and equal footing)平等地be equal to…in... 在…方面与…相等( be second to…in…, be similar to…in…, be superior to…in…)

44. 45. 46.


n. 皇帝

75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81.

equality equip

n. 平等 vt. 提供设备;装备;配备equip with: 用…装备起

place(or put, lay) an emphasis on 强调, 把重点放在…上 employ vt. 雇佣out of employ: 失业employee: 雇工; 职员 employer: 雇工employment agency 职业介绍所 of employment = be out of work = lose one’s job be out

来A good education should equip you for future life equipment n. 装备,设备be equipped with 装备有,装有 eraser error erupt v escape mind 82. 83. 19 n.& vi. 逃跑;逃脱escape from 从…逃脱,逸出 escape doing ,escape one’s notice / one’s attention / one’s Your name escaped me. = I forgot your name. 九死一生 an escaped prisoner 逃犯 a narrow escape n. 橡皮擦;黑板擦 n. 错误;差错trial and error: 反复试验

47. 48.

empty a. 空的 encourage vt.鼓励encourage sb. in 鼓励;encourage sb. in his /her work 鼓励某人工作;encourage sb. in his /her idleness 怂恿某人游手好闲 encourage sb. in …with sth. 用…鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb to do inspire sb to do 激励 鼓励

49. 50.

encouragement n. 鼓励 end n. 末尾; 终点; 结束 v. 结束, 终止come to an end: 结

especially ad. 特别,尤其 essay n. 散文;文章;随笔

84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89.

Europe n. 欧洲 European evaluate even event evening v n. 傍晚,晚上 n.. 事件,大事in that event如果那样,in the event of a. 欧洲的,欧洲人的 n. 欧洲人

钢琴 112. exercise n. 锻炼, 做操; 练习, 习题作为―运动‖讲,exercise 是不可数名词; 而当―练习体操‖或―练习‖来讲则是可数名 词vi. 锻炼 113. exhibition n. 展览;展览会 114. exist vi. 存在We can't exist without water. come into existence = come into being 115. existence n. 存在; 生存; 存在物 come into existence / being 形成 (=begin to exist)开始存在; come into use 开始 使用; come into effect 开始运转; come into fashion 开始时 新; come into action 开始行动; come into power 开始执政; come into sight 进入视野;come into blossom 开花 116. exit n. 出口,太平门 117. expand v 扩展Heat expands mental. 扩大生产 expect sb to do 热量使金属扩胀. expand the production sth 存在

ad. 甚至,连(……都);更

万一,in the event that(=if) 假如, 如果. in the event 结果, 实际情况是(常与but 连用) quite an event: 重要大事at all events (=in spite of everything, in any case) 不论怎样, 无 论如何in any event (=whatever happens in the future) 无论 如何, 不管(将来)怎么样 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. eventually ad 最终地 ever ad. 曾经;无论何时 every a. 每一,每个的 everybody pron. 每人,人人 everyday a. 每日的; 日常的 everyone everything everywhere pron. 每人不可与of结构连用。Everyone 只能 pron. 每件事,事事 ad. 到处 every bit 每一点,完全,全部 代表人,而every one 可代表人,也可代表物

118. expect vt. 预料; 盼望; 认为expect sb sth expect that …expect…of 在…期望

(1). vt. 期待、预料、等待 It’s what we’ve expected.Is this the letter you have been expecting?We expect to finish the work by Friday. I expect that they will drop in. I expect you to make more progress. ---Will he be back tonight? ---I expect so.

every now and then (或again) 常常,不时地 every other 每隔 every once in a while 偶尔, 间或 every two years 每 隔两年 98. 99. exact a. 精确的;确切的 n a n a n. 考试,测试;检查;审查fail an evidence

You arrived earlier than we had expected. (2).习语 as (is/ was/ has been) expected 不出所料 expect too much of sb.对某人期待过高 119. expectation n. 预料; 期望beyond one’s expectation(s) 出乎 意料 live / come up to one’s expectation(s) 不辜负,符 合…的期待 120. expense n 费用消费;支出at the expense / cost of 以…为 代价spare no expense 不惜一切代价 living / school expenses 生活费/ 学费 121. expensive a. 昂贵的 122. experience n. 经验; 经历.an unusual experience 一个不同 寻常的经历 He has no experience of life at all. 他全无生 活经验。an experienced teacher 一个有经验的教师 123. experiment n. 实验 做实验 124. expert n. 专家,能手 Many experts point out that physical exercise contributes directly to a person's physical fitness.许多专家指出体育锻炼直接有助于身体健康 125. explain vt. 解释,说明explain sth. to sb. 向某人解释某事 126. explanation n. 解释,说明 127. explicit [?k'splisit] a 明确的 128. explode 129. explore 130. export 131. expose v. (使)爆炸 v 探险explore the unknown探索explore the castle v.&n.出口 vt. 揭露expose…to…使暴露于…, 使…受(危险, expose sth./sb. to 使…接触Don't Expose Children carry out / conduct / do an experiment

100. evident 101. evolution 102. exact

103. exactly ad. 精确地;确切地 104. exam = examination examination 考试不及格 pass an examination 考试及格 take an examination 参加考试 carry out a medical examination 进行体格检查 105. examine vt. 检查;诊察 106. example n. 例子;榜样for example 例如 give/set a good example to sb. 为某人树立好榜样 make an example of sb. 惩罚某人以儆他人 Example is better than precept 「谚」 以身作则胜于口头训诲 107. excellent a. 极好的,优秀的 108. except prep. 除…之外(=but) except for (=apart from) 除… 以外(an) exception to …的例外besides 除…以外还有. except that (接从句)除......外。 109. exchange n.&v.交换,掉换,交流 exchange…for 以…交 换 exchange our opinions B 交换exchange A for B 用A换 I gave him my in exchange for 作为…的交换

favorite football in exchange for his knife. 110. excite vt. 使兴奋,使激动 111. excuse n. 借口;辩解 vt. 原谅;宽恕in excuse of 作为… 的借口excuse sb. for doing sth. 原谅某人做过某事Please excuse my interrupting you.= Please excuse me for my interrupting you. 求 excuse sb from 免除…的责任/对其要 20 He was excused from piano practice他获准不必练习

风险) be exposed to… 面临…, 受到expose …in its true natural 揭露…本性 to some good books expose it to the sun. 不要让它接触阳光.

132. express vt.表达; 表示; 表情 n. 快车, 特快专递express way 快车道 达谢意 133. expression n. 表达; 词句; 表示, 说法; 表情with a strange expression 带着一种奇怪表情beyond expression (=in a give expression express oneself 表达 express my thanks 表

16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

family n. 家庭;家族;子女 family name 姓氏 famous a. 著名的be famous for/as 因/作为……而著名 fan.1 n. (电影、运动等的)迷;热心的爱好者(支持者) fan.2 n. 风扇 fancy a. 花式的;装饰的; fantastic a..奇特的 (口语)极好的,美妙的,很棒的 fantasy n幻想,梦想 far (比较级farther, 最高级farthest 或 further,furthest) a.& ad. 远的;远地by far 远, 非常 (与比较级或最高级连 用) far from 远远不是 far from 非但不…(而且)

manner that cannot be expressed) 无法形容, 说不出的The scenery was beautiful beyond expression. 134. extra a. 额外的,外加的 135. extraordinary a. 离奇的; 使人惊奇的 136. extreme a.极其的非常的extremely adv. 极其地,非常in the extreme (= extremely) 极其 137. eye n. 眼睛look sb. in the eye 正视, 打量(某人) close (shut) one’s eyes to不理会,视而不见in one’s mind’s eye 在 心目中, 在想象中in the twinkling of an eye 一眨眼,转眼 间keep an eye on(=keep a watch on)照看,监视 in the eyes of =in one’s eyes ( = in the judgment of ) 在某人看来,在某 人眼里 eye-ball n. 眼球 eyed [aid] adj. 有眼的 one-eyed 独眼的 eyeful ['aifl] 满眼 138. eyesight n. 视力;视觉have a good/poor eyesight to 表达, 表现 find expression in… 表现 ….

23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

fare n. (乘车或船等的)费用,票(价) farm n. 农场;农庄 farmer n. 农民 in fashion(=stylish, most modern)时兴,流行 after the fashion (of) 依照… fast a. 快的,迅速的;紧密的 ad. 快地,迅速地紧密地 be fast asleep minutes fast take a fast hold of 紧紧握住 My watch is 5

28. 29. 30. 31.

fasten vt. 扎牢;扣住 fat n. 脂肪 a. 胖的;肥的 father n. 父亲 fault n. 缺点, 毛病find fault with(=complain about; criticize) 找毛病,对…吹毛求疵 at fault (=in the wrong)有错 favour (美favor) n. 恩惠; 好意; 帮助in favour of 赞成 be in favour with 受宠, 受偏爱; out of favour with 失宠, 不 受宠in one’s favour=to one’s advantage对有利 The score is 2:1 in our favour.我们以2:1赢得了比赛。 win one's favour

1. face n. 脸 vt. 面向;面对on the face of it (=judging by what one can see) 表面看. in the face of 面对着(困难等情 况) in one’s face 当着某人的面; face to face面对面; face up to 大胆面向 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. facial a. 面部用的 fact n. 事实,现实as a matter of fact. factory n. 工厂 fade fail vi. 褪色,(颜色)消退 v.失败;不及格;衰退fail in (=be unsuccessful in) 失 really; actually . in (actual) fact; in point of fact .in fact .really事实上


赢…欢心 33. 34. 35. 36. favourite (美 favorite) a. 喜爱的 n. 特别喜爱的人或物 (be) favourable to(=advantageous)有利的 fax n. 传真 fear vt.&n. 害怕;恐惧; 担忧fear for (=be afraid for the safety of sb. or sth.) 为…担心 for fear of (=in case of; because of anxiety about) 以防, 由于怕 in fear of (=afraid for the safety of) 担心 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. feast n feather ['f?? n. 羽毛I am not of that feather.我不是那种 ?] 人。Birds of a feather flock together.[谚]物以类聚 February n. 2月 federal fee a. 中央的(政府等);联邦的 n. 费,费用

败He failed to pass the exam. He failed in the exam. You failed me.你让我失望My health is failing.= My health is declining. As a writer he is a failure 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. failure fair fair n. 失败 a. 公平的,合理的 a. (肤色)白皙的; (人)白肤金发的 fair3 n. 集市;

庙会;展览会 fairly ad. 公正地,正当地;相当(程度)地 faith n. 信仰;信念in good faith(=honestly, sincerely) 真诚 地keep faith with 对…守信用 lose faith in 对…失去心 on faith 毫无怀疑地, 依赖地 faithful to (=loyal to) 对…忠诚 12. 13. fall.1 n. (美)秋季 fall.2 (fell, fallen) vi. 落(下),降落;倒fall asleep -to go to sleep入睡 fall ill 患病 .fall in love with 爱上.fall off fall short of (=fail to

feed (fed, fed) vt. 喂(养);饲(养)feed (sb.) on sth. 靠 吃…, 用…喂养 be fed up with(=be unhappy, tired about sth. dull) 厌烦, 腻了feedback 反馈 We need more Do feedback from the consumer in order to improve our goods.


feel (felt, felt)

v.& link 感觉, 觉得;摸,触A. (1) vt

跌落;下降 fall over 跌倒;倒下. fall to pieces崩溃;倒塌 fall into the habit (of) 养成…习惯 . reach a desired result.) 没达到, 低于. 14. 15. false a. 不正确的;假的 familiar a. 熟悉的be familiar with 对……熟悉be familiar to 为……所熟悉 21

you feel any pain when I press here? Facing this situation, they felt both joy and fear. (2) link v. I don’t feel very well today. The busier he is, the happier he feels. The desk feels smooth. (3) vt. 接复合宾语 I felt someone go upstairs.

I felt a great weight taken off my mind after the exam. She felt their eyes watching her when she came to the stage. She felt herself (to be) right.I felt it my duty to help you. He felt it necessary to talk about his own shortcomings. (4) vt. B. vt. 摸 宾语从句 He felt strongly that we should take some 66. 65.

find…out查清楚; 弄明白; 了解; 打听find one’s way to sp. 设法赶到;进入find fault with sb. 对某人吹毛求疵;挑剔 fine finger 中指 67. 68. 69. finish a. 细的;晴朗的;美好的;(身体)健康的 付罚款 pay the bill the index the middle finger--the little finger 小指 n. 手指toe 脚趾 the thumb ---拇指 the third / ring finger 无名指 n. 指甲 n.& v. 罚款pay a fine

action about the bad practice. He felt the pot and it felt very hot. C.习语 feel like doing sth.想要 would like to do 想做 would prefer to do 想做 feel one’s way 摸索前进 feel sb’s pulse 切/把脉 feel as if/ as though 感觉似乎 She felt as if she were a member of the family. feel quite oneself 觉得身体很好 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. feeling female fence festival fetch fever n. 感情;感觉 a. 女的;女性的;雌性的 n. 栅栏;围栏;篱笆 a. 节日的,喜庆的 vt. (去)取(物)来,(去)带(人)来 n. 发烧;发热 n. 纤维质 fierce dogs 73. 74. 75. 76. 71. 72. 70. fellow n. 同伴;伙伴

( first ) finger / the forefinger ---食指 fingernail

v.结束做完 doing sth. the finished products 成品

fire n. 火;火炉;火灾 vi. 开火,开(枪,炮等),射击 on fire 着火 fire alarm 火警 fire escape 安全梯 fire fighter 消防人员 fire wood柴禾fireworks n. 焰火set the world on fire=set the flames on fire(=do sth. remarkable)有 突出成就 play with fire (=take great risks)干冒险事 set sth. on fire(=set fire to sth.)使..着火,放火 catch fire firm 1 n. 公司; 企业 2 a. 坚固的, 坚定的The ground is not firm enough to walk on. firmly ad. 牢牢地 first num. 第一 a.& ad. 第一;首次;最初 n. 开始;开 端at first at the beginning) 起先; ( 开始的时候 first of all ( as the first thing, in the first place)首先at first sight (=when first seen)乍一看,一见 for the first time 第一次 (作状语) the first time that, It’s the first time + …完成时 fish fist fit n. 鱼;鱼肉 vi. 钓鱼;捕鱼 n. 渔民;钓鱼健身者 n. 拳(头) a. 健康的, 适合的 v. (使)适合,安装fit in with ( = 保持健康fitting 钥匙不配锁sth fisherman

few pron. 不多;少数 不多的;少数的 fibre (美fiber) field fierce fight n. 田地;牧场;场地 a. 猛烈的,凶猛的 n. 打仗(架),争论

fight (fought, fought) fighter v. n. 打仗(架),与……打仗(架)战士;斗士 figure n. 数字;数目;图;图形;(人的)身型;人物; (绘画、雕刻的)人物像 vt. (美口语)认为,判断; (在心里) 想像, 描绘 He has an income of six figures. 位数的收入 She has a good figure. 她身材很好 六

suit , fall into agreement) 合适, 相配, 一致 (be) fit for (=right and suitable for) 适合 keep fit room试衣间The key doesn't fit the lock. suit sb适合(颜色、款式) suit his lessons to his students 77. fix vt. 修理; 安装; 确定, 决定fix one’s attention / one’s 修理fix one's eye on 把视线注意在… 固定利率 着火 eyes on / upon … 把注意力/目光集中于…fix sth = repair sth = mend sth fixed prices 78. 79. 80. flag flame flash 固定的a fixed rate of interest

suit sth to sb 使…适合某人

59. 60. 61.


n. 公文柜;档案,(计算机)文档 fill out ( =fill in )填写be 充满,填满 develop a film 冲洗胶卷 a roll of

fill vt. 填空,装满fill in 填写 filled (up) with a film 拍电影

film n. 电影; 影片; 胶卷 vt. 拍摄, 把……拍成电影make film 一卷胶卷

n. 旗;标志;旗舰 n. 火焰,光辉be in flames = be on fire n. 闪;闪光; 转瞬间in a flash 一瞬间flash back My mind flashed back to our previous meeting n. 手电 v. 逃走;逃跑 flexible plastic tubing 有

62. 63. 64.


a. 最后的;终极的finally adv (= eventually= at last= n财政;金融;财政学

in the end ) 最后 finance [fai'n?ns] find (found, found) vt. 找到, 发现, 感到 A. vt. (1) 发现 I found a wallet on the street corner yesterday. He found her in danger.=He found that she was in danger. I found him (to be) a tough guy.=I found that he was a tough guy.This method was found to be practical.=It was found that the method was practical. I find it interesting to read these stories.= I find I found a dog that it is interesting to read these stories. park.

回顾, 回忆 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 22 flashlight flat flesh

a. 平的 n. 楼中一套房间; 公寓(常用复数) n. 肉,肉体 flesh and blood 血肉

flee (fled, fled)

flexible a易弯曲的,灵活的 弹性的塑料管 flight1 float flood floor flour n. 航班,楼梯的一段

killed in the park.= I found that a dog had been killed in the I found a man breaking into a warehouse.= I found that a man was breaking into a warehouse.(2) 找到 Have you found the book you have been looking for?B.习语

vi. 漂浮,浮动The boat floated along/down the river n. 洪水 vt. 淹没,使泛滥 n. 地面,地板;(楼房的)层 n. 面粉,粉 the flow

flow vi. 流动the constant flow of music

of traffic 通无阻 92. 93. 94. 95. flower flu

交通流量Keep the traffic flowing. Her tears flowed down her cheeks n. 花


come into force / effect 开始有效(实施)carry / put into force / practice 114. forecast 115. forehead 116. foreign 117. foreigner 119. forest 把…实施 force sb to do sth = force sb into doing sth 强迫某人做某事 n. & vt. 预告 n. 前额 a. 外国的 n. 外国人

n. 流行性感冒 vi. (鸟、飞机)飞;(人乘飞机)飞

fly n. 飞行;苍蝇 fly (flew, flown) 行;(旗子等)飘动 vt. 空运(乘客,货物等);放(风 筝、飞机模型等)

118. foresee (foresaw, foreseen) vt. 预见; 预知 n. 森林 forever ad. 永远;永恒的 v. 忘记;忘掉forget to do sth 120. forget (forgot, forgotten) 121. forgetful

96. 97. 98. 99.

fluency n fluent a focus v&n focus on (=concentrate on) 集中在…上 focus sth. on 把…集中在…上 fog n. 雾 vt. 折叠;合拢 a. 民间的

忘记去做某事 forget doing sth 忘记曾经做过某事 a. 健忘的,不留心的 forgive sb for doing sth 122. forgive (forgave, forgiven) vt. 原谅,宽恕forgiveness n. forgive sb sth 123. fork n. 叉餐叉a knife and fork一副刀叉(谓动词用单数) 124. form v.&n.形成,表格;形式结构in the form of 以…形式 fill in this form (表格)form the habit of doing form a conculsion 125. format n 版本 前世界冠军A: Would you like tea or 表示要tea 得出一个结论 形成

100. foggy a. 多雾的 101. fold 102. folk

103. follow vt. 跟随;仿效;跟得上(~ the rule / one’s advise) as follows 如下The report reads as follows.I followed him. 我跟踪他 I was followed.我被跟踪。Do you follow me ? = Can you understand what I have said?follow one's advice/suggestion 听从 follow the fashion 赶时髦 follow one's example 以…为榜样 104. following a. 接着的;以下的in the following years = in the years to come .The following is of great value. The following were present at the meeting 105. fond 106. food 107. fool a. 喜爱的,爱好的be fond of 喜欢 = be into … n. 食物,食品 n. 傻子, 蠢人make a fool of sb 愚弄某人 All Fools’ 愚人节You are a fool. 蠢人fool 愚弄,欺骗silly愚蠢的

126. former a. 以前的, 从前的; (两者之中的) 前者the former world champion coffee ? 127. fortnight 128. fortunate (luckily) B: The former .

n. 十四日,两星期 a. 幸运的; 侥幸的fortunately adv. 幸运地 unfortunately adv.不幸(unluckily) be fortunate in

幸运,有好运气 129. fortune n. 财产;运气make a fortune by/from doing 通 过…发财try one's fortune 碰运气 tell one's fortunes 算命 130. forty num. 四十 four, fortieth ,fourth 131. forward ad. 将来,今后;向前,前进 (反:backward) 期待,盼望take two steps I looked forward only to see a bike. look forward to doing sth forward 朝前走两步 132. found 134. fox 朝前看结果只看到。。 。 vt. 成立,建立 133. fountain n. 喷泉

Day/ April Fools’ Day

sb (into doingsth, out of doing sth) He is a stupid man 108. foolish of 110. football 111. for

(使人发笑)do silly tricks做令人发笑把戏stupid笨拙的 a. 愚蠢的,傻的It's foolish of you to stay up late.

109. foot (复 feet) n. 足,脚;英尺at the foot of = at the bottom n. (英式)足球;(美式)橄榄球

n. 狐狸 a ['fr?d??l] 易碎的;脆的;易损坏的,脆弱的;虚弱 a ['fregr?nt] 香的,芳香的 n ['frem,w?k] (房屋等的)构架,骨架 2. 构造,

prep. 为了…向…往…与…交换,防备…适合…因

135. fragile 136. fragrant

为…在…期 间;对于…对…来说 conj. 因为,由于fight for (表示目的)为了, for the sake of , be famous for(表原 因)be for = be in favour of 支持mistake A for B spite of, despite) 尽管 leave for 动身去…send for 派人去叫enter for 报名参加for all(=in For all his efforts, he failed in the for good = forever 永远for exam.run for 竞选;持续… example = for instance 例如 112. forbid (forbade, forbidden) vt. 禁止,不许 forbid / allow / permit / advise sb sth forbid / allow / permit / advise sb to do sth fordid / allow / permit / advise (sb’s) doing sth forbid / advise/suggest that sb (should) do sth 113. force vt. 强迫,迫使(be) in force 有效 , 实施 by force 靠武力, 强行 force…on 把…强加给by force 以武力 23

的 ,纤细的,精细的 137. framework 机构,组织 138. franc n. 法郎 139. France* n. 法国 140. free a.& v.(freer, freest) 自由的,空闲的;免费的,释 free of charge 免费be freed from 被释放, 释放 be free to do sth 随意做某事(be free 放freely adv. 自由. set free

of sth) for free 免费地 (free of charge)free sb from / of (from 有免除之意,of 有救济之意) 141. freedom n. 自由 142. freeway n. 高速公路 143. freeze (froze, frozen) vi. 结冰freeze / starve / beat to death 冻死/饿死/打死

144. freezing 145. French

a. 冻结的;极冷的 n. 法语 a法国的;法国人的;法语的

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

gardening n. 园艺学 garlic garment gas gate gather general idea of n 大蒜 n 衣服 n. 煤气 n. 大门 v. 聚集;采集gather oneself 振作起来 a. 大体的,笼统的,总的in general (=in most give sb a general 给…一个大致了解a general secretary 秘书长It is n. 代,一代generation gap 代沟 a 慷慨的 大方的 n. 绅士,先生;有身份、有教养的人 n. 地理学 a. 德国的,德国人的,德语的 n. 德国人,德 pass down

146. Frenchman (复 Frenchmen) n. 法国人(男Englishman (pl .Englishmen) Chinese (pl. Chinese) Japanese (pl. Japanese)German (pl. Germans) American (pl. Americans) 147. frequent 148. fresh 149. friction a. 经常的;频繁的 frequently adv. n n. 冰箱 与…交朋友A friend in is a. 新鲜的

gay a. (男)同性恋的;快活的,愉快的 cases, usually)通常, generally speaking. generally believed that... 人们普遍认为

150. Friday n. 星期五 151. fridge =refrigerator 152. friend 友好的 n. 朋友(反: enemy) friendship n. 友谊 friendly adj. make friends with sb 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. be frightened /

generation generous gentle gentleman geography German

need a friend in deed. 患难见知己 153. friendly a. 友好的 154. friendship 155. frighten 的 156. frog 158. front n. 友谊,友情 vt. 使惊恐,吓唬frightened adj. 惊吓的,害怕

from generation to generation 代代相传 a. 温柔的,轻轻的

be frightened / afraid to do sth

afraid of doing sth n. 青蛙 from prep. 从;从……起;距;来自 a. 前面的;前部的 n. 前面;前部;前线 n. 前沿 ,边界;前线 157. from prep. from now on 从今往后from then on 从那时起 in front of 在…前面 in the front of 在…前部 159. frontier 160. frost 161. fruit n. 霜 n. 水果;果实

geometry n. 几何学 语 Germany* n. 德国 gesture n. 姿势,手势 get (got , got) vt. 成为;得到;具有;到达

Where did you get these good ideas?Let me go to get the doctor. Will you get me a ticket?=Will you get a ticket for me? He got a poor wage. Let’s get something to eat.

162. fruit juice n. 果汁 163. fry vt. 用油煎;用油炸 164. fuel 165. full 166. fun n. 燃料add fuel to the fire (flame) 火上加油 a. 满的,充满的;完全的 be full of/ be filled with n. 有趣的事,娱乐,玩笑funny adj 滑稽的 for (in) fun 开玩笑地

B.习语 get about(消息)传开 A rumor(谣传) got around that Fu Biao was ill in hospital. get…across 讲清楚;渡过 I wonder how to get my new ideas across.get ahead of…领先 get away from…避免、摆脱、离开 get…back 收回、找回 get behind 落后 get …down 记下来 get down to (business/ work/ studies) 认 真 做 get to know/ realize/love/like 逐渐地了解/爱上 get…in 收进来、 请来 get…out 拔出、洗掉、出版 get out 传出 News got out that you were leaving.get round…绕过、回避 get somewhere 有结果/成就 have got=have 有 have got to=have to 不得不 get along (on) with 进展, 相处 get away 逃脱, 离开 get back 回来, 恢复,取回 get down 下来;记下;使情绪低落 get in 进来;收(庄稼) (get down to doing sth 开始认真干某事) off get 从火车、 汽车、 船、 飞机、马上下来(从出租车或小车下来用 get out of) ;脱下 get it 明白 get on 登上车、船、飞机等; 进展 get over 越过,克 服 get rid of 处理,去掉 get through 穿过,完成,拨通 get No pains, 聚集 get up 起床, 站起来,化装 n. 赠品; 礼物have a gift for 有…的天赋 n. 长颈鹿 归

What fun it is to have a bath in the sunshine in such hot weather! make fun of 开玩笑,嘲笑 168. fundamental a 基本的 167. function n &v方法功能 169. funeral l n. 葬礼 170. funny a. 有趣的,滑稽可笑的 171. fur n. 毛皮;皮子 a. 配备了家具的 172. furnished

173. furnish…with (=supply) 向…提供 174. furniture n. (总称) 家具a(n) piece / set / article of furniture 175. future n. 将来 vt. 赢得;挣得 in the future 将来 in future 从今以后

1. gain v 赢得 Pain past is pleasure. 苦尽甘来 不劳无获 no gains. / No pains without gains. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. gallery n. 画廊;美术品陈列室 gallon game garage garbage garden n. 加仑 n. 游戏;运动;比赛 n. 汽车间(库) n. 垃圾 n. 花园,果园,菜园 24

together 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. gift

get?together n. 聚会 gifted a. 有天赋的; 有才华的 giraffe girl n. 女孩

give (gave, given) vt. 给;递给;付出;给予give back

还,回来(=return)give away 赠送,露,出卖give in 投

降,屈服give up 放弃give off 发(蒸汽,光等)give over 沉湎于(give oneself over) ;交出,给give out 分发;分 配;发表;用完;筋疲力尽;发出,放出give way to 位于…;让步于… 让 give birth to 生give...forth发出;发表 44. 45. 46. 47. 看…一眼 42. 43.

(achieve one’s ambition) goat god n. 山羊

keep goals 守门 pray to God

n. 神,(大写)上帝goddess 女神

向上帝祈祷 believe in God 信上帝God bless you! 上帝保 佑你! My God! 天哪! God knows that… 天知道… gold golden golf n. 黄金 a 金的,黄金的 a. 金(黄)色的 n. 高尔夫球 be good for 对…有好处;对…有作用 be

give oneself up to doing sth. 献身于、专心于given that假 定;已知give sb. a hand帮某人忙give rise to导致 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. glad a. 高兴的;乐意的be glad at/ about sth be glad of sth / to do sth / that… glance vi. 匆匆一看; 一瞥 at a glance 一眼,乍见之下 take a glance at glare v. 瞪眼;怒目而视;闪耀 glass n. 玻璃杯;玻璃;(复)眼镜 catch (or get) a glimpse of 瞥见(强调结果) take a glance(or look) at看一 眼(强调动作) globe n. 地球仪;地球 glory n. 巨大的光荣;荣誉;赞美glorious traditions glove n. 手套 glue n. 胶水 go 1 (went, gone) vi. 去;走;驶;通到;到达 go Pride goes before a fall. He went hungry for a week. His face went pale This guy went wild/ crazy/ mad Don’t ever eat the bread. It has 开 go after…设法得 2 n. 尝试(做某事)A. vi. 走 He has gone back home for a newspaper. B. link v. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63.

good (比较级better, 最高级best) a. 好;良好goodness n. 良好,长处 good at 擅长于; be good to 对…好in good time(=early)早 早地(做完.到达等) for good (=for ever) 永远地, 长期 地,have a good time as good as 几乎,和…一样好a (=do sb good deal of 很多(修饰不可数)a good many 很多(修 饰可数) good / harm to sb对…有好处/ 坏处 do good / harm) good and +adj. = nice and + adj. / adv. 非常It’s no good / no use doing sth 做…没好处/ 做…没用 goodness n. 善良,美德 goods n. 商品,货物 goose (复 geese) n. 鹅 govern v. 统治; 管理 government n. 政府 grade n. 等级;(中小学的)学年;成绩,分数 gradual a. 逐渐的 graduate v. 毕业graduate from 从… 毕业 graduation n. 毕业,毕业典礼 grain n. 谷物,谷类 gram n. 克(重量单位) grammar n. 语法 grand a. 宏伟的 grandchild n. (外)孙或孙女,孙辈 granddaughter n. (外)孙女 grandma = grandmother n. 奶奶;外婆 grandpa = grandfather n. 爷爷;外公 grandparents n. 祖父母,外祖 父母

when he heard the news. after the loss of his wife. gone bad. 始… go against

C.习语go about sth / doing sth 违背,对... 不利

到;追求go along向前发展 We’ll learn as we go along.go back on one’s word/ promise失信go back to…追溯到 This custom goes back to Roman times.go beyond…超过go down下落; 减弱go up增长; 提高go into…研究; 从事go off 爆炸; (电、 水等) 停掉go ahead继续进行; 去做吧go away 离开go all out全力以赴go all out to do sth 全力… go and do sth.= go to do sth.go down on one’s knees跪下go back 回去go by 过去,逝去go in for喜爱;从事go for 出去(散 步等) ;设法得到) ;喜欢go on发生;持续go on to do sth. 接着做(另一件事情)go on doing sth.继续做(同一件事 情)go on with sth. .继续做(同一件事情,可以有间隔) go out熄灭; 过时go over sth.浏览; 复习; 审阅go through… 经历;检查;go shopping/ fishing/ skiing/ skating/ begging/ boating/ swimming/ fox hunting/ sightseeing/ mountain climbing. go from bad to worse每况愈下go from door to door. be gone丢了;走了;一去不复返Gone are the days when we studied together happily. go out of one’s way to do sth. 不辞辛劳去做…….go to hell见鬼去吧go to sleep睡着 go through with….把…….进行到底go well with…与…… 相配/协调go without…不吃/用……过日子Sometimes they went for days without washing their faces on the go 忙碌 have a go/ try试一下 (well ) with sb 伍 41. goal 仔细看 go on继续;举行; 进展 go on 与某人相处(好)go out 出去,熄灭,落 通过, 经历, 达到目标 25

64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69.

grandson n. (外)孙子 granny n. 老奶奶;祖母;外婆 take…for granted (=assume to be true) 把…认为理所当然 grape n. 葡萄 graph n grasp v. 抓住;紧握have a grasp of = have a command of 掌握in one's grasp 在某人掌握中grasp the meanings of the words 了解单词意思

70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76.

grass n. 草;草场;牧草 grateful a. 感激的,感谢的be grateful to sb. for sth 因…感 谢某人 gravity n 重力 great a. 伟大的;重要的;好极了 ad. (口语)好极了, 很好 Greece* n. 希腊 greedy a. 贪婪的 Greek a. n. 希腊的,希腊人的,希腊人,希腊语

go over 复习, 仔细查看 go through go with … 与… 配

n. (足球)球门,目标reach one's goal

77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

green 经验的

a. 绿色的;青的 n. 绿色 be green at one’s job 无 n. (英)蔬菜水果商

工 live from hand to mouth勉强度日,现挣现吃 one hand… on the other hand一方面,另一方面. Hands off 不许摸,不许干涉 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. handbag handful

on (the) shake

greengrocer greet greeting grill grocer ground 实地

hands with sb. = shake sb. by the hand. handshake n.握手 hands up 举起手来v.hand in 上交 hand out 分发 hand / pass down /on 传下去 n. 女用皮包,手提包 n. (一)把; 少数,少量 or handkerchieves

vt. 问候; 向……致敬 n. 祝贺

grey / gray a. 灰色的; 灰白的 n. (烧食物的)烤架 n. 零售商人;食品店 n. 地面 ground floor (英) (美, first floor) 底楼 the fall to the ground 失败

handkerchief n. 手帕 pl.handkerchiefs handle n. 柄,把?v. 处理 handsome handwriting a. 英俊的

grocery n 食品店 杂货铺 down to the ~ 彻底的keep one's feet on the ground 脚踏

hand + kerchief(方头巾) = handkerchief 手帕

n. 书法 handy a. 便利的,顺手的 ?

86. 87. 88. 89.

group n. 组,群 grow (grew, grown) /dark growth guard ~ up 长大 v. 生长;发育;种植;变成 ~ old ~ out of 源自于… a ~ to Italy

hang(hanged,hanged)? v. 处 (人) 绞刑; 上吊 hang (hung, hung)v.悬挂,吊着;把……吊起hang -- hung -- hung 悬挂 hang one’s head in shame —hanged 绞死 含羞低头pictures hanging on the wall 挂在墙上的画不可用hung. hang--- hanged He was hanged for murder.

n. 生长,增长 n. 防护装置, 警戒 a traveler’s ~ sb in /out/up 17.

v.引导,指导,领导 ~ sb to a place ~ guided missile 导弹 90. guarantee v保证the guarantee of our victory


vi. (偶然) 发生sth. happen to sb. Sb. happen to do

sth./ to be doing sth. /to have done sth. It happens that…恰 stand 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 巧,碰巧 happily ad. 幸福地,快乐地 happiness n. 幸福,愉快 a happy life happy a. 幸福的; 快乐的, 高兴的live / lead harbour (美harbor) n. 港口 hard 的 ad. 努力地;使劲;猛烈地 a.硬的;困难的;艰难 work hard adv. a hard student adj.hard—working adj. hardship n.苦难 go

guarantee for sb 替某人担保 The watch is guaranteed for two years.手表保修期两年 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. guess guest vi. 猜 n. 客人,宾客

guidance n. 引导,指导 guide n. 向导,导游者 guilty a. 有罪的;犯法的;做错事的 guitar gun n. 吉他,六弦琴 n. 枪,炮 n. 体操; 体育馆; 健身房

努力工作 hardly adv. 几乎不 when…/no sooner… than …… 23. 24. 25. hardship n. 困难 a. 努力工作的 hardworking harmful harmless harvest has hat hatch hate

through hardship(s) hardly ad. 几乎不hardly / scarcely ……

gym =gymnasium

gymnastics n. 体操
habit n. 习惯,习性 be in the/a the /a ~ of ~ of doing sth. have

1. the/a ~ of doing sth. 有… 的习惯form/fall into /get into 养成… 的习惯get sb into the ~ of 让某 Habit is second 令人毛骨悚然 人养成…的习惯 get out of a ~ 戒除 nature 习惯成自然 2. 3. 4. hair half n. 头发make one’s hair stand on end n. (男子)理发 对

harm n.&v. 伤害;损伤 a. 有害的;致伤的 a. 无害的;不致伤的 n.& vt. 收割,收获(物)a crops good / bad harvest

26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34.

harmony n 一致的 和谐的 v. harvest / get in

v. 动词have 的第三人称单数现在式 n. 帽子(一般指有边的);礼帽 v. (鸟、鸡)孵蛋 vt.& n. 恨,讨厌 hate / like to do sth. hate / like hate / like it that(when…) & must. have on 1) (无进行


a.& n. 半,一半,半个half an hour = a half hour adj.半心半意的

one and a half hours = one hour and a half. Cut it in half 半分 half –hearted 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. hall 人民大会堂 ham n. 火腿a ham 一只火腿 hamburger hammer hand n. 汉堡包

doing sth.

n. 大厅, 会堂, 礼堂; 过道the Great hall of the People a slice of ham 一片火腿 锤子和镰刀

have (had, had) vt. 有;吃;喝;进行;经受 I have got a cough . = have cf have to 时态,表状态)穿着,戴着 e.g He had nothing on except a Let’s have them stand facing We had the fire burning

hat. 2)有事在手头 I don’t have anything on tonight .句型 1 have sb./ sth. do sth. the wall.句型 2 have sb./ sth. doing

n. 锤子, 锣锤a hammer and sickle a green hand 生手

hand n. 手;指针 v. 递;给;交付 交上;交进 hand in the hour hand 时针 at first at hand 即将到来, by hand 用手 26 hand / at second hand 就在手边 直接 / 间接

all night. I won’t have you talking to your dad like that!句型 3 have sb./ sth. done I will have my radio fixed. wallet stolen. 句型 4 He had his

The examinations are at hand.

have sth. to do I have a letter to write.

句型 5

have to do sth. I have to get up early every day. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

心脏移植 heat 烈的 heaven n. 热 vt. 把……加热heated 加热的,热烈的,激 a heated discussion n. 天,天空go to heaven 死去 adv. Heavily; a heavy rain 大雨 增高 adj. high

习语与动词同行的名词连用,表示动作:have a talk with… have a look/ glance/ glimpse at have a meeting/ discussion/ operation/ haircut have an English lesson have a swim/ wash/ rest/ try/ smoke/ taste/ dream/ walk have a cold/ cough/ headache/ pain have lunch/ some beer have a good/pleasant/ tough/ bad/ hard/ difficult terrible time They had a hard time solving the problem. have fun=have a good time/enjoy oneself have a word/ a few words with sb.与…谈话 have words with sb.与…吵架 have something/ nothing/ a lot to do with… have sth. on 穿着(状态) had better (not) do sth.最好;不得不(迫于客观原因) have something with sb.随身携带 have a baby 生小孩 have a test/ talk/ speech/ lecture/ chat have had enough of 厌倦 have sth. back 要回 have one’s own way 按照自己的意思办;我行我素 have sth. to oneself 完全由自己使用 You can have the house entirely to yourself. 35. 36. he pron. 他 head n. 头;头脑(像);才智;首脑;源头;标题 a. 头 head for (=move 部的;主要的;首席的 v. 率领;加标题;用头顶;出发; (船等)驶向at the head of 在…的前头 towards) 向…方向前进 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. headache n. 头疼 headline n. (报刊的)大字标题 headmaster headmistress health n. (英)中小学校长 n. 女校长

heavy a. 重的n.heaviness heel n. 脚后跟 height

n. 高,高度v. heighten

high jump 跳高 51. 52. 53. 54.

adv.highly think /speak highly of

highly skilled 高度熟练的 helicopter n. 直升飞机 hello helmet help e.g int. 喂;你好(表示打招呼,问候或唤起注意) n. 头盔 n. & vt. 帮助,帮忙 cannot help but do sth.不得不 I cannot help but admire his courage. help oneself to help sb. out help sb with sth. help sb. assist: say hello/good-bye/sorry to sb.


(to )do sth. help (to) do sth. with the help of . cf assist sb. with sth. doing sth A. vt. 帮助 assist sb. to do sth.

assist sb. in

They did everything they could to help us with

our lessons. This medicine will help you (to) get better. She helped (to) sweep the floor. B. vi. 有帮助;有用;好用 This medicine won’t help. Thinking will help. C.习语 help sb. with sth. 帮助做 help sb. out of trouble 帮助某人脱离困境 can’t help doing sth.禁不住…… cannot help/ choose but do sth.只好…… help sb. out 帮助结局难题; 帮助摆脱困境;救出 turn to sb. for help 求助于…… be of help 有帮助;有用 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 全心全 64. helpful hen her herb here hero a. 有帮助的,有益的 n. 母鸡 pron. 她(宾格),她的 n. 草药 ad. 这里,在这里;向这里here and there n. 英雄,勇士,男主角

n. 健康,卫生

healthy a. 健康的,健壮的 hear (heard, heard) v. 听见;听说,得知 listen to 强调过程 hear sb. do sth. hear sb. doing sth. hear from sb.收到…来 信 hear of 听说 hearing n. 听力 heart n. 心;心脏;纸牌中的红桃. heart and soul 意的 熟记,背出 lose heart break one’s heart 心碎learn /get /know sth. by heart put one’s heart into sth.全神贯注做sth = be lose one’s heart to sb.爱上 … with all one’s heart / with one’s

heroine n. 女英雄,女主角 hers pron. 她的(名词性物主代词) herself pron. 她自己 hesitate to do做…犹豫 have no hesitatation in doing hesitate hesitate 犹豫 hesitatation

44. 45.

over/about doing 在…上犹豫;hesitation :do sth without 65. 66. hi int. 你好(表示打招呼、问候或唤起注 意) 捉迷藏 hide and seek hiding—place 藏

absorbed in doing sth.


hide (hid, hidden) v. 把……藏起来, 隐藏 hide sth.from sb. sth.瞒着sb. 身之处

heart and soul全心全意的at heart (=in reality) 内心里, 实 际上 in one’s heart (of hearts)内心深处,事实上 to one’s heart’s content 尽情地 with all one’s heart全心全意地,真 心实意 adj. hearted cold/warm –hearted 冷酷的/热心的 heart disease 心脏病heart failure 心脏衰竭heart transplant 27 67. 68. 69.

hide and seek 捉迷藏 high a. 高的;高度的 ad. 高地 highway n

70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76.

hill n. 小山;丘陵;土堆;斜坡 mountain 大山 山坡,山腰 hilly a. 丘陵的; 多小山的 him pron. 他(宾格) himself pron. 他自己 hire vt. 租用 his pron. 他的



adv. Dishonourable.

do honour to 对…表示 贵宾

敬意, 带来荣誉 in honour of 表示敬意, 为了纪念 I have the honour to inform you that… an honoured guest 90. 91. hook n.& v. 钩子;衔接,连接 hope n.& v. 希望 There is not much hope that…hope (to) do sth. hope for hope that…wish sb. sth. sth/that.=in hopes of … 92. 偶然 93. 94. hopeful future〗adv. hopefully hopeless a. 没有希望的;不可救药的a hopeless case 绝症 horse n. 马 talk horse 说大话,吹牛 horse sense 起码 常识 be on one’s high horse = hold one’s head high. 风牛马不相及的人 eat like a ride /mount the high horse 趾高气昂 a horse of another color horse 很能吃 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. live in hope (of sth). wish sb. to do sth. wish for . wish that…in the hope of sth/doing a congress of historic significance. historical events n. 轰动一时的人或 a. 有希望的; 有前途的 〖be /feel hopeful about the

history n. 历史,历史学 with a history of adj. historic 有 历史意义的 historical adj.历史的,历史上的


hit (hit, hit) n.& vt. 打,撞,击中hit sb. on the head 碰到, 找到 物 hit on/upon a good idea make a hit

78. 79.

hobby n. 业余爱好,嗜好 hold (held, held) vt.拿; 握住; 抱; 举行; 进行 hold on (to) 抓着不放, 坚持; 不挂电话hold one’s breath屏住呼吸 hold one’s head high .hold up the traffic 延误交通 hold the view that… 持有…的观点hold back one’s tears = one’s tears 阻止,抑制 keep back hold sb. from doing sth.阻止;

Put the cart before the horse .本末倒置 hospital n. 医院be in hospital 住院 host hot n. 主人;节目主持人 v. 做主人招待 a. 热的 a hot temper 急躁的脾气hot dog blow hostess n. 女主人 hot and cold 摇摆不定hot spring 温泉 hot dog n. 热狗(红肠面包) n. 小时by the hour 按终点 the rush hours 拥挤时 adj./adv. hourly 每小时的 100. hotel n. 旅馆,饭店,宾馆 101. hour 间

隐瞒e.g You are holding it back from me .你在瞒着我 A. vt.拿着;握着 Holding my hand, he tried to calmed me down. Hold the line, please.容纳 拥有;占有 How much water can the tank hold? Chinese film

He held the position for years.举行

weeks will be held in other places.B.习语 hold…back 阻碍; 忍住; 保留 hold…down 控制; 镇压 hold…forth 提出;hold…in memory 记住 hold on 坚持下去; (电话)别挂 hold on to…抓住 不放 hold out 坚持到底;维持;伸出 We must hold out, and the enemy will give up. They were ready to hold out a friendly

102. house n. 房子;住宅un. housing 住房供给 bad housing 103. housewife 104. housework long n. 家庭主妇 n. 家务劳动 how how old how often

105. how ad. 怎样,如何;多少;多么 how far 多远 how many /much how/what about doing… how soon, … 106. however

hand.hold to sth.紧紧抓住;坚持(路线、道路、看法等) hold…together 合在(一起) ;团结(在一起)hold…up 举起; 耽搁; 耽误 The storm held us up, so we were late for the meeting. Their wages were help up or reduced for no reason. 80. 81. 82. 83. hole n. 洞,坑be in a hole 处于困难,为难 holiday n. 假日;假期 be on holiday /vacation holiday /vacation holy a. 神圣的 home n. 家 ad. 到家;回家adj. home life 家庭生活 内政外交adv. go home on see sb. home 送回家 n. at home home and foreign affairs one’s way home 外 take a holiday / vacation make

ad. 可是 conj. 然而,可是,尽管如此However

cold it is, she always goes swimming. 但是 I’d like to go with you, however, my hands are full. 107. howl 108. hug 109. huge 110. human vi. 嚎叫,嚎哭 v a. 巨大的,庞大的hugely adv. a. 人的,人类的人 n a human being 幽 a. 富于幽默的 in a good humour 心情好 hundreds of hunger strike 绝食 be hungry for 渴望的 go hunting n. hugeness

111. human being 112. humorous 默感 115. hunger

make oneself at home 别拘束at home and abroad 在国内 the home market 国内市场one’s last /long home 坟 home born 墓adj. homeless无家可归的homelike 像家的 土生土长的homesick 想家的n. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. homeland hometown homework honest n. 祖国 n. 故乡 n. 家庭作业do one’s homework

113. humour (美humor) n. 幽默, 幽默感a sense of humour 114. hundred num. 百three hundred n. 饥饿 die of hunger 116. hungry a. (饥)饿的 go hungry. adv. hungrily 117. hunt 118. hunter vt. 寻找;狩猎,猎取hunt animals n. 猎人 n. 飓风,十二级风 in a hurry hunt for a job找工作 119. hurricane

a. 诚实的,正直的 adv. honestly /dishonestly n.

honesty /dishonesty. honest wool真羊毛to be honest坦白说 honey n. 蜂蜜 honour (美honor) n. 荣誉, 光荣 vt. 尊敬, 给予荣誉 adj. 28

120. hurry n&vi. 赶快;急忙

Hurry up, or we’ll be late. 快点

121. hurt (hurt, hurt) vt. 伤害, 受伤; 伤人感情adj. hurtful hurtfully he fell. 122. husband 123. hydrogen n. hurtfulness n. 丈夫 n.氢 vi.疼痛 My leg hurts now and then.



in prep. 在……里(内);在……;以…… ad. 在家,在内, 向内 in (the)light of 鉴于,由于 in a moment 立刻,一会儿 a way 在某种程度上 in a hurry 匆忙,急于 in a sense 从某种意义上说 in

vt.伤害He hurt his leg when

in a word 简言之,总之 in

accordance with 与...一致,按照 in addition to 除...之外(还) in addition 另外,加之 in advance 预先,事先 in all 总共, 合计 in any case 无论如何 in any event 无论如何 in brief 简单地说 in case of 假如,防备 in charge of 负责,总 管 in common 共用的,共有的 in consequence(of) 因此; 由于 in debt 欠债,欠情 in detail 详细地 in difficulty 处 境困难 in effect 实际上,事实上 in favor of 支持,赞成 in front of 面对,在...前 in general 一般来说,大体上 in half 成两半 in hand 在进行中,待办理 in honor of 为庆祝,为 纪念 in itself 本质上,就其本身而言 in line with 与...一 致 in memory of 纪念 in no case 决不 in no time 立即, 马上 in no way 决不 in order 按顺序,按次序 in other words 换句话说 in part 部分地 in particular 特别,尤其 in person 亲自,本人 in place of 代替,取代,交换 in place 在合适的位置 in practice 在实践中,实际上 in proportion to 与...成比例 in public 公开地,当众 in quantity 大量 in question 正在谈论的 in regard to 关于,至于 in relation to 关于,涉及 in return for 作为对...报答 in return 作为报答 /回报/交换 in short 简言之,总之 in sight 被见到;在望 in spite of 尽管 in step with 与...一致/协调 in tears 流着泪, 在哭着 in terms of/ in the company / wake of随着 in the course of 在...期间/过程中 in the distance 在远处 in the end 最后,终于 in the event of 如果...发生,万一 in the face of 即使;在...面前 in the first place 首先 in the future 在未来 in the heat of the day 一天中最热的时候 in the least 丝毫,一点 in the long run 长期 in the way 挡道 in the world 究竟,到底 in time 及时 in touch 联系,接触 in turn 依次,轮流;转而 in vain 徒劳,白费力 26. 27. 28. inch n. 英寸by inches 差点儿 foot 英尺 vt. 包含,包括include…in 把…列在…里面 包括(have sth as a part) contain Your name is included The incident n. 事件 include include There are ten people ,including me/ me included. 包含(have sth within itself) if only 但愿If only I were a He ignored personal danger. ideal adj. 理想的, 完美的

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I ice pron. 我 n. 冰break the ice 打破僵局 adj.icy 冰冷的, 冰似的

ice?cream n. 冰淇淋 idea n. 主意,意见,打算,想法have a good idea 有了 好主意 have no identity n identification n idiom n. 习语,成语 if conj. 如果,假使,是否,是不是as if = as though 似乎 He looks as if he were tired idea 不知道

bird. even if = even though 即使Even if it rains, I will go 9. ignore v (take no notice of) in ignorance of 不知道…be ignorant of ( = lacking knowledge) 对…不了解,不知道 10. ill a. 有病的;不健康的(常作表语)n. illness / sickness 疾病fall ill/sick (定语) 不好的,不祥的 ill luck 坏运气, 厄运 a sick man病人an ill man 坏人speak / think ill of sb be ill off = be badly off 贫穷 11. 12. 13. illegal imagine a vt. 想像,设想imagine (sb./sb.’s) doing sth. n.想象力 have a illness n. 疾病 imaginary 虚构的 imaginative 想象的 an imaginative student 富有想象力的学生imagination good/poor imagination 想象力好/坏 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. immediate a. 立即的,马上an immediate reply 直接的 the immediate cause 直接原因 immediately ad. 立即 conj. 一…就…I came immediately I heard the news immigration 不耐烦 import v.& n. 进口,输入 n. 重要性 be of great / no importance = be be of great value = be very valuable a. 重要的 a. 不可能的adv. impossibly n.impossibility 29. 30. 31. importance important impossible impress n. 移民 impatient of无法容忍impatient for急切,渴望impatient at sth.

in this list.;

bottle can contain one pound of milk income incorrect increase n. 收入,所得 a small income a. 不正确的 ,错误的 v. & n. 增加,繁殖vi.increase by 增加了 vt. increase one’s knowledge.

very /not important

It is impossible for sb. to do sth.(不用人作主语) vt. 留下极深的印象impress…on 给…留下印象 n. 印象,感觉 make (leave) an impression on impression

increase to 增加到

An increasing number of people are beginning to realize that education is not complete with graduation.越来越多的人开 始意识到教育不能随着毕业而结束 32. 33. 34. 35. indeed a. 确实; 实在 n. 独立 a. 独立的; 有主见的 农业adj. independence independent agricultural 29

sb. =give sb. an impression 给…留下印象 .under the impression that有..的印象,认为 24. improve vt. 改进,更新n. improvement vt. He has improve improved his health. vi. He has improved a lot.

sth.(make sth. better)把原物改进 improve on(=produce or be sth. better than…) 另做一物比原物更好 improve in (=get better) 有改进, 好些

industry n. 工业, 产业adj. industrial agriculture

36. 37.

infer 推断,推论n. inference 做出推论

make/ draw an inference


intend vt. 想要,打算 intend to do 指定…去做 The books are intended for children.


intend sb to do 打算把…给 你的意图

intend sth for sb 指定…给…

influence n.& v. 影响influence sb to do ;influence one's mood 影响…心情 ;influential 有影响力的 influential in reaching a decision be inform 62. 63.

intention n 意图目的 What's your intention ? 是…? have no intention of doing 无意干… interest


inform vt. 告诉; 通知inform sb of /about sth informed of what is happening in the word every day

n.兴趣,趣味;利息in the interests of 符合…的 名胜 have /show (no) interest in sth.

sb that . keep sb informed of 随时了解 TV keeps me 动词 + sb + of sth”的常见动词 accuse sb of sth 控告某人犯某事 (罪) ,指责某人做某事=charge sb.with sth ;cheat sb of sth 骗取 某人某物 convince sb. of sth.使某人确信某事 cure sb of sth 治好 某人的病 inform sb of sth 通知某人某事 remind sb of sth 使某人 想起某情况 rob sb of sth 抢劫某人的某东西 warn sb of sth 警告 某人有某情况 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. information n. 信息 information desk 问讯处 injure vt. 损害,伤害 injury n. 受伤处 ink n. 墨水,油墨 inn n. 小旅店;小饭店 insect n. 昆虫 insert vt. 插入 inside prep. 在……里面 ad. 在里面 insist vi. 坚持;坚决认为insist on (=order sth. to happen) 坚持要sb. insist(s) that (陈述语气 (坚持认为) /should + v. ) (坚持要求) 49. 50. inspect vt. 检查;检验;审视inspect troops inspect our school 视察我们的学校 Her courage encouraged 检阅军队 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 方便面 instead 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 71. 72. 73. 74. 69. 70. 65. 66. 67. 68. 64.

利益 be interested in 对…感兴趣 have\show\take interest in a place of interest 趣的 international a.国际的international law国际法 the international interpreter n.翻译 interrupt v. 打扰,打断 interval n. 间歇;间隔at intervals 每隔一会儿, 每隔一段 距离 interview n.& vt. 采访,会见,面试 into prep. 到……里;向内;变成burst into tears into room get into trouble be divided into introduce vt. 介绍 introduction n. 引进,介绍 invent vt. 发明,创造 invention n. 发明,创造No invention has received more praise and abuse than Internet.没有一项发明像互联网一样 同时受到如此多的赞扬和批评 inventor n. 发明者,创造者 invest 投资 She invested in house invitation n. 邀请,请帖 invite vt. 邀请,招待invite sb. to do sth. be involved in =become connected or concerned卷入, 参加 iron n. 铁,熨斗 vt. 熨烫 irrigate vt. 灌溉 irrigation n. 灌溉 island n. 岛 it pron. 它 Italian a. 意大利(人)的意大利语的 n. 意大利人意大利语 Italy* n. 意大利 its pron. 它的 itself pron. 它自己by itself (=alone, without help)单独地, 靠自己 in itself 本身; of itself 自发,自然 break date line 国际日期变更线 internet n. 互联网,英特网 be interested in sth.adj. interesting有趣的interested感到有

inspire vt. 鼓舞; 激励inspire sb to do 鼓舞…去做… encourage sb to do sth confidence in others. 她勇气激发他人信心


instant a. 瞬间;刹那The medicine she took gave an instant relief from her pain.药暂时止痛。 instant coffee instant noodle


instead ad. 代替,顶替instead of =in place of代替,而不是 She never studies. Instead, she plays tennis all day. of 介短He will go to Italy instead of France.

53. 54. 55.

institute n. (研究)所, 院,学院 institution n. (慈善、宗教等性质的)公共机构; 学校 instruct vt. 通知; 指示;教instruct…in (=teach) 教.指导. 训练某人v. instruct 有教育意义的 instruct sb. to do sth. adj. instructive

1. 2. 为… 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 30 jacket n. 短上衣,夹克衫 jam n. 果酱; 阻塞strawberry jam 草莓酱 traffic jam 交通 阻塞 Japan get into a jam 陷入困境 n. 日本 January n. 1月 Japanese a. 日本的,日本人的,日语的 n. 日本人,日语 jar n. 罐子; 坛子 jaw n. 下巴 jazz n. 爵士音乐,爵士舞曲 jeans n. 牛仔裤

56. 57. 58. 59.

instruction n. 说明,须知;教导 carry out the instructions 说明书 The instructions/directions are on the bottle. instrument n. 乐器;工具,器械 insurance n. 保险provide insurance against floods 提供保险 insure vt. 给……保险insure…for 把…保险(多少钱); ensure 使安全; assure…(of) 使…确信,保证 insure…against 保险…以防


intelligence n

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

jeep jet jewel

n. 吉普车 n. 喷气式飞机;喷射(器) n. 宝石

坚持做keep silence保持安静;保持沉默keep sth. to oneself 把……据为己有keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止;使免于; 抑制keep hold of…抓住不放keep …in mind记住keep doing sth. 继续做;不断地做keep on doing sth. 不停地做; 反复地做keep…out不许…….入内keep out of…不参与 keep sb. company与某人做伴; 陪伴某人keep to sth.坚持; join 固守(习惯等)keep…under control使得以控制keep in touch with…与保持联系keep up坚持;继续keep up with… 跟上keep watch守望;站岗keep a close watch on ( =keep a sharp lookout for) 密切注视 喜欢 keep track of 留心 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 塞到邮箱里的 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 敏锐的My hearing is 渴 24. kettle n. (烧水用的)水壶 the key key n. 钥匙; 答案; 关键the key to the door 键; school 重点学校 keyboard kick kid kill kilo n. 键盘 v.& n.踢kick the football 踢 kick out = fire sb 解雇 n. 小孩 v. 杀死, 弄死kill oneself n. 千克;千米 n. 千克 n. 千米(公里) 自杀 kill time 消磨时间 keep…to oneself(=keep secret)不告诉别人 keep one's eyes on关注keep on爱好,很 ; join up 参与, 入伍 take part in;

jewelry n. (总称)珠宝 job n. (一份)工作out of a job 失业 = out of work jog join v. 慢跑 v. 参加, 加入; 连接; 会合join the Party 参加

(sb.) in sth. /doing sth. participate in 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. joke

n. 笑话 play a joke on sb. 取笑make a joke 讲笑话 n. 记者,新闻工作者


journey n. 旅行,路程 joy n. 欢乐,高兴,乐趣 to one’s joy / to the joy of 使人 高兴的是 adj. joyful judge n. 裁判; 审判员; 法官 vt. 判断, 断定 judge by 根据… 判断n.judgement Don’t judge a man by his looks. 不要以貌取人

22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.


n. 裁判

juice n. 汁、液 juicy a. 多汁的;水分多的 July n. 7月 jump n. 跳跃; 跳变 v. 跳跃; 惊起; 猛扑jump at (=to be eager to accept)抢着接受, jump on (=scold, tell of) 叱责 jungle n. 丛林,密林 junior a. 初级的;年少的junior to sb. 年纪较…轻, 职位 较…低He is two years junior to me= He is junior to me by two years.他比我小两岁

kilogram kilometre kind =somewhat

n. 种;类 a. 善良的;友好的 kind of / sort of有点 n. 幼儿园

kindergarten kindness king kiss kite knee knock kingdom kitchen n. 国王

n. 仁慈;善良 n. 王国 n. 厨房

29. 30. 31.

junk n. (口语)废品,破烂货junk mail 广告宣传品junk food 没有营养的食品

n.& vt. 吻,亲吻 n. 风筝 n. 膝盖 n. 小刀;匕首;刀片 Knock knock down 撞倒 n.& v. 敲;打;击 ?knock against 撞上

just.1 ad. 刚才;恰好;不过;仅just now 眼下;刚才 just.2 a. 公正的 just a little/a few justice n. 正义; 公正;司法 kangaroo n. 大袋鼠

1. 2. (be) keen on 喜爱, 渴望 keen eyes 望的 3.

knife (复 knives)

his head against the door.

as keen as it used to be. be keen to do = be eager to do be keen on/about doing = be fond of doing

know(knew,known)? v. 知道,了解;认识;懂得

A. vt.(1)知道 I have known him since childhood. (2)懂得 Do you know Japanese? B.习语 be known as…通称为; 以著称; 被认为是 be known for… 因而出名 be known to sb.为某人所了解 become well known 出名 for all/anything/ everything I know 据我所知 It is well known that…众所周知 know about/ of 了解; 知道 know…for certain/sure 确实知道 know sb. by name 仅知道某人的名字(不认识)know sb. by sight 与某人面熟(不熟悉)know/learn …by heart 背诵 make…known/public 公告;发表;表示 know/ tell right from wrong 辨别是非 know no limits 是无限的.A man’s life is limited, but service to the people knows no limits. 25. knowledge n. 知识,学问to(the best of) one’s knowledge 常 片面的知识, bring sth to one’s 据…所知have a knowledge of,common knowledge 识 ,one-sided knowledge 31

keep (kept, kept) v. 保持;保存;继续不断 vt. 培育,饲 养A. vt. (1)保留 I’ll keep a seat for you.(2)养活;饲养 He has a large family to keep. He keeps some chicken.(3) 使……处在……状态 Sorry to have kept you waiting. Let’s keep the door open but keep the windows closed. You must keep us well informed. Mr. Xue always keeps us busy. Close the door to keep the cold out. Let’s keep the room in order.B. link v. 保持 We must keep fit.=We must keep in good health. Keep calm in time of danger.C.习语keep a record of登记;记录keep a secret保密keep watch注意; 提防keep one’s promise/word履行诺言keep the law/rule遵 守法律/法规keep…apart使分离keep away不接近;避开 keep…back扣下; 阻止; 留下; (眼泪等) 忍住 keep birthday/ Christmas庆祝生日/圣诞等keep body and soul together维 持生活keep…down控制;缩减keep sb. doing sth. 使…….

knowledge …

come to one’s knowledge

使某人知道 34.

过自新,重新开始 league leak 泄漏 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. lean against (背)靠着 learn (learnt, learnt; -ed -ed) vt. 学,学习,学会 learn to do , learn from learned least leather a. 有才华的; 博学的 n. 最少,最少量at least 至少; at most 至多 (not) in n. 皮革 n. 联盟,社团a league number 团员 vi. 漏; 渗The pipe has got a leak. a gas leak 煤气 a league match 联赛

1. 2. lab = laboratory n. 实验室 labour (美labor) n. 劳动劳力 The plan can save much


labour. They earn their living by their own labour . a labour-saving machine. 3. 4. labourer (美laborer) n. 体力劳动者 lack weak. n.& vt. 缺乏,缺少A lack of food caused her to grow The plants died due to a complete lack of water. The flower died lack money ,

through/by/from/for lack of 由…缺乏 for lack of water. lack sth = be short of be lacking in 5. 6. 7. ladder n. 梯子 lady n. 女士,夫人 He is lacking in courage

the least 一点(也不), 丝毫(也不) leave (left, left) v. 离开;把……留下,剩下

A. vi.离开;离去 When are you leaving? He left in a hurry without telling anyone. B. vt.(1)留下 She asked us to leave our address. (2) 使 处 在 某 种 状 态 Sorry to have left some questions unanswered. He left the window open. She left the baby

at large(=at liberty, free) 在逃, 逍遥法外 at large(=in general) 一般来说, 大体上 at large(=at full length; with details)详细地have a large population (audience, staff)

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

lake lamb lame lamp land

n. 湖 n. 羔羊 a. 跛的,瘸的 ,残废的 n. 灯,油灯;光源 n. 陆地;土地 v. 登岸(陆);降落 n. 语言 n. 灯笼;提灯 a. 大的;巨大的

crying bitterly. The illness left him rather weak. (3)剩下 We have only three months left. C.习语 leave…about 乱放 leave…alone 放任不管 leave…behind 留下;遗下 leave A for B 离开 A 去 B leave hold of…放弃;松 手 leave nothing to be desired 尽善尽美 leave …off 停止 leave …out 省去;遗漏 leave…over 留下;剩下 leave room for 留下…余地 be on leave 度假 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. three days later 47. 48. 49. 50. lecture left ask for leave 请假 n. 讲课,演讲 a. 惯用左手的 n. 左翼的

language lantern lap large last

n. (人坐时)膝部;(跑道的)一圈 a. 最近刚过去的;最后的 ad. 最近刚过去;最后地

n.最后You are the last people that I want to see.你是我最不 想见的人.be faithful to the last 至死不渝 She is the last to leave.她最后一个走。 but not least last 要的 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. late later latest latter laugh v. 持续 a. 晚的,迟的 ad. 晚地,迟地 a. 晚些的, 迟些的later on 以后 in later years 在以后岁月中 a. 最近的,最新的;最晚的 n. (两者之中的)后者 n.& v. 笑,大笑;嘲笑 最后的但不是不重

a. 左边的 ad. 向左 n. 左,左边

left?handed left?wing leg lemon

lately ad. 最近,不久前 三天后

n. 腿;腿脚;支柱 n. 柠檬 a. 柠檬色(味)的 n. 柠檬水 vt. 借(出),把……借给lend itself


lend (lent, lent) length

/themselves to适合于(某用途) n. 长,长度,段,节at length =after a long time, at in length 在长度上 last终于 =in detail, thoroughly详细地go to any length想一 切办法, 尽一切力量 51. 52. 53. less(little的比较级) a.& ad. 少于,小于 lesson n. 课;功课;教训Let that be a lesson to you.让那次 成为你的教训。 take/draw a lesson from 从…吸取教训 let (let, let) vt. 让 A. vt.让 She doesn’t let her child play with fire. B.用于祈使句 Let’s go to the Summer Palace, shall we? Let Peter do the job, will you? C.习语 let…alone 不干涉;听之任之;更不必说 the baby can’t even walk, let alone run. let…be 不干涉;听之任之 let…down 使……失望;放下 I won’t let myself down!let…go 释放;松手 Let go of me!let…in 放进来 let…off 放 (炮、 烟花、 枪等) let…out 改 32

laughter n. 笑; 笑声 laundry n. 洗衣店;要洗的衣服 lavatory n. 便所,厕所 law n. 法律法令; 定律observe (obey) the law, break the law keep (maintain, preserve) law and order lawyer n. 律师 vt. 放,搁lay off 下岗 lay (laid, laid) lead 维持治安

lazy a. 懒惰的 n. 铅 lead (led, led) v. 领导, 带领lead sb by the arm lead sb ( in ) doing 带领…做… lead/live a lead a miserable existence 过 lead to 通向 Hard work leads to success n. (树, 菜) 叶turn over a new leaf 牵…的手

happy life 过幸福生活 着悲惨的生活 32. 33. leader leaf (复 leaves) n. 领袖,领导人

泄漏;放掉(水、气等) ;释放 let…pass 放过;不追究;宽恕 let the cat out of the bag 泄露秘密 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. letter level n. 信;字母 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. (lay, lain) v. 躺;卧;平放;位 91. 92. n. 水平线,水平 vt. 解放,使获自由liberate people from poverty n. 解放 n. 图书管理员;(西方的)图书馆馆长 letter?box n. 信箱 liberate liberation librarian

knowledge/understanding of 对…了解一点not a little (=very much) 不是一点点 也不 live vi. 生活;居住;活着 a. 活的,活着的;实况,现场 (直播)的 lively a. 活泼的; 充满生气的 living a. 活着的 n. 生计 load n. 担子, 货物 v. 装 camera 装胶卷 loaf n. 一个面包 local a. 当地的; 地方的 lock n. 锁 vt. 锁,锁上 lonely a. 孤独的,寂寞的 long a. 长的,远 ad. 长久long for(=want very much)渴望, 希望得到 for long 很久,很长时间(否定句.疑问中) before long (=soon)不久, 过了不久以后. in the long run (=in the end)从长远来说,最后; in the short term (从短期来说) 93. look n. 看,瞧 v. 看,观看 v. ? A. vi. 看 He looked happily at his great grandchildren playing about him. B. link v.看起来 He looks cheerful and carefree. C.习语 have/take a look at…看一看 have a look of…好像;仿佛 look about 四下环顾 look about for…四下寻找 look after…照看; 目送 look ahead 考虑未来; 预做准备 look as if…似乎; 好象 look at…看 look away from…转移目光 look back 回头看 look back on/ upon…回忆;回顾 look down on/ upon…俯视;蔑视 look for…寻找 look forward to doing sth. 期待;展望 look in(随便) 看望 He looked in on Mr. Smith on his way to work. He went to look in at the fish farm.look into…窥视;调查 look like…看起来像 look on 旁观 look on A as B 认为 A 是 Blook out 向外看; 注意;警 戒 look out for…提防 look …over 审阅; 翻阅 look through…透 过……看去; 彻底调查; 从头看到底 look up to sb. 尊敬/仰望某 人 look up 仰视;胸怀大志 look sth. up 查阅 look sb. in the eye/ face 直视某人 94. 95. 96. 97. link? 联系;连接 loose a. 松散的; 宽松的 lorry n. (英)运货汽车,卡车 loss n. 丧失; 损耗at a loss of 以…损失(be) at a loss 茫 然不知所措 98. I am at a loss for words. cause heavy losses 造成巨大损失share a loss with sb 与…分担损失 lose (lost, lost) vt. 失去,丢失 Lost & Found 失物招领处 lose the point弄错lose a game ,lose one’s job 丧失勇气 99. lot lose face 丢脸 one's way 迷路 = be lost be lost in thought n. 许多,好些 a. 大声的 n. 扬声器,喇叭 100. loud , lose heart 陷于沉思中 lose one's temper 发火 lose load the gun 装弹 load a download 下载 not a bit (= not at all) 一点

library n. 图书馆,图书室 license n. 执照,许可证a driving licence We have a licence to sell beer lid n. 盖子 lie n.& vi. 谎言; 说谎 于lie in 在于in life 一生中 for life 终身 life (复lives) n. 生命; 生涯; 生活; 人生; 生物live a happy life live a simple life 过简单生活 live a single life come to life

65. 66. 67.

lifetime n. 一生,终生 lift1 v. 举起,抬起(云、烟等)消散 lift.2 n.(英)电梯 light n. 光,光亮;灯,灯光 vt. 点(火),点燃 a. 明 亮的;轻的;浅色的in the light of =considering; taking into account 考虑到, 根据 throw light on ( = make clear, explain) 使…更为清楚, 提供线索, 阐明

68. 69.

lightning n.闪电 like prep. 像,跟……一样vt. 喜欢,喜爱feel like doing look sth like 有点像 I'd like...我想要… sb is likely to do 想干…

How do you like it? 70. 71. likely a.很可能的It's likely that sb... limit your speed vt. 限制;减少set a limit to 对…加以限制 limit age limit 年龄限制.Proper measures must be

taken to limit the number of foreign tourists and the great efforts should be made to protect local environment and history from the harmful effects of international tourism.应 该采取适当的措施限制外国旅游者的数量,努力保护当 地环境和历史不受国际旅游业的不利影响 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. line n. 绳索,线,排,行,线路 v. 画线于,(使)成 行in line with(=in agreement with)符合,一致 link lip list 表 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. listen v. 连接; 联系 n. 嘴唇 n. & a. 液体;液体的 a price list 价目 on the list Your name is on the list. V. 列出list He listed what he wanted to buy. n. 一览表,清单make a list of lion n. 狮子 liquid

sth = make a list of vi. 听,仔细听 literature n. 文学 literary a. 文学的

litre (美liter) n. 升; 公升(容量单位) litter v. 乱丢杂物 little (比较级less, 最高级 least) a. 小的, 少的 ad. 很少地, 稍许 n. 没有多少,一点little by little 逐渐地have a little 33

101. loudly ad. 大声地 102. loudspeaker 103. lounge n. 休息厅;休息室

104. love

n.& vt. 爱;热爱;很喜欢 lower 放下,


be made into 被制成……

be made to do sth.

105. lovely a. 美好的,可爱的 106. low a.& ad. 低; 矮be in low /high spirits; 放低 107. luck lower our expenses life 降低生活质量lower one’s voices n. 运气, 好运try one's luck .Wish you good wish. My wish is in/out. 我的运气来/走了 108. lucky a. 运气好,侥幸 109. luggage n. (总称)行李a piece of luggage 一件行李 110. lunch n. 午餐,午饭 111. lung n. 肺; 肺脏 减低开支 lower the quality of

被迫去做 make for=head for =make towards 走向;冲向 make oneself understood/heard 使自己被理解/听到 make…out 理解; 看清楚;辨认 make…up 弥补;补偿;起草;捏造;化装;构 成,占;言归于好,和解 make a living 谋生 make the bed 铺床 make…clear 表明;说明 make ends meet 应付开支;维持生活; 使收支相抵 make friends with 与……交朋友 make one’s way to sp.向……走去 make room/ way for 为……让路 make sure/certain 一定要;保证做到;核实 Make sure that you get there in time. We must make certain they will come in time. make the best/most of 尽量利用;充分利用 make up one’s mind

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. machine n. 机器 mad a. 发疯的;生气的 madam/ madame n. 夫人,女士 magazine n. 杂志 magic a. 有魔力的 maid n. 女仆; 侍女 mail n. 邮政,邮递 v. (美)邮寄 mailbox n. 邮筒; 邮箱 main a. 主要的 mainland n. 大陆 major a. 较大的; 主要的The car needs major repairs.车要 大修 a major discovery 重大发现 a major question majority n. 大多数 ?the majority of 大多数的 The majority of students believe that part-time job will provide them with more opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills, which may put them in a favorable position in the future job markets.大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有 更多机会发展人际交往能力,而这对他们未来找工作是 非常有好处的 13. make (made,made)? vt. 制造,做;使得 Cell phones are made in this factory.

决心;决定 to make a long story short 长话短说 make it 及时抵 达,赶上,通过 It is already 9 a.m , and I am afraid that I can’t make it. fire 生火 14. 15. 16. make2 n. 样式;制造 male a. 男(性)的;雄的 man (复men) n. 成年男人; 人类man , mankind , human 人, being人类 正男人 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. manage v. 管理;设法对付 manager n. 经理 mankind n. 人类;(总称)人 man-made a. 人造的,人工的 manner n. 方式, 态度, 举止Mind your manners.注意礼貌。 good manners table manners 餐桌礼节,用餐的规矩 many (比较级more, 最高级most) pron. 许多人 (或物) a. 许多的many a boy + 单 = many boys + 复 map n. 地图 maple n. 枫树 maple leaves 枫叶 marathon n. 马拉松 marble n. 大理石;玻璃弹子 march n. 游行,行进 mark n. 标记 vt. 标明,作记号于 market n. 市场,集市market-place marriage n. 结婚,婚姻 married a. 已婚的 marry v. (使)成婚,结婚marry sb married him two years ago. 35. 36. 37. be made of be made up of 34 38. 39. We have been married for two years. mask n. 口罩;面罩(具);遮盖物 v. 戴面具;掩饰;伪 装 mass n. 众多; 大量;(复)群众 master vt. 精通, 掌握master sth = have a good command of = have a grasp of mat n. 垫子 match1 vt. 使相配,使成对(go with) No one can match her 精通, 掌握 be married to sb I I got married last year. n. 市场,集市 the international /domestic/home market 国际/国内市场 The army made a man of you.军队使你成为真 make sb.’s hair stand on end 使……毛骨悚然 make a

A. vt.(1)做;制造

(2)和表示动作的名词连用,表示动作或活动 make a study of= study make use of= use make an examination of= examine make a fool of=fool make

make an explanation of= explain fun of. make repairs.

make a suggestion= suggest make an answer= answer

make an attempt= attempt make a decision=decide make a guess at=guess

make preparations for=prepare for make a speech make arrangements

(3)使(做) ;使(成为)

He made us work day and night.

We were made to work day and night. Praise makes good men better and bad men worse. We made you our monitor. What made you so frightened?

This machine makes it possible for us to finish the work in a short time. He made it a rule to get up at six every morning.(规定)(4) 有条件成为 She will make a good housewife. Cold tea makes an excellent drink in summer. B.习语 be made from 由……原料制成 由……材料制成 be made out of 由……制成

at class. 40. 41. 42. 43. match2 n. 比赛,竞赛 match3 n. 火柴 material n. 材料,原料 mathematics =math /maths n. (通常作单数用)数学 matter n. 要紧事,要紧, 事情;问题Matter exists in three states in the natural.大自然中物质存在三种状态a matter of life and death. What's the matter with you ? as the matter stands = as matters stand 按目前情况vi. 要紧, 有重大关系 It doesn't matter whether we go together or separately as a matter of fact 实际上, 事实是 44. 45. 46. mature a. in mature 本质上 maximum a.& n. 最大量(的); 最大限度(的) may modal v. 可以;也许,可能may/might as well do 不 妨去做…may sb do祝愿May you succeed.= Wish you success. 47. 48. 49. 50. maybe ad. 可能,大概,也许 me pron. 我(宾格) meal n. 一餐(饭) ? mean(meant,meant)? vt. 意思是,意指 intend to do mean to do = 打算干…mean doing 意味着做…What do 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. measure the distance 94. 95. 76. 77. 78. 72. 73. 74. 75.

sth. to sb. 向某人提起某事 at the mention of as mentioned above 如上所述 menu n. 菜单


merchant a. 商业的; 商人的 n. 商人;生意人 merciful a. 仁慈的; 宽大的 mercy n. 怜悯at the mercy of (=in the power of) 任…摆布, 在…支配下show mercy to sb 得到宽恕 不同情 merely ad. 仅仅,只不过 merry a. 高兴的,愉快的 mess n. 凌乱be in a mess 乱七八糟, 处境困难 make a mess of 弄乱, 打乱 message n. 消息,音信 messy a. 乱七八糟的 metal n. 金属 a. 金属制成的 method n. 方法,办法 metre (美meter) n. 米,公尺 microcomputer n. 微机 microscope n. 显微镜 microwave n. 微波 midday n. 中午, 正午 middle n. 中间;当中;中级的 midnight n. 午夜 might v. aux. (may的过去式,助动词)可能,也许,或许 mild a. 温和的,暖和的,凉爽的a mild climate mile n. 英里 milk n. 牛奶 vt. 挤奶 millionaire n. 百万富翁 mind1 n. 思想,想法 mind2 v. 介意,关心bear(or keep)…in mind(=remember)牢记 moment. bring(or call)to speak mind(=remember)使回想起 She came to my mind at the 我想起了她lose one's mind 失去理智 your mind out 说出想法 mind 同心协力 change one's mind 改变想法 beg the mercy of sb 恳求 have mercy on 对…表同情without mercy ~ 毫

you mean by doing that ? 你那样做意味着什么?be meant to do 应该做… 51. 52. meaning n. 意思,含意 means n. 方法,手段;财产Every means has been tried to save the dying boy. 决不 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. meanwhile ad. 同时 measure v. 量measure the room, meat n. (猪、牛、羊等的)肉 medal n. 奖牌 gold medal 金牌 media n medical a. 医学的,医疗的 medicine. n. 药 medium n媒体;a 中间的,中等的 meet (met, met) vt. n. 遇见, 见到 会; 集会meet one's needs 满足…需求 meet with 偶遇;碰到 I met with a friend in the train yesterday. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. run into come across meeting n. 会;集会;会见;汇合点 melon n. (甜)瓜;瓜状物 member n. 成员,会员 memorial n. 纪念馆 memory n. 回忆,记忆in memory of 为纪念= to memorize 纪念have a good memory 记忆力很好 亡 mend v. 修理,修补on the mend (=in the process of recovering) 好转, 在康复中It's never too late to mend. 羊补牢。 69. 70. 71. mend one's ways 改过自新,改邪归正 mental a. 精神的;脑力的 mentally ad. 精神上;智力上 mention n. 提及;记载 vt. 提到, 说起;提名表扬mention 35 take measures = take action = take steps , by all means (=at all costs)不惜一切. (=certainly) 当然行;by means of用…; by no means 完全不,

make up one's mind to do 下定决心去做…be of one/a be of the same mind 相同想法 你在想…? Never mind .没关系。What's on your mind?

to one’s mind = in one's opinion 据…看来Watch out = Mind out 当心 Mind your step.走路小心absent-minded 心不在焉的 96. 97. 98. 99. mine n. 矿藏, 矿山 vt. 开采 (矿物) pron. 我的 〈名 词性物主代词〉 mineral n. 矿物质,矿物 minibus n.小型公共汽车 minimum a.最小的

100. minister n. 部长;牧师 101. minority n. 少数;少数民族 102. minus ?prep. & a.? 负的,减去的 103. minute n. 分钟;一会儿,瞬间in a minute 立刻 minute = the moment 一…就 104. mirror n. 镜子 105. miss vt. 失去,错过,缺 the

106. n. 小姐,女士(称呼未婚妇女) 107. missile n.导弹 108. mist n. 雾 109. mistake (mistook, mistaken) n. 错误 vt. 弄错by mistake(由于粗心健忘原因而)错误地 110. mistaken a. 错误的 111. misunderstand ? (?stood, ?stood)? v. 误会; 不理解 112. mix v. 混合,搅拌 113. mixture n. 混合物 114. mm (缩) = millimetre n. 毫米 115. mobile a. 活动的,可移动的 手提电话, 116. model n. 模型,原形;范例;模范 117. modem n 调制解调器 118. modern a. 现代的 119. modest a. 谦虚的; 谦逊的The young actress is very modest about her success 120. Mom =Mum n. 妈妈 121. moment n. 片刻,瞬间at the moment (=now) 此刻,现 在 for the moment (=for the time being)暂时 just a moment 稍等片刻 at the last moment 在最后一刻 122. mommy = mummy n. 妈妈(美) 123. money n. 钱;货币 124. monitor n. (班级内的)班长;纠察生;监视器 125. monkey n. 猴子 126. month n. 月,月份 127. monument n. 纪念碑,纪念物 128. moon n. 月球;月光;月状物 129. mop n. v. 拖把 拖地 130. moral a. n.道德的 寓意,道德启示the moral sense 道德感 moral standards 道德标准 131. more(much或many 的比较级) a.&ad.另外的;附加的; 较多的再;另外;而且;更 n. 更多的量;另外的一些 Would you like some more coffee ? , more and more , the more ... the more ... The more exercise you take, the more good it will do you. more or less 或多或少;大体 more than ① = over He is no 上 I more or less agree with you. more…than

138. motivation n 动机,刺激,推动 139. motor n. 发动机,马达 140. motorbike n. 摩托车 141. motorcycle n. 摩托车 142. motto n. 箴言,格言 143. mountain(s) n. 山,山脉 144. mountainous a. 多山的 145. mourn vt. 哀痛; 哀悼 146. mouse (复mice) n. 鼠,耗子;(计算机)鼠标 147. moustache n. 小胡子 148. mouth n. 嘴,口 149. mouthful n. 满口,一口 150. move v. 移动,搬动,搬家 151. movement n. 运动,活动 152. movie n. (口语)电影 153. Mr. (mister) n. 先生(用于姓名前) 154. Mrs. (mistress) n. 夫人,太太(称呼已婚妇女) 155. Ms. n. 女士(用在婚姻状况不明的女子姓名前) 156. much be not much of(=not a good)不是很好的He is not much of a doctor. 庸医much more + 比 much the best + 最高级 much too + adj.… be something of 有点…,像… 157. mud n. 泥, 泥浆 158. multiply vt. 乘; 使相乘 159. murder vt. 谋杀 160. museum 161. mushroom 162. music 163. musical 165. must 166. mustard 167. mutton 169. myself n. 博物馆,博物院 n. 蘑菇

n. 音乐,乐曲 a. 音乐的,爱好音乐的 n. 音乐片 modal v. 必须,应当; 必定是 n. 芥末,芥子粉 n. 羊肉 pron. 我自己

164. musician n. 音乐家,乐师

168. my pron. 我的

1. 2. nail n. 钉,钉子 name n. 名字,姓名,名称 vt. 命名,名叫by the name of 叫…名字 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. be named after 以…命名name after 用…的名 字命名,with the name of…= named… narrow a. 狭窄的 nation n. 民族,国家 national a. 国家的,全国性的,民族的 nationality n. 国籍 nationwide ad. 全国范围内的,全国性的 native a. 本土的, 本国的native to 所产的native language = mother tongue 母语 go native入乡随俗 native-born 土生 土长的natural resources 9. 10. natural a. 自然的 nature n. 自然, 性质,种类by nature 天生的, 生来(be) in the nature of 属…性质 the beauty of nature 思? 36 in nature 本 质上What in nature do you mean ? 你到底指的是…意

超过② = not only 不仅仅是③ = very , no more than /no ①两者都不② = only 只不过 more than a little boy. You are no more capable of speaking Chinese than I am. 你同我一样都不会讲中文。 once more 更重要的是 再;又Read it once more. what is more stupid.

more…than…与其…倒不如说… She is more mad than moreover = besides = furthermore = in addition 此外,而且 132. morning n. 早晨,上午 n. 莫斯科 133. Moslem n. 伊斯兰教徒,回教徒 134. mosquito n.蚊子 135. most (much或many 的最高级) ?a. & ad.? 最多 n. 大部 分,大多数for the most part 多半,大多数,一般来说at (the) most 最多, 至多make the most of 充分利用 136. mother n. 母亲 137. motherland n. 祖国

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

navy n. 海军 near a. 近的 ad. 附近,邻近 prep. 在……附近,靠近 nearby a. 附近的 nearly ad. 将近,几乎not nearly = far from neat a. 整洁的; 灵巧的 necessary a. 必需的,必要的if necessary 如有必要 It's necessary that sb ( should ) do.. 未必如此。 It's not necessarily so. 远非 It's not nearly so easy as you think.这决非你想的那样简单

46. 47. 48.

noise n. 声音,噪声,喧闹声 noisy a. 喧闹的,嘈杂的 none pron. 无任何东西或人, 无一人None of the students is/are ... none but 只有 They choose none but the best. 他们只挑最好。none other than不是别人,正是…竟然是 He is none other than our headmaster. none of sb./sth. none but=only

49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58.

noodle n. 面条 noon n. 中午,正午 nor conj. 也不 normal n.& a. 正常的(状态)above normal 高于正常(温 度…) north a. 北的;朝北的;从北来的 ad. 向(在、从)北方 n. 北;北方;北部 northeast n. 东北(部) northern a. 北方的,北部的 northwest n. 西北 nose n. 鼻 not ad. 不,没Not at all. 别客气。 not only ... but also 不 仅…而且… not ...but... 不是…而是not that ... but that ... 不是(因为)…而是(因为)…

The rich are not necessarily happy

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41.

neck n. 颈,脖子 necklace n. 项链 necktie n. 领带,领花 need n. 需要, 需求meet one's needs 满足需求be in need of 需要 There is no need for sb to do .. aux.& v. 需要,必须 needle n. 针 negotiate v 商议, 谈判, 交涉 neighbour (美 neighbor) n. 邻居,邻人 neighbourhood (美neighborhood) n. 四邻;邻近地区 neither a. (两者)都不;也不 nephew n. 侄子,外甥 nervous a. 紧张不安的be nervous about nest n. 巢; 窝 net n. 网 a. 净余的 net weight 净重 network n. 网络,网状系统 never ad. 决不,从来没有 new a. 新的;新鲜的 news n. 新闻,消息 New York n. 纽约 n. 新西兰New Zealander n. 新西兰人 New Zealand net profit 净利润


note n. 便条,笔记,注释;钞票,纸币;音符,音调 vt. 记下, 记录; 注意, 留意take notes 感谢信 记笔记 a note of thanks

60. 61.

notebook n. 笔记簿 nothing n. 没有东西,没有什么 adv. 一点也不;并不for nothing (=free, without payment)免费nothing but 只有, 不 过…而已 to say nothing of(=not to mention)更不用说…He does not know English, to say nothing of German or French 他不懂英文,更不要说德文和法文了

newspaper n. 报纸 next a. 最近的,紧挨着的,隔壁的;下一次 ad. 随后, 然后,下一步 n. 下一个人(东西) nice a. 令人愉快的;好的,漂亮的 niece n. 侄女,甥女 night n. 夜;夜间night-club no to n. 夜总会 at night by 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 37 He nodded at me to night 利用黑夜 Have a good night ad. 不,不是 a.没有,无,不I have no money to buy He is no artist.他算不上一个艺术家。 say no 否认He is no friend of mine. 他不是我朋友。There is no wonder 怪不得no longer 不再no I have no doubt that ... There is no had no It is no easy work. books. 62.

notice n. 布告, 通告; 注意 vt. 注意, 注意到do sth. at short notice 只给很少时间准备(until) further notice (在)另行通 知(前) take notice of (=pay attention to) 注意take no notice of = pay no attention to 不加以注意 without notice 先通知 notice sb do 注意…做完了… 意…正在做… novel n. (长篇)小说 novelist n. 小说家 now ad. 现在now that 既然;由于 nowadays ad. 当今,现在 nowhere ad. 任何地方都不; 无处 nuclear a. 原子核的,原子能的,核动力的 numb a 麻木的, 失去知觉的 number n. 数,数字,号码;数量a number of 大量的 the number of …的数目 nurse n. 护士;保育员 nursery n. 托儿所 nursing n. (职业性的)保育,护理 nut n. 坚果,坚果仁(胡桃,栗子等) nutrition n 营养, 营养学 nylon n. 尼龙 Now that we have no money, we can’t buy a new car. just now from now on 不事 notice sb doing 注

no denying that ... 无法否认…It is no use/good doing ... in no time 马上 doubt 无疑

doubt that ... no more than 两者都不 sooner… than 一…就… ; no 并非 We have no such luck 42. 43. 44. 45. No.(缩) = number n. 数字;号码

noble a. 高贵的,贵族的a man of noble birth 出生高贵的 人 a noble building 宏伟的建筑 nobody n. 渺小人物 pron. 没有人,谁也不 nod vi. 点头nod at sb 朝…点头 continue. 他点头示意我继续

O 1. 2. 3. obey v 服从;听从obey/observe/ keep the school rules object n &v.object to doing (=be opposed to) 反对 objection to (接动名词) 反对have no objection to 不反对 observe v遵守;观察; 庆祝observe sb do/doing sth observe one's birthday 庆祝…生日observation .观察 keep sth under observation 4. 5. 6. obtain [?b'tein] vt. 得到,获得 vi.得到公认;通用;流行;存在 obvious a. 明显的,清楚的 It was obvious to everyone that he was lying. You shouldn’t tell such obvious lies occasion n. 场合;时刻 on this happy occasion .在这个快 乐场合下 7. 8. occupation occupy v on the occasion of n occupy /take up a lot of room 占据, Is this seat be occupied in/with = be busy in doing/with ;on occasion(=now and


officer n.

offer to do = make an offer to do 主动提出 I offered him

做… ;offer sb sth = offer sth to sb提供 ¥100 for his bike. 我出100元买他的车 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

official a &n an official letter 公函;news from an official source 官方消息 offshore often ad oil n&v oilfield old a Olympic(s) a&n奥林匹克Olympic Games 奥林匹克运动 会 on prep&ad on average 平均on board 在船(车,飞机 等)上,on duty 值日,值班 on fire 着火on foot 走路,步 行 on holiday休假,度假on one’s way to 在……的途中 on one’s own 独立地,独自地on the air (用无线电,电 视) 播送 on TV / the radio 通过电视/ 收音机/ 广播on the point of 正要……的时候 on watch / guard值班,守望 agree on sth 就…达成一致 bring on 使前进,使发生,引 起carry on 继续下去come on 来吧, 赶快congratulate …on 祝贺depend on = rely on依靠, 相信, 取决于from then(now) on 从那时 (现在) feed on以……为主食have…on穿着, 起 戴着 have an effect on 对……产生作用insist on doing sth 坚持要做…live on 靠…为生look down on(upon) 轻视, 看 不起 keep on (doing sth) 继续(做某事)move on 继续前 n. 油田 a. 近海的

then)不时地,必要时by occasion of (=because of) 由于

occupied ? occupy an important position ; occupy oneself in/ with doing , 忙于干 9. occupation 工作 a side occupation 副业

occur v发生Don't let this occur again. (happen, take place) The Olymipcs occur every four years. it occurs to sb. that… 某人想到…It occurred to me that I left my pen in the classroom.

10. 11. 12.

ocean n of prep 少量的

Oceania n. 大洋洲 a bit of少量的,一点 a (large)number of 许多 a bottle of 一瓶 a a lot of 许多,大 a waste of 浪费all 25.

October n. 10月 glass of 一 (玻璃) 杯 a great deal of 很多a handful of

进, pass on 传递,转移到play a joke / trick on 戏弄(某 人) spend / waste money / time on sth once n ,ad&conj. I once lived here.(曾经) at once 马上, 同时once more 再一次 (once again); once a day 每天一次 once and for all =once and forever永远地 all at once (=suddenly, now) 立即,马上 once in a while (=occasionally) 偶尔 (just) for once 就这一次 26. 27. 28. 29. one pron. in one/the same direction同一方向one-sided 片面的 one-way 单方面one by one 一个接一个 oneself onion n only a. &ad.仅仅 Only he saw the tiger. He only saw the tiger. He saw only the tiger. Only in this way can you do it well. not only… but also… too…to… only too...to = very ; I am only too glad to meet you. 30. 31. onto prep open a &v. The door won't open.门不能开;open an account 开个账户;leave the door open 让门开着;declare sth open 宣布…开始be open to the public对公共开放opening speech 开幕词 32. 33. 34. 35. opening a opener n opera n operate v operate on sb. 给某人做手术 operation n. come /go into operation开始运转 put /bring sth. into operation 使…投产,运转 36. 38 operate v People equate success in life with the ability to operate the computer.人们把会使用计算机与人生成功相 pron (all) by oneself 独自(没有别人帮助)

量的lots of 许许多多的a piece of 一片(张,块) a place of interest 名胜 a pair of 一双,一对 kinds / sorts of 各种各样的at the head of 在……的前头at the mercy of 在……的支配下because of = due to / thanks to/ owing to因为be made up of 由……组成be proud of 为……而自豪be fond of 爱好,喜欢 be tired of 厌烦 die of 死于dream of 向往,渴望,梦想get rid of 处理,去掉 in charge of 主管,负责in the charge of 由……掌管in honour of 为了纪念,为向……表示敬意 instead of 代替 in the hope of 怀着……的期望in spite of 尽管knock out of 从……中敲出来make fun of 取笑某人make sure of 确 定,弄清楚make use of 利用masses of 大多数packs of 大 量的,大部分play the role of 扮演……角色out of 从…… 向(往)外on the point of 正要……的时候plenty of 充足 的,相当多的remind sb of 使某人想起run out of 用完 scores of 许多, 大量take the place of 代替, 取代talk of 谈 论, 议论think of 认为, 想到, 想起take possession of占有, 拥有 13. off prep. & ad. see sb off;turn/switch off;take off 取消, 脱 衣,起飞,离开;be well off 富有;pay off 还清;be off duty 不上班;off the point 不在要点 ;May Day is only a week off. 14. 15. 16. 五一只有一星期了 offence n 1.犯罪 2.罪行 offer n&v office n

提并论 37. operation n. operate the machine 开动机器 给某人动手术perform an operation on sb 38. 39. operator n opinion What's your opinion of the book ? = How do you have a like the book ?=What do you think of the book? operate on sb come into


otherwise conj. / adv. 否则,用不同方法Work hard, otherwise you will be sorry. 努力工作, 否则你回后悔。 He should have done it otherwise他应该用别的方法做事

operation = come into effect = come into force 开始生效

56. 57.

ouch int(突然受痛时的叫声)哎哟 ought 应该 ought to do sth = should do sth 应该做某事 (前者语气更强) ought to have done sth = should have done sth 本应该做某事

good/poor opinion of 对…印象好/坏;be of the opinion 持 有…的看法in one’s opinion 按某人的看法Before giving my opinion, I think it is important to look at the arguments on both sides.在给出我的观点之前,我想看看双方的观点 是重要的. As for me, I'm in favor of the opinion that education is not complete with graduation, for the following reasons:就我而言,我同意教育不应该随着毕业而结束的 观点,有以下原因 40. 41. oppose v. We opposed the plan because of the cost be opposed to… 反对 opposite n&a. be the opposite of be opposite to …对立面 Black is the opposite of white.; opposite to white. other side of) 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. optimistic a乐观的 optional a.随意的;非必须的;n.选修科目 or conj或;就是;否则or so 等等 oral a口述的,口头上的 orange n&a橘子,橙子,橘汁 橘色的,橙色的 orbit n (天体等的)运行轨道 order n&v(be) in order(=acceptable)合适的,恰当的 in order 井井有条,处于良好状态; out of order(=in bad condition)出毛病,发生故障 made to order 定做的(衣服) May I have your order, please? 请问你要点什么菜? be made to order 订做 (Is your suit made to order ?你的衣服 是订做的吗?) 49. ordinary a普通的,平常的the ordinary people 平凡的人 ordinary -looking 长得一般We were dressed up for the party but she was still in her ordinary clothes. 日常装束 50. 51. 52. 53. organ n器官;机关 organize (Am organize)v organization n. 组织,机构 organizer 组织者 organization n组织,机构 origin n originate in /from(=begin)起源于,由..引起 a word 源于英语单词 a man of noble origin 一 of English origin certificate 54. sooner or later 迟早 与…相对的 Black is

58. 59. 60. 61.

our pron ours pron ourselves pron out ad. break out 爆发,突然发生 carry out 开展,执行, 实现check out 查明,结帐 die out 消失,灭亡find out 找 出,查出 give out 分发,散发,用完hand out分发 help…out 帮某人从困境中解脱hold out 伸出 look out 留神, 当心pick out 挑出 point out 指出run out of 用完set out发出,开始show…out 领……出去 try out 实验work out 算出,解决,制定出 be tired / worn out 精疲力竭out of 从……向(往)外 out of breath 上气不接下气out of work 失业,没工作 out of one’s reach 够不着out of question 没问题out of the question 不可能put out 扑灭, 关熄 某事 send out 发出,派遣talk / persuade sb out of (反: 尽全力做 out of date ( 反: up to date ) 过时的,陈旧的 adj 户外的 (反:indoor) outdoors adv. 在户外 into) doing sth 说服某人不做all out to do sth

The house is opposite the road. (on the

62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67.

outcome n结果The outcome of the match disappointed me outdoor (反:indoors) outer a外部的,外面的 outgoing a 详细的提纲 勾画出… outing n郊游,远足 outline n.&v.轮廓,要点a detailed outline 的轮廓 outline a map of the United States of America

68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80.

output n输出,产量Between 1932 and 1935, total output rose by 32 percent.; an output of 36 tons a day outside n ad &prep outspoken a直言的 outstanding a杰出的,突出的 outward(s) ad向外的,外出的 oval n &ad椭圆;椭圆形的 over prep在…上方;越过;遍及 ad. 翻倒;遍布越过结 束 overcoat n overhead a在头顶上的;架空的 overcome v战胜,克服 overlook v俯视;忽略 overweight a超重的 owe v. owe sb. money = owe money to sb 欠某人钱 因为 (前三者既可作状语也可作 owe sb sth = owe sth to sb 归功于 owing to = because of = on account of = due to 表语, due to 一般只做表语做状语时不用于句首)

个出生高贵的人the original edition 原版 an original birth 出生文件证明 other pron&a one… the other… 一个…,另一个some … other +n. / others … 一些…,另一些the others 剩余的全 部any other 其他另一个 He runs faster than any other student in his class.every other 每隔 every other/ second line = every two lines 隔行the other day 几天前 (用一般 过去时)other than 除了 好服从。 39 I can’t do other than obey. 我只


own a &v

on one’s own (=along, without help)单独of

one’s own某人自己的

82. 83. 84. 85.

owner n物主,所有人 ownership n所有制 ox (pl oxen ) n牛; 公牛 oxygen n氧; 氧气 pace n. 步子;节奏ten paces from 离…十步 with 跟上…步伐 Pacific a. 太平洋的 the Pacific Ocean n. 太平洋 pack n. 包,捆;(猎犬、野兽等的)一群 v. (为运输 或储存而)打包 package n. (尤指包装好或密封的容器)一包,一袋一盒 packet n. 小包裹,袋 a packet / pack of cigarettes 一包烟 paddle n. 桨状物,蹼 page n. 页,页码 pain n. 疼痛,疼,努力,辛苦(~s) painful adj.疼痛的have a pain in the stomach 胃痛spare no pains to do sth= take pains to do sth 不辞辛苦(刻苦)做go to great pains=take pains 下功夫,努力 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 36. 37. keep pace 33. 34. 35.

visit to 专访a special price; especially尤其These books are designed especially for children partly ad. 部分地,在一定程度上 partner n. 搭档,合作者 part–time a.& ad. 兼职的; 部分时间的(地)A proper part-time job does not occupy students' too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy for them to spend all of time on their study. As an old saying goes: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.一份适当的业余工作并不会占用学生太多 的时间,事实上,把全部的时间都用到学习上并不健康, 正如那句老话:只工作,不玩耍,聪明的孩子会变傻 party n. 聚会,晚会;党派 pass vt. 传, 经过; 递; 通过 (past prep. 穿过, 经过) pass = go/walk/run…past pass away 死亡,度过 过,贯穿;经历 pass by(= go by )过去,从旁而 pass over 掠过 pass through 穿 pass off 消失pass on… to…传给

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

passage n. (文章等的)一节,一段;通道; 走廊 passenger n. 乘客,旅客 passer–by n. 过客,过路人(pl. passers-by) passive a. 被动的 passport n. 护照 past ad. 过 n. 过去,昔日,往事prep. 过……,走过某处 a past president 一位前任总统 in the past 在过去 during/in/for the last(past) +一段时间+完成时

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

painful a. 使痛的,使痛苦的 paint n. 油漆 vt. 油漆,粉刷,绘画 painter n. 绘画者,(油)画家 painting n. 油画,水彩画 pair n. 一双, 一对 .a pair of 一对 (a pair of … 作主语时, 指物用单数、指人用复数谓语动词) in pairs 成对地 palace n. 宫,宫殿The Summer Palace 颐和园 pale a. 苍白的,灰白的turn pale with fear 吓得脸色发白 pan n. 平底锅 pancake n. 薄煎饼 panda n. 熊猫 panic a &v paper n. 纸;报纸 paperwork n. 日常文书工作 paragraph n. (文章的)段落 parcel n. 包裹 pardon n. 原谅宽恕对不起beg one’s pardon 请求某人原 谅 parent n. 父(母),双亲 Paris n. 巴黎 park n. 公园 vt. 停放(汽车) No parking! 禁止停车 a parking lot 一个停车场 parrot n. 鹦鹉 part n. 部分;成分;角色;部件;零件 a. 局部的;部分 的 v. 分离;分开分割part with (=give up, sell) 舍弃,卖掉 Only a small part of his story is true. 在…中起作用 play a part/role in take an active part in 积极参加 =(be

44. 45. 46. 47.

patent n path n. 小道,小径 patience n. 容忍; 耐心lose one's patience patient n. 病人 a 耐心的(反:impatient )patience n. 耐 心 be patient with / towards sb 对某人有耐心 be patient of sth 容忍某物

48. 49. 50.

pattern n. 式样 pause n.& vi. 中止,暂停;停止 pay (paid, paid) v. 付钱,给……报酬 n. 工资(1)Perhaps I shall pay a visit to England this winter.参观(2)It’s high time he paid me back the$100 he owes me.偿还(3)How much did you pay for the book?为……而付款(4)I'll pay off my debt with this check.还清

51. 52. 53. 54.

P.E.(缩) =physical education n. 体育 P.C.(缩) =personal computer个人电脑 pea n. 豌豆 peace n. 和平 peaceful adj. 和平的 地 at peace 和平的, 平静的 peace with 与…讲和 peacefully adv. 和平 in peace 平安, 安宁make

hold / keep one’s peace 保持缄默

55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 40

peach n. 桃子 pear n. 梨子,梨树 peasant n. 农民;佃农 pedestrian n. 步行者,行人 pen n. 钢笔,笔write in ink / with a pen 用钢笔写 pencil n. 铅笔(write in pencil/with a pencil) penny (复pence/pennies) n. (英)便士;美分penniless adj. 身无分文的 pension n. 养老金

active in); on one's part= on the part of sb 就…而言I will apologize to you on the part of my friend 31. 32. participate v participate in (=take part in)参加 particular a. 特殊的,个别的 be particular about / over sth 挑剔的,讲究的in particular 尤其,特别I like sports, and football in particular.; special特别的; 专门的pay a special

63. 64. 65.

people n. 人,人们;人民 ,民族 pepper n. 胡椒粉 per prep. 每,每一 percent n. 百分之…… percentage n. 百分比 About 70 percent of the surface of the earth is covered by water. the unemployment percentage 比 a small percentage of boys 失业百分

90. 91. 92. 93.

phrase n. 短语;习惯用语 physical education 体育physical environment 自然环境 physical change 物理变化 physician n. (有行医执照的)医生 physics n. 物理(学) physicist n. 物理学家 physical adj. 物理的, 自然界的,身体的(反: mental),物质的 physically adv. physician n. 内科医生 (外科医生:surgeon ) pianist n. 钢琴家 piano n. 钢琴play the piano 弹钢琴 pick v. 拾起,采集;挑选 pick out 选择,挑出 pick up 拾起,接,学会, (无意间)获得(消息或知识) ,收听, 用较少钱买到,恢复健康 have one’s pocket picked 遭扒 窃


perfect a. 完美的,极好的perfectly adv. 完美地Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧You are a perfect fool你是十足傻 瓜 94. 95. 96.


perform v. 表演,履行;行动 performance n. give / put on a performance 演出perform on the piano(=play the piano) 演奏钢琴perform well , well performed 表演好 perform the operation on sb 给…动手术 完成任务 perform the task

97. 98. 99.

picnic n.& v. 野餐(picnicked , picnicking) picture n. 图片,画片,照片take a picture of = take a photo of , get a clear picture of 对…有较清楚了解 pie n. 甜馅饼

68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75.

performance n. 演出,表演 performer n. 表演者,执行者 perfume n.香味,芳香,香水;香料 perhaps ad. 可能,或 period n. 时期, 时代 come to a period = come to an end 终 了put a period to… = put an end to …. permanent a permission n. 允许,许可,同意 permit vt. 许可,允许;执照 n. 许可证 ( permitted permitting ) permission n permit / allow sb sth,permit / allow sb to do sth , permit / allow (sb’s)

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