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第 1 课时
学校 ____________________________ 任课教师___________ 课型 词汇复习与讲练 教学时间 总第( )课时 教学内容 高中英语词汇突破专练第一单元第一和第三大题 1. 掌握下列重点词汇,并能够通过听、说、读和写加以运用。 able, ability, aboard, academic, about, above, abr

oad, absence, absent, absorb, accept, accident, accurate, accuse, achieve, achievement, act, action, active, activity, actual, add 2. 掌握上述重点词汇所构成的下列短语及词组,并能够通过听、说、读和写加以运用。 be (not) about to do sth, above all, in one’s absence, be absent from, be absorbed in sth, have / get access to, by accident, take…into account, account for, accuse sb of (doing) sth, be accustomed to, take (an) action, take an active part in, add to, add…to, be addicted to, 教学目标 in addition, adjust to, accompany sb to…, to the best of one’s ability; make one’s acquaintance (make acquaintance of sb.); be adequate to 3. 对下列词汇(多为八级词汇)要求重点了解,尤其是所构成的固定搭配。 abandon, abnormal, abolish, abortion, abrupt, absence, absolute, abstract, absurd, abundant, abuse, accelerate, access, accessible, accommodation, accompany, accomplish, accumulate, accustomed, acknowledge, acquaintance, acquire, acquisition, acute, adapt, adaptation, addicted, addition, adequate, adjust, adjustment 4. 对下列词汇(为八级词汇)只要求了解其基本词义。academy, accountant, accuracy, 作业内容 作业布置 作业要求 专练第 2 和第 4 大题 所需时间 15-30 分 上交时间 把题做在专练本子上, 老师要对做的情况进行抽查, 并在下一课找学生到黑 板上把答案写出。在做题之前,先把解读里的相关内容看一下。


教学札记 教学过程 Ⅰ. 新授 (在这节课之前的晨读应让学生把第一单元的单词听两遍,并跟读,以后的类似课都这样做) 1. 根据英文释义选用下列单词填空(做此题前先把下列词的词义通一遍,然后再引导做题) abrupt; abandon; abuse; abolish; abundant; acquaintance; adjustment; accuse; accuracy; accumulate 1) abandon 2) abolish 3) abrupt 4) abuse 5) accuse 6) abundant 7) accuracy to leave someone, especially someone you are responsible for; give up to officially end a law, system etc. especially one that has existed for a long time sudden and unexpected; seeming rude and unfriendly to deliberately use something for the wrong purpose or for one’s own advantage to say that you believe someone is guilty of a crime or of doing something bad something that exists or is available in large quantities so that there is more than enough the ability to do something in an exact way without making a mistake someone you know, but who is not a close friend

8) acquaintance

9) accumulate to gradually get more and more money, possessions, knowledge etc. over a period of time 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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10) adjustment a small change made to a machine, system, or calculation; a change in the way that someone behaves or thinks 2. 单项选择 1) The criminal had planned to escape from the prison, but his attempt proved to be an _________. A. abortion(=failure) B. accident 事故 这个罪犯曾打算越狱,但他的企图没能得逞。 2) The system has been designed to give students quick and easy ________ to the digital resources of the library. (2009 年高考浙江卷) A. acquaintance n. 相识;了解;熟人 C. access n.通路;接近;入口;使用权 B. accuracy n.精确;准确(度) D.acquisition n.获得,所获之物 C. adventure 冒险 D. alarm 警报;惊(恐)慌

设计这个系统是用于让学生更方便、快捷地使用数字图书馆的资源。 3) After the earthquake, the first thing the local government did was to provide __________ for the homeless families. (2010 年高考湖北卷) A. occupation n.职业;工作;占用 B. accommodation C. equipment 设备 n.住宿;留宿;住处 D. acquisition n.获得,所获之物

地震之后,当地政府做的第一件事就是为无家可归的家庭提供膳宿。 4) This library takes pride in its rare book __________. A. acquaintance n. 相识;了解;熟人 C. adaption D. acquisition B. adjustment n.调整;调节;修正 n.获得,所获之物

acquisition --- something that you have obtained by buying it or being given it 这所图书馆为它珍贵图书的收藏量而自豪。

5) After receiving the news, immediate _______ was taken by the local government to stop the disease spreading.
A. activity 活动 C. action 行动 B. adventure 冒险 take (an) action 采取行动 D. measure 措施(常用复数)

在得到这个消息后,当地政府立即采取了行动来防止疾病的蔓延。 6) Many animals have _________ that help them escape from their enemies. The coats of some animals are coloured to adapt to its surroundings. A. adaptations n.适应;改编 C. adjustments n.调整;调节 B. acquisitions n.获得,所获之物 D. additions 增加

很多动物具有适应性,这有助于它们逃避它们的天敌。一些动物的毛皮为了适应周围环境而进行变色。 7) The ________ of a large parking lot will increase the number of people that can shop in the supermarket. A. admission 准入;接纳;入场费 B. addition 增加 C. adjustment 调整 D. adaptation 适应 增加一个大的停车场后将增加到这个超市购物人的数量。 8) Coming to another country to study requires a big _________ and it takes a while to fit in. A. admission 准入;接纳;入场费 B. addition 增加 C. adaptation 适应 D. adjustment 调整 来到另一个国家学习需要进行很大的调整,要有一段时间来适应。 9) The train came to an _______ stop, making many passengers fall off their seats. A. abnormal 反常的 B. absolute 绝对的 C. abrupt 突然的 D. absurd 荒唐的;荒谬的 火车突然刹车,使许多乘客从座位上跌倒。 10) He is too proud, and considers himself perfect. He always believes what he does is ______ correct. A. absolutely 绝对地 B. abruptly 突然地(=suddenly) C. abnormally 不正常 D. abundantly 充足地 他太骄傲了,认为自己很完美。他总是以为他所做的一切都是绝对正确的。 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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11) The pictures by Picasso are really __________. I can’t understand them without caption. A. abrupt 突然的 C. concrete adj.具体的;实质性的 毕加索的画真抽象,没有说明我看不懂。 12) It is ________ that women should be paid less than men for doing the same kind of work. A. allergic 过敏的 C. annual adj.年度的;每年的 B. amateur a.业余的 n.业余爱好者 D. absurd 荒唐的;荒谬的 B. abstract a.抽象的 D. addictive 使人上瘾的

做同样工作的女性获得的报酬竟然比男性少,这简直荒谬透顶。 It is rather absurd that the Japanese government should attempt to buy the Diaoyu Island belonging to China. This move is bound to end up in abortion.日本政府竟然企图购买属于中国的钓鱼岛,这简直是荒谬透顶。 这种行径必然以失败告终。 13) The schools here offer different after-class activities. For them social skills are more important than _________ achievements. A. adequate 足够的;适当的 B. active 积极的;主动的;活跃的 C. abundant 丰富的;充裕的 D. academic 学业的(concerned with studying from books, as opposed to practical work ) 这里的学校提供了各种各样的课外活动。对他们来说,社交技能比学业成绩重要。 14) Frank put the medicine in the top drawer to make sure it would not be ____ to the kids. (2009 年高考江西卷) A. accessible 可得到的;可使用的;易接近的,可进入的 (easy to reach or get into ) B. relative 相当的 C. addicted 上瘾的 D. acceptable 可接受的 be addicted to…对…有瘾;对…入迷 弗兰克把药放在最上面的一个抽屉里,以确保孩子们够不着。 15) I have been convinced that the print media are usually more _________ and more reliable than television. (2010 年高考浙江卷) A. actual 实际的 C. accurate [`?kjurit] adj.精确的;准确的 B. adequate 足够的;适当的 D. acute 敏锐的;尖锐的;剧烈的;急性的

我一直相信报刊出版物通常要比因特网准确并可靠。 16) It turned out that one of the children I thought a girl was __________ a boy. A. absurdly B. actually 实际上;真实地;竟然;居然 C. absolutely D. abruptly 那些孩子中,我原来以为是女孩的那个孩子竟然是个男孩。 17) Computer games are easily _______ to children, and many senior high students are also ______ to them. A. addicted; addictive C. addicted; addicted B. addictive; addictive D. addictive 使人上瘾的 addicted 有(上)瘾的 be addictive to sb. 使人上瘾的

be addicted to (doing) sth.沉溺于(做)某事; 对某事有瘾

计算机游戏很容易让孩子们上瘾,很多高中学生也沉溺于计算机游戏之中。 18) Successful people always make ___________ preparations for any potential setbacks. A. adequate 足够的;充分的 B. urgent 紧迫的;急需的 成功的人总是为潜在的挫折做好了充分准备。 19) When he was only 10 meters away from the finishing line, the African runner suddenly _________, passing by the other runners. A. attempted 试图 B. approached 接近 C. accelerated 加速 D. accessed 读取 在离终点仅剩 10 米时,这名来自非洲的选手突然加速超过了其他人。 20) The search was __________ when night came, even though the child had not been found. A. abolished 废除 B. abandoned 放弃;中止;抛弃
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C. abrupt

D. final 最后的;最终的


C. achieved 取得

D. acknowledged 承认;公认(为);答(致)谢

尽管没有找到小孩,但当夜幕降临时搜索只得放弃。 21) It was Lincoln who ___________ slavery in the United States and set slaves free. A. abandoned B. adjusted 调整 C. abolished D. advocated 提倡 正是林肯废除了美国奴隶制,使奴隶获得自由。 22) She was seated at her desk, with her eyes fixed on the book, __________ in its plot. A. adopted 采用 B. adjusted C. accepted 接受 D. absorbed 吸收 be absorbed in sth. 全神贯注于某事 A. abused B. adjusted 她坐在桌旁, 双眼盯着书,被书中的情节吸引住了。 C. absorbed D. adopted 采用

23) There are instructions on the bottle to prevent the medicine from being __________. 药瓶上的说明是为了防止药物被乱用。 24) Your passport application form should be ___ by two recent photographs when you go to the Passport Office. A. accomplished vt.达到;完成;实现 C. accessed 读取 B. accompanied 陪伴;陪同;伴随;附带 D. addressed 演讲

当你去办理护照时,你的护照申请表应该附有两张近期照片。 25) The best method to ___________ this goal is to unite as many people as possible and form a powerful team. A. accept 接受 B. accelerate 加速 C. accomplish 达到;完成;实现 D. abandon 达到这个目标最好的方法就是尽最大努力搞好团结,组成一个强大的团队。 26) They __________ a certain amount of working experience through volunteer work. A. attempted 试图 B. accumulated 积累 C. accelerated 加速 D. accomplished 通过志愿者工作,他们积累了一定的工作经验。 27) Lucy has __________ all of the goals she set for herself in high school and is ready for new challenges at university. (2007 年高考天津卷) A. acquired 获得;取得;学到;习得 C. concluded 得出结论;结束 B. finished 完成 D. achieved .达到;取得;完成;做到

露西实现了上高中时她给自己定的所有的目标,她准备上大学接受新的挑战。 28) The young couple wrote to Mr. Green to _________ his warm reception during their visit to his farm. A. acknowledge 承认;公认(为);答(致)谢 C. consult 咨询;请教 B. accuse 指控;指责 D. assume 假定;设想;假设;承担

acknowledge --- to publicly announce that you are grateful for the help that someone has given you 这对年轻夫妻写信给格林先生,对他们在参观农场期间所受到的热情款待表示感谢。 29) Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will ____ the skill to do difficult things easily. A. demand 要求;需要 C. accomplish 达到;完成;实现 acquire --- to gain knowledge or learn a skill 只有那些有耐心把简单的事情做好的人才会获得容易应对难事的技能。 30) Little children should go to school to learn something. __, they should learn how to behave well in social life. A. After all 毕竟 B. At all 全然;真地 C. Above all 重要的是 D. In all 总计 小孩应该上学去学东西。重要的是,他们应该学会在社会生活中如何才能举止得体。 Ⅱ. 本课要点回顾 (在临下课 5 分前将所板书的要点进行回顾) Ⅲ. 预习作业布置 在下一节课上,将对本课所练习的重点内容进行检测。 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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B. acquire 获得;取得;学到;习得 D. achieve 达到;取得;完成;做到

第 2 课时
学校 ____________________________ 任课教师___________ 课型 词汇练习与检测 教学时间 总第( )课时 教学内容 教学目标 作业布置 高中英语词汇强化训练第一单元 通过强化训练达到专练第一单元总的目标,通过做题进行检测。 作业内容 训练第 1 题和第 3 题 所需时间 10-20 分 完成时间 把这两道题抄做在作业本上,书写要规范、工整。如果课上时间充足,可在 做题要求 课堂上做,如果时间不充足,留在课下做。要求学生不要看任何参考资料, 独立完成。老师对作业要进行及时批改和讲评。

板书设计 教学札记 教学过程 Ⅰ. 检查作业:抽查专练的第二和第四大题(可以让学生到黑板上把答案写出) 1. 根据汉语意思写出下列英语短语及词组 1) 首要的是 above all 2) 不在;缺席 be absent from 3) 专心于;全神贯注于 be absorbed in 4) 指责某人做某事 accuse sb. of (doing) sth. 5) 偶然;无意中 by accident 6) 把…考虑进去 take…into account / take account of 7) 陪同某人去(某地) accompany sb. to 8) 对…有瘾;对…入迷 be addicted to 9) 积极参加某事 take an active part in sth. 10) 采取行动做某事 take action to do sth. 2. 完成句子 1) 这个工作做得不是很好,但他问心无愧,因为他尽了全力。 The work wasn’t done well, but he had a clear conscience, because he did it to the best of his ability. have a clear conscience 问心无愧 have a guilty conscience 问心有愧 to the best of one’s ability 竭尽全力 2)她很守时,无正当理由从不缺勤,但她今天没来,这有点反常。 She is punctual and never absent from work without valid reason, but she isn’t present today, which is rather abnormal. 3)就在火车即将开动时,这个人跑过来了并爬上了火车。 The train was about to pull out when the man came running along and climbed aboard. 4)她很正直,从不乘人不在时说别人的坏话。 She is honest and never speaks ill of anyone in his or her absence. 5)这个聪明的男孩似乎教他什么,他就能吸收什么。 The clever boy seems to be able to absorb whatever he is taught. 6)当今的学生应该充分利用他们的时间使自己具备丰富的知识, 以便能容易地适应将来竞争激烈的社会。 Students nowadays should make full use of their time to equip themselves with abundant knowledge so that they can easily adapt to the competitive society in the future. 7)他当地口音很浓,这给我们听懂他说的话增添了困难。 His strong local accent added difficulty to our understanding of him. 8) 往土壤里面添加这种化肥可以加速庄稼的生长得到了人们的广泛认可。 It is widely accepted that that adding this kind of fertilizer to the soil would accelerate the growth of crops. 9)我在大街上偶尔碰见过她,而几天后她却遭遇事故。 I met her in the street by accident, yet she had an accident days later. 10)他被指控偷了电脑,因为他是唯一能接近它的人。 He is accused of stealing the computer, because he was the only one who had access to it. 11) 大家都认为狗的嗅觉敏锐。 It is universally acknowledged that dogs have an acute sense of smell. 12) 我已和我的笔友通信联系了三年了,我来这里是专门和他相识的。correspond with 与…通信 中天教育山东枣庄高考补习学校电子备课高三英语(普通班)教案
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I have corresponded with my pen-friend for three years. I came here specially to make his acquaintance. 13) 由于身体不能适应极限条件,有些人只得放弃了登山计划。 Some had to abandon their climbing plans because their body was unable to adjust to the extreme conditions. 14) 除学习外,我积极参加许多课外活动,来培养我的社交技能。 In addition to my studies, I often take an active part in lots of after-school activities to develop my social skills. 15) 他是个有多方面能力的人,他一定能胜任这个具有挑战性的工作。 He is a person of many abilities. He is sure to be adequate to this challenging job. Ⅱ. 新授 1. 讲练强化训练的完形填空(在老师讲解前,给学生留出约 15 分钟做题) Whenever we hear about “the homeless”, most of us think of the developing world. But 1 homelessness is everywhere. For example, how many of us would 2 to see people living on the streets of a wealthy country like Germany? Kurt Muller and his wife Rita have 3 eleven years making meals for the homeless of Berlin, Germany’s capital. They first began one long hot summer when most Germans were 4 on holiday. Kurt and his wife stayed at home, made sandwiches, 5 a table in the street and gave food to the homeless. The Mullers soon realized that food and clothing weren’t 6 . “What these people also need is warmth and _7 ,” says Rita. The Mullers didn’t 8 to give their phone number to the street people and told them to phone anytime. Rita 9 there was somebody at home to answer the phone and their home was always 10 to anyone who couldn’t face another night on the street, namely, they provided 11 for the homeless freely. The couple were soon 12 all their time and money, so Kurt visited food and clothing companies to 13__ donations. Today, over thirty companies 14 donate food and other goods to the cause and volunteers help to _15 them to the homeless. The public also give clothes and money and a shoe producer 16 new shoes. Kurt and Rita receive no 17 for their hard work. “We feel like parents,” says Rita, “and parents shouldn’t 18 money for helping their children. The love we get on the streets is our salary.” Though Rita _19_ she often gets tired. She says she will continue with her work because she likes the feeling of having made a 20 in the world. (根据 2012 年高考山东卷改编) 1. A. adequately B. actually C. absolutely D. absurdly 2. A. refuse B. decide C. fail D. expect 3. A. accumulated B. achieved C. spent D. adjusted 4. A. asleep B. alone C. across D. away 5. A. brought up B. set up C. put aside D. gave away 6. A. adequate B. absent C. accurate D. abrupt 7. A. acquaintance B. freedom C. courage D. caring 8. A. hesitate B. agree C. pretend D. intend 9. A. made sense B. found out C. made sure D. worked out 10. A. open B. crowded C. noisy D. near 11. A. accommodation B. acquisition C. addition D. amusement 12. A. costing B. wasting C. abandoning D. spending 13. A. pay for B. ask for C. look into D. carry out 14. A. completely B. calmly C. regularly D. roughly 15. A. advertise B. sell C. deliver D. lend 16. A. donates B. produces C. designs D. collects 17. A. permission B. payment C. direction D. support 18. A. borrow B. raise C. save D. expect 19. A. accuses B. advocates C. admits D. accepts 20. A. profit B. difference C. decision D. rule 2. 短文填空 (根据课堂的情况进行灵活操作,可留作学生课下的背诵范文) Ⅲ. 本课要点回顾 (所板书的内容) Ⅳ. 预习作业布置 (预习专练第二单元的第一和第三大题)


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