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Cloze Test Section 2

一.通读全文,了解文章大意 二.分析句子结构,根据句子成分确定所填词性; 然后根据句子意思确定具体填这一词性的哪一个 词,着重考虑以下几种词: 1.从句的引导词 6.形容词 2.连词 7.副词 3.冠词 8.名词 4.介词 9.动词 5.代词


1.用引导词的情况: ①名词后一般为 定语从句 ② information/message/idea/promise/fa ct/news/truth/thought等词后一般怀疑 为 同位语从句 ③谓语动词后/介词后的从句为 宾语从句 ④谓语动词前的从句为 主语从句 ⑤系动词后是 表语从句 ⑥表时间/地点/条件/原因/目的/结果/让 步/方式的从句是 状语从句 eg.Liberty is the only thing you cannot unless you give it to others. have ______

①He presented his study of about 54 000 Norweigians,______he followed for seven years. whom

If you understand sacrifice and ②_____ responsibility, there are not many things in life you can’t have.
③Drinking eight glasses of water every day is ______people have been told ,but a new what report offers some different advice. ④Information has been put forward______Zhao that Wei will play an important role in this film.

what ⑤All of us wondered______caused the mine accident.



常考虑的连词为 and, so, because, but, however,or,otherwise, than等 3.可数名词前考虑冠词 a/an 特指用the 4.介词的使用一要根据句意;二要着重 看是否有介词的固定搭配,三是放在不 做主语,表语,动词,宾语的名词或人 称代词宾格的前面

eg. instead of, be responsible for, pay attention to, come up with, be sorry for, be worried about, be disappointed with, be interested in, as well as, account for, be pround of, result from, result in, devote…to, contribute..to, be intended to, live on by doing sth., ways of doing sth., have an effect on.

① Listening is ______important skill. an ②Much pop music is without artistic value,____ but the work of some singers is on a higher musical level. ③Fathers’ day is celebrated ______the on third Sunday every June.

④The proposal that we go to the west of Hunan to help those poor children with their studies will be put into practice _______ because we have won support from our parents and even some govern-mental organizations. ⑤Teachers are often forced to train students what to do ________the with exams.

5.选填代词要从以下几个方面考虑: ①人称代词主格:作主语

I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they
②人称代词宾格:作宾语 me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them ③形容词性物主代词:名词前做定语 my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their

④名词性物主代词:作主语,宾语,表语 mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs ⑤反身代词:作宾语 myself / yourself / himself / herself / itself / ourselves / yourselves / themselves

⑥代指上文提到过的人或物时,考虑以下几个词: it / that /one /ones /those ⑦不定代词nothing/something/someone/all/ few/little/none/anyone/anything等等 pron./adj. ⑧other & another eg.The best known early form of pop music another was “blues”.A was “rock’ n’ roll”;______ more recent development is “folk-rock”. eg. Jianhua cheated in the English exam yesterday and hearing the teacher’s words in the office,he felt ashamed of ______. himself

eg.The girl was so frightened when seeing

she shouted sharp. the robber that _____
eg.Those are the best books I’ve ever read and I couldn’t put _______down. them

eg.Maria lived with _______husband for her 70 years,which could be considered as a wonder to most couples.

6.在一个有了限定词的名词前;或者在一个表泛 指的名词前;或者在than的前面,或者在系动词 后,需要考虑的是 形容词
特例:no+可数名词单数 /不可数名词/可数名词复数

no eg.①. I have____time to go with you because I’m busy preparing for my exams.
②.______houses in cities are more Big expensive than smaller ones in suburbs or small towns.

7.修饰一个形容词或修饰实义动词时,考虑用 副词 eg.①.His wife said ______,“why did you angrily break your promise again this time?” ②.Listening is a _____important skill. very

应. 此时,名词充当主语,宾语,表语的情况较多.

eg,If the Olympics are so expensive, why
do cities want to host the _______? games

9.选填动词也要根据句意,以及前后文的照应 eg.My father has to work every day and he ______from 6 in the morning till 5:30 in works the afternoon. 若结构完整,空格后的谓语动词是原形,特别是 与上下文时态不一致时,很可能是填情态动词或 表示强调或者倒装的助动词(do/does/did)

He had no time or energy to play with his children or talk with his wife, but he ________ did/could bring home a regular salary.

10. 有时候要根据特殊句式结构来判断空格应填 的词。 eg.① It is…that….句型,填it 或者that ②由It做形式主语或者形式宾语的句式判断 ③比如一些固定句型:not only…but also/ so…that/ such…that/ whether…or not /not …until/ neither..nor / either..or/ not..but 等等 eg.A dog is not only useful for protection _____ but willing to obey his master.


1.This is a true story __________ which/that happened in America. 2._______________ Although/Though the doctor tried his best to save the pet dog, it finally had to say goodbye to the world.

3.Mordern lifestyles are probably responsible for ________students’ poor behaviour.

4.A phone virus can make your_____do phone things you have no control over. 5.In fact,many Americans don’t own _____ their homes.

a 6.Adults who has ______sense of humour live longer _____ than those who don’t find life funny.


Teachers have always said, as they still say,“Listen _______” carefully or “Pay attention”. However, recently teachers have become more interested ____listening as a part of a student’s education. in Tests have shown that some people listen much better than______, others and that there are times _____ when one listens well and times when one does not. Certainly you will want to do ______ what you can to given improve your listening habits.The lessons______ by many teachers will help you evaluate these habits and suggest ways to improve them. Listening is an important skill, a skill which you can develop if you really want to. _____good listener A

takes in many more ideas than a poor _____ one does. He probably does better in school or in his job or profession. He also gives pleasure, for we all like to talk to an attentive listener.

Thank you!

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