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南京市 2014 高考英语完形填空训练
【2014 高考英语湖北省襄阳市统考试题】 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 31-50 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选 出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 It's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow . My mother suffered with Alzheimer's disease (老年痴呆症) during her last fifteen years. Until then she had been a bright, 31 woman deeply interested and involved in the world

around her. I would go home to visit her in Virginia and she would look at me in a(an) 32 way and ask, "Who are you?" I would answer, "I'm your son." "Where

do you live ? " She would ask . "In California," I would tell her . "Isn't that interesting," she would say, "i have a son in California." My name had mother completely. She seemed 34 forgetful and confused at the beginning of the disease, but 35 periods of sharp anxiety. She would 36 through the 33 my

later on she would

house she had lived in most of her life, crying uneasily that she wanted to go home, or she would leave home and wander away if she was not 37 Hoping to please her and put her mind sites where she had lived as a I sat in the car and 41 for a short time.

38 , I would take her for a drive, visiting

39 . In the yard of the hillside house in Shipman

40 the view of the old oaks and long green lawn. I could

my mother there as a little girl Playing with the pet lamb she had been so fond 42 , but she just shook her head and said, "I want

of. I looked to her for some to go home."

Over the years I have decided that what my mother was calling home was not a but a time. I suspect it was a time when she was much

43 ,

44 , when her children were

still underfoot, when her husband was still energetic and considerate. Watching my mother's suffering set me to I couldn't find 46 and wanted to go there. In this family we tend to be long lived 45 what I would have in mind if someday

and we grow fuzzy(模糊的)minded as the years go by. At eighty I have already noticed some 47 symptoms.My doctor says the forgetfulness is only 48 and that it comes

with age. Still the 49 of Alzheimer is haunting(萦绕) in my mind. Someday if and when I become even cloudier minded than I am now, unable to drive and tell you


where "home" is, my'dear son, I expect I will ask you to take me home. I know you will do your best to find the place I need to be. I leave these notes for your 31. A. caring 32. A. excited 33. A. forgotten 34. A. greatly 35. A. go through through 36. A. hunt 37. A. settled 38. A. in place 39. A. lady 40. A. inspected 41. A. tell 42. A. response 43. A. name 44. A. prettier 45. A. feeling 46. A. memory 47. A. deadly 48. A. natural 49. A. intention 50. A. appreciation 【参考答案】完型统考: 31-35:BCCDA 36—40:BBDCB 41-45:BADBB 46-50:CBABC B. pace B. attended B. under control B. student B. admired B. picture B. smile B. dream B. younger B. wondering B. passion B. alarming B. special B. fear B. admiration C. search C. concerned. C. in order C. child C. appreciated C. suspect C. reason s C. symbol C. happier C. doubting C. home C. poisonous C. rare C. expectation C. guidance D. look D. inspired D. at ease B. cheerful B. frightened B. reminded B. hardly B. break trough C. hopeful C. puzzled C. escaped C. totally C. look through 50 .

D. considerate D. amazed D. slid D. simply D. put

D. mother D. respected D. doubt D. answers D. place D. healthier D. believing D. way D. allergic D. unique D. hate D. assistance

完形填空-------A Once upon a time, a rich man wanted to make a trip (旅行) to another town. He tried not only to take things to sell but also to take money to He 2 to take ten servants with him. They would 4 6 3 1 things with.

the things to sell and the 5 and

food to asked to

on their trip. Before they started, a little boy ran up to with them.


The rich man said to the little boy, “Well,


may go with us.


you are 10

the smallest, the thinnest and the weakest of all my load (担子). You must 11

9 , you can’t carry a

the lightest one to carry.” The boy thanked his master

and chose the biggest load to carry. That was bread. “You are The boy said 12 .” said his master, “That is the biggest and the heaviest one.” 13 and lifted the load gladly.

On the trip they walked for days and at last they got to the town. All the servants were tired 14 the little servant. Do you know 15 ? Most of the bread was eaten

during the trip and a little was left when they arrived at the town.

名师点评 本文讲述了一个聪明的小男孩的故事。他要求加入一位富人的旅行,在得到同意后 选择担子时,看似愚蠢地选择了最大、最重的担子。而这恰恰就是他的聪明之处,因为 他所挑的面包在途中是被边走边吃的,到达目的地时已所剩无几。阅读这故选 foolish。篇文 章时要注意句子的整体理解,如第 8、9、10 这三题。

(B)1. A. eat

B. buy

C. change

D. get

【解析】B。这位富人不仅带了东西去卖,而且带钱去“买”东西。解这道题时要注意将句中 and 前后的内容进行比较。 (A)2. A. decided B. liked C. hoped D. tried

【解析】A。根据他的想法,他“决定”要带十个仆人。这件事完全可以由他自己决定,所以 没有必要“希望带??”或“努力带??”,故 C、D 不合题意。 (C)3. A. take B. bring C. carry D. borrow

【解析】C。carry 在句中意为“携带、运送”;take 意为“带走”;bring 意为“带来”。 本句意为“他们将运送要卖的东西和在路上要吃的食物”。下文的第 10、11 两题所在的句子 也有提示。 (B)4. A. cook B. eat C. buy D. drink

【解析】B。参照第 3 题。 (D)5. A. them B. the servants C. the road D. the rich man

【解析】D。一个小男孩来找这位富人,要求和他们一起走,故选 the rich man。

(C)6. A. stop 【解析】C。参照第 5 题。 (A)7. A. you

B. stay

C. go

D. talk

B. he

C. I

D. they

【解析】A。富人同意小男孩随行。 (D)8. A. Since B. If C. Because D. But

【解析】D。此句和上文是转折关系,意为“但是你是我的仆人中最小的、最瘦的、最弱的一 个,你不能挑重担”,故选 but。 (C)9. A. family B. guests C. servants D. things

【解析】C。参照第 8 题。 (A)10. A. heavy B. light C. small D. difficult

【解析】A。参照第 8 题。 (B)11. A. eat B. choose C. pick up D. understand

【解析】B。此句意为“你要选择挑最轻的担子”,“pick up”意为“捡起”,不合文意, 故选 choose。 (D)12. A. brave B. right C. clever D. foolish

【解析】D。主人看到这个小仆人选择了最重的担子,感到他很“愚蠢”,故选 foolish。 。 (B)13. A. sorry B. nothing C. angrily D. good-bye

【解析】B。听了主人的话,小男孩“什么也没说”,而是高兴地挑起了担子。 (C)14. A. besides B. of C. except D. with

【解析】C。由于小男孩的聪明,“除了”他自己,其他仆人都累坏了。 (D)15. A. who B. him C. that D. why

【解析】D。Do you know why? 用在文章最后用来引出原因,告诉读者其中的奥妙。

完形填空--------B Peter’s job was to examine cars when they crossed the frontier to make sure that they were not smuggling anything into the country. Every evening he would see a factory worker coming __1__ the hill towards the frontier, __2__ a bike with a pile of goods of old straw on it . When the bike __3__ the frontier, Peter would stop the man and __4__ him take the straw off and untie it. Then he would examine the straw very __5__


to see __6__ he could find anything, after which he would look in all the man’s pockets __7__ he let him tie the straw again. The man would then put it on his bike and go off down the hill with it. Although Peter was always __8__ to find gold or other valuable things __9__ in the straw, he never found __10__. He was sure the man was __11__ something, but he was not __12__ to think out what it cou ld be. Then one evening, after he had looked __13__ the straw and emptied the worker’s pockets __14__ usual, he __15__ to him, “Listen, I know you are smuggling things __16__ this frontier. Won’t you tell me what it is? I’m an old man, and today’s my last day on the _ _17__. Tomorrow I’m going to __18__. I promise I shall not tell __19__ if you tell me what you’ve been smuggling.” The worker did not say anything for __20__. Then he smiled, turned to Peter and said quietly, “Bikes.”

名师点评 这篇完型填空讲述了身为边防检查员的彼得明知一个工厂工人在走私货物却无法抓 住对方的把柄。在退休的前一天,彼得恳请其说出真相,结果令彼得恍然大悟。

(D)1. A. towards

B. down

C. to

D. up

【解析】D。根据下文这个工人越过边界后,走下山坡,所以到达边界之前应在朝山上走。故 选 up。 (C)2. A. filling B. pulling C. pushing D. carrying

【解析】C。这名工人是在推着一辆装有稻草的自行车,故选动词 pushing。 (D)3. A. arrived B. appeared C. came D. reached

【解析】 D。 这里表达的是到达边界之意 arrive, come 为不及物动词不可直接接 the frontier, 故选 reached。 (C)4. A. ask B. order C. make D. call

【解析】C。ask 与 order 后接不定式的复合结构时,动词前应有 to, make 后接不定式的复合 结构时,动词前 to 要省去。根据下文应选 make。 (A)5. A. carefully B. quickly C. silently D. horribly

【解析】A。彼得想发现这个工人在走私什么,所以应仔细地检查。故选 carefully。 (D)6. A. that B. where C. how D. whether

【解析】D。这里根据文意,应选择表示“是否”之意的 whether 作宾语从句的引导词。 (A)7. A. before B. after C. first D. so

【解析】A。根据常理,彼得应先检查这个工人的口袋才能让他捆起稻草走人,故选 before。 (B)8. A. lucky B. hoping C. th inking D. wondering

【解析】B.根据文意,彼得心中一直怀着查获走私物品的希望,故选 hopin g。 (B)9. A. had been B. hidden C. hiding D. have been

【解析】B。这里 things 和 hide 之间是被动关系,现在分词 hiding 作定语时表示主动,所以 应用过去分词 hidden 作后置定语表被动。 (D)10. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything

【解析】D。本句中否定词 never 及文意决定了这里应选 anything。 (B)11. A. taking B. smuggling C. stealing D. pushing

【解析】B。四个选项从语法上讲都可以,只能从文意上进行区分,smuggling 意为“走私”, 是正确选项。 (C)12. A. possible B. strong C. able D. clever

【解析】C。固定结构 be able to do sth. 意为“能够干某事”。 (A)13. A. through B. thoroughly C. upon D. up

【解析】A。习惯用语 look through 意为“彻底检查”。 (D)14. A. like B. more C. then D. as

【解析】D。“as usual”为固定短语,意为“象平常一样”。 (D)15. A. told B. cried C. ordered D. said

【解析】D。tell, order 后面应直接接人作宾语表示告诉某人和命令某人,而用 say 应为 say to sb. 故 said 为正确选项。 (C)16. A. cross B. past C. across D. into

【解析】 C. 这里应选择一个介词构成介词短语在句中做状语。 介词 past 表“经过”; across 强调“从一边到另一边”;而 into 表示“进入到??里面”。 根据文意 across 应为正确选 项。 (C)17. A. thing B. work C. job D. duty

【解析】C。“on the job”为一常用短语。意为“执行公务”。 (C)18. A. rest B. back C. retire D. retreat

【解析】C。因为今天是彼得最后一天上班说明明天他就要退休 retire。

(B)19. A. everyone B. anyone

C. no one

D. someone

【解析】B。根据句中否定词 not 及文意应选 anyone。 (D)20. A. moment B. long time C. sometime D. some time

【解析】D。本句说明这个工人回答彼得的问题之前沉默了一会儿。A 选项应用 a moment; C 选项表示某一点时间; D 选项表示一段时间或一会儿,为正确选项。

【2014 高考英语安徽省皖南八校二模】 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Last November, Nick heard a disorder at a party. A group of people had 36 outside, pointing at something floating in the Bay. As he ran to wrong: Two kids in a boat were caught in the 38 37 , he soon saw what was

and being pulled out to sea.

Tim and Jack had climbed into a boat anchored nearby and had rowed out to 39 a football. Reaching beyond the calm waters, the 40 fitted to the boat caught the wind and pulled it into open water. They tried to row back. But they were no 41 for

the wind and turned around in circles. Nick dashed to the farthest of land. The boat was already just a 42 on the sea. He knew that the 43 boat would soon be overtaken

by the huge waves, and that it was 2 degrees. Nick jumped into the 44 cold water. Every 90 yards, he raised his head to assess his 45 . At one point, he considered turning back before managing to yell to them, “Take down the umbrella!” Tim battled with the ropes holding the umbrella. Finally he loosened the ropes and 46 the umbrella. Then Nick caught up, but soon waves crashed over the boat, which began to sink. Nick 47 it would be faster to pull them toward the nearest

bank. They 48 wore life jackets , which Nick held in one hand, swimming 49 .“Are we there?” they asked repeatedly. “Yes,” Nick 50 them each time. It was 30 51 . Worn

minutes before they got to the bank and stayed as close as possible for

out, Nick had hardly arrived when he 52 .It was an hour later when he found himself in a hospital that he came to. Asked what it took him to make the 53 move, he replied:


It is


to step out of the comfort zone. Being an onlooker is a cautious we should never be stuck in. Stand by or stand up. B.gathered B.find B.rain B.borrow B.umbrella B.strength B.dot B.delicate B.absolutely B.weather B.opened B.said C.buy C.rope C.power C.line C.old C.fairly C.strength C.closed C.declared C.laughed C.ask C.waves D.cried D.join D.sun D.recover D.anchor D.force D.light D.damaged D.holplessly D.energy D.freed

existence, but 55 36.A.played 37.A.investigate 38.A.sands 39.A. kick 40.A.life jacket 41.A. match 42.A.ball 43.A.lost 44.A.bitterly 45.A. progress 46.A. threw 47.A.decided D.recognized 48.A.awkwardly 49.A.hopefully D.desperately 50.A.told 51.A.food 52.A.passed out by 53.A.warm 54.A.easy D.dull 55.A.which 【参考答案】完形填空 36-40 BACDB

B.carefully B.cautiously


D.easily C.continuously

B.comforted B.pleasure B.passed away

C.discouraged C.warmth C.passed off

D.supported D.help D.passed

B.generous B.tough


D.brave C.interesting




41-45 ABBAA

46-50 DAADB

51-55 CADBC


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