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一、名词 1.写出下列单词的复数形式: bird—( ) chick—( ) church—( ) pencil box—( ) toy----( ) monkey—( baby----( ) potato---( ) 2.用所给名词的适当形式填空。 1. How many________(sheep) are there on the hill? 2. There is some________(food) in the basket. 3. The baby has only two________(tooth) now. 4. There is a lot of________(water) in the bottle. 5. The________(leaf) on the tree turn-yellow. 二、代词 (1)按要求写出下列代词的形式 1、I(宾格)________ 2、he(形容词性物主代词)________ 3、 us(主格)________ 4、they(宾格)________ 5、she(宾格)________ 2)选出括号中正确的词,在正确的词上打勾。 1. This is(my / I)mother. 2. Nice to meet (your / you). 3.(He / His)name is Mark. 4. What’s(she / her)name? 5. Excuse(me / my / I).


3)选择题 ( ) 1 -_____ is that man over there? -He's Mr Green. A. What B. Which C. How D. Who ( ) 2. ____ one do you like, the blue one or the red one? A. What B. Which C. That D. This ( ) 3. Would you like _________ to drink? A. anything B.some C.something D.everthing ( ) 4 We tried _________ , but _________ worked. A. Everything,something B.everthing, nothing C.somehing,nothing D.nothing,something 三、数词 1.Nearly _______of the earth_______ covered by sea. A. three fourth; is B. three fourths; is C. three fourth; are D. three fourths; are 2. The ___World Table Tennis Championship began ___the morning of May 25, 2010 ___ Moscow, Russia. A. Fifty; in; in B. Fiftieth; on; in C. Fiftieth; in; on D. Fifty; on; in 3. Father’s Day is on ________ Sunday of June. A. three B. third C. the third 4 -There is a wrong word in line _________. -Where? -In the ________ line. (2009· 孝感中考) A. two; two B. two; second C. second; two D. second; second 四、形容词 一,将下列每句括号中的形容词排好次序填人空格: 1. Mr., Brown is studying a (an) (Japanese,difficult, rather) _ language.

2. There are

____chairs in the room.

( dark, three, very, comfortable, blue) 3. Who lives in that (new, big, classical-style) 二,用形容词的比较级和最高级填空. 1. After summer vacation she looked 2. The young people are 3. He is usually 4. It takes 5.Of the three, he is (healthy) and (active) force in society.' (busy)than his brother. (much) time to go there by boat than by bus. (smart). (strong). house?


一.将下列各句中的形容词变为副词,并将句中其他须更改的地方重写。 例: Mary is a slow worker. -Mary works slowly. 1. John is a careless driver. 2. She gave a merry laugh. 3. He lived a happy life. 4. Mr. Hang is a quick walker. 5. I can speak good English.

六、动词 (1) 1.Don't use that pen. It __________ smoothly . A. didn't write B. don't write C. doesn't write D. isn't written 2My uncle __________ to see me. He'll be here soon. A. comes B. is coming C. had come D. came 3.Look at these black clouds __________. A. It'll rain B. It's going to rain C. It'll be raining D. It is to rain 4.I __________ him a lot during the past two weeks. A. saw B. have seen C. had seen D. am seeing 5When we got to the airport, we found that the plane __________. A. had already taken off B. already took off C. was already taken off D. was already taking off (2用所给动词的正确形式填空: 1. Li Ping often __________ (read) English in the morning. 2 The workers __________ (have) sports on the playground now. 3 When I __________ (be) a middle school student, I often __________ (sing). 4 His parents __________(go) to the Great Wall tomorrow morning. 5 My father __________ (leave) for Japan tomorrow morning.

(3)将下列句子改成被动语态 1 She didn’t clean the room this morning. 2 Bob gave her an interesting book. 3 Mary is making a doll.
七、介词 1 - Thank you ___ the beautiful flowers! - Not at all. A in B on C at D for 2 A 3 A C Can you answer this question ___ English? by B in C with D from Look ___ the map ___ China ___ the wall, please. after, of, in B at, of, in after, in, on D at, of, on

4 - When did Mr Green arrive in London? - He arrived there ___ the evening of December 6th. A at B in C on D to 5 A 6 A 7 A 8 Let's hurry, or we'll be late ___ school to B at C with D for They will have a maths test ___ two days for B at C in D after He couldn't work out the maths problem ___ your help without B under C for D with I go to school ___ bus every morning. A. in B. by C. on D. at The story happened ___ Beijing. A. in B. with C. for D. on



1. I read ______story. It is ______interesting story. A. a, an B. a, a C. the, the D. /, an 2. There is ____ picture on ____ wall. I like ____ picture very much. A. a, the, the B. a, the, a C. the, a, a D. a, an, the 3. January is ______first month of the year. A. a B. / C. an D. the 4. Shut _____door, please. A. a B. an C. the D./ 5. We often have sports after class, and I like to play _____ basketball. A. a B. an C. the D. / 6.-Where do you usually have ______ lunch? -At home. A. a B. an C. the D. / 7.-Do you see ______man with dog? -Oh, Yes, dog is yellow. A. the, a, The B. a, a, the C. a, a, A D. a, the, A




1. My brother is ill, ________ I have to stay at home. 2. The film must be very interesting, ________ many people are buying tickets in line. 3. She felt hungry, ________ she didn’t have breakfast. 4. He has a lot of money, ________ he spends little. 5. Come here early, ________ you can’t see him. 6. Take some medicine, ________ you will feel better. 7. Please call me _______ you need my help. 8. _____ my father ______ my mother is a doctor. They are teachers. 9. I really don’t know ______ it is going to rain or not this afternoon. 10. You may ______do it yourself ________ leave it to me. 11. He ______ _____ read the book ______ _______ remembered what he read.

一、指出下列句子划线部分是什么句子成分: 1. The students got on the school bus. 2. He handed me the newspaper. 3. I shall answer your question after class. 4. What a beautiful Chinese painting! 5. His job is to train swimmers. 6. He took many photos of the palaces in Beijing.. 7. His wish is to become a scientist. 8. Tom came to ask me for advice. 9. He found it important to master English. 10. Would you please tell me your address? 11. It is our duty to keep our classroom clean and tidy. 12. He noticed a man enter the room. 13 The apples tasted sweet.

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