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Philosophers of ancient China

Confucius (551BC-479BC)

Mencius (372BC-289BC)

Mozi (476BC-390BC)

春秋后期伟大的思想家、教育家,儒家 的创始人。鲁国人。是儒家学派的创 始人,提出了“仁”的思想,是中国古代 著名的思想家和教育家。


The family is important .We are members of a group.

Treat others in the way you want to be treated 己所不欲,勿施于人.

Confucius (551BC-479BC)

Confucius Mansion

Confucius Cemetery

Confucius Temple

名轲,战国中期鲁国 邹人。受业于子思 (孔子之孙,名)之门 人,曾游历于宋、滕、 魏、齐等国,阐述他 的政治主张,还曾在 齐为卿。晚年退而著 书,传世有《孟子》 七篇。他是战国中期 儒家的代表。


People are more important than rulers. 民为贵 君为轻 Man is born good. 人性本善

Mencius (372BC-289BC)

376),人们尊称墨子。 他是战国初年的鲁国 人,大约生于公元前 468年,死于公元前 376年。


All human beings are equal. 众生平等

We should love all human beings. 兼爱

Mozi (376BC-390BC)

equal important look after philosopher philosophy

ruler state teachings thinker treat war
In ancient China, private teachers traveled from state tate explaining their p________ hilosophy Confucius was to s_______ hilosophers the most important of the ancient Chinese p________ Confucius’s t_________ influenced society for more eaching than 2000 years. Other important t_______ hinkers included Mencius and Mozi. All three teachers believed in the mportance of kindness and good government. i_________ Mencius’s ideas were very similar to those of eachings were very Confucius, but some of Mozi’s t_________ ar different. For example, he hated the idea of w_____ and believed that strong people should l_________ ook after weaker people.

The Hope Project

In some parts of our country, some children are so poor that they can’t afford to go to school. people of all walks of life pay more attention to the problem and contribute much money to help them return to school.

? Peace and development are the two subjects of our modern world. In history, wars have caused great damage to people. Many people lost their lives, many people became homeless, and people led a hard and poor life. People all over the world wants a peaceful environment.

I. Words and phrases 1.争论n; 2 公正n; 3 条件 状况 环境n; 4 贡献n ; 5 原则 准则n; 6 强调 压力n; 7 平等的 胜任的adj; 8诚实n; 9 辞职vi; 10有影响的adj; 11善良n; 12职位n; 1与…相似; 2养育 抚养; 3听从建议;

4与…交战; 7责任感;

5以…自豪; 8报时;


argument 1.争论n; justice 2 公正n; 3 条件 状况 环境n; condition contribution 4 贡献n ; principle 5 原则 准则n; stress 6 强调 压力n; 7 平等的 胜任的adj ;equal honesty 8诚实n; resign 9 辞职vi; influential 10 有影响的adj; kindness 11 善良n; position 12 职位n;

1与…相似; be similar to

2养育 抚养; bring up
3听从建议; follow one’s advice 4与…交战; be at war with

5以…自豪; be proud of/take pride in
6总之; in conclusion


a sense of responsibility
tell the time

Module 5 │ 单词点睛 单词点 睛
1 equal

adj. 相等的;同样的 n. 相等的人或物 vt. 等于;比得上
同样地;相等地 相等;平等;同等 和??相等;能胜任;能应付

equally adv. equality n. be equal to

(1)He is _________( equal to 能胜任)the job. (2)He ______________________( equals me in strength 与我力气相当),but not in


Module 5 │ 单词点睛
2 order

n. 顺序;订购;订单;(点的)饭菜;秩序;命令
混乱,紊乱,无秩序 有秩序;有条理 紊乱;出故障

vt. 命令;订购
disorder n. in order out of order

put sth in order
in good order

以便;为了 状况良好

in order to do/in order that

place an order for
take one's order


Module 5 │ 单词点睛
keep order
order sb to do 【经典句式】 order +that 从句(用should表示虚拟语气,should可以省略)


Module 5 │ 单词点睛
3 stress

n. 重压;压力;强调;重音 vt. 着重;强调;重读

stressful adj. stressed adj.

压力重的;紧张的 焦虑不安的;紧张的 把重点放在??上

lay/place/put stress/emphasis on?
stress the importance of? 强调??的重要性

be stressed out


Module 5 │ 单词点睛
4 influential

adj. 有影响的
影响力 对??有影响

influence vt.

have an influence on

根据句意,用influence的适当形式填空 (1)Don't be ____________by bad examples. influenced (2)Dewey was ____________in shaping economic policy. influential (3)What exactly is the __________of television on influence children?

Module 5 │ 单词点睛
5 invent

vt. 发明;创造;编造;想出
发明;创造 发明者;创造者

invention n. inventor n. 【短语辨析】

invent,discover, find和find out
(1)invent 指发明出原来不存在的东西。 (2)discover 指发现早已存在的,但不为人所知的东西。


Module 5 │ 单词点睛 6 condition

n. 状况;条件;环境
处于??状况 在这种/那种/什么条件下

be in?condition

on this/that/what condition on no condition on condition that 无论如何都不;绝不 条件是 工作/生活条件

working/living conditions

Module 5 │ 单词点睛
【词语辨析】 state,situation,condition和position

(1)state 表示某事物所显示出的具体状况或状态,常与 a连用。 如: The house is in a dirty state. 房子处于一种脏乱的状态。 (2)situation意为“情况,形势,局面”,主要是指各种情况之 间的相互联系及影响。如: international situation国际形势 (3)condition 指具体的某种“条件”或“状态”,可用单数或复 数;泛指“环境,情况”时多用复数。 (4)position指“位置,职位”。

Module 5 │ 单词点睛


contribution n. 贡献;促成作用;捐款;

捐献物;投稿(跟to或towards搭配) contribute v.

捐款;贡献; 对??作贡献

make a contribution to?
contribute to


Module 5 │ 短语储存 短语储 存

bring up 下;减价 bring in

教育;养育;提出 使落下;使跌下;使倒 引入;提出;获利 引起;导致;致使

bring down

bring about

bring along
bring out


Module 5 │ 句型透视 句型透视 1. Mencius was a thinker whose teachings were

very similar to those of Confucius. 孟子是一

?is similar to/different from/more?than,
etc. that/those of? 在表示比较的句型中,those可用来替代前文中的复数 名词。若前文名词为不可数名词或单数名词,则用 that。

equal 平等的) 1.1)Boys and girls are _________( and thus they should be treated fairly .(2006 浙江). equal to 2)Three times three equals/is ______________ nine has no equal 3)She ______________ in English (谁的英语也比不上她). great stress on 2.1) My parents lay ________________ (非常看重) honesty. 2) I _________________( can’t stress enough 再强调都不过 分) the need for cooperation .

we should be 3) He stressed that______________ punctual _________. (我们应当准时) 3 1)Exercise ______________ contributes to ( 有利 于,有助)better health . 2)He ______________( contributed to 向…捐赠) the church and the Red Cross . make 3) Day centers for the elderly ______ ______________________ a valuable contribution to (做出了可 贵的贡献)the overall service .

4. Factory workers live ____________ in poor and crowded conditions在贫穷和拥挤的 _______________( 环境下). 1)My car is old but in good condition. 2) He is ill and out of condition. 3) I’ll come on condition that my parents are invited, too. 4) On no condition should you visit that place. at no time by no means

At no time in his life has he been braver than in that case. 他一生中从来没有像那一回那么勇敢。 Under no circumstances should you lend him any money. 你无论如何都不该把钱借给他.

I’ve tried very hard to improve my English. But by no means ______ with my progress. (重庆卷) A. the teacher is not satisfied B. is the teacher not satisfied C. the teacher is satisfied D. is the teacher satisfied

2. On no condition ___as soon as he heard the wonderful news. A. he arrived here B. had he arrived here C. he did arrive here D. did he arrive here

5 1)方向感


a sense of direction common sense

3)在某种意义上 in a sense 4)有意义 make sense

5)做某事没意义 There is no sense in (doing) sth
There is no sense in getting upset about it now .

1. Ancient China was a place _________________________ Where states were often at war with

each other ________ (政权之间经常发生战争的 地方)
介词+名词 可以表示处于某种状态 at peace in danger in order in surprise on duty on fire under control at work

2. bring up vt. 1. He was brought up by his grandparents. 养育,教育 2. Why did you bring up the subject again? 提到,提出 3. I had a sandwich for lunch but brought it up just now. 呕吐

has brought about 1 The Internet ______________ big changes in the way we work .(2005 北京) bring up 2 Why did you have to ___________ the subject of money ? 3 It was Churchill , above all ,who __________________( brought us through 带领我们)the war . bring on 4 The warm weather should _______ the crops .

5 The price of computers has been brought down _______________. 6 Now I’d like to bring _______________a forward question. 7 He ___________an extra hundred brings in dollars a month from his new job. 8. In order to develop our economy, we have ___ a lot of nice experts. A. brought out B. brought in C. brought up D. brought about

3._____, I think this kind of crop should be planted in the north instead of in the south. A. In conclusion B. In comparison C. In all D. In the end 得出结论


reach/draw/come to/arrive at a conclusion

1.你想别人怎样对你,你就怎样对待别 人。(己所不欲,勿施于人) 2.孟子是位思想家,他的学说和孔子的很 类似。 3.孔子是影响最大的哲学家.

1.你想别人怎样对你,你就怎样对待别 人。(己所不欲,勿施于人)

Treat others in the way you want to be treated .

--I think he is taking an active part in social work . -I agree with you ________(2007陕西 A in a way B on the way


C by the way D in the way He was, in a way, immensely accessible.

在某种程度上说,他还是极其容易接近 的。

What surprised me was not what he said but _________ he said it .(2004)


A the way C in the way

B in the way that D the way which

There are usually at least two _____ of looking at every question .(2001) A means
D views

B directions
D ways D

2.孟子是位思想家,他的学说和孔子的很 类似。

Mencius was a thinker whose teachings were very similar to that of Confucius.

1.Being a parent is not always easy ,and being the parent of a child with special needs often carries with_____ extra stress.(2009 北京) A It B them


C one

D him

2. One of the most important questions they had to consider was ___ of public health .(2009 全国)


A what B this

C that D which

3 The English spoken in the United States is only slightly different from

___ spoken in English .(2008 全国) A which B what C that D the one


4 The information on the internet gets around much more rapidly than ____ in the newspaper .(2007 辽宁)


A it

B those C one D that

5. I like this house with a beautiful garden in front, but I don’t have enough money to buy__________. A. one B. it C. this D. that (09四川)
我喜欢这个前面有一个美丽花园的房子,但 是我没有足够多的钱去把它买下来。第一 句话中的this house表明在该语境中是特指 的用法,所以答案为it,表示特指。该题容 易误选one,要注意的是one表示泛指。

6. The CDs are on sale! Buy one and you get completely free. A.other B. others C. one D. ones (09全国2 ) 【答案】C

3 孔子是影响最大的哲学家. Confucius is the philosopher whose influence has been the greatest .

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