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07-12 年
07 serve as 担任,充当,为 afford 买得起 bring up 养育、提出 devote myself to 致力于 be in great need of 大量需要 vital 至关重要 Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧 step-by-step 按部就班 reveal 揭示、显示 play an important role 起重要作用 take good care of 好好照顾 hundreds of millions of students 成百万的学生 take an active part in= participate in 积极参与 call on 号召;拜访 do me a favor 帮我一下 in her early twenties 她二十出头时 be similar to 与。。相似 。 Form/develop a good habit of 养成好习惯 turn off/into 关掉/变成 at present 目前,现在 make efforts to overcome 尽力克服 be intended to 打算做 is highly praised 高度赞扬 be strongly for 极力赞同 meaningful 有意义的 coming around 苏醒,复原 show our respect and love 展现我们的尊重和爱心 gain a better understanding of 更好地理解 recall 回想 considerate 体贴的 manage to 达成,设法 08 have trouble doing sth 做某事有困难 follow the advice 听取意见 have much in common with 在某方面很相似 with time going on 随着时间的推移 hesitate 犹豫 admire 欣赏 diligent 勤奋的 be optimistic about 对。。持乐观态度 。

struggle to do 挣扎做某事 Under the guidance of 在。。的指导下 。 set an excellent example to sb 树立优秀的榜样 Since 替代 because 因为 a variety of 多种 environment-friendly 环境友好型 take advantage of 利用 improve our environment 改善环境 even 代替 more Opportunity 代替 chance Outgoing 对人友好的,开朗的 win-win activity 双赢的活动 enrich my life 丰富我的生活 Promote 促进 interpersonal relationship 人际关系 narrow the generation gap 缩小代沟 meet their needs 满足需要 seldom 很少 broaden our mind and enrich our school life 扩展我们的思维,丰富校园生活 as for=as to 至于 Thank you for your consideration/concern.谢谢您的体谅 possess 拥有 obstacle 障碍,问题 access 方法 require 要求 09 词汇: Attend to: 注意,专心于,照料 attend to this matter = deal with this matter 处理这件事 convenient 方便的,便利的 experience v.体验,经历,感受 n. 经验,体验,经历,阅历 memorable 难忘的,值得纪念的 immediately 立刻地,马上地 用于替代 at once remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事 remind sb of sth record 记录 a sense of achievement 成就感 a sense of humor/responsibility 幽默感,责任感 beautify 美化 at first glance 一看就。。 。 take for granted that… 认为。。理所当然 。 obviously 明显的 in my opinion 依我看来 simple 简单的 competition 竞争,比赛 pay special attention to sth 对。。特别关注 。

fluently 流利地 convey my heartfelt appreciation 表示衷心的感谢 assistance 帮助 additionally 此外 generous 慷慨的,大方的 transform/transmit 改变,转变/传输 a unforgettable memory 一次难忘的回忆 varied 各种各样的 a singular personal charm 出众的个人魅力 exert a strong influence on 施加了强大的影响于… desire to do sth.渴望做某事 contact 联系 suggestion on sth 对某事的建议 available 可用的 deliver 传递,发表 via 通过 delighted 高兴的 celebrate 庆祝 extremely 极端地 be bound to do sth. 一定要/注定做某事 assure 向。。保证 。 effective/efficient 有效的/有效率的 device 装置,设备,设计(n./v.) operate 操作,运行 flexible 灵活的 control 控制 function 功能 enable 使能够 browse web page 浏览网页 a flood of sth.= a lot of positive 积极的 pursue 追求 rely on = depend on 依赖于 mentally and physically 精神上和身体上 impressive 印象深刻的 silently 安静地 apologize to sb. for sth.为某事向某人道歉 slightly 轻轻地 complicated 复杂的 annoyed 恼怒的 complain 抱怨 (complain to sb about/at sth) in charge of / take charge in 负责,主管 illegal 非法的 understandable 可以理解的

appeal to 向。。呼吁 。 consider 考虑 reaction 反应 peaceful surroundings 和平的环境 suffer from 遭受 ban sb. from doing sth.禁止某人做某事 comfortable 舒适的 regard as 把。。当做 。 found harmonious relations with animals 与动物建立和谐的关系 voluntary 自愿的 respectfully 恭敬地 respectful 有礼貌的 respective 各自的,分别得 respected 受尊敬的 chat with sb.与某人聊天 contain 包含 register 登记,注册 attend a course 上课 especially 尤其 gain 获得,赢得 treasure 珍宝(作动词意思为珍视) cultivate 培养 10 Inform sb that 通知某人 Get along with 与。。相处 。 Be ready to do 准备做 Be qualified for sth 有。。的资格 。 Naturally 自然地 Recommend 推荐~ sb/sth (to sb) deliver their speeches on the given topic 就给定主题发表演讲 11 wonder 惊奇,怀疑 hardly 几乎不,简直不 cover 覆盖,涉及 admission 准许进入,承认 evaluate 评价,评估 touching 感人的=moving severe 严重的 get used to 习惯于=be used to be busy doing/be engaged in doing 忙于做某事 have no idea of something/doing 对(做)某事完全不知道 run into 碰撞,跑入 deal with 应付,对待=cope with refer to 指的是 do sb. good 对某人有益或有好处

as follows 列举如下 aim to 目的在于 be deeply impressed 对。。印象深刻 。 with/under the help of 在。。的帮助下 。 as is known to all 我们都知道 as far as I’m concerned 据我所知 12 make the best of 充分利用 increase my confidence 增加信心 get me motivated 使我有动力 be essential to 对。。必要的 。 broaden 扩展=extend be determined by 由。。决定 。 Take … , for example 以。。为例 。 receive a limited education 接受有限的教育 through his painstaking efforts 通过辛勤的努力 one of the most inspiring figures 最鼓舞人心的形象之一 apart from 除了 after-class English activities 课后英语活动 pay off 付清 be staged in 上演 newly built 新建的

to begin with, first of all, first and for most, in the first place Next, besides, in addition, furthermore, moreover, meanwhile, for one thing…for another at last, last but not least, eventually, above all

However, rather than, instead of, yet, on the other hand, whereas

Due to, thanks to, owning to, as, since, for this reason

in general, in a word, in short, on the whole, to sum up, in brief, to conclude, all in all

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