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Unit 2 Working the land
Grammer V-ing as subject and object 动名词做主语和宾语

Review some new words and phrases that we have learned.

? 数据;统计


? 十年;十年期

decade freedom export

?庄稼;农作物 crop ?因此;所以 therefore ? 使……摆脱或除去 ? 对……感到满足

? 自由;自主
? 输出;出口

be satisfied with

?使……免受;使……不含 ? 毕业于 graduate from

keep...free from/of

我们常说的动名词是怎么 回事?

动名词是由动词末尾加 -ing 形式构成,它既带有动词的 性质,也带有名词的性质。 它可以在句子里面做主、宾、 表语。


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1. 动名词作主语直接置于句首 Content design, 10 years experience

2. 动名词做主语置于句末,用it做形式主语
3. 常用动名词做主语的句型

1. V-ing做主语直接位于句首
Swimming is my favourite sport. —————— 游泳是我最喜欢的运动。

Learning new words is very important.


2. V-ing做主语置于句末,用it做形式主语
It is no use waiting here.在这儿等是 没用的。 it为形式主语,真正的主语waiting here. 相当于: Waiting here is no use. It is no good smoking. 吸烟是没有好处的。

it为形式主语,smoking 为真正 的主语。相当于:
Smoking is no good.

3. 常用V-ing形式做主语的句型

It is/ was a waste of time doing... 做...是浪费时间的。
It is a waste of time sitting in front of the television all day. Sitting in front of the television all day is a waste of time .

It is/ was no good/ use doing... 做...是没有好处。

It is no use daydreaming.
Daydreaming is no use.

It is/ was worth/ worthwhile doing... 做...是值得的。 It was worthwhile learning English well.

Learning English well was worthwhile.
It is/ was hardly/ scarely worth doing... 做...是不值得的。 It is hardly worth wasting time. Wasting time is hardly worth.

It is/ was useless doing... 做...是没有用处的。

It is useless doing exercises aimlessly. Doing exercise aimlessly is useless.

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4.动词接V-ing或to do 做宾语的区别

1. V-ing 做动词的宾语 某些动词后只能用动名词作宾语,常见的此类 动词有: admit, appreciate, excuse, stand, advise, allow, permit, avoid, consider, enjoy, finish, imagine, include, keep, mind,risk, miss,delay(延误), practise, suggest,can't stand(不能忍受), prevent,resist, deny...

Let's finish these sentences.
? ?她不允许在这个房间吸烟。
She doesn't allow smoking in the room.

He enjoys playing football.

She denied making a mistake.

2. V-ing 做介词的宾语 某些 短语后只能用动名词作宾语,常见的此类 动词有: give up, put off, keep on, set about, succeed in, insist on, feel like, be/get used to(习惯于做...), devote…to…, look forward to, pay attention to, get down to(着手做...),be afraid of, be interested in, prevent...from..., be good at, be proud of, dream of, be sick of 等等。

Let's practice.
? ?身为中国人,我感到骄傲。
I am proud of being a Chinese.

? 我们期待能再次见到你。
We look forward to seeing you again.

We should give up smoking.

3. V-ing做真正宾语,it做形式宾语的句型
用it做形式宾语,真正的宾语是V-ing短语,其 结构如下: think consider + it find feel like useless no use no good ...


+ doing

I found it useless arguing with him. I found arguing with him useless.

4. 动词接V-ing或to do 做宾语的区别

有些动词或者短语后面既可以跟V+ing做宾语, 也可以跟不定式做宾语,但意思是不一样的。

remember to do sth. 记得做了某事 remember doing sth. 记住要去做某事

eg. I remember to do my homework. You remember doing your homework.

? forget to do sth. 忘记要去做某事 ? forget doing sth. 忘记做了某事 eg. I forget to write him. I forget writing him regret to do sth. 遗憾要去做某事

regret doing sth. 遗憾做了某事
eg. I regret to leave this school. I regret leaving this school.

try to do 尽力去做... try doing 试着去做...

He tries to do it. He tries doing it.

stop to do 停下来去做另一件事 stop doing 停止正在做的事情(不做某事)
He stopped to read. He stopped reading.

mean to do 打算,意欲做... mean doing 意味着... I didn't mean to do that. Reading a good book means making a good friend. can't help to do 不能帮着做... can't help doing 禁不住做... He can't help to finish the work. He can't help crying.

Let'do some exercises.

B 1. It is no use _____. A. wait here B. waiting here C. to wait here D. waited here 2. It is pleasant _____ A . A. working with you B. work with you C. worked with you D. to working with you 3. ___ D a language requires time and effort. A. Learn B. Being learned C. To learn D. Learning

4. It took the workmen only two hours to finish _______ my car. A A. repairing B. repair C. to repair D. repaire 5. Mr. Smith made up his mind to devote B all his life to _______some schools for poor children. A.set up B.setting up C.have set up D.having set up

6. Have you forgotten ___ A $1000 from me last month? Will you please remember ____ it tomorrow? A. borrowing; to bring B. to borrow; bring C. borrowed; bringing D. borrowing; bringing 7. We should often practise ___ D English with each other. A. to speak B. spoke C. speak D. speaking

A next 8. We are both looking forward to __ week. A. going on vocation B. go on vocation C. be going on vocation D. have gone on vocation B 9. Your clothes need ______. A. washed B. to be washed C. to wash D. being washed

10. The classroom wants _____. D A. clean B. cleaned C. to clean D. cleaning 11. Jack said that he wouldn't mind C ___

for us.
A. to wait B. wait

C. waiting

D. waited

12. His health does not permit him D ____. A. come B. came C. coming D. to come
B no use __ with him. 13. We consider __ A. that; argue B. it; arguing C. that; arguing D. it; argue

Homework Finish the exercises on page 13 in textbook.

Thank you!

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