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I have a dream that sb will.... I have a dream that sb can..
I have a dream that I become …



The Internet and Telecommunications Reading and vocabulary

He is the founder of Microsoft Corporation, which is the biggest provider of computer software.


What’s the meaning of WWW?
World Wide Web

Tim BernersLee

芬兰总统哈洛宁于2004年4月15日在芬兰首 都赫尔辛基举行的首届“千年技术奖”颁奖 仪式上,将100万欧元的奖金和名为“顶 峰”的纪念奖品颁发给—— 坑你点大不了的发明者
英国科学家蒂姆· 伯纳斯-李教授。


How can we acquire the latest news?

How can we get the latest news?


television radio newspaper magazine Internet




① ②

earphone 耳机


mouse 鼠标

③ hard disk 硬盘

Some websites I often visit:

www.sohu.com www. yahoo.com.cn www.taobao.com

What does www stand for(代表)?
It stands for World Wide Web(环球网、万维网).

Fast Reading 4minutes
After reading, answer the following questions?
1. What is the internet? 2.How did it start? 3. What is the World Wide Web? 4. Who invented it ?

Look through the passage quickly and answer the following questions (2-3 minutes).
What is the Internet ?

What is the World Wide Web ?

When did Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW ?

What is the Internet ?
The Internet is the biggest source of information in the world , and it’s accessible through a computer .

What is the World Wide Web ?

The world wide web is a computer network that allows computer users to access information from millions of website via the Internet .

When did Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW ? In 1991.

Fast reading
Read the passage quickly and match the paragraph with their main ideas. ? Who invented the world wide web? ? The development of the www. ? What is the world wide web? ? How did the internet started? ? What is the internet? ? Burners –Lee doesn’t make money

Para1 para2 para3 para4 para5 para6

Careful reading Decide whether these sentences are true or false. ? 1.There are millions of pages of information on the Internet. T ? 2.The US army were the first people who used an T Internet system. ? 3.University started using the Internet at the same time as the army. F ? 4.The percentage of websites in English is getting smaller. T ? 5.Tim Berners-Lee made it possible for scientists to use the Internet. T ? 6.He made a lot of money from his invention. F

Decide which sentence means the same as the extracts from the reading passage. 1. For fifteen years, only the US army could use this system of communication. b (a) The US army only used this system for 15 years. (b) After 15 years, other people were able to use it as well. 2. The World Wide Web … allows computer user to access information… (a) Computer user can access information because of the World Wide Web. (b) You need permission from the World Wide Web before you can access information.




3. About 80 percent of web traffic is in English, but this percentage is now going down. (a) Web traffic in English is becoming less interesting. b (b) The percentage of English websites is getting smaller. 4. He came up with the idea of the World Wide Web. a (a) It was his idea. (b) He found the idea in a book.

Every coin has two sides. The Internet also has its advantages (优点)and disadvantages(缺点).

think of the advantages of the Internet. think of the disadvantages of the Internet.

Discuss in groups, Then show it to the whole class!





1. 大量信息和学习资源。 1. 对眼睛不好 2. 拓展知识 2.过分沉迷网络,会 3. 观看现场直播比赛和 影响学习。 其他节目 4.娱乐放松 3.与人相处机会较少

4.网络充斥大量不良 信息
1.适当上网,要有时间限制。 2.对网络信息要有所选择,应该选择对 Suggestion 学习和生活有用的东西。 3.把学习、健康、安全放在首位。 4.充分利用网络的好处。

1. oceans of information, study resources, study online 2. broaden (拓宽) one’s knowledge/horizon 3. watch live matches and other programs 4.Relax oneself by listening to music and seeing films

1.Be bad for eyes 2. be addicted to , affect our study 3. Less chance to get along with others. 4. Unhealthy information


1.go online properly have a time limit 2.choose things which are valuable to our study and life 3.place study, health and safety before other things 4.make full use of its advantages

What is the passage about?
The passage is about


A.Introduce the inventor of World Wide Web.
B. Tell us something about the Internet and World Wide Web. C. The Internet is widely used all over the world.

source The Internet is the biggest ______of information in the world. It ____________millions of pages of data. consists of developed In 1969,a US defence organization__________a network of called computers__________DARPANET for the US army.In 1984,the US NSF started the NSFNET network,which made universities it become possible for ________to use the as well known as system_____________.NSFNET became______________the Internet. came up with In 1989,an English scientist__________the idea of the world invented wide web ,and in 1991,he_________it.Then he made____possible_______everyone to use the it for Internet.__________________,the web and the Internet From that moment on grew.__________,about 80 percent of web traffic is in At that moment going down English ________,but this percentage is ____________.By 2020,much web traffic could be in Chinese.


How to achieve you a better future by our modern technology?






"Good good study, day day up"?

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa (特蕾莎修女)

From now on, let‘s make our future better by making an effort(努力) step by step, day by day.

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