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M8U4 Films and film events


Films and film events
Important film events around the world

Learning Aims: 1. To develop students’ reading interest and enhance their reading abilities. 2. To gain some information about some famous film festivals in the world. Learning Important and Difficult Points: 1. To have a better comprehension of the text. 2. Go through the reading strategy, and find out how to understand a speaker’s attitude. Learning Procedures:

Step 1


Check the homework. (Ask Ss to surf the Internet or refer to some relevant books to find background information about film events around the world and their favorite directors or films.)

Step 2

Fast Reading :

How many film festival representatives appeared on the show? At which festival are you not likely to find Hollywood films?

Step 3

Detailed reading

1) True or False Movie Magic is a weekly programme. (T) The Venice Film Festival is the youngest film festival in the world. (F) The Sundance Film Festival includes those financed by Hollywood studios. (F) Cannes can make films famous. (T) Hollywood films are the majority at the Berlin Film Festival. (F) Toronto International Film Festival gives some bonus awards to Canadian films. (T) Hanz represents the Shanghai International Film Festival. (F) 2) Detailed questions on page 52 ? Which film festival’s representative views film as a type of contemporary art? ? How did the Sundance Film Festival come to be well known? ? Why was the Cannes Film Festival started? ? What is the difference between the Canners Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival? ? What is the Golden Cup Award?

Step 4

Further understanding

Task-based reading(Read the text and fill in each blank with a proper word) Film events Venice Film Festival (1) Maria Bella ? It has the (2) festivals. ? Being part of a larger festival celebrating (3) standards. Sundance Festival Film Kathy Barnes ? It was (4) called the Utah/Us Film Festival and became well-known in 1981.

Details history of all the introduced film art,

it includes high-quality films so long as they meet its

? (5)

from the Venice Film Festival , it only

includes small , independent films. ? It boycotts all Hollywood films, and is unlikely to include them in the future. Cannes Film Festival Isabel Rose ? Started in 1939, it often gives awards to films made with large budgets and starring well-known actors, but tries to treat films from all countries (6) Berlin International Hanz Muller Film Festival . ? It is one of the most international of all the film festivals, giving awards to films from all over the world. ? Films from smaller countries are very (7) at this festival. Toronto International Film Festival Mike Taylor ? It is a large festival in the world, only (8) Cannes. ? It tries to show films from many countries, but gives some (9) Shanghai International Festival Film Xuli ? (10) to show. awards to Canadian films. though it is, it has earned a good reputation to to win

worldwide. Films from different countries have a fair chance

Step 5 Step 6

Discussion Homework

Why do people hold so many different film festivals every few years or every other year? 1. Review the article. 2. Exercises on page 52 part D. E.

Step7 Blackboard design


Reading(Ⅱ) Teaching aims:

Language points

1. After learning the new words and expressions in the passage, Ss will be able to deal with the exercises about these language points; 2. After doing the exercises, Students will be able to use them in proper situation.

Teaching important and difficult point
How to master the language points and put them in use correctly

Teaching procedures:
Step1 Revision
2. 由…资助 4. 不管 6. 因…而著名 8. 给…颁奖 10.获得奖项 12.不想反对你 14.弘扬独立制片的影片 16. 占少数 18. 享有国际声誉 20. 授予/奖励某人某物

1.把…看作 3. 为…辩护;保卫 5. 区分 A 和 B 7. 达到….的标准 9. 制作不为公众所知的好电影 11.获胜 13.在某方面与…相像 15.退步 17. 有机会做某事 19. …的亮点

Step 2 Difficult points award vt 给予,授予 award n 奖品,赠品 be awarded …for 因…而获得… award sth to sb= award sb sth 把…判给 某人 reward Vt/n 奖,奖励,回报,报酬 reward sb with sth for sth in reward for 作为…的报酬 Eg. He was rewarded with a prize for his excellent work. 他因工作突出而获奖 辨析:reward 与 award award 主要指参加比赛或关官方决定给予的“奖品,奖赏” reward 主要指因为工作出色或给人帮忙而获得的“报答,报酬” EX:1) Martin Luther King,the great Black leader in the movement against racial discrimination, was ______the Nobel Prize for Peace. A. rewarded B. awarded C. praised D. grant 2) She deserves a ______ for her efforts. 她积极努力, 应得到奖赏 3) She ____ ____ ___ a scholarship to study at Harvard. 她获得了去哈佛大学 读书的奖学金。 4).His labours were rewarded ____ good fruit. A. for B. by C. with D. to

5).He gave me a medal ___ for my service. A. in reward B. to reward C. on reward

D. with reward

2.Joining us in the studio are Isabel Rose from the Cannes Film Festival。倒装句 当句子主语太长时,为保持句子平衡,使用倒装将主语放在句子的后半部分。 Nearby was the house in which they had lived for more than 20 years.附近就是他们住了 20 多年的那

On the stage are the girls competing in the beauty contest. 台上是正在参加选美比赛的女孩 们。 Gone are the days when people waited in a queue to make a long-distance call.人们排队等着打 长途电话的日子一去不复返了。 3. view..as…把…看作,把…视为 View vt 视作;认为 n 观点,见解;景色,景观 Eg. We view the holiday as a time for recreation, but she has a different idea. 我们都认为假期是休闲放松的时间,但她有不同的见解。 in one’s view =in one’s opinion 依某人看 辨析:view, scene, scenery 和 sight 1) view 指从远处,从某处看到的视野范围内的风景。 2) scene “景色,景象“ 指某一处的自然风光,也指现场场景 3) scenery 景色的总称,指自然风光,是由多个 scene 构成的景色 4) sight 意为“风景,名胜“,多指人造景观 EX:There is no ______from my office except for a blank wall because of the high buildings. 4. finance Vt 给…提供资助,负担…的经费 financial adj. 财政的,金融的 n. 财政,金融 International finance 国际金融 a point of view 观点

Eg. Our filrm`s finances are not sound. 我们公司的财政状况不是很好。 It`s necessary for the government to finance the students who have no money to go to school.政府 有必要向没钱上学的学生提供资助 1) To our surprise the Minister of _________ is not an expert in _______. A. Finance; financial B. finance; finance C. Finance; finance B. finance D. Financier; finance D. financing 2) I have some _______ troubles. A. financial 5.defence n. 保卫,辩护,防卫 in case of 万一 找 I must say in her defense that she works very hard.我必须为她说句话,她工作十分努力。 EX: 1).He wrote a letter to the manager _____ her. A. in defence for ensure 6.distinguish Vt/Vi 区别,区分,使与众不同 tell / distinguish A from b 区别 A 和 B to distinguish between right and distinguish between A and B 区别 A 和 B 1).You should be able B. for the defence of C. in defence of D. as a defence for 2) The French ________ the city of Qubec along the river. A. defeat B. defend C protect D. in need of 需要 in defence of sb==in sb`s defence 为..辩护,保卫 in favour of 支持 in honour of 纪念 in search of 寻 C. financed

defend vt 防御,保卫

be distinguished for 以…而著名(be famous/well=known for) wrong.________________________________



________________________________ 7.boycott Vt 抵制,排斥 EX:1).It`s 2). 8.hatch 我 impossible 们 不 for 应 n.联合抵制,联合拒绝购买 the students 该 抵 in 制 our 这 school 样 to 的 boycott 会 议 class. 。 They launched a boycott on imports.他们发起了联合抵制进口货的行动。 ________________________________ ________________________________ Vt 策划,筹划。孵,孵出 Eg How many chickens have hatched out? They have hatched a plan to celebrate their mother`s 70th birthday. 他们已策划出一项庆祝母亲 70 大

EX: 1).Don`t count your chickens before they are hatched. ___________________________ ____ 2).我们举办电影节的想法早在 1928 年就已策划。 ______________________________ 9.resemble 态) n. resemblance 相似 Eg The plant resembles grass in appearance。这种植物的外形像草 So many hotels resemble each other. EX: 1). 他酷似他父亲。_____________________________ 2). You have a strong resemblance ____ your father, but you resemble your mother neither ____ character nor ____ appearance. in in 3) The situation closely _____ ______ _____Europe in 1940. 这种形势与 1940 年的欧洲十 分相似。 10.favour Vt 偏爱,偏袒;支持,赞同 adj. favourable 赞成的,有帮助的 子 in favour of 支持,赞成 do sb a favour==do a favour for sb 帮助某人 EX:1)I don’t like to ask people for help as a rule but I wonder if you could________ me a favour A. make B. do C. find D. get 2) Generally speaking , chances tend to _____those who are hard-working and well prepared. A. favour B. honour C. focus D. intend 11. in the minority 占少数 minority n. 少数,少数民族 _____________________ 12.considering prep 关于,考虑到 n / pron consider vt 认为



相似,类似。常接介词 in 表示在某方面相似( 不用进行时态且无被动语

A. to in in

B. in to to

C. in in in

D. between

n. 恩惠,好意,帮助 n. favourite

A mother mustn`t favour one of her children more than the others.母亲不应该特别偏爱某一个孩

In the majority 占多数 majority n. 多数,大多数

1).While the army takes both men and women , women are in the minority. that-clause sb/sth (to be) n/adj sb/sth as + n it adj/n+ to do

consider vt 考虑

doing that-clause

take sth into consideration 考虑到…

under consideration 在考虑中

eg. What are you considering travelling to? 你打算到哪儿旅游? I consider myself to be lucky.我认为自己是幸运的。 If you consider that she has only been studying English for six months, she speaks it very well. 你如果考虑到她学英语才不过六个月,那么她英语讲得的确不错了。 EX: 1)______ everything into consideration, she decided to work in the company. A. Giving B. Taking C. Taken D. Given 2) ______ everything, this is a pleasant journey A. Considered B. Considerate C. Considering D. Considerable 3) I consider _____ ______ _____ _____ to be invited to dinner.我认为能被邀请参加晚宴是很 大的 4) We consider ____ ______ _____.我们认为他是个傻子。 13.restriction n. 限制,约束 restriction on…限制驶入 C. to smoking D. smoking 2). There`s no restriction _____ foreign films in America. C. of D. Both A and B 14.rarely adv.很少,罕见地 rare adj 稀有的,罕见的,稀疏的 1).Rarely ____ I dream these days. 2).She rarely stays up late,______? 15.admission n. 准许进入,准许加入,承认 admit admitting ① 承认,供认 ②接纳,招收 2).他获准加入俱乐部。 admitted admit doing/ sb to do ____ __ ③让…进入,允许…进入 ________ 你必须承认你自己无能。 A.do B./ (否定词) C.did D.does A. on B. against restrict V B. smoke restrict to doing sth

1). He restricts himself _____ 2 cigars a day. A. to smoke

1).Admission is limited to the invited guests. _________________ 3) You must ______ ______ ______.

Step 2

Language check

一.单词拼写 1. She is an a_____________singer and often sings in her free time. The tournament is open to as well as professionals. 2. Harry Potter is a young boy with m_________. 3. He often lies; and what he does often c___________what he says. 4. No one in the world can f_________the future exactly. 5. Some students think teachers often f________the students who can get good scores. 6. It’s bad manners to __________(打断)others when they are talking. 7. It’s important to teach the baby to ____________(区分)different colours. 8. The building project had to be dropped off for the ___________(资金)problem.


9.We shouldn’t _________(排斥)new ideas, and we should accept them as long as they are right. 10.The government’s ________(政策)on unemployment has been welcomed by the public. 11.When I arrived at the school this morning,I saw the students (敬礼) the national flag in line. 二 单选 1. ______ us in the studio are Isabel, Hanz, Kathy, Maria, Mike, and Xu Li. A. Join B. To join C. Joining D. Joined 2. Welcome, everyone! Maria, _____ tell us a little about the Venice Film Festival. A. do B. does C. to do D. doing 3. The Sundance Film Festival only includes small, independent films. That is, it only includes those _______ by Hollywood studios. A. not financed B. not having financed C. having not been financed D. being not financed 4. Our policy is ______ high-quality films regardless of who makes them. A. to including B. include C. included D. to include 5. ______ the film’s quality meets our standards, we include it. A. As far as B. As much as C. As long as D. As many as 6. Jackie is ________ as a ________ of the students from his city. A regarded, represent B regard, representative C viewed, representative D view, represent 7. During that period, many young people, especially the students from universities, _________ commercial products made in Germany. A refused B resisted C rejected D boycotted 8. So, he knew how many actors and directors were making good films ______ to the public. A. unknown B. to be unknown C. unknowing D. being unknown 9. Now, if a film wins an award at Sundance, _____ is a good chance it will become famous! A. it B. this C. that D. there 10. ____ the history of our festival, we feel it is important not to favor films from any one country. A. Consider B. Considering C. To consider D. Considered 11. Films from smaller countries that would be overlooked at Cannes, for example, _____ a real chance of winning in Berlin. A. have B. to have C. having D. had 12. Now that she is out of a job, Lucy ________ going back to school, but she hasn’t decided yet. A. had considered B. has been considering C. considered D. is going to consider 13. __________ everything, this is a pleasant journey. A. Considered B. Considerate C.Considering D. Considerable 14. ___________ everything into consideration, she decided to work in the company. A. Giving B. Taking C. Taken D. Given 15. Distinguished guests and friends, welcome to our school. _____the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary this morning are our alumni(校友)from home and abroad. (09 江苏 32) A. Attended B. To attend C. Attending D. Having attended 16. It is widely accepted that young babies learn to things because certain acts lead to ________. A reward B prizes C awards D results 17.At the meeting, the manager stood up and said _________ that he never did things against everyone’s will. A in the defence B in the defence of himself C in his defence D in defence of them 18. Who will _____ my job while I am away? A. take in B. take off C. take on D. take over 19.An awful accident ___, however, occur the other day. A. does B. did C. has to D. had to 20. There is much chance ______ Jack will recover from his stroke. A. that B. which C. what D. when 21. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them ______ in his lectures.

A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. to interest 22. I don’t like to ask people for help as a rule but I winder if you could _______ me a favor. A. make B. do C. find D. get 23. Generally speaking, chances tend to __________ those who are hard-working and well prepared. A. favor B. honor C. focus D. intend 24. Martin Luther King,the great Black leader in the movement against racial discrimination, was ______the Nobel Prize for Peace. A.rewarded B. awarded C. praised D. grant 25. His labours were rewarded ____ good fruit. A. for B. by C. with D. to



1. Review the language points and prepare to dictate them. 2. Write the story you make into the composition exercise book. 3. Workbook Exercises on workbook, p124 B1&B2.

Step4. Blackboard design


Word power
Teaching aims:


Films and film events

1. After learning the passage in part A, students are able to recognize the words to describe film industry; 2. After learning the passage in part B, students are able to grasp some nouns related to some job titles.

Teaching procedures:
Step 1 Lead-in

When we talk about drama, what words do you think of? stage: (wings, microphone, curtains, lights, scenery, set) cast: (director, actors, actresses) script: (theme, lines, stage, direction, acts, scenes) … Then, what about films? producer, editor, costume designer …

Step 2

Read and understand

A: At the lecture about the film industry, Yu Peng is given a handout. Read the handout with him. Tell me the function: backdrop hiring actors to read the dialogue, recording over the original talking on location including lists of people songs and other things dubbing building where films are made sound stages film score credits wide-angle shot camera moving back and screen showing a picture from far away the music which plays in the background the real places where films are made a view of sky or a city street are painted and hung behind the actors

Step 3

Read and speak

The handout also includes a chart showing the popularity of different types of films. Which kinds of film do they belong to? Comedy, thriller, action, drama, romantic comedy, science fiction, horror, cartoon, documentary, western

Step 4

Further study

Yu Peng wrote an article for his school newspaper sharing his new knowledge about the film

industry. Look at the handout again and complete the article using the correct words. (1) thrillers (2) comedies (3) documentaries (4) horror (5) action (6) shots (7) wide-angle (8) close-up (9) on location (10) sound stage (11) backdrop (12) credits

Step 5

Job titles

There are many people involved in the making of a film. Do you know what they are called? Match the job titles to the job descriptions. 1. We stand in the background and make streets and restaurants look full. We are _______. 2. I create all the clothes that the actors wear in each scene. I am a ________. 3. I am responsible for all the filming. I operate the camera. I am a _______. 4. I tell the actors how to make their performance better. I am a _______. 5. I take care of the money, make sure the film is well advertised, and hire everyone except the actors. I am a ________. 6. We set the lighting and make sure it is correct. We are the _______. 7. In my workroom, I make all the extra sounds in the film, like lighting noises and footsteps! I am a __________. 8. When filming is over, I take all the scenes and make them fit together in the right way to tell the story. I am an _______.

Step 6


1. Review this part. 2. Do relevant exercise.

Step 7 blackboard design


M8U4 Grammar and usage--- Emphasis 学案
Teaching aims:
1. After learning the usage of Emphasis, the students will be able to deal with the exercises about emphasis; 2. After doing some exercises about Emphasis, the students will be able to use them in speaking and writing.

Teaching procedures:
Step 1 Lead-in

Look at the following sentences. Pay attention to the differences: This is the book that you asked me to buy. This is the just book that you asked me to buy. I know his phone number. I do know his phone number. What’s the function of “just” and “do” in the sentences? To show emphasis.

Step 2

General knowledge of Emphasis.

一、用词或短语帮助强调 1) You are the very person I am looking for. 2) Men don’t enjoy shopping at all. 3) What on earth are you doing? 4) Why in the world are you always late? 5) You are the only person who is honest in this world. a) so, such, really, just—show emphasis 1) Everyone was _____ excited about her speech. 2) It was _____ an interesting television show. 3) I ______want to see it again. 4) Actually, the festival in Venice doesn’t _____ feature Hollywood films. 1) so 2) such 3) really 4) just b) so + adj./adv.—show emphasis 1) He saw _______ (如此多) new things he couldn’t remember them all. 2) I ate ________ (如此多) food I was almost ill. 3) I have never seen ________________ (如此可爱的孩子). 4) I have never been ________________ (如此穷而不能) able to afford a meal. 5) He ran _____ (如此快) that none could catch him. 1) so many 2) so much 3) such lovely children 4) so poor that 5) so fast


c) such + adj. + n.—show emphasis 1) It was ______________ (天如此好) we decided to go for a picnic. 2) She told ______________ (如此好玩的笑话) that she was well received by us. 3) He made ________________ (如此快的进步) that we all felt proud of him. 1) such a lovely day 2) such funny jokes 3) such rapid progress d) really +v./adj.—show emphasis 1)今天真冷。It’s really cold today. 2)她是一个很讨人喜欢的人。She is a really charming woman. 3)我真的不想再要咖啡啦。I don’t really want any more coffee. 4)汽车登记证上倒是写着你的名字,但真正的车主是谁? Your name is on the car’s documents, but who really owns it? e) just + v./adv.—show emphasis Answer me, don’t just stand there laughing. He arrived just as I was leaving. I don’t want any dinner, just coffee. f) adverbs—show emphasis absolutely really completely simply entirely totally just truly perfectly positively purely quite

1) I _________ agree with you. 2) —Do you think so? —__________ . 3) He said quite _________ that he would come. 4) It made him ___________ disappointed. 5) It’s __________ wonderful to see you. 6) I was __________ amazed. 二、用强调句型帮助强调 4. It is / was …that …用来强调一个句子中除谓语以外的任何句子成分。 I bought this car in that shop last month. 强调主语:___________________________________________________________________ 强调宾语:___________________________________________________________________ 强调地点状语:_______________________________________________________________ 强调时间状语:________________________________________________________________ 注意: (1) 强调句型的时态要以原句的时态为依据。 原句用现在时, 强调句用 is; 若原句为过去时, 强调句中则要用 was。 (2)要注意主谓一致性。 ①It’s we who to answer for it. ②It’s I, not my parents, that waiting for the bus. (3)被强调的是疑问句,改为强调句后仍用疑问句结构。 一般疑问句结构: 特殊疑问句结构: It was in the street that I met him yesterday. 一般疑问句:_________________________________________________________ 特殊疑问句:_________________________________________________________

?I wonder ___________________________________________________________ (4) 被强调的如果是 not …until; because; only after 等状语从句时,习惯上用 ①“It is/was not until… that…”; ②“It is/ (was) because …that…”, ③“It was only after …that …”结构。 Exercise: 1) 他想申请的是这家公司吗? he wants to apply for? 2) 你们是在哪里买到这本小说的? 3) I didn’t realize what trouble he was in until at that time.(对划线部分强调) 4 The teacher didn’t stop his lesson until the bell rang. (改成强调句) 5)直到那个孩子睡着了,他的妈妈才离开房间。 ?Not until the child fell asleep______________________________________________ ?________________________________________________________________(强调句) (5) 强调句型的判断 把“It is/was—that”去掉,如果剩余部分句子结构仍然完整,那么这个句子就是强调句; 如果句子不完整,则不是强调句。如: It is true that he once went to America.主语从句 It was at 8 o’clock that he came back. 强调句型 Exercise:If wrong, please correct them. 1) Was it in 1997 Hongkong returned? 2) It was her I viewed as my best advisor. 3) It was then when mum came back. 4) It was Peter whom drove Miss Evens home, wasn’t it? (6) 区分强调句式与定语从句: It was midnight _____ he came back. It was at midnight ____ he came back. It was on October 1st, 1949 ____ he joined the Party that he was killed. It was October 1st, 1949 _____ he joined the Party. 三、用助动词帮助强调 Do be careful! He did tell me the news. She does love talking. 1) 我们真的想拥有一个精彩的节日。 We did want to have a wonderful festival. 2)我的确认为兔子是一种美丽温和的动物。 I do think the rabbit is a beautiful, gentle animal.

Step 3

Consolidation exercises

1. —Where was it ________ the road accident happened yesterday? ―In front of the market. A. when B. that C. which D. how

2. Was ________ that I saw last night at the concert? A. it you B. not you C. you D. that yourself 3. I believe that when the power of love overcomes the love of power, ______ will there be peace in this world. A. until then B. only which C. so D. only then 4. —Why was ________ she put off going abroad for further education? ―Because of her baby. A. that B. it C. what D. it that 5. It was because he missed the train to London yesterday ________ you couldn’t have met him there. A. which B. where C. that D. when 6. Was it ______ she said or something that she did _________ you were angry at so much? A. what; that B. that; which C. that; what D. what; which 7. —______ makes her different from the other students? ―Honesty, I think. A. What is that B. What is it that C. How is it that D. How is that 8. Was it ____ he said or something he did ____ you were angry at so much? A. that; which B. what; that C. that; what D. what; / 9. — He has nearly drowned once. ―When was ______? —______ was in 1998 when he was in middle school. A. that; It B. this; This C. this; It D. that, This 10.―What was his question? —It was how much work ______. A. remained to be done B. was remaining to be done C. that remained to be done D. that was remained to be done

Step 4


1) Finish off A&B on page 57. 2) Finish off C1& C2 on page 126 in your Workbook. 3) Multiple choices: 1. It is these poisonous products ____ can cause the symptoms of the flu, such as headaches and aching muscles.(2003 上海) A. who B. that C. how D. what 2. Why? I have nothing to confess. _____ you want me to say? (2004 上海) A. What is it that B. What it is that C. How is it that D. How it is that 3. I have always been honest and straightforward, and it doesn’t matter ______ I’m talking to. (2004 广东) A. who is it B. who it is C. it is who D. It is whom 4. It was with great joy _____ he received the news that his lost daughter had been found. (2004 福建) A. because B. which C. since D. that

5. It was ____ back home after the experiment. (2004 湖北) A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go 6. It wasn’t until nearly a month later _____ I received the manager’s reply. (2005 全国) A. since B. when C. as D. that 7. It is what you do rather than what you say ____ matters. (2005 天津) A. that B. what C. which D. this 8. _____about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. (2005 江苏) A. So curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple C. How curious the couple were D. The couple was such curious 9. — _____ that he managed to get the information?(2005 山东) —Oh, a friend of his helped him. A. Where was it B. What was it C. How was it D. Why was it 10. It was not until she got home ____Jennifer realized she had lost her keys.(2006 全国) A. when B. that C. where D. before 11. So difficult ____ it to work out the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice.(2006 广东) A. I did find B. did I find C. I have found D. have I found 12. I just wonder ____ that makes him so excited.(2006 山东) A. why it does B. what he does C. how it is D. what it is 13. It was after he got what he had desired _____ he realized it was not so important.(2006 辽宁) A. that B. when C. since D. as 14. It was last year ____ you taught me how to drive. A. when B. that C. where D. which 15. It was ___ he said ____ disappointed me. A. that; what B. what; that C. what; what D. that; that 16.An awful accident ______,however, occur the other day. A. Does B. did C. has to D. had to 17. ______ find my wallet, Tom? A. Where did you that B. Where was it you C. Where have you D. Where was it that you 18. It was last night ___ I see the comet. A. the time B. when C. that D. which 19. It is ten years ___ Miss Green returned to Canada. A. that B. when C. since D. as 20. It was ten years ago_____ Miss Green returned to Canada. A. that B. when C. since D. as 21. It was after he got what he had desired _____ he realized it was not so important. A. that B. when C. since D. as 22. I just wonder ____ that makes him so excited. A. why it does B. what he does C. how it is D. what it is 23. She looks sad. Could you please tell me _______that prevents her from being as happy as before? A. what it is B. it is what C. how it is D. it is how

24.It was ____he come back from America that year _____he met the girl he would like to marry. A when ; then B. not; until C. not until ;that D. only; when 25.It was in the small house ___ was built with stones by his father ____ he spent his childhood. A. which ; which B. which; that C. that ;which D. where ; that 26. _______ is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy. A. As B. That C. This D. It 27. It was in Beihai Park _______ they made a date for the first time ______ the old couple told us their love story. A. where; that B. that; that C. where; when D. that; when 28. Could it be last night ______ you were enjoying the party _____ you lost the IC card? which; when B. that; that C. that; when D. when; that 29. It was last Sunday ____I met him in the school ____we had studied for three years. A. which; where B. that; that C. that; where D. where; that


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Unit 4 Films and film events

Teaching aims:
1. After learning the given film review, the students will be able to know what is a film review and how to prepare to write one; 2. After learning the language points in the passage, the students will be able to deal with exercises which focus on them; 3. After the teacher’s instruction, the students will be able to know how to cooperate with their group members to write a film review well.

Teaching important and difficult points
How to enable students to have a fabulous master of the text and some language points in this section

Teaching procedures:
Step 1 Lead-in

(Play the short TV program) How many Harry Potter films have been produced? And which is your favorite? (Play part of the 7th film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) What do you think of this film, compared with the others?

Step 2

First reading

How is this reading passage organized? Part 1: Para.1~3 brief introduction of the film’s plot. Part 2: Para.4~5 the writer’s commentary on the special effects and acting in the film. Part 3: Para. 6~7 problems of the film. Part 4: Para.8 recommendation by the writer.

Step 3

Second reading

? What does the writer think about the three young actors? ? What is the complaint many people have made about the film? ? What problem does the writer think the film has?

Step 4
1、 3、 5、 7、

Language points
对……敏感 2、 三思 一系列的 6、 思考,考虑 8、

一、重点短语 与…约会 特技 达成协议,共识 无聊得打哈欠 4、

9、 11、 13、 15、 17、 19、

无与伦比的 10、 与……相反 12、 与其说……倒不如说 14、 与……展开较量 16、 有……倾向 声誉良好 18、 20、

奉献给 专心致志于 与此相反 接管 占有, 控制 某人想到 浪费时间在……上面

1. Who has not dreamt of suddenly finding out that he or she is actually someone special and famous? (line 1) dream of … “幻想、 梦想”表示一种虚幻的想象,后面多加 V-ing 形式;也可以加名词、代 词、名词从句。 1) When I was young, I __________________________ a star film. (我梦想当个电影明星) 2) I’ve always _____________________________________. (我一直梦想有这样一栋房子) dream of … 还有其他含义: 3) 渴望已久而且有可能实现,相当于 wish for。 这男孩渴望当一名飞行员。____________________________________________. 4) 考虑??会??,只能用否定式,是一种带有感情色彩的语言,要用情态动词 would。 Don’t expect that. I _________________. (我不会把房产留给你) 5) 在梦中梦见?? 我昨夜在梦中梦见了我去世的外公。____________________________________________. 2. Harry, a sensitive young boy, has been living with his relatives. (Line 3) 1) 现在完成进行时可强调事件的延续性 It has been raining non-stop since last night. I wonder when it will stop. 2)现在完成进行时可表动作的重复 I have been knocking. I don’t think anybody’s in. 3) 现在完成进行时可表达感情色彩 1. _____________________________(我一直在敲门 ). I don’t think anybody’s in. 2.Oh, you have come at last._______________________________. (我等了你足足两小时.) 3. Contrary to this, Harry finds out that his father was a wizard……( Line 6) contrary to 此处意为 “和??相反”,也可以表示 “不接受意见”。相当于一个介词短语,后面 可跟名词、名词短语或从句。 1)He is an able politician, ______________________________________. (与普遍的看法相反) 2)________________________________________, he gave up his job. (他不听任何人的意见) contrary 相关短语 on the contrary 相反 to the contrary 与……相反 be contrary to 相反的 What you have done is ___________ the doctor’s orders. A. attached to B. responsible to C. resistant to

D. contrary to

4. His uncle abuses him; his aunt ignores him; his cousin hates him. (Line 4) 1)这些囚犯数年来遭受精神上和肉体上的摧残。 _________________________________________________________________________. 2)应当采取一些必要的措施来反对药物滥用。 ________________________________________________________________________. ignore; ignorance 3)他不理会那些侮辱性的评论,继续进行研究。

________________________________________________________________________. 4)男孩的父母很生气,因为他们完全不知道他的意图。 __________________________________________________________________________. 5. While the report of Quidditch is an important part of the book…I feel that too much time is dedicated in the film to showing it. (Line 44) while : 尽管、虽然,引导让步状语从句,相当于 though、 although。 1)尽管我愿意帮忙,但却没有多少时间。 ______________________________________________________________________. 2)尽管这个老师爱学生,她对他们的要求还是非常严格的。 ________________________________________________________________________. dedicate oneself/ something to (doing) something 3)众所周知,居里夫人献身于科学事业。 __________________________________________________________________________. 4) 他决心毕生致力于帮助全世界的穷人。 ____________________________________________________________________________. 6. I think this is more to highlight the advanced special effects than to help the film’s plot. (Line 44)我认为这是为了更加突出电影出色的特技,而不是有助于表现电影的情节。 1. more … than … 1) I was more annoyed than worried when he didn’t come home._________________ 2) To them, music is more a way of life than just an interest. _________________ 2. highlight 是及物动词,意思是 “突出、强调、使显著” 3) 政府报告特别强调了教育改革的必要性和重要性。 The governmental report _____________________________________________________. 4) 找工作时,你应当突出你的经验和技能。 When you apply for a job, you ___________________________________________________. highlight 也可以用做名词, 意为 “最好(或最精彩、激动人心)的部分; 增加亮度; 使醒目” 。 5) ________________________________________________(世界杯的最精彩部分)will be shown this Saturday evening as we expect. 7. This shows that the film-makers did not give enough thought to who the audience of the film would be. (Line 51) give enough thought to:对??给予考虑 1) 纳塔利想对我说的话好好想一想。 Natalie wanted to ______________________________________________________________. 2) 他从来不把自己的病放在心上。 He never ____________________________________________________________________. 3) 这件事情我未加思考就做了。 It was something I did ___________________________________________________________. 4) 想到要独自生活使她充满恐惧。 _______________________________________________________________ filled her with fear. 8. The important and interesting parts of the film occur in the world of magic, not at Privet Drive. (Line 55) occur 为不及物动词,类似于 happen、 take place、 come about 1) 大火发生在清晨,许多人在火中丧身。 ________________________________________________________________. 2) 许多外国游客问: “熊猫是不是只在中国的四川才有?” ________________________________________________________________. 3) 我们怎么也没想到他成了著名的科学家。 ________________________________________________________________. 4) 我想到一个绝妙的主意——未来我们可以乘火箭到火星上去。

________________________________________________________________. 9. Harry discovers that he possesses the magical powers of a wizard too, and that he already has a reputation in the world of witches and wizards because of his parents. (Page 62) possess 相关短语 in possession of sth. 拥有,占有 in the possession of sth. 为……所占有 have/ take possession of sth. 拥有 -Does the young man standing there _________ the company? -No. The company is _________ his father. A. in possession of; in the possession of B. have possession of; in the possession of C. take possession of; in possession of D. have possession of; in possession of 10. 7. Much of this early part of the film could have been skipped and more time could have been spent at Hogwarts. (P63) “情态动词+have+过去分词”是很重要的一种句型, 除 should 外,may, might, must, couldn’t, needn’t, ought to 等都可以用于这一句型,但要注意, 使用不同的情态动词,句 子 的 意 思 就 有所不同。表示对已发生的事情进行推测, 就表示的可能性程度而言,must 最 大 , could 其次,may 更次之,might 最小。 ◇ could + have done 表示“本来有能力做而实际上没有做”。 ◇ must + have done 表示对过去情况的推测,只用于肯定句,意思是“一定……”。 ◇ can (could) + have done 表示对过去情况的推测,只用于否定和疑问句中,意为“一定没 有……,一定不会……”。用 could 比用 can 语气更加委婉些。 ◇ should (ought to) + have done 表示“本来应该做而实际上没做”, 其否定式则表示“本来不 该做而实际上做了”,常含有责备的语气。 ◇ needn’t + have done 表示“本来不必做的事,实际上做过了。” ◇ would like to have done 表示“本来希望做而却未做的事”。 ◇ may (might) + have done 表示对过去的推测,多用于陈述句,意思是“可能……”。

Step6. Exercise
. 阅读填空训练: 请认真阅读下面短文,并根据所读内容在文章后图表中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每空不超过 1 个单词。 Painting a picture of Picasso Pablo Picasso was born in Spain, in 1881. His father, who was also an artist, encouraged him to start drawing at a very young age. He soon noticed that his son was a far more talented painter than he was. In 1895, Picasso and his family moved to Barcelona, where he attended the school of Fine Arts. After graduating, he continued his studies in Madrid, but instead of going to class, he spent his days at the Prado Museum, copying the style of famous old painters. When he later returned to Barcelona, he started to visit The Four Cats, a cafe which was popular with artists. Picasso would spend hours debating art with poets and other artists. These lively meetings at the cafe led to two important events in Picasso’s life: firstly, he met a poet called Sabartes and a painter called Casagemas, who became his closest friends; secondly, he decided to devote his life to experimenting with different styles of art instead of producing traditional art. In October 1900, Picasso left Barcelona for Paris, and his life as a wandering artist really began. The Blue and Rose Periods are two important periods in Picasso’s work. The Blue Period, which lasted from 1901 to 1904, was heavily influenced by the death of his friend, Casagemas. He

used blue paint to express his sadness at his friend’s death. During the Rose Period, from 1904 to 1906, Picasso was interested in painting circus dancers. He used pink and rose colors to convey the beauty of these circus figures. However, Picasso is most famous for his contributions to cubism, which is a style of art that uses broken lines and cube-like shapes in unusual positions to represent people and objects. Picasso was both an artist and a celebrity because the media took such an interest in this gifted and unusual man. He died in 1973, in France, and left behind an enormous number of works which are shown in both museums and private collections across the world. Title: ____1____ a picture of Picasso Dates In 1881 In 1895 After ____4____ When returning to Barcelona later In October, 1900 From1901 to 1904 From 1904 to 1906 In 1973 comments Events ___2___ of Picasso Picasso’s ___3___ to Barcelona Continuing his studies in Madrid. ____5____ hours debating art with poets and artists in The Four Cats. The lively meeting there ___6___ two important events in Picasso’s life: ____7____ and deciding to devote his life to experimenting with different styles of art. Starting life as _ _ __8______.

Expressing his sadness by ____9____. Showing interest in painting circus dancers by using pink and rose colors. Death of Picasso in ___10__ _. Both an artist and a celebrity.

Step 7


1) Review the text. 2) Try to remember the language points and prepare to dictate them. 3) Finish writing a film review with your group members.


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