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Module 1


(2011· 湖南高 考)Directions:write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 假设你参加所在年级的英 文写作比赛,请按如下要 求完成一篇短文: 1. 简要描述下图内容,

并 点名主题;

【满分作文】 As is illustrated in the picture,one drop of water does not make a sea;one tree does not make a forest;one person does not make a society.It tells us that in our society two heads are better than one and unity is strength. ①Nowadays there are still many poor students.They can't afford to go to school.② Luckily, many people and 【佳句变换】 At present,many students are still too poor to receive primary school education. Fortunately,with the help of many warmhearted people and organizations,they have got enough money to finish school;some even receive college education as expected. All in all we should make it our duty to offer help and love to those who are in need of them.

2. 联系实际, 表达该图带 给你的启示。 注意:1.词数不少于 120; 2. 不能使用真实姓名和学 校名称。 ______________________ ______________________ ______________________

organizations donate a lot of money to help them receive college education smoothly.③In a word, we should offer our help and love to the persons in need.I believe that if everyone of us can give help and love to others, the

relationships between people will be harmonious and our society will be a better place for us to live in. 【高级词汇】 illustrate(用图例等)说明; 阐明 harmonious 和谐的;和睦 的

A 考纲词汇——思忆 1.across prep.横过;穿过 2.face vt.面向;面对 3.range n.山脉 4.symbol n.象征;符号 5.feature n.特点 6.situated adj.坐落(某处)的;位于(某处)的→situation n.情境 7.located adj.位于→location n.位置 8.architect n.建筑师→architecture n.建筑学 9.civilisation n.文明→civilise vt. 使文明→civil adj.文明的;国家的 10.ancient adj.古代的→modern adj.现代的 11.opposite prep.在??对面→oppose vt.反对 12.sign vt.签署→signature n.签名 13.agreement n.协议;契约→disagreement n.分歧 14.govern vt.统治;治理→government n.政府 15.representative n.代表→represent vt.代表 ——字词入章,相得益彰 The Great Wall, which runs across North China likes a huge dragon, is the symbol of

the wisdom of the ancient Chinese.Today it is being destroyed,facing a dangerous situation.Fortunately, the government has taken measures to protect it.All the people are in agreement on this point. B 1.因为;由于 because_of 2.作为??而出名/闻名 be_known/famous_as 3.自从??一直 ever_since 4.据??;依照?? in_terms_of 5.与??相比 compared_with 6.另一方面;反过来说 on_the_other_hand 7.控制 have_control_over 8.一点点地;逐渐地 little_by_little 9.属于 belong_to C 经典句式——再现 1.完全倒装句 Between_France_and_Spain_is(法国和西班牙之间是)another mountain range—the Pyrenees. 2.ever since 自从??以来 Their work has_influenced_other_writers_ever_since(自那以来一直影响其他的作 家). 3.倍数+as...as The expanded European Union has a population of more than half a billion people, twice_as_big_as the population of the United States. 重点短语——识记

A 核心单词——巧布点,基石奠 face vt.面向;面对 n.面孔 When I am faced with a difficulty,I usually choose to refer to relevant learning materials or Web pages.(2011· 安徽卷,写作范文) 我遇到困难的时候通常去参考相关阅读材料或网页。

(1)be_faced_with/by 面对着 face the music 由于自己的决定或行动而接受批评、承担后果等 (2)face_to_face 面对面 lose face 丢面子 make a face 做鬼脸 save face 挽回面子 ①The building facing the big river is likely to be destroyed by the flood. 面向着大河的这座大楼有可能被洪水冲毁。 ②His ambition was to meet his favourite pop star face_to_face.他一心向往的是要 面对面地见见他最喜欢的流行歌星。 小贴士 (1)be faced with=be confronted with,侧重指“面对着”这种状态,而 face sb/sth 侧重动作; (2)facetoface 与 face to face 的区别在于:前者通常只能作前置定语,后者可 以作状语或表语。 opposite prep.在??对面/对过 n.对立面;对立物 adj.相对的,对立的,对面 的 adv.在对面,在对过 Some of their body signals were just opposite.(2011· 广东卷,阅读 B) 他们的一些体态语言信号恰好是相反的。 opposite(to)sb/sth 在??对面/对过 just the opposite 恰恰相反 巧学助记

①The man sitting opposite_us looked very familiar. 坐在我们对面的人看上去很面熟。 ②As a husband,Jack is considerate while his opposite isn't.

丈夫杰克很体贴而他妻子恰好相反。 range n.山脉;排;连续;(变化等的)幅度;(知识等的)范围;区域;射程 v.排列,使??排队;(动植物)分布;(在一定范围内)变化,变动,(范围)涉及, 扩展 We cautiously began a conversation and spoke about a wide range of things.(2010· 重 庆,阅读 A) 我们谨慎地开始对话,话题广泛。

?in/within range(of sth)在??范围内 (1)?beyond/out of range(of sth)在??范围外 ?a range of一系列
?range from...toW...在??范围内变化 (2)? ?range...in rows把??排成排 巧学助记

①The houses are sold out within_this_price_range. 这个价格范围之内的房子已售完。 ②The price of beer ranges_from 50 cents to$4 per liter during the summer season. 夏季每升啤酒价格从 50 美分到 4 美元不等。 situated adj.坐落(某处)的;位于(某处)的;处于??境遇的 be_situated_in/on/to 位于

①The house is_situated_in the suburbs.该房子坐落在郊区。 ②The company is rather awkwardly situated.公司处境相当尴尬。

Situated at the foot of the mountain,the small village has a good situation and due to

the situations of the fast development of tourism , it has become a holiday resort.(situate) sign vt.签署;签名;示意,打手势 n.符号;标记;手势;征兆 Mrs.Thompson got two more letters from him with the last one signed.(全国Ⅱ) 汤姆逊女士又收到了他的两封信,最后一封署了名。 ?sign(to)sb to do sth打手势让某人做某事 (1)? ?sign in/out签到/退 ?(2)a sign of...??的标志/迹象 ? ?make/give a sign to...对??做手势 巧学助记

①He signed_to_me_to_keep quiet. 他向我打手势,让我安静。 ②For safety reasons,please sign_in when you arrive at the building,and sign_out when you leave. 基于安全原因,请在抵达大楼时签到,离去时签退。 across prep.& adv.横过;穿过;横跨;横穿;从一边到另一边;在对面 ①We walked across the street.我们跨过了马路。 ②The river is 80m_across.这条河宽 80 米。 辨析 across/through/over (1)across“横过”,动作在一条线上或一物体的表面上进行。 (2)through“穿过”,动作在一物体的空间中进行。 (3)over“在??之上越过”,动作在一物体的上方进行。 巧学助记

The Great Wall winds its way from west to east ,across the deserts ,over the mountains,through the valleys,till at last it reaches the sea. 长城从西向东,跨过沙漠,越过高山,穿过深谷,蜿蜒而行,最后直达海边。 集训中心 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.We live o______ the school,so we often go to school on foot. 2.I'm quite in a______ to your decision. 3.The most popular place for tourists is the Eiffel Tower,the famous s______ of Paris. 4.The girl is brave enough to swim a______ the river alone. 5.The Louvre,one of the world's largest art galleries,is also l______ in Paris. 6.Can you tell me one of the ________(特点)of this dictionary? 7 . The players taking part in the Beijing Olympic Games came from several ________(大洲). 8.How many ________(代表)have been sent to the UN conference? 9.There are many ________(古代的)buildings in Beijing. 10.During World War II,Germany was ________(统治)by Hitler. 答案 1.opposite 2.agreement 3.symbol 4.across 10.governed 5 . located 6.features

7.continents Ⅱ.单项填空



1. ________with a sudden job loss, would you consider it a failure, or an opportunity for a new start in your career? A.Facing B.Faced C.To face D.Face

2.The post office which is a landmark in our city is just ________the street. A.over B.through C.across D.opposite

3.The leaders of the company are having a meeting to discuss where the new office branch________. A.should situate B.should be situated

C.should be lied

D.was located

4.In the agreement I saw his name________in larger letters. A.written C.signed B.writing D.signing

5.This restaurant has become popular for its wide ________of foods that suit all tastes and pockets.(2010· 湖北) A.division 答案 1.B 2.D B.area 3.B 4.C B 5.C C.range D.circle


in terms of 据??;依照??;就??来说;从??角度 What can we learn about old women in terms of fashion?(2010· 湖北卷,阅读 C) 从时尚的角度我们对老年人能了解什么呢? in the long/short term 长/短期 be on good/friendly/bad,etc,terms(with sb) (与某人)关系好/密切/不好等 come_to_terms(with_sb)(与某人)达成协议;妥协 小贴士 在以上的短语中 term 与 terms 有不同的意思。term 学期;术语;期限;terms 措辞;条件;关系。 ①In_the_long_term,the plan is practical. 从长远来看,这个计划是切实可行的。 ②We are_on_good_terms_with our neighbours. 我们与邻居和睦相处。 on the other hand 另一方面;反过来说 On the other hand , the more customers are promised , the greater the risk of disappointment.(2011· 浙江卷,阅读 C) 另一方面,对顾客的承诺越多,他们就越有可能失望。 on one hand...on the other hand 一方面??,另一方面??

at_hand 在手边,在附近,即将到来 at first hand 直接地,第一手地 at second hand 间接地,二手地 by_hand_用手,手工,亲自 in_hand 在掌握中地,在进行中地 hand in hand 手牵手,共同地 ①The great day was almost at_hand. 重要的日子马上就要到了。 ②She stayed there to experience village life at_first_hand. 她待在那儿想亲身体验农村生活。 ——满分作文之佳句 a.On the other hand,the more customers are promied,the greater the risk of disappointment.(2011· 浙江卷) b.For one thing,it is important to take a Chinese course.For another thing,it also helps to watch TV and read books,newspapers and magazines in Chinese whenever possible.(全国 I) c.Firstly,we should develop a good attitude to life.Secondly,we must study hard because knowledge is power.(辽宁卷) d.First,a mouse is really handy,flexible and convenient.Second,the functions of inserting, deleting, moving and copying enable us to edit texts, browse web pages and download what we want.(江苏卷) 集训中心 Ⅰ.选词填空 have control over; refer to; on the other hand; little by little; in common with; in terms of 1.________he realized the importance of study. 2.He ________no________his emotions. 3.We agreed never to ________the matter again. 4.________a lot of other countries,America is in an economic recession.

5. I would like a job which pays more, but ________I enjoy the work I'm doing at the moment. 6.It is not worth the price ________its value. 答案 1.Little by little 5.on the other hand Ⅱ.单项填空 1.________,the wind died down and people began to appear on the street. A.A bit less C.A little bit B.Little by little D.Not a little 2.has;control over 3.refer to 4.In common with

6.in terms of

2.We should consider problems ________the people's interest. A.in ways of C.in terms of B.in spite of D.in favour of

3.I don't like Tom's way of behaviour,but ________I admire his great knowledge. A.in other words C.for one thing B.on the other hand D.as a matter of fact

4.Standing ________the northeast coast of the sea,we could find the forest was on fire on the island________the coast. A.on;on C.on;off B.off;off D.off;on

5.Although H1N1 flu has become the leading influenza virus in all countries,the human beings are trying their best to ________control over it. A.lose 答案 1.B 2.C B.bring 3.B 4.C 5.C C.have D.make

C 核心句型——线入面,灵犀现 Between France and Spain is another mountain range—the Pyrenees.法国和 西班牙之间是另一座山脉,即比利牛斯山脉。 此句为全部倒装。表示地点的介词短语放在句首时,其后的句子要用全部倒装, 以示强调。 (1)表示地点、时间等的介词短语放于句首时,句子通常用完全倒装。

On the ground lay_an_old_sick_goat. 地上躺着一只有病的老山羊。 (2)here,there,now then 等副词置于句首时,谓语动词常用 be,come,go,lie 等,句子常用完全倒装。 Look!Here comes_a_taxi.看!出租车来了。 (3)表示运动方向的副词或地点状语如 in,out,away,off,up,down 等置于句 首,谓语动词是表示运动的动词,这时句子常用完全倒装。 Away_ran_a_missle from under the bomber. 导弹从轰炸机下面冲出来了。 小贴士 若句子的主语是代词,而不是名词时,主谓不倒装。 Away they went.他们走了。 ——满分作文之佳句 a.In it are some valuable books and my credit cards.(2010· 重庆) b.Never do you interrupt him or her.(江苏) c.Seldom do we know what is happening both at home and abroad.(陕西) Greece is in the southeast of Europe. 希腊在欧洲的东南部。 这是个表示方位的句型。 (1)A+be/lie+to/on/in+the+方位名词+of+B,表示 A 地位于 B 地的某个方向 (to 表示 A 在 B 境外;on 表示 A 与 B 两地接壤;in 表示 A 在 B 境内) (2)A+be/lie/be located/be situated+距离+to the+方位名词+B,表示 A 地在 距离 B 地多远的地方。 (3)方位名词 of B be/lie A 表示方位或方向的名词, 如: east, west, south, north, right,left,middle 等前面一般都有定冠词 the,但这些词放在句首时,句子要 用全部倒装语序,其前的冠词连同介词一起省略。 ①Guangdong lies_to_the_south_of Hubei. 广东在湖北南面。 ②Guangdong is in_the_south_of China.

广东在中国的南部。 ③Jiangsu is on_the_south_of Shandong.江苏在山东南面。 小贴士 on 还可表示“点在线的附近,逻辑关系”后接河流、湖泊或道路。 A cottage lies on the railway.铁路旁边有一小木屋。 集训中心 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Is everyone here? —Not yet...Look,there________the rest of our guests!(2010· 江苏) A.come B.comes C.is coming D.are coming

2.For a moment nothing happened.Then________all shouting together.(福建 卷) A.voices had come C.voices would come B.came voices D.did voices come

3.At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and Jialing River________,one of the largest cities in China.(2010· 重庆卷) A.lies Chongqing C.does lie Chongqing B.Chongqing lies D.does Chongqing lie

4.John opened the door.There ________he had never seen before. (2010· 陕西卷) A.a girl did stand C.did a girl stand B.a girl stood D.stood a girl

5.________of the Pacific Ocean________Canada. A.The east;lies C.To the east;does lie 答案 1.A Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.她眼前有一项难做的决定。(face) ______________________________________________________________ 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.B B.East;lies D.On the east;does lie

2.我们村庄北面有一条小河。(方位句型) ______________________________________________________________ 3.湖中央有一小岛(倒装) ______________________________________________________________ 答案 1.She's faced with a difficult decision. 2.A river lies to the north of our village. 3.In the middle of the lake is an island.

SVO(15)主语+及物动词+that 宾语从句 句型 weather will stay fine tomorrow.

I hope(that)the

SVO(16)主语+及物动词+“疑问词”从句 He hasn't decided when he will leave for his homeland. 在(15)句型中及物动词后跟连词 that 引导的宾语从句。that 无任 何词义,在一些常用动词之后可以省略。常用于本句型的动词 有: ①accept, decide, hope, declare, ignore, realize, add, admit, recognize, agree, intend, regret, allow, judge, remark, announce, know,remember,answer,learn,repeat,arrange,mean,ask, dream,mention,mind,expect,explain,note,say,notice,see, fear,object,sense,observe,show,find,state,claim,permit,


comment,conclude,pretend,trust,hear,promise,understand, hope,consider,prove,read,write 等。 ②用于“否定转移”的动词有: think,believe, suppose,expect, imagine,feel. ③宾语从句用虚拟语气的动词有: suggest, propose, recommend, advise,order,command,demand,request,require,instruct, insist,prefer,desire,wish. ④doubt 用于否定句或疑问句时须用 that,但在肯定句中须用 whether。

在(16)句型中, 宾语从句用疑问代词、 疑问副词或连词 whether/if 引导,但宾语从句要用陈述句的语序。常用于本句型的动词有: tell,agree,discuss,know,see,ask,doubt,learn,settle,say, believe,explain,show,care,find,observe,consider,forget, guess,realize,decide,think,wonder,understand,remember, disagree,imagine,discover。 ——连句成篇 1.近年来,我的很多朋友都去大城市追求幸福和成功。 2.我想我应该抓住机会,在家乡开个公司。 3.说实话,开始的时候,由于不知道怎么管理公司,我的公司陷入了困境。 4.后来,我把大量的金钱和时间花在培训工人上。 5.我相信,管理不好常常导致损失,而我现在的成功并不是出于偶然。 【参考答案】 In recent years many of my friends have gone to the big cities to look for their fortune.I thought I should take hold of the good chance and set up my own company in my hometown.To be honest,at the very beginning my company got into trouble because I didn't know how I could run a company.Later,I spent a large amount of money and time training workers since I believe that bad management accounts for losing money and I don't run my company successfully by accident.

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