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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:必修1 Unit 4 单元测试卷(人教版,重庆专用)]

Unit 4

时间:120 分钟)

(满分:120 分

一、单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 请从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.—Jane,I really appreciate your painting. —________. A.No,I don't think so C.Thank you very much 答案 C B.Not at all D.Well,it's not good


表示感谢。No,I don't think so“不,我不这样认为”;Not at all“不客气”;Well, it's not good.“它不好”;Thank you very much“非常感谢”。句意:——珍,我真 的很欣赏你的画。——非常感谢。] 2.—Do you regret spending 500 dollars on the overcoat? —No,I would have paid ________ if the shop owner had insisted. A.twice as much C.much as twice 答案 B.twice as many D.many as twice

A [考查倍数的表达法。表示钱的多少要用 much,不能用 many,排除

B、D。A 项符合倍数表达法,补充完整为“twice as much as 500 dollars”。] 3.It was ________ terrible earthquake and ________ number of people who were killed reached more than 20,000. A.a;the 答案 B.the;a C.the;the D.a;a

A [a terrible earthquake“一场可怕的地震”; the number of 后接可数名词

复数表示“……的数量”,符合题意。] 4.—Mr Smith,would you mind if I asked you to have the box ________ for me? —Of course not.I think I will have my two brothers ________ it right now. A.carried;carrying B.carried;carry

C.carrying;carry 答案


B [问句的语境是“让人为我搬箱子”,故用 have sth done 结构;答语中

第二句的语境是“我让我的两个弟弟给你搬”,故用 have sb do sth“让某人做某 事”结构。] 5.I heard from Jim the other day and he offered his congratulations to me ________ having passed my driving test. A.on 答案 A B.for C.in D.with

[congratulations 与介词 on/upon 连用,表示“因为 …… 而表示祝

贺”。] 6.Is there anyone in your class ________ family is in the country? A.who 答案 B.who's C.which D.whose

D [句意:你们班有没有家在农村的人?family 与先行词 anyone 之间

为所属关系,故用 whose 作引导词。] 7.The car was not seriously ________ in the accident and it won't cost much to get it repaired. A.destroyed 答案 C B.ruined C.damaged D.suffered

[damage 多指对无生命物体的损害,造成降低价值、破坏功能等后

果;destroy 多指彻底地、毁灭性地破坏,不能或很难再修复;ruin 多指因外部 原因而受到严重破坏或毁灭,侧重破坏的彻底性。故选 C 项。] 8.The little girl was so ________ when she saw the dog that she dared not move at all. A.frightening 答案 B.frightened C.shocking D.shocked

B [句意:小姑娘见到狗时吓坏了,动也不敢动。frightened 意为“受惊

吓的”,符合语境。] 9.Believe it or not,the ancient Chinese painting is worth more than ________ dollars!

A.two million C.two millions 答案

B.two million of D.two millions of

A [hundred, thousand, million 等数词与具体数字连用时, 不能用复数,

后也不跟介词 of。] 10.________ the end of last year,we had learned over 2,000 English words and phrases. A.At 答案 C B.In C.By D.From


11.—It's getting late.Please excuse me,but I must leave ________. —All right.See you then. A.in time 答案 D B.ever since C.at last D.right away

[ 句意; “ 时间不早了。对不起,我得赶紧走了。 ”“ 好的,那回头

见。 ”right away 意为“立即; 马上”, 符合语境。 其余三项: in time“及时; 迟早”; ever since“从那以后”;at last“最终”,均不符合语境。] 12.________ the singer goes,people seem to recognize her. A.Though 答案 C B.However C.Everywhere D.Unless

[everywhere 在此作连词,引导地点状语从句。]

13.As soon as we heard the boy shouting for help,we rushed to his ________ and pulled him out of the river. A.shelter 答案 B.rescue C.disaster D.outline

B [rush to one's rescue“匆忙过来救某人”。]

14.—Why didn't Angus come to school today? —He ________ his leg while playing football yesterday. A.beat 答案 B.kicked C.knocked D.injured

D [安格斯没有到校的原因是腿受伤了。injure 意为“损害;伤害”,符

合语境。] 15.The young helped us ________ the car,which was completely stuck in the hole.

A.get into C.work out 答案

B.dig out D.look into

B [句意: 这些年轻人帮我们把陷入洞里的汽车挖了出来。 dig out 作“掘

出”讲, 符合语境。 其余三项: get into“上(车)”; work out“算出; 弄懂”; look into“调 查;检查”。] 二、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面两篇短文,掌握大意,然后从 16~35 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 (A) Night after night,she came to tuck(掖被子)me in,even long after my childhood years.Following her long habit,she'd lean down and push my long__16__out of the way,then kiss my forehead.I don't remember when it first__17__annoying me-her hands pushing my hair that way.But it did annoy me,for they felt workworn and rough against my young skin.One night,I__18__out at her.“Don't do that anymore-your hands are too rough!”She didn't say anything in__19__.But never again did my mother end my day with that familiar expression of her love. With the passing years,my thoughts returned to that night.By then I missed my mother's __20__.Sometimes the__21__seemed very close,sometimes far away.But always it was in my mind.Now I'm not a little girl anymore.Mom is in her ,and those hands I __22__thought to be so rough are still doing things for me and my family.She's been our doctor,reaching into a medicine box to__23__a young girl's stomachache or soothe(缓和)the boy's injured knee.Now,my own children are grown and__24__.Mom no longer has Dad,and on special occasions,I find myself drawn next door to__25__the night with her.So it was late on Thanksgiving Eve,as I slept in the bedroom of my youth, a familiar hand hesitantly__26__my face to brush the hair from my forehead.Then a kiss,ever so gently,__27__my forehead. 16.A.hair 答案 A B.bed C.chair D.arm

[掖好被子后,她会弯下身来,拨开我的长发 (hair),在我的额头上

吻一下,这是母亲长久以来的习惯。 提示答案。] 17.A.delayed 答案 B.started

下文 her hands pushing my hair that way



B [我不记得最早何时这事情让我烦。] B.watched C.shouted D.walked

18.A.laughed 答案 C


终于有一天晚上我开始向她大声叫嚷。shout out 意为“大声叫嚷”。] 19.A.debt 答案 B.reply C.danger D.total

B [作为回应她什么也没说。in reply 为固定搭配,意为“作为答复”。] B.presents C.books D.hands

20.A.words 答案

D [到了那时,我开始思念母亲的双手(hands),思念她在我的额头印上

晚安的吻。] 21.A.courage 答案 B.incident C.failure D.satisfaction

B [有时这情景似乎很近,有时又似乎很远。incident 意为“发生的事”,

尤指不平常的事件,符合文意。] 22.A.recently 答案 B.seldom C.never D.once

D [母亲也已到了古稀之年,可她却始终没有停止过操劳,用她那双曾

经(once)被我视为“粗糙”的手为我和我的家庭做着力所能及的事情。] 23.A.treat 答案 A B.blame C.ignore D.doubt


(treat)她的胃痛或者帮小男孩缓解膝盖伤口的疼痛。] 24.A.disappointed 答案 B.hidden C.missing D.gone

D [现在,我自己的孩子都已经长大成人,离开了家(gone)。] B.design C.order D.forget



A [妈妈没有了爸爸的陪伴,所以在一些特殊的情况下,我经常情不自

禁地走到隔壁母亲的房间和她一起度过(spend)。] 26.A.knocked over 答案 C B.gave out C.ran across D.applied for

[一只熟悉的手犹豫着从我的脸上掠过(ran across),梳理着我前额的

头发。] 27.A.directed 答案 头。] (B) The idea of “a body clock”should not be too surprising since the lives of most 28__and fall asleep at night and become__29__and energetic during the day.If the 24 cycle is disturbed, most people experience unpleasant__30__.For example, people who are not__31__to working at night can find that__32__of sleep causes them to perform badly at work.__33__the daily cycle of sleeping and waking,we also have other cycles which last longer than one day.Most of us would__34__that we feel good on some days and not so good on others,sometimes our ideas seem to flow and at other times they__35__do not exist. 28.A.dull 答案 B.tired C.dreamy D.peaceful B.touched C.operated D.raised

B [然后,一个吻,带着一如往日的温柔,轻轻落在了(touched)我的额

B [结合常识可知,人工作一天到晚应是比较劳累。另外,后面的 fall

asleep 应是由劳累引起的。dreamy 多梦的,不应出现在 fall asleep 之前。] 29.A.regular 答案 C B.excited C.lively D.clear

[人休息了一晚上,第二天又充满了生机、活力。] B.feelings C.senses D.effects

30.A.moments 答案

B [结合下一句的例子可知,此处应为人感到不舒服。] B.allowed C.expected D.used

31.A.prevented 答案

D [上文中提到人的生物钟如被打乱,可能会感到不舒服。所以,如果

不习惯于在晚上工作的人晚上工作,工作就会做不好。 be used to doing something 习惯于……] 32.A.miss 答案 C B.none C.lack D.need

[lack 此处为名词,在从句中做主语,lack of...缺乏……] B.As well as C.Except D.Rather than

33.A.With 答案

B [根据后面的 also 可得知答案。as well as 和……一样。] B.believe C.realize D.allow

34.A.agree 答案 35.A.just 答案

A [大部分人都有这种体验,都同意这种看法。] B.only C.still D.yet

A [在其他时候它们根本就不存在,此处 just 用于否定句中表强调。]

三、阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 请阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A I have a friend named Monty Roberts who owns a horse ranch(大牧场)in San Isidro.He lets me use his house to hold events to raise money for youth at risk programs. The last time I was there he greeted me by saying,“I want to tell you why I let you use my house.It all goes back to a story about a young man who was the son of a poor horse trainer who would go from stable(马厩)to stable,farm to farm,training horses.As a result,the boy's high school was continually interrupted(打断).One day in the last year of high school,he was asked to write a paper about what he wanted to do when he grew up.” “He wrote a sevenpage paper about his goal of owning a horse ranch in great detail.He put a great deal of his heart into the project and even drew a detailed floor plan for the dream ranch.Then the next day he handed it in to his teacher.Two days later he received his paper back.But he got a low mark with a note that read,‘See me after class.’” “The boy went to see the teacher after class and asked,‘Why did I receive a low mark?'”

“The teacher said.‘This is an unrealistic dream for a young boy like you.You have no money.You come from a poor family.Owning a horse ranch requires a lot of money.There's no way you could ever do it.’ Then the teacher added,‘If you will rewrite this paper,I will reconsider your mark.’” “The boy went home and thought about it long and hard.He asked his father what he should do.His father said,‘Look,son,you have to make up your own mind on this.However,I think it is a very important decision for you.’” “Finally,the boy turned in the same paper,making no changes at all.He wrote, ‘You can keep the low mark and I'll keep my dream.’” 【语篇解读】 尽管老师认为 Monty Roberts 的梦想太不切合实际,但 Monty Roberts 却坚持自己的梦想并通过努力实现了自己的梦想。 36.Which of the following statements is TRUE about Monty Roberts? A.He was born in a poor family. B.He received a good education. C.He is raising money for the poor. D.He is a horse trainer who owns a big ranch. 答案 A [细节理解题。根据第五段的“You come from a poor family”可知他出

生于贫苦之家。] 37.From Paragraph 3,we know Monty Roberts ________. A.was just a daydreamer B.decided to follow his father's example C.expected the teacher to praise him D.had a great plan for his future 答案 D [推理判断题。 从第三段“He put a great deal of his heart into the project

and even drew a detailed floor plan for the dream ranch”可知,他全身心投入到这 个项目,甚至为他梦想中的牧场画了一个详细的平面图,这说明他对自己的未 来已经有了一个伟大的计划。]

38.The teacher thought Monty Roberts's dream was ________. A.strange C.pleasant 答案 B.great D.impossible

D [推理判断题。从第五段“This is an unrealistic dream for a young boy

like you”可知,老师认为他的梦想不切合实际,不可能实现。] 39.From the end of the text,we can infer that Monty Roberts was very ________. A.careful 答案 C B.clever C.determined D.active

[推理判断题。 从最后一句“You can keep the low mark and I'll keep my

dream”可知,Monty Roberts 是个很有决心的人。] B An earthquake is one of the most common natural disasters.It may cause great damage.So it is wise to learn some simple safety tips to protect yourself or your family members. Fragile items, like those made of glass should usually be placed on a lower surface, near the ground instead of placing them on cupboards higher up.Never place them near your bed,sofas and other furniture where you would be sitting or lying down.When there is a strong movement,these pieces will fall on the floor directly and not on you. There is a strong chance of short circuits( 短路 )and fire breakouts during an earthquake.Make sure you turn off electrical connections and gas immediately when an earthquake happens. During an earthquake,lie beneath an object that is not easily damaged.Do not go near objects that could directly fall on you.Never use the elevator to go down.Stay inside until the shaking stops and it is safe to go outside.Research has shown that most injuries happen when people inside buildings try to go out.Use the staircases at all times. If you are outdoors,do not take shelter under a tree,streetlights,electric poles or tall buildings.If you are driving,stop your car and stay in a safe place.Do not park your car under a tree or any tall object. If trapped in debris(瓦砾堆), cover your mouth with a handkerchief or clothing.Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can find you.Use a whistle(哨子)if one is available.Never

shout for help.Shouting can cause you to breathe in dangerous amounts of dust.Do not light a match because you may burn yourself.Do not move about or kick up dust. 【语篇解读】 地震不可避免,然而我们应采取正确的措施来避免更大的损失。 40.The purpose of the passage is to tell readers ________. A.the damage caused by earthquakes B.the rescue work after earthquakes C.what to do about earthquakes D.how to prevent earthquakes 答案 C [推理判断题。从第一段的“So it is wise to learn some simple safety

tips to protect yourself or your family members”可知,本文主要目的是介绍地震 时应采取的一些安全措施,故选 C 项。] 41.The underlined word “Fragile” in Paragraph 2 probably means ________. A.easily broken C.expensive 答案 B.easily found D.heavy

A [词义猜测题。 根据画线词后所给的例子 like those made of glass 及段

末的 pieces 可知这里指“易碎的”。] 42.To reduce the injury from the earthquake,items made of glass should be put ________. A.on cupboards B.in the bedroom C.on a lower surface D.where children can't reach them 答案 C [细节理解题。从第二段“those made of glass should usually be placed

on a lower surface”可知,作者建议玻璃制品不要放在高处,尽量放在低处,故 选 C 项。] 43.During the earthquake,people are advised to A.go out the building at once ________.

B.turn off power and gas immediately C.take shelter under a tree D.drive to a safe place 答案 B [细节理解题。从第三段“Make sure you turn off electrical connections

and gas immediately when an earthquake happens”可知,地震时在室内的话应首 先关闭电源和煤气。故选 B 项。] C The Mississippi River flows down the middle of the United States to the Gulf of Mexico in this May,2011.Right now,melted snow and heavy rains from the north are moving south.It has been the worst flooding(洪水)in eighty years in states along the Mississippi. In Louisiana, engineers are working to keep floodwaters away from two big cities—New Orleans and Baton Rouge.New Orleans is still recovering from the failure of its flood controls during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A plan to direct some of the water into the Morganza Spillway(泄洪道)means flooding rich farmlands in another part of the state.As many as twentyfive thousand people may have to leave areas that would be flooded. The Morganza Spillway is about seventyfive kilometers up river from Baton Rouge,the state capital.The spillway is a thirtytwokilometerlong channel that can take waters from Mississippi to another river system.The spillway was used only once in 1973. Last week,the Army Corps of Engineers exploded a threekilometerwide hole along an earth levee in Missouri.They did that to protect river towns in two other states, Kentucky and Illinois.But fiftytwo thousand hectares of farmland were flooded as a result. The American insurance industry says natural disasters have already caused five billion dollars in damage this year.A record number of tornadoes(龙卷风)hit along a path from Texas to Georgia.The storms killed more than two hundred people in six states.At the same time,states like Texas and Oklahoma are experiencing extremely dry weather and high winds that have caused wildfires.

【语篇解读】 2011 年 5 月中旬,美国中部暴雨不断,再加上冬季积雪融水的 补给,河流小溪被灌满,然后源源不断地流入密西西比河,由此,美国中部地区 遭受了 80 多年来最严重的一次洪涝灾害,洪水淹没了房屋、农场和道路。 44.What's the main idea of the text? A.The Mississippi River Floods America's Heartland. B.New Orleans is attacked by one disaster after another. C.The Morganza Spillway plays a great role in controlling floods. D.The natural disasters cause huge loss in America each year. 答案 A [ 主旨大意题。结合第一段的主题句 “The Mississippi River flows

down the middle of the United States to the Gulf of Mexico”可知本文主旨。] 45.The serious flooding in America ________. A.made 25,000 people homeless B.was taken to another river system C.explore a threekilometerwide hole D.was caused by melted snow and heavy rains from the north 答案 D [细节理解题。由首段“Right now,melted snow and heavy rains from

the north are moving south.It has been the worst flooding in eighty years in states along the Mississippi”可知, 美国中部地区遭受的最严重的一次洪涝灾害是由于 暴雨及积雪融水造成的。] 46.We can infer from the passage that it had been ________ years since Morganza Spillway was used last time. A.28 答案 B.38 C.10 D.5

B [推理判断题。根据第四段最后一句“The spillway was used only once

in 1973.”可推知,距上次泄洪道使用已经 38 年了。] 47.The underlined word “levee” in Paragraph 5 probably means ________. A.island B.dam C.town D.farmland


B [词义猜测题。从下文的泄洪造成了大面积农田被淹可知,美国陆军

工兵实施爆破的对象是堤坝,故选 B 项。] D Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is a beautiful dog with a long head.It has long hair and a soft undercoat.This kind of dog is similar to a Rough Collie(可丽牧羊犬)in size and appearance. Temperament(性情) The Shetland Sheepdog is a clever friend with a good temperament in nature.These dogs are so smart that many people consider them to have almost human intelligence. Living Conditions They are very lively indoors and will do okay without a yard. Exercise and Activities They need a lot of exercise and prefer to run about freely. Papillon

The Papillon is a little dog who is very smart.They are sometimes called butterfly dogs because their ears look like butterfly wings. Temperament They need to be trained not to bark(吠叫).They love human beings and want to take part in activities as much as possible. Living Conditions Although they can be good city dogs,they are sometimes not good apartment dogs.If you touch their things,most of them will bark violently. Exercise and Activities They love to go for a run,but they won't mind too much if locked in the house for

days at a time. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog belongs to a herding group.They are often used for police work,search and rescue,and they can also become guide dogs for the blind. Temperament They are clever dogs.They must be strictly trained from when they are puppies because they can be aggressive(侵略性的)when they are angry. Living Conditions They don't like being indoors and do best with at least a large yard. Exercise and Activities They love activities connected with some kind of training. 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了三种聪明伶俐的狗,它们的性情和生活习惯都是什 么样的呢? 48.All these three kinds of dogs ________. A.have long hair B.are very intelligent C.are very expensive D.love to play with children 答案 B [细节理解题。 根据 Shetland Sheepdog 中“These dogs are so smart that

many people consider them to have almost human intelligence. ”可知喜乐蒂牧羊 犬很聪明; 根据 Papillon 中“The Papillon is a little dog who is very smart.”可知蝴 蝶犬很聪明;根据 German Shepherd 中“They are clever dogs.”可知德国牧羊犬 很聪明。因此 B 项正确。] 49.The Shetland Sheepdog is a kind of dog that ________. A.has good hearing B.is called a butterfly dog

C.looks like a Rough Collie D.cares about its own things very much 答案 C [细节理解题。 根据 Shetland Sheepdog 中“This kind of dog is similar to

a Rough Collie in size and appearance.”可知喜乐蒂牧羊犬跟可丽牧羊犬在外表 和大小方面长得很像。] 50.The Papillon ________. A.likes to stay indoors B.loves to join other dogs' activities C.likes to go out for a run D.loves activities with training 答案 C [细节理解题。 根据 Papillon 中“They love to go for a run ...”可知 C 项

正确。] 51.________ is born with a good temperament. A.The Shetland Sheepdog B.The Papillon C.The Rough Collie D.The German Shepherd Dog 答案 A [细节理解题。根据 Shetland Sheepdog 中“The Shetland Sheepdog is a

clever friend with a good temperament in nature.”可知喜乐蒂牧羊犬天生有好性 情。] E Despite great affection for their parents, many Chinese people remain “too shy” to express love for them, according to an online survey. The poll of around 6,000 people, conducted by Beijingbased recruitment website Zhaopin. com, was conducted as the nation gears up (为……做好准备)for Mother's Day on Sunday. Although 74.6 percent of participants said they knew their mothers' birthday, only 25.5 percent would like to actually tell her“I love you”.

“This figure suggests mothers occupy an important place in most participants' mind. Yet, many people still find it ‘embarrassing'to express their affection, ”the survey's organizer said. As to the form of celebration on Mother's Day, 67 percent of participants said they would prepare some gifts, with 70 percent saying that they would spend no more than 500 yuan(74 US dollars), while 51 percent said they planned to phone their mother because they would either be too busy at work or be away from home. “I do love my mother deeply but I have never said ‘I love you'that often. It just feels quite weird for me to say it to her in person,”said Stella Wang, a 27yearold office worker, noting that she prefers to express her feelings in writing on birthday or Christmas cards. “I have to say that it's difficult for me to express my love for my mother. I think if I did say it out loud, it might confuse her,”said Liang Hao, a 32yearold engineer. “Very few Chinese, at least those I know, are used to saying ‘I love you'... they may never even say it once,” said Mike Denver, an American working in Shanghai as an English teacher. Hu Shoujun, a sociology professor from Shanghai's Fudan University said, “The personality of the Chinese people is generally quiet, reserved and serious. For Chinese, it's unnecessary and even regarded as ‘odd' to display their affection for relatives and friends.” 52.The cause of conducting the poll is to ________. A.find out how the Chinese will express their love to parents B.make preparations for Mother's Day C.survey how many people will say“I love you” to their parents D.survey what the Chinese will do on Mother's Day 答案 A [推理判断题。 根据文章第二段的 was conducted as the nation gears up

for Mother's Day on Sunday 可知,进行民意调查是因为国人在为周日的母亲节 作准备。又由下文 As to the form of celebration on Mother's Day 可知,民意调查 是为了弄清楚中国人将如何为母亲庆祝节日。因此 A 项是正确答案。]

53.According to the passage, how many participants will say“I love you”to parents? A.About 2,300. C.About 4,200. 答案 B.Around 1,350 D.About 1,530.

D [推理判断题。根据文中第三段中的 only 25.5 percent would like to

actually tell her“I love you”以及第二段中的 The poll of around 6,000 people 可得 出答案为 D 项。] 54.The underlined word“weird”can best be replaced by________. A.shy C.impossible 答案 B.fantastic D.unnecessary

B [词义猜测题。 从本段中的 she prefers to express her feelings in writing

on birthday or Christmas cards. 以及下一段中的...it might confuse her 可知中国 人不喜欢直接对母亲说 I love you. 如果说了,会让母亲感到困惑。文中最后一 句话中的 regarded as“odd” to display their affection for relatives and friends 验证 了答案为 B 项。] 55.According to the passage, why are the Chinese unwilling to say“I love you”to parents? A.Because they have no affection for their parents. B.Because they are far away from their parents. C.Because they are afraid of confusing their parents. D.Because the personality of the Chinese people makes them not do it. 答案 D [推理判断题。根据文章最后一段的 The personality of the Chinese

people is generally quiet, reserved and serious...可得知原因为 D 项。] 四、写作(共两个写作任务,满分 35 分) 写作一(满分 15 分) 假定你是中学生李华。在一位名叫 TigerMom 的学生家长的博客上,你看到如 下内容。请你根据博客内容、写作要点和要求,给这位家长回复。

: be among the top 5 students or get punished in one way or another.She has been doing very well in school,but some friends of mine keep telling me that I put too much pressure on her.Am I wrong? 写作要点: 1.表明自己的看法; 2.陈述自己的理由(可举例说明); 3.提出至少两条建议。 注意:1.短文须写在指定区域; 2.短文词数不少于 60(不含已写好的部分); 3.内容充实,结构完整,语意连贯; 4.书写须清晰、工整。 Hi,TigerMom, What puzzles you is actually a puzzle for many parents in China._____________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________Yours , Li Hua 写作二(满分 20 分) 假定你校将举行一个成人仪式,你将作为代表在仪式上发言。请你按以下内容 要点准备一篇英文发言稿。 1.过去对成年的向往; 2.现在的感受和认识; 3.将来的目标和措施。 注意:1.词数不少于 80; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3.发言稿的开头已为你写好(不计入总词数)。 Good morning,everyone! The topic of my speech today is“ ”._____

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 【 参 考范文】 写作一 Hi,TigerMom, What_puzzles_you_is_actually_a_puzzle_for_many_parents_in_China.In opinion,what you think and what you do are not suitable. Although high grades are important in assessing students and for their future my

university admission, development in wisdom, emotion, health, and life attitude should never be ignored.There are many examples around us.Some top students in school have turned out not to be as successful in society as they are expected.The reason is often that the pressure from their parents allows them almost no time for other activities.Besides,punishment is by no means a wise choice to help them grow up mentally and physically. So I suggest that you take your friends' advice.More importantly,let her live like a lovely girl;let her have more friends and social activities;and let her make mistakes of her own as the teenagers often do. Yours, Li_Hua. 写作二 Good_morning,everyone! The_topic_of_my_speech_today_is“Thoughts_on_becoming_a_ ”.

As a child,I always hoped that I could grow up as soon as possible so that I could have ,but I find things do not go as I expected.Although I can enjoy more freedom,at the same time I realize that not only means this, but also more responsibilities.I hope to do more

for my parents and society in the future to make my life more meaningful.To reach the goal,I must first try my best to pass the college entrance examination and enter a good university. Thank_you_for_your_listening.

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