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必修三 Unit 3 the Million Pound Bank Note Period 1



身心健康 厚德崇礼 志向高远 博学多才

必修 3 Unit 3

The Million Pound Bank Note

Period One Warming Up and Reading

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学习目标 1.To learn something about Mark Twin; 2. To read and try to retell The Million Pound Bank Note; 3. To form a proper attitude to money. 自主预习 I. Complete the sentences with suitable words in proper form. 1)Those ___________ decided to make an ________ to the highest mountain of the world.(adventure) 2) Even though the reporters have gained __________ to attend the meeting, they are not __________ to take pictures. (permit) 3) The kind nurse who has plenty of __________ is __________ with her ____________. (patience) 4) She was _________ out of the window when we entered the room. (stare) 5) The man __________ wealth all his life, but finally he ended in poverty. (seek) 6) The boy’s white shirt was marked up with________ of ink. (spot) II. Complete the sentences with the words below. scene; wander; account; contrary 1) I can not_____________ for his failure. 2) What he told me was the _____________ of what you told me. 3) The boys ______________ around the town with nothing to do. 4) The hills adds the beauty of the ______________. III. Translate the phrases. 1) bring up 2) stare at 3) account for 4) on the contrary ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

5) ________________ 前进;可以;往下说 6) ________________ 偶然;无意中;不小心 7) ________________ 关心 8) ________________ 老实说

重难点突破 I. Warming up: Mark Twain is probably one of the few American writers with whom students are already familiar. Today we will learn something about this great writer in the American history. Now please read “About Mark Twain” on page 17 so that you can know more about him. Then fill in the chart. Real name of MT Meaning of his pen name
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Birth date Birth place Place where he grew up His famous stories II. Pre-reading: When you get a large amount of money to use as you like, what will you do with it? Why? ___________________________________________. ___________________________________________. ___________________________________________.

III. Fast reading:


身心健康 厚德崇礼 志向高远 博学多才
of the bay. (3) The next morning he was spotted by a ship. (4) Towards nightfall he found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. (5) On the ship he earned his passage by working as an unpaid hand. _____ _____ _____ ______ _____ VI. Study reading Analyze the following sentences. 1. It is Henry Adams, an American businessman, who is lost in London and does not know what he should do. 译: _______________________________________ __________________________________________. 句中 an American businessman 作 Henry Adams 的 ____________, who 引导的是______________从句。 what he should do 是_____________从句。 2. I wonder, Mr Adams, if you’d mind us asking a few questions.

1. Where does Henry Adams come from? Does he know much about London? ___________________________________________ __________________________________________. 2. What did he do in America? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________. 3. Why did he land in Britain? ___________________________________________. 4. Why do the brothers make a bet? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________. 5. When can Henry open the letter? ___________________________________________. IV. Careful reading: Time Place Main Charac -ters Henry Adams Roderick and Oliver It is the __________ of_________. _________________ He is a/an _____________. He is ___________ in London. He wants to _____________. They are ___________. They ________ Henry to their house. They ask Henry a few_______. They give Henry a letter with _______________ in it. Event The brothers are making a _____ on Henry.

译: _______________________________________。 I wonder whether (if) you…是表示委婉的请求的句 式 , 用 正 式 的 场 合 。 译 为 : ____________ 。 whether(if) you mind us asking a few questions 在句 中作 wonder___________; 该句中的(mind us)asking a few questions 为动名词的复合结构, 该结构在句 中作动词 mind 的宾语。 “名词的所有格/形容词性物主代词+doing”为动名 词(-ing 形式)的复合结构,该结构在句中能做主语,表 语和宾语. __________________________________________. (我打开窗子你介意吗?) 3. And it was the ship that brought you to England. 译: _______________________________________。 这是一个________句式,其基本结构为: It is/was +___________+ that + ______________。 如:

V. Put the following events in correct order (1) Henry wandered in London streets. (2) About a month ago Henry Adams was sailing out
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身心健康 厚德崇礼 志向高远 博学多才
___________从句, which 是_______________词. account for 意思是_________________。 5. His eyes stare at what is left of the brothers’ dinner on the table. 译:________________________________________。 句中 what 引导的是_______从句,作 stare at 的 _____。其中 what 在从句中作__________。

It was in this room that Lu Xun once lived. Was it because his mother was ill that he didn’t go to school. 4.The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance. 译: _______________________________________ _________________________________________. 该 句 中 which accounts for my appearance 是

The story happened in _________ in the summer of 1903. Henry, a businessman who came from _________ landed in Britain by ___________. He earned his ________ by working as an _________ hand. He was __________ in the street in rags when he was spotted by two rich brothers. They gave him an _______ and told him not to open it until two o’clock. As a matter of ______, in the letter was a note of a million pound. The two brothers had made a _____ on him about whether a man could ________ a month in London _____ a million pound bank note.

I. Fill the blanks according to the request: 1. He is very rich though he is always in r_________. 2. They shouldn’t treat their mother in a rude m _____. They should respect her. 3. As a child, you are not p_________. to smoke. 4. Mary listened to his long story with p__________. 5. D _________ is the sweet food served after the main course of a meal. 6.The explorer told the boys about his __________ (冒险) in the Arctic. 7.The boy was __________(漫步) around. 8. I had thought it was a terrible film. On the _________ (正相反), it was exciting. 9. I want to see him now ____________(确实). 10.Her excuse for being late was totally __________ (难以置信的). II. Choose the best answers: 1.Investigators are now on the ________,searching
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for clues to the cause of the explosion. A.platform B.stage C.court D.scene

2. soon as I try to work, mind starts ________, As my which annoys me much. A. wandering B. reminding C. absorbing D. arising 3.Carrying a gun without a ________ is punishable by up to four years in prison. A.brand B.permit C.type D.spot

4.“I don’t think it is my ________ that the TV blew up. I just turned it on,and that’s all,” said the boy. A.belief C.fault B.manner D.shortcoming

5.Dick is very tall,so he is easy to ____ in a crowd. A.spot B.stare C.shock D.ignore

6.I think you should ________ medical advice if symptoms last more than a week. A.consult B.seek C.benefit D.concern

7.I’ll look into the matter as soon as possible. Just

have a little ________. A.power C.patience


身心健康 厚德崇礼 志向高远 博学多才
A. amount B. manner C. scene D. basis

B.weight D.impression

10.Shots rang out,and people started ____ in terror. A. applauding C. competing III. Homework. B. exploring D. screaming

8. ______ to popular belief, sharks do not often attack humans. A. Convenient C. Obvious B. Accessible D. Contrary

1. Read the text fluently after class and try to master the important sentences 2. Preview the language points.

9 . The manager requested the salesgirls to treat customers in a courteous,friendly ________.

Money can buy a house but not a home. Money can buy a bed but not sleep. Money can buy a clock but not time. Money can buy a book but not knowledge. Money can buy medicine but not health. You see, money is not everything. *马克 ? 吐温的格言警句 1. Late come of true facts, be like suddenly horseshoe, ah of shooting the head, pain! 迟来的真相,就像突然击中头部的马蹄铁,哎,痛 啊! 2. The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that cannot read them. 那些有好书却不读的人不比无法读到这些书的人 拥有任何优势。 3. Tell the truth forever, such of words you need not recorded you to once say some what. 永远说实话,这样的话你就不用去记你曾经说过些 什么。 4. Rather shut up don't talk, don't be eager to expressing oneself, either. 宁愿闭口不说话,也不要急于表现自己。 5. Comity is such a kind of intense emotion of sanctity is thus sweet, firm and honest. 友谊是如此圣洁的一种激情,是如此甜蜜、牢固和
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忠诚。 6. Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody 每个人就像一轮月亮,不愿意将黑暗的一面让别人 看到。 7. As long as had ignorance and self-confidence, you can succeed by all means. 只要具备了无知和自信,你就必然能成功。

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