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2014 高考英语阅读理解精英定时训练题(9)及答案
【甘肃省武威六中 2013 模拟题(4) 】D Scientists are uncovering the secrets of two port cities lost under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, a researcher said yesterday. Herakleion and Menouthis were rich and proud cities until something reduced them to rubble (碎石) and buried them in the mud beneath 30 feet of sea water, French underwater explorer Franck Goddio said at the American Geophysical Union conference. “This is a mystery that is ongoing,” said Goddio, a founder of the European Institute of Marine Archeology, a Paris-based under water research organization backed by the wealthy Hilti Foundation of Liechtenstein(列支敦士登基金会). The destruction of the twin port cities has haunted Goddio ever since he happened upon the site about 15 miles from Alexandria while exploring sunken ships f rom Napoleon’s fleet. Goddio and his group of expert divers, marine archeologists(海洋考古学家) and others, are using high powered vacuums, satellite navigation systems and sophisticated sonar( 声纳 ) to excavate( 挖掘 ) the sunken cities from underneath a carpet of silt about one meter (three feet) high. Walls of shops, remains of streets and gold artifacts have been found and recovered. Some experts believe that the port cities were destroyed by a series of massive earthquakes, much like the quakes scientists believe felled Troy(特洛伊城), Jericho and other ancient cities. The uniform direction of the collapsed columns and walls suggest an earthquake, Goddio said, but no fault lines have been found nearby. Other researchers believe a massive wave, caused by either an offshore earthquake or a distant underwater landslide, could explain the catastrophe. Still others think rising seas and a shift in the Nile River outlet doomed the cities. “The argument, as you can see, continues,” Goddio said. 68. The reason why the two port cities disappeared under the waters of Mediterranean Sea is that ______. A. the two port cities were destroyed by huge earthquakes B. the disappearance of the two port cities was caused by underwater landslide C. rising seas and a shift in the Nile River outlet doomed the cities D. the story didn’t tell us at all 69. From the story we can draw a conclusion that _______. A. the two port cities were famous for their wealth and the mystery B. the two cities belonged to France C. some mysterious creatures from other planets destroyed the two cities D. the American Geophysical Union conference was once held in one of the two cities 70. This article is probably from _______. A. a scientific magazine B. a report to the government

C. a school text book D. a scientific report in a newspaper 【答案】68-70 DBD 【解析】 试题分析: 本文报道了人们对法国地中海中的两座城市沉如海底的各种推测。 68. 推断题。文章只对城市下沉的原因作了一些推测但未作出结论。由此可推知此题答 案为 D。 69. 推断题。根据文章中所提到的与之相关的名称,如: French underwater explorer Franck Goddio, a Paris-based underwater research organization, Napoleon’s fleet 可推知此题答案为 B。 70. 推断题。文章讨论地中海中的两座城市下沉的原因,显然与地质科学有关,故选 D。 注意不宜选 A,一个显然的因素是第 1 段中出现的 yesterday。

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。

A Matt Scott, who was born with spina bifida ( 脊柱裂 ) , grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where he participated in a variety of sports alongside his healthy friends. Now as a member of University of Wisconsin -Whitewater wheelchair basketball team, Scott has won four national championships, and has recently been selected to the Paralympic team for the second time. The 23- year--old college senior owes his achievements to hi s hard work and the support of his friends and family, who never allowed him to use his disability as an excuse. "My mother was always great. Whenever I felt giving up, she had no sympathy. She really helped me build my independence by not babying me the way other mothers would have." Scott says.It was Scott' s independent nature and strong will, along with his on - the - court skills, that attracted the attention of America's most influential sports apparel ( 衣服 )company, Nike. Nike was searching for an athlete with a disability to represent its "Just Do It " trademark. A handful of superstar athletes with disabilities came to audition for the role, but the company picked Scott to star in the 30--second commercial.

"I think that they were looking for the prettiest face in America, and found me," Scott jokes about the selection process. After being picked, Scott flew to California to film the commercial with Oscar - winning documentary director Errol Morris. The ad gave Scott celebrity ( 名 人 ) status in the community of disabled athletes. He's been asked to speak at a number of disability - related events, and feels it's his duty to use the media to draw attention to those with disabilities.

" I ' ve been given a voice, and I want to do whatever I can to break down the social barriers
that are still faced by disabled athletes, and make people realize that they have a very high athletic level," Scott says.1.When Scott was young, A. he only played basketball with other disabled children B. he became disabled during a basketball match C. his friends looked down upon him during basketball matches D. his mother didn't give him special treatment 2.Nike chose Scott to star in its commercial for his a. pretty appearance c. strong will b. independent nature d. excellent basketball skills .

e. status in the community of disabled athletes A. b c e B. a d e C. a b d D. b c d

3.The underlined phrase "audition for " in the second paragraph means " ". A. try out for B. look out for C. take on D. pick out

4.Which of the following about Scott is TRUE? A. He has graduated from the University of Wisconsin ― Whitewater . B. He thinks it's unwise for the disabled to use disability as an excuse. C. He starred in a commercial together with Errol Morris. D. He thinks it's important to have many goals.

参考答案 1-4.DDAB

Everyone gathered around and Paddy read out loud, slowly, his tone growing sadder and sadder. The little headline said: BOXER RECEIVES LIFE SENTENCE.

Frank Cleary,aged 26,pro fessional boxer. was today found guilty of the murder of Albert Cumming , aged 32, laborer ,last July. The jury (陪审团)reached its decision after only ten minutes, recommending the most severe punishment the court could give out.It was, said the judge,a simple case. Cumming and Cleary had quarreled violently at the Harbour Hotel on July 23rd and police saw Cleary kicking at the head of the unconscious Cumming. When arrested,Cleary was drunk but clear-thinking? Cleary was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour .Asked if he had anything to say , Cleary answered,“Just don't tell my mother.”

"It happened over three years ago, " Paddy said helplessly. No one answered him or moved, for no one knew what to do. "Jus t don't tell my mother, "said Fee numbly. "And no one did!Oh. God! My poor, poor Frank!" Paddy wiped the tears from his face and said. 'Fee, dear, pack your things. We'll go to see him. "

She half-rose before sinking back. Her eyes in her small white face stared as if dead. "I can't go ." she said without a hint of pain, yet making everyone feel that the pain was there. "It would kill him to see me. I know him so well -- his pride, his ambition. Let him bear the shame alone,it's what he wants. We've got to help him keep his secret. What good will it do him to see us? " Paddy was still weeping, but not for Frank; for the life which had gone from Fee's face, for the dying in her eyes. Frank had always brought bitterness and misfortune ,always stood between Fee and himself. He was the cause of her withdrawal from his heart and the hearts of his children.Every time it looked as if there might be happenings for Fee . Frank took it away. But Paddy's love for her was as deep and impossibile to wipe out as hers was for Frank.
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So he said, " Well, Fee, we won't go . But we must make sure he is taken care of. How about if I write to Father Jones and ask him to look out for Frank?

The eyes didn't liven ,but a faint pink stole into her cheeks " Yes. Paddy, do that . Only make sure he knows not to tell Frank we found out .Perhaps it would ease Frank to think for certain that we don't know" 5.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Frank was found guilty of murder because he was a professional boxer. B. The family didn't find out what happened to Frank until three years later C. The jury and the judge disagreed on whether Frank had committed murder. D. Frank didn't want his family to find out what happened because Paddy disliked him. 6. Paddy didn't cry for Frank because he thought_______. A. Frank did kill someone and deserved the punihment B .Frank should have told Fee what had happened C. what had happened to Frank was killing Fee D. Frank had always been a man of bad moral character 7."She half-rose before sinking back?" (in Paragraph 6) shows that _____________. A. Fee was so heart-broken that she could hardly stand up B .Fe e didn't want to upset Paddy by visiting Frank C .Fee couldn't leave her family to go to see Frank D .Fee struggled betwccn wanting to See Frank and respecting his wish 8.What is Fee's probable relationship with Frank and Paddy? A Son and brother C Brothcr and lover B Son and husband D Lover and husband


5-8 BCDB

第三题 阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 【甘肃省天水一中 2013 模试】A

Are you looking for a summer reading list for your child or teen? Keep your child reading all summer with this selection of the summer reading lists. Books for primary school students Kenneth Cadow: Alfie Runs Away When his mother wants to give away his favorite shoes just because they’re too small, Alfie decides he’s had enough. Kate Feiffer: My Side of the Car It might be raining on Dad’s side of the car, but imaginative Sadie argues that it is not raining on her side, so their trip to the zoo doesn’t need to be put off. Books for junior school students Flinn: Beastly A modern retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” from the point of view of the Beast, a proud Manhattan private school student who is turned into a monster and must find true love before he can return. Lord: A Night to Remember A description of the sinking of the “Titanic”, a reputedly unsinkable ship that went down in the Atlantic on April 10, 1912 after hitting an iceberg, resulting in the deaths of over l, 500 people. Books for senior school students Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn It’s Mark Twain’s classic story about a young man and his slave Jim. They travel upriver to escape slavery and in the process Huck discovers what it means to be a man. It teaches us about the value of friendship and sacrifice. Charles Dickens: G reat Expectations It is about a young man named Pip who inherits (继承) a great deal of wealth from an unknown source.The money quickly moves him up the scale in London. However, at the same time it also teaches him about the dangers of ambition. 36.Who will probably be interested in this passage? A. Parents. B. Students. C. Writers. D. Teachers.

37.These lists of recommended books are generally organized by __________.

A. book names C. their popularity

B. grade levels D. writers’ names
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38. Which of the following books is about a terrible disaster? A. My Side of the Car. C. Great Expectations. 【参考答案】36-38 ABD B. Huckleberry Finn. D. A Night to Remember.

阅读理解 There is a boy in my gym class (I’ll call him Bill) who has unbearably yellow teeth that almost make everyone feel unpleasant. Recently another boy told Bill that he should “go Ajax” his teeth. Bill was crushed. Had the other boy been thinking, he would have realized that there is a better way to handle such a situation. He could have dealt with it with tact. He could have showed this hurtful truth in a more careful, sensitive way—that’s “tact”. If a person isn’t sensitive to another’s feelings, there is no way he or she can be tactful. Yesterday, my 5-year-old brother proudly announced that he had cleaned the screen on our television set. Unfortunately, he used furniture polish( 亮光油 ), which produced an oily film on the television screen. My mother smiled and thanked him for his efforts—and then showed how to clean the screen properly. Her sensitivity enables my brother to keep his self-respect. Yet, sensitivity alone does not make tact. “Tactfulness” also requires “truthfulness”.Doctors, for example, must be truthful. If a patient has just been disabled in an accident, a tactful doctor will tell the truth—but express it with sensitivity. The doctor may try to give the patient hope by telling them curing techniques under study or about advanced equipment now available. Doctors must use tact with patients relatives as well. Instead of bluntly saying, “Your husband is disabled,” a doctor might say, “I’m sorry, but your husband has lost feeling in his legs and?” Tact should not be confused with trickery. Trickery occurs when a nurse is about to give a patient an injection and says, “This won’t hurt a bit.” Instead of trickery,

the nurse might guarantee the patient that the discomfort of the injection is a small thing compared to the benefits of it. It would also be thoughtful for the nurse to tell the patients about some of these benefits. Tact is a wonderful skill to have, and tactful people are usually admired and respected. Without tact our society would become an intolerable place to live in. 9.When told he should “go Ajax” his teeth, Bill probably felt ________________. A.surprised C.regretful B.cheated D.painful

10.According to the author, his mother’s praise for the brother is _______________. A.both sensitive and tactful C.truthful but not tactful B.sensitive but not tactful enough D.sensitive but trickish

11.The fourth paragraph mainly talks about __________________.

A.how to comfort the patients B.how to use trickery carefully C.differences between trickery and promises D.another feature of tact 12.Which of the following shows the structure of the passage? (The numbers stand for the paragraphs)

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9-12 DBDC

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