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高中英语:Unit 4 Earthquakes Reading(新人教必修1)



高一英语同步练习 必修1
基础练习 I 浏览课文,回答以下问题: a. What happened? b. When and where did it happen? II. 根据主题句,找出段落大意: Part 1. ________________________________________ Part 2-3________________________________________ Part 4. ________________________________________ III. 仔细阅读课文,完成下面的表格: Part Before the earthquake (Paragraph 1) During the earthquake (Paragraph 2-3) After the earthquake (Paragraph 4) Soldiers were sent to dig out those trapped and 5_______ the dead; 6_______ were built for the homeless and 7__________ was taken to the city. The earthquake 3________ the city and 4_______ the people. Events 1_____________ were happening both in the countryside and in the city of Tangshan but 2______________ them.

Unit 4 Earthquakes

IV. 文中所提到的数字: What’s the population of Tangshan in 1976? What time did the earthquake happen? How long did the earthquake last? At about 2.___________________. 3._______ seconds. About 1._________


What’s the number of people killed or injured in the quake? How serious was the earthquake?

Over 4._______.

5._______ of the factories and buildings and 6._______ of the homes were gone; 7.___________________ cows would

never give milk again; 8.___________ pigs and 9._______ ____ chickens were dead. How many soldiers were sent to rescue? V. 根据课文内容判断正误。 1. People in Tangshan were warned of the earthquake and didn’t go to bed that night.( ) ) ) 10._______.

2. People in Beijing also felt the earthquake.( 3. More than 400,000people were killed in the quake.(

4. Many rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins during the aftershock.( ) )

5. People tried to get fresh water from under the ground.(

VI. 根据课文完成下文: 1_________ ______ happened in Tang Shan. For a few days. Water in the wells 2_____________. From the 3______ of wells 4________ ______ come out. Mice, chicken, pigs and even fish became 5________. At 3:00 am, everything began to 6______.It seemed that the world was 7_______ ______ ____. 8_____-____ of the nation 9____ it. 10_______ ______ ____cut across the city. The city lay 11_______ ______. Two-thirds of the people 12_____ or 13______ _____. Then later that afternoon, another big quake 14______ Tang Shan. People began to wonder 15________ ________ ____ ________ _________ _______. But all hope 16_____ ____ _________. 17_______ came to help those 18__________. Slowly, the city began


to 19________ _______.


实战演练 I. 短语翻译: 1. 对某人评价不好,对. . .不当一会事_____________ 2.臭气 4. 2/3 的人 6. 无法安全通行 8. 救援人员 _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ 3. 1000 公里以外 _____________ 5. . . .的数量 7. 数以万计的 9. 挖出 11. right away _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

10. 又开始出现生机 _____________

12. at an end


13. burst into tears _____________

14. lie/ be in ruins __________ 16. blow away









17. instead of 19. build

_____________ shelters for survivors

18. be trapped under the ruins __________ __________ 20. be proud of / take pride in__________

II. 完成句子 1. 于教授在演讲之前先理顺了一下自己的思路。 Professor Yu ______ ______ ______ before ______ his speech. 2. 并非所有学生都喜欢上网。 All the students ______ ________ _______ the Internet. 3. 警方援救一男子,使之免遭溺水。 The police _______ a man _______ drowning. 4. 她对她的孩子们的成功感到非常自豪。 She _______ very _______ ________ her children’s success. 5. 老师好像对你做的事很满意。



______ ______ _______ the teacher was satisfied with what you had done. 6. 成千上万个家庭遇难,许多孩子成了孤儿。 ________ _________ families _______ left ________ parents. 7. 战争结束了. The war was __________ _________ ________. 8. 他们突然大笑起来. They _______ _______ laughing. 9. 我得到你的信任, 感到十分荣幸. I _______ highly _________ by your trust. 10. 地震过后, 全城到处都是颓垣断壁. An earthquake left the whole town ________ ________. ________and many children were

反馈检测 阅读扩充 The ground we walk on seems firm, but deep under the earth and under the sea the rocks change and move. In some parts of the world there are “fire mountains”, which we call volcanoes. From time to time they burst open and throw out fire and burning ash. These volcanoes are very dangerous. Hong Kong does not have any volcanoes but there are many in Indonesia and Philippines. There is also a famous mountain near Tokyo, Japan, which is a volcano too. Its name is Mount Fuji. For much of the year, it is covered with snow. One of the most famous volcanoes which erupted(喷发)in recent times was Krakatoa, on an island in Indonesia. The first explosions (爆发) took place on 20th May, 1883, but the big eruption did not come until the 26th and 27th August of that year. The people on the island were used to the explosions by that time, and so they were completely unprepared for this terrible happening. Almost all the people on the island died and the explosion also made huge waves in the sea, which drowned(淹死)many people on the other island nearby. After the eruption was over, people saw that the whole northern part of the island had completely disappeared. Scientists say that 15



cubic (立方) kilometers of rocks and ash were thrown up in the explosion. The noise of the explosion was heard nearly 5,000 kilometers away in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and the city of Jakarta was completely dark for about two and a half hours. 1. There are many volcanoes _____. A. everywhere in the world C. in Hong Kong B. under the earth and the sea D. in Indonesia

2. Mount Fuji is famous just because ________. A. it is covered with snow for much of the year C. it is near Tokyo D. It is in Japan B. it is a volcano

3. The people near Krakatoa were unprepared when it had its biggest explosion because people there ____. A. had never met any explosions of the volcano before B. were used to the explosions of the volcanoes by that time C. didn’t want to leave their island D. could do nothing but wait 4. People who lived 5,000 kilometers away from Krakatoa could _______. A. see that 15 cubic kilometers of rocks and ashes were thrown up B. hear the noise of explosion C. see the huge waves D. see that Krakatoa was dark

第 2 课时 基础练习: II. Part 1. The natural signs of a coming earthquake Part 2-3. The damage of the city after the earthquake


Part 4. The help to the survivors


III. Paragraph 1 1 Strange things 2.no one noticed Paragraph 2 &3 3. destroyed 4. shocked Paragraph 4 5. to bury 6. shelters 7. fresh water IV.. 1. one million 2. 3:00 am on July 28, 1976 6. 90% 7. Tens of thousands of 150,000 V. FTFTF VI. 1.Strange things 2.rose and fell 3.cracks 7.at an end 8.One-third 9.felt 14.shook 4.smelly gas 5.nervous 11.in ruins 6.shake 3. 15 4. 400,000 9.millions 5. 75% of 10.

8.Half a million

10.A huge crack


13.were injured 17.Soldiers 实战演练 I.1. think little of

15.how long the disaster would last 16.was not lost 19.breathe again


2. a smelly gas

3. a thousand kilometers away

4. two thirds

of the people 5. the number of of again 8. rescue workers 9. dig out

6. be not safe for traveling 7. tens of thousands 10. begin to breathe again/turn on a new look

11. 立刻,马上 12. 结束,终结 13. 突然大哭 14. 沉沦在一片废墟之中 15. 多

达 40 万 16. 吹走, 驱散 17. 代替, 而不是 18. 被困在废墟下 19.为幸存者盖起避难所 20. 为. . .感到自豪 II. 1. organized his thoughts; giving 4. is…proud of an end 反馈检测 阅读 1-4DBBB 5.It seemed that 2.don’t like surfing 3. rescued … from 7. at

6. Millions of… were killed… without

8. burst out

9.feel, honoured 10. in ruins


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