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word power公开课

American English

British English

What do you know about the differences between American English and British English? Give some examples.

pronunciation Am. clerk [kl?:k] Br. [klα:k ] which do you think sounds more formal and traditional?


[d? ns] [dα:ns]

chance [t??ns] [t?ɑ:ns] car further [kɑr] [kɑ:]

[?f???] [?f?:??]

British English biscuit plaster crisp chips football trainer jumper trousers pants mobile-phone

American English cookies band-Aid chips French fries soccer ball sneaker sweater pants underpants cell-phone

Part B. Read the dialogue and find out : who speaks American English and who speaks British English?
Sam: Hi David .How are you? David: Fine, have you just gone back from New York? Sam: Yeah, I just went back here last Monday . David: How is your summer holiday, Sam? Sam: Excellent, during my summer vacation I joined a soccer ball club and I can play it better now. David: Good! I also practised playing football this summer too.

Sam: Ok. Please call me at 33543165 if the students’ unions organize a soccer ball match.
David: Good idea! You may call me on 25682275.

Sam: See you!
David: Goodbye!

Despite such differences, all English speakers, Americans or Englishmen, can understand each other.

And although British English sounds a bit more formal, they don't speak formal English all the time. They also speak informal English such as ________.

what is a colloquialism?

A colloquialism is an informal expression used in spoken English. Colloquialisms are never used in formal English or in writing, but are often used in conversations.

pull my leg
green fingers

all ears
top dog

no brainer

apple of one's eye
green hand

Finish Part B on page 27
1. Mrs Black’s garden is the best in our town. She really has green fingers. be good at gardening 擅长园艺 _______________________________ 2. He makes every decision in our

company. He is the top dog.


An important person in an organization ________________________________

3. Why did you give her cold shoulder? You are good friends, aren’t you. 故意冷落 ________________________________ be not friendly with her 4. I wish I had brought my umbrella. It’s

raining cats and dogs.
raining heavily. 大雨瓢泼 ___________________________ ____

5. Football is just not my cup of tea. I like playing volleyball.
不对口味 not really to my taste. ___________________________

(2006, 江苏高考) -It took me ten years to build up my business, and it almost killed me. -Well, you know what they say. _____ A. There is no smoke without fire. 无风不起浪。 B. Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。 C. All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。 D. No pains, no gains. 一分耕耘,一分收获。

Let's learn more colloquialisms!

1. apple of one’s eye
掌 上 明 珠

Alex has four sons and one daughter. She is the youngest and the apple of her daddy’s eye.

2. black sheep

败 家 子

----You see, Bill spends most of the money we give him on computer games. ----He is the black sheep of the family.

3. Though you are busy, could you just lend me an ear for a moment? 注意倾听某人说话 It means: to listen and pay attention to

4. He is too lazy. If he can get up early tomorrow morning, I will eat my hat.
It means:You are 100 percent certain that something will not happen. 我敢打赌...绝不可能 5. As a green hand , Robert nearly drove into the grocery on roadside. 新手 It means: one who is new in a certain field

Fill in the blanks by using the following colloquialisms. lend me an ear eat my hat a no-brainer pull my leg green fingers

a wet blanket

rain cats and dogs green hand as quiet as a mouse

make a mountain out of a molehill

a wet blanket 1. Kate, don't be_______________ at the party. Let's dance together. 2.Alice: Can you tell me what this sentence means? a no-brainer Tim: This one? Oh, it is _________________. I can tell you.

3.Jim ,when I explain the language points ,you should _________________. lend me an ear
4.Rob is always late for school. If he can arrive at school on time today, I eat my hat will________________.

5. Mum; Oh ,you got wet all over .How is it ,Daniel?
Daniel: Mum ,don’t you know it ___________________ rained cats and dogs on my way home?

lend me an ear pull my leg

eat my hat green fingers

a no-brainer

a wet blanket

rain cats and dogs green hand as quiet as a mouse

make a mountain out of a molehill

6. Bob: Hey ! Ellen, you got an A for your history exam. pull my leg Ellen: Don’t _____________ . Are you serious? green fingers 7. Look at Mr. Smith’ garden. He has_____________. 8. Boss: Who is that dull boy? He even doesn’t know where his office is. green hand Manager: This is his first day here. He is a _____________ . 9. Eric: Shall I stay in hospital for several days? a mountain out of a molehill Doctor: Don’t make _______________________________. You just got a fever. 10.Teacher:Boys and girls, when you are reading in the reading room as quiet as a mouse ,you should remain____________________. Are you clear? Students: Yes.

1.Try your best to keep the examples of American English and British English in mind.

2. Sort out the colloquialisms we've learned today on your notebook amd find more if you like.

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