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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修六(十二省区)课后强化作业 unit 5 Section 2 Word版含答案]

Unit 5
Ⅰ.根据汉语意思,将下列句子补充完整 1.由于生病,我不得不待在家里。

Section Ⅱ

________ ________,I had to stay at home. 2.他把咖啡杯掉在地上,摔得粉碎。 He dropped the coffee cup,________ ________ ________ ________. 3.从山上看,我们发现这湖泊更加漂亮了。 ________ ________ ________ ________,we find that the lake looks more beautiful. 4.听到这个消息我们都高兴得跳了起来。 ________ ________ ________,we all jumped with joy. 5.杰克完成作业后,外出散步。 ________ ________ ________ ________,Jack went out for a walk. 答案:1.Being ill 2.breaking it into pieces 3.Seeing from the hill 4.Hearing the news 5.Having finished his homework Ⅱ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.________________(warn) against the earthquake, the villagers moved outside to see a film. 2.________________(be) still five years old, he went to Japan with his parents. 3.________________(open) the window, you will see the garden below. 4.He sat at the desk,________________(read) a newspaper. 5.________________(not know) her phone number, we couldn't get in touch with her. 6.While ______________(watch) TV, we heard the doorbell ring. 7. My cousin came to see me from the country, ________________(bring) me a full basket of fresh fruits. 8.Weather ________________(permit), we'll go for a picnic the day after tomorrow. 答 案 : 1.Having been warned 6.watching 7.bringing Ⅲ.完形填空 Let me take you back a couple of years. Come with me as we relearn a lesson, one that has stuck with me, in my present memory, and __1__ me yet. We walked into Elida Road Hardware, an oldfashioned hardware __2__ .No automatic door, not a computer in the building. It was one that I went to fairly often. As we entered the door, two sounds __3__ us. The sleigh bells of last year made that sweet, peaceful tinkle as we opened the door. The other sound was the electronic beeper(电子门铃) that reminded Andy of our __4__. 8.permitting 2.Being 3.Opening 4.reading 5.Not knowing

“Good afternoon,Ryan,” __5__ the cheerful acknowledgment.Andy was a very __6__ sort of owner. He was of medium build and height, and the smile on his face welcomed us. We walked across the old wood floor. Andy asked us what he could help us with.I told him we were __7__ a spring. He very patiently replied, “I have lots of springs. You're going to need to be more __8__.” “Just a spring for an oldfashioned screen door. ” “That's it.A screen door spring.Right down there.” We __9__ where he was pointing, and sure enough, there they were. Andy knew his store, and his products. That was why I came here instead of Meijer. The service couldn't be beaten.The price: Yes.But service and __10__: No. I picked up one and followed him to the __11__. He __12__ the price, doing the math in his head. “$1.88, with tax comes to $1.99.” “Put it on my dad's account.” He nodded and smiled, “Good dad's account.” He chuckled.“I don't know what you boys would do __13__ dad's account !” He handed me the ticket and as I __14__ it I asked, “You really trust my signature?” His reply surprised,__15__ delighted me. “When I can't trust Jerry Hoover's boys, I can trust nobody!” We left,and the brain __16__ started to forget things, in order of importance. But what Andy said that day rang in my ears.And it rings in my ears today. That's a tall order to live up to. It's a high standard of __17__. My father made a fame for that name, and I get to __18__ the benefits. But on account of this, I __19__ maintain that fame. And that's a(n) __20__ business. 文章大意:我们去五金店买弹簧,由于父亲的好名声,老板 Andy 对我非常信任,这令 我感慨万分。 1.A.inspires C.shocks B.excites D.amazes

答案:A 结合全文尤其是最后一段内容可知,这深深地鼓舞着(inspire)我,故选 A 项。 2.A.restaurant C.park B.store D.factory

答案:B 从下文语境可知,这是一家五金店,故用 store。 3.A.hugged C.heard B.greeted D.sensed

答案:B 我们进门的时候,有两个声音传入耳中,所以用 greet 表示“传入……的耳 中”。 4.A.presence C.importance B.dependence D.absence

答案:A 另外一个声音提醒店主 Andy 有顾客来了,所以用 presence 表示“出现”。 5.A.shouted C.went B.said D.came

答案:D come 在这里表示“声音传来”。 6.A.special C.friendly B.ridiculous D.appropriate

答案:C 从下文 the smile on his face welcomed us 提示知,Andy 是一位非常友善的 (friendly)店主。 7.A.looking up C.looking into B.looking for D.looking after

答案:B 从语境知,我们告诉他我们在找一个弹簧。 8.A.scientific C.specific B.careful D.practical

答案: C 从语意知, Andy 说他有很多种弹簧, 需要我们讲得具体点, 故用 specific“明 确的,具体的”。 9.A.turned to C.stuck to B.got to D.referred to

答案:A 从上下文知,我们转身朝 Andy 指的地方走去。turn to 表示“转向”。 10.A.description C.satisfaction B.determination D.imagination

答案: C 我们觉得在 Meijer 虽然价格可以, 但我们对他们的服务和满意度(satisfaction) 表示否定。 11.A.corner C.bank B.counter D.door

答案:B 根据常识可知,买了东西要去柜台(counter)付款。 12.A.put up C.took up B.made up D.figured up

答案:D 他算了(figured up)价格。根据本段空后的内容可知答案。 13.A.without C.by B.within D.for

答案:A 我们要求把账算到我父亲的账中,老板 Andy 笑道,“我不知道如果没有你 们父亲的账户的话,你们该怎么办?”所以这里用 without。 14.A.saw C.signed B.wrote D.touched

答案:C 由后面的“You really trust my signature?”可知,我在上面签了名,所以用 signed。 15.A.yet C.even B.still D.also

答案:A 他的回答让我惊讶,但也让我高兴。 16.A.merely C.immediately B.eventually D.possibly

答案:C 根据上下文语境可知,我们的大脑马上开始忘掉事情,这里表示“立刻,马 上”,故用 immediately。 17.A.honesty C.consideration B.fortune D.devotion

答案:A 从下文知,父亲的诚实度非常高。 18.A.realize C.use B.believe D.enjoy

答案:D 由于父亲的名声,我也享受到了随之而来的好处。 19.A.would C.may B.can D.must

答案:D 从上下文知,我下决心一定要保持这种好名声,所以用 must。 20.A.serious C.silent B.optimistic D.successful

答案:A 语境表示“这是一件很重要的事”,事关人的名声、人品,所以用 serious。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 A Canadian university student has done what Leonardo daVinci(达· 芬奇)had only dreamt of: Piloting a humanpowered“ wing-flapping” plane! Called an ornithopter, and the inspiration for modern-day helicopters, the machine was first sketched by Leonardo da Vinci way back in 1485 and never actually built. Todd Reichert, an engineering student at the University of Toronto,made history by carrying out the flight in his ornithopter—named Snowbird—for 19.3 seconds and covering 475.72 feet. Snowbird is made from carbon fiber , balsa wood maintained an average speed of 15.91 miles per hour. Todd and his plane made the accomplishment on August 2,2010, at the Great Lakes Gliding Clum in Tottenham, Ontario. The crew kept the achievement quiet for nearly two months to get the data finalized. Todd and some 30 other students had been working on the plane for 4 years. Todd endured a year-long exercise program in which he lost 18 lbs, to prepare for the flight. Because the plane has a wingspan of 104 feet—which is comparable to that of a Boeing 737—the and foam. The 92. 59 pounds vehicle

pilot had to pedal with his legs all while pulling on the wings to flap at the same time. And he had to do it fast enough to fly! “Our original goal was to complete this sort of original aeronautical dream to fly like a bird,”said the 28year?old Reichert yesterday. “The idea was to fly under your own power by flapping your wings.” The flight, witnessed by the Federation Aeronautique International, is the first officially confirmed flight in an ornithopter. “Thousands of people have tried to do this for hundreds of years , ”said Reichert. “To be honest, I don't think it's really set in yet that I'm the one who has been successful. I was pushing with everything I had. When I finally let go and landed,I was hit with great excitement. It was pretty wild.” I bet it was, Todd ! 文章大意: 本文主要介绍了一位加拿大大学生和他的同伴驾驶人力飞机创造历史的经历 以及这次事件的意义。 1. Why was Leonardo da Vinci referred to in the first paragraph? A.Because he was a famous artist. B.Because he drew a man-powered plane. C.Because he built a man-powered plane. D.Because he flew a man-powered plane. 答案:B 推理判断题。从第一段最后“...the machine was first sketched by Leonardo da Vinci way back in 1485...”可知, 作者之所以在第一段提到达· 芬奇是因为是他画了一张人力飞 机图。 2. For what reason did Todd and other students keep their achievement a secret at first? A.They wanted to get all the information and checked it. B.They wanted to be ignored by the public. C.They wanted to protect the birds there. D.They wanted to work on the plane wings first. 答案:A 细节理解题。根据文章第三段第二句中的“The crew kept the achievement quiet for nearly two months to get the data finalized.”可知他们之所以保守成功的秘密是因为他们想 先收集并核实完所有信息。 3. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.The human-powered plane is named Bluebird. B.Todd and other students spent about two years preparing for the flight. C.The humanpowered plane's wingspan is much larger than a Boeing 737's wingspan.

D.After his success,Todd still remained very modest. 答案:D 正误判断题。A 项飞机名字不是 Bluebird,而是 Snowbird。B 项他们在制造 飞机上花费的是四年,而不是两年;C 项与文中语境“这种人造飞机机翼与波音 737 的差不 多”不符; 根据倒数第二段中的“To be honest, I don't think it's really set in yet that I'm the one who has been successful.”可知 D 项是正确的。 4. What does the passage mainly tell us? A.A Canadian student makes history by flying a humanpowered plane. B.Thousands of people were excited when seeing the performance. C.Todd and other students were devoted to making planes. D.It is very difficult to fly like a bird in the sky. 答案:A 主旨大意题。本文主要介绍了一名加拿大学生通过驾驶人力飞机创造历史的 情况,故 A 项最能概括文章大意。 Ⅴ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中的两项为 多余选项。 Finding your dream job can be difficult. This month, the search will become even harder as new graduates start looking for work. With many companies still struggling, job hunters have a very difficult task ahead of them. Don't be disappointed. __1__ Consider using these three methods to find and get the job of your dreams. The Front Door __2__ These include checking company websites and employment services. Since lots of people use the front door, make yourself stand out. This means understanding what a company really needs and creatively showing you can meet that need. __3__ Find out who is doing the hiring, and try to give them your resume (简历) in person. Then follow up with a phone call, letter or visit. The Back Door A backdoor job search means finding a job through people you know. The back door can help you avoid the crowd of job applicants using the front door. __4__ What if you don't have any connections at your dream company? Apply for an internship (实习期). The Invisible Door If you're still not getting hired, you might be running into an invisible (无形的) door. Invisible doors are things companies want from new employees but don't list as job requirements. Many companies have special company cultures. Others are looking for people with very specific skills. __5__ It's not always easy to find a good job. But with a little work, a door will open! A.Using the front door is convenient.

B.This type of job search uses traditional ways of getting hired. C.If you aren't showing you are a perfect fit, you won't get hired. D.Read about each company you apply to. E.Create your own back door. F.There are still jobs out there for those who know what to look for. G.But you still need to work hard to show you are the best person for the job. 答案:1~5 FBDGC

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