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Unit 3 Under the sea 教案 - 副本

USING LANGUAGE (共计 2 课时) 第一课时 一.Teaching goals 教学目标 ①Enable the Ss to know more about the living things under the sea and experience the beautiful and harmonious nature by reading a diary des

cribing the animals and scenery under the sea and learn to write a similar one according to the expressions given. ②Try to improve the students’ reading ability by grasping the information in the dairy about the world under the sea. Strengthen their sense of environmental protection. 二.Teaching important and difficult points 教学重难点 Enable the Ss to read for specific information and guide the Ss to write their own diary. 三.Teaching methods 教学方法 Reading, listening and speaking. 四.Teaching procedures && ways 教学过程与方式 StepⅠ Revision T: Yesterday I asked you to preview the reading passage on Page 23. It’s chosen from someone’s diary. What does the writer write about? Ss: The writer reflected his or her experience of snorkeling on the reef. He / She described the animals and the scenery under the sea. T: Good job! StepⅡ Reading (1) Para 1 Questions: 1. What did the writer do in the morning on 19th January?

2. What did he think after seeing such extraordinary beauty? Main idea: __________. Para 2 Questions: 1. What is the first thing he became aware of?

2. Does he think the corals are fantastic? Why? Main idea: __________ Para 3 Questions: 1. Did he frighten the fish when he swam among them?

2. What fishes did he see under the sea? Speak out at least three kinds. Main idea: __________ Para 4 Questions: 1. Were there anything that made him feel frightened? What were they? 2. Do the sharks he mentioned hurt people? Main idea: __________ Para 5 Question: Why did he say he was very brave? Main idea: __________ Para 6 Main ideas: __________ Keys: Para 1 Answers: 1. He went snorkeling. 2. He thought every cell in his body woke up and it was like discovering a whole new dimension of life. Main idea: Going snorkeling on the reef, the writer spent a day of pure magic and it was the most fantastic thing he has ever done. Para 2 Answers: 1. All the vivid colours surrounding him. 2. Yes. Because they were shaped strangely like fans, plates, brains, lace and so on. Main idea: He became aware of fantastic views under the sea, such as the wonderful colours, the strange- shaped corals, and all kinds of elegant fish. Para 3 Answers: 1. No, he didn’t. The fish didn’t seem to mind him swimming among them. 2. He saw many beautiful fish such as anemonefish, parrotfish, angelfish, and so on. Main idea: He saw a variety of beautiful fish and sea life under the sea. Para 4 Answers: 1. Yes, there were. He didn’t want to get too close to the eel, the giant clam. And the grey reef sharks made him scared to death. 2. No, they don’t. They are not dangerous. Main idea: The description of some ugly and maybe dangerous creatures. Para 5 Answer: Because he swam over the edge of the reef and hung there looking down into depths of the ocean. Main idea: He felt very exposed in such deep clear water.

Para 6 Main idea: Sigh with emotion: What a tiny spot I was in this enormous world! Deal with some language points. StepⅢ Language points:

1. be/become aware of: get to know e.g. The mangers of the company have been aware of their weakness. I was not aware of the fire. Add: There is another pattern about “be aware”: be aware + clause e.g. We were quite aware that the competition was very fierce. Are you aware how they would respond to our terms? 2. reflect (1) vt. throw (light) back: e.g. A mirror reflects a picture of you when you look in it. (2) vt. express (+ clause) e.g. Does what you said reflect how you really think? (3) vi. think carefully (+on) e.g. He reflected on my questions before answering. Then deal with Exercises 1-4 on Page 24. Step Ⅳ homework(作业) 全程设计第 页

第二课时 一.Teaching goals 教学目标 ①Enable the Ss to describe a place and the plants or animals there with the target language. ②Enable the Ss to make complaint using the expressions given. ③Help the Ss learn how to write a description of a place and the plants or animals there with the target language.


二.Teaching important and difficult points 教学重难点 Help the Ss to master the useful expressions and learn to use them to express blame and Complaint in certain situations. 三.Teaching methods 教学方法 Discussing, guided writing and speaking. 四.Teaching aids 教具准备 A projector and a computer. 五.Teaching procedures & ways 教学过程与方式 Step Ⅰ Revision check the student’s homework

StepⅡ Speaking Speaking and writing P27 T: In our daily life, we sometimes meet with something unpleasant and make complaint. So when you go to another country, you should learn to complain politely, then you may get a good solution. Look at the three situations on Page 27. Have you ever met these situations in your life? What did you say at that time? Or what will you say if you are in such situations? Think about it. ... Now read the expressions above the situations and see how they can help you to make complaint for each of the situation. Then work in pairs, choose one situation and make up a dialogue for it. After a while, check their work by asking several pairs to act out their dialogues.

Step Ⅲ Writing (1) T: In last period we read a dairy, in which the writer used very beautiful words and phrases to describe colours, patterns, shapes and behaviour of the animals. Now please write a paragraph to describe a place and the plants or animals there. You can read the third and the fourth paragraph of the dairy as model for your own writing. Five or six minutes later I’ll check your work. The Ss will read the third and fourth paragraph before they start writing. When they are writing, the teacher should walk around to see if they have any problems to deal with. Five or six minutes later, show one or two copies on the screen and check them

with the whole class.

在现实生活中,我们难免会碰到一些令人不满意的情形,有的人可能会选 择沉默,置之不理,但是,随着大家维权意识的增强,更多的人会选择把不满表 达出来。那么怎样礼貌地去表达,有效地去沟通,才能把抱怨“发泄”出来,又 不至于让对方感到尴尬,同时还能“化干戈为玉帛” ,把问题圆满解决呢? 投诉不能变成谩骂或指责,而应该有理有据地说明问题所在。因此写投诉信 时我们要注意以下三点: 1. 尽量使用委婉语。 2. 先表达理解之情,再指出问题。 3. 针对遇到的问题要求合理解决。 [常用表达] I’m feeling annoyed ... I am writing to express my dissatisfaction / disappointment with ... Excuse me, I think you’ve given me the wrong ... Excuse me, but there’s a problem with ... I’m really not happy ... I’m sorry to bother you but ... Can you help me with this? It just broke down a few days ago. I’m afraid there may be a misunderstanding. I understand it’s not your fault, but ... I’d like a full refund. I would appreciate it if you ... as soon as possible. I feel something should be done about ... I’d like to talk to the manager. There are some problems with ... [实战演练] 假设你叫李华,你所乘坐的航班晚点 8 个小时而且没有人给你们安排饮食,

最后到达目的地后, 航空公司居然还遗失了你的行李,请你给机场负责人写一封 投诉信。 注意: 1. 词数:100 左右; 2. 合理发挥想象,以使行文连贯。 [参考范文] Dear Sir or Madam, I am sorry to bother you but I’m feeling annoyed now. My flight was delayed for 8 hours and nobody provided us with meals. What’s more, when I reached my destination, I was told that my luggage was lost. I understand it’s not your fault personally, but the airline promised they would deliver my luggage. It should have arrived here safely. And I think that it is the airline’s duty to deliver my luggage to the place I travel to. Would you please check your information and get my luggage back to me as soon as possible? Yours faithfully, Li Hua

通过学习这篇写作指导,你是否掌握了投诉信的写作方法和一些常用的句 式结构?试着根据要求自己写一封投诉信,然后与范文对照,找出其中的不足并 加以改进。

Step Ⅳ homework 全程设计 第 页 应用尝试


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