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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料(新课标专用)Book4 Unit1 Word版含解析]

Book 4 Unit 1 Women of achievement

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.He finally ________(获得) success.It was a remarkable ____________ (achieve) for such a young man. 2.They ________(表现) very badly towards their parents in the theatre ________ (crowd) with audience. 3.The sculptor completed his work on a sudden ________ (inspire),which won him lots of ________(support). 4.Everything ________ (consideration),he ________(决心) to take over his father’s career. 5.He intended to ________(专攻) in economics in order to become a ________ (special). Ⅱ.选词填空 turn off,crowd in,by chance,devote...to...,as well as,lead to 1.The young girl ________ all her spare time ______ studying English. 2.Dear memories ______________ on him. 3.The car accident ______________ his being killed. 4.When I did the shopping yesterday,I met an old friend ________________. 5.His wife ________________ his children was invited to the party. 6.Don’t forget to ________ all the lights ________ before you go to bed. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.烧菜的味道令我感到肚子饿。 The smell of cooking ________________________. 2.——你一直在做什么? ——我一直在练习弹钢琴。 —What ________________________? —I ________________________ the piano. 3.似乎没有人能使我戒烟。 ________________________ nobody can cure me of smoking. 4.首先我想搞清楚的是这要花多长时间。 ________________________________ was how long it was going to take. 5.体育活动对人的健康很有益处。 Sports and games can ________________________ to people’s health. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.Jade is the highest award in Chinese culture and medals are the most important prize in Olympics,so medals with jade is the perfect ________ to present the Olympics in Beijing. A.combination B.cooperation C.connection D.composition 2.He left school early as an adolescent,________ to make his fortune in America. A.is determined B.had been determined C.determined D.determining 3.Modern plastics can________very high and very low temperatures. A.stand B.hold C.carry D.support 4.She is so ________ towards others that everyone gets on well with her. A.considerable B.considerate C.considering D.loyal

5.The students in the university are all taking courses ________ a degree. A.sticking to B.leading to C.turning to D.referring to 6.Old memories ________ on him as soon as he met the friend whom he had not heard from for over thirty years.(2011· 陕西宝鸡中学模拟) A.crowded in B.resulted in C.joined in D.got in 7.________ the danger from enemy action,people had to deal with the lack of food, clothing,fuel and almost everything. A.As far as B.As long as C.As well as D.As soon as 8.—Have you________some new ideas? —Yeah.I’ll tell you later. A.come about B.come into C.come up with D.come out with 9.________ matters much ________ the headmaster supports our activity. A.It;whether B.What;whether C.As;that D.That;if 10.________ wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. A.Anyone B.The one C.Whoever D.Who

1.observe v.观察;观测;遵守;庆祝 ________ n.观察,监视;言论 【归纳拓展】 observe sb.do/doing sth.观察某人做过/正在做某事 observe that...观察到…… observe the rules 遵守规则 observe Christmas 过圣诞节 The police observed him enter the bank with a shortgun. 警察看到他带着短枪进了银行。 【活学活用】 (1)He has been ________________________ the phenomenon. 他一直在严密观察这一现象。 (2)He has been observed ________________ at cards.他被发现打牌时作弊。 (3)The scientist________ the behavior of the mice after they were given the drug. (2010· 西宁统考) A.looked B.observed C.noticed D.watched 2.intend vt.计划;打算 ________ adj.计划好的,故意的 ________ n.意图,目的 【归纳拓展】 intend to do/doing sth.打算、意图做某事 intend sb.to do sth.意图让某人做某事 be intended for 旨在;预定……用途;为……打算(或设计)的 By turning kids on to fishing,he intended to present an alternative way of life.

(2010· 天津,完形填空) 通过将孩子们的注意力转向钓鱼,他打算向他们展示另一种不同以往的生活方式。 【活学活用】 (1)She ___________________________________________________________ the early train,but she didn’t get up in time. 她本打算赶早班火车,可是起晚了。 (2)This book ______________________ children. 这本书是供孩子们用的。 (3)—Isn’t that book for me? —It was________ for you,but she took it away.(2011· 曲靖调研) A.made B.arranged C.intended D.promised 3.deliver v.投递;发表;宣布;接生,生(小孩)(仅限于被动语态) 【归纳拓展】 deliver sth.(to sb.)投递/传送某物(给某人) deliver sb./sth.over to sb.把……移交给某人 deliver goods/newspapers 送货/报纸 deliver a speech 发表演说 Mail is delivered to our office twice a day. 我们办公室的邮件每天投递两次。 【活学活用】 (1)She ________________________ a healthy baby girl in the hospital last night. 昨夜她在医院里产下一健康女婴。 (2)President Hu Jintao________ an important speech on the 60th anniversary National Day celebration. A.stated B.issued C.addressed D.delivered 4.argue v.争论,争吵,辩论;劝说 ________ n.争论,辩论 【归纳拓展】 argue with sb.about/over sth.与某人争论某事 argue for/against sth.为支持/反对某事而辩论 argue sb.into/out of doing sth.说服某人做/不做某事 argue that...主张/认为…… First,they argue that the main reason why students go to school is to learn more subjects and skills.(2009· 江苏,完形填空) 首先,他们主张孩子们去上学的主要原因是学更多的知识和技能。 【活学活用】 (1)They are always ________________________________________. 他们总是为钱而争吵。 (2)He ________________ they needed more time to finish the project. 他认为他们需要更多的时间来完成该项目。 (3)—What is going on over there? —They are arguing________each other__________private affairs. (2011· 宁夏调研) A.about;with B.with;about C.with;with D.about;about 5.refer to 查阅;谈到;参考;有关;运用(于) ________ n.提及;参考;查阅

【归纳拓展】 refer...to...把……提交给……(以求获得帮助);让……参考……;把……介绍给…… refer to...as 把……称为 in/with reference to...关于…… (1)Nowadays some hospitals refer to patients by name,not case number.(2010· 江西,34) 现在一些医院用名字而不是病例编号查阅病人。 (2)The shop referred the complaint to the makers of the articles. 商店把投诉转交给生产该商品的厂家。 【活学活用】 (1)The teacher ________________ the dictionary. 老师叫他去查字典。 (2)用 look up,refer to 填空 ①I’d like to ______________ the word in the dictionary. ②If you don’t understand some words,you can ______________ the dictionary. (3)I suggest that the person________ put into prison. A.refer to B.referred to be C.referring to should be D.referred to was 6.come across (偶然)遇见;碰见 【归纳拓展】 meet with run into

? run across 偶然遇到 ? happen to meet meet...by chance/accident?
One day I came across a newspaper article about an English professor at a nearby state college. 一天,我在报纸上偶然读到一篇文章,它是关于附近一所州立大学的英语教授的。 【活学活用】 (1)They __________________________________________________accident on their way back. 他们回来的路上遭遇了车祸。 (2)The girl ________________ the street when she saw her mother. 当小女孩看到她妈妈的时候,她跑过了街道。 (3)If you________ any problem when you arrive at the airport,give me a ring. (2011· 遵义市模拟) A.come up with B.set about C.run into D.put aside 7.carry on 继续;坚持 【归纳拓展】 carry away 拿走;冲走;掠走;吸引住(某人) carry back 将……送/带回原地;使某人忆起 carry out 搬出;实施,执行,履行;完成 carry through 达成,贯彻;使渡过难关 The meal over , the managers went back to the meeting room to carry on their discussion.(2008· 天津,7) 吃完饭,经理们回到会议室继续讨论。 【活学活用】

(1)A surprise attack was ________________ there by the Japanese in 1941. 1941 年日军在那里发起了出其不意的攻击。 (2)It is difficult for us to________ a conversation with all this noise around us. (2010· 长春统考) A.carry on B.account for C.bring up D.get across 8.Everybody sits and waits in the shade of the trees while the family begins to wake up and move off. 译文 ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:while...(=whereas) (1)表示“而,然而”,强调转折; (2)表示“只要”,强调条件; (3)while 从句中的省略。当 while 从句中的主语与主句的主语一致,且谓语含有 be 的某 种形式时,从句中的主语连同 be 动词可同时省略; While I admit that there are problems,I don’t agree that they can’t be solved.尽管我承认有 问题存在,但我不认同它们不能被解决。 【活学活用】 (1)Many people enjoy playing different sports _____________________________________. 许多人喜欢从事不同的运动,然而有些人只是喜欢观看它们。 (2)We can surely overcome these difficulties ________________________ closely united. 我们只要紧密地团结在一起,就一定能克服这些困难。 (3)________ the Internet is of great help,I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time on it. A.If B.While C.Because D.As 9.This is because we are all interested in what people do and what they think. 译文 ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:...what 引导名词性从句 what 引导名词性从句,在句中作介词 in 的宾语,what 是连接代词,引导的从句还可作 主语、表语等;what 本身在从句中可作主语、宾语、表语、定语等。 I want to be liked and loved for what I am inside.(2010· 北京,31) 我想让人们因我的内在品质而喜欢我和爱我。 【活学活用】 (1)Everyone is confused by ________________________________. 大家对教授说的感到困惑。 (2)He is ________________ a genius in language. 他是一个所谓的语言天才。 (3)You are not ________________________ five years ago. 你不再是五年前的样子了。 (4)No one really knows for sure________ makes a person become righthanded rather than lefthanded. A.whatever B.who C.what D.whoever

[写作句型公式] 1.It+be(is/was)+被强调的部分(主、宾、状语)+that+其他成分。 It was at 3 o’clock that they received the telephone. 在三点时他们接到了那个电话。 2.It is+形容词(possible,impossible,necessary 等)+for+sb.+to do sth. It’s important for us to have a good knowledge of English. 掌握好英语对我们来说是非常重要的。 3. It is+(心理、 品质方面的)形容词+of+sb.+to do sth.=主语+be+形容词+to do sth. It’s rude of him to treat a child like that. =He is rude to treat a child like that. 以那种方式对待一个小孩儿,他可真够粗鲁的。 [日常交际用语] 31.I’m stuck:used when you can’t continue with something because it is too difficult(问题 等难)卡壳 When it comes to that difficult question,I am stuck,too. 谈到那个难题时,我也回答不上来。 32.take your time:to do something slowly or carefully without hurry 不用急;慢慢来 There is no need to rush back—just take your time. 不用急着赶回来——慢慢来吧!

课前准备区 Ⅰ.1.achieved ; achievement 2.behaved ; crowded 3.inspiration ; supporters 4.considered;determines 5.specialize;specialist Ⅱ.1.devotes;to 2.crowded in 3.led to 4.by chance 5.as well as 6.turn;off Ⅲ.1.makes me hungry 2.have you been doing;have been practising 3.It seems that 4.What I wanted to find out first 5.be of great help Ⅳ.1.A [combination 指两个或者两个以上的东西结合或者混合产生一个新的东西,强 调新出现的东西;connection 指两个或者两个以上的东西联系在一起。] 2.C [根据句意应使用 be determined to 结构,此处为过去分词短语作伴随状语。] 3.A [stand 耐久,忍受,忍耐;hold 握住;carry 携带;support 支持,支撑。句意 为:现代塑料能耐高温和低温。故 A 项正确。] 4.B [本题考查形容词辨析。considerable 相当大(或多)的;值得考虑的; 相当可观的; considerate 考虑周到的;体贴的; be considerate to/towards 对 …… 体贴,考虑周到; considering 是介词,意为“鉴于,考虑到”;loyal 忠诚的。] 5.B [stick to 坚持;lead to 导致,引起;通往;turn to 求助,转向;查阅;refer to 指的是;谈论;查阅。句意为:大学生都在学习课程,以取得学位。] 6.A [crowd in(想法、问题等)涌上心头,涌入脑海。] 7.C [句意为:除了来自敌人的危险之外人们还要解决缺少食物、衣服、燃料等几乎 所有问题。as well as=in addition to,besides 除了……之外。] 8.C [come about 发生;come into 进入;得到;come up with 想出;come out with

发表,公布;说出。句意为:——你想出新的主意了吗?——是的,我过会儿告诉你。] 9.A [it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 whether 引导的从句。句意为:校长是否支持我 们的活动很重要。] 10.C [whoever“无论谁”在此句中引导一个主语从句,并在从句中作主语。] 课堂活动区 1.observation 活学活用 (1)making an exact observation of (2)to cheat (3)B [由句意可知,此处是指从不同的角度观察并研究,observe 符合题意。] 2.intended;intention 活学活用 (1)intended to catch/catching (2)is intended for (3)C [be intended for 旨在……;打算……,即“本打算是给你的”。] 3.活学活用 (1)was delivered of (2)D [deliver a speech 发表演说。句意为:胡锦涛总书记在国庆 60 周年庆祝会上发表 了重要的讲话。] 4.argument 活学活用 (1)arguing with each other about money (2)argued that (3)B [考查动词短语搭配。 答句句意为: 他们在相互争论私事。 argue with sb.about sth. 是固定搭配,意为“同某人争论某事”。] 5.reference 活学活用 (1) referred him to (2)①look up ②refer to 易混辨析 look up,refer to 二者都有“参考;查询”的意思,但搭配不同。 (1)look up 的宾语多为 word,information 等,不可以是 book,dictionary,sb.等。 (2)refer to 的意思比较广泛,当“查找”讲时,其宾语多为 book,dictionary 等。 (3)B [referred to 相当于定语从句 who was referred to,且主句中的谓语动词为 suggest (建议),故从句中应用(should) do 结构。故选 B 项。] 6.活学活用 (1)came across/met with/ran into an (2)ran across (3)C [come up with 想出;赶上;set about 着手(干);散布(谣言);run into 碰见,撞上; 跑进;put aside 储蓄;搁置一旁。句意为:如果你到机场时遇到任何问题,给我来电话。] 7.活学活用 (1)carried out (2)A [由句意可知,“要继续谈话很难”;carry on sth.继续某事,符合句意。] 8.大家坐在树阴下等着,当猩猩们睡醒准备离开的时候。 活学活用 (1)while others just enjoy watching them (2)while we are



while 尽管,引导让步状语从句。] 9.这是因为我们都对人们所做和所想的感兴趣。 活学活用 (1)what the professor said (2)what is called (3)what you used to be (4)C [know 后所跟的是宾语从句。句意为:没人能确切地知道是什么使一个人用右手

而不用左手。what 什么,作主语。whatever 无论什么;who 谁;whoever 无论谁,不符合句 意。]

Ⅰ.单项填空(建议用时 8′) 1.________two exams to worry about,I have to work really hard this weekend. (2011· 济南模拟) A.With B.Besides C.As for D.Because of 2.They________ the train until it disappeared in the distance. A.saw B.watched C.noticed D.observed 3.Washing machines made in China have won________worldwide attention and Haier has become ________ popular name. A.a;the B./;a C./;the D.the;a 4.The international agreement,________ encourage children not to smoke and help people kick the habit,was signed on February 27.(2011· 青岛模拟) A.intending to B.being intended to C.intended to D.to intend to 5.—Thank you for your MP4 player.I’ll get Mary to take it to you soon. —________.I’ve bought a new one. A.No sense B.No hurry C.No way D.No use 6.You promised to________ the goods to our address,but we haven’t seen any of them yet. A.pass B.relay C.hand D.deliver 7. Alice, what are you arguing________the teacher?You should think highly of the teacher’s opinions. A.about B.with C.with about D.about with 8. She is young and pretty, and she loves children.My pupils, Donnie included, all________ her very much. A.respect B.dislike C.avoid D.mind 9. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without________ his notes. A.bringing up B.referring to C.looking for D.trying on 10. When I was doing some shopping in the market the other day, I________ an old friend of mine,who had worked abroad for five years.(2011· 济宁月考) A.came up B.came over C.came across D.came down 11. The meal over, the managers went back to the meeting room to________their discussion. A.put away B.take down C.look over D.carry on 12. ________ modeling business is by no means easy to get into, the good model will always be in demand. A.While B.Since C.As D.If 13.After________ seemed like minutes he came out in disappointment.(2010· 济南统考) A.it B.that C.what D.when 14.As you can see,the number of cars on roads ________ rising these days. A.was keeping B.keep C.keeps D.were keeping 15.We’ve always wanted a house in the country,but we________ about where it should be.

A.argued C.will argue Ⅱ.完形填空(建议用时 17′)

B.had argued D.are arguing

In my dual(双重的) profession __16__ an educator and health care provider,I have worked with many children infected with HIV.They have taught me so many things,but I have especially learned that great __17__ can be found in the smallest individuals.Let me tell you something about Tyler. Tyler was __18__ infected with HIV; his mother was also infected.From the very beginning of his life,he was dependent on medications to __19__ him to survive.When he was five,he had a tube inserted in a vein(静脉) in his chest.At times,he also needed extra oxygen to support his __20__. Tyler wasn’t __21__ to give up one single moment of his childhood to this deadly disease.It was not __22__ to find him playing and racing around his backyard,wearing his medicineloaded backpack and __23__ his tank of oxygen behind him in his little wagon(小手推车). All of us who knew Tyler were impressed by his pure __24__ in being alive and the energy it gave him.Tyler’s mom often __25__ him by telling him that he moved so __26__ she needed to dress him in red.That way, when she peered through the window to check on him playing in the yard, she could quickly __27__ him. This deadly disease eventually __28__ down Tyler.He grew quite ill and,unfortunately, __29__ did his HIVinfected mother.When it became __30__ that he wasn’t going to survive, Tyler’s mom talked to him about __31__.She comforted him by telling Tyler that she was dying too,and that she would be with him soon in heaven. A few days before his death, Tyler __32__ to me to come to his hospital bed and __33__, “I might die soon.I’m not __34__.When I die,please dress me in __35__.Mom promised she’s coming to heaven,too.I’m be playing when she gets there,and I want to make sure she can find me.”(2011· 青岛统考) 16.A.in B.for C.as D.on 17.A.pleasure B.pain C.sorrow D.courage 18.A.seriously B.born C.unlucky D.disappointingly 19.A.cause 20.A.breathing 21.A.happy 22.A.common 23.A.dragging 24.A.character 25.A.comforted 26.A.slowly 27.A.know 28.A.tore 29.A.neither B.enable B.living B.willing B.unusual B.carrying B.joy B.scolded B.happily B.spot B.broke B.so C.make C.running C.daring C.surprised C.pushing C.moment C.teased C.quickly C.stop C.wore C.such D.lead D.walking D.discouraged D.ordinary D.taking D.excitement D.praised D.fast D.observe D.kicked D.nor

30.A.apparent 31.A.life 32.A.waved 33.A.whispered 34.A.excited 35.A.red

B.hopeless B.dream B.said B.shouted B.surprised B.white

C.sure C.future C.signed C.cried C.scared C.bright

D.terrible D.death D.explained D.spoke D.happy D.beauty

Ⅲ.阅读理解(建议用时 7′) Once there was a young woman who didn’t like her job.Everyday when she came home from work,she told her husband how terrible her day had been,how tiring the work and how unreasonable her boss.“Leave that job,” her husband told her. “Oh,I will,” she said.“But not yet.I have too many friends there for me to leave.”And so she remained unhappy at work until the years became decades and her children had children.“Leave that job,” her grandchildren told her.“Oh,I will,”she said.“But not yet.There are only seven more years until I reach thirty years of service and can retire.So I can’t just yet.” I know this woman.And her story reminds me of an old dog half asleep on a porch of a general store,moaning and groaning in the sun.“Why is your dog acting that way?” a customer asked the store owner.“Oh,” answered the man,“He’s lying on a nail.” “Well, why doesn’t he move?”“Because it’s not hurting him bad enough.” That’s true for people,too.We convince ourselves the pain is not bad enough to leave the workplace we know.But we’re wrong.Prolonged work pain is continuing.Some work pain damages our selfesteem,kills our passion or destroys our dreams. Wilbur Wright once commented,“We could hardly wait to get up in the morning.I know that exhilarating feeling of being so passionate about something I was working on that I couldn’t wait to get back to work.And people who are winning at working know that kind of passion, too.” They get excited about work.They offer their unique gifts and talents eagerly.And when things don’t change as they sometimes will , they refuse to let environment hijack their selfesteem,passion or dreams. 36.The woman complained to her husband every day because ________. A.she didn’t have enough money to support her family B.her boss criticized her for what she had done C.she was not satisfied with her job at all D.her work was difficult and her boss was cruel 37.From the second paragraph we can know that the woman ________. A.liked making friends with others B.loved all of her children very much C.left her tiring job at last D.did exactly the same job all along 38.The author mentioned the old dog in order to tell us that ________. A.it was deeply hurt by its owner B.the woman is like the dog on the nail C.it is tied firmly to a nail by its owner D.it should be injured badly enough 39.The underlined word “Prolonged” (in Paragraph 4) means ________. A.lasting B.slight C.serious D.hard 40.People who are getting along well with their work ________. A.have to get up early every day B.are not willing to go to work C.need more unique gifts and talents

D.are likely to change with the situation

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.A 3.B [with+宾语+宾补,作原因状语。] [第一空为不可数名词,并且表示泛指所以不用冠词;第二空是指海尔变成了一 2.B [watch 有兴趣地观看运动的东西。] 个很受欢迎的名字表示泛指用 a。] 4.C [intended to 相当于 which was intended to...。] 5.B [由“我已经买了一个”可知是 No hurry,意思是:不着急。] 6.D 7.D 8.A 10.C [deliver sth.to sb.把……投递给某人。] [由 argue about sth.with sb.结构可知。] [respect 尊敬。] [come across 遇到。]

9.B [refer to 参考,查阅。] 11.D [put away 收好,放好;take down 写下,记下;look over 从……上面看;查看, 检查;carry on 继续。] 12.A 13.C 排除 A。] 15.D [由前一个分句知后半个分句应使用以现在为起点的时态。] 得分策略 得分点15:with复合结构的正确运用 [经典例题] With his work ________ on time,he felt very excited. A.to be finished B.to finish C.finishing D.finished 错因分析 许多考生会认为“工作”与“完成”之间为动宾关系,从而误选 A 项。其 实,不定式表示要做的事情,而过去分词表示已经完成的事情。根据句子语境可知,工作已 经完成,故选 D 项。 [得分笔记] 在“with + n.+非谓语动词”结构中,非谓语动词可以是不定式、动词 ing 形式、动词ed 形式等。不定式主动形式表被动意义,暗含将要做的事情;动词ing 形 式表示名词(宾语)发出的动作(主动);动词ed 形式表示名词(宾语)承受的动作(被动),暗含 过去已经完成。 Ⅱ.完形填空 16. C 17.D (courage)。] 18.B [be born infected with HIV 表示“出生时携带 HIV”,从后半句 his mother was also infected 和后一句可以推知答案选 B。] 19.B [从上文提示可知,他依赖药物治疗,这使他能(enable)活下去。] [由第一空后面的 an educator and health care provider 可知, 前面缺少表示“作为” [从下文可知,“我”特别了解到了 Tyler 这个弱小的家伙身上有着巨大的勇气 的介词来连接后面的双重职业身份,因此用 as。] [while 尽管,引导让步状语从句。] [what 为连接代词,在从句中作主语,本身具有一定的含义。]

14. C [因 the number of 作主语时, 谓语动词用单数; 由 these days 可知, 不用过去式,

20.A [从该句中的 oxygen(氧气)可知,他需要额外的氧气来支持他的呼吸(breathing), 其他选项不符合语境。] 21.B 22.B [根据下文语意可知,Tyler 不愿意放弃他童年的快乐时光,此处语意表示他的 [所以“我们”经常(not unusual)可以看出 Tyler 背着装满药物的背包,后面小车中 心理状态,用 be not willing to 不乐意,不愿意,符合语境。] 拖着(drag)氧气瓶,在后院玩耍、跑步。] 23.A [参见 22 题解析。从常识可知,车在后面,应该是拖着(drag),而不是 carry“携 带”;push 推;take 带走。] 24. B 25.C [从上下文可知, “我们”都对 Tyler 的那种努力活下去的纯真快乐(joy)印象深刻。 ] [从常识判断,他母亲也是苦中作乐,常取笑 (tease)他,告诉他跑得太快 (fast)

了,以致于他需要穿红色衣服,以便她透过窗户看他的时候能够很快发现(spot)他。] 26.D [参见 25 题解析。slowly 和 happily 不符合语境,quickly 强调动作迅速、敏捷, 而 fast 则强调速度快。] 27.B [参见 25 题解析。spot 在这里表示“发现,看见”。] 28.C [从上下文可知,这致命的病最终消耗了 Tyler 的生命。wear down(使)消耗,损 耗;break down 作“垮掉”讲时应表达为 Tyler ’s health broke down。] 29.B 30.A 31.D 32.C 33.A 34.C [此处是 so 引起的倒装结构,表示“他感染了 HIV 的母亲也如此”。] [apparent 明显的,显然的;hopeless 无望的;sure 跟从句时不能是 it 作主语; [他母亲跟他聊起了死亡(death)的话题。由后面一句可知答案选 D 项。] [他死前几天示意(sign)“我”到他病床边。] [由常识判断,他濒临死亡,肯定很虚弱,只能轻轻地对“我”说(whisper)。] [Tyler 说他不害怕(scared)死亡,但他死后,要给他穿红色(red)衣服,这样在天

terrible 可怕的,糟糕的。语境表示“很明显 Tyler 活不了了”。]

堂他母亲就能很容易地认出他来。根据语境选 C 项。] 35.A [文中 26 空后有提示。解析参考 34 题。] 得分策略 完形填空试题做完后,有没有必要逐空检查? 只需要对自己觉得模棱两可的选项仔细推敲, 对于完形填空题的检查问题, 可从以下几 方面核查:语法、惯用法对不对;是否符合上下文的逻辑;是否符合科学道理;是否符合故 事情节的发展;是否符合文章的主题、作者的态度和意图。 另外,万一有个别空格实在无法确定,千万不要空着不填,应根据语境和上下文推测此 空所要填的词。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 36.C 37.D [细节推断题。根据第一段中的“Everyday when she came home...”可知,她对自 [推理判断题。根据第一段中的内容以及第二段中的 “...until the years became 己的工作很不满意。] decades...There are only seven more years...”等信息可知,她一直没有换工作。] 38.B [细节理解题。联系全文的语境,再根据第三段对狗的情况的描述可知,文中提 到的这位年轻女士和这里描述的狗的情况是一样的,由此推知 B 为正确答案。] 39.A [词义猜测题。根据上下文的意思可知,该词的意思是“持久的”。]

40. D [细节理解题。 根据最后一段中的“And when things don’t change as they sometimes will...”可知,这些人工作顺利,是因为他们能随着环境的变化而作出改变。] 得分策略 面对较难的阅读材料,该如何下手?(一) 阅读材料难的阅读理解,其题目设置往往不难。 首先,碰到阅读材料太难的文章,考生应采用先看题后阅读全文的方法。把所有的题目 了解之后, 考生就能够大概了解全文的内容和考查的问题了, 然后带着问题去原文中找答案。 其次, 要认真理解首段和尾段, 因为文章的主题思想往往在开头部分或文章结尾总结时 提出。 最后, 抓住关键词汇来确定作者的语气和态度。 作者的语气和态度总是要通过词汇来明确表 达或暗示出来的。

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