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虚拟语气导学案 1

高二年级英语导学案 Unit 1 Book6 Art
Period 5 Writing
学习目标 1..通过模仿运用句型表达你所要表达的思想; 2. 通过小组互助或自我帮助学会用虚拟语气表达建议. 3.通过练习运用这些句型到脱口而出,即口头会说,笔头会写. 4.通过给学校提建议,希望学生们能够更加热爱学校,关注学校的发展 学习过程 1 Warming Proverbs A. If there ________no clouds, we ________not enjoy the sun.不经历风雨,怎能见彩虹 B. If we ________ strong will, we _____ always have enough ways.如果我们有坚强的意志, 我们就有足够的办法 C .Life ________ be too peaceful if it ________ no trouble in it.生活若无波折险阻,就会过于平 淡 2. Translation 1.如果我是高二年级组长,我就让所有同学每个星期六休息,这样学生们在星期一上课的时候就精 力充沛 If I _______ group leader of Grade Two, I ____ ask all the students to have a rest every

Saturday, so they could be full of energy next Monday.
2.学生们强烈要求他们在学校不穿校服,这样他们就可以张扬他们自己的个性 Students strongly demand that they ________ wear school uniform. If so, they could show

their own personality.
3.学校对于学生头发的规定太苛刻了,尤其是男生。如果男生的头发稍微可以留长点,他们既可以 御寒还可以追赶时尚潮流。 The rule for the boys’ hair is too strict, If boys ______ their hair little longer, they _______feel warmer in winter. Meanwhile, they could follow the fashion. 4.我多么希望我们能多上音乐课, 美术课, 体育课和电脑课。 那么学生们就会更加健康快乐的成长, 而且没有考试的压力 How I wish we _______ more music, art, sports and computer lessons, that way, students

would be happier and healthier. Besides, they would have no pressure from examinations
5.我们上晚自习的时间太长了。如果学校可以缩短同学们上晚自习的时间,同学们晚上的睡眠质量 会好,第二天上课的时候不会打瞌睡

We have too long studying hours in the evening. If the school shorten the studying time, students _____ have a good sleep and we wouldn’t be sleepy next day when having lessons.
6..我们建议食堂提高饭菜的质量和种类。 这样就餐的同学身体更健康, 还可以吸引更多的学生就餐。 We suggest the food in the canteen _______ be improved and varied. So students eating

there would be healthier and more students would come to enjoy meals.
3. Correction(请在黑体字部分找出错误) 1.如果学校雇佣清洁工来打扫卫生间和过道,那么,学生们就可以有更多的时间来学习 If the school employ dustmen to clean the washing rooms and the passages, students

would have more time to study.

I highly suggest that English teachers don’t ask us to remember so many words and expressions. Without the heavy task, we would have a lot of fun learning English.

3 晨跑让我们很疲惫。我们希望能够取消这一活动

Running in the morning makes us tired. We wish the activity will be cancelled.

If we had a PE lesson every day , we will be healthier and concentrate more attention on class.
5 学校要求我们这周六召开家长会。.

The school demanded that we would have a parent-teacher meeting this Saturday. 4. Speaking If I were headmaster of No3 High School, I…. 5. Example If I were headmaster of No3 high School,I would ask students and teachers to raise the national flag after the second period in the morning on Monday. If students didn’t come to school so early, they could have good breakfast at home. Besides, they wouldn’t be in a hurry on the way. Accidents might be less. I strongly suggest that the headmaster should take consideration of the safety of all the students and teachers. I wish the advice would be accepted by the headmaster. So everyone in our school wouldn’t be feeling so cold on Monday morning when raising the national flag. 6.Writing If I were headmaster of No3 High school ,I…
____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 7. Assessment 1.你能熟练运用虚拟语气写出几种不同的句子? 2.你今天参与小组讨论了吗? 3.你今天主动发言了吗?你对自己的发言满意吗?如果不满意,今后你将如何改进?

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