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Unit7 考点讲与练

单元知识点复习 (Unit 7, Module 3)
1. participate vi. 参加 2. evaluate vt. 评估;评价 3. arrange vt. 安排,准备 4. persuade vt. 说服,劝服 5. apologise vi. 道歉 6. pollute vt. 使污染 → pollutio

n n. 污染 7. ban vt. 禁止 8. handle vt. 对付 9. present vt. 演示;讲演 10. attract vt. 吸引→ attraction n. 吸引人的地方 11. melt vi. 融化,熔化 12. measure vi.& vt. (长度、数量)为;测量 13. terrify vt. 令人感到恐惧 14. escape vi. 逃脱 15. survive vi. 幸存 Words 16. recover vi. 恢复正常;康复 17. scream vi. (因恐惧、疼痛、兴奋等)大声尖叫 18. recognise vt. 辨认出 19. disagree vi. 不同意,意见不合 20. actress n. 女演员 21. explorer n. 探险家 22. voyage n. 航海;航空 23. deed n. 行为,行动 24. department n. 部,系,局,部门 25. solution n. 解决办法 26. intelligence n. 智力,理解力 → intelligent adj. 有灵性的;聪明的 27. discovery n. 发现 28. discount n. 折扣;减价 29. terror n. 恐怖,恐惧 30. debate n. 辩论,争论 31. frightening adj. 令人惊恐的,骇人的 32. present-day adj. 当今的,现代的

33. energetic adj. 有活力的 34. up-to-date adj. 最新的;现代的 35. horrible adj. 可怕的;令人厌恶的 36. local adj.当地的,地方性的 37. eventually adv. 最终 38. altogether adv. 完全

1. be forced to do sth. 被迫做某事 2. succeed in doing sth. 成功做某事 3. deal with a problem 处理问题 4. keep a record of 保持……的记录 5. on the edge of 在……边缘 6. scream out 喊出 7. follow one’s directions 听从某人的指挥 8. in addition to... 除……之外还有 Phrases 9. fill out 填写 10. set sail 启航 11. according to 根据,依照 12. get into trouble 陷入麻烦,陷入困境 13. make it to 到达 14. make a living 谋生 15. watch out 注意 16. in search of 寻求 17. all at once 突然,忽然 18. pick up 取;接载

1. Biarni was hoping to join his father who was with Eric, but he was blown off course and found himself in an unknown land, from where he eventually reached Gre S enland. (P8) find himself in… 指“发现自己不知不觉地来到某处或处于某种状态”。这 tructu 是 find+宾语(反身代词)+宾语补足语(现在分词/过去分词/形容词/副词/介词短语等) res 的用法。 2. It’s three timesas big underwater. (P12)英语倍数表达法如下: 用 times 表示倍

数(一般限于三倍或三倍以上的数。 表示两倍的数, 一般用 twice)。 ①倍数+形容词(或 副词)的比较级+than+比较对象;②倍数+as+形容词或副词的原级+as+比较对象;③ 倍数+the size/height/length/width …+of。 3. You certainly won’t find a noisier fish. (P12) 形容词或副词的比较级和 not, never,nothing 等否定词连用,表达最高级的含义。 4. I was trying to recover when my elder brother put his mouth close to my ear, and screamed out… (P14) be doing…when…表示“正在……,这时……”,when 在此 句中意为“这时突然,就在这时”,是个并列连词。常见的结构还有:① be about to do sth. when…;②be on the point of doing sth. when… 5. Some time after I left the boat, with my brother in it, it sank into the bottom of the whirlpool. (P15) with 的复合结构,即“with+复合宾语”结构,在句中通常作定语 或状语。其结构是:with + 宾语 + 宾语补足语。补足语表示宾语所发出的一个动作 或说明宾语的状态、特征、身份等。

Exercises Ⅰ. 根据句意写出括号内所给单词的适当形式。 1. Many are surprised at the 2. It is 3. The problem of ual) died. 5. Mary was talking to a friend at that moment, and she seemed very happy and rgy). 6. As my teacher often puts it, 7. Life in London has so many Ⅱ.语法巩固。 1. Jane spent all evening talking about her latest five books, of A. which B. what C. them D. those 2. — How was your recent trip to Wuyi Mountain? — I’ve never had A. the more pleasant B. a more pleasant C. a most pleasant D. the most pleasant 3. The new stadium to be built next year will be the present one. one before. none I had ever read. (intelligent) without ambition is a bird without wings. (attract) — nightclubs, good restaurants and so on. (discover). (ene (long) of time it took him to make up his mind. (frighten) to most children to waken and find a stranger. (pollute) arises along with the rapid development of industry. (event

4. Although she had been ill for a long time, it still came as a shock when she

8. Researchers in this field have made some important new

A. as three times big as B. three times as big as C. as big as three times D. as big three times as 4. — John, this book you borrowed from the library is, I have to say, not a bit interesting. — Why? I think it’s A. far more interesting B. much less interesting C. no more interesting D. any less interesting Ⅲ. 句型巩固。根据汉语提示完成句子。每空一词。 1. 当他醒来的时候,他发现自己被一群陌生人围住了。 When he came to himself, he himself a group of strangers. 2. 由于孩子们在上学,所以当我们想度假时而不能去度假。 (with 的复合结构) , we can’t take our vacation when we want to. 参考答案:
Ⅰ. 1. length 2. frightening 3. pollution 4. eventually 5. energetic 6. intelligence 7. attractions 8. discoveri

than any other book I have ever read.

Ⅱ. 1-4 ABBA Ⅲ. 1. found; surrounded by 2. With the children at school

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