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开放周Language points高一英语教师版

M2U1 Tale of the unexplained Period 2 Language湖南省娄底一中 points 2013 级
编号: 02 班级:
包科领导签字: 姓名:审批人:梁艳美主备:龙列义 审核:梁艳美 学习目标:1 扎实掌握重点词汇的用法;提高语言活用能力 编制人:龙列义 小组:

根据句义,从所提供的词组中选择恰当的词组填入相关句中。注意词形变化。 step up, 高一英语模块 make up, do research on, look into, run into, put on 2 导学案 1.He didn’t have a good excuse for being late, so he ___made___ one _ up______. 包科领导: 自学评价: 修正评价: 时间:2013 年 11 月 19 日 2.The government has set up a working party to __look into______ the problem. 3.Why don’t you ___put on______ the dark grey suit today? 4.We decided to __step up________ production to try to meet the increased demand. 5.The company __run into_____big quality (质量) problems when Tom was in charge.

2 自主学习,探究共赢;学会分析和总结的方法并学以致用。 3 激情投入,疯狂背诵;体验学习的快乐

重难点: 活学活用本课文重点词汇和理解长难句 高频词汇:go missing step up search due to put on
make up while(虽然) look into


show up

6.I want to ___do research on___ this kind of metal, so I collected a lot of information. 二.疯狂背诵 根据例句总结下列词汇的用法

长难句的理解: 1.Police in America have stepped up their search for a 1. Standing inside were lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes. fifteen-year–old boy who went missing ?L1-2 (P2,Lines 36-38)

step up 加紧,加强,促进 2. When asked about the possibility that Justin was taken by aliens, ① Detective Sam Peterson, who has taken charge of the case, told We must try our best to step up the protection of the environment. journalists, L67-69... 我们必须尽全力加强对环境的保护。 预习案 Previewing Case
使用说明&学法指导 1 借助词汇精粹,理解例句并尝试总结知识结构, 然后再根据 预习,自测进行自我检测。 2 完成时间 30 分钟 Ⅰ预习导学 词汇精粹 学习建议 1.认真阅读 Reading 部分,找出重要词汇或句型。 2.根据所列例句,理解并尝试总结下列词汇的用法。 一.阅读 Reading ,填写重要词汇(单词或短语) According to the story, finish the summary. Justin Foster went ① missing last Friday night. His mother thought he was spending the night with a friend. .He didn’t __show② up_at the family lunch the next day. That evening Justin returned home after the game. _Witnesses③ __also say they saw Justin walking towards his home. Justin’s sister, Kelly heard him _put on④ _his favourite CD and she also saw a large spaceship flying outside. She heard Justin shout. Mavis Wood said that she was taken away by aliens. They did some research⑤ ___ on her. The whole experience was terrible, but luckily she came back without any ⑥ _injuries___. Detective Sam Peterson __took charge of_⑦ the case. He said there was no (hard) _evidence_⑧ __that aliens took Justin away. But they have not dismissed_ ⑨ the idea, and are__looking into_⑩ _ other possibilities. Ⅱ预习自测 ② .go Step.(v) :step into 进入 step aside 让路,站到一边 Step.(n) :step by step 逐步地 out of step 不合拍

take steps to do sth. 采取措施做某事 follow in one’s steps 紧步某人的后尘

mind/ watch your step 小心谨慎,谨慎从事



此处,go 为系动词,后接形容词作表语,表示变成或处于某种状态,往往表示不好的 变化,也可指颜色的变化。 Meat goes bad easily in summer. 夏天肉容易变质。

Hearing the news, her face went pale. 听到这一消息,她的脸变得苍白 ③ search n. vi & vt. 搜索,搜查,搜寻 search for sb./sth. 搜寻某人或某事物 search sb./sp. in search of 搜某人的身或搜查某处 search sb./sp. for sth.在某人身上/某处搜查某物 = in one’s search for 寻找 他们出发去寻找失踪的孩子 They set off in search of the missing child

2. I didn’t see him but I heard him put on his favorite CD.


? He put his coat on hurriedly and ran out of the house(.穿上) ? The play put on last week was well worth seeing.(上演) ? He put on a lot of weight last winter. (发胖、增加) ③ .case 可数 n. 案例,情况,状况,事实(与 the 连用) ,事例 The police worked on the case for a year, but didn’t find out the murderer was. 警方对这个案子进行了一年的调查,但没查出凶手是谁。 If that is the case, then I’ll have nothing to say.

3?, and was not home when these events occurred..When Justin did not show up for lunch the next day, L53-54...
① occur vi. 发生,存在


编号: 02

事故发生时,我正沿着街道走着。 如果那是事实的话,我将无话可说。 occur 作发生讲时, 相当于 happen, 其后不能接宾语,无被动语态。 湖南省娄底一中 2013 级 高一英语模块 2 导学案 相关短语: in this / that case 既然这样/那样,假若是这样/那样的话 occur to sb. (注意或想法突然)浮现于脑中, in case of 假如,万一 in case 万一,假如 班级: 小组: 姓名:他突然想起了一个好主意 主备:龙列义 。 审核:梁艳美 包科领导: 自学评价: 修正评价: 时间:2013 年 11 月 19 日 A good idea occurred to him. just in case 以防万一 in any case 不管怎么样,无论如何 It occurs to sb. that … 某人想到… in no case 绝不,任何情况下都不 It occurred to me that I had left my ID card at home. 5?, “Sometimes people make up such amazing stories. ?” 我突然想起我把身份证忘在家里了。 ? Tom makes up stories to amuse his little brother.( 编造 ) happen 指偶然事故的发生,happen to sb,发生在某人身上,happen to do 碰巧做 ? Boys make up 52% of the students. (构成,组成) take place 指按照事先的安排或计划而发生某事 ? Why don’t you two shake hands and make up?(和解) ② show up 出现, 露面 ? Can I leave early this afternoon and make up the time tomorrow?(弥补) We have been waiting for a long time for him to show up. ? Most women make up everyday now. (化妆) 我们等他来已经很长时间了。 ? make up the bed for our guest. 整理 show off 卖弄,炫耀 on show 陈列,展览 相关短语: 4..When asked about the possibility that Justin was taken by aliens, make out 辨认出,了解 make use of 利用 Detective Sam Peterson, who has taken charge of the case, told make up one’s mind 下决心 make it 成功,设法安排 make...into... 把...制成... journalists, L67-69... 6. So, while we have not dismissed the idea, we are looking into other possibilities as ① When asked? =When he was asked? (Line73-75) 当时间状语从句的主语和主句的主语相同,而且从句的谓语动词有 be 的某种形式时, well. ① while 意思是“尽管,虽然” ,引导让步状语从句。 可以省掉从句中的主语和 be,仅保留分词。 (1) 虽然,尽管 .eg. 我在等你的时候,发现了我一直要寻找的那本书。 While I like it very much, I won’t buy it. 尽管我很喜欢,但我不会买。 When ( I was )waiting for you, I found the book which I had been looking for. (2)然而,并列连词,表示前后两个分句之间的对比。 ② that 同位语从句用来解释说明 possibility 的具体内容 He likes listening to music, while I enjoy watching TV. There is a possibility that? 有可能?? 他喜欢听音乐,而我喜欢看电视。 可以跟同位语从句的名词通常有 news, idea, fact, doubt, suggestion, evidence, word (3)当…的时候,在…期间 (消息) ,possibility 等。 You must learn as much as possible while you are young. e.g. He failed the exam due to the fact that he didn’t work hard 你必须在你年轻的时候尽可能多学点儿。 他考试不及格,是由于没有努力学习。 ② look into 调查,往…里面看 相关单词:possible adj.可能的 possibly adv.可能 The police are looking into the accident. 警察正在调查这起事故。 易混词常用句式:It is possible for sb. to do sth. 或 It is possible that... The teacher looked into the classroom through the back door. It is probable that... 做某事是可能的。 老师从后门往教室里看了看。 相关短语: look on 旁观,观看 look out 注意,留神 It is likely that... 做某事是可能的 look around 环顾,观看 look after 照顾,关心 Sb. be likely to do sth... 某人有可能做某事 look up to 尊敬,仰望 look down upon 看不起 It is possible for him to help us. 他有可能会帮我们。 look back 回顾 look through 看穿,浏览 It is probable that our suggestion will be accepted. 我们的提议很可能会被接受。 When the accident occurred, I was walking along the street. The students are likely to go there by bike. 学生有可能骑自行车去那儿 look up 查询 我的疑惑?

2 When asked about the possibility that Justin was taken by aliens,

请你将预习中未能解决的问题和有疑惑的问题写下来,等待课堂上与老师和同学们一起 (1) When asked?是=_____When he was asked______的省略 解决。 E.g. If( it is) necessary, I’ll go there myself.

探究案(Exploring case)

? 状语从句省略句的原则:_从句的主语和主句的主语相同,而且从句的谓语动词有 be 的某种形式时,可以省掉从句中的主语和 be,仅保留分词。 ?当你被给予帮助时,你应该说“谢谢” 。




湖南省娄底一中 2013 级
编号: 02 班级: 小组: 姓名: 主备:龙列义 审核:梁艳美

高一英语模块 2 导学案
包科领导: 自学评价: 修正评价: 时间:2013 年 11 月 19 日

1.go missing 中, ? go 是___系动词__(词性),后接___形容词___作表语,表示___变化__________, 往往指不好的 变化。 ? 翻译:发疯___go mad___ 2.occur vi. 发生 出错__go wrong______ 变质__go bad___________ 其现在分词____occurring__过去分词__occurred______.

When__given__help, you should say “Thank you”(用 give 的适当形式)

1. A _I always felt I would pass the exam, I never thought I would get an A. A. While B. Once C. If D. Until

2. At the foot of the mountain ____B_______________. A. a village lie B. lies a village C. does a village lie D. lying a village ? 翻译:这个地区经常发生地震 3. ______B_______,you should keep it a secret. Occur 用法扩展,occur 的常用搭配: A.If asking B. If asked C. If to ask D. .If being asked ? 某人想到某 sth _occurs to sb_______________________________________________ 4 He ___A___ all his pockets but failed to find his passport. ? 某人想到??(从句)__ sth occurs to sb that_______________________________ A. searched B. searched for C. in search of D. looked for It never occurred to me that you could succeed in asking him to change his mind. 5 ____A____ can you lose the chance to go abroad for further study. ? 句子翻译:我从来没有想到你能做到要他改变想法 A. In no case B. In any case C. In this case D. In case 区别 take place, happen, occur 6 It never occurred to me ____C____ you could succeed in persuading him ? It ___occurred____to me that I we still have many things to do. to change his mind. ? When will the wedding ____take place________? A. which B. what C. that D. if ? The car accident __happened__because of his carelessness. 7. Great changes ____B____ in our city. It is no longer ________ it used to be 探究二 重点短语、句型、长难句探究 1.Standing inside were lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes. ten years ago. A. took place; how B. have taken place; what (P2,Lines 36-38) C. are taken place; what D. take place; when ? 翻译 许多皮肤白皙且具有黑眼睛的奇怪动物站在里面
Earthquakes occur frequently(经常)in this area. ? 此句属于____倒装句____ (句式) ? 正常语序该为:_Lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes were standing inside 结构是: 表语+ be +主语 On top of the mountain is a temple. Gone are the days when we used foreign oil. Standing there are some beautiful girls with long hair and blue eyes. ? 队伍的最前面是我们的班主任。 翻译 At the head of the line_is our head teacher ? 一个长头发的小女孩躺在地上(on the floor) 翻译 _____Lying on the floor__is__a little girl with long hair. (表地点的介词短语+谓语+主语) 学贵有疑—我思考,我收获! 学习建议:结合以上学习,请你用 3-5 分钟的时间与同学自由质疑和答惑。

回扣本节课内容,从课文理解和长句难句分析方面进行二次领会和记 我的收获(反思静悟、体验成功)
III 课后学习指导


1 牢记本节课所学的词汇用法及其例句、语法知识及用法 2 运用本节课所学词汇自由造句,一词一句。 Ⅳ .课后学习指导




湖南省娄底一中 2013 级
编号: 02 班级: 小组: 姓名: 主备:龙列义 审核:梁艳美

高一英语模块 2 导学案
包科领导: 自学评价: 修正评价: 时间:2013 年 11 月 19 日



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