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英语必修4备课课件:Unit 1《Women of achievement》 Language Points(人教版)

Section Ⅱ

Warming Up & Reading—

Language Points

Ⅰ.重点单词 一、将下列单词与所对应的英文解释连线 1.welfare A.a series of actions intended to produce

political or social change 2.shade B.care provided by the state or another

organization for people in need
3.campaign C.prevent direct light from reaching sth.

4.support D.saying exactly what you think

5.outspoken E.a person who is an expert in a particular
area of work or study 6.specialist F.help or encourage sb./sth.by saying or showing you agree with sb./sth. 答案:1.B 2.C 3.A 4.F 5.D 6.E

二、根据所给词性和汉语意义写出英语单词 1. achievement n.成就;功绩→ achieve vt.完成;达

2. connection n.连接;关系→ connect v.连接;接通 3. organization n.组织;机构;团体→ organize vt.组 织,安排 4. behave v.举动;表现→ behaviour 快乐 n.行为

5.entertainment n.款待;娱乐→ entertain vt.招待;使

Ⅱ.重点短语 根据汉语意思补全短语 1.fight for 为??而奋斗 2.put sb. to death处死;处决 3.devote... to 把??贡献给;致力于 4.human being 人 5.move off 离开;起程;出发

6.be allowed to do sth.被允许做某事 7.communicate with sb.与某人交际、交流 8.work out 算出;制定出 9.lead a... life 过着??的生活 10.crowd in (想法、问题等)涌上心头;涌入脑海

achievement n.成就;功绩(P1)
①Seeing the lines of trees,we all had a sense of achievement. 看着一排排的树木,我们都有一种成就感。 ②The achievement of one’s purpose depends largely upon

one’s effort.

③The first walk on the moon was quite an achievement.

④She hoped to achieve her ambition to become a singer. 她希望实现当歌手的抱负。

[归纳拓展] quite an achievement了不起的成就 sense of achievement成就感 achieve v.完成;达到(目标);取得胜利

achieve one’s purpose /aim /goal达到某人的目的
achieve success/a good result 获得成功/ 得到好的结果

[即境活用] 1.用所给单词的适当形式填空

①The astonishing results reflect the________(achieve)of the
police during the campaign. ②The company has________(achieve)a 100% increase. 答案:①achievements ②achieved

put...to death处死(P1) ①Iraq’s former President Saddam Hussein was put to death in 2006. 伊拉克前总统萨达姆·侯赛因于2006年被处死。

②Yao Jiaxin was sentenced to death on Friday.
药家鑫在周五被判处死刑。 ③Ten people were burned to death in the hotel fire. 旅馆火灾中有10人被烧死。

[归纳拓展] sentence sb.to death判处某人死刑 beat sb.to death打死某人

freeze to death冻死
burn to death被烧死 bleed / burn / starve to death流血而死/烧死/饿死 frighten / scare sb.to death把某人吓得要死

[即境活用] 2.完成句子

②If the farmers stole the crops of the landlord and were caught,they were sure______ ______ ______ ______ ______(会被打死). ③It’s reported that an old woman who has four sons______

______ ______ ______(被饿死)at home.
④The murderer was__________________(处以死刑). 答案:①almost scared me to death ②to be beaten to death ③was starved to death ④put to death

condition n.状况,状态;条

①To our relief,the girl who was injured in the China high-speed rail crash is in good condition now. 令我们欣慰的是,在高铁碰撞中受伤


②I agreed to the conditions of the contract.
我同意这项合同的条件。 ③The experiment must be done under laboratory conditions. 这项试验必须在实验室环境下进行。 ④He is overweight and out of condition. 他体重超重,健康状况不佳。 ⑤You must on no condition tell them what happened.

=On no condition must you tell them what happened.

[归纳拓展] in bad /good /excellent condition

out of condition健康状况不佳 on(the)condition that在……条件下,假如 on no condition决不

[即境活用] 3.完成句子 ①虽然这位老人的生活条件非常糟糕,但他的健康状况

Although his living______are very bad ,the old man is______ ______ ______ ______. ②无论如何你今天不能外出。 You should______ ______ ______go out today.

答案:①conditions;in very good condition
②on no condition

behave vi.& vt.(P2) (1)(举止或行为)表现 ①I’m sorry about last night—I behaved like a child.

②They behaved badly towards/to the foreigners. 他们对外国人很不礼貌。 ③The little girl behaved with great courage in the face of the gunman.


[归纳拓展] ?like...表现得像?? ? behave ?well / badly表现好/ 不好 ?with great courage表现出极大的勇气 ?


④You should behave yourself in public.
在公共场合你应该守规矩。 ⑤The headmaster doesn’t allow bad behaviour in class. 校长不允许班上有不良行为。


behave oneself守规矩;举止适当(得体)
well-behaved adj.表现好的 badly-behaved adj.表现差的 behaviour n.[U] 举止;行为 be on one’s best behaviour 举止规矩

[即境活用] 4.完成句子

I want you to______ ______ while I’m away. ②他的举止像个真正的绅士。 He______ ______a true gentleman. 答案:①behave yourselves ②behaved like


①Chimps are fond of eating bananas in the shade. 黑猩猩喜欢在阴凉处吃香蕉。 ②I saw them playing cards in the shade of a tree. 我看见他们在树荫下打牌。


in the shade在阴凉处
under/ in the shade of a tree在树荫下 (2)vt.遮蔽,挡光 ③She shaded her eyes against the sun. 她遮住眼睛避免阳光直射。

④His impatience shaded into anger.

[归纳拓展] shade...from / against...使……免受……的照射

shade into渐渐与……分辨不清,逐渐变成

[易混辨析]shade/shadow 指任何遮住阳光的地方,指的是一个立 shade





[即境活用] 5.用shade或shadow填空

①Let’s sit in the ______for a while.
②The______of the trees grew longer as the afternoon went on. ③In summer,the trees give some welcome______and we can feel cool.

答案:①shade ②shadows


worthwhile adj.值得的,“值得做某事”常用It is worthwhile doing /to do sth.结构。(P2) ①It is worthwhile practising oral English every morning. 每天早晨练习英语口语是很值得的。 ②It’s worthwhile taking the trouble to explain a job fully to new employees. 给新雇员详细解释一下工作(要求),费点事是值得的。

③The smile on her face made it all worthwhile.

④I’d like the money to go to a worthwhile cause. 我很想把钱花在有价值的事业上。

温馨提示:(1)worth只能作表语,在be worth doing中,只 能用主动形式表示被动,worth前往往用well作修饰语,而不

(2)worthy除了作表语,表示“值得??”,也可用作定 语,表示“值得尊敬的;值得注意的”。 (3)表示“很值得??”要用well worth /worthy/ worthwhile...。

[即境活用] 6.用worth,worthy或worthwhile填空

①The research is______the time and effort that we have
devoted to it. ②I think it______to read the book. ③His behaviour is______of great praise. 答案:①worth ②worthwhile ③worthy

observe vt.(P2) (1)观察;观测;监视 ①I felt he was observing everything I did.

(2)看到;注意到 ②I observed a stranger go/going into the office. 我看到一个陌生人进了/正在进入办公室。 ③I observed that several students were asleep in class.


[归纳拓展] ?sb.doing sth.观察某人在做某事 ? ?sb.do sth.观察到某人做了某事 observe+? ?sth.观察某事物 ?that观察到?? ?

(3)遵守(规则、法律等) ④Everyone should observe the traffic rules. 人人都应该遵守交通规则。

⑤Do they observe Christmas? 他们过不过圣诞节?

温馨提示:下列动词后的不定式在主动语态中省略to; 在被动语态中不能省略to。 一感:feel 二听:hear,listen to

四看:see,watch,observe,notice 半帮助:help


巧记“看”口诀 看场电影要用see,读书看报用read;电视、戏剧和比


[即境活用] 7.完成句子 ①我们看到他在我们家附近闲逛。

We ______ ______ ______ around our house.
②我看到他在门口停下来。 I ______ ______ ______ at the gate. ③有人看到他在门口停下来。 He______ ______ ______ ______at the gate.

答案:①observed him hanging ②observed him stop
③was observed to stop

respect(P2) (1)vt.尊敬,敬重 ①We deeply respect his courage.(=We deeply respect him

for his courage.)
我们深深敬佩他的勇气。 ②We work well together,and I respect him as a colleague. 我们在一起工作得很愉快,而且作为同事我很敬佩他。

[归纳拓展] respect sb./sth.for...因……尊重某人/ 某物

respect oneself自重
respect sb.as...尊重(敬)某人为……

(2)n.尊敬;尊重;敬意;方面 ③He often helps the disabled;he should gain everybody’s respect.

④I can’t agree with you in this respect. 在这方面我不赞同你的意见。

[归纳拓展] gain / lose sb.’s respect赢得/失去某人的尊重/ 尊敬 earn / win respect受到尊敬 show / have respect for sb.尊重/ 尊敬某人

in all respects在各个方面
give / send one’s respect to sb.代某人问候某人

(3)n.(pl.)good wishes敬意,问候,祝愿 ⑤give/send/offer sb.’s respects to sb.=give/send/offer sb.one’s respects

⑥Give/Send/Offer your parents my respects. =Give/Send/Offer my respects to your parents.代我向你父 母问好。

[归纳拓展] “代某人向某人问好”的多种表达法归纳如下: remember sb.to sb.

send sb.’s best wishes to sb.
give one’s regards to sb. send sb.’s kind wishes to sb. give sb.’s respects to sb.


①她一直对我很诚实,我非常敬重她这一点。 She has always been honest with me,and I______ ______ ______ that. ②我们尊重他是伟大的领袖。

We______ ______ ______a great leader.
③我们应当尊敬父母。 We should______ ______ ______our parents. 答案:①respect her for respect for ②respect him as ③show

argue v.(P2) (1)to give a different idea 争论,辩论

①He has been arguing with Mary about the plan for a
long time. 他和玛丽就这项计划争论了好长时间。

argue that...主张,认为…… argue for/against sb./sth.赞成/反对某人/ 某事 argue with sb.about / over sth.与某人争论某事

(2)to persuade说服 ②My wife argued me into buying a new house.

③I argued her out of going on such a dangerous journey. 我说服她不去做这样危险的旅行。

[归纳拓展] argue sb.into doing sth.(=persuade sb.to do sth.) 说服某人做某事 argue sb.out of doing sth. (=persuade sb.not to do sth.)说服某人不做某事 argument n.[C]争论,争吵;论证,论据 settle an argument 解决争端 get into/ have an argument with sb.与某人争论

[易混辨析]argue/quarrel argue quarrel 着重“说理;论证”和“试图说服”。 “争吵;吵架;争辩”,着重用“口角” 方式争执。


People generally quarrel because they cannot

[即境活用] 9.用适当的介词填空

①He argued________his wife______ the best place for a
holiday. ②I was argued________buying a necklace for my wife. ③He strongly argued________the plan to go for a picnic only because of the bad weather.

答案:①with;about/over ②into ③against

lead a...life过着??的生活(P2) ①She used to lead a bitter life in her twenties.

②People in China are leading a happy life. 中国人民过着幸福的生活。 ③Hearing the good news,the old man laughed a hearty laugh.


[归纳拓展] “lead a...life”中的life做同源宾语。常见的能跟同源宾语

dream,laugh等。 smile a...smile笑得……,dream a...dream做……的梦 sing a...song唱一首……的歌 die a...death……地死去

[即境活用] 10.完成句子

①Although he was very rich,he still______ ______
______ ______(过着简朴的生活). ②She______ ______ ______ ______(露出甜美的微笑)to us. 答案:①led a simple life ②smiled a sweet smile

crowd in(on sb.)(想法、问题等)涌上心头;涌入脑 海(P2) ①Too many uncomfortable thoughts were crowding in on her. 她心乱如麻。 ②Good memories crowded in on me when I looked through the old photos.


③Memories came crowding into her mind. 往事一齐涌上她的心头。 ④We all crowded around the stove to keep warm. 我们都挤在炉边取暖。

⑤This car accident drew a large crowd around the site.
这场车祸招来一大群人围在现场。 ⑥A crowd of people crowded around the speaker. 一群人聚集在演讲者的周围。

crowd n.人群,观众 a crowd of一群…… the crowd群众;百姓 crowd into one’s mind / head(=crowd in on sb.)

crowd in / into sp.涌入/ 挤进某场所 crowd around / round(sb./sth.) 聚集在(某人/ 某物)周围 be crowded with挤满了

[即境活用] 11.完成句子 ①事故的现场很快围了一大群人。 ______ ______ ______ soon gathered at the scene of the

②人们挤在事故现场的四周。 People______ ______the scene of the accident. 答案:①A big crowd ②crowded round

inspire(P2) (1)vt.鼓舞;激发

①He inspired many young people to take up the sport.
他鼓励了很多年轻人参与这项运动。 ②His encouraging remarks inspired confidence in me. =His encouraging remarks inspired me with confidence. 他的一番鼓励激起了我的信心。


③The beauty of the West Lake inspired a lot of poets to write their great poetry. 西湖美景给了许多诗人灵感而创作出他们伟大的诗篇。 ④Inspired by his inspiring words,they went on climbing

the snowy mountains.
被他鼓舞人心的话所激励,他们又继续爬雪山。 ⑤His words would make you moved and inspired. 他的话会让你感动和鼓舞。

[归纳拓展] inspiring adj.鼓舞人心的

inspired adj.能力卓越的;富于灵感的


①老师鼓励我们努力学习。 The teacher______ ______ ______ ______ ______.

His first novel______ ______ ______the memory of his mother. ③昨天晚上我们听的歌曲非常鼓舞人心。 The song we heard last night______ ______ ______.

答案:①inspired us to work hard ②was inspired by
③was most inspiring

support(P2) (1)vt.支持;拥护 ①I think it’s important to support local businesses. 我认为支持地方企业是很重要的。

②We support the police in their work against crime.
我们支持警察与犯罪行为作斗争。 (2)vt.养活;资助 ③Mark has two children to support from his first marriage. 马克得供养他第一次婚姻生的两个孩子。

(3)vt.支撑;承受 ④She was sitting up in bed,supported by pillows. 她背靠枕头,坐在床上。 (4)n.[U]支持;拥护

⑤I will ask my colleagues to join me in support of this
plan. 我将请求我的同事和我一起支持这个计划。

[归纳拓展] (1)support sb.in sth.在某方面支持某人

support oneself自立谋生
support one’s family养家糊口 (2)gain /get /win strong support 获得/ 赢得强有力的支持 give / lend /offer support to sb.支持某人

in support of sb./sth.支持某人/ 某事

[即境活用] 13.完成句子

The victim______ ______ ______in London. ②我父母一直都关爱我、支持我。 My parents always______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______.

Only a few people spoke______ ______ ______the proposal. 答案:①won strong support support ③in support of ②give me their love and

Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was_she_allowed to begin her project.在她母亲头 几个月来帮忙后,她才得以开始自己的计划。(P2) 当“only+状语”置于句首,对状语进行强调时,后面

“only+状语”可细分为三种情况: (1)“only+副词”置于句首时 ①Only then did he realize that he was not fit for the job. 到那时他才意识到他不适合做这项工作。

(2)“only+介词短语”置于句首时 ②Only by practising more can you improve your

只有经过更多练习你的书法才能改进。 ③Only in this way can you improve your English. 只有用这种方法你的英语水平才能提高。

(3)“only+状语从句”置于句首时 ④Only when he returned did we find out the truth.

⑤Only he can answer the question. 只有他会回答这个问题。 温馨提示:当“only+主语”置于句首时,不用倒装。

14.完成句子 ①只有到战争结束时,她才又见到了她的丈夫。 ______ ______the war was over______ ______able to see her husband again.

______ ______ ______ ______failed in the exam. ③在又试过一次后我才知道我能做这件事。 ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______I know that I could do it. 答案:①Only when;was she ②Only Tom and John ③Only after I tried it again did

She is leading a busy life but she says:“Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in

laboratories.It’s terrible.It affects me when I watch the wild
chimps”.她的生活是忙忙碌碌的,然而,正如她所说的: “我一旦停下来,所有的一切都会涌上心头。我就会想起实 验室的黑猩猩,太可怕了。每当我看着野生黑猩猩时,这个 念头总是萦绕着我”。(P2)

once在此处用作连词,意为“一旦??就”,用于引导 时间状语从句,类似于as soon as。 ①Once(it is)seen,it can never be forgotten.

②Physics is easy to learn once you understand the rules. 一旦你理解了规则,物理就不难学了。 ③Once you begin,you must continue. 你一旦开始,就必须继续下去。

当once,when,if,as,than等连词引导的从句的主语与 主句的主语一致,且从句的谓语含有be动词的某种形式或从 句为“it is...”形式时,从句中的“主语+be”或it is可以省 略。

[即境活用] 15.完成句子 ①我敢肯定一旦你认识了其他所有人,你在这儿就会很 愉快。

I’m sure you’ll be very happy here______ ______ ______
______ ______everyone else. ②一旦你决定了,你就会更有把握了。 ________________________your mind,you will be more certain.


______ ______,this book will be very popular.
答案:①once you get to know ③Once printed ②Once you’ve made up

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