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2013 年大连市高三双基考试参考答案及评分标准
英 语
听力部分(1.5×20=30) 1~5 CBCBA 6~10 CAACA 11~15 ABBAB 16~20 ACCAB 单项填空(1×15=15) 21~25 ADBDC 26~30 BCAAB 31~35BABCD 完形填空(1.5×20=30) 36~40 DACBA 41~45 ACDCB 46~50 ABDBC 51~55 DCBAD

阅读理解(2×20=40) 56—59 CBAD 60—63DBAD 64—67 ACCB 68—70 CDB 71~75 GBADF 短文改错(1×10=10) Dear Jack, I am pleasing to hear from you and know that you had a greatly time working pleased great part-time in a fast-food restaurant. Now I would like to share your working experiences my with you during the past summer. In the beginning of the summer vacation, I was hired as∧ shopping guide in a big At a supermarket. I stood for ten hours a day and smiled to everyone I have met. Sometimes I was laughed at, and most of the time, I was praised for my wonderful works by many but work people. Half a month passed quickly after I knew it, and I learned how to deal with before different people. Above all, I have learned that smile is the key to solve any problem. solving Best wishes. Yours, Li Ming 书面表达(25 分) 依据高考作文评分标准。 One possible version: Dear Tom, I’ve finally made my decision to go to America for further study after high school. I’ve been longing to go to America, mainly for two reasons. One is that I can experience

American culture, which is believed to be the most diverse in the world, and the other is that I can broaden my mind in this developed country. But to tell the truth, I have some worries concerning this. I don’t have a good command of English, especially spoken English, so I’m afraid I’ll have difficulty fitting in very soon. Besides, I may suffer from heavy pressure from college courses, which I’m not sure I can handle. With so many things bothering me, I hope you can offer me some practical advice. Looking forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua 听力录音稿 (Text 1) W: It is a bit warm out today. M:Warm? You can fry an egg on the street. (Text 2) M:My work is rather hard, but it’s interesting. W: Mine isn’t hard, but it’s not so interesting. M: What do you do? W: I work in a publishing house. (Text 3) M: Sorry. I have forgotten John’s address. W: You forgot again. It’s 1343 King Street. (Text 4) M: I hope I can see you at my birthday party. W: Oh, dear, I’ve forgotten. When is it? M : Well, the day after April Fools’ Day. Easy to remember, isn’t it? W: Yes, of course. (Text 5) W: There were so many people on the bus. I would rather I had walked here. M: OK, next time, you’d better walk. (Text 6) W: The house is beautiful. We are so lucky. M :Tell me about it. W: Well, it has a nice living room, a dining room and two large bedrooms. M: It sounds wonderful. What’s about the kitchen? W: It’s quite modern. It has a new fridge and an electric stove. It also has a very nice dishwasher. M: Do you have furniture yet? W: No. We’re going shopping tomorrow. (Text 7) M: Have you seen Kate lately? W: Yes, I have. I saw her a couple of days ago. She hasn’t been very well in the past couple of

weeks. M: Has she seen a doctor since she’s been ill? W: Yes, she has. The doctor told her to take it easy for a while, but she hasn’t been following his advice. She’s as busy as usual. M: Do you think it useful for me to ask her to have a rest while I go to see her? Or shall we go together? W:I think you can go yourself and show your concern to her since she sometimes would take your advice. So it’s unnecessary for me to go with you. What’s more, I’ve got some other things to do now. (Text 8) M: Hi, what are you doing? W: I’m cleaning the house. M Can you go to the movies with me this afternoon? W: I don’t think so. Right now I’m sweeping the floor. Then I have to wash the floors and iron all the clothes. M: Aren’t your sister and your mother helping you? W: No. They usually help but today my sister is playing tennis and my mother’s writing. M: That’s too bad. Asian Sun is playing at the theatres. They say it’s good. And I want to go to that new Chinese restaurant. W: Well, you could come over later this afternoon and watch TV with me. M: I have a good idea. Why don’t I come over and help you with your work? W: Would you? M: Sure. Why not? I’ll be over in half an hour. (Text 9) M: Now we have five-day classes every week, so we have more spare time than before. W: How do you spend your spare time, Jimmy? M: I am quite interested in violin, you know, and I will continue to practise playing it. W: Do you often take part in a concert? M: Yes, I like to go listening to some music. And I hope I can learn as much as possible from others. W: Do you like classical music or pop? M: I like both. How do you spend your spare time then, Lucy? W: Playing the piano is my favorite activity. M: Our hobbies are similar to each other. I hope we can often exchange experience together. W: So do I, but I’m weak in the theory of music. M: Me, too. But I often go to my uncle’s for advice. He is a professor of the Institute of Music. Would you like to go with me to my uncle? W: I am glad to go with you. I would ask him for advice. (Text 10) It was very difficult to find a job in the northeast of England, and John lost his. He found it impossible to get a new one. He has spent all his money. So he decided to go down to the south of the country, where it was said that things were better, and that it was easier to find a job. The best way to go was by train. So he went to the railway station and got into a train which was going to London. He was the only passenger in his car, when another

man came in carrying a gun and said to him, “Your money or your life?” I haven’t got a penny.” John answered. “But why are you shaking so much?” the man with the gun asked angrily. “Because I thought you were the ticket-collector, and I haven’t even got a ticket.” answered John.


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