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必修五 unit1 new words

Welcome back to school!



Hard Work Knowledge

Luck Money Leadership

Hard Work H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%



12+15+22+5 =54% Luck
L+U+C+K 12+21+3+11 = 47%
( Do most of us think they are the most important ??? )

Then what makes 100% ?
Is it Money ? ... NO ! ! !

13+15+14+5+25 = 72% Leadership ? ... NO ! ! !

12+5+1+4+5+18+19+9+16 = 89%

A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E 100% 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 =
It is OUR ATTITUDE towards Life and Work that makes OUR Life 100% ! ! !

It's your attitude!

is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
样对待这些事情占生活的90%,他 们加起来就是完整的生活。

? 你遇到的事情占生活的10%,你怎

Change Your Attitude …
And You Change Your Life ! ! !

1、制定计划。 2、课前预习。 3、专心上课。 4、勤记笔记。



Let’s work hard together, I believe we can achieve the goals we set.

1._____________ adj.科学的 scientific

2._____________ vt. 传染,感染;影响 infect
3._____________ vt.出席,参观;照料 attend 4._____________ vi.推断出;结束 conclude 5._____________ vt.暴露; 揭发; 曝光 expose 6._____________ vt.指责 n.过失,责备 blame

7.____________ vt. 宣布,宣告;声称 announce
8.____________adj.热情的 enthusiastic 9.____________vt.命令,通知 instruct 10.___________ vt. 吸收; 吞并; 理解 absorb 11.defeat v. ________________ 打败;战胜;使受挫;失败

12.cure n.& v. 治愈;痊愈;治愈;治疗 ________________
13.challenge n.
挑战 ________________

14.contribute v. ________________ 捐献;贡献
15.construct v. 16.reject v. 17.pollute v. 18.positive adj. ________________ 建设;修建 ________________ 拒绝;抛弃 ________________ 污染 ________________ 积极的,肯定的

19.link vt.& n.

________________ 连接,联系

20.expert adj.& n._______________ 熟练的;内行的;专家,行家

1.character n. 性格,品质;人物;字体
characteristic _____________ n.特征;特性adj. 独特 的

⑴ We are building socialism with characteristics Chinese ______________ (character).
⑵ He finished a novel with 2 characters million Chinese_________ (character).
character ⑶ He is firm in __________ (character).

2.attend v.护理,照顾;出席,参加 attendant _____________n.服务人员,侍者;随 从 attentive ____________adj.专心的,留意的 attentively ____________adv.专心地

attend to ____________[搭配]照顾,护理;处理

⑴ It is the nurse who attended ___ my to uncle when he was ill in the hospital last month. ⑵ Mr Smith has some urgent business to attend attend to,so he can’t __________ (attend/take part in/join)your wedding.
⑶ You should be more attentive _________to your work.

3.pollute vt. 污染;弄脏 pollution ______________ n.污染 polluted ______________ adj.被污染的 ______________ n.污染源 polluter

polluted ⑴ We can’t drink the _____________ (pollute) water.

⑵ Nowadays,something must be done to reduce air________ (pollute). pollution

⑶ The _________ (pollute) that has polluter polluted the river is a chemical factory.

4.instruct vt.命令;指示;教导
______________adj.有指导意义的,有 instructive 益的

instruction 指导;说明书(复数) ______________n.
instruct sb.to do sth. ____________________[搭配]命令/指示 某人做某事

⑴ My mum always instructs me _______ (keep) the room clean and in to keep good order.
instructions ⑵ Read the __________ (instruct) carefully before taking the medicine.
instructive ⑶ Your words are very __________ (instruct),so I will keep them in my mind.


__________________ put forward draw a conclusion 2.得出结论 __________________ expose… to 3.使…暴露于__________________

4. 将……和……连接或联系起来 link... to... __________________ 6.应受谴责__________________ be to blame

7.make sense

有意义,说得通 ______________ 除……之外,此外 ______________

8.apart from 10.cure sb.of illness
11.be strict with sb.

9.contribute to 为……作贡献或捐款,导致,有助于 ______________
治好某人……病 ______________
对某人要求严格 ______________

1. expose vt.揭露;使曝光;使暴露 测评p5,5 expose... to使……显露于

be exposed to 接触、暴露于;感染(病)
派生:exposure n. 显露;暴露;曝光

运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ Those who ______________ (expose) were exposed to bird flu were separated and treated without delay.
⑵ Stay at home and don’t expose your to skin ______ the sun.

2. cure v. 治愈,治疗;n. 治愈,疗法 测评p6,6 of cure sb._____ +疾病. 治好某人的 疾病
for treat sb _____+疾病 治疗某人的


式填空。 ⑴ Her son was addicted to the computer games and she had to spend of much time curing ______(cure) him______the bad habits.

3. blame vt.责备;谴责;n. 过失;责备 测评p8,10
blame sb.for(doing)sth. 为某事责备某人 blame sth.on sb.把某事归咎于某人 be to blame(此处主动表被动) (为某事)承担责任/受责备 正:He is to blame. 误:he is to be blamed.

运用:用适当的词填空或完成句子。 ⑴ 我不责怪你,我责怪我自己。 I do not blame you,but I blame myself _____________.
⑵ 那次事故怪不得孩子们。 to blame The children were not_____________for the accident.

for ⑶ The manager blamed him _____ his carelessness at work.

⑷ The police blamed the traffic accident _____ Steven. on

4. contribute vt.& vi.捐献;贡献;捐助 测评p12,2

contribute to(doing)sth.有助于……; 促成

contribute ...to(doing)sth.把……献 给……;撰稿给(报社、杂志)
make a contribution to(doing)sth. 对……作出贡献


⑴ 去年地震发生后,这家公司向红十字 会捐赠了食品和衣物。 contributed food and clothing to The company _______________________ the Red Cross last year after the earthquake happened. ⑵ 我相信新鲜的空气有助于健康。 I’m sure plenty of fresh air____________ contributes to good health.

5. apart from 除……之外;此外

用法:apart from系短语介词,含
有besides/in addition to(包含) 和


运用:用besides,except,except for替 代apart from。 ⑴ Apart from the cost,it will take a lot of time.
Apart from =Besides (In addition to)

⑵ Apart from a few faults,he is a trustworthy teacher.
Apart from =Except for

6. make sense 有意义,有道理,讲得通 测评p13,5 运用:理解下面句子的意思。 ⑴ It doesn’t make any sense to give a child whatever he wants.

⑵ I cannot make sense of this sentence.

Using new words

1.袁隆平是世界著名的农业专家,生于 1930年。2.大学毕业之后,他专注于 absorb in农业研究。3.在研究过程中, 他失败defeat了许多次,但是他从不放 弃。4.除此之外,他还经常整日经受 (expose...to暴露于)日晒雨淋。 5.他提出了许多先进的理论,研发了一 种超级水稻。6.他为我国农业做出了巨 大贡献。

Yuan Longping , who is a world-famous agricultural expert,was born in Beijing in 1930. After graduating from college,he was absorbed in agricultural study. During his study, he was defeated many times,but he never gave up. Apart from this,he often exposed himself to the rain and sunlight all day. At last he put forward many advanced theories and developed a super rice. He makes a great contribution to agriculture of our country.

自主学习,研读以下内容 测评p5,5 测评p6,6 测评p8,10 测评p12,2 测评p12,3 测评p13, 5

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