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第 I 卷 (共 85 分)
一 . 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1. ---- Let’s climb the mountain this weekend, shall we? ---- ________ . A.That’s a good idea B.It doesn’t matter C.You’re dead right D.I agree with you 2. Mr. Black _______ Shanghai in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane _______ on Sunday? A. leaves; takes off B. is leaving; takes off C. is leaving; is taking off D. leaves; is taking off 3. That hero who died in the war was so brave that he never ____ to the enemies until death. A. gave up B. gave out C. gave in D. gave away 4. I was ____ excited at that moment _____ I didn’t know what to say. A. such…that B. too…that C. rather…that D. so…that 5. ---- Do you know our town at all? -----No, this ________ the first time I _________ here. A. was; has come B. is; come C. is; had come D. is; have come 6. My mother was seriously ill last month. Luckily, she managed to ______. A.get back B.run away C.pull through D.look through 7.After half a year of hard training, Miss Li feels fairly _________that she will pass this driving test. A.awful B.confident C.brilliant D.skilful 8. I think I’ll ____ oil painting in my spare time. A. take up B. take away C. take in D. take out 9.Mr White,_______of the_______ meeting,was half asleep. A. tiring, boring B. tiring, bored C. tired, bored D. tired, boring 10.The postman ______ you letters into my letterbox. It’s too boring. A. is always putting B. always puts C. has been putting D. will put 11.At the foot of the mountain _______. A. a village lies B. lies a village

C. does a village lie D. lying a village 12.With so many problems _____ ,he lay in bed staying awake and couldn’t fall asleep at all. A. solved B. solving C. to solve D. having solved 13. —— What about your first English class this morning, Helen? —— We _____ to have an English class ,but Miss Liu was ill. A. supposed B. are supposed C. were supposed D. suppose 14.Rather than ____ in a restaurant , I usually prefer _____ for myself. A. eat; to cook B. to eat; to cook C. eat; cooking D.to eat; cooking 15.This book is said _____ into several foreign languages last year. A. has been translated B. have been translated C. to have translated D. to have been translated 二、 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) On May 27, 1995, our life was suddenly changed. It happened a few minutes past three, 16 my husband, Chris, fell from his horse as it 17 over a fence. Chris was paralysed (瘫痪) from the chest down, 18 to breathe normally. As he was thrown from his horse, we entered into a life of 19 with lots of unexpected challenges. We went from the “have” to the “have-nots”. Or so we thought. 20 what we discovered later were all the gifts that came out of 21 difficulties. We came to learn that something 22 could happen in a disaster (灾难). All over the world people 23 Chris so much that letter and postcards poured in every day. By the end of the third week in a 24 center in Virginia, about 35,000 pieces of 25 had been received and sorted.. As 26, we opened letter after letter. They gave us 27 and became a source of strength for us. We used them to 28 ourselves. I would go to the pile of letters marked with “Funny” if we needed a 29, or to the “Disabled” box to find advice from people in wheelchairs of 30 in bed living happily and 31. These letters, we realized, had to be shared. And so 32 we often of them to you. Dear Chris, My husband and I were so sorry to hear of your 33 accident last week. No doubt your family and your family and your friends are

giving you the strength to face this 34 challenge. People everywhere are also giving you best wishes every day and we are among those who are keeping you 35. 16. A. since B. before C. when D. while 17. A. walked B. climbed C. pulled D. jumped 18. A. able B. unable C. suitable D. unsuitable 19. A. disability B. possession C. convenience D. experience 20. A. So B. For C. Or D. Yet 21. A. sharing B. separating C. fearing D. exploiting 22. A. terrible B. similar C. wonderful D. practical 23. A. wrote for B. cared for C. hoped for D. sent for 24. A. medical B. postal C. experimental D. Mental 25. A. news B. paper C. equipment D. mail 26. A. patients B. a family C. nurses D. a group 27. A. effect B. effort C. comfort D. explanation 28. A. encourage B. express C. control D. treat 29. A. cry B. laugh C. chat D. sign 30. A. much B. never C. even D. seldom 31. A. bitterly B. fairly C. weakly D. successfully 32. A. here B. there C. therefore D. forward 33. A. driving B. flying C. running D. riding 34. A. technical B. different C. difficult D. valuable 35. A. nearby B. close C. busy D. alive 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) (A) Millions of meat-eaters have made the personal decision to stop eating the flesh of other creatures. Here are some major reasons for such a decision. 1.The health reason Medical studies prove that a vegetarian diet is easier to digest, provides a wider range of nutrients(营养) and has fewer burdens on the body. Vegetarians 素食者) are less influenced ( (影响) by all the major diseases, and thus live longer, healthier, more productive lives. They have fewer physical complaints, less frequent visits to the doctor, and smaller medical bills. In a word, they are in the most natural conditions(状况) of life.

2. __________________ Planet earth is suffering. In large measure, the great loss of species, destruction (破坏) ancient rainforests to create lands where of animals can feed on grass, loss of top soils, and the increase of water impurities(杂质) and air pollution have a common cause which is the single fact of meat in the human diet. No single decision that we can make as individuals (个人)or as a race can have such a dramatic effect on the improvement of our planetary ecology(生态) as the decision not to eat meat. Many seeking to save the planet for future generations (代)have made this decision for this reason and this reason alone. 3.The economic reason The simple fact is that to produce 1 kilogram of meat, it requires over 16 kilograms of grain and much more water. Millions of animals are bred(喂养)for meat production. If they were not bred, the vegetation would be used to feed people. And more people in hunger would have their food. 36.Vegetarians prefer to live on vegetables for the reasons EXCEPT that _______. A. vegetables are easier to digest B. they provide more kinds of nutrients C. vegetables are cleaner than meat D. the body will have fewer burdens 37.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to this passage? A. Vegetarians will spend no money on medical care. B. Vegetarians have more children in their life. C. Vegetarians are usually thinner. D. Vegetarians can save the planet for future generations. 38. What might be the proper title for the second part? A. The ecological reason. B. The pollutant reason. C. The plant reason. D. The generation reason. 39. Which of the following might the writer agree? A. Fewer animals should be bred to produce more grain for people. B. Animals shouldn’t be raised. C. We should save animals.

D. Living on vegetables can solve the problem of hunger. 40. If people live on vegetables, which of the following may NOT be affected (影响)by it? A. Species(物种) of animals. B. Air quality. C. People’s health. D. Grain quality (B) Frank Woolworth was born in Rodman, New York., in 1852. His family were very poor farmers, and there was never enough to eat. Frank decided he did not want to be farmer. He took a short business course, and went to work as a salesman in a large city. Woolworth realized he had a natural skill for showing goods to attract people’s interest, but he soon learned something more important. One day his boss told him to sell some odds and ends (小商 品 ) for as much as he could get. Frank put all these things on one table with a sign which said FIVE CENTS EACH. People fought and pushed to buy the things and the table was soon cleared. Soon afterwards, Woolworth opened his own store., selling goods at five and ten cents. But he had another lesson to learn before he became successful. That is, if you want to make money by selling low-price goods, you have to buy them in large quantities directly from the factories. Once, for example, Woolworth went to Germany and placed an order for knives. The order was so large that the factory had to keep running 24 hours a day for a whole year. In this way, the price of the knives was cut down by half. By 1919, Woolworth had over 1000 stores in the US and Canada, and opened his first store in London. He made many millions and his name became famous throughout the world. He always run his business according to strict rules, of which the most important was: “ THE CUSTOMER (顾客)IS ALWAYS RIGHT.” 41. Frank took a short business course in order to ____________. A. earn more money for his family B. learn something from a salesman C. get away from the farm D. get enough to eat. 42. Frank sold the odds and ends quickly because _____________. A. he knew how to get people to buy his goods.

B. he cut down the price by half C. he had put the goods on a table in a very nice way. D. the sign he put on the table was well designed. 43. The price of the knives was cut down by half because _______. A. the factory workers worked 24 hours a day. B. knives were ordered in large quantities directly from the factory. C. the knives were made in Germany, where labour (劳动力) was cheap. D. the knives were produced in one factory. 44. _____________ make Woolworth a world-famous man. A. His business skills and his wealth. B. The low price of the goods he sold. C. His trip to Germany and his huge order of knives. D. His natural skill for showing things. 45. The belief that : “ The customer is always right” suggests that ______ A. whenever there is a quarrel between the customer and shop assistant, the customers are always right. B. If you want to succeed, the rule is the only way. C. stores must always follow the customer’s orders if they want to make more money. D. stores should do their best to meet the customer’s needs if they want to be successful. (C) About ten men in every hundred suffer from( 患病) color blindness in some way. Women are luckier; only about one in two hundred is affected(影响) in this matter. Perhaps, after all, it is safer to be driven by a woman! There are different forms of color blindness. In some cases(情况) a man may not be able to see deep red. He may think that red, orange and yellow are all shadows of green. Sometimes a person cannot tell the difference between blue and green. In rare(罕见的)cases an unlucky man may see everything in shades of green - a strange world indeed. Color blindness in human beings is a strange thing to explain. In a single eye there are millions of very small things called “cones”.

These help us to see in a bright light and to tell difference between colors. There are also millions of “rods”, but these are used for seeing when it is near dark. They show us shape but no color. Some insects (昆虫)have favorite colors. Mosquitoes(蚊子) prefer blue to yellow. A red light will not attract insects, but a blue lamp will. In a similar way human beings also have favorite colors. Yet we are lucky. With the aid (帮助) the cones in our eyes we can of see many beautiful colors by day, and with the aid of the rods we can see shapes (形状)at night. One day we may even learn more about the invisible(看不见的)colors around us. 46. The passage is mainly about _____________. A. color and its surprising effects. B. women being luckier than men C. danger caused by color blindness D. color blindness 47. According to the passage, with the help of the “cones”, we can_______________. A. tell different shapes B. see in a weak light C. kill mosquitoes D. tell orange from yellow 48. Why do some people say it is safer to be driven by women? A. Women are more careful. B. There are fewer color-blind women C. Women are fonder of driving than men. D. Women are weaker but quicker in thinking. 49. Which of the statements about the color- blind is true? A. Not all of them have the same problem in recognizing color. B. None of them can see deep red. C. None of them can tell the difference between blue and green. D. All of them see everything in shades of green. 50. We can attract and kill mosquitoes by using a _____________. A. red light B. yellow light C. blue light D. green light (D) Rome had the Forum (论坛). London has Speaker’s Corner. Now always-on-the-go New Yorkers have Liz and Bill. Liz and Bill, two college graduates in their early 20s, have spent a

whole year trying to have thousands of people talk to them in subway stations and on busy street comers. And just talk. Using a 2-foot-tall sign that says, “ Talk to Me,” they attract conversationalist(谈话者), who one evening included a mental patient,(精神病人) and men in business suits. They don’t collect money. They don’t push religion (宗教). So what’s the point? “ To see what happens,” said Liz. “ We simply enjoy life with open talk.” Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks (袭击) they decided , to walk from New York City to Washington, a 270-mile trip. They found they loved talking to people along the way and wanted to continue talking with strangers (陌生人)after their return. “ It started as a crazy(疯狂的) idea.” Liz said. “ We were so curious(好奇的) about all the strangers walking by with their life stories. People will talk to us about anything: their job, their clothes, their childhood experiences, anything.” Denise wanted to talk about an exam she was about to take. She had stopped by for the second time in two days, to let the two listeners know how it went. Marcia had led her husband to a serious disease. “That was very heavy on my mind.” Marcia said. “ To be able to talk about it to total strangers was very good,” she explained. To celebrate a year of talking, the two held a get-together(聚会) in a city park for all the people they had met over the past year. A few hundred people appeared(到来), as well as( 和)some television cameramen and reporters. They may plan more parties or try to attract more people to join their informal(非正式的)talks. Some publishers have expressed interest in a book, something the two say they’ll consider (考虑) before making a decision. 51. What did Liz and Bill determined to do after the attack on September 11, 2001? A. Telling stories to strangers. B. Setting up street signs. C. Talking with people D. Organizing a speaker’s party. 52. What they have been doing can be described as ____________.

A. pointless (无意义的) B. normal( 正常的) C. crazy D. successful 53. Why are Denise and Marcia mentioned in the text? A. They knew Liz and Bill very well. B. They happened to meet the writer of the text. C. They organized the get-together in the city park. D. They are examples of those who talked to Liz and Bill. 54. What will Liz and Bill do in the future? A. Go in for publishing B. Do more television programs. C. Continue what they are doing D. Spend more time reading books. 55. How do they like the idea of writing a book? A. They have decided to wait a year or two. B. They will think about it carefully C. They agreed immediately D. They find it hard to do that.

第 II 卷(共 65 分) 四 根据句意,用单词的适当形式填空。(每题 1 分,共 20 分) 1. There are more than thirty p_____________ in China, such as Shandong, Guangdong and so on. 2. It was g__________ of him to give 100,000 yuan to the Hope Project. 3.P___________, I think this is a good book, but you may not agree. 4.In the past, black people didn’t enjoy e________ rights with the white people 5.Scientists are very interested in e___________ (探索) space. 6.Mary’s parents _____________ (离婚) when she was six. 7.A fire broke out last night, f_____________, it was discovered soon after it started and nobody was hurt. 8. 2005 is the 60th _______________( 周年 ) of the Anti-Japanese War. 9. The storm d_____________ a large number of houses and killed many people.

10. Many top leaders attended the opening c___________ of the cultural festival 11.Nowadays, the ________(服务) in supermarkets is becoming better and better. 12. If we hold a good __________ (态度) towards our work, we will succeed easily. 13. In the old days, dragon boat races were only ______________( 组 织 ) by Chinese people. 14. You must write your address on the e_______ clearly, or your friend can’t receive the letter. 15. She has accepted my ____________( 邀请 ) to come to visit our new house. the day before yesterday. 16.We should do more to take care of the ___________(残疾的) people. 17.It is a big __________(挑战)for me to do the job. 18.He ___________(挣扎) to stand up after he was hit by the car. 19.F__________(幸运的是),she passed the very difficult exam. 20.People who are very ___________(技术娴熟的) practise very hard. 五 用下列词组的适当形式填空或完成句子(每题 1 分,共 20 分) take up, switch on, as a result; go off, complain about;, suffer from, pull through , compete against, get involved with, come to an end, separate from,, blow up, at most, be said to, make progress, get on, at the entrance to, relate to, a variety of , come to understand, be covered with, lift off, 1. In recent years, ______________ stores, supermarkets have been open. 2. He is doing some historical research _________________Chinese traditional festivals. 3. There is a big tree ____________________ the village. 4.The plane ____________in the air, which caused more than forty people to lose their lives. 5. You needn’t take a bus there. It’s not very far. I think it’ll take 20 minutes _________. 6. He is quite sick, but the doctor is sure that he will

_______________. 7.The moon _____________its biggest on Mid-Autumn day. 8. We can see that this house is __________________ the next by a garden. 9. The cities are ___________________ each other to attract business. 10. I was so surprised that a lot of people ______________ the quarrel. 11. It’s seven o’clock now. Please __________ the TV and I’d like to watch the news. 12. The room is too small and the furniture nearly ____________ the whole room. 13. The telephone _____________ as soon as he walked out of the room. 14. The old man __________________ a serious heart trouble. 15. Don’t __________________ the troubles in your work. 16.Serena has continued to improve and_____fantastic__________. 17.How do the two sisters __________ at home? 18.They have expressed a keen interest in working in design after their tennis careers ____________. 19.China’s first manned spaceship _____________ at 9 a.m.on Wednesday,October 15th,2003. 20.Four days after the injury,I __________________my situation. 六 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你是李明,你发现部分同学每次遇到重要考试,都会出 现一些焦虑症状。请你用英语写一封信,向某学生英文报编辑反 映该问题。信的内容应包括下列要点: 焦虑症状:头晕、乏力、睡眠不好、食欲不振等 建议: 1.考前制定好合适的复习计划 2.考试期间正常作息 3.睡前洗热水澡、喝热牛奶等有助于睡眠 注意: 1. 根据以上内容写一篇短文,不要逐句翻译,可适当增加细 节以使行 文连贯。

2. 要准确使用语法和词汇;使用一定的句型、词汇,清楚、 连贯地表 达自己的意思。 3. 词数:100 个左右。开头已给出,不计词数。 参考词汇:头晕 dizzy(adj.) 胃口 appetite (n.) Dear editor, I’m Li Ming of Senior Two, Guangming Middle School. I’m writing to tell you about some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Yours, LiMing


一.单选 1--5 ABCDD 6--10 CBADA 11--15 BCCAD 二 .完形填空 16-20 CABAD 21-25 ACBAD 26-30 ACABC 31-35 DADCB 三 .阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 36-40CDAAD 41-45CABAD 46—50DDBAC 51—55CDDCB 第 II 卷 四. 单词的适当形式填空(每题 1 分,共 20 分) 1Provinces 2.generous 3.Personally 4.equal 5.exploring 6.divorced 7.fortunately 8.anniversary 9. destroyed 10.ceremony 11.service 12.attitude 13.organized 14.envelope 15.invitation 16disabled 17challenge 18struggled 19 Fortunately 20 skilful 五.词组填空(每题 1 分,共 20 分) 1. a variety of 2. related to 3. at the entrance to 4. blew up 5.at most 6.pull through 7.is said to 8.separated from 9.competing against 10.got involved with 11.switch on 12.takes up 13.went off 14.is suffering from 15.complain about 16.. make-- -progress 17. get on 18. come to an end 19. lifted off 20. came to understand 六 写作(满分 25 分) I am Li Ming of Senior Three, Guangming Middle School. I am writing to tell you about some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams. Most of us feel nervous whenever we’re taking an important exam. Some will feel dizzy or tired, some will suffer from lack of sleep, and some will lose their appetite. In fact, all these symptoms have terrible effects on our exams and we are all eager to get rid of them. First of all, in my opinion, it’s important for us to have a right attitude towards exams. They are only a means of checking how we are getting along with our studies, so there is no need to worry too much about the results. Study hard every day and make careful plans for every exam. In this way we can avoid suffering from the pressure of exams.


Besides, enough sleep can make us energetic and enable us to perform well in an exam. Therefore, during the period of exams, we should not stay up too late. We can also try a warm bath or a cup of warm milk before going to bed. They might help us to have a sound sleep. We’d better go out for a walk or do some outdoor exercises before and during an exam so that we can keep ourselves relaxed and then concentrate ourselves on exams.


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