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新人教版高中英语选修七 U5 课文重点句汇集 Keep it up

, Xie Lei. (P38) 谢蕾,再接再厉。 Six months ago Xie Lei said goodbye to her family and friends in China and boarded a plane for London. It was the first time she had ever left her motherland. 六个月前,谢蕾告别了她 在中国的家人和朋友,登上了飞往伦敦的飞机。这是她第一次离开自己的祖国. Although some foreign students live in student accommodation or apartments with other students, some choose to board with English families. 虽然有些外国学生同其他学生一起 住在学生宿舍或公寓房里,但有些学生选择寄宿在英国人的家中。 She is halfway through the preparation year, which most foreign students complete before applying for a degree course.大多数外籍学生在进入学位课程学习之前都要学一年预科, 而谢雷已经读完半年了。 Xie Lei has come to our university to complete a business qualification. Most foreign students must complete the preparation year before entering a degree course. 谢蕾来我们大 学上学, 希望获得工商管理资格证书。 大多数外籍学生在进入学位课程学习之前必须学 一年预科。 Xie Lei highly recommends the course. 她非常看重预科课程。 Getting used to a whole new way of life can take up all your concentration in the beginning. 一开始的时候,习惯一种全新的生活方式会占去你的全部注意力。 “It’s not just study that’s difficult. You have to get used to a whole new way of life, which can take up all your concentration in the beginning,” explained Xie Lei, who had lived in the same city in China all her life.(P38) “困难不仅仅只在学习方面(强调句) ,你还必须习 惯于一种全新的生活方式,在一开始的时候这就会占据你的全部精力。”谢蕾解释说。 她在中国时一直居住在同一城市。 Living with host families gives students the opportunity to learn more about everyday life and customs in their new country. 跟房东家住在一起会给外国学生提供机会更好地了解 这个新国家的日常生活和风俗习惯。 When I miss my family, it’s a great comfort to have a substitute family to be with. 当我想家 的时候,房东家就是我家的替身,和他们在一起给了我很大的安慰。 Xie Lei’s preparation course is helping her to get used to academic requirements of a Western university. 谢蕾的预科课程还帮助她熟悉了西方大学里在学术方面的要求。 So I made a summary of the article, revised my draft and handed the essay in. I thought I would get a really good mark but I got an E. I was numb with shock! 于是我就那篇论文写 了一篇类似小结性的文章,交给了老师。我原以为我会得到高分,结果只得了一个 E。 I couldn’t write what other people had said without acknowledging them. 我不能把别人的 话写下来而不表示感谢。 They don't talk like they do on our listening tapes 他们说的话不象我们在磁带上听的那样. Xie Lei told me that she feels much more at home in England now, and what had seemed very strange before now appears quite normal. 现在她在英国感到自在多了。开始时认为 似乎很怪的事,如今觉得似乎很正常了。 I’m going to join a few university clubs and hopefully I’ll meet some people I have things in common with.我打算加入一些大学俱乐部, 希望在那里遇到一些有共同爱好的人. Living with host families, in which there may be other college students, gives her the chance to learn more about the new culture. 有的房东家也 有上大学的孩子,跟这样的家庭住在 一起会给她提供机会更好的了解这个国家的文化。

18. I've just got one more thing to achieve. I have been so occupied with work that I haven't had time for social activities. I think it's important to have a balance between study and a social life, so I'm going to join a few clubs. Hope- fully I'll make some new friends. 我还有一件事 要做。我一直忙于我的工作以至于我没有时间参加社交活动。 19. We will follow Xie Lei’s progress in later editions of this newspaper but for now, we wish Xie Lei all the best with her new enterprise. She deserves to succeed. 关于谢雷的进步,我 们将在今后几期的报纸中作跟踪报道。 同时我们衷心祝愿她学员有成。 祝你大学期间一 切顺利。她是应该取得成功的。 20. Peru offers a variety of experiences from ancient ruins and centuries-old Spanish villages to thick forests, high mountains and desert coastline. 秘鲁提供丰富的旅游资源,从古代的遗 址、具有数百年历史的西班牙式的村庄,到茂密的森林、高山和临海的沙漠。 21. In the high plains area is Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, on which boats can travel. Peru has abundant plantsfrom desert grasses to vast areas of jungle.在高原地区有的 的喀喀湖,这是世界上海拔最高的湖, 湖上可以行船。秘鲁有着多种多样的植物,从沙漠 中的草到大片的丛林。 22. Once the centre of the powerful and extremely wealthy Inca Empire, much of South America was governed by Spain from the sixteenth century onwards. Before independence, each colony was governed separately by the British Crown. 南美大部分地区曾是富饶强盛的印 加帝国中心,从 16 世纪开始这里被西班牙人统治。每一殖民地在独立前都分别受英国 政府统治。 23. Cuzco is a lively city where both Indian and Spanish culture and art can be seen. 库斯科是 一个可爱的城市,在那里随处可见印 库斯科是一个可爱的城市,在那里随处可见印第安

24. The following tours are based at Cuzco, the site of the ancient capital of the Inca civilization. …以下的旅行是以库斯科为基地展开的, 库斯科是印加文明古老首都的所在地。 25. Experience the jungle and its diverse wildlife close up. During this four-day walking tour, you will be amazed by mountain scenery and the ancient ruins we pass on our hike. 体验丛 林,近距离观赏各种类繁多的野生生物。在四天的徒步旅行中,山区的风景和步行途经 的古代遗址将会令你叹为观止。 26. A full-day trip by road from Cuzco to Puno with fantastic views of the highland countryside. 全日乘车旅游,从库斯科到普诺,观赏高原乡村的秀丽景色。 27. Admire the Spanish architecture, enjoy some excellent Spanish cuisine and take some time to bargain for some souvenirs at the colourful markets. Take the train up to Machu Picchu for a guided tour of the ruins and the royal tomb of the Inca king. 观赏西班牙式的建筑,品尝西 班牙美味,好好逛逛五颜六色的市场,花些时间讨价还价买点纪念品。乘火车去马丘比 丘,由导游陪同去参观遗址和印加国王的皇家墓地。 28. From here you'll travel by boat to your accommodation in a forest reserve, which holds the record for the most bird sightings in one area.从这里可以乘船到森林保护区的接待站。这 个护林区保持着一项观鸟记录,即在一个地区可以看到最多的鸟类。 29. A short flight from Cuzco takes you from the Andes into the lowlands of the Amazon Jungle. From here you'll travel by boat to your accommodation in a forest reserve, which holds the record for the most bird sightings in one area. From the guesthouse you can explore the jungle in the company of a local guide.从库斯科乘飞机作短途飞行,从安第斯山到亚马孙 河丛林的低地。 从这里可以乘船到森林保护区的接待站。 这个护林区保持着一项观鸟记

录,即在一个地区可以看到最多的鸟类。你还可以在当地导游的陪同下,从接待站出发 去丛林探险。 Unit 5 Traveling abroad workbook 翻译 1. 因为天气炎热,屋里的狗狂吠不止。 The dog in the room barked very loudly because it was so hot. 2. 经纪人正在物色一个既有英语本科学位而且还在出版社工作过的人。 The agent is looking for a person who holds a bachelor’s degree in English and has worked in a publishing company. 3. 如果你想在一块木头上钻孔,就需要一个钻机。 If you want to make a hole in a piece of wood you need a drill. 4. 这台机器要么使用家用电力,要么使用几组电池,都可以工作的很好。 This machine works very well either with household electricity or several batteries.