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Unit 1


Section Ⅴ Project

语 篇 理 解

识 记 掌 握 理 解 拓 展 应 用 落 实

识 记 掌 握 理 解 拓 展 应 用 落 实

识 记 掌 握 理 解 拓 展 应 用 落 实

课 时 跟 踪 检 测

Ⅰ.Choose the best answers according to How do you
build an ad campaign. 1.What should be done first to determine the target audience? A.Do a little research.

B.Create the message for the right people.
C.Know what the audience already think. D.Get to know the audience.

2.How can a researcher know the way the audience will
react? A.Planning some questions. B.Talking with the audience. C.Gathering information from the research.

D.Guessing how the audience will react.

3.Which of the following is NOT the step of building an ad campaign? A.Doing research on the topic. B.Determining the target audience.

C.Choosing the forms of media.
D.Caring about the issue.

4.The handout is to ________.

A.teach us how to build an ad campaign
B.tell us what an ad campaign is C.show us where we can put an ad D.explain to us why we should build an ad campaign 答案:1.A 2.C 3.D 4.A

Ⅱ.Read the second ad Antismoking ad campaign and decide

whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
1.Antismoking ad campaign is mainly designed for highschool students. ( T)

2.Our main aim is to discourage all the people in the world from smoking. ( F)

3.If we can convince young people not to start to smoke,
their parents must give up smoking. ( T)

4.We use this slogan and picture to make them fully aware of the damage that smoking does to their health. ( T)

Ⅲ.Fill in the form according to How do you build an ad
campaign. How do you build an ad campaign? Paragrap h Main Idea Supporting Details

definition One of an ad

An ad campaign is a planned 1. program of ads
using various types of ads to certain reach a audience.

campaign 2.


Main Idea Who your

Supporting Details To 3.determine your audience,


target audience is

you will need to do a little
4. research and explore what the audience already thinks.

It's time to decide what you
What an want the audience to know or think about. You should try to



campaign 5. appeal to the audience in says order to get them to 6. react in a

certain way.


Main Idea

Supporting Details The 8.approaches you

How to Four

want to use should mainly depend on your target

7. reach 9. the target

audience and the


10.kinds/types of ads
which reach the group best.


1. media n.
2.poster n. 3. packet n. 4. tobacco n. 5. essay n.

海报 小包,小盒 烟草,烟叶 论说文,小品文

6. appeal vi. 有吸引力;呼吁,恳求 n.吸引力;呼吁,恳求 7. analysis n.分析,分析结果→ analyse vt. 分析 8. personally adv. 个别地;就本人而言;本人,亲自 → personal adj. 个人的,私人的→ person n. 人 9. poisonous adj.有毒的→ poison n.有毒物;毒药

(二)情境填词:下列句子分别说明了某个生词的含义或使用情 境,请填入该单词补全句子 1.A(n) target is a result that you are trying to achieve. 2.If you determine to do something, you make a decision to do it. 3.If you urge someone to do something, you try hard to

persuade him to do it.
4.When you react to something that has happened to you, you behave in a particular way because of it.

5.If something shocks you, it makes you very surprised,
because you did not expect it.

determine vt. 确定,查明;决定;裁决 1. (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)In order to determine your audience, you will need to do a little research and analysis in advance.

(鲜活例句)They have determined where the new school will be built. 他们已决定在何处建新校。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 (1)determine to do sth. determine wh/that ... determine sb. to do sth. (2)determined adj. 决定做某事 决定…… 使某人下定决心做某事 有决心的,坚决的

be determined to do sth. 下定决心做某事

①We determined to go to the railway station at once.

②The teacher's encouraging words determined him to study hard. 老师鼓励的话语使他下定决心努力学习。 ③I have been offered a large sum of money to go away, but I

am determined to stay here.
虽然给我提供了一大笔搬迁费,可我还是决心留在这个地方。 [点津] be determined to do表示“决心做某事”的状态; determine to do表示“决心做某事”的动作。

appeal vi.有吸引力;呼吁,恳求n.吸引力;呼吁,恳求 2. (一)背诵佳句培养语感

(教材原句)It is important to always try to appeal to the
audience in order to get them to react in a certain way. 为了让受众作出预期的反应,努力去吸引他们是很重要的。 (鲜活例句)The Beatles have never really lost their appeal. 披头士乐队的感染力经久不衰。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 (1)appeal to 吸引;引起兴趣;呼吁

appeal (to sb.) for sth.
appeal to sb.to do sth. (2)make an appeal for

恳请/呼吁某人做某事 恳求……

①The idea of camping has never appealed to me.
对露营这种想法我从来就不感兴趣。 ②She appealed to her former husband to return their baby son. 她恳请前夫把他们的婴儿还回来。 ③They made an appeal to the local people for money to build the bridge.


3.react vi.做出反应,回应
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句)I want to know how they reacted to your suggestion. 我想知道他们对你的建议有什么反应。 (二)归纳拓展全析考点

react to
react with react against

与……发生化学反应 反对;反抗

①Iron reacts with water and air to

produce rust.
铁和水及空气发生反应产生铁锈。 ②The fact was that the people soon reacted against his rule. 事实是人们很快起来反抗他的统治。

urge vt.敦促,力劝;竭力主张n.强烈的欲望,冲动 4.
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)If we can convince young people not to start, they might then urge their parents and other people to give up smoking, too. 如果我们能够说服年轻人不要吸烟,那么他们可能会敦促 自己的父母及其他人戒烟。

(鲜活例句)The coach urged us to stay in shape over summer
vacation. 教练敦促我们在暑假保持良好的身体状态。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 (1)urge sb.to do sth.
urge that ... (2)have an urge to do sth.

主张、敦促…… 有做某事的冲动

①China urged Iran to return to international talks about its

nuclear program.
中国敦促伊朗重返国际核问题谈判桌。 [点津] urge 后的宾语从句用虚拟语气,即从句谓语用 “(should+)do”。 ②The teacher urged that all children (should) be taken away

from the spot.
老师主张把所有的儿童带离现场。 ③I had a sudden urge to see a film. 我突然很想去看电影。

shock vt.使震惊,使惊愕n.震惊,惊愕;令人震惊的事 5.
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)We want to shock people into realizing that many smokers die all too soon from illnesses and diseases related to smoking. 我们想要震撼人们的心灵,让他们意识到许多吸烟者过早地


(鲜活例句)The news shocked the public, leading to great

concern about students' safety at school.
这则新闻令公众震惊,使人们更加关注在校学生的安全。 (鲜活例句)The news of his death came as a shock to us all. 他的死讯传来,我们大家都感到震惊。 (二)归纳拓展全析考点
(1)shock sb.into (doing) sth. (2)shocked adj. 震惊的 对……感到震惊 对做某事感到震惊 be shocked at/by ...? ? ? be shocked that ... ? ? be shocked to do sth. (3)shocking adj. 使受震惊而处于……


①Gill's school report shocked his parents into (taking)

吉尔的学校报告单使他的父母大为震惊,不得不采取行动。 ②We killed six people by gun.at/by were all shocked 听到该抢劫犯用枪杀了六个人的新闻,我们都感到震惊。 ③We were too shocked to talk when we saw it. 看到它时,我们震惊得说不出话来。 the news that the robber had

Ⅰ.完成句子 1.这个节目小孩子很喜欢。(appeal) The programme appeals to young children. 2.我决心要弄清楚谁该对此事负责。(determine)

I'm determined to find out who is responsible for this.
3.他们态度突然改变,使我感到震惊。(shock) I was shocked at this sudden change in their attitude. 4.我不确定她对那起事故会做何反应。(react) I wasn't sure how she Would react to the accident.

The vacation is coming and I have an urge to travel .


1.(2010· 安徽高考)—How did you like Nick's performance last
night? —To be honest, his singing didn't ________ to me much. A.appeal C.refer B.belong D.occur

解析:选 A 。考查动词辨析。答语句意:老实说,他的歌唱
不太吸引我。appeal to“吸引”,符合句意。belong to“属 于”;refer to“暗指,提到,查阅”;occur to“被想起”。

2. lecture ________ me to give up drinking and smoking. His A.decided C.made B.determined D.attracted

解析:选 B 。句意:他的讲座使我下定决心,戒掉烟酒。

determine sb.to do sth.“使某人下决心做某事”。decide后不
接sb.to do sth.; make接不带to的不定式作宾补;attract常用 于“attract sb.to sth.”结构,意为“吸引”。

3.They urged that the library ______ during the

A.would be kept opening B.be kept open C.to be kept opened D.was kept open

解析:选 B 。句意:他们呼吁图书馆在假日期间照 常开放。urge 后是that 引导的宾语从句,从句的谓 语要用“should + 动词原形”, should 可省略。

4.Nowadays children tend to react ________ their
parents by going against their wishes. A.on C.against B.to D.by

解析:选 C 。句意:现在孩子们以违背他们父母的意

愿来反抗他们。react against“反抗,反对”;react
on/upon“对……起作用,对……有影响”;react to“对 ……做出回应”,由句意可知选C。

It 5. was a ________ news story, and we all got ________.
A.shocking; shocking C.shocking; shocked B.shocked; shocked D.shocked; shocking

解析:选 C 。句意:这真是个令人震惊的新闻报道, 我们都很吃惊。shocked“(人)震惊的”;shocking“(物)


1.figure out 2.appeal to 3.be concerned with 4.get sth. across 5.put sth. together 6.depend on 7.due to 8.result in 9.discourage ... from ... 10.give up

弄清楚;计算出 迎合,对……有吸引力 对……关注 使……被理解 组织,汇集;组装 依赖,依靠 因为 导致……结果 阻止……做…… 放弃

11.die from
12.be related to


figure out弄清楚,弄懂;计算出;想出 1. (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)It is important to figure out exactly what you want to tell the audience and what you are trying to get them to do.

什么。 (鲜活例句)It didn't take the children long to figure out the correct answer. 孩子们没有花很多时间就算出了正确的答案。

(鲜活例句)He's trying to figure out a way to solve the problem. 他正在努力想办法解决这个问题。 [点津] figure out后常接连接代词或连接副词引导的宾语从 句作宾语。

(鲜活例句)He was trying to figure out why the camera wasn't
working. 他想弄懂这架照相机为什么失灵了。


figure on sth./doing sth.
计划、打算、预料到某事/做某事 figure up 合计,把……加起来;计算出 figure in 被计算进,被考虑在;在……中出现 ①He said he hadn't figured on getting home so late. 他说他没有估计到那么晚才回到家。

②It may take several hours to figure up these expenses.

get 2. sth.across 把……表达清楚;被理解;表达 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)There are lots of different ways to get your message across when you are putting together an ad campaign. 当你在组织广告宣传活动时,有许多不同的方式让你将信息 传达给目标受众。 (鲜活例句)He sometimes has trouble getting his meaning across in English. 有时候他不知道如何用英语表达他的想法。 (鲜活例句)The teacher tried to explain the problem, but his explanation did not get across to the class. 老师设法讲明白这个问题,可他的解释并没有被全班同学理 解。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 get along/on with get down to (doing) sth. get in get over get through 进展;相处 开始认真对待某事,开始认

进入;上车;收割 从(疾病、失望)中恢复过来; 克服(困难) 完成;顺利通过(考试等); (电话)接通,打通

①He told us not to waste any time again and to get down to our business.

②How did he ever get through his driving test? 他到底是怎么通过驾驶考试的?

3.put ...together组织;整理出;组装

(鲜活例句)The exhibition has been put together by a
group of young artists. 这次展览是由一群年轻的艺术家组织的。 (鲜活例句)It took all morning to put the proposal together.

(鲜活例句)The boy took apart the toy car, but couldn't put it together again. 男孩把玩具汽车拆开了,可怎么也安不上了。

4.die from死于……,因……而死(原因多来自外部) (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句)The chances are that one smoker in four will die from smoking.

In a severe winter, wild animals can die from lack of food. 在寒冷的冬天,野生动物可能因为食物缺乏而饿死。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 die of die away die down die off die out 因……而死(原因多来自内部) 逐渐减弱;逐渐消失 逐渐减弱/降低;逐渐平息;逐渐暗淡 一一死去;先后死去 灭绝,绝迹;(指习俗、做法等)消失;


①Nowadays more and more people die of cancer. 如今越来越多的人死于癌症。 ②The deer in the forest are all dying off from disease. 森林中的鹿一只接一只地病死了。

③Many old customs have died out.

die of, result in, figure out, put together, give up, get across 1.I can't figure out why he quit his job. 2.His grandfather died of cancer at the age of 86. 3.What message are you trying to get across to the consumers?

4.The crash resulted in the death of 14 passengers.
5.His wife finally persuaded him to give up smoking. 6.The exhibition has been put together by a group of young artists.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.The present situation is very complex, so I think it will

take me some time to ________ its reality.
A.make up C.look through B.figure out D.put off

解析:选 B 。句意:目前的形势很复杂,所以我想我要 花一些时间来弄清楚真实情况。make up“编造,化妆”;

figure out“理解,弄明白”;look through“浏览”;put

2.I don't think that your speech ________ to the crowd, for they appeared quite puzzled. A.got over C.got through B.got away D.got across

解析:选 D。句意:我认为你的演讲并没有让观众理
解,因为他们似乎非常困惑。get across“传达;使……被 理解”,符合语境。

3.Sorry to say that his father ________ an accident
last month. A.died from C.got through B.pulled through D.ran away from

解析:选 A 。句意:遗憾地告诉大家,上个月他 的父亲因车祸去世了。die from“死于……”,符合 语境。

4.A team of experts has been ________ to examine the
effects of global warming. A.put forward C.put together B.put away D.put off

解析:选 C。句意:组织了一支专家队伍来研究全球 变暖的影响。put together意为“组织(队伍或团体)”, 符合句意。put forward“提出”;put away“将……收

起”;put off“推迟”。

1. [句型展示]

Unlike a single advertisement, an ad campaign

is a planned programme of advertisements using various
kinds of ads to reach a certain audience. 与单个广告不同,广告宣传活动是有计划的广告活动,它使 用各种各样的广告形式以引起某一受众的注意。 [典例背诵] There were a large number of volunteers

helping guests during the London Olympic Games.

2. [句型展示]

When planning a public welfare campaign,

you may want to ask yourself ... 在设计公益广告宣传活动时,你可能需要问自己以下几个 问题…… [典例背诵] Work hard when young, or you'll regret.


1. Unlike a single advertisement, an ad campaign is a planned programme of advertisements using various kinds of ads to reach a certain audience. 与单个广告不同,广告宣传活动是有计划的广告活动,它 使用各种各样的广告形式以引起某一受众的注意。

介词短语unlike a single advertisement在句中作状语;现在 分词短语using various kinds of ads ...在句中作定语,相当 于一个定语从句:which uses various kinds of ads to reach a certain audience。

现在分词或现在分词短语作定语修饰名词,从逻辑关系 上讲,被修饰名词与该动词之间存在主动关系;从语法 功能上讲,相当于一个定语从句。 ①There are many children playing(=who are playing)

on the playground.
操场上有很多孩子在玩。 ②Those of you wishing(=who wish) to join us, please stay for a few minutes. 你们中想参加我们活动的人请留一下。

When planning a public welfare campaign, you may want to 2. ask yourself ... 在设计公益广告宣传活动时,你可能需要问自己以下几个问

When planning a public welfare campaign是状语从句的省略, 完整形式是When you are planning a public welfare campaign。 时间、条件、让步、地点等状语从句的省略有两种情况: (1)从句的主语和主句的主语一致,且从句谓语中含be动词,


①Be careful when (you are) crossing the street! 过街时,你得当心! ②His clothes, though (they were) old, looked clean. 他的衣服虽然很旧,但看上去干干净净的。

③ Unless (I am) invited , I won't go to the party.
除非被邀请,否则我不会去参加聚会。 ④ If (it is) possible, I should like to have two copies of it. 可能的话,我希望有两本。 [助记] 状语从句省略口诀:


Ⅰ.句型转换 A.将下列句子中省略的部分补全 1.The exhibition is more interesting than expected. → The exhibition is more interesting than it was expected. 2.While walking along the street, I heard my name called. → While I was walking along the street, I heard my name called.

B.将下列句子改为含有定语从句的复合句 3.The man living in that house is my uncle. → The man who lives in that house is my uncle . 4.The number of people coming to visit this city rises

each year.
→ The number of people who come to visit this city

rises each year.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2010· 全国卷Ⅱ)Though ________ to see us, the professor gave us a warm welcome.


B.was surprised
D.being surprised

解析:选 C 。考查省略。前半句是“Though he was surprised to see us”的省略形式。一般情况下,如果状 语从句的主语与主句的主语一致,并且从句的谓语含


2.While ________ along the road, Mr Smith met an old

friend of his.
A.walked C.walking B.he is walking D.is walking

解析:选 C。考查“while+现在分词”结构。句意:当 沿着街走时,史密斯先生遇到了他的一个老朋友。

while walking是while he was walking的省略,故正确答

3.—Who gave you this message? —A girl ________ herself Li Ping.


D.to call

解析:选 A 。考查现在分词作后置定语。此题的答语采用 了省略句结构,只保留了主语部分,意为“一个自称李萍 的女孩”;若题干中没有出现herself,则选C。


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搜试试 3 悬赏文档 全部 DOC PPT TXT PDF XLS ...牛津译林版英语必修五 Unit1导学案_高二英语_英语_...4 keep one’s word 【观察实践】 (课文原句)I...
搜试试 7 悬赏文档 全部 DOC PPT TXT PDF XLS 广告 百度文库 教育专区 高中教育 英语牛津译林版英语必修四+Unit1导学案_英语_高中教育_教育专区...
高中英语 Unit1《Getting along with others》教案(4) ...
高中英语 Unit1《Getting along with others》教案(4) 译林牛津版必修5 有效,...教学重、难点 3.How to help the students develop their creative, ...