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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版 十二省区,必修1)课后强化作业:Unit 1 section 1 Word版含答案]

Unit 1 Friendship Section Ⅰ Warming Up & Reading


point; calm; concern; loose;crazy; go through;in order to; set down; add up to; on purpose

1.Tom is ________ about playing football. 2.We won over them by 5 ________ in the basketball match. 3.I have ________ everything that happened. 4.The old lady ________ two world wars. 5.He was ________ when I told him the bad news. 6.—Did he break it accidentally? —No. He did it ________. 7.His parents were both ________ about his safety. 8.He is old and his teeth become ________. 9.The money she spends on clothes a month ________ 1,000 yuan. 10.She arrived early ________ get a good seat. 答案:1.crazy 2.points 3.set down 4.went through 5.calm 6.on purpose 7.concerned 8.loose 9.adds up to 10.in order to Ⅱ.句型转换 1.While you are walking your dog, you must be careful. While ________ ________ ________, you must be careful. 2.It happens that I am free today. I ________ ________ ________ ________ today. 3.When I heard the song for the first time, I liked it. ________ ________ ________ I heard the song,I liked it. 4.He gets up early every day to learn English well. He gets up early every day ________ ________ ________ learn English well.

5.It's useless to cry over spilt milk. It's ________ ________ ________ over spilt milk. 答案:1.walking your dog 5.no use crying Ⅲ.语法填空 1.While________(walk) along the road, Mr. Smith met an old friend of his. 答案:walking 句意:史密斯先生在路上走着时遇见了一位老朋友。while 后省略了 he was。 2.The money she spends every month added________more than 2,000 yuan. 答案:up to 句意:她每月花掉两千多元。add up to“加起来(总和是)”。 3.“I'd like to buy some fresh fish,” I shouted to the fisherman. But he ________(ignore) my English words and turned to serve the next customer. 答案: ignored 由 turned to serve the next customer 可知, 那个人不理会我说的话(英语)。 ignore 无视;不理睬。 4.Don't be nervous! Keep ________ even when you are in the face of danger. 答案:calm 句意:不要紧张,即使面对危险也要保持镇静。与 nervous 相对应的应该 是 calm, keep calm 保持镇静。 5.The manager ________(concern) to hear that two of his trusted workers were leaving. 答案:was concerned 考查时态及动词 concern 的用法。句意:经理听到两个自己信任 的工人要离开感到很担心。be concerned to do sth. 担心做某事,且根据句中时态可知,应用 过去时态。 6.To their disappointment, the couple went________ the house but couldn't find the missing ring. 答案:through 考查动词短语辨析。句意:令他们失望的是,这对夫妇仔细检查了这 2.happen to be free 3.The first time 4.in order to/so as to

所房子,却没有找到丢失的戒指。go through 经历,经受,仔细检查。 7.He looked very confident and ________ during the test, but in fact he was extremely nervous. 答案:calm 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:考试期间他看起来很自信并且镇定自若,但 是事实上他相当紧张。calm 指人镇定自若。 8.The reporter has written a series________ articles about air pollution hoping to attract the attention of all people. 答案:of a series of 一系列。 9.This is the first time we ________(see) a film in the cinema together as a family. 答案:have seen 考查动词时态。This is/was the first time that...句型中,从句中的时态 用完成时,参照动词 is,可知此处用现在完成时。

10.They have talked with each other through video but they have never actually talked to each other face________face. 答案:to 考查短语辨析。句意:他们通过视频交谈过,但是实际上他们从来没有面对 面地交谈过。 11.He has left the room ________purpose so that you can tell us what you have found. 答案:on 句意:他特意离开房间,以便你把发现的事情告诉我们。on purpose 故意地。 12.________ have a travel with his family, he had to take two days off. 答案:To/In order to 句意:为了和家人旅行,他只好请了两天假。in order to 和 so as to

后都接动词原形,但 so as to 不能置于句首。 13.Though ________(surprise) to see us, the organizer gave us a warm welcome. 答案:surprised 考查省略结构。句意:尽管见到我们很吃惊,这位组织者还是热情地 欢迎了我们。把状语从句补充完整为:Though he was surprised to see us。 14.You'd better set________ all the key points while they are fresh in your mind. 答案:down 考查 set 短语辨析。句意:在你记忆犹新的时候,你最好把所有的要点都 记下来。set down 记下。 15.—Can you complete the task tomorrow? —Sorry, it is ________my power, but I will try my best. 答案:beyond 句意:——你明天能完成任务吗?——对不起,这是我力所不能及的,

但我会尽力的。beyond one's power 超出某人的能力范围,某人力所不能及的,符合句意。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 (2014· 吉林市期中) About five years ago I started at a new school when my family moved to Iowa. I was just a little excited, but I worried I would never fit in with the other sixth graders. Lucy, a girl in my class, who I thought was not ready for change, didn't like me from the start. In fact, I was sure she hated me. I would ask her a question, and I could tell she thought I was a total fool. My teacher made us sit by each other for the last term. Lucy was horrified (惊骇的). I didn't wear makeup (化妆品), and I didn't wear those terrible bellbottom pants. I didn't exactly look like the coolest girl. But, I kept smiling at her, though she rolled her eyes, and I kept telling her she looked beautiful, even when she was angry. Finally, Lucy let me talk to her, even in sight of her “cool” friends. She started telling me how beautiful I looked. I still remember that first time when she smiled at me saying that, and I smiled right back, telling her thanks. Lucy invited me over to her house for a party, and talked to me all the time instead of her other friends. Lucy, the girl who hated me, called me her best friend. After that, we still were good friends a whole year later. I may move to Arizona after that, but I will never forget Lucy. It's funny—I still remember

her birthday. She was a great friend. And to think, she considered me her enemy at first. Though it was hard, and it felt like I was wasting my time, and losing my dignity(尊严), I still smiled at Lucy when she made fun of me. I'm not stupid, I didn't think she was right in doing those things, but I still put up with it. And we became great friends. About two weeks ago, I read a sentence by Abraham Lincoln: “Am I not destroying my enemies(敌人)when I make friends of them?” Immediately, I smiled, thinking of Lucy. That sentence just reminded me how great it was for me to change Lucy into my friend in that state of Iowa five years ago. 文章大意:本文讲述了作者与一位敌视自己的同学化敌为友的故事。 1.When the author started at a new school in Iowa, she worried ________. A.she looked stupid when asking questions B.she didn't look like the coolest girl in her class C.she was not ready for change at all D.she couldn't get along well with her classmates 答案:D 事实细节题。根据第一段后的 but 能够猜测作者到新学校的担心。 2.How did the author change Lucy's attitude towards her? A.By wearing makeup. B.By keeping smiling at Lucy. C.By wearing bellbottom pants. D.By sitting beside Lucy in class. 答案:B 事实细节题。根据第三段后半部分和第四段的内容可知。 3.From Paragraph 5, we know the author thought ________. A.it was right of her to suffer when making friends B.it was a waste of time to make friends with Lucy C.it was a shameful thing to put up with what Lucy did D.it was foolish of her to smile at Lucy all the time 答案:A 主旨大意题。根据整段大意总结出作者对她所交的朋友的感受。 4.What is the main idea of this passage? A.Patience is important in making friends. B.Friendship needs to be cared for. C.Making friends means losing enemies. D.Kindness can defeat any enemy. 答案:C 主旨大意题。根据全文可知。 Ⅴ.完形填空

(2014· 广西桂林中学期中) There are many kinds of friends. Some are always __1__ you, but don't understand you. Some say only a few words to you, but understand you. Many people will step in your life, but only __2__ friends leave footprints. I shall always recall the autumn and the girl with the __3__. I know she will always be my best friend. I could see the yellow leaves __4__ in the cool wind. In such a __5__, I liked walking alone in the leaves, However, __6__ to the sound of them. Autumn is a harvest season. __7__ is uninteresting. The free days always get me __8__. But one day, the sound

of a violin __9__ into my ears like a stream flowing in the mountains. A young girl, standing in the wind, was __10__ in playing her violin. I had __11__ seen her before. The music was so nice that I listened quietly. Lost in the music, I didn't know that I had been but my existence(存在) did not seem to disturb(打扰)her. Every day she played the violin in the corner of the building __13__ I went downstairs to watch her performance. The autumn seemed no longer lonely and life became __14__. Though we didn't know each other, I thought we were already good __15__. One day, when I was listening carefully, the sound suddenly __16__. To my surprise, the girl came over to me. “You must like violin,” she said. “Yes. And you play very well. Why did you stop?” I asked. Suddenly, a __17__ expression appeared on her face and I could feel something unusual. “I came here to see my grandmother, but now I must leave. I once played very badly. It was your listening every day that __18__ me,” she said. “In fact, it was your playing __19__ gave me a meaningful autumn,” I answered, “Let's be friends.” The girl smiled, and so did I. I never heard her play again in my life. But I will always remember the fine figure(身影) of the girl. She is like a __20__—so short, so bright, like a shooting star giving off much light that makes the autumn beautiful. 文章大意:本文是一篇记叙文。文章讲述了我偶然听到一个女孩拉小提琴之后,被那个 声音打动了。 于是我每天听她拉小提琴, 结果, 正是我的倾听才使女孩提高了她的演奏水平。 1.A.with C.against B.for D.to __12__ there for so long

答案: A 考查介词的用法。 此处 with 和……在一起; for 赞成; against 反对; to 对……。 一些朋友总是和你在一起,但不理解你。 2.A.good C.reliable B.true D.stubborn

答案:B 考查形容词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 good 好;true 真正的;reliable 可靠 的;stubborn 固执的。许多人走进你的生活,但只有真正的朋友会在你的生活中留下印迹。

3.A.sound C.partner

B.song D.violin

答案:D 考查名词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 sound 声音;song 歌声;partner 伙伴; violin 小提琴。我将永远记起那个秋天和那个带小提琴的女孩。 4.A.shaking C.rising B.hanging D.floating

答案:D 考查动词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 shaking 摇摆;hanging 悬挂;rising 上 升;floating 漂浮。我能看到黄色的叶子在寒风中飘动。 5.A.season C.day B.situation D.weather

答案:A 考查名词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 season 季节;situation 情况;day 日子; weather 天气。在这样的季节,我喜欢在漂浮的叶子中独自一人漫步,听落叶的声音。 6.A.watching C.seeing B.listening D.hearing

答案:B 考查动词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 watching 注视;listening 听;seeing 看 见;hearing 听到。在这样的季节,我喜欢在漂浮的叶子中独自一人漫步,听落叶的声音。 7.A.journey C.life B.work D.view

答案:C 考查名词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 journey 旅程;work 工作;life 生活; view 观点。秋天是收获的季节。然而,生活是无趣的。自由的日子总是让我感到枯燥。 8.A.bored C.excited B.determined D.concerned

答案:A 考查形容词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 bored 枯燥的;determined 决心的; excited 激动的;concerned 关心的。秋天是收获的季节。然而,生活是无趣的。自由的日子 总是让我感到枯燥。 9.A.flowed C.entered B.grew D.ran

答案:A 考查动词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 flowed 流;grew 成长;entered 进入; ran 跑。一天,小提琴的声音像小溪一样流进我的耳朵。 10.A.lost C.busy B.active D.interested

答案:A 考查形容词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 lost 失去的;active 积极的;busy 繁 忙的;interested 对……感兴趣。一个女孩,站在风中,沉浸在拉小提琴中。此处 be lost in 意为:沉浸在……之中。

11.A.once C.frequently

B.never D.usually

答案:B 考查副词词义辨析。此处 once 曾经;never 从不,从未;frequently 频繁地; usually 通常。我以前从未见到过她。 12.A.waiting C.standing B.stopping D.hearing

答案:C 考查动词词义辨析。此处 waiting 等待;stopping 停止;standing 站;hearing 听到。沉浸在音乐中,我不知道我在那里待了这么长的时间,但我的存在似乎没有打扰她。 13.A.because C.when B.but D.before

答案:C 考查状语从句的连词。此处 because 因为;but 但是;when 当……的时候; before 在……之前。每天她在楼的角落里拉小提琴,这时我都会下楼来看他表演。 14.A.interesting C.boring B.moving D.tiring

答案:A 考查形容词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 interesting 有趣的;moving 令人感动 的;boring 枯燥的;tiring 令人劳累的。 15.A.partner C.players B.listeners D.friends

答案:D 考查名词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 partner 伙伴;listeners 听者;players 弹 奏者;friends 朋友。虽然我们不认识,但我们已经是朋友。 16.A.stopped C.gone B.began D.changed

答案:A 考查动词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 stopped 停止;began 开始;gone 失去; changed 改变。一天,当我仔细地听的时候,声音突然停止了。 17.A.happy C.strange B.sad D.calm

答案:B 考查形容词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 happy 高兴的;sad 悲伤的;strange 奇怪的;calm 平静的。突然一种悲伤的表情出现在她的脸上,我能感到有些异常。 18.A.surprised C.encouraged B.excited D.interested

答案:C 考查形容词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 surprised 吃惊的;excited 感动的; encouraged 鼓舞的;interested 感兴趣的。正是你每天听我的演奏,才使我受到鼓舞。 19.A.that C.it B.which D.who

答案:A 考查强调句型。正是你的演奏给了我一个有意义的秋天。 20.A.song C.wind B.dream D.sister

答案:B 考查名词词义辨析及语境理解。此处 song 歌声;dream 梦想;wind 风;sister 妹妹。她就像一个梦,如此的短暂,如此的明亮,就像一颗流星发出许多光,使这个秋天很 美丽。 Ⅵ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 【全国新课标卷题型】 One day, Nick invited his friends to supper. He was cooking some delicious food in the kitchen. Suddenly, he __1__(find) that he has run out of salt. So Nick called to his son, “Go to the village and buy some salt, but pay a fair price for it: neither too much __2__ too little.” His son looked surprised. “I can understand why I shouldn't pay too much, Father, but if I can pay less,__3__not save a bit of money?” “That would be a very __4__(reason) thing to do in a big city, but it could destroy a small village like ours,” Nick said. Nick's guests, __5__had heard their conversation, asked why they should not buy salt more cheaply if they could. Nick replied, “The only reason a man would sell salt __6__a lower price would be because he was desperate for money. And anyone who took advantage of that situation would be showing a lack of respect __7__ the sweat and struggle of the man who worked very hard to produce it.” “But such a small thing couldn't __8__(possible) destroy a village.” “In the beginning, there was only __9__very small amount of unfairness in the world, but everyone added a little, always __10__(think) that it was only small and not very important, and look where we have ended up today.” 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 文章大意:本文通过 Nick 叫儿子去买盐要给合理价格的故事说明,一定要公平对待他 人,尊重努力工作的人的汗水和努力。 1.found 在主格人称代词 he 后应为谓语动词,由语境可知用一般过去时。 2.nor 构成并列连词 neither...nor...。 3.why 因 why not do sth (何不做某事)?是固定句式。 4.reasonable 在名词前作定语要用形容词。 5.who 引导非限制性定语从句,并在从句中作主语,先行词是人,故填 who。 6.at 因名词 a low price 在句中不作主语、动词的宾语,应为介词的宾语;根据习惯

搭配,用介词 at。 7.for 固定搭配 show respect for 表示“尊重”。 8.possibly 修饰谓语动词作状语,用副词。 9.a 因 a small amount of(少量的)是固定搭配。 10. thinking 因 everyone 与 think 是主动关系, 故用现在分词短语作 added 的伴随状语。 【辽宁卷题型】 Rose:Hi, Dave. Do you think the weather is fine today? Dave:Yeah. And the air is also clearer than ever before. Rose:En, the newspaper reports that the air is less and less __1__(pollute) these days. Dave:That's true. Fewer and fewer people __2__(drive) cars to work since the government started the traffic control two months ago.

Rose:But the control is going to end __3__ two weeks. What'll happen then? Are cars coming back to the road? Dave:That's true, too, although we all hope __4__ will never end. On the other hand, the traffic control has made things tough for people driving cars. Rose:But it's worth the trouble. I believe clean air is __5__ most important thing. Dave:However, many people don't think so.__6__ they can't drive cars, they'll even have __7__(difficult) getting to work. Rose:They can choose to take a bus __8__ the subway. And they can even ride a bicycle. There're many other ways to choose from, actually. Dave: Some people think buses are too crowded and riding a bicycle seems very __9__(tire). Rose:Anyway, it's still __10__(well) than being trapped in a traffic jam under grey clouds and in dirty air. 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案:1.polluted 2.have driven 3.in 4.it 5.the 6.If 7.difficulty 8.or 9.tiring 10.better

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