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模块4 第一单元检测

模块 4 第一单元检测
一、根据首字母或中文提示完成句子(10 分) 1. If you want to sell this product well, I advise you to a__________ it in the newspaper or on TV. 2. All of us finally agreed to his plan because of his p____________ language. 3. Nearly all the a__________ to the palace were guarded by the soldiers. 4. I’m sorry those coats are not ____________(可获得的,可买到的) in your color and size. 5. Last night I went to the bookshop and the shopkeeper r__________ a new to me. 6. What she has in mind is beyond____________(想象力). No one can tell what she will do next. 7. She is never s_________ with what she has got and keeps asking for more and more. 8. I will call back at a more _____________ (方便的) time. 9. Adventuring in African forest is really an u____________ experience. 16.The latter plan isn’t good. I think you should go back to your o____________ one.

自我校对: 1.advertise 6.imagination

2.persuasive 7.satisfied

3.approaches 4.available 8.convenient 9.unforgettable

5.recommend 10.original

二、完成句子: (10 分) 1.他过去常常在晚饭后打牌,而现在他已习惯散步了。 He _____________ play cards after supper, but now he is _________________ a walk. 2.广告常用劝导性的语言来让顾客购买某些产品。 ________ often have ________ words to encourage customers to perchance certain _______. 3.我原想帮助她,但我改变主意了。 I _______ to help her, but now I have ________________. 4.那人声称他没有做任何违法的事。 The man ________ not to have done anything _________ the _________. 5.他们想捉弄我,但我没有上当 They wanted to play a _______ _______ me, but I didn’t ________ _______ it. 6.他领导了全国性的拒绝毒品的运动。 He led a ________ _________ to reject ________. 7.李阳向我们推荐了他学习英语的独特方法。 Li Yang _________ to us his ________ ________ to the English study. 8.她设计的服装时髦而惹眼,许多商场都可买得到。 The clothes ________ by her are ________ and ________, which are ________ in many stores. 9.广告商总是千方百计地迎合顾客。 Advertisers are always doing what they can to_________ _________customers. 10.这孩子将钟拆开却无法将它组装起来。 The boy tore down the clock but was unable to _________it _________.

自我校对: 1. used to; used to taking 2. Advertisements; persuasive; products 3. intended; changed my mind 4. claimed; against; law 5. trick on; fall for 6. nationwide campaign; drugs 7.

recommended; unique approach 10. put; together

8. designed; fashionable; eye-catching; available

9. appeal to

三.根据中文完成句子:(10 分) 1.My parents always __________________________________.(鼓励我当众讲话) 2.Who __________________________last night?(谁付的晚饭钱) 3.Women are always ____________________________.(总是对广告信以为真) 4.Now people’s lives are improving,________________________________.(用先进的科技) 5.The style of this product ________________________. (迎合年轻的家庭妇女) 6.We all appreciate the way_________________. (她的着装方式) 7.Public service advertisements ___________________________.( 能解决很多社会问题) 8.Our taking exercises ___________________________.( 为了更好地享受生活) 9.The Internet is _____________________ in our school.(人人都可以上网) 10.What you know _________________________.(很重要)

自我校对: 1.encourage me to speak in public 2.paid for dinner 3.falling for the advertisements 4.using advanced science and technology 5.appeals to young housewives. 6.that/in which she is dressed 7.can deal with plenty of social issues. 8.is intended to enjoy life better. 9.available to everyone. 10.is of great importance.

四.单项选择: (20 分) 1. Though he came from a family similar ______ mine, we have little similarity ____ taste. A. with, to B. to, in C. in, to D. to, for 2.He was tricked _____________ a useless camera. A. to buy B. in buying C. into buying D. to have bought 3. After a heavy ads campaign, our market share has increased ___15% ___ 60% in Asian market . A. with, to B. to, by C. at, above D. by, to 4.Games play an important ______ ______ children’s education. A. part of B. role of C. part for D. role in 5.Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player _____________. A. of all times B. of all the time C. of all the times D. of all time 6.He ___________ a new proposal at the meeting to solve the urgent problem. A . put up B. put forward C . put off D. put away 7. The newly published book, which refers _______ basic English grammar, is _________only for beginners. A. as; meant B. for; intended C. to; planned D. to; intended

8. He left the place, _______never ________back again. A. determined; to come B. being determined; to come C. determined; coming D. determining; coming 9. ---Excuse me, may I ask you some questions? ---Sorry, I’m too busy and I haven’t even a minute to __________. A. spend B. share C. spare D. stop 10. We _________ him to stop surfing the internet, but he wouldn’t. A. persuaded B. tried to persuade C. suggested D. demanded 11. Would you __________ me a good dictionary? A. command B. demand C. recommend D. recommendation 12. ---- I’d like a table for six. ---- Sorry, sir, but we don’t have any tables ______ right now. A. usable B. suitable C. comfortable D. available 13. Move off the box, please. It stands ____. A. in my way B. on my way C. by the way D. in a way 14. _________ needs further discussion whether we’ll build a school here or not. A. The matter B. He C. It D. We 15. More advanced technique information was _________ from abroad. A. brought out B. brought in C. brought on D. brought 16. You ____ after a long distance walk, aren’t you? Yes. I need a good rest. A. must tire B. must be tired C. must have been tired D. must have tired 17. Come over and Have a chat with me whenever ______. A. you will be convienient B. it will be convenient to you C. you are convenient D. it is convenient to you 18. She was shy to speak in public at the beginning. But now she is used to ________ no matter how many people there are in front of her. A. speak B. speaking C. being spoken D. be spoken 19. The visit of the police was _______ the lost child. A. connected with B. joined with C. connecting with D. joined to 20. People found him still _______ after the road accident, so they sent him to hospital at once. A. live B. lively C. living D. alive

自我校对: 1-5 BCDDD

6-10 BDACB

11-15 CDACB

16-20 BBBAD

五.完形填空: (20 分) The purpose of a letter of application (求职) is to help you to "sell" yourself. It should state 1 the job you want, and should tell what your abilities are and what you have 2 . It should be simple, human, personal and brief without 3 out any necessary facts. In writing a letter of application, keep in 4 that things a possible employer is most _5 to want to know about are your qualification, your achievements and your aims. The opening paragraph is perhaps the most important part. 6 the first few sentences fail to 7_ at all. Try to key your opening the reader's attention, the rest of the letter may not be 8

remarks to the needs or interests of the employer, not 9 your own needs or desires. For example, instead of beginning with " I saw your 10 in today's newspaper". You might say " I have made a careful 11 of your advertising during the past six months" or " I have made a survey in my neighborhood to find out how many housewives 12 your product and why they like it". Try to 13 generalities (笼统) . Be clear about the kind of job for which you are now . College graduates looking for their first positions often ask "What can I 15 in a letter? 14 has. The answer is that everything you Employers want experience---which, naturally, no 16 have ever done is 17 . It is important to write a good strong closing remark for your letter. 18 a specific request for an interview or give the possible employer something definite to do or expect. An excellent 19 is to enclose (内附) a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your letter. That for a possible employer to get in touch with you. makes it 20 1. A. clearly B. carefully C. obviously D. easily 2. A. found B. done C. known D.heard 3. A. sending B. taking C. leaving D. picking 4. A. brain B. sight C. order D.mind 5. A. probable B. possible C. likely D.able 6. A. While B. Although C.As D.If 7. A. pay B.win C.show D.fix 8. A. kept B. continued C. written D.read 9. A. to B.for C. into D.fcom 10. A. advertisement B.report C. article D. introduction 11. A. watch B.search C. study D. discussion 12. A. change B.make C.sell D.use 13. A. avoid B. remember C. protect D.gain 14. A. losing B. applying C. preparing D. fitting 15. A. offer B. supply C.mean D. provide 16 .A. worker B. beginner C.owner D. manager 17. A. success B. development C. practice D. experience 18. A .Make B.Ask C. State D.Get 19. A. result B. decision C. promise D.idea 20. A. happier B. easier C.heaper D. safer 1-20 ABCDC DBDAA CDABD BDADB

六.翻译练习: (20 分) 1.四年后他已经习惯了这儿的生活。 2.水灾夺走了数百人的生命。 3.应该用科学的方法来提高效率。 4.新闻界对该发现几乎未加评论。 5.我邻居自荐她的女儿,说她是个极好的秘书。 6.春节即将到来。 7.我做什么才能使你满意?

8.许多青少年并没意识到他们正过着多么幸福的生活。 9.我们一起在偏远村子度过的艰难时光令人难忘。 10. 现在观众可以看到各种节目。

参考译文: 1. After four years he has been used to the life here. 2.The flood claimed hundreds of lives. 3.Scientific methods should be used to promote efficiency. 4.The discovery is hardly commented by the press. 5. My neighbour recommended her own daughter as an excellent secretary. 6.The spring festival is approaching. 7.What can I do to satisfy you? 8.Many teenagers aren’t aware of what a happy life they are leading. 9.The hard time we spent together in the remote village is unforgettable. 10.Various programs can be available to the audience now.

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