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专题专项集训(九) 完形填空之记叙文体(一)

专题专项集训(九) 完形填空之记叙文体(一)

(共 3 篇,每篇限时 18 分钟)


(2014· 安徽高考)In 2012, I had just recovered from a serious illness when I received an invitation to a writer’s conference in Orlando, Florida. My family persuaded me that a(n) __1__might be just what the doctor ordered, so off I__2__. Arriving in the Sunshine State was rather tiring, but I__3__to catch a taxi to my__4__and settle in. Next morning, I took another__5__to the shopping centre to buy a few souvenirs.__6__I went to a to have lunch, but all the tables were__7__. Then I heard a friendly voice saying,

“You can__8__my table.” I gratefully sat down with the __9__lady and we had a happy lunch together. As the__10__drew to a close she asked how long I would be in Orlando. I had already told her that I hadn’ t__11__ a car, and hadn’ t realised how__12__taking taxis would be. After a while she said, “My dear, don’t use any more taxis. I’m retired and it would be my pleasure to__13__ you wherever you wish.” I told her that I couldn’t put her to that__14__, but she brushed aside my protests (反对). She asked me where I was__15__and next morning she was waiting at my apartment at the__16__time to take me to Disney World. She spent some time with me before leaving me to__17__alone. At the end of the day, she__18__to take me back to my accommodation. I__19__her money but she refused to take any. I’ll never forget that wonderful lady who, through her__20__, filled my brief holiday in Florida with wonderful memories. 1.A.holiday C.operation 2.A.kept C.dropped 3.A.intended C.managed 4.A.hospital C.university 5.A.colleague C.suitcase 6.A.Instead B.ceremony D.experiment B.went D.knocked B.promised D.deserved B.company D.accommodation B.passenger D.taxi B.First

C.Later 7.A.classified C.decorated 8.A.share C.set 9.A.old C.innocent 10.A.journey C.speech 11.A.donated C.hired 12.A.convenient C.unfortunate 13.A.inspire C.call 14.A.business C.trouble 15.A.working C.moving 16.A.appointed C.favourite 17.A.digest C.perform 18.A.forgot C.returned 19.A.sent C.offered 20.A.confidence C.curiosity

D.Once B.occupied D.painted B.reserve D.possess B.poor D.stubborn B.meal D.interview B.repaired D.guided B.worthwhile D.expensive B.entertain D.drive B.argument D.challenge B.staying D.shopping B.limited D.regular B.explore D.calculate B.refused D.preferred B.lent D.owed B.dignity D.kindness

Ⅱ.模拟冲关(模拟题最新鲜,高考命题常以“她”为样板) A (2014· 东北三校第二次联考)As I was making my way to the coffee shop, I noticed an older gentleman poorly dressed sitting on a__1__nearby.I knew from first sight that he was in need of

some kind of__2__.He had a little lunch stretched out in front of him and was wholeheartedly__3__it. Then I__4__the line and waited to be served.There was a young man in front of me.He handed the waitress a twenty dollar bill and__5__an orange juice and a__6__.The waitress looked at the young man a little__7__, not fully understanding the request. That was when the young man__8__her to give the juice to the older gentleman eating his lunch outside on the bench.The young man also told her that he would be watching every second__9__she would be completely safe at all times.__10__there was a wonderful__11__between the waitress and the older man in need of some attention.I only wish I had a photo of the__12__on both of their faces. As I was__13__this event later on, I wondered why the young man didn’t just__14__this act of kindness himself.I suspect that deep out in his heart he was__15__that this act of kindness might__16__others to do something for this older man as well. There are__17__ways of thinking when we come across someone such as this older gentleman.__18__he’s just simply lazy and doesn’t work hard enough in his life.Or he should have gone to school and made__19__use of what he has.But just maybe he needs a helping hand and thank God for this young man who inspired others to__20__as well. 1. A.chair C.fence 2. A.help C.attraction 3. A.tasting C.enjoying 4.A.jumped C.held 5.A.prepared C.produced 6.A.favour C.tip 7.A.shocked C.puzzled 8.A.commanded C.required 9.A.in case C.so that 10.A.Besides B.bench D.table B.rescue D.service B.packing D.ordering B.joined D.took B.supplied D.requested B.check D.reply B.annoyed D.disturbed B.begged D.asked B.even though D.only if B.Afterwards

C.Otherwise 11.A.debate C.bargain 12.A.smiles C.tears 13.A.picking out C.thinking about 14.A.introduce C.ignore 15.A.guessing C.judging 16.A.inspire C.warn 17.A.valuable C.various 18.A.Certainly C.Obviously 19 .A.closer C.harder 20.A.goodness C.respect

D.Anyhow B.impression D.exchange B.worries D.hopes B.carrying on D.making up B.perform D.pass B.hoping D.concluding B.force D.instruct B.useful D.practical B.Possibly D.Absolutely B.wider D.better B.confidence D.creativity B

(2014· 郑州高考适应性考试)Jennifer was halfway down the stairs when she turned and took one last look at her room.__1__high school and going away to college was like the__2__pause at the ending of a chapter in a good book, and she was__3__to turn the page. Jennifer went down the stairs to where her mother and father,__4__quiet, were waiting.She even felt a sense of guilt deep__5__her when she admitted to herself how longingly she had__6__getting away from her home and starting a new life in the college. They went out through the front door.Dad put the suitcases in the back of the__7__, and then came forward to hold the front door open.“Sit in the__8__, dear,”her mother suggested, touching her arm gently, and Jennifer noticed that her mother was__9__one of those sadlooking smiles.In fact, she was afraid her mother might even__10__at the train station. Her father pulled out of their driveway and Jennifer turned for one last look at the house. They pulled up at the station then.The train was coming.There were lastminute

questions, words of advice, and then__11__. “Well, I’m on my way.Don’t worry about me.Everything will be OK,” Jennifer said__12__. When her father took the picture, she noticed her mother wasn’t weepy at all — the smile on her face wasn’t__13__sadlooking. Through the window, Jennifer held__14__with her eyes as the train moved away slowly.They were standing close together, and somehow it__15__the memory of that day when she was seven — when she had persuaded them to let her__16__the big Ferris wheel (摩天轮) all by herself.She had sat still in the__17__middle of the seat as she did just now in the car, feeling__18__that even if she fell, even if the Ferris wheel itself fell, she had known they would catch her. Suddenly she felt tears__19__her eyes.She wiped her eyes one last time and found her parents out of__20__when she looked back again. 1.A.Finishing C.Entering 2.A.frequent C.brief 3.A.sad C.eager 4.A.strangely C.normally 5.A.from C.into 6.A.looked up to C.got bored with 7.A.seat C.car 8.A.middle C.front 9.A.flashing C.forcing 10.A.arrive C.faint 11.A.decisions C.changes 12.A.loudly B.Attending D.Continuing B.sudden D.complicated B.slow D.quiet B.badly D.definitely B.within D.of B.got used to D.looked forward to B.wheel D.driveway B.back D.seat B.wearing D.shaping B.escape D.cry B.hugs D.rushes B.sadly

C.impatiently 13.A.all C.only 14.A.it C.him 15.A.kept away C.wiped off 16.A.ride C.play 17.A.same C.exact 18.A.afraid C.sorry 19.A.controlled C.emptied 20.A.sight C.station

D.heartily B.even D.once B.her D.them B.stuck to D.brought back B.catch D.drive B.right D.similar B.certain D.peaceful B.rolled D.flooded B.mind D.memory

答案 Ⅰ. 语篇解读:本文为一篇记叙文。作者讲述了自己在 2012 年到佛罗里达州的奥兰多参加作家 研讨会期间受到一位热心老太太帮助的故事。 1.选 A 结合句中的“I had just recovered from a serious illness”以及空后的“might be just what the doctor ordered”可知,医生指示刚刚康复的病人的应该是“度假期”。 2.选 B so 后为部分倒装,将作状语的 off 前置了。正常的结构为:so I went off。go

off“离开(尤指去做某事)”;keep off“远离,(使)不接近”;drop off“减少,下降”;knock off“停止某事”。B 项符合语境。 3.选 C 到达阳光州(指佛罗里达州)相当疲劳,但作者还是设法搭乘出租车到达住处

并安顿下来。manage to do sth.意为“设法做成某事”,符合语境。 4.选 D 根据第三段中的“At the end of the day, she ________ to take me back to my accommodation”可知选 D。 5.选 D 外出搭乘的应是“出租车”,空前的“another”承接上句的“a taxi”,故选 D。 第二天上午,作者坐另一辆出租车到购物中心买了一些纪念品。 6.选 C 根据语境可知,作者是在购物中心买了几件纪念品之后去一家咖啡屋吃午饭。

故选 C。 7.选 B 根据空前的“but”可推知,小餐馆的桌子都坐满了,故选 B。 occupied“使用 中,有人使用”。随后作者来到一家咖啡屋吃午饭,但桌子都坐满了。 8. 选 A 根据第三段首句中的“sat down with the ________ lady and we had a happy lunch together”可知,作者是和对方共用一张桌子。 9.选 A 根据下文的“I’m retired”可知,作者和一位老太太坐一桌。 10.选 B 根据上文两次出现的 lunch 可知,此处是用 meal 指代 lunch。故选 B。 11. 选 C 作者已经告诉她自己没有租用小汽车, 也没有意识到搭出租车会是多么昂贵。 12. 选 D 根据下文这位退休的老太太主动提出自己开车送作者, 可见作者是在抱怨搭 乘出租车太昂贵。故选 D。 13.选 D 根据上文中的“My dear, don’t use any more taxis”可知,这位退休的老太太 提出自己开车送作者。故选 D。 14.选 C 作者告诉她,作者不能给她添这样的麻烦。此处 that trouble 指上句提到的 “drive you wherever you wish”。故选 C。 15.选 B 根据下文中的“next morning she was waiting at my apartment”可知,她问了作 者的住处。故选 B。 16.选 A at the appointed time 表示“在约定的时间”。第二天早上,老太太在约定的 时间来到作者的住处,要带作者去迪斯尼世界。 17. 选 B 根据语境, 老太太把作者送到迪斯尼世界后, 先陪游了一会儿, 然后离去了。 旅游属于“探索”, 即在旅游过程中去发现迪斯的一些奥秘。 故选 B, 表示“探索, 考察”。 18.选 C 根据上句中的“She spent some time with me before leaving me to ________ alone”可知,老太太中途离去了。所以在一天结束的时候她又返回来接作者回住处。故选 C。 19.选 C 根据空后的“but she refused to take any”可知,作者主动提出给老太太钱。故 选 C。 20.选 D 老太太帮助作者,这是善举(kindness)。作者永远不会忘记这位好心的女士, 她通过自己的善举,让作者在佛罗里达的短暂假期充满了美好的回忆。 Ⅱ.A 语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文。作者目睹了一个感人的故事,一个年轻人为一个穿着破旧衣 服在外面长凳上吃饭的老人买了杯橙汁, 并请服务员送了过去。 作者认为这个年轻人的做法 是想鼓励别人也去做这样的善事。 1.选 B 根据第三段第一句中的“the older gentleman eating his lunch outside on the bench”可知,应选择 B。 2.选 A 根据上文中的“I noticed an older gentleman poorly dressed”可知,作者一看到他 就觉得他需要某种帮助(help), 应选择 A。 rescue“拯救”; attraction“吸引力”; service“服

务”。 3. 选 C 此处指老人全神贯注地享受着他的午餐。 enjoy“享受”, 符合语境。 taste“品 尝”;pack“打包”;order“订购”。 4.选 B 根据下文中的“and waited to be served”可知,作者在排队等候。join the line 表 示“加入行列,排队”。 5.选 D 根据下文中的“not fully understanding the request”可知,这个年轻人要了一杯 橙汁。request“要求”,符合语境。prepare“准备”;supply“供应”;produce“生产”。 6.选 A 根据第三段的第一句可知,年轻人请服务员帮一个忙。favour“帮助”,符

合语境。check“核查”;tip“建议”;reply“回答”。 7.选 C 根据下文中的“not fully understanding the request”可知,服务员感到迷惑不解, puzzled“困惑的”,符合语境。shocked“震惊的”;annoyed“气恼的”;disturbed“心神 不安的”。 8. 选 D 此处指年轻人让服务员把橙汁送给老人。 ask“让, 请求”, ask sb.to do sth.“让 某人做某事”,符合语境。command“命令”;beg“乞求”;require“需要,要求”。 9.选 C 此处表示年轻人会一直关注着,以确保她是安全的。so that“以便,为了”, 符合语境。in case“以防万一”;even though“即使”;only if“只要”。 10.选 B 后来女服务员与老人进行了很好的交流。afterwards“后来”,符合语境。

besides“除??之外(还)”;otherwise“否则”;anyhow“无论如何”。 11.选 D exchange 在此处表示“交流”,符合语境。debate“辩论”;impression“印

象”;bargain“讨价还价”。 12.选 A 根据前文中的“wonderful”可知,作者希望能拍下他们脸上的笑容(smiles)。 13.选 C 此处指作者后来回想起这件事的时候,就想知道为什么那个年轻人不亲自做 这件善事。think about“回想”,符合语境。pick out“挑选”;carry on“继续做”;make up“组成;化妆;捏造;补充”。 14.选 B 作者想知道为什么年轻人不亲自做这件善事。perform“做,执行”,符合

语境。introduce“介绍”;ignore“忽视”;pass“通过”。 15.选 B 此处指年轻人希望这一善举能鼓励别人也为这位老人做些事情。 hope“希

望”,符合语境。guess“猜测”;judge“判断”;conclude“得出结论”。 16. 选 A 根据文章最后一句中的“who inspired others to__20__as well”可知, 应选择 A。 17.选 C 根据下文中作者列举的想法可知,当我们偶遇像这位老人一样的人时,我们 会有各种各样的想法。 various“各种各样的”, 符合语境。 valuable“有价值的”; useful“有 用的”;practical“实际的”。 18.选 B 下文是作者的推测,结合“maybe”的提示可知,possibly“可能”,符合语境。 certainly“当然”;obviously“明显地”;absolutely“绝对地”。

19.选 D 或者他本应去上学,并更好地利用他所拥有的东西。make better use of“更 好地利用”。根据语境可知选 D。 20 . 选 A 此 处 指 年 轻 人 鼓 励 别 人 也 做 好 事 , goodness“ 善 良 ” , 符 合 语 境 。

confidence“自信”;respect“尊敬”;creativity“创造性,创造力”。 B 语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文。Jennifer 准备离开家去上大学,她内心充满着对新生活的渴 望,但这对她的父母来说则是另一种心情。 1.选 A 根据下文“going away to college”可知,此处表示 Jennifer 完成了高中学业, finish“完成”,符合语境。attend“出席”;enter“进入”;continue“继续”。 2.选 C 从高中毕业到去上大学就像一本好书中的某一章结尾时短暂的停顿一样。

brief“简洁的, 短暂的”, 符合语境。 frequent“频繁的”; sudden“突然的”; complicated“复 杂的”。 3.选 C 根据上文可知,作者将从高中转入大学看成是一本好书章节间的短暂停顿, 所以作者应该是想继续欣赏,急于翻页,应选择 C。 4.选 A Jennifer 到了楼下,她的父母正在等她,出奇地安静。这种静反映了孩子要离 开时他们的心情。strangely“奇怪地, 异常地”, 符合语境。badly“拙劣地”;normally“正 常地”;definitely“确切地,明确地”。 5.选 B 此处指 Jennifer 内心深感愧疚,因此使用 within“在??内心”。 6.选 D 当 Jennifer 承认自己曾经是多么渴望离开家开始大学的新生活时,她深感内

疚。look forward to “盼望,期待”,符合语境。look up to“尊敬”;get used to“习惯于”; get bored with“对??厌倦”。 7.选 C 根据第 18 空前的“as she did just now in the car”可知,应选择 C。 8. 选 A 根据第 17 空处“She had sat still in the__17__middle of the seat as she did just now in the car”可知,母亲让 Jennifer 坐在座位中间。 9.选 B 这里表示 Jennifer 的母亲流露出有些伤心的笑。wear“流露,面带,呈现(某 种神态)”,符合语境。flash“闪光”;force“强迫,迫使”;shape“塑造”。 10 . 选 D 根据上文中的 “Jennifer noticed that her mother was__9__one of those

sadlooking smiles”可知,Jennifer 担心母亲在车站会忍不住哭出来。第 13 空前的“weepy” 也可作为提示。 11. 选 B 火车要来了, 这是最后的话别时刻, 之后应该是离别前的拥抱。 hug“拥抱”, 符合语境。decision“决定”;change“改变”;rush“猛冲”。 12. 选 D 临别前, Jennifer 不想让父母担心, 所以高兴地说一切都会好的。 heartily“开 怀地”,符合语境。loudly“大声地”;sadly“悲伤地”;impatiently“不耐烦地”。 13.选 B 根据前文中的“she noticed her mother wasn’t weepy at all”可知,此处表示在

照相时母亲带着笑容的脸上甚至都看不出伤感,前后为递进关系,因此选择 B。 14.选 D Jennifer 透过车窗目送着父母,此处用 them 指 Jennifer 的父母。 15.选 D bring back the memory“勾起回忆”,符合语境。keep away“不接近,使离 开”;stick to“坚持(做某事,不怕困难)”;wipe off“从??中除掉(抹掉)”。 16.选 A 根据下文中的“the big Ferris wheel(摩天轮)all by herself”可知,Jennifer 说 服父母同意让她独自一人去坐摩天轮。ride“乘坐”,符合语境。 17.选 C 这里指 Jennifer 当时坐在座位的正中间。exact“精确的,准确的”。 18.选 B Jennifer 当时坐在座位的正中间动都不敢动,但心里确信即使她摔下去,即 使摩天轮翻倒,父母也一定会接住她。certain“确定,确信”。 19.选 D 想到这儿,Jennifer 突然泪如泉涌。flood“大量涌入,蜂拥而出”,符合语 境。control“控制”;roll“滚动”;empty“倒空”。 20. 选 A Jennifer 最后一次擦去眼中的泪水, 再去看父母时, 他们已经不见了踪影。 out of sight“看不见,淡出视线”。

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