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新高一英语必修1各单元词汇检测练习 教师版

新课标高一英语必修 1 各单元词汇检测练习
Unit 1 Friendship 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:crazy, loose, calm, entirely, reason, thunder, share, German, habit, teenager, upset, communicate, outdoors, situation, advice 1 A group of Frenchmen and _________ are visiting Window to the World. 2 Please wait in line. Everyone will get his ________. 3 The doorknob (门把手) has come _________. Who will fix it? 4 Don’t always stay indoors. You’d better go __________ for fun time. 5 I once studied some Japanese at college, but I’m afraid that I’ve __________ forgotten it now. 6 Don’t scold him. After all, he is only a __________. 7 __________ often follows lightning. 8 People say that __________ is second nature. 9 China is going through good economic __________ these years. 10 Since you have question, why not turn to him for some __________? 11 My child spends most of the time playing online games. It really _________ me. 12 ___________ well with others is considered a kind of ability. 13 Seeing mother smiling at me among the audience, I felt _________ on the stage. 14 No one knew the __________ why he was absent from class a second time. 15 Seeing the famous film star appearing, all the fans became _________. 第二组:list, power, point, suffer, ignore, editor, cheat, questionnaire, trust, dare 16 Do you know when President George Bush came into _________ ? 17 I __________ from a bad cold the other day. It took me days to get rid of it. 18 Only a few years after graduation my sister became the chief _________ with China Daily. 19 Can you design a ____________ to find out what kinds of friends your classmates like to make? 20 He is your father. How __________ you say to him like that? 21 Little Peter always lies to others. His classmates won’t _________ him anymore. 22 Mrs Wang wrote on the blackboard: No _________ in exams! 23 Mary got very unhappy, for other friends __________ her at the party. 24 I got 90 __________ in the final English exam. 25 Before going shopping you’d better make a _______of what you are going to buy. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):

add up (to) be concerned about go through set down a series of on purpose in order to according to get along with fall in love (with) join in have got to hide away face to face
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1 We’ve chatted online for some time but we have never met ___________. 2 It is nearly 11 o’clock yet he is not back. His mother ____________ him. 3 The Lius ___________ hard times before liberation. 4 ____________ get a good mark I worked very hard before the exam. 5 I think the window was broken ___________ by someone. 6 You should ___________ the language points on the blackboard. They are useful. 7 They met at Tom’s party and later on ____________ with each other. 8 You can find ____________ English reading materials in the school library. 9 I am easy to be with and _____________my classmates pretty well. 10 They __________ in a small village so that they might not be found. 11 Which of the following statements is not right ____________ the above passage? 12 It’s getting dark. I ___________ be off now. 13 More than 1,000 workers ___________ the general strike last week. 14 All her earnings _____________ about 3,000 yuan per month. Unit 2 English around the world 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:direction, command, lightning, block, request, accent, retell, recognize, standard, northwestern 1 ___________ is a kind of natural phenomenon. 2 Please read the __________ on the bottle before taking the medicine. 3 May and I are classmates, but we live in different _________. 4 Mao Zedong spoke with a strong Hunan __________. 5 When we met many years later I could hardly __________ Lily at the airport. 6 Gansu is a __________ province of China. 7 If you want to learn Chinese, you may learn from her. She speaks very ________ Chinese. 8 Will you please __________ the story to the whole class? 9 Visitors are ___________ not to touch the exhibits. 10 He lived in America for five years and has a good __________ of English. 第二组:rule, rapidly, apartment, government, subway, identity, international, vocabulary, include, present, native, actually 11 The population of that country is increasing ___________. 12 Our __________ must do something to stop the rising house prices. 13 The police are trying to discover the __________ of the killer. 14 Usually you will read faster if you have a bigger English _________. 15 All those _________ at the meeting are high officials. 16 _________, English is not so hard to learn if you put your heart into it. 17 _________ speakers of English are in good demand in our school. 18 Only ten boys passed the exam, _________ Peter and you. 19 My father likes me to major in __________ trade when I go to university. 第 2页 共 6 页

20 Underground and _________ mean the same in English. 21 Englishmen say flat, while Americans say ____________. 22 India was once __________by Britain and won its independence in 1947. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):

play a …role (in) up such as even if

because of


play a …part (in)

1 Dujiangyan(都江堰) is still ___________in irrigation(灌溉) today. 2 That question ___________ at yesterday’s meeting. 3 Karl Marx could speak a few foreign languages, _________Russian and English. 4 You must ask for leave first __________ you have something very important. 5 The media _________ major ________ in influencing people’s opinions. 6 _________ years of hard work she looked like a woman in her fifties. Unit 3 Travel journal 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:properly, cycle, transport, insist, record, stubborn, brave, fare, familiar, camp 1 I live near our school. Sometimes I _________ to school. 2 I ________ that the rude shop assistant should apologize to me. 3 My daughter is so ________ that she cannot easily change her mind. 4 You only have to pay 20 yuan; children travel at half _________. 5 I signed up for the 2007 English Summer _________. 6 The notice is written in German. Is anyone _________ with the German language? 7 The boy was ________ enough to keep chasing after the thief with a knife. 8 Liu Xiang broke the world _________ for the men’s 110-meter hurdle. 9 If you get to Beijing, there are two kinds of ________ for you to choose—by air or train. 10 When you write it is important to use words _________. 第二组:determine, topic, plain, persuade, attitude, journal, shorts, altitude 11 Fighting against terrorism(恐怖主义) has become an important ______ throughout the world these years. 12 Can you think of ways to _________ him to give up the plan? 13 When people are travelling they often write about their travels, which is called travel _______. 14 The Everest has an ________ of 8844.34 meters, according to the latest survey. 15 After putting on a T-shirt and ________, he went out to play tennis. 16 If you want to pass the exams, you’d better change your ________ towards them. 17 The soil of the Northeast _______ is fertile(肥沃的) and fine corn, sorghum, and rice grow there. 18 Upbringing(培养) plays an important part in _________ a person’s character. 第 3页 共 6 页


change one’s mind give in dream about for one thing…for another be familiar to be determined to do
1 Since I was a child I _________ taking a space trip. 2 He failed again. _________, he didn’t have enough time.; _________, he couldn’t find people to help him. 3 I __________ go to a famous university in the future. 4 Finally the enemy had to ____________ to us. 5 This old song __________ those Chinese people who lived in the 60s. 6 She ___________ at last and promised to go together with us the next day. Unit 4 Earthquakes 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组: pond, fresh, brick, electricity, organize, injure, judge, shake, rise, speech, disaster, destroy 1 Let me write it down while it is still _________ in my mind. 2 Without __________ our life would be quite different today. 3 He got _________ in the right leg while playing football last week. 4 When an earthquake comes people can feel the house _________. 5 At Jerry’s party, Mr Smith delivered an amusing _________. 6 If a nuclear war should break out, it would bring a great _________ to man. 7 Most of the buildings _________ in the earthquake. 8 From yesterday on the temperature began to _________. 9 Never _________ a person only by his clothes. 10 Our class went on an _________ trip last Monday. 11 Stones and _________ are used to build a house. 12 The water in the small _________ froze and kids skated on it. 第二组:ruin, smelly, steam, honour, rescue, bury, shelter, dam, canal, burst, shock, prepare, mine 13 The clothes of those who smoke a lot are often __________. 14 Li Siguang is __________ as the father of geology in China. 15 After getting hanged Saddam Hussin _________ in his home town. 16 Three Gorges (峡)_______on the Changjiang River is a great project in the world. 17 Reading the letter, she _________ out crying. 18 The students are busy __________ for the New Year’s Day Evening. 19 Hundreds of workers were killed in the coal _________ accidents last year. 20 He was greatly _________ at the news of his uncle’s death. 21 The Grand ________ was built during the Sui Dynasty(隋朝). 22 It looks like rain. We’d better seek _________ from the rain. 第 4页 共 6 页

23 Five soldiers were sent to _________ those skiers trapped in the snow. 24 _________ can be seen rising from the boiling kettle(水壶). 25 The bad weather _________ our trip. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):

right away a number of out

at an end dig out thousands of give

1 After a long walk we all __________. 2 __________ workers went on the strike(罢工), but I didn’t know the exact number. 3 Just wait for me on the spot; I will come ___________. 4 More than a dozen people ___________ of the avalanche(雪崩) alive. 5 When we arrived at the cinema, the film was nearly __________. 6 __________ people gathered on the square watching the fireworks. Unit 5 Nelson Mandela- a modern hero 一、请根据各句上下文的意义,选择正确的单词填入空白处。 第一组:quality, cruelty, prison, blanket, vote, stage, degree, fight, reward, hero 1 The Society for the Prevention of _________ to Animals (SPCA 动物保护协会) is a well known organization in the world. 2 The girl wrapped herself with a _________ to keep herself warm. 3 The famous actress first appeared on the _________ only in her teens. 4 The two boys who were _________ in the playground were ordered to stop. 5 People regarded him as a ________, for he saved a drowning 8-year-old boy out of a freezing lake. 6 You really deserve a _________ for being so helpful. 7 My uncle received a doctor’s _________of medicine in America in 1998 and returned to China the following year. 8 He obtained 89% of the __________ and was elected president of the Party. 9 Nelson Mandela was put in ________ a few times. 10 People often value the _________ of a product rather than its packaging. 第二组:active, criminal, advise, guard, accept, position, educated, period, president, willing 11 The _________ was charged with robbing a bank and sentenced to death. 12 Two soldiers _________ the government office building all the time. 13 My father was promoted to a higher _________ for his achievements. 14 I stayed in Japan for only a short _________ of time. 15 Those boys are so helpful that they are always ________ to help others. 16 George Bush was elected _________ of the USA a second time in 2004. 17 All my family are well _________, of whom my brother studied in Harvard University. 18 I am a Party member and never ________any bribe(贿赂) from others. 19 The doctor _________ me to take more exercise so that I can keep fit. 第 5页 共 6 页

20 Some students are very ________ in answering teachers’ questions while others just keep silent when asked any question. 第三组:principle, sincerely, league, terror, youth, violence, peaceful, continue, fear, republic 21 I _________ hope that you won’t let me down. 22 To his ________, he found a figure coming towards him in the darkness. 23 What really worries those parents is that there is too much sex and _______ on TV. 24 The rain ________ falling all afternoon. But it came to a stop by dark. 25 PRC is short for the People’s _________ of China. 26 His son has been missing for five days and now police are beginning to _______ the worst. 27 After retirement she moved to the country and lived a ________ life. 28 The _________ play an important role in building our country. 29 I have been a ________ member for 3 years. 30 Stick to your ________ and tell him that you won’t do it. 二、把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化):

lose heart in trouble worry about out of work as a matter of fact blow up put…in prison come to power set up be sentenced to
1 That building __________ yesterday and the police began to look into it. 2 Never _________; believe in yourself and keep up courage. 3 In America those who are __________ can live on relief(救济金). 4 He is very helpful; he always helps those _________ out of difficulty. 5 He pretends to be making comment on the drawings, but ____________, he knows nothing about art. 6 Due to lots of thefts he was __________. 7 What I am _________ is whether I can find another job. 8 That chemical works, which _________ only two years ago, has been closed down recently, because it has brought lots of pollution. 9 Saddam Hussin _________ death in 2006. 10 This party __________ at the last election.

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必修一 Unit 1 一 第一组: 1 Germans 2 share 3 loose 4 outdoors 5 entirely 6 teenager 7 Thunder 8 habit 9 situation 10 advice 11 upsets 12 To communicate 13 calm 14 reason 15 crazy 第二组:16 power 17 suffered 18 editor 19 questionnaire 20 dare 21 trust 22 cheating 23 ignored 24 points 25 list 二 1 face to face 2 is concerned about 3 went through 4 In order to 5 on purpose 6 set down 7 fell in love 8 a series of 9 am getting along with 10 hid away 11 according to 12 have got to 13 joined in 14 adds up to Unit 2 一 第一组:1 Lightning 2 directions 3 blocks 4 accent 5 recognize 6 northwestern 7 standard 8 retell 9 requested 10 command 第二组:11 rapidly 12 government 13 identity 14 vocabulary 15 present 16 Actually 17 Native 18 including 19 international 20 subway 21 apartment 22 ruled 二 1 playing a part 2 came up 3 such as 4 even if 5 play a…role 6 Because of Unit 3 一 第一组:1 cycle 2 insisted 3 stubborn 4 fare 5 Camp 6 familiar 7 brave 8 record 9 transport 10 properly 第二组:11 topic 12 persuade 13 journal 14 altitude 15 shorts 16 attitude 17 Plain 18 determining 二 1 have dreamed about 2 For one thing; for another 3 am determined to 4 give in 5 is familiar to 6 changed her mind/gave up Unit 4 一 第一组:1 fresh 2 electricity 3 injured 4 shaking 5 speech 6 disaster 7 were destroyed 8 rise 9 judge 10 organized 11 bricks 12 pond 第二组: 13 smelly 14 honoured 15 was buried 16 Dam 17 burst 18 preparing 19 mine 20 shocked 21 Canal 22 shelter 23 rescue 24 Steam 25 ruined 二 1 gave out 2 A number of/ Thousands of 3 right away 4 were dug out 5 at an end 6 A number of/ Thousands of Unit 5 一 第一组:1 Cruelty 2 blanket 3 stage 4 fighting 5 hero 6 reward 7 degree 8 vote 9 prison 10 quality 第二组:11 criminal 12 guard 13 position 14 period 15 willing 16 president 17 educated 18 accept 19 advises 20 active 第三组:21 sincerely 22 terror 23 violence 24 continued 25 Republic 26 fear 27 peaceful 28 youth 29 league 30 principles 二 1 was blown up 2 lose heart 3 out of work 4 in trouble 5 as a matter of fact 6 put in prison 7 worying about 8 was set up 9 was sentenced to 10 came to power

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