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2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 题库强化练习(新课标专用)Book 3 Unit2 Word版含解析

Unit 2

Healthy eating

1.Our government is trying its best to________the social security system to protect people's rights. A.balance C.conduct B.reform D


答案 B [考查名词词义的辨析。 balance 平衡; reform 改革; conduct 行为; 指挥; press 印刷;报刊。句意:我们的政府正尽最大努力改革安全保障体系以保护人们的权利。] 2.Some drunken drivers think that they may be lucky to________a fine, which may cost their own lives. A.get through C.get down to B.get along with D.get away with

答案 D [考查动词短语的辨析。get through 完成;通过;get along with 与……相处; get down to 开始认真干某事;get away with 被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚。句意:有的醉酒驾 驶的司机认为他们可能会很幸运的逃避惩罚,这样做会使他们付出生命的代价。] 3.—I am afraid this pair of shoes is a little expensive. —If you really want to buy them, I will give you a________of 10 percent. A.quantity C.discount B.amount D.account

答案 C [考查名词辨析。 quantity 数量;amount 数量;discount 折扣;account 账目。 此处为“10%的折扣”。句意:——恐怕这双鞋子有点贵了。——如果你真的想买的话,我会 给你打 10%的折扣。] 4. The suspect________to the police that the hammer still________where he had________it. A.lay; lay; lain C.lied; lay; laid 答案 C B.lay; lied; laid D.lied; laid; lain


谎”(lie),其过去式为 lied, lie to sb.意思是“向某人撒谎”;第二空意思是“位于,在(lie)”,其 过去式为 lay;第三空意思是“放臵(lay)”,其过去式为 laid。] 5.________the Internet is________,I do not think it is a good idea to spend too much time on it. A.When; greatly beneficial B.As; a great benefit C.While; of great benefit D.Now; of no benefit 答案 C [第一空考查状语从句的连接词。while 作尽管讲时应位于主句前;as 作尽管 讲时该从句用倒装结构。be of benefit 相当于 be beneficial,表示有益的。句意:尽管网络很

有益处,但我认为花费太多的时间上网并不是好主意。] 6.The new administration has promised people to________administrative expenses by ten percent next year. A.cut down C.cut off B.cut up D.cut out

答案 A [考查动词短语的辨析。cut down 减少;缩减;cut up 切碎;cut off 切断; 断绝;cut out 突然熄火;停止运转。句意:新政府向人们许诺明年减少行政开支的 10%。] 7.—What sort of house do you want to have? Something big? —Well, it________be really huge;the size isn't so important. A.needn't C.can't B.mustn't D.won't

答案 A [考查情态动词的用法。由语境可知 A 项正确。句意:——你想拥有什么样 的房子?大点的吗?——噢,没有必要太大,面积并不重要。] 8.—Tony, make sure everything________for the meeting before 7:30. —Don't worry about it, sir.I've already made it. A.is prepared C.has prepared 答案 A B.is being prepared D.will be preparing

[考查动词时态及语态。由时间状语 before 可知,会议还没有举行,且

everything 与 prepare 之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,故用现在时的被动形式。句意:——Tony, 要确保在 7:30 前大会议需要的一切准备好。——不用担心,先生,我已经准备好了。] 9.It was so quiet in the classroom that a needle________to drop onto the floor. A.could hear C.could have been heard B.was to be heard D.must be heard

答案 C [考查虚拟语气的含蓄用法。此处表示与过去情况相反,故用 could have done 结构。句意:教室里那么静以至于针掉到地上都能听到。] 10.Despite mistakes and________, the robot did a great deal of good work. A.limits C.benefits B.advantages D.weaknesses

答案 D [本题考查名词辨析。句意:尽管有差错和不足,机器人还是做了大量的好的 工作。 mistakes 一致, 与 此处应填 weaknesses。 limit“限制”; advantage“好处, 优点”; benefit“利 益,好处”,均不符合句意。] 11. China opened its door to the outside world in 1978.________that had far reaching effects. A.Did a new development come then B.Came then a new development C.Then came a new development D.Then did a new development come 答案 C [考查倒装句。then 位于句首,主谓要倒装。]

12.The president was so absorbed in his work that not a sound________. A.did she dare to make B.dared she to make C.she dared make D.she did dare to make 答案 A [考查 dare 一词的用法。dare 既可用作情态动词,又可用作实义动词;not a sound 为否定结构,位于句首句子用倒装结构,故 A 项正确。句意:经理在忙着工作以至 于她一点声音都不敢发出来。] 13.The father________his son to buy him a car if he goes abroad to further study. A.agrees C.allows B.promises D.permits

答案 B [考查动词词义的辨析。agree 同意;promise 答应;许诺;allow 允许;permit 允许。由语境可知 B 项正确。句意:父亲答应他的儿子如果他到国外深造的话就给他买一 辆车。] 14.The hotel wasn't particularly good,but I ________ in many worse hotels. A.was staying C.would stay 答案 确答案。] 15.She became fatter and fatter, so the doctor advised her________. A.losing weight C.to keep weight 答案 B B.to lose weight D.to gain weight D B.stayed D.had stayed


馆。根据句意及第一个分句的谓语动词 wasn't 可知,设空处表“过去的过去”,故 D 项为正

[句意:她越来越胖,因此医生建议她减肥。advise 后跟不定式作复合宾语,

即 advise sb. to do sth.,因此排除 A 项。lose weight“减肥”。gain weight“增加体重”;keep weight“保持体重”。] II. 完形填空 My Fellow American, I have recently been told that I am one of the millions of Americans who will be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease(老年痴呆症). Upon learning this news, Nancy & I had to decide whether as private citizens we would 1 this a private matter or we would make this news known in a 2 way.

In the past Nancy suffered from breast cancer 3 I had my cancer surgeries(外科手术). We found through our open disclosures(公开)we were able to 4 public awareness. We were

happy that 5 able to 6

many more people underwent testing. They were treated in early stages and

to normal, healthy lives. to share it with you. In opening our hearts, we hope this might

So now, we feel it is 7

promote greater 8 of this condition. Perhaps it will encourage a clearer understanding of the individuals and families who are 9 At the moment I feel just fine. I 10 earth doing the things I have 11 by it. to live the remainder of the years God gives me on this

done. I will continue to share 12 journey with my beloved my friends and

Nancy and my family. I plan to enjoy the great outdoors and stay in touch 13 supporters. Unfortunately, as Alzheimer’s Disease 14

, the family often suffers a lot. I only wish there experience. When the time comes I am

was some way I could spare Nancy from this 15 confident that with your help she will 16

it with faith and courage. me to

In closing let me thank you, the American people for giving me the great honor of 17 serve as your President. When the Lord calls me home, 18

that may be, I will leave with the

greatest love for this country of ours and endless optimism for its future. I now begin this 19 that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there ahead.

will always be a bright 20

Thank you my friends. May God always bless you. Sincerely, Ronald Reagan 1. A. stay 2. A. proper 3. A. and 4. A. raise 5. A. by the way 6. A. repeat 7. A. impossible 8. A. concern 9. A. protected 10. A. intend B. keep B. good B. but B. make B. on condition B. recover B. important B. encouragement B. affected B. want C. hold C. public C. or C. take C. in a whole C. return C. pity C. awareness C. examined C. love D. pretend D. suitable D. so D. turn D. as a result D. replace D. obvious D. decision D. controlled D. continue

11. A. finally 12. A. life’s 13. A. for 14. A. progresses 15. A. meaningful 16. A. treat 17. A. having 18. A. whoever 19. A. life 20. A. evening 1-5 BCAAD

B. seldom B. one’s B. with B. cures B. useful B. see B. allowing B. wherever B. road B. day 6-10 CBCBA

C. always C. other’s C. by C. removes C. careful C. face C. showing C. whenever C. line C. night

D. rarely D. today’s D. on D. advances D. painful D. consider D. declaring D. whatever D. journey D. dawn

11-15 CABAD

16-20 CBCDD

III.阅读理解 A The British National Health Service (NHS) was set up in 1948 and was designed to provide equal basic health care, free of charge, for everybody in the country. Before this time health care had to be paid for by individuals. Nowadays central government is directly responsible for the NHS although it is administered by local health authorities. About 83 percent of the cost of the health service is paid for by general taxation and the rest is met from the National Insurance contributions paid by those in work. There are charges for prescription and dental care but many people, such as children, pregnant women, pensioners, and those on Income Support, are exempt from payment. Most people are registered with a local doctor (a GP, or General Practitioner) who is increasingly likely to be part of a health centre which serves the community. As the population of Britain gets older, the hospital service now treats more patients than before, although patients spend less time in hospital. NHS hospitals — many of which were built in the nineteenth century — provide nearly half a million beds and have over 480, 000 medical staff. The NHS is the biggest employer in Europe although Britain actually spends less per person on health care than most of her European neighbours. During the 1980s there was considerable restructuring of the Health Service with an increased emphasis on managerial efficiency and the privatization of some services (for example, cleaning). At the end of the 1980s the government introduced proposals for further reform of the NHS, including allowing some hospitals to be selfgoverning, and encouraging GPs to compete for patients. Patients would be able to choose and change their family doctor more easily and GPs would have more financial responsibility. The political questions continue of how much money should be provided to support the NHS and where it should come from. 【解题导语】 国家保健中心由中央政府直接负责,但由地方当局管理。建立国家保健 中心的最初目的是为农村居民提供免费的基本健康护理, 尤其儿童、 孕妇等可享受免费治疗。

1.We can know from the first paragraph that________. A.the original aim of the NHS was to provide equal basic health care for everybody B.people didn't have to pay for health care since the NHS was set up C.patients were charged for receiving health care before 1948 D.the NHS was an organization which gave free advice to villagers 答案 C [细节理解题。 根据最后一自然段最后一句可知, 建立国家保健中心的最初目 的是为农村居民提供免费的基本健康护理,而不是针对所有的人,所以前两项错误。] 2.What do we know about the NHS? A.It's managed by the central government. B.Its cost is mainly paid for by the National Insurance contributions. C.It hires more people than any other unit in Europe. D.Fewer patients go to its hospitals than before because they spend less on health care. 答案 C [细节理解题。根据第四自然段“The NHS is the biggest employer in Europe...” 可知。 从第二自然段第一句可以看出国家保健中心由中央政府直接负责, 但由地方当局管理, 所以 A 项错误。] 3.All the following statements about GPs are true EXCEPT that they________. A.take care of the local people's health B.often take part in competitions to see who is the best C.work under high pressure nowadays D.have more responsibilities than before 答案 B [细节理解题。根据最后一自然段话“and encouraging GPs to compete for patients.”可知政府鼓励全科医生之间相互竞争,而不是让他们进行竞赛,看谁的医术高明。] 4.What does the underlined word “exempt” probably mean? A.suffering C.prevented 一词可推断儿童、孕妇等可享受免费治疗。] B Amanda took whatever pills she could get, largely because she was finding life hard to take. “There were a lot of problems, she says. She had just found out that her parents were splitting(分 ” 开). It took her by surprise—and she was shocked. “I woke up one morning, and they told me.” “On a few occasions during my two years of going to pharming parties(品药聚会), my heart would race so fast that it felt like it was going to explode. I felt weak and confused sometimes and even passed out several times,” she recalls. “But I picked up from the ground because I had a lot of pride in my drinking and drugging. I was really crazy about it and proud of the fact B.different D.free

答案 D [猜测词义题。前面提到医生开药方及给病人治疗牙病需要收费,再结合 but

that I could take more than a lot of people.” Finally, though, things got out of control. “I couldn't go a day without taking something,” she recalls, “and after a while, the pills upset my stomach; it hurt all the time, and I hardly ate. Finally, I couldn't take it any more. I went to my parents and told them I needed help.” Amanda entered a treatment program and has been calm since her release last January. “Detox(戒瘾) was the worst four days of my entire life, she says. “I was throwing up all the food ” and had the shakes.” She doesn't care about drugs. “I'm so hurt from this,” says Amanda, who has ulcers(溃疡) and damaged kidneys from the drugs and alcohol. “I have to struggle daily to stay calm. But in some ways, I feel lucky I went through it, and I'm out of it now.” Amanda wrote a song called “Goodnight to the Moonlight”. Amanda says, “It's about how it feels to be taking drugs and alcohol, how it hurts, how it makes you feel like you're losing yourself.” 【解题导语】 Amanda 由于父母离异而吸上了毒并成瘾。在父母的帮助下,她艰难却 坚定地戒了毒获得了新生。 5.The purpose of writing this passage is to tell us that______. A.parents have a great influence on their children B.drugs are a danger to our health and mind C.once determined, you will face no difficulty D.once formed, bad habits are hard to get rid of 答案 C [推理判断题。由文章大意可知。]

6.From the second paragraph we can learn that Amanda______. A.was bored with her behavior B.never felt frightened or ashamed of taking pills C.took pride in taking much more drugs D.was so strong in body that she never felt tired 答案 C [细节理解题。由第二段最后两句话可知。]

7.After taking drugs, Amanda________. A.found out that her parents were splitting B.found her lungs were damaged C.was forced to enter a treatment program

D.felt confused and almost broke down 答案 D [细节理解题。由第四段第一句话可知。] 8.It can be inferred from the last paragraph that________. A.Amanda had such a strong will that she didn't lose herself B.Amanda's song expressed her thanks and delight C.Detox was not really a success to Amanda D.drugs and alcohol ruined Amanda's health as well as her spirit 答案 A [推理判断题。由最后一段她的话可推知。]

IV.书面表达 以吸烟有害健康为题写一篇短文,字数 120 左右,内容要求包括: 1. 现状:中国吸烟者约占将近一半,吸烟者越来越年轻,甚至有少数中学生也在抽烟。 2. 原因: 有的认为是时髦(a kind of fashion)、 有的认为是乐趣、 有的认为可以提神(refresh oneself)。 3. 害处:吸烟有害健康,可导致多种疾病,是一种金钱的浪费,甚至会引起火灾。 4. 劝告不要吸烟。 【范文】 One possible version: Smoking Is Harmful! You can see smokers everywhere in public places, and you can find that most of them are young people, even middle school students. It's said that in China nearly half of the population are smokers. Why do so many people smoke? Some think smoking is a kind of fashion; some think smoking is a pleasure; while others believe they can refresh themselves by smoking. In fact, smoking is a very bad habit. It does great harm to people's health and causes a lot of diseases, such as lung cancer. So smoking is a waste of money. Besides, many fires are caused by careless smokers. I do hope people can give up smoking.

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