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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版 十二省区,必修1)课后强化作业:Unit 1 section 3 Word版含答案]

Unit 1 Friendship Section Ⅲ Using Language

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.I have ________(打包) up my clothes;I'm ready to go on a holiday. 2.I am not good at ________(与……沟通) with other people. 3.He _

_______(患有)from a serious heart attack before, but now he is all right. 4.Can you tell me the ________(确切的) date of your coming here? 5.I was ________(感激的) to my English teacher in the junior school who gave me so much help. 6.He fully ________(痊愈) himself after the operation. 7.Nowadays many ________(青少年) are crazy about rock music. 8.I quite ________(不同意) with what you said just now. 答 案 : 1.packed 7.teenagers 8.disagree 2.communicating 3.suffered 4.exact 5.grateful 6.recovers

have trouble with

settle down

fall in love with

communicate with

get tired of

join in get along with pack up Ⅱ.选词填空

1.She ____________________ a foreigner and married him when she studied in America. 2.He ____________________ his English study, so he often fails his English exam. 3.How is he __________ his new classmates? 4.I'm going to ________ their discussion. 5.With his help, I can ______________ the police in English. 6.Few students ____________ playing games. 7.Do you need me to help you ____________? 8.He has __________ in America for 20 years after he moved there. 答 案 : 1.fell in love with 5.communicate with Ⅲ.语法填空 2.has trouble with 3.getting along with 4.join in

6.get tired of 7.pack up 8.settled down

1.She suffered________ a serious heart trouble that it was difficult to regain her health. 答案:such 句意:她遭受如此严重的心脏病以至于很难恢复健康。 2.—People should stop using their cars and start using public transport. —________. The roads are too crowded. 答案: Exactly 考查情景交际。 exactly 的确如此, 表示很赞同对方的看法, 与后面的“The roads are too crowded”相吻合。 3.This area soon recovered________ the effects of the earthquake. 答案:from 句意:该地区受地震影响后不久就恢复正常了。recover from 从……中恢 复。 4.You look well. The air and the seafood in Sanya must agree________ you, I suppose. 答案:with 考查动词短语辨析。句意:你看上去很好。我认为三亚的空气和海鲜一定 很适合你。agree with 同意,赞成;与……一致;适合。 5.My sister ________(join) the League the activity to help the aged next week. 考查动词及短语辨析。句意:我姐姐上个月入团了,她决定下个星 last month and she has decided to join________


期参加帮助老年人的活动。join 指加入某一组织或团体,成为其中的一员;join in 多指参加 正在进行的活动。 6.Tom felt surprised when he saw his Aunt Polly standing in his room with her arms ________(cross). 答案:crossed 考查 with 复合结构。句意:当看到波莉阿姨交叉着两臂站在他房间里 时,汤姆感到很震惊。with one's arms/legs crossed 交叉着两臂/双腿。 7.I am tired ________ the partner I have been working with. 答案:of 考查介词搭配。句意:我厌烦了与我一起工作的搭档。be tired of 对……厌 烦,符合题意。 8.(2011· 山东高考改编)The two girls are so alike(相像) that strangers find ________ difficult to tell one from the other. 答案:it 考查代词用法。句意:这两个女孩长得如此相像以至于陌生人发现很难将其 中一个与另外一个区分开来。it 在句中充当形式宾语,代替后面的真正的动词不定式宾语 to tell one from the other。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 (2014· 浙江省绍兴一中期中) Friendships can be difficult—because often people aren't as honest and open as they should be. Sometimes, people finally get hurt. Most problems with friendships come up because people are just too selfish to care about the things that their friends need. They care about their own needs much more, which makes it hard

for friendships to work. However, being selfish is part of human nature. A person is put together in order to take care of themselves and their own needs, not necessarily those needs of other people. Even though being selfish is something that all humans are born with, it is something that everyone should be against. The best thing to remember when you are a friend to anyone is that you need to treat your friends the same way that you'd like to be treated(对待). This is wonderful advice for a friendship, because it is really the only way to make sure that you are giving your friends everything you would want to be given in a friendship. Whenever you have a question about how you should treat a friend, it is easy to find an answer simply by asking yourself what you would like your friend to do for you, if he or she was in your shoes. Even if you're always thinking about how you'd like to be treated, and your friends are too, there are problems that come up from time to time in each friendship, and it is important to understand how to deal with these problems so that you can build stronger and healthier friendships. Problems like friends getting boyfriends or girlfriends and not spending enough time with their friends, or even friends finding new friends and leaving old friends behind are problems that will probably come up with one or more of your friendships. It is important to know how to deal with these friend problems so that you can keep your friends and make new ones. No one wants to have a broken friendship. 文章大意:友谊有时候是很难顺利进行下去的,因为通常人们并不是很坦诚,人们有时 会隐藏事实,因此人们最终也会受到伤害。其实这些大多数与友谊有关的问题,都是因为人 太自私而不去关心别人的需求造成的。在本文中作者就此情况进行了分析并且给出了建议。 1.This passage mainly talks about ________. A.the importance of friendship B.the advantages(益处) of friendship C.the problems of friendship D.the disadvantages(劣势) of friendship 答案:C 主旨大意题。文章开头提出 Friendships can be difficult.然后在下文提出友谊 难以维系的原因,和一些朋友间会出现的具体问题,以及如何看待这些问题等,所以文章中 心是讨论友谊中所碰到的一些问题,而 C 选项内容恰好能概括中心,故选 C。 2.According to the writer, problems with friendship may appear when ________. A.one is honest C.one is open B.one is selfish D.one is kind

答案:B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段 Most problems with friendships come up because people are just too selfish to care about the things that their friends need.可知友谊出现问题的原 因是由于人们太自私而不能关注到朋友们的需要,所以判断 B 选项正确。

3.According to the passage, the first and most important thing to be other people's friend is ________. A.to treat your friend as you like to be B.to give your friends whatever you have C.not to hurt your friends' feelings D.not to think of your own need any more 答案: A 细节理解题。 由文章第三段 The best thing to remember when you are a friend to anyone is that you need to treat your friends the same way that you'd like to be treated.可知一个 人要按照自己希望被对待的方式去对待朋友, 换句话说你希望别人怎么对待你, 那么你就怎 样去对待别人,故 A 为正确选项。 4.What's the purpose of understanding how to deal with friendship problems? A.To have a comfortable life. B.To build stronger and healthier friendships. C.To be treated the way you want. D.To get a boyfriend or girlfriend more quickly. 答案:B 根据文章末段 It is important to know how to deal with these friend problems so that you can keep your friends and make new ones.可知了解如何处理朋友间的问题为的是能够 维持和别人的友谊,结成牢固的友谊,故 B 为正确选项。 Ⅴ.完形填空 The friendship between us lasts forever. Mary Allen was my best friend—__1__a sister. We did__2__together, piano lessons, movies, swimming, horseback riding, and__3__. When I was 13, my family moved. Mary and I kept in__4__through letters, and we saw__5__on special occasions—like my wedding and__6__. Soon we were busy__7__children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less__8__. One day a card that I__9__came back stamped “Address Unknown”. I had no__10__how to find Mary. Over the years, I thought of Mary often. I wanted to__11__stories of my children and then grandchildren. I needed to share my sorrow when my brother and then my mother died. There was an__12__place in my heart that only a friend like Mary__13__fill. One day I was reading a newspaper__14__I noticed a picture of a young woman__15__looked a lot like Mary and whose last name was Wagman—Mary's married name. “There must be thousands of Wagmans,” I thought, but I wrote to her__16__. She called as soon as she got my letter. “Mrs Tobin!” she said__17__, “Mary Allen Wagman is my mother.” Minutes later I heard a voice that I__18__at once, even after 5 years. We laughed and cried and asked about each other's lives. Now the empty place in my heart is__19__, and there's one thing that Mary and I know __20__: we won't lose each other again!

文章大意:人们心中都有处空地,需要友谊来填充。 1.A.as C.namely 答案: D B.so D.like

Mary Allen 是我最好的朋友, 就“像”是我的姐妹。 like“像”; as“作为”。 B.nothing D.everywhere

2.A.everything C.nowhere

答案:A 做“任何事”我们都在一起。 3.A.such C.so on B.much D.many

答案:C and so on“诸如此类,等等”,表示列举。 4.A.secret C.friend B.touch D.pace

答案:B 我们通过书信“联系”。get in touch“联系”。 5.A.other C.another B.others D.each other

答案:D 在一些特殊场合,我们会“相互见面”。each other“相互”。 6.A.Mary's C.Mary B.his D.their

答案:A 像我的婚礼和“她的”婚礼。此处横线后省略了 wedding,所以填 Mary's, 与前面的 my 对等。 7.A.for C.at 答案:D B.in D.with 很快,我们“忙于”照顾小孩,搬了新家,联系“越来越少了”。be busy

with...“忙于……”。 8.A.often C.probably 答案:A less often“不经常”。 9.A.gave C.sent B.took D.missed B.possibly D.hardly

答案:C 一天,我“发出”的卡片被退回。 10.A.doubt C.question B.idea D.wonder

答案:B 我“不知道”怎么找她。have no idea“不知道”。 11.A.read B.share



答案:B 我想和她“分享”我的孩子的故事。share“分享,共享”。 12.A.eager C.empty B.equal D.enough

答案:C 我的心中有处“空间”,需要 Mary 这样的朋友“才能”填满。由后面的 fill 可知,此处是 empty“空的”。此处也与 19 空前照应。 13.A.could C.will 答案:A 见上题解释。 14.A.while C.once 答案:D B.since D.when 一 天 , 我 正 在 读 报 “ 这 时 ” 我 看 到 了 一 副 年 轻 妇 女 的 照 片 。 was B.can D.must

doing...when...“正在……这时……”。 15.A.whom C.which B.who D.whose

答案:B 这名妇女看上去很像 Mary。who 在此引导定语从句,指代 woman。 16.A.anyway C.meanwhile 答案: A B.however D.therefore

我想可能有成千上万个 Wagman ,但“不管怎样”我还是给她写了信。

anyway“不管怎样”。 17.A.disappointedly C.excitedly B.rudely D.coldly

答案:C 多年失去联系的好友再次联系当然是“激动地”。 18.A.realized C.received B.accepted D.recognized

答案:D recognize“认出,听出”。我立刻“听出”了她的声音。 19.A.cleared C.fixed B.filled D.removed

答案:B 此处与 13 空后的 fill 照应。fill“填充,塞满”。 20.A.for sure C.by chance 答案: A B.on purpose D.in a way

我们两人“确信”我们再也不会失去联系了。 for sure“确信地”; on

purpose“故意地”;by chance“偶然地”;in a way“在某种程度上”。

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