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湖北省罗田县2016高考英语二轮复习 阅读理解精练(4)

湖北罗田县 2016 高考英语阅读理解二轮精练(4)
说理议论(阅读理解)由 (2012 山东日照一模)改编 No family is perfect-today or at any point in history.But some families get it right a lot more consistently than others.These fami

lies develop caring and understanding relationships.They work together,play together,and laugh

together.They are united in purpose and in their commitment to one another.Family members support and encourage each other.Parents are devoted to the success of their marriage and family.In fact,these families create a loving family culture. Other families are not so ideal. Members may neglect responsibilities,treat each other unkindly,reject and abandon promises,and engage in physically,emotionally or spiritually abusive behaviors.They may be manipulative ( 控 制 欲 强 的 ) and critical.Some members may abuse alcohol or other drugs.Family members who keep these destructive practices do so at great cost not only to themselves but to future generations as well. Many people believe that those who grow up in a negative home environment will surely perpetuate the same patterns in their own families.To some extent,research supports these beliefs.For example,studies show a connection between child raising attitudes and behaviors among parents and those of their adult children.If a parent was divorced or less happy in his or her marriage,there is a greater tendency for children to follow suit. The good news is that these findings tell only half the story. Other research shows that passing on negative family characters from generation to generation isn’t a final conclusion. Even if you grew up in a damaging home environment,you can choose different behaviors from those you experienced there. You can stop the negative patterns from flowing downstream to future generations. With education,focused effort,and help from others,you can choose to be a transitional (过渡的) character to change your family culture. 1.In the first two paragraphs,the author mainly A.tells us that no family is perfect .


B.describes two types of families C.shows us how family members should behave D.shows his attitudes towards different families 2.All the following are characteristics of unhappy families except A.lack of sense of responsibility B.abuse of alcohol or drugs C.devotion to each other D.dissatisfaction with each other 3.The underlined word “perpetuate” in Paragraph 3 means “ A.change B.keep C.destroy D.protect . ”. .

4.The author suggests that

A.we can do something to prevent the negative patterns passing on B.we have to adjust ourselves to the negative patterns C.it is rather difficult to get away from the negative patterns D.it is not necessary to pay much attention to the negative patterns 5.What do you suppose the author will discuss next?( A.The relationship between family members. B.The importance of a happy family. C.How to learn to be a good parent. D.How to be a transitional character. 语篇解读:家庭大致分为两类 ,一类是和睦的家庭 ,家庭成员之间关系融洽 ,相互体贴;而 另外一类家庭的情况则完全相反,家庭成员之间相互批评指责,互相刁难。研究表明,在第二种 家庭中长大的孩子将来组建自己的家庭时,可能还会像现在的家庭一样不和睦。 答案及剖析:1.B 细节理解题。由文章内容可知,第一段讲的是和睦的家庭,第二段讲的 )

是不和睦的家庭,即前两段描述的是两类家庭,故选 B 项。 2.C 细节理解题。由文章第二、三段可知,在第二类不和睦的家庭里,家庭成员之间互相 批评和指责,很不和睦,不会为对方着想。由此可知,C 项说法错误。 3.B 词义猜测题。由文章内容可知,生长在这种不和睦家庭中的孩子,将来组建自己的家 庭时,可能还会保持同样不和睦的生活模式,并且一代代持续如此,故选 B 项。 4.A 推理判断题。由文章最后一段可知,作者建议通过下一代的主观努力改变这种不好

的家庭模式和风格,以全新的方式生活,故 A 项正确。 5.D 推理判断题。根据文章最后一句可知,通过教育、重点努力和外来帮助,你可以选择 培养一种过渡性格来改变家庭文化。很明显 ,这是承上启下句,下文详细论述的肯定是如何实 现过渡性格的培养,故 D 项正确。 【疑难词汇解读】 1.critical adj.批评的;危险的;紧急的;爱挑剔的 He is a critical man and hard to get on with. 他是一个爱挑剔的人,并且很难相处。 2.tendency n.倾向,趋势 His health shows a tendency to improve. 他的健康有改善的趋向。 【长难句子分析】


阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A 、B 、C 和 D) 中,选出最佳选项。 【2014 高考英语福建省联考试卷】 Not long ago, few little girls imagined they could grow up to become astronauts. For years in the United States, on1y men had that opportunity . In 1983, that changed. Sally Ride made history by becoming the first American woman to travel to space. On Monday, Ride died at the age of 61, ‘‘Sally was a national hero and a powerful role model,”President Barack Obama said in a statement. “She inspired generations of young girls to reach for the stars.” Ride became interested in space when she was a kid. “If you asked me when I was 12 whether I wanted to be an astronaut ,I’m sure I wou1d have said yes,” she said


in a 2010 interview . “ But I didn’t even think about that as a possible career.” After studying physics in college and graduate school, Ride got her chance. She was accepted into NASA’s astronaut training program in 1978, and then chosen to be the first American female in space. In 1983, she blasted into space aboard the Challenger shuttle.“There is no amusement park ride on the Earth that even comes so close,” she said. Ride returned to space on the Challenger a second time in1984 . Between the two missions, she spent a total of 343 hours in orbit. After that, she remained involved with the space program and also worked to share her passion for science with kids. She co-authored six science books for children , and started her own science education company. Ride knew that she he1d a unique place in history . “ I realized how important it was for a woman to break that barrier and open the door for other women to be able to do the same exciting things that the men had been doing,” she said. Since Ride’s historic trip, more than 40 other American women have traveled to space. They all had Ride to thank for opening the door to the final frontier. 60. Sally Ride was regarded as a national hero because she___________ . A. was the first American to travel to space B. opened a door for women to find jobs suitable for them C. became the first American female in space D. was the first to travel on the Challenger 61. By saying ‘‘There is no amusement park ride on the Earth that even comes so close”, Ride really meant____________ . A. she preferred a ride in an amusement park on the Earth B. the trip to space was like that in an amusement park C. she came close to an amusement park on the Earth D. the trip to space was far more interesting than any ride on the Earth 62. The correct order of the following events that happened to Sally Ride is_____________ a. accepted into an astronaut training program

b. spent a total of 343 hours in orbit c. co-authored six science books for children d. traveled to space aboard the Challenger e. studied physics in co11ege and graduate school A. e-a-b-c-d B. a-d-b-c-e C. e-a-d-b-c D. e-a-b-d-c

63.The passage is most probably taken out of _________________ . A. a novel B. a report C, a diary D. an essay


阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A 、B 、C 和 D) 中,选出最佳选项。 【2014 高考英语福建省联考试卷】 A month went by in this manner , but a month was all I could bear . The memory of Marguerite accompanied me wherever I went . I had loved that woman --- still loved her --- too much for her suddenly to mean nothing to me . Whatever feelings I might have for her now , I had to see her again . At once . ? I knew Marguerite . Meeting me so unexpectedly must have thrown her into a state of great confusion . Probably , she had heard of my departure which had set her mind at rest as to the consequences of our sudden parting . But , seeing me back and coming face to face with me , pale as I was , she had sensed that my return had a purpose , and must have wondered what was going to happen . If , when I saw her again , Marguerite had been unhappy ; if , in taking my revenge (复仇), there had also been some way of helping her , then I might well have forgiven her , and would certainly never have dreamed of doing her any harm . But when I saw her again , she was happy , at least on the surface . Another man had ensured her the luxury (奢侈)in which I had been unable to keep her . She brought shame both to my pride and my love ; she was going to have to pay for what I had suffered . I could not remain indifferent (冷漠)to what she did now . It followed that the thing that would hurt her most would be exactly for me to show indifference .

Indifference , therefore , was the feeling which I now needed to pretend , not only in her presence but in the eyes of others . I tried to put a smile on my face , and I went to call on Prudence with whom Marguerite was staying . ? Prudence saw me to the door , and I returned to my apartment with tears of anger in my eyes and thirst for revenge in my heart and thought only of finding a way to make the poor creature suffer . 64. This passage is most probably _______________ of a love story . A. the beginning B. the introduction C. a summary D. a chapter

65. According to the passage , the hero(男主角)wanted to _____________ . A. forgive Marguerite because he found her unhappy B. stop the relationship with Marguerite because he couldn’t keep her in the luxury C. make up the relationship with Marguerite because he still loved her D. give Marguerite sufferings because his pride and his love were hurt 66. What kind of feelings did the hero most probably have ? A. Indifference and love . C. Love and hate . B. Indifference and hate . D. Hate and sadness .

67. What would the author most probably write about next ? A. Why he changed his mind suddenly . B. How he made up his relationship with Marguerite . C. How he made Marguerite suffer. D. Why he wanted Marguerite to pay for what he had suffered . 【参考答案】64—67\DDCC


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