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语法填空和改错专练 高二理科英语
第一部分:五篇语法填空 (一) My dear husband, I am sending you this letter by e-mail so that you will be sure to read it. Please forgive us for leaving, but I think you should know 1

has happened at home since your computer entered our lives two years ago. You just spend all day playing games or 2_____ (chat) online. After all, both the kids and I need a normal life so we chose to leave. The children are doing well. Tommy is seven now and he is a bright and handsome boy. He has developed 3 great interest in arts. You should be very proud 4 ___ him. Little Jennifer turned five in September. She is an 5____________ (attract) child and quite smart. She still remembers the day 6 __ you spent the whole afternoon with us on her birthday. Now we 7 (take) a trip and I have to do the packing. I have hired a housekeeper to take care of things while we are away. I believe she can put things 8 ____ order, fill your coffee cup and bring your meals to your desk, just the way you like it. I hope you and the computer will have a 9 ________ (love) time while we are not at home. Tommy, Jennifer and I will miss you often. Try to remember us while your computer is booting, or call me on condition 10 ___ you think we are more important than the computer. Love, Your wife (二) Last Monday, my father would be on 11 business trip for five days. Having gotten my promise of being great at home and take care of my mother, he got in his car and left. 12 (see) my father’s driving away, my mother and I waved our hands and said goodbye to him. In a moment, I began to miss my father, wishing that he would be safe and well the next days. I thought everything would go well, as this was not the first time that my father 13 (be) away for several days. 14 (fortunate), my mother caught a cold the next morning. Looking at her pale face, I experienced high levels of anxiety. However, I told myself 15 (calm) down and look after my mum, 16 I promised to my dad. The moment I got my mum to sleep, I put a cold towel on her forehead, found pills in the medicine box, and made some noodles for her. Luckily, she woke up and felt 17 (good) after taking the pills and the noodles. That her

fever was gone relieved and satisfied me a lot. In the next four days, I took her temperature twice a day, ensuring that she was 18 (complete)well. To our delight, my dad went back home safely and healthily on Saturday. On hearing 19 I had done to my mum, he, as well as my mum, beamed at me and gave me a big thumb. Seeing bright 20 (smile) on their faces, I really felt overjoyed and thrilled. (三) A young boy named John lived in an orphanage along with several other children. Christmas was one day of the year 21 the children did not work and received a gift. This gift was an orange, which was 22 rare and special gift. Christmas Day finally came. The children entered the big dining hall. Because of 23 oversized shoes, John suddenly fell down. The master shouted 24 (immediate), “John, leave the hall and there will be no orange for you this year.” John turned and went rapidly back to his cold room 25 (cry). Then he heard the door open and each of the children entered. Little Elizabeth held out something to John. She said, “This is for you, John.” Then he realized what they had done. 26 each had given away their own orange by sharing a quarter and had created a far 27 (big) orange for John. John never forgot the sharing and love his friends 28 (show) him that Christmas Day. Later after many years’ hard work, he was rewa rded with success and wealth. 29 every year he would send oranges all over the world to children everywhere in memory of that day. His desire was that no child would ever spend Christmas 30 a special Christmas fruit! (四) Every day, on her way to work, Amelia had to pass a slum(贫民窟). As 31 social worker, she had not paid much attention to 32 . This changed one day when she met a ragged boy named Sam. Sam knew she was the head of social services, and 33 _she could help. He reached out his hand 34 said, “Can you help me? I’m looking for my dad.” His hands were so cold. Amelia said, “What’s up?” “My mom is 35 (terrible) sick. Her birthday is coming. I know my father’s coming back would be the best present. My dad had left us 36 I was two years old,” said the boy. Amelia was deeply moved and asked Sam to take her to his home. He 37 (lead) her to a small house. Amelia saw a woman 38 (lie) on the bed. The woman knew she was dying. She said to Amelia, “Please find a home for my son.” Amelia take her hand and nodded 39 tears in her eyes. She got an idea. Her husband and she had no children, and looked forward to having one. Later Amelia brought Sam home. Ever since then, the new family have had happiness and 40 _________ (laugh).

(五) When I was young, we lived in what is now a forest preserve. People had the bad habit of abandoning dogs, _41_ __ drove my poor mother crazy! We were not rich and already had a dog. Looking out of the window my mother complained to us about the 42 _____________ (responsible) and cruel person, who had just thrown a dog. We 43 (tell) to stay away from the dog as we could not afford it. I felt 44 _____ (extreme) upset, and I couldn’t believe my mother refused to help the animal. She said, “Here we are not the only one. Let 45 take care of the creature. 46 poor dog lay at the end of the driveway and hardly moved. I was very sad, 47 dared not say anything to my mother. 48 (late) that day I couldn’t find my mother in the house. I looked in every room but she was gone. Then I saw my mother 49 (come) home with the dog. We kids ran outside to greet our new friend. My mother didn’t say 50 she had changed her mind. It’s not what you say. It’s what you do. 第二部分:四篇短文改错 (一) My parents and I went to the park on last Sunday. There were lots of visitors stood in front of the ticket window. We waited for a long time and bought three tickets. In the Tiger Mountain of the park,I was too eager to see the fierce frightened animals that I quickened my steps through the crowd. Unfortunate,I got separated from my parents. I had hard time looking for him,but I had no luck. Wandering in the park, I felt alone without any companions. Worse still, I had no money, so I had to walk home, covered as much as 5 kilometer. (二) One day I saw an advertisement in a local newspaper. I ring up the company, and I was given the job immediately. They asked me to take a tour around the city next morning. The manager just told me to say anything which I could imagine about the city. My first

tour was terribly. The old bus was not air-conditioned, but it was in the middle of summer, so that was really uncomfortable to be inside the bus. The tourist soon became very hot and bad-tempered. I had a very hard time calm them down. This was because I stayed there only for a few weeks. Then I left and joined in a better company. (三) I prefer my English classes to be taught in English only. What we all know, a good learning environment is of greatly importance if we want to study English well. Classes teaching in English provide students for a better environment. When English is an only language in class, students will have more opportunity to practice listening and speaking. However, there were problems with this method. Sometimes we may find difficult to follow the teacher and some slow learners may even give up learn English. In spite of these difficulties, but I believe practice makes perfect. With enough practice, we students can overcome the difficulties and benefit from English class in the long run. (四) A well-dressed man entered into a famous jewelry shop. He explained that he wished to buy a necklace for his wife. He choose a nice black one that cost 5,000 dollars, paying for it and went away. Several days late, the man came again and said that his wife liked the necklace too much that she wanted a new one like it. It had to be exact of the same size and quality. When the shop owner said he had no necklaces like one the man had bought, the man advised the owner to advertise in the newspaper and offered 25,000 dollars for such a necklace. The owner did so. Then an old lady with the same necklace came and the shop owner paid him immediately. However, the rich man never found again.


语法填空 (一)1. what 2. chatting 3. a 4. of 5. attractive 6. when 7. are taking 8. in 9. lovely 10. that ( 二 ) 11. a 12.seeing 13. had been 14.Unfortunately 15.to calm 16.as 17.better 18.completely 19.what 20.smiles (三)21. when 22. a 23. his 24. immediately 25. crying 26.They 27. bigger 28. had shown 29. So 30. without (四)31. a 32. it 33. that 34. and 35. terribly 36. before/since 37. led 38. lying 39. with 40. laughter (五) 41. Which 42. Irresponsible 43. were told 44. Extremely 45. Others 46.The 47.But 48.Later 49.Coming 50.why 改错 (一)1. 去掉 on 2. stood 改成 standing 3. too 改成 so 4. frightened 改成 frightening 5. unfortunately 6. had a hard time 7. him 改成 them 8. alone 改成 lonely 9. covered 改成 covering 10. kilometer 改成复数 (二)1. ring 改成 rang 2. next 前加 the 3. anything 改成 something 4. which 改成 that 5. terribly 改成 terrible 6. but 改成 and 7. that 改成 it 8. tourist 变成复数 9. calm 变成 calming 10. because 变成 why (三) 1. What 变成 As 2. greatly 改成 great 3. teaching 改成 taught 4. for 改成 with 5. an 改成 the 6. opportunity 改成 opportunities 7. were 改成 are 8. find it difficult 9. learn 改成 learning 10. 去掉 but (四) 1. into 去掉 2. choose 变成 chose 3. paying 变成 paid 4. late 变成 later 5. too 改 成 so 6. exact 变成 exactly 7. one 前加 the 8. offered 变成 offer 9. him 改成 her 10. never found 前加 was


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