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Guess the meaning of words in reading
2015 年 5 月 4 日

_____ them.) ( )2. Character-theme dinner shows are expensive, costing a family of four about $ 140, and even a character breakfast, where Mickey or Donald Duck joins you for cakes, can set you back $ 50. If you don’t have enough money, try to meet the characters inside the theme parks and at free in-park shows. Question: Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined phrase “set you back”? A. Offering you. B. Saving you. C. Costing you. D. Returning you. ( Main idea of the context: A visit to Disneyland is ________________________________) ( )3. I never saw her angry, never saw her cry. I knew she loved me; she showed it in action. But as a young girl, I wanted heart- to- heart talks between mother and daughter. They never happened. And a gully opened between us. I was "too emotional". But she lived "on the surface". Question: What does the underlined sentence mean? A. Mother and I had differences and misunderstanding. B. Mother and I had the same hobbies and interest. C. Mother didn’t love me anymore. D. Mother used to open the door for me. ( Main idea of the context: Mother and I are ________________________________) 2012 西城一模 The unusual show has displays (展品) that include things,such as sofas, beds, and anything that lets you take the weight off your feet. There are also plenty of televisions for visitors to watch while they walk around in the museum. ( ) What does the underlined part mean in Paragraph 2? A. Relax yourself. B. Become excited. C. Lose weight. D. Take off your shoes. 2009 石景山一模 You may be able to get social assistance [?'sist?ns] under the OW program (计划, 程序) . This kind of assistance is short-term help for your day-to-day needs. It helps pay for things like food, clothing and medicine. ( )What does the underlined word “assistance” mean in Paragraph 1? A. help B. money C. education D. advice 2010 年朝阳第一学期末 C 篇 Many people have called Zhou Jielun ''a small heavenly king''. But he says he isn't a king, at least he isn't before he shoots to stardom. As a boy, he was thought ''stupid''. His high school English teacher said the young boy had a learning disability. ( )The underlined expression "shoots to stardom" means _____. A. becomes rich B. becomes famous C. gets well-trained D. gets experience

Let’s have a try:
( )1.Some like milk,but others abhor it. A. hate B. enjoy C.taste D.drink ( )2. Doctors believe that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your health. They also regard drinking as harmful. A. good B. bad C.useful D.boring ( )3.If you love the dream, cherish it. If you love the dream, go for it. If you love the dream, make it real. In a word, never give up your dream. A. value B. destroy C. forget D.choose ( )4. Life is full of ups and downs. Don't be too excited during happy moments because they could be followed by tragedies. Don't be blue when you are down as everything will finally turn out to be fine. A. 痛苦 B. 快乐 C. 起伏 D. 上下 1.Tom enjoys talking, and he is the most loquacious [l?'kwei??s] of all the boys in the class._____ 2. Although the early morning had been very cool, the noonday sun was tropical ['tr ? pik?l] ._____ 3. Tom is lazy, but his brother industrious[in'd?stri?s]。__________ 4. He is a dentist, that is to say, a doctor whose job is to take care of people’s teeth._______ 5.He is an illiterate[i'lit?rit], he can not read or write.________ 6.The shop sells stationery ['stei??n?ri] , such as pens, pencils, paper, envelopes, and so on._____ 7.We took the provision [pr?u'vi??n] with us to camp ,for example,there were meat, bread, milk, sugar and fruit.________

( )1. Peanuts are very highly nutritious and are also high in protein(蛋白质). American use about seven tenths of their protein in the form of the meat. In India, where the poor can’t pay for meat or milk, peanuts meal and peanuts milk have been produced. These have been a great help to the poor. Question: What does the underlined word “nutritious” mean? A. 有营养的 B. 味美的 C. 味同嚼蜡的 D. 有毒的 ( Main idea of the context: Peanuts are ___________________so people in many countries

( )1. The rubbish is more than just an environmental problem—it also influences national economies(经济)by disturbing the world market, discouraging tourism and slowing down industrial development. Lots of rubbish also influences the look of our cities. As he walks to work from his home in Bangkok every day, Chatchat Mutita, a 36-year-old advertising specialist, must pass a lot of ugly, smelly rubbish that isn’t collected until late at night. He says things get worse when it rains because some yellow water will stream from the rubbish to the sidewalk. Question: What does the underlined word “discouraging” mean? A. 刺激 B.鼓励 C.打击 D. 毁灭 ( )2. It’s all about the speed at which temperatures are changing. In the past, temperatures moved up or down step by step. But in the 20th century, especially since 1976, temperatures have likely risen more quickly than during any century in the last 1 000 years. Warming may bring improved harvests(收获) to northern countries such as Canada and Russia. However, many species(物种) won’t like these conditions and some of them become extinct. Question: What does the underlined word “extinct” mean? A. active B. dying out C.healthy D. special ( )3. Linguist James Milroy says, for centuries, it is believed without exception that young people are harming the language. And you can bet your bottom dollar that when today’s teenagers become tomorrow’s parents, they too will think this way. Question: What does the underlined word “extinct” mean? A. you can be sure B. you will doubt C. you don't know D. you can guess ( )4. I did not relish the long train journey and had brought along many magazines to read and reread. I looked about the train. There was not one familiar face. I sat down and started to read magazines. Question: What does the underlined word “extinct” mean? A. hate B. take C. enjoy D. Miss ( )5. Today, we have books online, which makes reading easy. The web, our new storehouse of information is just a click away. But this in no way has stolen the magic of reading books, the sound of their pages’ flutter (翻页) and their smell… You can lie in bed with a book, but with a computer you possibly can’t. No matter how you read, reading is important. Question: What does the underlined word “extinct” mean? A. bring the joy of reading online books B. take away the joy of reading online books C. take away the joy of reading books D. take away the joy of reading paper books

西城一模:假如你叫李华,你的美国笔友 TOM 想知道你有什么好的学习或生活习惯? 你是如何养成这个好习惯的?它给你带来什么益处?请你根据他的问题回复邮件 提示词语:habit ,stick to ,benefit a lot,do well in 1. What good habit do you have? 2.How did you develop it ? 3.What benefits does it bring you? 范文 1: I have a good habit that is never give up ,not only in study but also in my life. At school,our teachers always asked us to do the difficult homework.However,most of my classmates gave up because it was so hard that they lost their confidence.But for me,nothing is impossible .Although it was hard for me to solve all of these difficulties.I know ,there were many people can help me .So every time ,when I met some difficulties ,I want to ask help for my teachers ,friends and families.Day by day,it became my good habit of studying.Later ,I kept doing it as soon as I met problems So ,I always can do well in my subjects ,and get encourages from my teachers and families.I 'm proud of my self. 范文 2: I think I have a good life habit .It is playing the piano after lunch time. I had many difficulties in my middle school life.I always felt sad and tired.I didn't know how to solve my problem.One day ,I heard a nice voice of piano,I enjoyed the music ,so I played it every time after lunch.When I did it ,I felt relaxed and silent . I think playing the piano brings me a good feeling and can make me do well in my subject . I benefit a lot from it . 范文 3 I have a good habit ,that's reading English story books.In the past ,I think English was boring ,so my English teacher told me to read some interesting English stories in my spare time. To develop it ,I usually read English book in the morning and found some difficult words ,then wrote them down on my notebook.Finally ,I checked each word and remembered them .Day by day ,I have formed the habit and I benefit a lot from it I know English reading is very interesting and it can improve my English learning .I think it's very useful for me. 范文 4 I have good habits of studying First ,I planned a form of studying .Then I asked my mother to remind me every day. After two months,I could remind me by myself.The habit has a lot of benefits.It makes me be good at every subject.I like my good habits very much If you do that like me,you will get a good habit .Remember don't give up


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