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英语单元复习 Unit1 Book2 Cultural relics
一、重点词汇 A survive B 1. survive vi. 幸免;幸存;生还 remove. . . from. . . remove from. . . to. . . remove sb. from school remove one’s doubt/trouble

3. worth adj. 值得的 拓展 A 比 B 活得长 survivor n.幸存者 survival n. 幸存;残留物 survive sth 幸免于;从…挺过来 拓展 survive on 靠…存活 把??从??移开 从??搬到?? 开除某人;勒令某人退学 消除某人的疑虑/烦恼

2. remove vt. & vi. 移动;搬开;搬家;脱掉;摘掉;消除; 撤职;开除

be worth+ n. 值得…… be (well) worth +doing 某物值得……(其中 doing 使用主动形式表被动含义)

be worthy of +n. be worthy of being done = be worthy to be done 某事值得被做 It is worthwhile to do /doing sth 作定语 4. evidence n. 根据;证据 There is some evidence that. . . in evidence 有证据证明…… 显眼, 显而易见 It’s evident that. . .很明显 design sth. for...指定某物作某用途 vt. &vi. 规划;设计;构思 5.design n. 设计;图案;构思 二、重点短语 search sth./ sb.搜查某物/搜身 search sb./sth. for sb./ sth.为了某人/某物而搜查某人/某物 1. in search of 寻找;寻求 拓展 search for sb./ sth.搜寻某人/某物 in one’s search for...寻找…… make a search for 寻找……
2. belong to 属于;是……的成员


注意:worth 一般只作表语, 可用程度词 well 修饰;而 worthy 和 worthwhile 既可作表语又可

拓展 evident adj. 明显的, 明白的

be designed for/as ...被打算用来作… be designed to do sth.被打算做……;目的是……

by design 故意地 draft a design for a building 草拟一栋大楼的设计图


belongings n.所有物,财产

注意:belong to 中 to 为介词,后接名词的普通格,不接所有格;后接代词时用宾格,不用名

词性物主代词。belong to 无被动语态,无进行时。 in return for 3. in return 作为报答;回报 拓展 in turn 4. take apart 拆开;拆卸 拓展 依次;逐个地;转而;反过来 tell...apart 分清;区别,辨别 apart from...除……以外 fall apart 崩溃 live apart 分开住 三、重点句型 1. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for K? nigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. There is no doubt that. . . 为固定句型, 意为 “毫无疑问??” , that 之后的从句为同位语从句, 说 明 doubt 的内容。There is some doubt whether……值得怀疑 There is no doubt that we did the right thing. 毫无疑问我们做得对。 注意: (1)当名词 doubt 用在否定句中时, 后面接 that 引导的同位语从句; 用在肯定句中时, 后 面接 whether 引导的同位语从句。注意不可以用 if 替换 whether。 (2)及物动词 doubt 后接名词、代词或宾语从句。在否定句和疑问句中, doubt 后面接 that 引导 的宾语从句;在肯定句中, doubt 后面一般接 whether 或 if 引导的宾语从句。 四、典型语法 I. 限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句的不同 The couple have a daughter who is studying at a university. 夫妇两个有一个正在读大学的女儿。 (限制性定语从句,说明他们不止有一个女儿) The couple have a daughter, who is studying at university. 夫妇两个有一个女儿, 她正在读大学。 (非限制性定语从句,说明他们仅有一个女儿)
II. 非限制性定语从句的注意事项


(1) 非限制性定语从句以整个主句为先行词, 对其进行修饰, 这时从句动词要用第三人称单数。 He seems not to have grasped what I meant, which makes me upset. (2) 非限制性定语从句还可以由“n./pron. /num...+of which/whom”引导。 They talked about a movie, the name of which I’ve never forgotten. China has thousands of islands,the largest of which is Taiwan. (3) prep.+which/whom 也可以引导非限制性定语从句。 There is a tall tree outside, under which stands our teacher. He was generous with his time, for which I was grateful. 点拨: 1.根据先行词确定 2.根据定语从句中的 语动词或形容词选择 3. 根据从句所表达的 含义确定

一、单词拼写 1. ________幸免,幸存,生存 4._________挑选,选择 7. _________ 装修,装饰 10._________爆炸 二、短语互译 1. 属于 _____________________ 2. 作为报答;回报 ___________ 3. 处于交战状态 _____________ 4. 拆开 _____________________ 5. 而不是 ___________________ 三、重点句子 1. Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, _____________________(绝不可能想到) that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such an amazing history. 2. ____________________(毫无疑问) the boxes were then put on a train for K? nigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 3. After that, ______________(所发生的一切)to the Amber Room remains a mystery. 4. In a trial, a judge must decide __________________________________________(哪些证人的 话可信, 哪些不可信). 5. This was a time __________ the two countries were ________ _________. (一直处于战争状态) 四、综合训练 1.词形变化填空 1. ____(adj. )贵重的;有价值的→_____(n. &vt. )价值;重视→_____(adj. )极有用的;极宝贵的 2. _______(vi. )幸免;幸存;生还→_______(n. )生存;幸存→________(n. )幸存者 3._____(vt.)使吃惊; 惊讶→_______(adj. )令人吃惊的→______(adj. )吃惊的→_______(n. )惊奇 2.单句改错 1. Having searched for the ruined car for the victims, the firefighters found that 14 people were killed in the car accident. 2. Mother spent a long time in select a few hats for Mary, out of which Mary chose one she liked best. 3. It was a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s best artists ten years to make. →(把划线部分用定语从句改写) 4. This book which is designed to help Children read turns out a success. → this book ___________________________ turns out a success. (用分词短语作定语改写上句)

2._________贵重的,有价值的 5.__________设计,图案,构思 8.___________怀疑,疑惑 11.__________下沉,沉下

3. ______稀有的,稀罕的 6.__________奇特的,想象 9.___________值得的,价值 12.__________ 移动,搬开

6. in search of _________________ 7. serve as ____________________ 8. less than ___________________ 9. think highly of ______________ 10. develop an interest in ______

I、 单项选择 1. –Mary was crying sadly. –Oh, she ______ the bad news that her mother was badly injured in the accident. A. must know A. whether A. belongs A. worth to visit A. as II、 短句改错 1. The project design to help the poor was a success. 2. Decorated colorful ribbons and flowers, the classroom looked more charming and the students were ready to hold their party. 3. You doubted that such unselfish love would happen in today’s world. 4. They eventually removed the new house they had looked forward to. 5. Mo Yan’s speech in Sweden was so wonderful that it was worth being appreciated a second time. III、 单词拼写 1. His parents died in the earthquake,but luckily he ______________(幸存). 2. Illegally parked cars will be ______________(移走) by traffic police. 3. This necklace is ______________(值多少钱的) $1,000. 4. Our school was_______________(设计) by a famous professor from Tongji University of Shanghai,whose style many people prefer. 5. They went into the forest ______________the lost child. 6. We don’t know that these languages _______________the Latin family. 7. He gave her some roses ____________ her kindness 8. The world ______________the reform and open policy of China IV、 阅读理解 Bali is a tiny island that today is part of Indonesia. It is a pretty island that has many mountains and a pleasant climate. The people of Bali were happy and gay and had a peaceful life. They were not allowed to fight. At one time there had been terrible wars in Bali. Then the people decided it was wrong to fight or

B. might have known B. that B. belonged B. worth visiting B. that

C. must have known C. how C. belonging C. worthy of visiting C. when

D. should have known D. about D. to belong D. worth being visit D. where

2. I’m still doubtful ______ I should accept this job. 3. Put everything _______ to you in your bag, nothing else. 4. Only one of the place is _______. 5. [2013· 山东卷] There is no simple answer, ________ is often the case in science.

have wars. They made rules to keep apart those who wanted to fight. Bali was divided into seven small kingdoms. The land around each kingdom was kept empty, and no one lived there. Since the kingdoms did not share the same borders, the people could not fight over them. In Bali, even children were not allowed to fight. If two children started a fight over a toy, someone would separate them. When two boys argued, they would agree not to speak to each other. Sometimes they did not talk together for months. This gave the boys a chance to forget their anger. Families who were angry with each other also promised not to speak. Their promise was written down, and the whole village knew about it. If they broke their promise, they had to offer gifts to their gods. 1. What do you think is the best custom in Bali? A. They enjoy a peaceful way of life and think it wrong to fight and have wars. B. The children were not allowed to fight. C. The children were not allowed to argue. D. Families who were angry with each other also promised not to speak. 2. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Bali is a pretty mountainous island that has a delightful climate. B. It was said that there had been terrible wars in Bali at one time. C. Bali was part of Indonesia, divided into seven small kingdoms. D. Some kingdoms in Bali shared the same borders. 3. From this passage, we learn that A. Bali is a place where people live with anger, hates and quarrels. B. people living in Bali live a peaceful and happy life C. if two children fought in Bali, they would never speak to each other D. if they broke their promise they had to make an apology to each other 4. Which is the best title of the text? A. The Happy People on Bali Island. C. The Good Custom on Bali Island. V、 七选五 根据对话情景和内容,从对话后的选项中选出能入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余 选项。 What Teenagers Can Do To Earn More Respect As teenagers continue to grow and develop into young adults, the transition into adulthood has begun. With so many physical and emotional changes going on, certain manners are often forgotten and other adult traits(品质)are not yet accepted as a way of life.

B. Bali, a Beautiful Island D. Bali Island, an Attractive Place.


By doing the following

things, you will earn more respect. 1. Contribute to the household At the very least, clean up after yourself. As a teenager, you are old enough to clean up after yourself. When you make a mess, clean it up. 2 contribute to the household? 2. Be responsible. 4 .Whether they are basic things, like brushing your teeth or doing your homework , or more involved chores that contribute to the household, simply fulfill your responsibilities on time. When adults know that they can rely on you, their trust and respect for you will increase. 3. Solve more of your own problem without asking for help Instead of taking the easy approach and asking for help, make an effort to solve your problems on your own first. The “easy way” is only easy for you, but it is an extra task for the perso n from whom you are seeking help. Seek help only after you have made an honest effort to solve your own problems. community. A. Everyone has certain responsibilities. B. By being aware of these manners and traits, you can manage them sooner. C. The people doing the chores before will greatly appreciate the help. D. This includes. But is not limited to, your dishes and your room. E. It will make your life more pleasant F. Depending on the problem, 15 minutes of effort is usually a good guideline. G. When speaking to a group, speak loud enough. VI、课文语法填空 Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, could never have imagined that his great gift __ 1 __ the Russian people would have such an __ 2 __(amaze) history. This gift was the Amber Room, __3 __ was given this name because almost 7000 tons of amber were used ___4___ (make) it. Amber has a beautiful yellow-brown colour. ___ 5___ it feels as hard as stone, it easily melts when __ 6 ___ (heat). Once it is heated, the amber can become any shape. The design for the room was __7 _ the fancy style popular in those days. The Amber Room was also a treasure ___ 8 ___ (decorate) with gold and jewels, __ 9 __ took a team of the country’s best artists ten years to make. The Amber Room was considered one of the wonders in the world. ___10___, the Nazi German army stole it in 1941. After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery. 5 When you become a good problem solver, you increase your value to the 3 All chores that you do help to reduce the load of the person who did them before. Now that you’re old enough and capable, why shouldn’t you


参考答案: II 巩固训练 一、单词拼写 1.survive 2. valuable 3.rare 4.select 5.design 6.fancy 7. decorate 8.doubt sink 12. remove 二、短语互译 1. belong to 2. in return 3. at war 4. take apart 5. rather than6. 寻找 7. 充当;起作用 8. 少于 9. 看重;器重 10. 发展兴趣 三、重点句子 1. could never have imagined2. There is no doubt that 3. what happened 4. which eyewitnesses to believe and which not to believe 5. when , at war 四、综合训练 1、词形变化填空 1. valuable ; value; invaluable 2. survive ; survival; survivor 3. amaze; amazing; amazed amazement 2、单句改错 1. 去掉第一个介词 for 2. 把“select”改成“selecting” 3. It was a treasure which was decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s best artists ten years to make. 4. designed for Children’s reading III、能力提升
I、单项选择 1-5


10.explode 11.

CACBA 把“that”改成“whether/if”

II、 短句改错 1. 把“design”改成“designed”2. 在 Decorated 后加介词 with3.

4. 在 removed 后加介词 into 5. 把“being appreciated”改成“appreciating” 1. survived 2. removed thought highly of
IV、 阅读理解 ADBC V、 七选五

3. worth

4. designed

5. in search of 6. belong to

7. in return of 8.


VI、 语法填空 that, amazing, which, to make, Although, heated, in, decorated, which, Sadly